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ok here's the thing. i really love you and your blog, i love your aesthetic and your characters, but Plance makes me SO uncomfy because of the age Pidge is supposed to be (under 18, Lance being at least 18). i don't want to unfollow you after all this time but being on mobile, i can't blacklist the ship ;~; and i don't wanna tell you not to enjoy the ship, that's mean of me. what do you suggest i do?

Firstly, I’m flattered that you enjoy my blog so much. And I appreciate your coming to me personally so we can work this out like adults (even though I have no idea how old you actually are, but I digress)rather than taking part in the already overwhelming amount of fandom drama. So thank you for that.

Secondly, as a Pidgance shipper myself - and somebody who absolutely does NOT condone adult/child relationships - please allow me a second of your time to first attempt to solve the issue at it’s source, so there’s a possibility you may not have to work around it at all. 

See, the big problem with the Pidgance ship is less in the ship itself, and more in the way that some fans tend to inaccurately interpret it.

A lot of people view it as this:

When in reality, it’s really as simple as this:

We know very little about the Voltron characters, and one of the biggest missing links in terms of character info is the specific ages of the paladins. But here’s the thing, we DO have enough canon evidence to determine one thing: they’re all teenagers (Shiro being just slightly older, I wanna say 22 at the oldest).

You said above that the reason Pidgance as a ship makes you uncomfortable is solely because Lance is “at least 18″. But the thing is, there’s no supporting info for that claim. The most we’ve been given in terms of ‘specifics’ is that he’s in his “late teens”. In fact, it’s actually much more likely that he might be 16-17, at MOST. Which, in my opinion, is much more believable, because he appears to be somewhere in the high-school age region.

Pidge is, at the youngest, 14. That’s not canon, per se, but it’s the general consensus. A 14-year-old is still considered a teenager and-as I’ve stated before-is actually the age of the average high-school freshman in the US. So, they’re both within the high-schooler age range. They could be, at most, 5 years apart (which is honestly not that big a gap to start) in season 1, but it’s more plausible that the difference is closer to 2-3 years. Now consider how that gap will shrink as they age. Because the “teenager” age range is so small and such a crucial point for a person’s development, we tend to view the age gaps as being bigger than they actually are. Sure, when she’s 14, Pidge seems like a child still, but in less than a year she’ll be 15…which is within the age range of the average disney heroine who- more often than not- has an older love interest. See what I’m getting at here?

Me, personally, I don’t even much like the idea of Pidge and Lance getting together until several seasons have passed and they’ve both had a chance to mature some. And by the time I’d like to see something happen between them, they’d both be well old enough. So the fact that she’s (widely believed to be) 14 at this point in the series really isn’t even relevant to me. It’s not a big enough gap to be concerning in my opinion. If she were 12 or younger (or if Lance was older than we can justly assume he is), I would absolutely be opposed to it, but that’s not the case. And given the fact that my own parents are TEN years apart, I think 2-5 years is, honestly, not a big deal.


So, I hope that’s helped you see the ship in a less discomforting light. 

Note:The point of this analysis really wasn’t to make you like the ship (although that’d be a cool result), it’s only meant to clear up some of the big misconstrued facts surrounding the ship and its legitimacy. Also, to reiterate the fact that I DO NOT support ships that consist of a child and an adult, and if that were the case with Pidgance, I WOULD NOT ship it. I’ve done my research, no morals are being compromised in the shipping of these characters.

However, if for any reason you still are strongly opposed to this ship, that’s fine. My cup of tea doesn’t have to be yours. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that I can do in the way of helping you avoid it while still enjoying my content, tumblr is fairly limited in that respect. I could recommend that you track some of my personalized tags so you can be aware of when something of a particular theme is posted? Maybe bookmark my blog’s tag searches so you can just pop in for updates? Or, you could email the staff and see if they can help with your mobile blacklisting issue. That’s all I can really think of to work around the problem, love, I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

Have a nice day, and God bless <3

Haechan - “This isn’t a K-Drama”

Originally posted by 1aeil

Warnings: None

Type: Fluff

Requested by: Anon

Request: can you write a haechan (donghyuck) from nct imagine where its your first time making out or smth and its all akward n cute ? tyyyy 



Hello my beautiful anon! Thank you so much for your request! This is my first NCT request and I’m so happy that it’s about my beautiful baby Haechan! He’s my bias and I’m very excited to be writing about him! I know the story is a little long for an imagine, and also kind of rushed, but I hope you enjoy it none the less. Also, I’m sorry if it’s not as awkward and cute as you wanted, but I tried my best and I really hope I don’t disappoint! Please let me know what you think and please feel free to request again in the future! :)


Making out wasn’t like in the movies, that was for sure.

In the short time span you had been alive you had always believed that making out with the one you loved was this fun, cute thing that happened in every teen based TV show you had ever seen. That it was something exciting and pleasurable and something that couldn’t be explained. That it was something that just happened. Something that everyone naturally knew how to do. Something that was, well…easy.

Yet, here you were, leaning against the edge of the kitchen counter as Haechan, your boyfriend of 3 months, continued to kiss you passionately, your arms awkwardly hanging by your sides as his hands continued to confidently rub against the thin material covering your waist. Your mind continued to get increasingly foggier, the warm feeling of Haechan pressed against you traveling through your body and into your chest, your heart swelling in happiness but your body freezing in inexperience.

“Babe.” Haechan chuckled suddenly, his sweet voice forcing you out of your trance as he pulled away from you softly. “You can’t just stand there. Kissing is a 2-person thing, ya know. This isn’t a K-Drama.”

You looked up at him and laughed, his humor making you feel slightly better about the awkward situation. You then continued to let out a small sigh and shook your head lightly, your teeth gently pushing into your bottom lip as the right words failed to form in your mouth.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, your shyness keeping you from meeting his eyes. “I’ve just never done this before and you obviously have. I don’t really know what to do.”

Haechan looked at you and laughed, his hand gently reaching out and gripping your chin as he forced you to look away from the ground and into his eyes. Pools of brown bored into your face as he gave you a small smile, gently removing his other hand from your waist and gripping your wrist, slowly moving your hand from awkwardly hanging by your side and to his neck, small shocks running through your arm as the warmth of his skin met yours.

“Well, let’s start with this.” Haechan recommended playfully, slowly moving closer to you as he brought your other hand to his waist. “I’m not expecting you to be some professional kisser or anything, but you at least got to do something with your hands.”

You let out a small laugh, looking into Haechan’s lively gaze as his notorious, yet charmingly devilish nature started to take over. You moved toward him slowly, your heartbeat speeding up as you could feel his warm breath fan against your lips. He gave you a small, reassuring smile as he leaned into you, his lips no more than a centimeter away from yours as he watched nervousness slowly return to your body.

“Don’t worry, jagiya. Practice makes perfect, right?” He asked, not even giving you time to answer before his warm and gentle lips reconnected with yours.

The kiss was tame at first, soft presses of velvety skin meeting one another and making your heart burst. You leaned into Haechan impulsively, your hand gently squeezing the back of his neck as all feelings of nervousness and inexperience quickly started to leave your body. Haechan’s fingertips slowly began to ghost down your neck and back to your waist, his sweet lips pressing harder against yours as he pulled you closer to him.

You froze for a moment, your mind becoming foggy once again as the new feeling became somewhat overwhelming. Haechan was comforting though, his gentle lips whispering small, reassuring words as tingles begun to crawl down your spine. You unconsciously shuttered, a small gasp leaving your lips as you pulled Haechan closer to you, warmth spreading through your body as you finally began to stop worrying and lost yourself in the kiss.

Haechan let out a small groan, slowly testing the waters by lightly grazing your bottom lip with his tongue. Another tremor ran through you, your mind racing with thoughts as you slowly opened your mouth and met your hot tongue with his. You couldn’t help but wonder if what you were doing was right or if you were taking a completely wrong path, but at this point you didn’t care, the pleasurable feeling of Haechan’s lips pressed against yours better than anything you had ever felt before.

The two of you only kissed for another minute or so, the need for air finally beginning to set in and forcing you to pull away. Haechan immediately tried to pull you to him again, his sly attempt at stealing another kiss making you giggle as you placed your hands on his chest and created a slight distance. Haechan looked down at you, a bright sparkle in his eyes as he stared down into your blush covered face.

“See, I told you not to be nervous. We just need to practice some more…a lot more…like right now more.” He said, a playful attitude lacing his voice as he smiled at you gently.

“You will NOT practice more.” A voice screamed, the exasperated tone ringing throughout the dorm and making you jump. You looked up immediately, eyes searching for the perpetrator before coming face to face with Taeil and the rest of the boys, the light shuffle of shoes against wood entering your ears as all of them quickly made their way into the kitchen.

“Taeil!” Haechan gasped, gently removing his arms from your waist as his eyes grew wide in concern.

“Don’t ‘Taeil’ me! What the heck do you two think you’re doing!?” He asked, hand reaching forward and pointing at the two of you as if you had just been caught making out by a parent or teacher.

You looked at him in surprise, eyes wide as fear and embarrassment set in. You were frozen in place like a deer caught in headlights, your face heating up as a deep blush made its way onto your cheeks and your hands fidgety as you heard some of the other boy’s chuckle at your state.

“Do you have any idea what it’s like to walk in on something like this?! Winwin is probably scarred for life now!” Yuta hissed, quickly grabbing Winwin’s arm and pulling him through the dorm.

“Yeah, we don’t want to see you getting it on in the kitchen! This is where we eat!” Mark scolded, quickly making his way past you and Haechan and into his room.

“You’re only children! Don’t ever let me catch you doing that again!” Taeyong demanded, a deep sense of authority lacing his words as he made his way into the living room and turned on the TV.

You heard a chorus of ‘yeah’s’ and ‘for reals’ as the rest of the members quickly made their way inside, each of them giving you and Haechan the stare down as all of them ended up lounging in the living room. You looked at Haechan with wide eyes, not knowing what to say or what to do, and gave a slight shrug, hoping he would say something to lighten the awkward situation.

“Hey, Haechan. I’m watching you, buddy.” Johnny called out, eyes boring into his before secretly giving him a small smirk and a giant thumbs up.

💕aesthetic requests💕

i recently hit 1.3k so as a thank you for being so amazing i will now be taking aesthetic requests!!


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  • please note that i will not accept requests that have to do with incest, pedophilia, or anything else that is equally gross and morally wrong 
  • also please don’t be upset if you don’t get your request right away!! i will be scheduling most of them and odds are you won’t get them for a month or two bc i already have a ton of other edits scheduled
  • if i get less than 5 requests this never happened and i’ll die of embarrassment

You were born with starlight in your eyes and rust in your throat,
Sharp tongue and scraped knees and hunger that burned in your belly.

They called you: she-wolf and devil’s daughter,
and you laughed and ran through fields of cotton with your skirt hiked up to your hips, your lipstick smeared from stolen kisses under the pines.

I loved that devil girl, that wildfire's​ child.

The pine reminds me of you now, now that I am older and no longer run with my skirt up and my lipstick smeared,
laughing as we burned.

—  (e.m.)
Have you ever been on a date? I haven’t been on one in awhile, if only you were still here. I’d do it in my own little way. Poetry where it counts. I’m the kind of writer that doesn’t keep paper on me, but I always carry a pen. Poems scratched into my skin, shake my hand and it’ll have our dinner plans. I’m the kind of romantic that’ll play songs for you instead of speak to you, they say that you can tell a lot about a person by the music that they listen to. That whole evening you’re the only lyrics that I’d want to hear. I’m the kind of person that would hold your hands while we’re walking through an art museum, if love is art then your smile is the closest thing I’ll ever have to the Mona Lisa. I can’t drink much, but I’d drink with you. The redness of my cheeks flushed enough to match your heart, worlds apart, darling, death doesn’t fit you. I like repetition, practice makes perfect so I’ll start over. Midway during our late night walk, have you ever been on a date? I haven’t been on one in awhile, if only you were still here. Then these late nights wouldn’t feel so damn long. These wilted roses must follow you into heaven. The dinner plans are always missing you. The poetry always kinda bittersweet. The poems I scratched into my skin, a metaphor just doesn’t sound right if it has to say I miss you in between every meaning. Maybe you’ve never been on a date. Maybe you’ve never been love. Maybe you’ve never had a poem written for you before me. Maybe you haven’t been thought about in awhile by anyone. As the hope turns into spiritual sprites bursting into the air, this pixie dust haiku will sprout little versions of airy goodness once they reach you. Whenever I go on late night walks, I pretend that you’re listening while I recite a poem. Whenever I think about you, I pretend that you’re eavesdropping into every thought. I miss you can’t fit into a poem, but of course, I’d try. If only you were still here, I would have someone to share my mornings with. If only you were still here, I would have someone to share my nights with. Practice makes perfect, right? In a world of pure imagination– I see you under a meadow, near a forest, tending to the sad with a smile, in a white dress screaming that it’s too damn late to not be alive, doing your picture perfect Polaroid princess prance, your heart surrounded by a fragile, fleeting & floral flame. If I asked to kiss you, would you burst into flames and wake me up from another dream? You are a reflection of the moon, so I kiss the idea of you when the long nights end. So I fall in love with you since the daze lasts. So I romanticize you, I consciously romanticize you like no one ever did. That’s the only way I want to live. That’s the only way that I want to remember you. That is the only way that I know how to love you. My poetic surrender, you render my soul into a soft kind of tender. My abstract lover, you are distracting in the most alluring of ways. My beloved reader, you are the only angel that I’m in love with. And even if you didn’t make it to heaven, I’m not a saint, so I guess I’m fine with being your rabbit hole sinner.
—  If only you were here
When It Ends Pt. 2

Part I / Part II

Summary: You and Jaehyun are ready to put your plans into action when, suddenly, someone does them for you?

Idol: Jaehyun of NCT

Word Count: 2096 (I need to chill)

Warnings: Same as last time

The more time you spent with Jaehyun, the more you came to know just how scary he could be. It had only been three weeks since you had signed the contract, but you now knew an alarmingly large amount of information about him. He was a very open person with you, after all. He was the definition of innocent perfection on the outside, but he was twisted.

You began to notice how he subtly manipulated those around him to achieve his goals. But that was perfectly convenient when the terms of the contract came into play.

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cupofkauffie  asked:

Percival Graves falling for you HC???💙🖤💙 (like him noticing your little quirks)

First time writing him! So excuse me if this is poor quality lol Practice makes perfect, right? 🖤

Master list

-Graves only knew you as the rookie auror, and as the director he was far too busy to worry himself with your personal training.
-The first few weeks he saw you more though. Everyone treated you about as well as any rookie.
-Coffee runs, filing, basically anything to turn you off or either build you up.
-But, that’s what caught his attention the first time. Throughout all the teasing, and unnecessary duties, you remained determined.
-He’d be staring at you from his desk, as you poured him a cup of coffee. And even through his stoic expression, you’d just smile at him.
-“I hope you enjoy, Mr. Graves.”
-And he couldn’t begin to comprehend why, but the edge of his lips would twitch, barely threatening a smile back.
-But, he remained composed as ever, dark eyes fixed on you as you rushed out of his office.
-But, there you were, day after day, still pouring him a new cup of coffee.
-“Good morning, Mr. Gr-omg I’m sorry!”
-You somehow managed to pour far too much over his mug, and it dripped down across all his paperwork.
-In a panic you began wiping up what you could with your scarf, and he watched with the slightest air of amusement at your antics.
-You’d immediately stop, looking up at him worriedly as he rose gracefully from his chair.
-He looked you over, unreadable look in his eyes, but all he did was take your hand, wetting his handkerchief, and dabbing the reddened skin of your hand the hot coffee had touched.
-The tinge of pink that appeared on your cheeks caught his attention, and he smirked just a little.
-For whatever reason, he found himself constantly aware of your presence, and even when he managed to find time to relax at home your face was all he could think of.
-Your incessant need to be cheerful, your beautiful radiant smile, down to the very shyness you exhibited around him.
-It was all quite infatuating.
-He folded his handkerchief back up, pushing it into his pocket as he slowly slid your hands apart.
-The tingle you both felt made you look up, and your blush deepened as he turned back to his desk and cleared up the papers.
-“I’m so sorry, Mr. Graves…”
-“Think nothing of it.”
-Percival looked over at you, and even though he felt this tempting need to brush that loose strand of hair from your face, he kept his hands in his pockets.
-“I hear you’re training is coming along well.”
-“Yes, yes it is!” Again with that gorgeous smile that made his heart flutter.
-He gritted his teeth, and he gathered his things as he walked up next to you. He leaned down, lips just inches from your ear as he spoke lowly.
-“Excellent. I’ll personally see to it that you’ve finally completed your training.”

Hope that was ok! lol I may have gotten carried away. 😓

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pairing: Finn BalorxReaderxSami Zayn
summary: You and Sami come home to Finn.
warnings: smut 
word count: 6,971
notes: This is a sequel to Three Hearts are Better than One. It’s just fluffy smutty and I had such a great and challenging time writing it. But it was fun and I’m really proud of it. Also, if you guys want a male version of the reader, please let me know. I default to female for smut, but I want to include other people, too. And that goes for any of my other and future smut, too. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this! 

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Dancing Hurts

Member: The8
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 842
(this is more like a drabble shhhh)

“Minghao, this is way too complicated!”

“No it isn’t; you just don’t feel like trying. It’s really easy!”

“That’s for you to say! You’re a professional dancer who’s had years of training and practice!”

“Which is why you’re doing it now. Practice makes perfect, you know.”

Minghao was right; practice does make perfect. It was hard to believe, but Minghao was in this position once, totally hopeless and just ready to give up. He persevered until he got better, and he continues to work on his skills whenever he gets the chance. His passion for dancing was beyond anything you’ve ever seen and the diligence he showed was equally amazing.

You hated to complain, especially in front of Minghao, but learning how to b-boy was simply too much. Your arms were aching like there was no tomorrow and you were sure as hell that you could not bend the way Minghao wanted you to for certain moves. A hand came down on your shoulder and gave it a supportive squeeze. “Come on, you can do it. Just try it one more time and then you’re done. I believe in you, you know that, right?” Minghao’s voice was gentle and his smile was even softer, which made your heart melt like butter.

“Alright, fine,” you reluctantly agreed. “But what do I get out of it?”

“The sense of accomplishment?”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon.”

“Come on, do it. Please? For me?”

“I said fine already!” You sighed and pushed Minghao’s arm away. “You’re lucky I like you enough to do this.”

“You’re lucky I like you enough to teach you this.”

You stuck your tongue out in response and got into the starting position, though your tired limbs were practically screaming for you to stop and just give up. You glanced over at Minghao, a doubtful look taking over your features. He nodded with a smile and flashed you a thumbs up. The music was catchy enough and had a beat that was easy to follow, which was why Minghao insisted on you learning to it without playing anything else. The first steps surprisingly came with little effort, but you knew you had to stay concentrated or you would mess up again. It was a nice to feel your body let loose and move freely, but your joints burned with ache and it felt like your legs would give out any moment.

With a deep breath, you managed to smoothly drop down into a crouching position and kick your legs up, keeping them straight as you swung them around. This was the hardest part, and every time you did it your arms would start shaking and you would fall. But this time something was different. You were doing it. Minghao’s clapping proved the unbelievable true. A breathless laugh fell past your tightly shut lips. “I’m doing it!” you exclaimed.

That’s when everything went wrong.

Your already exhausted arms gave out completely and you fell mid-swing, your knee scraping hard across the ground, sending pain throughout your entire leg. It didn’t feel any better when you basically bashed your head against the ground either. Your laughter quickly turned into drawn out hisses and muttered curses. Minghao was at your side in an instant, his hands helping to push you onto your back. “Are you okay?” he asked, his eyebrows knitted close together.

“Clearly not,” you groaned and heaved yourself up onto your elbows. Your knee was covered in oozing blood and was more scraped than you thought. The worst part was how bad it stung. And then there was a sudden warmth, and it took you a moment to realize that it was Minghao’s hand.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered, a guilty look overtaking his face. “I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. I know you didn’t even want to learn how to b-boy in the first place, and now you’re hurt because of my constant insisting.” The look on his face reminded you of kicked puppy’s. You sat up the whole way and placed a hand over top of his.

“Minghao, it’s not your fault. You just wanted to teach me something new. I pushed myself too hard, okay? There’s nothing that could have been done to help me from scraping my knee. It’s not even that bad. It hurts a lot, but it’ll be gone before you or I will even know it. That, and I don’t want you getting my blood all over your hand. That’s just unsanitary.”

Minghao chuckled and the sound brought a smile to your face. He didn’t look as sad anymore, but guilt was still deep in his eyes. “I know. But I pushed you to keep going.”

“I’m going to smack you with your own bloody hand if you don’t shut up about it!” You felt Minghao interlock his fingers with yours.

“I’m serious. You don’t have to do this anymore if you don’t want to.”

You leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “Practice makes perfect, right?”


Dauntless: Caffeine, Baby?

Eric x OC

Warnings: language

Wow, Eric was being more of an asshole then usual. I leaned against the wall with crossed arms as the new initiates filed past sleepily, hardly able to even hold their eyes open.

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Hobi in snapbacks & tank tops is my weakness >.< I hope he had a wonderful day and sorry for the random posts today but I’m just very excited to celebrate the birth of the light of my life ;)

warning: slightly mature themes since … ya know, he’s a fuckboy haha

The name Jung Hoseok was infamous in your college. From one end of the campus to the other, everyone knew about the resident fuckboy, who denied being one. Hoseok claimed he was a lover, as he rolled out of yet another strangers bed, told people he wanted to make others happy as he crawled out the windows of married lecturers homes, that he just had a lot of love to give, as he convinced people into threesomes.

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BTS Reaction To You Wanting A Baby

Namjoon: Namjoon would stay silent for a couple of minutes after you told him you wanted a child but then he’d smile thinking about starting a family with you.

Taehyung: This cute ball of sunshine would be so eager to finally have a child with you. I mean come on this boy loves children more than anyone else on this planet.

Hoseok: Hoseok would be shocked at first because he didn’t think you were serious until you finally convinced him that you weren’t playing around. But then he’d be like Tae and be super happy.

Jin: You both would ask the each other the same question at the exact same time. You would smile eagerly as you nodded and he would be smiling wide as well over joyed at the thought of finally starting a family with you.

Jungkook: “Do you actually think we can do it? I mean I’m all up for the process of making a baby,”he said scared at the thought of a child. I don’t think he’d be really ready when you ask about having a baby but when he is ready he’d be the one asking you.

Yoongi: He would nod thinking you were playing around because he thought you weren’t ready for a child plus the hectic schedule he has he didn’t really put much thought into having a child. But when you kept on asking question regarding a child he realized you were dead serious about it and was a little happy that now he didn’t have to look forward to seeing just one person after coming home.

Jimin: He would playfully tell you that he wanted mini Jimins running around the apartment making you think about it seriously. Once you asked him if he really wanted to have a child with you he was a bit skeptical telling you he’d think about it. Once he decided that he did want to have a kid with you he would want to start right away with the process of making the child. “Practice makes perfect right?”he’d say winking at you.

Rough Days (Hank McCoy x Reader)

(credit of this gif goes to the owner)

(A/N: This is my second attempt at writing & I literally wrote this while I was traveling in the train and this random lady was constantly looking at me and it was SO DAMN awkward but I went on. Probably think this is really bad, but hey, practice makes perfect right?)


Things were falling apart for you. Your student weren’t listening to you, there’s an handful of student who were failing your classes in particular and you’re just having a bad time trying to come up with a solution to resolve this issue. 

You were a dedicated teacher, but these mutant kids were sometime difficult to juggle. Half of them were listening to your lessons while the remaining others were distracted with their own powers. You were constantly trying to get them to concentrate, but failed terribly each time you tried. 

Today was one of those dreadful days in the week full of downs, it was like a never ending streak of bad luck. Your class just ended, all your students left your room and you sulked into your seat. You felt like everything was crumbling down right in front of you. ‘What if they thought you weren’t as good as they though you were’ this crazy thought ran through your mind. You were not only afraid that you’d loose the job, but sad that you’ll have to leave the mansion. You’ve grown to love this place and you clearly didn’t want tot start of fresh anywhere else. Tears were threatening to pour out of your eyes and you knew you needed to let it all out. 

You ran out of your class, disregarding your wide open classroom. You exited the school and ran towards the backyard. You knew for a fact that the place would be empty, as classes were still running. 

As soon as you sat down on the empty grass patch, far away from anyone else, tears started pouring out of your eyes. “Why can’t things just happen for me?” You cried out, whimpering quietly. You felt extremely stressed and intimidated by this huge responsibility that was on you. You respected the professor immensely and is glad that he offered this job for you, but right now you felt like you weren’t suitable for this job. You loved teaching, but this, this was a disaster. “What if they all fail in life because of me?” You wondered. 

“(Y/N) is that you?” Your head snapped towards the direction were the voice was coming from. 

“Hank?” you choked. “What are you doing here?” you asked, quickly wiping off your tear stained cheeks. 

“What happened? Are you alright?” Hank quickly came by your side, settling right beside you and putting his arm over your shoulder, bringing you closer to him. 

“Nothing” you shook your head. But you knew for a fact that you could not hide anything from Hank. In fact, he knew you inside out. You’ve been here in the school for the last eight months and Hank was the one who has been the closest to you. In the beginning, the both of you were socially awkward. It was an extremely rare sight to see the both of you have a full conversation for five minutes straight. But soon, as time went by, the both of you grew comfortable to each other. 

“Please (Y/N), tell me what’s bothering you? You can’t tell me that it’s nothing, you’re supposed to be having classes right now right?” He enquired, worry laced in his words. 

You took in a deep breath. “This week has been tough” you finally started, tears still trickling down your cheeks as you explained to Hank about the difficulties you were facing and worried about this huge responsibility on your shoulders.

“Why didn’t you find me?” He asked. You simply shrugged and looked down, playing with your finger. “I just didn’t want to annoy you with my problems” you mumbled. 

He gasped and placed his hands on his heart, pretending to be hurt with what I just said. “Oh stop it you, that’s totally not you” you scoffed and chuckled a little. 

“That’s better” Hank smiled. 

“What’s better?” You asked, wondering what happened. 

“Well, at least I got you to chuckle” he pointed towards you, causing your lips to curl into a smile. You quickly hid your face in your palms, hiding the blush that was heating up your cheeks at that point. 

“You know, I could maybe make your day a little better” Hank started, you slowly looked up towards him, but he wasn’t looking at you. Instead he was staring intently at the grass. 

“What is it?” You asked. 

“Maybe I could get Charles to give you the day off and we could maybe go for a movie and have lunch or something like that. Not that I’m forcing you or-” Hank started rambling, but you cut him off. 

“Sure” you simply stated, taking Hank by surprise. He thought that you’d reject his proposal, but instead you accepted it and he was lost for words. 

“Oh” he said, after a few moments of silence. "I think I need a break" you smiled. 

“Uh- ok. I guess we better get going, I’ll go and inform Charles about it” Hank said, as he stood up. He held out his hand and you grabbed onto it, helping yourself up. 

As you were walking back towards the school, you finally had a surge of confidence shooting past you. “So Hank McCoy, is this a date?” You asked. 

Hank simply smiled. “Yes” he nodded his head. You could see tint of redness covering his cheeks, this time it was him blushing. 

“Great” you beamed. Suddenly, you felt the series of bad luck came to an end, making you feel relieved and happy at the same time. With a clear state of mind, you could probably work out a solution and start of something beautiful. 


Great Minds Think Alike

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, John (mentioned throughout)

Word Count: 2,828

Warnings: None, just fluff

Request:  I freaking loved one in the same, and I was wondering if you could do a version for Sammy?

One in the Same

You don’t need to read this one first but this is that is the Dean version of it. 

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Originally posted by hugs4sammy

Hunting was always what you enjoyed doing. You didn’t plan on entering the life; in fact, you grew up as a normal child. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It started in high school when a bung of your friends wanted to go camping in the woods where no one went.

You never wanted to go in the first place. You thought that sitting in bed, reading a god book was more appealing than going camping and drinking until your brain fell out. You were always a shy and reserved girl, always reading books and doing the right thing.

You loved to read anything from Shakespeare to fairytales. Even though you mostly read non-fiction, you enjoyed fiction from time to time. As you grew older, you distant yourself from your friends so you could focus on school and get your degree in Creative Writing. But none of that happened because you had to go camping.

At first, they dismissed the rustling and growls as “just the wind” but then they got louder and closer. You hated being out there with friends who weren’t really your friends. You thought you saw red eyes in the dark but when you blinked, they were gone. Everyone there called you crazy and you tried to be as relaxed as they were but you knew better.

The thing attacked Christina first, dragging her into the woods by her hair. Then it got Trevor and Alice, taking them with it to God knows where. The rest of you tried to take cover, using sticks and rocks as weapons against the hairless creature.

You didn’t know what would happen to you because you were a tiny little thing, you had no chance up against this thing. It already took the strongest man there out so who were you to stand a chance? If it wasn’t for John Winchester, you would be dead. He came out into the woods with another man, attacking the thing like they’ve been doing it their wholes lives.

Half of your friends were either gone or dead. The ones that were alive, already left, leaving you behind to deal with the aftermath. The man that John was with left to go find the others to see if they were alive while John gladly took you home.

It was then that you learned that the things in the night were very much real. He didn’t want to give out too much, afraid of corrupting you but you were intrigued. You’ve always thought that lore and the supernatural were always fascinating to you so could you blame the man when you started reading up?

You learned so much that year. You even found a case where it looked as if a demon was acting up in a town nearby. You immediately jumped at the chance, learning how to take them down and how to protect yourself.

That first time, didn’t go so well but that didn’t stop you. You were always determined and soon enough, you got good and then you got great. Hunting was your life all thanks to John Winchester. You didn’t blame him for one second because if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be doing the things you love. You wondered if John was still alive or not.

That is why you dropped out of college and took up hunting as a full- time career. You traveled the United States, saving people and even meeting a few hunters on the way. You know you could be a better hunter but like everything else, practice makes perfect.

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