but please keep it to yourself

if you are in need of any self help, whether it’s anxiety, depression, getting your mentality back on track id recommend you downloading Pacifica. it helps you keep track of your emotions throughout the day, reminds you to take your medication, taking proper care of yourself anything. there’s support groups to help you out, and it recommends activities to help boost your morale
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Jesus better delete abusive ships too lmao I stg "oh person A beat the shit outta person B? Must be love!!!1!1! So hAWT yaOI" like please read the bible fam

u right, u right

there are some people who ship abusive ships as a way of coping but damn keep that shit to yourself and don’t glorify it in public spaces where you’re exposing other abuse victims like wtf

Candles (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Warning: May contain a little bit of sadness

“No, please- Lucy wait!” Breathlessly you chased after your daughter. She passed aisle after aisle giggling loudly. With surprise you realised that you had trouble keeping up with her. Very soon she wouldn’t be your little girl anymore. Deep in thoughts about your and your daughter’s future, you forgot to keep an eye on her. And then it happened. With a silent thump she came to a sudden halt. Stopped by something. Someone you corrected yourself looking up from your feet. Lucy had ran into a man that was about your age. He wore bulky clothes and a cap on his head. Together with the almost shoulder long hair it covered most of the man’s face. Still, you could see that he had this special something. Behind a curtain of brown hair, deep blue eyes seemed to look right through you. It took you a moment to realise that you were staring blatantly. “I- I’m so sorry.” You stammered. The man continued to stare at you.

Bucky felt like he couldn’t move anymore. He was literally petrified by how damn beautiful this woman in front of him was. Long (y/h/c) hair, accompanied by smart, (y/e/c) eyes. “Lucy, what do you say when you ran into someone?” The feeling of something tugging at his pants took him back into reality. He looked down to meet eyes with a little girl that looked almost exactly like the woman in front of him. “Sorry, man with long hair.” Both of the girl’s front teeth were missing, so she lisped a bit. “I really must apologise for my daughter. She’s kind of a wild thing, aren’t you?” Lucy grinned brightly. She looked up to Bucky again, then to her Mother. “Mom, can we buy some candles for daddy?” The Winter Soldier noticed how, for the glimpse of a moment, the woman looked unbelievably sad. “Of course we can.. Buy some candles honey.” “Can my friend come with us, too?” “Your friend?” Lucy took Bucky’s hand. Small children always confused him. But he didn’t feel uncomfortable, no, in the contrary… For the first time in months he felt comfortable around people that weren’t his best friend Steve or Sam Wilson. “He is my friend.” The woman laughed perplexedly. “If your … Friend… Wants to, of course he can come, too.” Bucky couldn’t believe himself. He was smiling. Actually smiling genuinely. “How could I decline such a tempting offer?”

You returned his smile. Most people would’ve thought of this guy as creepy. But not you. No. You were pretty good at reading people, and the man holding your daughter’s hand? He wasn’t creepy at all. Just… Hurt. Something had happened to him, something that had made him loose his track, just like you. “Come on Mom, or the candles will all be gone!” Your daughter interrupted your little staring contest. She reached out her hand, the hand that wasn’t holding the man’s. Still a bit confused about the situation you took her hand and let her pull you and the man into the candles section of the grocery store. It didn’t take Lucy long to find what she’d been looking for. Graveyard candlelights. The man with the piercing blue eyes shifted uncomfortably. “Oh, I’m sorry- I didn’t know-” You shook your head. “No, you couldn’t know. Ben- her dad- he lives in the graveyard now.” “Mom, should I take red or yellow candles? I don’t like the ones with Mary on it.” “Me neither. Take the red ones.” Lucy nodded and sat down on the floor, distracted by her task of finding the right candles. The stranger standing next to you and your daughter looked down at her with mixed expressions. “What happened?” He murmured. “Army. Died in Service for his country.” You answered truthfully and bitterly. The man clenched his left fist, which strangely was hidden in a dark glove. “I’m sorry. Really.” You shrugged. “I’ve learned to live with it. We both knew the risks of his job.” Still, you felt reminded of the huge black hole in your chest that wouldn’t go away since the love of your life died in combat. “It sucks, doesn’t it? War?” The stranger looked at the shelves full of candles. “It does.” You followed his eyes. “I found the right ones Mom!” Once more your daughter interrupted the two of you. “You’ve got everything you need then?” Lucy nodded enthusiastically. “Alright, let’s go pay.” You turned to the stranger. “Don’t you have anything to buy, too?” He shook his head and looked at his feet. But you already had kind of figured that he wasn’t in this store to shop for some groceries. You knew this behaviour. After your husband’s death you had always needed the feeling of some normality. So you went to the mall. Day by day. Watched people living their lives, feeling happy. Asked yourself why you couldn’t have something like that. With the help of a therapist and some time, these questions had almost disappeared to a point of no return. Only sometimes, at night or in situations like these, they would come back to haunt you like nasty ghosts. “I guess we’ll go then.” You murmured after some more staring. Your daughter took your hand again, after throwing the package of candles into your shopping basket. “Bye bye!” Lucy waved at the man and turned around. The two of you walked down the aisle. “Wait!” The man suddenly called after you. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself. Slowly you turned around. “I don’t even know your name.” “(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” The stranger smiled lightly. “Bucky Barnes.” For what it felt like the millionth time this day, you got lost in his eyes again. “All Right, Bucky Barnes.” You nodded, as if the sound of his name had passed your test. “I hope we’ll meet again.” He lifted his head and for the first time you saw all of his face. It almost took your breath away. This man was beautiful. “So do I.” You turned around again, your heart beating unbelievably fast. “Mom?” Lucy asked after a while. “Yes?” You looked at your daughter. “Will I see my friend again?” You smiled. “I hope so. I really hope so.”

What you told your daughter on that day wasn’t a lie.

You saw Bucky Barnes again, very soon. He’d asked Tony Stark for help with finding you and after only a few minutes the billionaire had found you on the internet. The Winter Soldier wrote you an Email. Shortly after that you had your first date. Three years later, you excited the church as Mr and Mrs Barnes.

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You need to back off expected-chaos. It's pathetic tagging him in all those posts when he's obviously not interested in you in any way. You're just using him for likes and followers. What exactly do you bring to the table? A mediocre body? Sit the fuck down

Ok, so I have no idea why you’ve chosen to fixate on me, because I’m pretty sure you’ve sent me my other anon hate. Taylor and I met each other before either of us even knew we had tumblrs. You’re basing this analysis of our friendship based on what we chose to share on here? We hangout and text outside of this website, you know very little about what our interactions are like.

As far as my “mediocre body” is concerned, I am damn proud of it. I’ve worked my ass off to lose over 50 lbs and keep it off for over 3 years. So please love yourself a little more and leave me alone.

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Want to know the secret to dropping weight? drop the alcohol. wasted calories. I know you say "I don't drink that much" but tbh I think you drink more than you realize. anything over one glass a day is bad. (that includes wine). as soon as my mother stopped drinking she lost it all. easily. Just fod for thought.

a) I never asked for tips on weight loss 

b) this was rude of you to send despite your good intentions 

c) I don’t even drink alcohol once a month- literally every time I pour myself a drink I don’t even finish it 

d) please keep your food for thought to yourself next time unless you ask me ahead of time if its okay to send me something like this. Thank you 

if you identify as being a fujoshi

consider not doing that!!!!!!

fujoshi is pretty much synonymous with the fetishisation of mlm relationships at this point, and there is no stopping that. hell, the word itself (lit. “rotten girl”) implies that the person in question is rotten for enjoying mlm content. the word itself is just another instance of the “oh I’m such a Sinner for enjoying yaoi” narrative that we all hate.

so like. if you don’t believe there’s anything wrong with being gay, and you’re prepared to listen to actual queer people and adjust your behaviour so that we feel safe around you: idk why you’re calling yourself a fujoshi but I suggest you quit that

if the prior statement applies: please keep calling yourself a fujoshi, put it in your description so I stay away from your rotten ass

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Mun, are you okay? There seems to be nothing today, and I'm a little worried. If there is something that you want us to know, please tell us immediately, I'm concerned. If there is something that you prefer to keep quiet about, feel free to keep to yourself, but if you need anything, know that we have your back.

Mun: Aw xD Yeah, I’m fine! I’ve just been busy with school and such that’s all~ Don’t be worried, I’m okay c: Thank you for the concern and support tho~! ^-^

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Tbh I usually steal whatever personality that has been exposed to me at that moment, and after I read your chapter I went to go eat dinner and my mom asked me about my day. I got so overwhelmed I started to cry, then went to bed without eating. This is a good thing, I love your fic so much man keep at it ;‿;

oh my god no please go eat something, or drink something warm and do something nice for yourself?? 


Frances McDormand on Aging

“I know that I haven’t done press or publicity in 10 years; I made a conscious choice not to. I was starting to not like the job of acting because it also involved not just the promotion of what I’d done, but myself. And I wasn’t interested in that part, also it was just getting too close to my personal life. I couldn’t live the way I wanted to live. And a friend of mine said: ‘Women need you. Younger women need you. They need your image and they need your voice and it’s a very selfish thing you’re doing.’ And that was about five years ago, so it took me about five years to really listen to her. But I think, I believe that’s true.”


kim minseok personally demonstrating “one step back”

cant we just agree that every band member is equally important to the band

Please read this

If Trump wins, keep you head low. Wait for the initial mass of people who are ‘celebrating’ to die down.

your own safety should be your top priority. You need to keep yourself safe.

I personally know that i am going to have to go back into the closet in order to be safe. I do this so i will be able to fight when the time comes to take a stand

We need to stay alive, and stay low. 

We can prevail, but it will take time. I promise you that we will prevail. 

Please come to me if you need help. I am here for you, I love you. I care for you. I accept you.

Please stay safe and know you are loved

edit: if you could please reblog this so others can see this, that would be great, A lot of people need help right now, and i want to do my part!

Before we all go out for blood, please keep in mind that the MAMA awards absolutely does not define a groups talent, potential or hard work so please don’t be too hard on yourself if your bias group didn’t get the award that you were hoping for. Another thing is, regardless of who wins please know that every single group who was nominated for the award deserves it just like everyone else so please let’s just try to be happy for them, and try not to pin groups against each other. They’re all talented, hardworking and deserving.