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Vote in Round 4 of TV's Top Couple!
Round 4 begins.

Round 4 Ladies and Gent

Olicity is up against Stydia

You all know how important it is to Olicity and Arrow that we win this, so please go vote.

You can vote how many times you want just refresh the page to get another run of voting.

Voting closes Feb 23th 5pm PT.


Voting is needed. Stydia is a big ship.

Tagging the Happy Bubble

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It’s Election Day at last, Tumblr

Two years, twenty-four debates, and ten thousand panic attacks since campaigning began, the election of 2016 is finally upon us.

We can’t tell you who to vote for, but…

We can point you to all of the clear-headed, open-hearted debate that’s been happening on Tumblr.

We can help you find your polling place, if you don’t know it already. And we can help you show off your participation with a little sticker. See your dashboard for details.

We can urge you to vote. Please vote. Vote like your future depends on it. Because this time, it really does.

Get out there and change the world, Tumblr.

<3 <3 <3

Art by Tumblr Creatr @foreversean

Oh, and by the way, we’re highlighting more of the best election art on Tumblr over on our Twitter. Enjoy! *mwah*

If you're reading this, take a slow, deep breath.

Hold it for a moment. Now let it out slowly, through your mouth. Repeat a few times.

The initial results are coming in. This is not the final outcome. Many states are still voting. Most of the rest are counting the ballots. We still have a chance. Please don’t give up hope. Hillary Clinton can still win this.

go vote for YOI!!!

the crunchyroll anime awards are taking votes now!!! Please go support Yuri on Ice! It’s been a wild ride and now you can vote to show your love for the anime and it’s characters, scenes, and music. ((WE GOTTA WIN)) 

Yuri!!! on Ice is nominated for:

anime of the year !!!!!

best boy (our boy yuuri <3) 

best animation (i mean,,,, the intimate scenes were done really well)

most heartwarming scene (it’s the kiss!!!)

best couple (throw that in the anti’s faces)

best opening (time to make some history y’all)

best ending  (you only live once so use it to vote lmao)

let’s make another big impression on crunchyroll (bc we crashed them for the finale) and make some more history!!! <3 <3 

please if you’re a registered voter in the United States, make this call.  You do not have to speak to anyone, you only have to leave a message if you have phone anxiety like me.  Here’s a potential script:

Hello, my name is [your name] and I’m a registered voter in the United States.  I’m calling to urge that the Electoral College vote be postponed until a full investigation of Russian interference in the election, and the Trump campaign’s potential coordination with Russia is complete.


The 4 Dangerous Syndromes of Coping with Trump

With Donald Trump as president, some of you may be tempted to succumb to one of the following 4 syndromes. Please don’t.

1. Normalizer Syndrome. You want to believe Trump is just another president – more conservative than most, but one who will make rational decisions. You’re under a grave delusion. Trump and his ultra-conservative cabinet pose a clear and present danger to America and the world.

2. Outrage Numbness Syndrome. You are no longer outraged by what Trump says or does because you’ve gone numb. You can’t conceive that someone like this is our President so you’ve shut down emotionally. Maybe you’ve even stopped reading the news. Please get back in touch and re-engage with what’s happening.  

3 Cynical Syndrome. You’ve become so cynical about the whole system – the Democrats who gave up on the working class, the Republicans who suppressed votes around the country, the media that gave Trump free air time, the establishment that rigged the system – that you say the hell with it. Let Trump do his worst. Well, you need to wake up. It can get a lot worse.

4. Helpless Syndrome. You aren’t in denial. You know that nothing about this is normal and you desperately want to do something to prevent what’s about to occur. But you don’t know what to do. You feel utterly helpless, powerless and immobilized.

Instead of falling prey to one of these syndromes, I urge you to take action – demonstrate, make a ruckus, join with others, demand your members of congress also resist, commit yourself to changing American politics.

Fighting Trump will empower you. And with that power you will not only to minimize the damage, but also get this nation and the world back on the course it must be on.

We need you in the peaceful resistance.


Thank you so much to everyone that voted, we had over 5,000 votes cast! Here are the official prompts for Otayuri Week 2017, which has been moved to run from February 20 - February 26. These prompts can be romantic or platonic and as specific/broad as you like. All forms of media (fanfiction, fanart, graphics, cosplay, meta, etc) are accepted. Please read our About and Rules/FAQ for more information.

In addition to selecting the most popular prompts, we’ve also given two possible prompt options for most days as well as examples of topics for each prompt (note that these examples are just guidelines/suggestions and aren’t required). Feel free to pick whichever prompt you like best, or combine them, or do something for both! Contact us or check our Prompts page if you have any questions regarding the prompts or would like further explanation.

DAY ONE (Feb 20):
• First times/Confessions
(pining, first time dating/kissing/cuddling, love declarations)

DAY TWO (Feb 21):
• Social Media
(Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, selfies, online relationships) OR
• Celebrations
(medals, holidays, birthdays)

DAY THREE (Feb 22):
• Childhood/Memories 
• Future/Coming-of-age
(both to do with family, friends, ‘agape,’ dreams, goals)

DAY FOUR (Feb 23):
• Domestic/Intimacy 
(pets, cuddling, cooking, living together) OR
• Long Distance (long-distance relationships, reunions, traveling, visits)

DAY FIVE (Feb 24):
• Fears
(misunderstandings, jealousy, fights, temptation) OR
• Encouragement (support, ‘davai’/thumbs-up, promises)

DAY SIX (Feb 25):
• Pair Skating
 (training/practicing together, competing, just-for-fun) OR
• Rivalry (competitions, team/national rivalries, enemies-to-friends/lovers)

DAY SEVEN (Feb 26):
• Fantasy
(fairytale, hero/fairy, soulmates, destiny, royalty)

• swapping
(uniforms, costumes, hairstyles)
• hair (long/short, undercuts, braids)
• ballet/dancing
• motorcycles can be included with any prompt but are not required!

Reblog this post to spread the word, and follow us at @otayuriweekfor updates! We look forward to receiving your submissions! The official tags are #otayuri week and #otayuri week 2017 (within the first 5 tags).

Sincerely, @howlingmoonrise​, @nikyforov​, @otayuri-queen​, and @otayurism

Malec fans, SOS!

Malec’s number is dropping in the E! polls you guys. I know everyone’s tired. I know we’re pissed at the treatment Malec got in episode 7. But that’s the thing, the treatment is on the showrunners and the director and not on Malec the couple. Harry and Matt work hard to present this healthy representation of an LGBT+ couple and this is one of the ways we can show them that their work matters and that we appreciate them, especially if this leads to them getting interviewed on E as TV’s number 1 top couple. To have an INTERRACIAL, HEALTHY couple like Malec nab that number one spot is a big fuck you to producers and showrunners who think that interracial LGBT+ representation should be pushed as an aside instead of being the main representation. And yet, we’re this close to losing to Ian and Mickey whose relationship does NOT scream healthy. 

This is the chance for everyone who talks about wanting representation, wanting healthy representation, needing representation that does not FETISHIZE mlm relationships, to put their money where their mouths are, knuckle down for the next couple of weeks, keep voting, every single moment of every single day to get Malec to that number one spot. An hour ago, we were at 58.7% and Ian and Mickey were at 41.3%. Now we’ve dropped to 56.5% and that has just been in the past HOUR. The poll ends tomorrow you guys and if we’re dropping 2.2% by an hour, Shameless will have kicked us out before the end of the day. I repeat, now’s the time to knuckle down, just for the next couple of weeks to get Malec that much deserved vote. 

Vote throughout today (and tomorrow) please! We will also be doing an hour of Power voting to get the Malec numbers up today. Time is from 4-5PM EST. So if you’re in the UK, that will be 9PM your time. If you’re in France, that will be 10PM. Israel and Cairo will be 11PM. It will be 1PM in Vancouver and 6AM (on Sunday) in Seoul. 

Please reblog so Malec fans can see this, and remember, vote throughout today, and prepare for an hour of intense voting this evening/night/morning (whichever your timezones). 

Vote here. I know the Captcha sucks but it’s to prevent rigging, so we just have to accept it, and be patient and keep the votes pouring in.Thank you. 

This bill H.R. 861 - to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency has been introduced. If you live in the U.S. please contact your senator and representative and ask them to vote against this bill. You can do this through their websites or you can call (202) 224-3121 which is the number for the Capitol switchboard and they can transfer you to the correct office. THIS IS IMPORTANT. It is very easy for us to just sit back and feel like we can’t change anything, but this is such a simple thing. Trust me, if enough people call in the representative will care. They want to be re elected.

The EPA is a very important government agency. Trump and his administration are doing everything in their power to get rid of it. WE MUST FIGHT BACK. THIS IS OUR AMERICA.

Alrighty, so I’m not usually one to talk about politics or personal stuff on my blog, but a few days ago I voted for the first time (I turned 18 in May) while my whole family are Trump supporters I did what I thought was right and what I personally wanted to do and voted for Hillary knowing this I decided to wait until today to tell my family who I voted for needless to say they were disappointed that I didn’t vote like the rest of them and my grandpa even started yelling at me about how I “wasted” my first vote.

Yeah okay, so I’m not making this post to tell you guys who you should vote for, but instead to tell you that you can vote whoever YOU want to vote for!! Please don’t be afraid to vote for a candidate due to intimidation or fear of alienation for picking a different candidate from your family or friends.

No vote is a waste of a vote and if you are old enough to vote please go out there and vote polls are closing soon in some states and in others they will be open for at least 4 more hours.

Don’t let anyone sway your vote or make you fear to vote for who you want to vote for this is a free country do what YOU want to do and what you see as right, but also guys don't get mad or treat someone without respect for using their own brain and voting for someone different than you. That’s just wrong and everyone is entitled to an opinion of their own even if it’s not the same as yours. ✌🏻


We have lost so many groups because people don’t support them and sleep on their debuts and comebacks. These ladies are constantly releasing bops and have intense choreo and are immensely talented and yet people judge them as unworthy of their attention. Please support girl groups, whether that’s by voting for them, buying physical copies of their album or digital or even just streaming and sharing their MVs. I’m not talking about just the popular groups, I’m talking about severely underrated female idols who deserve respect. We need to make it a goal to give girls a chance and give them the support they need and that goes beyond just “oh I’m sorry they disbanded” we can do better.

Please Stan girl groups or at least support the the best you can. Please


When Ash discovered Hillary Clinton had an official PO box, she wanted to write her a letter. Here is what she wrote:

Dear Hillary,

I hope it’s all right to call you that.  There’s something else I wish I could say as I address you — I mean to say, I wish I could write it here and see it reflected on every news site, every new article on my Facebook feed… I might not see it there, but please know, ma’am, that you will always be my President.  I could ask for no champion more determined.  I have never seen anyone on national television stand before and strike down a bully (a threat to women, to people like me — a tyrant, a terrible, terrible person) with such poise and ferocity and grace… I haven’t been able to vote for as long as some, but I can tell you that I’ve never, ever wanted someone as the head of my nation as badly as I wanted you there.

Thank you.

Thank you for what you did — for what you’ve done, not just during this election but throughout your career, helping children, helping women, helping everyone you could!  You tried again and again to help and ma’am, you succeeded again and again — you’ve helped so many of us.  I’m so sorry you weren’t allowed the helm that would have let you help the nation as a whole, but please know — please know beyond any shadow of any doubt — that your efforts were and are extraordinary in their scale, that you have already made and continue to make such a difference to so many, and please especially know that you are love and appreciated for what you’ve done, for what you do.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

When I was little — in 3rd grade, I think — I spoke to you when you visited a group of schools in Raleigh, NC.  I don’t remember much beyond that it was a field trip and I was so excited to see you!  My teacher gave me a card with a question on it to ask you if you called on me, and you did call on me… with the mic in my hand, suddenly I forgot how to breathe, how to read, how to do anything but blink at your smiling face.  I dropped my question card.

I blurted, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Everyone laughed at me!  Everyone but you.  You only went on smiling and replied, “When I grow up, I want to be the President of the United States.”

People laughed at you too.  Then.  Now.

Not me.

Not me, because until you said so, I never knew a woman could want that.  Could want to be that.

I’m 29 years old now.  I live in NC still, in Chapel Hill.  I’m a strong, determined woman married to another woman who’s even stronger, and I — we — just want to tell you that if we can together do a fraction of what you have for people,  we will be so proud.  We love you.  We love you, we appreciate you, and we aspire to your character, to your determination, to your strength and your love and your kindness, your compassion, your drive to make things better and brighter.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Alright so this is hopefully the last political post I will make okay.

Do not fucking vote trump okay?? This man is a monster that not only threatens America but the world. No one will be safe. If this man can’t be trusted with a goddamn twitter account how the hell is he going to be trusted with nuclear codes? He is a monster.

Do NOT vote third party it is useless and it’s throwing away your vote.

Please vote Hillary. PLEASE. I am scared. No I am fucking terrified. Do NOT let that horrible man get elected.

Vote. Go out and fucking vote. Please. Don’t be responsible for bringing Hitler 2.0 into office