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Can you believe it? Jungkook is now the 14th member of Seventeen, Jimin is the 10th member of EXO, and Jin is torn between joining VIXX or B1A4. Meanwhile, Yoongi is asleep somewhere while Hoseok casually chills in the background and Rap Monster can’t believe he’s lost control of all of his children. It’s wild.

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Lol why is your tag for Jamie Benn "beautiful Canadian cow"? 🐄🐮🐄

Well. A long while back (when I was very new to the fandom), my friend sent me a link to a tumblr post, which I sadly didn’t reblog and have hunted for but can’t find. The post was a screencap of a tweet which read something along the lines of: ‘idk how to explain it, but Jamie Benn looks like a beautiful baby cow’, and an illustrative gif of his big dumb cow eyes.

Happy Cow:

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Concentrating Cow:

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Sad Cow:

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Bored Cow? Cow chewing the cud?

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I got super distracted in my search by his face, but basically if you squint he looks precisely like the most beautiful of baby cows.


preasoiaf meme: 3 historical events/legends (1/3) » The Tourney of Harrenhal.

For seven days the finest knights and noblest lords of the Seven Kingdoms contended with lance and sword in the fields beneath the towering walls of Harrenhal. At night, victors and vanquished alike repaired to the castle’s cavernous Hall of a Hundred Hearths, for feasting and celebration.


modern au where credence is too good at giving hugs 

Let me just set somethings straight: Yoonkook WAS underrated. It used to be. Before HYYH it was hella underrated. Now? Not so much!!! Everyone talks about them everyone wants to see art and content of them it became such a popular ship that I am able to disagree with characterization when there was a time there was no characterization at all and a feel ficlets and doodles from someone (who didn’t even ship them outside platonic relationships) were all we got. So kill the “sugakookie is underrated” posts cause right now the yoonkook fanbase is MAD spoiled.