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it's 2017! Hello! How can Gillian say she's never on the Internet? Does she live in a cave or what?

If Gillian’s house is your concept of a cave, I may have to reconsider the choice of my apartment.

Anyway… somehow, I think you’re right, and I think Gillian actually goes on the Internet like everyone else, but when she’s asked about it during interviews, it feels like her mind goes to a particular place and gives a predictable answer when there might be more to say. It seems like when someone asks her, she automatically thinks about her own social media and articles about herself. It could be what the interviewer means, but not necessarily, so it’s funny she always gives the same answers, more or less, when she could actually say that she reads the news, does research, buys stuff, watches videos, listens to music or whatever you can do on the Internet besides tweeting. Things that she probably does as anyone else, because indeed, it’s 2017.
I do think she tweets on her own sometimes too, maybe uses Instagram or even Tumblr when she feels like doing it, but she will never admit it, for some reasons. Same goes with online shopping. She recently said she never does it. But at the same time, she said during the wow panel that she does. A few months ago, she had even ordered a leather pants, remember? Somehow, on this particular subject, I don’t completely trust Gillian’s words, especially because the versions slightly change from one interview to another. It goes from “I have spies” and I basically know everything to when I need to see something I get alerted.

With a young adult and two young boys at home, it might be hard to live completely without Internet anyway.

So the FBI did their damn hardest to make sure Hillary Clinton didn’t win, what with the leak of those oh-so-important emails that Comey himself said was a dumb move. Now that same Comey who sabotaged hillary’s campaign is going after trump and his people, with the probable backing of most of the intelligence agencies.

Does anyone else see the gears of an intelligence coup turning or…? They get to play hero now, deposing the tyrant they helped elect. And they’ll be applauded for it by the same people who cursed them a few months ago.

Watch yourselves. This won’t end even when trump is gone.

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can hospitalization for an ED count as trauma?

I Googled the definition of trauma & this is what came up: “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.”
I think many people define trauma differently, but anything that’s happened that severely affects you day to day is something that may be considered traumatic, in my view.
I’m sorry, this is probably a super vague answer. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Does anyone else ever get that feeling where you’re worried you’re bugging the people you speak to and consider friends? Like for no reason at all? Like you could be mid joke, mid conversation, chatting with a group of friends and then suddenly feel like you don’t really belong there and people just feel sorry for you?

I’m doing this a lot recently.

there’s just a lot going on. i mean i know it’s probably not real to anyone else and i know half the stuff i’m messed up about i shouldn’t be messed up about anymore but it turns out i’m good at holding onto bad dreams and bad at holding onto friends. it turns out it’s hard for me to get over stuff. like i have these insecurities about myself and whenever they’re confirmed i just end up keeping it close to the chest. like i don’t think i’m a good friend because of something someone in the sixth grade said. like that’s messed up. why would i care about that anymore. 

i’ve been trying to grow thick skin. stuff just. gets in.

[TRANS] STARCAST interview with BTS after Jungkook’s graduation

☞ BTS is still the same as they were then [back when Jungkook entered SOPA]. If there was something that has changed, it would be this graduation. Therefore, we will begin a mini interview that we prepared. 

“It seemed like just yesterday when I had entered [SOPA], so I think that time passes by quickly. Now that I have graduated, I feel that I need to act and behave more maturely and responsibly.” (Jungkook)

The members who watched Jungkook’s graduation probably felt different from anyone else.

“I went to all of the members’ graduations. But, for this graduation, it felt like some accident might happen and that a lot of people would gather, so we were a bit worried. It was a relief that it ended safely.” (Suga)

“I’ve seen Jungkook since he was 15 years old. It felt as if I was raising him for six years. He really seems to have improved a lot, so I’m proud.” (Jin)

One more thing that has changed. When Jungkook entered [SOPA], BTS were rookies. But, after three years have passed, they have now become Daesang artists. 

“After thinking about it, it’s really amazing. After the graduation ceremony ended and I was coming down, male fans were taking pictures of me while saying ‘Jungkookie-hyung.’ It feels like our fans have diversified?” (Jungkook)

BTS’ album release on the 13th is coming up. I wonder how they prepared.

“We are now in a time where we are moving from winter onto spring. I feel like [the album] will really match well with that vibe. [This album] will have [songs with] calm vibes as well as upbeat songs, it’s a very diverse gift set.”

“Every time an album comes out, it’s burdensome. We compose while thinking that every moment is important. It is now the beginning again. It will be okay as long as we work hard during promotions.” (Rap Monster, Suga)

Starting with the Gocheok Dome concert, BTS is also leaving for their world tour. They conveyed their excitement about the world tour ahead.

“Of course we are awaiting it. Especially for South and North America it’s been a long time. They are waiting for us with incredibly passionate energy. Therefore, we are more excited. We think it will be really fun.” (Jimin, Suga) 

After [Jungkook] paid, he turned around and left a supporting message for his friends* who are also graduating. 

“There will be those friends who go to university. There will also be those friends who become employed and go into social life. I hope that we can all work hard and set on foot towards each of our dreams. After experiencing social life, it seems that hard work pays off. Please fly together towards your dreams with Bangtan’s new song.”

*T/N: ‘Friends’ refers to those in Jungkook’s graduating class, not necessarily people he is friends with.

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…I can’t see a thing because my eyes are closed. All I care about the cosmos is happening here on this roof. I think how to respond so his hand stays on that lever, so he remains this close to me, so close I can feel his breathing on the back of my neck. If I say yes, he’ll probably step backward. If I say no, maybe he’ll adjust the telescope again and we can stay like this a minute longer. “I don’t think I see them,” I say, my voice rough, unsteady. This was the right answer, because he says, “Okay, here,” and he does something that brings not only the stars but him a breath closer. 

My heart stops beating.

“You’re more beautiful than she ever was.”


my #1 favorite thing about lardo duan is that when she meets a very famous nhl player at a party she doesn’t ask for his autograph or gets excited. oh no. she makes him play beer pong with her. she thrashes him at beer pong. she makes him write on a piece of paper that she beat him at beer pong. and then she makes him take a selfie with her. and she gets the whole thing on video.  

& she can’t even be bothered to properly brag to shitty about it ten minutes later. 

it’s lardo’s world & we’re all just living in it

this fandom has so much beautiful artwork dedicated to it, with amazing, talented artists producing masterpieces daily…

meanwhile, i made this