but pride and prejudice is a close second

Married with Benefits (Part 14)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU)

Word Count: 633

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Steve couldn’t stop looking at you as the ceremony finished and you were promptly dismissed from the courtroom, a marriage certificate neatly filed in a manila folder. His heart beating at a thousand miles per minutes, he grabbed your hand and interlaced your fingers, giving you an eye-crinkling smile as you gave him a glance.

Bucky walked backwards, arms extended, and wearing a wide smile. “Alright, now that you guys are hitched, we need to celebrate!”

A restaurant was decided upon and then it was time for drinks, upon Bucky’s insistence. Nat took everyone to her favorite bar, where you slid into a booth and Steve right behind you, his arm naturally draping around you.

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A brief history of the gayest places in America — and how they came to be

  • As a month of international Pride draws to a close, let’s consider for a second the places that proudly fly the rainbow flag year-round, long after the parade confetti has been cleaned up off the streets. From the edge of New England to the recesses of the California desert, America has a constellation of destinations for the queer community, all of which came into being well before it was considered socially acceptable to be out and proud.
  • In a world where prejudice is (ideally) melting away, and global travel is on the rise, will these strongholds remain gay havens? And, most importantly, we’re wondering the same thing that 10% of the world’s mothers want to know: “How did you end up so gay in the first place?”
  • The easy answer is geography. Holiday favorites like Provincetown, Massachusetts, and Key West, Florida, are, quite literally, at the end of the world: ‘P-Town’ is curled up at the tip of Cape Cod’s cat tail, and, as the name suggests, Florida’s westernmost isle is at the edge of the archipelago. Read more. (7/1/17, 11:15 AM)
If you are a fan of Asian dramas

..then you will be able to relate with the particular instance,

When Guys are so passionate in their Kissing scenes, giving their all,

While the girls just stand there, with mouths closed shut..with either a blank or shocked expression…


A Few Seconds later We’d be like:

Sherlock rarely reads fiction, but that “doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate it.” Still, John is a bit surprised when he first discovers his flatmate is a Jane Austen fan. Actually, though, it makes perfect sense: Sherlock likes way her novels reject sentimentality but still revere love and goodness. He enjoys Austen’s sharp, critical observations and ironic/satirical humor (“She writes idiots with such skill, John! Such nuance!”). In addition, her books tend to feature both dancing and British soldiers. 

Pride and Prejudice is Sherlock’s favorite (he has Mr. Darcy’s/Lizzie’s love confessions memorized), but Persuasion is a close second (he likes the idea of a second chance at love with a handsome, noble captain – a naval captain, in this case, but close enough).

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♝:Reading a book together - Stiles/Jackson

“You’re being dramatic.”

Stiles opened one eye to glare balefully at his boyfriend.  The effect was kind of ruined by another painful sneeze and he sniffled pathetically, cuddling up more in his mountain of blankets.  

Jackson just grinned, stretching out more on the bed.  He was only wearing a pair of boxers and it really fucking sucked getting a cold in the middle of summer, because any other day, Stile wouldn’t hesitate on getting his mouth and hands on Jackson’s strong thighs.

“I am not.” Stiles croaked, sniffling again to punctuate his point.

Jackson rolled his eyes, but his expression was fond as he reached out to wrap an arm around Stiles. Even though he was sticky and all kinds of gross and sickly, Jackson still cuddled up, pressing a tender kiss to his forehead, and Stiles sighed softly, closing his eyes.  He dozed in and out for a while and when he woke, Jackson was still nestled in next to him, glasses perched on his nose as he read a book.

“What’cha reading?”

Jackson’s free hand shifted to gently, soothingly, scratch Stiles’ scalp.  He tipped the book slightly so Stiles could recognize the cover of his own, dog eared copy of Pride and Prejudice.  Stiles smiled and sat up to gulp down the glass of water on the nightstand, then shuffled about to lie with his head pillowed on Jackson’s chest, peering up at the book.  

Stiles’ head rose and fell with the movement of Jackson’s deep sigh, but a moment later he started reading out loud, voice soft and compelling, and Stiles closed his eyes as he listened, feeling all warm and mushy inside.

“You’re kind of a softie.” He mumbled.

“Fuck off.”

But Jackson carried on reading a second later, hand still stroking Stiles’ hair, and Stiles decided that maybe catching a summer cold wasn’t so bad if it meant he got to have Jackson taking care of him.

5 am, Christmas Morning (i)

–Hermione is my favorite character in the entire series (though Ron is a close second), this is my version of what happened during Christmas in HBP–

Hermione was up early morning. She looked around her bedroom with it’s tall french windows and a large bookshelf filled to the brim with an assortment of books. The bottom shelf was visible from her bed and she saw that there was  Pride and Prejudice leaning on a copy of Romeo and Juliet which was lying on top of (she was quite certain) A Very Hungry Caterpillar. Hogwarts: A History lay comfortingly on her nightstand. She made a mental note to rearrange her bookshelf before turning to the clock which was just approaching 5 am. 

She sighed and pulled the covers over her head and tried not to think about what had woken her up at this hour. Ron, Ron-and Lavender to be exact.        It was bad enough that they felt the need to grace every public place at Hogwarts by exchanging saliva, they were now invading her dreams, robbing her of sleep when she was hundreds of miles away. She had planned her days with surgical precision to not run into them, she slept before Lavender came up with the curtains drawn around her bed and put a spell to block all potential chatter between her and Parvati. She ate by herself, spending hours in the library at a stretch reading complex tedious books. Occasionally Harry sat with her with a forced air of impartiality, her with one of feigning indifference to Ron’s new relationship status. And yet, despite her best efforts, she did see them all over each other in the common room. And each time was a punch to the gut. Angry tears pricked her eyes-she was so exhausted of the crying, of trying to understand what had gone wrong.

  This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen.

She furiously kicked off her blanket and in the process knocked Hogwarts: A History off her night stand. A piece of parchment fell out of it with a very familiar handwriting scrawled over the note. It was from the summer-

Hey Hermione,

Harry may have told you, he’s with Dumbledore (?!) on some kind of mission will be getting here on Saturday. See if you can come in on Thursday, Ginny keeps yapping on and on and I need a buffer

Love, Ron

She traced his handwriting going over the ‘love’ so casually thrown in there. He had been waiting in the front yard, she remembered, tall with his bright hair gleaming in the fading sun. His eyes lit up when he saw her, moving forward to hug her, a few seconds outside of just friendly. It was electric. He had to feel it too- the butterflies, the shortness of breath, the excitement and attraction they concealed with well-practiced banter.

“It was all in your head and all you did was make a fool of yourself” she thought to herself harshly, coming out of her reverie. She sniffed and wiped away tears, crumbling the note in her hand.

She had done enough.She had made her intentions quite clear when she had asked him to Slughorn’s party. She had let McLaggen shove his tongue down her throat and grab her bottom because that felt like revenge. 

But all any of it made her feel was…


She picked up the fallen book and placed it carefully on her bookshelf. She slammed the door behind her and went downstairs to meet her parents for Christmas morning, but not before she had chucked Ron’s note in the dustbin.

↳ modern day Elizabeth Bennet
Her sisters - especially her older sister, Jane - mean the world to Elizabeth. With books on a close second place. Or fighting for equality. Probably both. But from time to time Lizzy just needs to get away so she jumps in her car with some of her favorite books and drives out of the town to be surrounded by nature.

September Just One Word Book Photo Challenge Day 12: Classics

These are a few of my favourite things (you totally sang that in your head). 

Yes, it’s Persuasion that is my absolute favourite Jane Austen novel, with Emma a close second. Of course Pride and Prejudice is amazing, but I like it more in film format. It was the Keira Knightley film sitting on a shelf at Blockbuster that originally got me into Jane Austen. And I’m forever glad we rented it. Perhaps the reason why I adore Persuasion so much is because unlike most of her books or many romantic plots I’d read til that point, it was about lost love being found again and it was such a powerful thing to read.

Jane Eyre is that one book I read multiple times myself before university, then read again for class. I was quite proud of myself for already being familiar with the story. I loved Jane’s independence and the way she refused to be what others wanted her to be, especially men. 

Of course I like other classics, but these are three of my favourites, and they’re some of the first I read. I love that my mom got me these editions years ago at Chapters. They’re well loved copies, so they aren’t in perfect condition. But that’s okay. I also have a thing for tea cups. I just adore them. I’ve collected a few all made from England. This was the first one I got.

This book photo challenge is hosted by just0nemorepage. The photography is mine.

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The one picture with their eyes closed reminds me of the scene in Pride and Prejudice (2005) after Mr Darcy's second proposal which was met by Elizabeth's consent. They share this moment of perfect harmony, peace, contentment, belonging and love. Not a kiss, not words, just this moment of eternal depth and bonding. I wish Zayn and Perrie every happiness. I pray they share a special bond forever and have a legendary marriage (and angelic little babies please) ♥