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The view of National City from Lena’s bed was by far one of Kara’s favourites.  There was a stillness that came with the the dimmed lights of 2 am offset by the solid thud of Lena’s heart as she slept.  Kara should have known from the light stutter and the soft sigh that Lena had woken.  But it wasn’t until Lena spoke, that Kara realised her sleepless habit had been caught.  They were silent, Kara listening to the rhythm of Lena’s pulse as she watched the lights of the city from the large window at the foot of the bed.

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The Moms Of Voltron everyone.

Pretty much the lions in their respective human forms.

Headcanons: (I’ll be referring to them as their respective colors until I can come up with adequate names for them)

-Black let’s Shiro roam even though he’s like three, poor baby. Thankfully he usually ends up going to Coran’s to play with Allura

-Red is that Protective Mom™ and tends to stress alot. Keith makes her stress alot.

 “Why is he on the fridge I turned away for two seconds, Keith no you can’t eat the cereal from the box, how are you doing any of this you’re two.”

*Keith looking straight at her as he eats the cereal straight from the box*

-Yellow is pretty chill and Hunk is usually a great baby, he rarely cries and prefers just playing with his friends or napping with his mom. (She’s the best napping place everyone agrees)

-Blue is that mom with about 100000000 pictures of her son in her wallet and isn’t afraid to show anyone who stands next to her for more than 5 seconds.

Lance refers to her as giant woman because of her hair and he loves it so much she hasn’t had the heart to change it out.

-Green likes to show Pidge how different substances work (The safe kitchen kind) Pidge’s favorite is the volcano, even if it does taste nasty. Green has also built a hologram program that displays different animals and other objects to scale for Pidge and the rest of the kids to play with.


You were the first to ask me if I’m okay. It’s not even a big deal, but those words…strangely comforted me.


Bet you thought you were all gonna grow old together, sitting around the table at Sunday dinner, happily ever after. No. It doesn’t work like that, Rick… 

                                                                            Not anymore.


2016.08.04  - VS Arashi [1 / 4]


Nix is an intelligence officer. Dick is a combat officer. Cool, we all get that.

In episode 8, Nix says (when talking about the upcoming patrol), “This one’s not my idea.” Duh. Intelligence officers scout the enemy’s position and devise battle plans.

So just think about this for a moment. Before Dick is promoted in episode 5, he is the one leading Easy into combat. Using combat strategies Nix likely helped to design.




Yet another reason to get emotional over Lewis Nixon.

the adventures of polar bear hybrid!jimin (ó㉨ò)  pt2/?  

One very hot summer day, you come back home to Jimin taking a cold bath with ice cubes in your tub

you: “uhm”

jm: *pouting* “it’s hot today”

you: “…lucky you i bought ice cream”

jm: :D

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I'm adding to your inbox okay. How would he react to the phrase "I can't even"

You’re both in the kitchen making dinner.His meal is simple as it’s just raw meat with some Oreo cookies for dessert.Penny is sitting at the table helping you peel potatoes for your own meal as you’re going over your meme/phrase lesson of the day.

“Can’t even what?”

“It means you can’t even like..like you just can’t.”

“Can’t what?”

“Like you can’t deal with the situation.It’s too much for you.”

“Like when someone is being extra? You just can’t even?”

You break out into the biggest smile and walk over to him,sitting on his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck.”Yes!”; he gives you a toothy grin. “Or like when you’re in the shower and I suddenly have a lot of questions to ask so I take a peek and I get excited and-“


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for the shoot me a sentence: "Whiskey has one hell of a mouth." Either boy is fine!!

(Gonna do Diggs since everyone’s been requesting for Rafa xDD Gotta give Diggs some love~)

You stared unsympathetically at the man splayed out on your living room floor, groaning as he rubbed his head. 

It had been a long night of trying to get him to settle down after his birthday party, which you had actually missed due to a work engagement, but sometime in the early hours of the morning he had come banging on your door, drunk out of his mind and rambling nonsense. How he even managed to get to your place was a mystery, but you had let him in then tried for over an hour to get him to just sleep while he insistently clung on to you like a koala. Finally, when the sun was rising, he passed out on your floor, snoring away while you grumbled to yourself about stupid ass friends who wouldn’t let you sleep.

“Fuuuuuuck,” came his eloquent curse, “My heeeeead.”

“Get up Diggs, I need to vacuum,” you said, nudging him with your food.

“Mercy, Y/n….c-can you just…shhh…speak softer?” He begged, squinting up at you with a most pathetic look.

“Fuck off. Move your ass or I’m going to vacuum over you,” you replied.

“Noooooo…you wouldn’t. I-I need care…I think I’m dying Y/N.”

You snorted at his dramatics, bending down and trying to physically lift him up. You failed spectacularly as he latched onto your arms and pulled you down to the floor with him, snuggling against you.

“Hey! Lemme up! I have chores to do, Diggs. I can’t babysit you all day!”

He nuzzled against your neck and sighed, relaxing with you in his arms.

“Just…a few minutes, Y/N. Pleeeeeease?”

You rolled your eyes but conceded, wrapping your arms around him too.

“You know, if this is your seduction plan to ultimately fuck me through my sofa into the floor, it’s not working.”

Daveed froze, every muscle suddenly tense, even his breathing stopped.

“Wh-what?” He asked meekly, eyes wide and mouth open in shock.

“‘Y/N’s so fucking amazing, she’s the perfect girl. Gonna tap that ass, man. You just wait. Diggs Seduction Plan is go’,” you air quoted, adopting a deeper voice in an imitation of him.

He seemed to shrink right in front of your eyes, panic setting into his expression.

“Where…did you hear that?” He squeaked.

You laughed and tugged on his hair.

“You, you idiot. You were screaming it at the top of your lungs last night.”

He shook his head frantically before wincing at the headache that caused.

“Nooo..no, that’s…not possible. I…I didn’t say that.”

You snickered, “’Gonna fuck her so hard, you wait and see. Her ass gonna be purple and blue. Tap that ass, tap that ass, Diggs’ gonna tap that ass’,” you continued.

“Nooooo!!!!” Daveed cried, looking almost on the verge of tears, “I didn’t say that! Oh my god, I didn’t!”

“You sure did, sugar cakes. You were very insistent on tapping my ass.”

He buried his face in his hands, rolling away from you with a whimper, “Fuuuuuuck,  whiskey has one hell of a mouth,” he groaned.

It was amusing to see him so flustered. Usually he was more careful with his alcohol but since it was his birthday yesterday he must have let loose. Taking pity on the man, you reached over and patted his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s not that bad. I mean, sure you mistook me for Rafa a few times, tried to coax me into giving you ideas about how to get me to date you, tell you what kind of sex I thought I was into, and then proceeded to vomit in my bathtub, but it’s not the end of the world.”

He glared over his shoulder, looking half mortified before whining like an injured puppy. You snickered but gently spooned up behind him, brushing your fingers through his hair.

“Just, FYI, in case you still wanna tap this ass, I like dinner on a first date, and my preferred sex is rough and hard with lots of dirty talk. Think you can deliver?”

For the second time, Daveed froze. Cautiously, he peered over his shoulder at you eyes so wide it was comical.

“You…you’d be…ok with…?” He asked shakily.

“With you tapping this ass? Sure. Now get up so I can clean.”


this is so cute ;;