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Here’s ONE idea I had.
Of course, Soranort can not recall ANY of his dreams when he wakes up.

Only in his dreams, is he self aware, even if it’s mildly.

He is constantly taunted about how pathetic he is, how he was never anyone’s first choice. How they would easily toss him aside if someone better was available, he’s a spare.

He’s constantly being broken down, and threaten his loved one.

Changed the dialog from Handwritten to TEXT.
Thanks Charlie (I’m glad I now know the name of that text)

I shoved Vanitas in there too, he’s my favoooorite~

I also may have decided to integrate a little part of what I have for an animatic I’m working on. (it’s extremely sparse here,  hardly existent…but…. it’s there.)

With him here, he’s building a presence. With no chains of light holding back anymore, he’s free to finally approach his host.

I’ve been working on this damned idea for over a year, I need to just finish that damn animatic. haha.

Practice for the upcoming pic. Its my first time doing Zootopia characters so I wanted to get a feel for their design and flow as well as their proportions and how they relate to one another. It also doubles as a check to see where my troubles at (currently expressions and shirts).

The actual pic won’t have much to do with this composition wise, but I wanted something dynamic to better explore and understand their action lines.

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Sweet Pea headcanon with an s/o that is really short and shy, maybe some nsfw too if you are comfortable

Aw height differences are adorable.

  • Sweet Pea enjoys swooping in and picking up his shorter significant other around the waist. He’s so strong that he nearly lifts her up onto his shoulder. 
    • He loves to hear her gasp in surprise and then her panicky voice demanding to put down.
      • There’s always this horrible moment for her where she’s not sure if it’s him. The fear has two parts: fear of a stranger putting their hands on her, fear for what Sweet Pea will do to them for it.
    • It always makes him laugh when she pushes her face into his chest and hides from the stares of their classmates in his Serpent jacket. It’s the whole reason he picks her up that way.
  • He loves how she looks when she’s blushing: the red in her cheeks, the brightness of her eyes, the way she ends up biting the inside of her lip and bunches her shoulders up to her ears like she’s trying to make herself smaller.
    • It’s impossible. She’s already tiny.
    • He’ll call her pet names in public to get her to blush.
    • Make subtle comments about their love life (“SWEET PEA!”).
    • Tell her she’s beautiful.
  • He doesn’t crane down to kiss her. 
    • He lifts her up, brings her legs around his waist and pushes her against a wall (or a door he’s not fussy) to help keep her at his level so he can focus all his attention on kissing her, freeing one of his hands up to touch whatever skin he can reach at the time: her cheek, her neck, her legs (god bless spring, summer, and late night/early morning rendezvous)
    • The other hand? Under her thighs or on her ass, obviously.
    • Alternatively he would sit her on a counter or a table to give her a bit of height so he doesn’t have to bend so low.
    • Or else he’ll lay her down on any flat surface and hover over her.
      • It always makes her nervous/excited, being trapped under him that way. There’s no escaping his scent, his warmth. It’s overwhelming. He’s E V E R Y W H E R E.
        • She hopes it always feels that exciting/overwhelming.
    • When they’re alone she’ll find something to stand on and wrap her arms around his neck to bring him into their softer kisses.
      • Sometimes she just holds him.
      •  He likes to push his face into the area where her neck meets her shoulder.

Not quite NSFW, but enough for your imagination to continue if you need it to! I just think Sweet Pea would love picking up his shorty to throw her off her game, you know?

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Head Canon Requests


Tessa and Scott. RDS interview.

And most of all she’ll know that, even though her head and her chest feel weary and broken and shattered… she would choose him again.

Fanart for  @nightingaledarling‘s ficlet, Gray (I hope you like it!)

(please read it, guys! it’s really good :D)