but pls pay attention to me

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come on dads pay attention to your children


  • shadowhunters cast: *talks about the shadowhunters*
  • CC: I'm so glad they like my books :) that i wrote :) btw did you know those characters came from my brain :) mostly :) pls :) pay :) attention :) to :) me :) I love all my characters, Clary, Jace, ....uh... the.. rest... those gays are good too :) yes i love gays :) did i mention shadowhunters is based off my books :) i love the show :) except for the way it changed all the important mysoginist, homophobic, biphobic, racist ideas i was promoting :( but at least the incest is there :) i love malec :) pls give me your money so i can help str8 girls fetishize the gays :)

i kind of think it’s a special thing when someone is super excited 2 talk about something but no-one is paying attention, and then u make eye contact with them like ‘i am interested, pls tell me all the things that make u happy, i will listen’ and then they carry on and give u that little smile like 'thank u’

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Lafayette like leaning over a chair and flirting with burr who's studying while Alexander is jealous and looking over a book bc he wants to be flirted with Lafayette pls

alex is always jealous bc wtf why is no one paying attention to me?????

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u know what i never listened to iicf thinking of steve/bucky but im thinkin about the lyrics and oh my god kill me pls official stucky song

I KNOW!!!! i know :( it’s Them, like i refuse to believe that Harry didn’t write this about them

If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you

I think I might give up everything just ask me to

Pay attention I hope that you listen, because I let my guard down, right now I’m completely defenceless

For your eyes only, I show you my heart, for when you’re lonely, and forget who you are

I’m missing half of me when we’re apart, now you know me, for your eyes only

I got scars, even though they can’t always be seen

And pain gets hard, but now you’re here and I don’t feel a thing

I hope that you don’t run from me

Like not to be dramatic but this is Their Song, this would be their first dance at their wedding song, this is the song they sing to each other when Thor brings asgardian liquor and Steve gets drunk, this is Them.

I get SO ANNOYED when i show a non kpop person something of Taemin’s and the first comment they said 10 seconds in is ..”is this a guy!?”

DOES THAT MATTER!!?? is that your only concern right now becasue hes showing you raw talent and beauty too good for this earth and thats what your asking me!? sit down and shut your lips and watch the Golden Maknae pls