but please proceed to ruin my life

Important Reminder

CLOWNS Should not be trusted past 4 P.M. And if you do see one during daylight approach with caution. They should never be allowed within your household because if they deem your house a place to rest in they will infect your home and you will never be rid of them. And If they do leave your house you wouldn’t even know what they stole, anythings on the map because anything can fit in their clown car.

MIMES should be killed on sight. 

Odds are, you won’t hear them coming.You won’t know what weapons they’re carrying. All mime weapons are invisible, not like clowns where they have to blow up their balloons then make the weaponIf they found your home? Do not approach the windows or doors. They usually work alone but even then do not test it. Lock yourself in your home and bury yourself deep in the closet and limit your breathing Mimes have acute hearing and can hear you breathe. Approach and destroy them only when you know they’re off guard.

are prone to nonlethal japes and jokes BUT if you find one odds are there are more, and killing a Jester will ruin your entire life, if you approach them and proceed in their games of whimsy and riddles please understand that even though they won’t kill you you may be forced to give up things important to you. Yes, they do promise extravagant things but the cost will outweigh it and they will cheat.

Please Remember this as you go about your day, signal boost if you can

Winged!AU sentence starters

I wanted something a bit more angsty for this verse, so I just put together some things that came to mind. This is aimed at human/winged person interactions, mostly.

Warning: Mentions of torture, abuse, death and the like. Please proceed with caution.

Winged person:

  • “No! Don’t you dare come near me! Don’t–don’t touch me!”
  • “Oh… yeah… I–I had my wings… cut off… b–by hunters…”
  • “I don’t fucking trust humans, okay?! They ruined my life all because I have wings! Okay?! I don’t trust you, so leave me alone!”
  • “…you would never hurt me. Right? Not… not like they did.”
  • “No! No, please, please don’t tell anyone about my wings. T–They’d hate me! Please…”
  • “I’ll kill all humans for hurting my family. I’ll kill them all and I’ll make them regret it. And I will kill you as well.”
  • “Yes, I have wings. Yes, I have claws. No, I cannot whistle like a bird and I will not eat worms either. Grow up already, won’t you?”
  • “Fucking hunters killed my family! Why? What did we ever do to them?! What have we ever done to you? Why do you all hate us so much?!”
  • “I’m not dumb. I know when people are making fun of me. They think I’m fucking blind, but I see it all. I’ll slice all their throats if they give me one more dirty look.”
  • “I wish I didn’t have wings. Then I wouldn’t have to live in fear anymore.”


  • “You have wings? Ew, how gross! Hahaha!”
  • “Your entire species are all freaks, to be honest. Like what’s up with those yellow eyes? So creepy and disgusting.”
  • “All bird people should just die. They have no purpose in life.”
  • “You set up the trap? Good. Now we just have to wait and be ready to cut off their wings. We’d only get one shot once we’ve captured one.”
  • “I saw one with wings working at the cashier. It was so fucking creepy, I walked out of there without buying anything. Who even lets them work at a place like that? They shouldn’t even be here to begin with!”
  • “Why don’t we just burn down their house? The kids can’t fly, right?”
  • “I saw you hide your wings just now. Why didn’t you tell me about them?”
  • “I would never be friends with someone who has wings. They just look so… wrong.”
  • “You… You were one of them? This whole time?! Eugh! You’re fucking disgusting!”
  • “I’m glad I’m not one of them. I mean, who would want wings? They just seems to be an inconvenience anyway.”

anonymous asked:

What do you like about karma x okuda?

a loooot my dear anon ; w ;
first off they look cute together, obv

i like how karma feels that she’s the member of the opposite sex that he finds easiest to talk to, so comfortable that he finds her trustworthy enough to open up about his fear and such (that scene that i feel may not make it into the anime TT)
(his comfort also partly comes from the fact that okuda basically has NO offensive side(?) lmao still cute tbh)

i also like how okuda managed to get over her initial fear of him (bc lbr she’s probably afraid of everyone at first lmao) and genuinely (i think?) sees him as a friend
(and also that part when she remembered about his fear and glanced at him to see his reaction, in concern i’d like to think)

i like to think that karma gets close to her initially because she’s the chemistry whiz but then slowly starts liking her just because ahahhaa and then proceeds to blush a million shades of red ;  ;

also that they basically have the easiest-going girl-boy relationship in the class ehehhh (if i don’t recall wrongly, as written in the fanbook)
so can u imagine how they basically have no sense of personal bubble around each other…………………………..i’m weak

in summary, this is the ship that is currently running and ruining my life efficiently at the same time and i love it