but probably not

Okay, okay, so I started thinking this morning and now I cant stop thinking about this

So, Neil ends up spending a lot of time with Allison and eventually gets curious about makeup
So he asks her to teach him
So he eventually gets really good at it
And he wears it a lot, but its usually pretty subtle
Foundation and concealer, eyeshadow, maybe eyeliner, a little mascara, and a pinkish nude lipstick
But sometimes he’ll go all out with winged liner, a bold lip, false lashes, and contour and highlight
He looks like a literal queen

On days when the makeup he’s wearing brings out the blue in his eyes Andrew asks “yes or no?” more often
He secretly loves it when Neil wears makeup

And so one day he asks Neil to do his makeup
And Neil agrees hesitantly
Because that means Andrew will have to be okay with sitting still for a bit while Neil touches his face
But Andrew is okay with that because he’s curious and he trusts Neil

So he eventually ends up with a face full of makeup
He looks amazing
With dark red-almost-black lipstick and dark eyeshadow to match the black of his outfit
And winged liner
And flawless lashes and contour
He loves it
But he wouldn’t dare say that
He just says 320% and walks away

Later that day he asks Neil to teach him


Civagua was once San Myshuno’s industrial district before all the manufacturing jobs left for cheaper locales. It might have even been a nice place before everyone on this side of town lost their way to make money. Now it was filled with blocks of abandoned warehouses and crumbling apartment buildings. No one wanted to live in “Sin Agua” as it was jokingly referred to by people who would never step foot across the railroad tracks willingly.

So it came as no surprise that the Kings’ main lab would be here. We knew they had a presence in the area, but it was of little importance because there wasn’t any money to be made from the people who were unfortunate enough to call this place their home.

We sped through the decaying streets in a van painted like the local energy company’s, the potholes the driver hit would send us crashing into each other waiting for our destination in the back. I don’t know if it was nerves or a focusing on what we would be doing, but we bore it silently.  Yulian would occasionally squeeze my hand in his, whether it was for himself or me, I appreciated it all the same.

I could hear gunfire and it pinging off of the metal walls surrounding us. The van braked hard, skidding on the crumbling asphalt that may as well have been gravel by this point. The plan was for us to drive through the fence and exit, but it didn’t seem like that would be happening. We all exchanged confused looks before Katz said “fuck it” and kicked the door open and jumped out. Everyone else followed suit.

I briefly glanced into the cab to see our driver’s glassy eyes – he’d been shot in the head.

Bullets whizzed past us and the two closest to the fence fell over, a pink mist erupting behind from the last to fall. We opened fire back, shooting at anything that moved. The group going to keep the roof clear charged ahead, and we provided suppressing fire, but still one of ours was killed.

No one ever mentions the terrible screams of the dying. The fear and pain that is readily understood without words. The way it makes your heart pound. I felt the unmistakable urge to run even though I knew logically that I was safer with my group. I clamped my jaw shut and forced myself to concentrate on shooting the people running away from us.  

We walked over the bleeding bodies toward the building. One grabbed Katz’s boot and started pleading, she looked down at the man, kicked his hand off and shot him until he lay still. Maybe she’d done it out of mercy, it’s hard to say and I don’t have time to ask. And I never will.

When we enter the building, we can see down to where people are still working on making more Ruby. They are unaware of us, of what is happening outside. The fans and machinery drowns the sound out, it is that loud. They are laughing and talking to each other. We kill them before they’re even given a chance to fight or run.

Blood runs thick from their bodies, splattered in dark, angry droplets that run down the walls, on the machines producing a different kind of death. The smell is metallic and heavy despite the ventilation.

As we get further inside, we receive no resistance. Some look resigned to their fate, others try to surrender. As if there’s such a thing in this game we’re playing. We kill them, too.

My hands shake as the adrenaline begins to leave me while I’m trying to hack the security console on the vault. It’s a simple one – ordinarily I’d be able to get into it quickly, but it takes me three tries before I’m able to crack it.

I’m not thinking as I’m swinging the door open and step inside. In the middle of all that money is Sal, pointing a gun at me. I feel as though I’m moving in slow motion as I bring my own pistol up to fire back. There is a hard shove at my side, sending my shot off as I’m thrown off balance. But I notice with some satisfaction that I still got him through the neck. He is still alive when I bring my boot down on his head. I don’t stop until there’s no face left to recognize.

The others ignore me in favor of grabbing up all the cash in the room.

I hear Yulian swear softly. I turn to ask if he’s going to help carry out the bags and see him on the floor.

The shot. The shove.

God, please, no.