but posting it anyway bc why not

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They didn't just change his face in the new chapters, but everywhere. In their answer it sounded like they got sued, because he looked too much like a real person

im chkoingg this is so dramatic i cant believ @zigsexuals post couldve actually happened i just thought it ws another iconic sarah post aksasdlk

tbh i was wondering why they could get away w the blatant likeness like… raydan is avan jogia, keo is the rock and sebastian is literally eddie redmayne no questions asked lmao

anyways this happened before !!1 naughty dog, a video game company used ellen page’s likeness for ellie (nd like.. posisbly her name tbfh) for the last of us and she didnt appreciate it bc she wasnt involved in the making whatsoever and she was already mocapping for another video game beyond two souls sooo

idk how pb got away w it for so long tbh

anyways thank u for telling me i appreciate it loads !!!!  💕 💕

Disclaimer:  I have a pretty extensive backstory (some romance and a lot of angst) involving Aizawa for Satsuka (too long to write in a post unless if im actually writing it with a partner) but I also love Erasermic greatly so either way she was on board as a high schooler/adult.

Satsuka used to have long unkempt hair that she chopped off after graduating, and she can feel people’s emotions by touching them, beyond just making eye contact.  So, she grabs Shouta’s hand and discovers his massive crush on his classmate.

Anyway, i really just wanted to draw them inthe same space as youngins.  All of my stuff between them is vastly like… just maintained by me but w/e I don’t care about keeping it to myself.


“the realms of day and night. two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time.”


“I have a female friend who lives alone and she has BTS songs in her playlist, so I asked if she was their fan. “Oh, that’s for turning on when I go pick up the delivery,” she said. I asked her what she meant, and she told me they’re actually not songs but recorded conversations of the members called “skit”. You can see which skit it is in the photo below.

She said “Want to hear it?” and played the skit on on her computer’s speaker. It sounded like there were people inside when hearing from the doorway, and it became an even more plausible disguise with two pairs of dirty men’s sneakers on the shoe rack. I was heartbroken.

My friend started joining a hip hop club after she moved out to live on her own, and she learned a survival tip (?) when living alone from a senior member there, which was to turn on skits when picking up delivery. She said after looking through various skits, that group’s skits were the most natural-sounding.

My friend turned off the speaker and said, “I’m really thankful to them~ I think I’m gonna buy their album, to repay them~”. It’s just… It’s not like they did anything directly, but I’m kind of thankful to them too. They eased the anxiety of a girl living alone, even if it’s just for a while.

Sometimes when I listen to skits, I think “Why did they put these in?”. I just feel so bitter that someone is using them this way. Anyway, since this seems like a good method, I’m posting this to share with other people. The world is sad.“


*tries to be cute but ends up looking like this*

reasons aizawa shouta can’t have short hair: god,

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The way you draw Otabek is my favorite I'm......... it's so good I'm at a loss for words

I’M AT A LOSS FOR WORDS bc omg idk why but otabek’s hair is hell to draw for me and i kept redoing it so i didn’t expect people to focus so much on beka in that post bUT PEOPLE LIKE THE WAY I DRAW HIM?? ?

when you accidentally drew a good otabek, yes

but anyway here’s a little thing i doodled for ya!

he blushes for you ヽ(*・ω・)ノ