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Let’s Have A Chat... Mercury Signs & Storytelling

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time so I’m glad that I’ve finally managed to get off of my lazy ass and actually make some content for a change! Some of this stuff is a little cringe and hopefully no one gets offended but if you do, sorry in advance I guess lol. I’ve written “mercury” so much, I’m not even sure if it’s a real word anymore. Enjoy xo

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Aries Mercury: they tend to get right to the point when they tell people stories. They are probably the least likely to unnecessarily drag the process out. They just want you to know the important information and that’s that. they really get into whatever emotion they were feeling at the time that the experience happened. For example, if they were very angry during the encounter, they’re likely to appear that way when they retell it to others.

Taurus Mercury: Unlike the Aries mercury, they prefer to take their sweet time when recounting events. For them, it’s more about making sure that they don’t miss anything that they feel is crucial to really understand what they went through in that experience. They can be unaware of other’s time and that’s why they’re not likely to get into a lot of stories unless others ask them about particular situations. They don’t want to burden anyone.

Gemini Mercury:
It’s very difficult for them to stay on track when they tell stories. They jump around from thought to thought and suddenly, they’ll forget that they were even telling a story in the first place. For them, getting distracted is a common theme. When they can actually stick to the topic at hand, they make some of the most entertaining and hilarious storytellers out there.

Cancer Mercury: They tend to have a lot of stories but that doesn’t mean that they share them all. However, when they do, they have the power to make everyone in the room feel what they were feeling in that moment. They can get into a bad habit of not giving enough at times in fear of getting too “into their feelings.” This results in two types of cancer mercuries: the ones that put their all into their stories and the ones that keep their walls up all the way through.

Leo Mercury: These individuals have a way of drawing attention to themselves, especially when they get into stories about their own lives. Their larger than life facial expressions and hand movements add to whatever they have to say. They tend to exaggerate and dramatize situations in order to make their tales appear more interesting.

Virgo Mercury: Mercury is at home in Virgo, as is the case with Gemini. However, their ways of expressing themselves couldn’t be more different. Virgo mercury natives love getting into the details of their stories; what was she wearing? What time was it? They believe that all of these aspects are crucial to their stories. Their analytical way of speaking can either intrigue listeners or put them to sleep.

Libra Mercury: These individuals can make every story that they tell sound beautiful and worth listening to, even if they’re just talking about their uneventful day. They have a knack for relating to others, and that is what makes them great storytellers. However, they tend to mix up events and details and they may change aspects of their stories to make themselves/others look better.

Scorpio Mercury:
If you’re not a ride or die, you shouldn’t expect to get any juicy stories out of these folks. However, if you are, you’re in for a treat. In terms of storytelling, Scorpio mercuries are pretty savage. They tell it like it is and they don’t hold back anything. I’ve noticed that sometimes they can “test” people by observing other’s reactions to their stories. They love to read body language and if they notice that something is off with yours, you may not be getting too many more stories in the future.

Sagittarius Mercury: They’re really chill storytellers, no fuss involved. But unlike the Virgo mercury, Sagittarius mercuries prefer to focus on the big picture when telling stories. Because of this, they can leave out important details. However, they are more interested in the philosophical aspects behind the stories that they tell. What should have been a 5 minute long story can very quickly turn into why we should all live our lives to the fullest because YOLO. (I hate that meme but it’s relevant in this case… RIP my credibility)

Capricorn Mercury:
They have that dry sense of humor that never fails to make those around them laugh. Capricorn mercuries don’t even have to try, they are just naturally funny individuals. Whenever they tell a story, their words are drenched in sarcasm and just a tad bit of self-depreciation. One downside is how critical they can get, not only of themselves, but of others as well. Because they are all about self-improvement, their stories can turn into epiphanies regarding whatever situation they were in.

Aquarius Mercury:
They don’t just tell any stories. They tell the weirdest, most outlandish stories you’ll ever hear in your life. The Aquarius mercury really doesn’t have any shame when it comes to talking about… well, anything. The taboos of life come alive with the words that they weave. They want to be known as exactly that: the person that has the insane stories about having sex on their neighbors’ trampoline (or whatever it is that you guys get up to).

Pisces Mercury:
Like the fish that represents them, they swim around… the point of their stories, that is. They’re that friend that’ll be like “oh shit… what was I talking about?” It’s like they need a GPS to direct them on where to go with their stories because they tend to either ramble or start talking about something else completely. However, they’re very good at making you feel like you are actually there in that moment with them. They have such a way with words and a conversation with them often makes you feel like you’ve entered another realm.

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I wish i could find this one article written in I believe the 90’s that went under the radar on abortion. The author said that the “life” arguments are basically useless on either side and what actually matters is that humans shouldn’t have a right to use other human bodies as a resource without consent no matter how alive or sentient they are, even if they’re on the brink of death you have the right to deny them access to you. It probably was too radical for pro-choice activists back in those days but like…that’s the most robust arguement lol so we need 2 being that back and dead the pontifications and splitting hairs about “life” in my honest onion


this stream was a complete blast thank you so much to everyone who came and hung out!!! we got some real great work in lmao…..

ugh i have so many emotions going through my head that i can’t focus on anything but voltron, and then i saw the whole “leak with keith in lance’s hoodie and close to tears???” thing that i had like no idea about (don’t ask me for details), and immediately, like the person i am, drew fanart. i didn’t actually have the chance to see it for real, this is just my take. 

haha this ain’t no real leak, but boy i wish it was. 

honestly, i feel like lance being MIA (missing in action) in later seasons would be a breaking point for him. he would have all of that build up from the team teasing him even though it actually hurts him more than they know, you have the scene in the bedroom where keith tries, but fails to comfort lance correctly bc he’s awkward and doesn’t know how to handle people, and lance was left feeling unsure yet again. 

lance, with still no confirmation that he’s valuable to the team, that he’s talented, that he deserves more recognition than he gets, get’s thrown into a horrible future situation, probably involving lotor. it gets so much worse, right?

and after all of that build up with he and keith? can you imagine how terrible that’d feel? for the one person you finally learn to trust, to confide in, now the closest thing you have to family, is abruptly taken away? and for you to be taken away from him? and not just away from him, but from the entire team?

if i’m correct, and i have no idea if any of this will happen, it’d totally destroy keith. specifically him. 

lance threw away the rivalry thing, and they actually became closer. they both gave each other smiles that no one else received before. i think they grew closer than any other paladin in the team. probably even shiro. sure, hunk and lance were close, but keyword were.

hunk and pidge are now spending way more time with each other, being the “smart” ones. and honestly, the scene when hunk calls lance dumb (in all fun) really surprised me. and pidge jumps in, assuring lance that: yes, you are dumb, we’ve established this before because you’ve made so many mistakes in this team. 

i don’t think they meant any harm, but they don’t tell lance that. they don’t ask him if he’s okay with them doing that. lance isn’t laughing along, but he’s playing along. all they see is his wall of bravado, and assume he brushes off insults just like that. 

but lance, he’s a lot more sensitive than they’d think. 

he takes things to heart, and he remembers them. he remembered the “goofball” comment from pidge, and he took it seriously while blue shut him out. a seemingly harmless comment only fueled his growing concerns.

and keith, he does stop the teasing, and he has this fond look on his face, but you can still see lance grimacing. imagine your group of friends teaming up on you…

keith had shiro, he always had shiro to back him, to comfort him when he was sad. then lance steps in shiro’s place while he’s gone. he comforts keith, he’s keith’s rock. he supports keith, and even with shiro back, he doesn’t let that go.

lance doesn’t just toss the reigns to shiro (or “clone” shiro lmfao) when he comes back. he keeps them for himself, he matures a lot. lance doesn’t want to let go of what keith and himself have made.

you see lance, then, struggling with some really deep issues, but he doesn’t have anyone. no one notices, so he keeps it to himself. he bottles it up until it just goes too far, so what does he do? he goes to keith. and keith isn’t great with people. lance confides in keith for that scene because he believes he would do a better job of reassuring him than shiro, and because the two had grown a deeper, more meaningful relationship. they both care about each other, but go about completely different ways on doing it. lance is great at comforting people, keith is not. but he tries, and we definitely saw that in s3.

lance chose keith over shiro. i think that’s very important. 

and imagine it, if lance is taken from the team in some situation in the next seasons, think of keith.

he would probably be really, really guilty. he’d probably look back at his words from the bedroom scene, and immediately want to fix it. he’d, to my hope, realize what he did incorrectly, and want to change it. just like for shiro, keith would want to find lance as soon as possible. he wouldn’t give up on lance, because lance didn’t give up on keith. 

lance kept pushing him forward even when he was splitting up the team by being reckless. lance was keith’s right hand man. 

and i hope, i sincerely hope we’ll see some confirmation for lance. i want the team to know how he feels. mostly by action, rather than words. if lance takes a beating for his friends, i think it tells us a lot more than him saying a few sentences. either one is fine, though. 

and action works a lot better for keith than words. he moves, he fights. he protects lance with swords, but lance can protect keith with words.

the dynamic between the two paladins is really exciting, and i just need the hurt/comfort amp volume to go up a couple notches. and romance. the bedroom scene was so damn romantic, dear lord. look me in the eyes and tell me they don’t have more than platonic feelings for each other. 

anyways, this was literally supposed to be like a paragraph but it evolved as i got more and more hyped for s4. 

i can’t wait.

The signs and the sign they least get along with

Aries: Pisces // They’re the dreamers. The quiet ones. The ones you could never understand if you tried. You don’t understand their silence, their watching. You don’t understand how they’re never up and around and socializing like you always are. You don’t understand how they can be so silent when communicating and living can be so fun. But at the end of the day they soothe you and calm you and the craziness in your world.

Taurus: Aquarius // They baffle you. How they sweep from emotion to emotion vexes you. How they go from being bubbly to shutting down completely irks you. They’re too aloof. They’re too confusing for you. You can’t keep up with their mental processes. But they also let you open up and feel free–if only for a minute.

Gemini: Virgo // Though you share the planet of Mercury, they’re too headstrong. Too immaculate. Too anal. They’re pragmatists but you’re free thinkers. You go with your thoughts and you run with them, but they need to sit down and plan it out. They’re too stubborn for you. But they’re also the intellectual equal that can not only challenge you, but complement you as well.

Cancer: Aries // They’re too high energy, they’re just too much. Their minds move a mile a minute and so do their actions so not only do they exhaust you mentally, they exhaust you physically too. They’re too flamboyant and too dramatic. Overall they can be too extra for you. But at the end of the day, you know you couldn’t live without them.

Leo: Capricorn // They have an abrasive personality to you. Not only are they silent and serious, they can be know-it-alls too which are all turn offs to you. You need big personalities, ones that intrigue you and make you laugh. People that make you feel good, not just in general but about yourself as well. But they’re too quiet and too calculating. However, they also challenge and push you and will always help you up if you fall. You’d make an unstoppable team.

Virgo: Libra // They’re too dreamy. Too optimistic. Too unrealistic. They’re the zen ones, the ones that always seem to have everything in control. You can’t understand how they seem to push past everything with a sunny disposition. You can’t seem to fathom how they keep themselves together. In the end, you dislike them because they’re everything you wish you could be.

Libra: Scorpio // They’re too twisty. And confusing. You enjoy peace and ease but they’re just so…? There’s no word for it. You can’t describe it. It’s vexing. They’re alluring and enthralling, but overall a recipe for disaster for you. But they’re also the ones that you can say anything to and spill your soul out to and though that’s difficult for you, it’s a necessity.

Scorpio: Gemini // They’re too flighty. Too intuitive. You feel like they can see right through you and that’s something you do NOT want. You like your privacy but they’re too inquisitive, they want to know every detail of you and that’s way too intrusive for you. That’s YOUR job. You like to analyze and figure people and the world out from afar, but they do it out loud. And personally. But at the same time, if you sat down with them and actually talked one-on-one, you could probably come out of the conversation with the whole world figured out. 

Sagittarius: Taurus // They’re too steadfast. Too stubborn. They’re the bull but you’re the bull fighter. You need to be free and float. You need to explore and dream. But they need a plan and they need consistency. They’re oil and you’re water. But they’re also the ones that bring you back down when you drift too far up. They’re your rock.

Capricorn: Cancer // Though they are your sister sign, you dislike how they wear their heart on their sleeve. You dislike how they bleed, live, breathe emotions. They drown you with their affections and love. Their fickleness. And the second you open up the second they pick at your vulnerabilities. And you abhor their constant mood swings. They vex you completely and utterly. But they’re also the ones that taught you that it was okay to show the slightest bit of emotions and they were also the ones to teach you there was kindness in the world if only you let yourself see it.

Aquarius: Leo // They’re too big. Too proud. Too egotistical. Their personality is stifling to you. Sure you can be big, you can be proud, but at the same time you know when to be quiet. You know when it’s too much. They don’t and you can’t stand it. You’re more aloof, more calculating, more meticulous. They’re more gregarious, more easy going. They’re the social butterfly and you’re the introvert. But you also know that if you got to know them, you’d discover that not only do they have a golden personality, they have a golden heart too. 

Pisces: Sagittarius // They’re too loud. They’re too high energy. They’re too dramatic. Their presence and overall personalities are draining to you. They need to be active and they need to know and do everything in the world, but you just like to lay back and experience. They live too fast and you feel like they cause more trouble than it’s worth. But they can also make you laugh and bring you out of your comfort zone, which is good every once in a while.


A brief comic I did of a plot point I had in mind for the D&D campaign for the Voltron D&D AU. Those who’ve played D&D before and know how healing spells work can probably tell what’s going on right right away, but I won;t spoil what’s going on for those who don’t. 

I had a lot of fun with colors and lighting while working on this, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s been a while since I did a full colored comic, so it was nice to practice with something small and self contained like this.

I may also give an actual backstory for how Matt and Shiro lost that bard in their last campaign one day, too. Just cuz I have a funny scenario for what could’ve happened in my head. Maybe one day…

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can we get some hcs for soft boy richie??


(thank you @eddiesbadbreak and @stanleyuriis for some of the HCs ily)

- God, Richie is such a hopeless romantic underneath all the bullshit he spews.

- Richie is starved for attention and affection at home, which often makes him question whether he deserves that at all. So he craves attention so much, especially from Eddie.

- When they’re not bickering or joking around, Richie is so sweet with Eddie. But he definitely has to be in that mood. When Eddie is affectionate with him, calls him pet names or says that he loves Richie, Richie pretty much crumbles.

- Tbh the first time Eddie says “I love you”, Richie almost tears up because like… no one says that to him. It means more than anything because someone actually loves him and he loves them back and it’s all so amazing.

- He’s pretty sensitive, especially when it comes to his insecurities and his family situation. He totally does not show it often though, and the only people that know the true extent of how he’s feeling inside are Eddie and Bev.

- Richie is SUCH a cuddler, and often likes to be the one cuddled. He loves being the little spoon or being the one to rest his head on Eddie’s chest instead of the other way around. He loves laying with his head on Eddie’s lap when they’re with the other Losers.

- If Eddie runs his fingers through his hair, he melts instantly. He loves that shit.

- In general, he loves being taken care of by Eddie. He’s never had anyone take care of him before, so if Eddie ever acts that way it makes Richie so happy. It makes Eddie happy too because he’s always the one being babied, so he loves being on the other side especially because he just… cares so much and has so much love to give to Richie?

- Like one time Eddie packs Richie lunch for school and Richie’s like !!! This is what true bliss is. He’s smiling all day from this small gesture.

- It’s so canon that Richie keeps a spare inhaler for Eddie.

- Any time anyone laughs at his jokes it makes him SO happy. He feels awesome if people actually think he’s funny.

- Also if anyone compliments him, he’ll brush it off or make a joke out of it but everyone can always see how happy and mushy that makes him as well. He feels so valid when he feels like the people he loves love him back.

- Secretly when no one’s there, Richie and Eddie are SO fucking cheesy with each other omg. They call each other pet names. Besides the typical “Eds” or “Eddie Spaghetti” that Richie calls Eddie, he also very often calls him “babe” (which Eddie loves), or he’ll get real creative and call him absurd things like “Snicker Doodle” or “Cuddle Muffin” (which Eddie hates)

- Eddie will often call Richie “Rich”, “Red” or “Sweetie” and Richie dies every time he always gets butterflies in his stomach

- They go on cheesy dates a lot of the time: Stargazing, Rollerblading, even sharing a milkshake with two straws. A lot of the time though, the two like spending the whole day being lazy and staying in bed and eating junk food.

- Richie is super gentle with Eddie, but Eddie is also super gentle with Richie? Especially if Richie is upset, Eddie is so patient with him and will stay up comforting him all night if that’s what he wants. They’re just really careful with each other.

- Bev sometimes paints his nails and Richie really likes the way they look. He usually only lets her do one hand, though.

- Richie also loves when Bev puts hair clips in his hair to push his bangs back. She did it for the first time when making Richie do a face mask with her, but after Richie said he thought it looked really cute she continued.

- He even started doing it to keep his bangs out of his eyes when he was doing work at home. Eddie thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. Richie also loves headbands.


- In general, Richie is actually so caring with his friends? I mean of course, he’ll roast and make fun of them to the moon and back but in reality they’re the most important people in his life and he would die for any one of them any day.

- No one would expect it, but he always remembers birthdays and anniversaries. He writes such long cards for all the Losers whenever it’s their birthday, talking about why he thinks each of them individually is awesome and making long lists of all the inside jokes they have together.

- He also is the best gift giver. His gifts are so thoughtful even if they’re small. He remembers what people told him they wanted months ago, or he gives them gifts that have to do with inside jokes. Things that only he could gift.

- Richie always stands up for any of the Losers without even a second thought. After Henry and his gang are gone, it’s rare for them to get bullied, especially in High School. If they ever do, it’s all verbal. They don’t really get beat up anymore. But if anyone is being a dick to any of his friends, he ALWAYS stands up to them and isn’t afraid to cuss them out, even if it means him getting detention.

- He also comforts them after they get picked on. Even underclassmen he doesn’t know. If he sees a freshman getting picked on, he’ll tell the bully to fuck off and smile so wide at the kid, telling them they’re okay!

- Tbh everyone in High School LOVES him. They think he can be kinda annoying sometimes, but he’s a genuinely good guy and he’s super funny.

- Richie is that cheesy boyfriend that picks flowers to give to Eddie. They also put flowers in each other’s long hair and Richie takes a million pictures.

- Richie saves and pressed into a book the flowers that Eddie got him after the opening night of the school musical he was starring in. His heart skipped a beat when Eddie brought him flowers and told him how amazing he was.

- As adults, Richie is so caring about Eddie especially after dealing with losing his arm. He’s so accommodating and supporting and just loves Eddie so much. After he knows Eddie is okay, all he wants is to have a happy life with him.

- As an adult, Eddie also calls Richie “Reggie” because of one time where another radio host introduced him as “Reggie Tozier.” Like you don’t even know how funny this was to Eddie. It made him tear up from laughter for like a full week after it happened, so to tease him sometimes Eddie will call him that. Richie acts like it pisses him off but he thinks it’s pretty funny himself.

- Richie’s the type of husband that comes home with flowers and is like “BAAAABE I GOT YOU FLOWERS AREN’T I THE BEST HUSBAND EVER”

- Holy shit Richie is SUCH a softie when it comes to him marrying Eddie and later when they adopt/surrogate children. Richie cries for half the wedding and then after they get their kids he tears up like EVERY damn day about it.

- He’s just so happy to actually have a family? For once in his life? Like HE built this. It’s HIS family. He gets to come home every day to such happiness it’s like unreal to him it makes him get choked up.




- Even as adults Richie and Eddie always go on such nice dates. They never get sick of being together, especially since they feel like they have to make up for so much lost time. When they’re back together as adults it feels like falling in love all over again except this time they can actually be together and it makes Richie thank God for real.

- It’s so fucking important for Richie to be a good dad since he knows what it’s like to have horrible parents. He just wants to do what’s right.

- Overall Richie is such a sweetheart under all those dick jokes. He’s so fucking soft and good. That’s all.

some important looks

I decided to put together what I think are several important klance screencaps, since I have no self control. This list focuses mainly on the individual looks on their faces in regards to each other, rather than the dialogue. (That’s why there aren’t screencaps from every klance moment in the season here, and it’s mostly just one or the other rather than both of them in the same screen. Because there are probably tons of posts about those already.) This season was really difficult for Keith because of Shiro, and I think his responses to Lance, specifically, are pretty clear to notice.

This right after Lance insists that he’s not a goofball, and Keith just has the most fond look on his face. This is the first time in the entire first episode Keith was actually in a good mood, and it’s because he can’t help but smile and even laugh a little because is Lance serious right now?

This is later in the episode, when Lance comforts Keith about leading in the black lion. Keith looks surprised, but he’s actually willing to listen, when he pretty much disregarded what everyone else said.

Lance shoves down his own unhappiness about the black lion not choosing him, reinforcing his beliefs that he’s not good enough, in order to comfort Keith. Because Lance, as Allura said, puts the good of the team over himself.

And then in the third episode, when Keith is beating himself up for not being a good enough leader, Lance casts him this sympathetic/concerned look before trying to get Keith’s signature determination back to where it usually is. It’s also worth mentioning that the only person Keith listened to the advice of was Lance. Just saying.

In episode six, when Lance chooses to come to Keith with his concerns about if he should even pilot a lion anymore, Keith’s response is an immediate “What are you talking about?” But he’s not mad, which is typical for Keith, he looks worried. Worried, and confused that this would even have crossed Lance’s mind.

And then when Lance leaves, clearly still unsure and upset, Keith makes an effort to cheer him up. Complete with this pure smile.

And then the smile that Lance gives in response. Lance was pretty serious the whole time, not mentioning what he wanted but instead talking about what would be for the good of the team. This look that resulted from Keith’s advice is just so,,, grateful and happy,,, I… moving on.

This is after Lance is attacked by Auxia (also in episode 6). Lance manages to catch the shot with his shield, but is still knocked to the ground with the force of it. Keith immediately runs towards Auxia, and he looks pissed. To me, he looks unusually angry even for Keith-while-fighting standards. Because she hurt Lance, and that’s not gonna stand.

And then Lance shoots the knife that Ezor threw at Keith out of the air before it so much at touched him, and Keith stops fighting just to give Lance this look. It’s the adorably fond smile again, in response to Lance’s “I got you, buddy!” He even fails to notice Auxia creeping behind him at first, because Keith is distracted. Because they’re a team, and if I were Keith in that moment, I’d be wondering “how the hell does Lance think he’s not one of the strongest?”

There’s a lot of really important, really good dialogue between Keith and Lancee that I was ecstatic to see this season. But sometimes, what isn’t outright said is just as important.

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as long as we're talking about stiles as hale bait, can i just say that i've always wanted to find an au fic in which stiles finds out that he accidentally has dated/slept with like half the hale family? like he and derek meet and start dating and it's totally love and then derek takes him home and oh shit. there's his first highschool girlfriend who things ended awkwardly with aka cousin malia. who has her mom's last name since her parents never got married.

and then cora comes downstairs and oh hey cora! awesome. they dated for a bit in college but there wasn’t much of a spark so it only last a few months and then they actually became total bros. like he’s still really good friends with her? he probably should have made the connection between hale and hale, but he met cora at berkeley and she doesn’t talk about her family that much so it didn’t occur to him. still this is getting kind of weird? and then there’s “cousin” (packmate) erica who stiles

had a brief friends with benefits kind of thing with last year. no big, right? and then oh shit why does that older guy sitting next to derek’s parents and leering at him look so familiar? or right, he met him at a club one time when he was in between significant other’s and they hooked up in the bathroom. and apparently he’s the father of his first girlfriend. awwwkward. stiles has never felt so uncomfortable and confused in his life. why is this happening to him?

what is up with this family and him? is he some kind of hale-sexual or something? he’d been operating under the assumption that he was bi, but apparently all the people he’s ever been attracted to are part of this family. derek meanwhile has wrapped himself jealously around stiles and is glaring at everyone is his family including his parents (who honestly do not have any designs on their son’s boyfriend) and laura. who has not stopped laughing since they figured out what was going on.

I need to read a long fic on this! 

Because at first Stiles is like, “Derek, are you punking me?” 

And Derek is all, “What?” 

“Are you punking me?” Stiles eyes grow wide. “Oh my god. Is this an intervention? Do I do something weird in bed and you all got together to tell me to stop it?” 

“Do you do something weird in bed.” It’s not even a question. Derek has no idea what the fuck is going on at this point. 

“Derek! These people are not your family.” 

“They are,” Derek says. 

“Oh. My. God.” Stiles is three shades paler than usual. “Derek, I have slept with all of these people.” 

“What?” It’s Derek’s turn to go pale. 

Stiles points them all out. “Malia, hi, haven’t see you since high school. Nice blonde girl from the bakery whose name escapes me now and I am so, so sorry, hello.” He swallows and his throat clicks. “Hot older dude from the club.” 

“Peter,” the man says, extending his hand. He flashes a wicked smile. “Peter Hale. I’m Malia’s father.” 

Stiles squeaks. 

Derek bats his hand away and growls. 

“Um, Cora, yep, really should have put that together, I guess,” Stiles says, raking his fingers through his hair. “Um, Isaac, right? From my political science class last year. And…” His jaw drops when Laura grins at him. 

“Laura lives in New York,” Derek growls. “She literally lives in New York.” 

“Second stall in the Terminal Three bathroom at LAX, right?” Laura asks, and gives Stiles the finger guns. 

“Oh god,” Stiles says. 

All in all, it’s one of Derek’s most interesting family dinners. Alan Deaton thinks it has something to do with their wolves being drawn to Stiles, in knowing that he’d be a good fit for the pack. Stiles is mortified, but Derek’s surprisingly okay with it. 

He’s just glad that when his parents finally made it downstairs that Stiles didn’t recognise them too… 

He takes quite a lot of comfort in that, actually. 

Imagine Dean getting so excited about Castiel’s new surname right after they got married that he can’t stop using it.

- “How did you sleep last night, Mr. Winchester?”

- “Would you like some tea or coffee, Mr. Winchester?”

- “Looking good today, Mr. Winchester.”

- “Can you believe I’m actually sharing a bed with a married man, Mr. Winchester? It’s kinda scandalous, don’t you think?”

- “Mr. Winchester, you’re one sexy sonofabitch!”

- “Would you take the trash out, Mr. Winchester?”

And Dean is always so giddy and cheerful that Castiel can’t help rolling his eyes fondly and kiss the wide grin on his husband’s lips every single time.


Summary: Dan just really wants to put flowers in Phil’s hair.
Word Count: 2,498
Warnings: none
A/N: Hello! I’ve had this image in my head of Phil with flowers in his hair for like 2 months straight and obv i needed to write about it since I can’t do art. This whole fic is basically just me gushing about how beautiful Phil is and I’m not even ashamed. See art for this fic here, here, here, here, and here

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There is a boy that makes Dan yearn to weave flowers into his hair every time he sees him. There is a boy with pale skin as white as snow and pretty blue eyes the colour of Bluebells. He has hair like the night sky and it sometimes glimmered in the light to form little galaxies. He wanted to thread Baby’s Breath through those pretty raven locks until his hair matches the colour of his eyes.

It was an addiction, an anomaly, something that does not normally cross Dan’s mind. Usually, he doesn’t see someone and want to thread flowers through their hair. Usually, he doesn’t think about flowers at all.

But then he saw him and he couldn’t stop himself from going home and studying the names of flowers that reminded Dan of him. Hyacinths and Marigold and Sweet Peas and Lavender, all melding into one to make the most beautiful man Dan had ever laid eyes on.

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brandon uranowitz @ 54 below

OKAY IM WRITING THIS BEFORE I FORGET. this is lowkey out of order too oops

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Baby Drama

Originally posted by spdrparker

Pairing: dad!Bucky Barnes x female!Reader x some Steve Rogers

Prompt: “I’m gonna show you who’s your real daddy.” (#18)

Warnings: none, really !! i mean, bucky gets kinda jealous, but there’s nothing too intense in this (which is surprising) - the use of ‘Daddy’, but in an innocent way, i promise - some sexual reference

Word Count: 1.8K

A/N: this is for @bucky-plums-barnes ‘s writing challenge - congrats on 8K, darlin’!!

“Are you sure that you can handle this, Stevie?” Bucky hurriedly questions as he finishes-up tying his tie and stuffs his toothbrush into his duffel bag. He taps the button on the back of his hand and a sort-of covering disguises his metal arm. The device was a gift from Tony Stark, and he only uses it whenever he feels the need to, which is rarely ever. “Because we could always just stay home.”

“Don’t worry, Buck,” Steve chuckles at his nervous friend. “You and Y/N deserve a break. It’s your anniversary, go out, have some fun - live a little,” Steve grins as he sits on the couch near where a very content toddler was fiddling with some crayons. “Emma and I will be just fine. Won’t we, Em?” Steve leans forward and tickles her cheek with his finger, earning a bubbly giggle from the child.

“Bucky, she’ll be fine with Steve,” you say as you slide off one of the stools at the kitchen island, swinging your purse over your shoulder. “C’mere, Emmy,” you coo goofily, crouching down and reaching for the toddler. She plops forward onto her hands and crawls over to you, reaching out with her chubby hand towards you. You pick her up, holding her comfortably in your arms.

“Are you gonna be a good girl for Uncle Stevie?” You giggle at her, bopping her nose.

“M-Mama,” Emma babbles, grabbing at your hair.

“No, no, no,” you wince, dragging her hand away from being able to pull at your hair. “Here, say bye to Daddy,” you give her a big, exaggerated kiss on the cheek before handing her off to Bucky and grabbing your suitcase, heading for the door.

“I’ll miss ya, Emmy,” Bucky gives her an Eskimo kiss, Emma’s childish laughter bouncing through the room. “We’ll be back tomorrow,” he promises, setting her back down on the ground. Bucky walks over to the island and grabs his bag, then meets your at the doorway.

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The signs as Kpop idols

Aries ~ Jonghyun of SHINee ~

• an exciting and energetic soul, he’s always moving around and doing something

• has a short temper but one can never stay mad at him for long

• talks really fast when he’s happy or nervous and it’s adorable

Taurus ~ Sungjae of BTOB ~

• a calm and mature maknae….at least mature when it comes to the group lmao

• likes to stay out of drama but is probably always the instigator

• loves to make everyone happy and laugh, thrives on the attention of his loved ones

Gemini ~ Suho of EXO ~

• the funniest and most embarrassing leader

• treats the members like his family and only stays strong for them when times got tough

• is cracking dad jokes left and right, he’s actually hilarious

Cancer ~ Taemin of SHINee ~

• looks mysterious and intimidating on the outside, a total meme on the inside

• loves to fool around and torture his hyungs

• hella emo when the situation calls for it

Leo ~ G Dragon of BigBang ~

• he’ll grab your attention with just one look bc he’s so pretty

• won’t show his weakness in fear of letting the group down, but is very emotional and fragile at times

• a huge moodmaker and could make the grouchiest person smile with his cute and shy self

Virgo ~ Jinyoung of Got7 ~

• very easy going and chill

• can and wil roast anyone in a matter of seconds, that’s just a typical Tuesday

• acts as if his looks don’t matter, but knows manners and a good impression are everything

Libra ~ Lay of EXO ~

• the handsome aegyo king, a true cutie with a good heart

• has so much love for everyone and everyone’s in love w/ him and his charms

• hella forgetful of everything but still manages to look good

Scorpio ~ Leo of VIXX ~

• very mysterious and hard to read at first sight

• he’s really just a bookworm who loves to drink lattes and stay at home w/ his cats

• it isn’t easy to become close w/ him, but he warms up to someone if he has the right feeling

Sagittarius ~ Bobby of iKon ~

• adventurous and loves to take risks

• though he likes to portray a tough and macho look, he’s such a softie on the inside

• is super dedicated to his interests, esp his music and friends

Capricorn ~ Jaebum of Got7 ~

• a quiet and humble leader, someone who’s always there for you to lean on

• has a laid back yet unapproachable air about him

• isn’t one to mess around with, takes things very seriously sometimes

Aquarius ~ Jongup of B.A.P ~

• very 4D, you’ll never know the weird thoughts running through his head

• it’s unclear of whether he’s always joking or always serious

• doesn’t say much but he’s kinda misunderstood, and is a very hard worker and it’s endearing

Pisces ~ Wonho of Monsta X ~

• a cute yet tough exterior, a soft and mushy interior

• likes to work out and move around a lot to release all his pent-up energy

• is friendly and really sweet and approachable, though he tries looking all intimidating lol

Okay hear me out.

All I want in life is for Lup to duel for someone’s soul using the fiddle, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” -style (with comparably amazing fiddle-playing) while in full reaper regalia. Like, full suit, skull motif, wicked smile and playing this fiddle with terrifying precision against this necromancer with captive souls who did not account for her musical talent before issuing this challenge.

I would also be happy with the same scenario involving Kravitz. Actually, Kravitz has probably already done this, it’s probably one of the stories that gets told around the office most often. Kravitz goes to pull out his own fiddle and Lup just pushes past him like “nah it’s my turn” and fiddles this unsuspecting necromancer into the ground. (And then totally takes his fiddle because that’s how this goes, it’s right there in the song them’s the rules.)

One thing: from what we know about the story, the Wall was covering the kingdom of Lucis entirely for ~120 years, until King Mors decided to reduce it to Insomnia alone. Doing so, he allowed Niflheim to occupy the territories of Lucis have been abandoned by the government. I say “abandoned” here because we have evidence of things that have just been left here in numerous places. Take for example:

This is the road that leads to Insomnia and you can see rusted cars that must have been left here for a while, and half-finished buildings. They could be building that have been damaged by Niflheim’s bombings, since we know Niflheim has airships, but I edited the picture a bit to give you better view of the two cranes:

So, yeah. Building site that was never finished. And if you take a wider perspective:

So, clearly, someone was building something here and suddenly stopped, leaving all the material in place. It’s interesting that they were erecting buildings, something we don’t see anywhere else – even Lestallum doesn’t have buildings that high. This is in Insomnia that we find buildings, and this is the place of the map that is the closest to the capital, implying that, maybe, there were attempts to expand the city? There’s already an excellent analysis of its size, but if we consider how empty the rest of the country is, it is safe I think to assume that 90% of the population of Lucis lives in the capital and that the city has an insane density of population, which at some point led to expanding it outside its own walls. I mean, look at that screenshot from Kingsglaive:

There are construction on the bottom right, just along the rampart, that seem like expansions of the city, and on the left you can see hints of villages that were constructed just on the other side of the river.

Not only that, but there are a number of places where you’ll find either destroyed habitations, unfinished constructions, and rusted cars that seem to have been left here for years. Industries also have been abandoned – see Balouve Mines. And this is especially true for Leide, which I can explain with two reasons:

  1. It’s fucking hot in there so people  are more eager to leave and go live elsewhere
  2. It’s closer to Insomnia, so the people living here have been the first to take shelter inside the citadel. How do you think Hammerhead gets customers? It’s right there on the road, last bastion of actual civilization before the long bridge and the walls.

There’s also another thing you find quite a lot in Leide and not so much in other areas, and it is: abandoned Nif airships and constructions. There are also those huge sort of walls/barrages as you approach the road leading to Insomnia:

What are those things, seriously?

And this becomes really logical when we look at the fact that Insomnia is under siege. 

But when I say “siege”, I understand it in a very specific manner. Cities continue to be under siege during modern wars but it’s become rare, they’re often short, and they imply tactics and equipment that differs a lot from ancient sieges.

I’m going to talk about ancient Athens specifically.

I’m sparing you the details on all of ancient Greece’s military history, but basically you can see three different periods in Athens’ defence:

1) For a long time the army was considered the only defence the city needed. The soldiers defended both the administrative city (greek name astu) and the immediate territory around it (chôra) that served for agriculture and animals and was delimited by temples. Anyway when two cities were at war they just sent their soldiers to the enemy’s chôra and they fought and whoever was standing last, won.  

2) At some point Athens was ruled by this interesting dude called Pericles (well Athens was technically ruled by a council of several men but this one managed to get elected so many years in a row that he was basically in charge). Athens was also at war against Sparta at this time, and when Sparta invaded Athens’ astu, Pericles said “alright, we’re no gonna fight those guys. We’re gonna build a huge ass wall around the astu, and we’re also gonna build huge ass walls along the road that goes to the harbour. So now, we can safely hide all the population inside the city and we have access to the sea so we can’t die of starvation.”

Athens did win, because then Sparta couldn’t kill anyone so Athens was, by default, the last army standing. Sparta did destroy all the fields, though. And everyone hated this. Everyone hated seeing soldiers burn their fields and destroy everything without anyone fighting them. Also Pericles died during this time because the city was so crowded that it got full of diseases. But, through gritted teeth, they had to admit that the tactic was good.

3) So then, they put another tactic in motion: they’d keep the walls around the astu, to protect the people. But they’d also build other fortifications in the chôra, and put soldiers in it, so that if someone tried to attack again, they could still fight back. And this thing held on until Philippe II of Macedonia arrived and destroyed all the fortifications with huge ass catapults. But that’s another story.

My point is, Insomnia in M.E. 756 is somewhere in the second step and going towards the third. I’ve tried finding some sort of defence of the territory but there’s nothing – either the constructions look abandoned, the few stuff that could be used for military purposes are ruins (Costlemark probably had a military role at some point? but now it’s fucking empty), Lestallum has NO DEFENCE AT ALL and all the most recent constructions are Nif ones (but those things will be more detailed in the next parts).

Actually, the only example I could find was in Kingsglaive, during the fight at the beginning of the movie:

Screenshots are terrible because everything explodes, but I enhanced the contrast and if you look closely you can see this place clearly is a fortified town, and you can see the rampart and the burning buildings. On the right if you squint you can also notice another similar fortified town, which seems to imply that there are several of those things, delimiting a territory. It’s also very similar in architecture to an ancient or medieval town. I have no idea where it’s fucking supposed to be, the best hint we get is on this shot: 

It’s above some canyon, apparently? A huge ass one, or this town is veery small. It might not be a town, though. It could be only a fortified place that’s meant to be occupied by soldiers. The position is strategic, blocking the path, and there’s a clear view of anything coming. This was the kind of constructions Athens and the Greek cities got during the third step, to defend the land. Although greek constructions were usually on a hill.

Now, given what I was saying earlier – Leide is full of rotting Nif airships and is the most damaged area – my theory is that Lucis only uses those kind of defences on the territory that’s just around the capital. It’s sort of a second rampart, just to prevent the empire to get too close to their walls. So Niflheim walks on Lucis, gets pushed back when they’re getting too close to Insomnia, and so they build bases here and all their airships crash on the land all around.

So, yeah, it makes people mad! Granted, Niflheim isn’t patrolling everywhere and killing people so most of them seem to just have adjusted, but the Glaives hate that Regis is basically Pericles and lets the land rot while the city is protected. And the people inside Insomnia don’t want to get “invaded” by those “outsiders” because they’d lose their comfort, the city would be crowded (look at the lower districts in Kingsglaive, this debauchery of stairs and small streets) and people would probably have no jobs, live in the streets, get sick, try to rob other people to survive.

Now I’ll also draw your attention to this screenshot from Kingsglaive’s intro:

In the text on the left, it says that Galahd was attacked because it “resisted the imperial call for surrender after the wall was withdrawn”, so it also means that all the other regions have accepted that surrender. All the other regions knew that Insomnia wouldn’t help them and people decided to either flee or limit the damage. Which is why Niflheim isn’t killing everyone in those areas. They have a hold on them already.

And this says a lot about the relationship between the capital city and the rest of the kingdom: places that are away from the center of the power are neglected or forgotten. It’s funny, because it’s a thing that did happen a lot in the past, because information travelled really slowly. It shouldn’t happen in Lucis - they have smartphones after all. Except, with the wall around Insomnia, the capital is isolated. 

But also, it implies that the place where the battle happens at the beginning of Kingsglaive is somewhere that is also still resisting, and it’s likely that the areas around the crown city are still resisting because they still believe that they will be protected by the influence of the capital.

And this is also why the ultimate surrender of all territories is so badly accepted by the Glaives but not really by the rest of the kingdom. Lestallum probably gave up the hope of getting some support from Insomnia since a long time, is likely to feel disconnected from the kingdom for a while now; but places like the Cavaugh region and the northeast islands probably still expected some protection. The fact that so many of the refugees originally became Glaives kind of also hints at the idea that people from Galahd were mostly loyalists – even if half of them ended up betraying the crown, they once believed they could actually get their homes back by serving in the Lucian army.

So when Ardyn comes in and mentions the treaty, the choice Regis makes fits into this continuity. He would probably have handed his city to the enemy to save his son anyway, because the prophecy and all that, and he’s getting weak, etc; but the choice would have been very different if Lucis had any chance to win. Thing is, Insomnia has felt separated from the rest of the country since probably longer than the Wall holds up. Most of the kingdom has already adapted to Niflheim’s occupation anyway, lots of places and industries have been abandoned anyway. Despite the feeling of betrayal, everyone could see that defeat coming from miles away. Actually, they’ve lost for thirty years already. 

And in next part, I’ll explain in more details why everyone could see it coming, and thank you for reading this to the end.

Q&A stuff, pub schedule

magic-magnus-heaven-sin said: Hey Cassie! Is it true that there is going to be a set of short stories leading up to TLH, much like TFSA or TBC?

That was the plan. However. Right now my publishing schedule is in chaotic flux. It’s changing as we speak, and probably every book is getting a new release date, and some books will be switched around. So brace yourself; it’s likely short stories are coming, but right now the actual dates for the books need to be confirmed and then I’ll post a schedule of what you can expect.

nymeriavipe said:Hi Cassie, I have only one question, what are the “Dark Artifices”? Will we know them someday?

Yes, the Dark Artifices will be identified in Book Three. 

1irene-and-the-world-of-gold6 said:Hey Cassie!!! Ummm I was thinking about that one snippet where Lucie tells Cordelia that James is in love and Cordelia is just like, Cordelia: WHAT!! Andthen Lucie said that he won’t say with who, “he’s Jamie and he never tells us anything,” and I was wondering if James and Lucie’s relationship is like Anna and Elsa’s (from Frozen) though not the part where Elsa locks herself in her room, leaving Anna to sing alone, more like how Elsa is distant and doesn’t really talk about like her life etc.

I don’t think of James as distant from his family, at least not most of the time. He’s quite close with Lucie and a friendly, funny practical-joking brother. He isn’t obsessed with taking care of her like Julian, because he has perfectly competent parents who take good care of both of them. I would say that if you’ve read The Midnight Heir you know James is keeping the fact that he’s in love from his family, and he has complicated but significant reasons to do that. Since he isn’t telling them about it, (or really the fact that any relationship with this person exists in his life at all) that creates a distance between him and his family, because there’s this important emotional thing he can’t talk about. But he isn’t distant from them in general.

dont-say-stupid-things said: Cassie! Thank you so much for giving us that Kierark short story! Thank you!!! <3 Is there any way it can be turn into a printed short story (for everyone)? Is there any possibility of a compilation of all these short stories to come out as a book? Thank you. I love Kieran with all my heart and soul. <3

Maybe as part of a collection? There’s no distribution mechanism for printed stories that are that short, bookstores don’t carry them etc. Though I write these stories for free out of love for you fine folk, I’d like to bind them up into an anthology someday so the money could go to charity.

not to call anyone out but if you defend white supremacists marching in the streets with tiki torches and assault rifles and running people over with their cars but the thought of sports players abstaining from saying the pledge of allegiance as a form of peaceful protest makes you froth out of the mouth in anger then it’s probably time to admit that you don’t actually give a shit about the first amendment except when it’s about your rights and the rights of people who totally agree with you and what you’re doing (which is a very unamerican sentiment if there ever was one)

and also you’re a racist, sorry 🤷

“Really, Peter, my daughter ?” - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Summary : Peter starts to date Tony Stark’s daughter and the Iron Man isn’t sure he’s liking it…Well, actually, he’s pretty sure he hates it. 

I wanted to write something else than Batfam or DC related for once sooooooo…Here’s a Peter Parker story yo. It has probably been written a thousand times, but after I watched “Spider-Man : Homecoming”, all I wanted to do was writing a story with Peter starting to date Tony’s daughter so…yeah. Here it is. Hope you’ll like it : 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


Peter didn’t really mean for this to happen. Far from it. Oh it would have avoided him a world of troubles if none of this ever happened. 

Nope, totally didn’t mean for this to happen. Besides, when he first met you, he had a massive crush on Liz and had eyes only for her. Oh he was head over heels for her. And, your first encounter wasn’t exactly…a smooth one. 


Months earlier, when Peter helped your father against Captain America: 

It was very soon after the big fight between “Team Iron Man” and “Team Captain America” that you met him. Peter was waiting for  “Mr. Stark” in the Avengers’ watchtower, in one of the waiting lounge. 

An annoying elevator music was playing and Peter was awkwardly sitting in one of the ridiculously fancy chair of the lounge, waiting for…Someone. Anyone really. 

He had been waiting for hours. Did…did they forgot about him ? Nooooo, Mr. Stark would never do that to him. 

And when the door opened, Peter’s heart leapt at the thought of talking to his hero again and…A girl he only saw on TV appeared, hurriedly closing the door behind her. 

You. It was you. The famous (Y/N) Stark, only daughter of the even more famous Tony Stark, and therefor, sole heir to the Stark’s fortune.  

You didn’t even notice Peter at first, as he was sitting in the chair furthest to the door, and when you did, the face you made made him flinch. You seemed so unhappy to see him…

-Who the Hell are you ?

You ask without any other preamble. Peter stands up and clears his throat…and oh he wanted to slap himself when instead of telling you his name he said : 

-You’re…You’re (Y/N) Stark ! 

You roll your eyes at him and approach him slowly, giving him a suspicious look before saying : 

-Thank you, without you, I think I would have never known my own name. I’m so grateful right now…

The sarcasm in your voice was so strong Peter thought he could feel it squeezing his heart and self-confidence. It took him way too long before he finally answered : 

-Peee…Pee…Peter Parker. 

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