but please look at how perfect my otp is

  • simon: *takes a deep breath*
  • raphael : *whispers* that's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen for a loooong time..
  • simon : what did you just say ?
  • raphael : i said *starts screaming* CAN YOU PLEASE ACCIDENTALLY STOP BREATHING AND JUST DIE ?

Can we all take a moment to appreciate how aesthetically pleasing these two look next to each other? Their hair and eyes colors compliment each other so well. I mean, my God. They’re BEAUTIFUL.


Watch the Queen of Hearts, folks. She’s the money card.

“Who is that?” Mabel asked once she’d caught up and they’d ducked into a cafeteria.
      “Sam Lloyd.” Evie nearly spat the name. She told them about her encounter with him at Pennsylvania Station, about how he’d kissed her and picked her pocket.
      Theta sipped her coffee, leaving a perfect red Cupid’s bow mark on the white ceramic cup. “He looks like he could make off with more than just your twenty dollars, if you catch my drift. You better keep an eye on that one, Evil.”
      “I don’t have enough eyes to keep on that one,” Evie grumbled.


“No matter how much magic you have, hearts are hard to predict”

I wrote a parody of Simple and Clean called Shipping and Feels

Verse 1:

You’re giving me

Too many feels lately


I looked at you and said

You two would be great together

But does that mean I have to ship my favorites?

What if no one else understands

How perfect you two are?

I don’t think shipping’s quite that simple


When you are on screen

All I do is scream

Please, my babies, just kiss

Shipping and feels are what my life has come down to tonight

It’s hard to let them go

Verse 2:

The daily feels (like who is dead and what is what)

That keep my life busy are making me cry

That’s when my OTP just said:

“Wish we could prove our love,

But our creator killed us off. Sorry.

Guess that means you have to live without your OTP forever.



Hold me, why can’t I contain all of these feels? They’re tearing me apart.

Regardless of warnings, I still can’t hold in all of my tears. Nothing’s like before!


Bridge x2