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How To Create a Self-Study Schedule Part II: Casual Studying

Hello polyglots! I apologize for the lateness of this post! As you know I posted about how to create a study schedule if you are studying a language(s) intensively. Now I’m going to talk about how to study one language or multiple languages casually.

First, I need to define what casual studying even means. Studying casually means that you are foregoing certain aspects of language study in order to maintain a slow and low commitment pace. For example, say you’re learning French casually. Instead of psycho crazy grammar schedules filled with practicing grammar and vocab over and over, and quizzing yourself every day until your brain turns to pulp, you opt for a simple audio lesson every day for 15 minutes after you come home from work or school. Easy right? Yes! That’s the goal. With casual studying your schedule is freed up for other things. In addition, casual studying gives you the leisure to take your time to learn things deeply and thoroughly. Casual studying, however, implies that you are not studying so much for full fluency but for practical, everyday usage. So casual learners care a little less about learning the specifics about complicated grammar but instead want to learn how to use it in conversation by learning dialogues and repeating phrases. So how do you create a casual study schedule? Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

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CaptainAmerica!jungkook (m)

A/n: sorry…I….have no words for myself.

Warning: rough sex, cunnulingus, dirty talk(?), humiliation, cumplay, sin.

Written on my phone and tumblr is such a lil binch idk how it’s gonna look. Sorry again for the sin. ;)

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You groan as he pushes you against the wall and hikes your thigh immediately up over the curve of his hip, fingers digging into the flesh.

His shield clatters to the floor as he rips off his mask and presses desperate, hard kisses to your lips, sucking the breath out of you and swallowing your mewls.

“Fuck,” he mutters, “I need you.” He rips open your blouse and kisses down impatiently your revealed chest, not even bothering to undo your bra and instead just yanking it down so he can latch onto your swollen nipples.

You groan as he tongues messily at the flesh and continues to trail down towards where he yanks down your underwear and skirt at the same time and yanks your thighs apart, hiking one over his shoulders.

How scandalous would it be? The leader of the avengers, the representative of the country, and the face that graced all the informative physical education and detention videos in every single high school, was currently buried between your legs, tonguing at your soaking slit as if his life depended on it, sleeping with his secretary while he put on a fake smile for the world to see? The calm and assuring face of dedication, to his country and his people and especially the “love of his life” that he dedicated himself to that passed away decades ago, was currently groaning into your core.

“Ohhhhhh captain,” you whisper, keeping yourself standing and groaning at the sensation. “Please don’t stop.”

He moans into your vagina, the vibrations rumbling through your lower half as you tremble to stay up against the wall. You grip his hair, mussed from being pressed within his mask all day, holding the strands right between your fingers as you yank him closer to your core. As if it would do anything. You were currently standing above the strongest man in the world probably.

He deems you ready enough and stands, roughly pulling off his suit so he stands in front of you in a white shirt and boxers, too rushed to even pull them down past his hips as he slides into You in one fluid motion.

The both of you moan at the sensation, his throbbing cock pressed past the flesh that you could ever dream of reaching with your pathetic little fingers and your core clenching down on his dick like a thousand hot, wet fists. He buries his head into your neck as he hikes your legs around his hips and shoves You higher up the wall so he can get some leverage to move inside you.

Your hands scrabble in his neck, hair, and shoulders, desperately reaching for something to anchor yourself against as he begins his mission of practically carving his name into your pussy with the tip of his dick.

It’s messy and desperate and so dangerous. His reputation on the line and your security and job in danger if anyone knew of your escapades. But you realize, the thrill is the essence, the epitome of why you are always soaking wet for this gorgeous man who’s got you pinned to the wall of his expensive estate. The risk of getting caught and being aired out for the entire country to know what a slut you are for this mAn is one of the many reasons that you open your legs for Jungkook whenever he comes knocking, no barging, into your apartment at the late hours of the night.

“Ugh,” he grits, teeth clenched as he strains to keep himself from cumming too quickly. You drove him fucking crazy. “I fucking hate this, hate you, hate how you drive me fucking nuts.”

Maybe also, you enjoy the hatred behind the sex. Jungkook never forgets to remind you how much he hates it, hates the fact that you’re the only one who satisfies his actual human needs. He can smile and parade around all he wants, claiming to still be in love and dedicated to the one woman he always loved, but essentially behind the walls he was just a man.

A man helplessly addicted to you.

“Fuck,” you whine, your breath cutting off as he pounds into you harder at his words, his body mirroring the same hatred and anger as his low voice ground into your collarbones. “Please, sir.”

His fingers are practically embedded into the skin of your hips and waist, and your neck already throbs at the hickies he sucks into it. It’s funny, really. He’s the one person who hates and loves and fears the fact that he uses you as his own personal fuck buddy toy, but he is also the only one who’s had such a marking fixation than anyone you’d ever slept with before. Every time he leaves your apartment you take a day off to recover from the bruises and marks he leaves on your body.

You feel your orgasm approaching and you dig your fingernails into his skin as he lowers a hand and begins to run expertly at your clit, thumbing the bundle of nerves roughly and slightly to the side, because you’re too sensitive and it hurts when he does it directly on top.

He knows your body.

And you know his.

You clench around him, drawing out a deep groan around gritted teeth, and latch your lips on his ear, tonguing the skin behind it and whispering dirty encouragements into his ear. What he likes to hear.

“Fuck, fuck fuck fuck please don’t stop, please—I swear, god,” you ramble, helplessly sobbing into his shoulder as he draws you closer to the high.

The both of you cum within seconds of eachother, and you’re not sure who does first because Jungkook slants his mouth across yours and begins hungrily swallowing your moans and mewls with his tongue, hips not faltering as he finishes cleanly inside of you. Distracted, you can only cling onto him as he finishes and removes himself, catching your waist as you almost crumple, and cupping your heat.

He fingers at the wetness there and raises his eyebrow at your worn state. “Little slut,” he glares at you, “don’t let it leak.”

You clench your eyes, still shuddering from the orgasm and try not to squeeze your thighs together too hard around his large hand. The pressure of your clenching and his fingers that swipe against your entrance threaten to hurtle you over the edge again, the threat of overstimulation waiting at the edges of your sanity.

“Captain, I-I can’t, it’s t-too much,” and he cuts you off with a hard look.

So you only whimper back at him, trying not to cry too much, because he just towers over you with huge muscles and the hatred looming off of him in waves that are in sync to the aftermath of your powerful orgasm.

Cause you’re so in fucking love with this man, the man who was the leader in every aspect of his life. You let him ravage you day after day, grunting hurtful words of hatred into your ear as long as he’s touching you as if he’s in love with you, as long as he fucks you like you mean something to him. And then you return, to his office, to assist him in anything regarding the avengers and the ugly politics that follow. But you know you’re taking advantage of him, just like he’s taking advantage of you.

You don’t know what it is, but the captain refuses to have sex or intimacy with none other than yourself. He always comes back, and you know this deep down. And you know he is addicted, so helplessly tied to your cunt and your body that the words he rasps into your ear mean nothing. He threatens to never come back, that this is the last time, but they’re never true. He always comes back. Always.

Because he knows that whenever he pounds on your door at 2 am, and slams the door shut behind him as he kisses you senseless is that you’ll always be waiting, always be willing for him. And you never say the words back. No matter how much he drives you up the wall (figuratively and literally), with his harsh words and caustic tone, no matter how hard he fucks you and how many bruises he litters on your skin, and no matter how many times he makes you cry, you always hold him like you mean it, an embrace warmer than he can ever remember having before.

And he absolutely hates it. Seethes at the sight of you smiling and always so willing at his disposal, like a kicked puppy that keeps returning. He absolutely hates how he cannot cum unless he’s inside of you. He absolutely hates how whenever he and Stark get into an argument, his mind and body scream at him to just return to you and hold you and vent all his frustrations into the smooth and soft curves of your tiny body.

But he Tamps down his horrendous thoughts.

“This is the last fucking time.”

You nod. You’re crying again. He absolutely hates it when you fucking cry.

Jungkook rolls his eyes at your shaky legs and leans down to swoop you into his arms and carry you to your bedroom. he doesn’t miss the way your eyes widen. He’d never stayed the night before, always leaving you full of his load and shaking on the floor of your apartment.

Aftercare was definitely below his pay grade.

But He turns into the hallway and drops you into the bed, grabbing a towel from your restroom and gently wiping away the remains of his orgasm from between your thighs. You watch him warily, tear stained cheeks still glistening as you confusedly, scaredly watch him dress himself again, ditching the suit instead for a dress shirt and pants he keeps on your apartment. The shield, with a click, disappears into his pocket. He watches you from the foot of the bed as he fastens his cuffs, dark eyes glistening from behind his fringe.

You don’t say anything, afraid that if you mutter a word, everything will disappear and break And shatter. But he just continues his actions as if he hadn’t just given you a brain wrecking orgasm and driven you up your wall at 1:24am on a weekday.

You slowly kneel up, crawling to the edge of the bed where he stands, and stare up st him through your wet lashes, holding out your hand for him to place his wrist to.

“Let me,” you whisper.

You’re silent as he eyes you and narrows his eyes at your actions, but nonetheless places his thick wrist into your waiting hands. Your nimble fingers graze his skin lightly as you do the buttons one by one on both his hands and move to work on his dress shirt.

He can do it himself. But he watches you with narrowed eyes as you focus on buttoning his shirt slowly from bottom to top, ending up at the base of his neck, and your shaky fingers tie the silk tie expertly around his thick neck. Loop over loop, and threaded through the correct side.

You politely sit back down on your thighs when you’re finished, and he glares down at you as he stuffs his shirt in his pants and does his belt. You fold your hands in your lap and his dick twitches at the sight, the image of a perfect little naked sub kitten, waiting for his command.

But he can’t submit. This was the last fucking time. He wasn’t gonna fall for it again, wasn’t gonna let himself indulge in this addiction again.

His fingers linger around the neck of the tie as he brings it up closer, tighter to the base of his neck and hesitates for a second before deciding otherwise.

“Fuck it,” he mutters.

He crosses your room in two quick strides and presses your waiting figure into the sheets.

You yelp, caught off guard at the sudden movement, hands flying up to steady yourself Against the bedding at the onslaught of his body. But he’s too quick for you, as he kneels up between your legs and hastens to grip your wrists in his large hands and press them high up above your head. He whips off the tie around his neck in a quick motion, the snap of the silk against his neck startling You.

But the man is on a mission. He fixates on your wrists and begins expertly tying them to the bars of your small bed frame, looping the silk thin tie around your wrists and around the bars to securely fasten them away.

“Jungk—I mean, captain, what are you—?”

He cuts you off with a hard kiss to your mouth, using the opportunity of swallowing your words to shove his tongue in your mouth and dominate the kiss. You moan underneath him, soft and pliable as his hard chest comes down securely against your breasts and he kneels sovthat your body is trapped between his knees underneath him.

“You can call me Jungkook.”


He’d never allowed you to say his name under any circumstance. If you did, he’d punish you. And you’d never tried to venture that way.

“Only for tonight,” he says, as his long fingers swipe the belt from its loops with a smack. “It’s gonna be the last fucking time.” He says with a glare and a darkening of his eyes before he swoops down again and captures your lips in his.

But the both of you know it’s not true.

What Lies Beneath

Summary:  You lost your memories, but now your past is coming for you.

Characters:  You, Dean, Sam, Mr. Ketch

Word Count:  2075

Warnings:  none, yet

A/N:  So, I wrote this back in July hoping that I would complete the whole series before posting any of it.  *pats July-me on the head* nice try, man.  This was beta’d by @trexrambling - thanks Jess!  This will be a series. Eventually, when I have time, in the future.

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Slammed against the wall, your machete clatters to the dirty floor.  Strong hands grip your throat as blood drips into your right eye.  Blinking it away you watch as the vampire in front of you opens his mouth wide, his second set of teeth bursting free.

“Damn, anybody ever tell you your breath smells like a slaughterhouse?” you ask, wedging your finger into your front pocket, desperately trying to reach your switchblade. 

“Only dead ones.”  He leans in close.

“Touché,” you say, leaning away from him just as your fingers find the knife.

“Mmm,” he sniffs you.  “Where to bite first?”

“Is that rhetorical?  Cause I would suggest my-”

He slams your head against the wall again.

“Rhetorical.  Got it.”

Flipping out the blade, there’s no hesitation before you drive it into his neck.  He drops you, hand going to his throat as he stumbles back.  It’s just enough time for you to reach your machete.  You slice just as he lunges for you, and his head drops to the floor as his body tips forward.

“Cause I was going to tell you to bite my ass,” you giggle, kicking his body over and retrieving your knife.

Just then, a tall handsome man bursts through the door and rushes over to you.  He cups your face in his hands.

“You ok?”

“Of course, babe.  What’s one vamp?”

“Good.  Reckless, but good,” he says, pulling your face to his and capturing your lips in a bruising kiss.  “No more going off half cocked.”

You raise an eyebrow.  “What about full c-”

Beep, beep, beep!

Your alarm is wailing as you blink the sleep from your eyes.  Damn, that dream was just getting to the good part, you think as you stretch out.  Lying on your back, eyes closed, you try to recall the details, but they skip away from you. 

Only vague feelings of fear, familiarity and desire remain.  You sigh, pulling yourself from your bed to start another day.

Wiping your hands on your apron, you wait for the next order and a moment later, the cook slides it through to you.  Plates in hand, you navigate the restaurant to the waiting table.  Before you can release the plates from your hands, the hungry truckers are already diving in.  You shake your head, smiling as you walk to your latest table.

“What can I get ‘cha?”

A giant man with longish chestnut hair looks up at you in surprise.  He stops, staring at you; his hazel eyes are kind and you think you recognize something that looks like hope filling them.  Confused, you paste on your best smile.

“Need another minute?”

“Y/N?” your stomach flips at the name.

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Requested: Break up  w/ Alex (requests are closed)

Originally posted by dailyalexhogh

  • When Alex and you broke up, you were broken         
  • Even though you are the one who ended it         
  • You decided its the best thing for you two          
  • Because he was moving to Dublin  and you had university in Copenhagen
  • You both knew that dating would be hard because of his fame and your busy schedule        
  • He acted like it didn’t break his heart to be away from you and          
  • You acted like you didn’t regret of that decision         
  • But damn, you were so wrong         
  • You still love him and you miss his pretty face, that beautiful smile         
  • Waking up in the morning, his arms wrapped around you while          
  • He whispers sweet things in your ear         
  • You  regretted leaving him but you are  too proud to admit it         
  • Every single day you woke up you remembered that the two of you are no longer together         
  • You saw him get featured in a lot of magazines and         
  • Every time you pick up your phone to send him a message          
  • But than you realize its best not to          
  • He didn’t text you whole month, he is busy with filming          
  • Or just dont care about you anymore         
  • One of the best ways to deal with a break up was to keep yourself busy                                              **********
  • Alex showed up in front of your door with the huge bouquet of roses in his arms
  • He walked inside your the apartment and put the roses on the table 
  • “What are you doing there?” you asked        
  • He took your hands and drew you close „I miss you so much. Please give me another chance„         
  • Your heart just melted        
  • He stood in front of you, almost with tears in his eyes         
  • You hugged him and  he hugged you back          
  • He kissed you and when his lips separated from yours he said “I love you!”

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So due to something going down in my old fandom today, I want to bring something up.

I’m 23. Which is kinda on the older side of the age spectrum in this fandom. A lot of the lovely people I see posting content and the people I follow are younger than me, so I want to speak to you guys directly.

If, at any point, I or another older fan, make you, a minor, feel uncomfortable in any way because I’m older, you have EVERY RIGHT to end the relationship and keep yourself safe.

If anyone on this site who is an adult, no matter how old they are, ever tries to push you to write something explicit or draw something explicit or god forbid engage in explicit conversation with them, please, PLEASE, get away from them. Do not do anything you are uncomfy with. You have no obligation to just because a person seems like a cool older friend or whatever. Your safety comes first. End of story.

This sounds random to most of you I’m sure, but in a previous fandom I was a part of there’s some really horrific allegations going around about something that happened between a grown adult person and a child on the site. I want nothing more than for my followers and friends to be safe, so i wanted to make this post to assure you all that 1) I will never be angry if my age makes you uncomfortable and you want to not talk or have me not follow you and 2) that i will always do what I can to help you younger kiddos on this site stay safe.

Please be safe my friends. I love you all.

anonymous asked:

Hello,I am just here to tell you that somebody has been claiming your Ink cosplays as their own,I have pictures but for some odd reason,I cannot send them.

Oh dear.
If you do see this you can message us privately (email or other social media) anywhere and give us the link to where it is happening. This way we can try to keep an eye on it and verify that they are indeed a impostor. It would also be helpful for others to just report them if you are sure it isn’t us since we do have some other accounts.

This is really sad to hear this is happening again. We always want to urge people to be yourself and not use a lie to get yourself known. It’s just not worth it and it really disappoints us. 

Edit: If you ever do see this happening, please don’t attack them. We ask you just tell us as soon as possible. The last thing we want is for people to attack someone on our behalf, when all that is needed is to report them. There is no use fighting negativity with negativity. 

anonymous asked:

Your Gonta art just makes me so happy I'm????? Your art style is just so refreshing and nice, and it makes me happy to see it! It makes my day when it comes across my dash, regardless of character. But I LOVE Gonta too, so it makes me happy to see that there's other people that love him as much as I do!! I hope you have a wonderful day, and please keep posting your beautiful art!!

this filled me with so much positivity like dude thank you so much, i’m REALLY really glad to that you appreciate my gonta art as much as you do and that it makes you happy; have a wonderful day yourself!!!

anonymous asked:

As salamu alaikum: if the girl I am interested in rejects me due to not having met her condition [mind you I’ve tried my best] then how shall I go about it? Jazakallah kheir keep doing what your doing bro!

Wa alaykum as salaam,
You know it’s really unhealthy to be in such a position, please don’t attach yourself to a specific individual as it just makes things very complicated if it doesn’t end well.
But if she doesn’t accept what you bring to the table then don’t stress or be upset; you’ll get better, you’ll get someone who’s more suitable for you In sha Allaah.

May Allaah reward you with good and grant you better than what you desire.


Hey guys, I know that sometimes you get down about your writing and you’re not feeling great about it or whatever but please don’t send me messages being overly negative and beating yourself up about your work.  It tends to stress me out and make me really uncomfortable.

I’m sorry you’re not feeling confident about your work, but I didn’t make this blog to give a pep talk to everyone who comes into my inbox feeling miserable.  I know that sounds rude but I just can’t put in that sort of emotional labour for you when you’re a complete stranger to me.

That said, please keep writing!  Don’t think too much about whether your writing is “good” or “bad,” just do it for yourself.  If it makes you happy, keep going, but if it’s making you feel that miserable, maybe you should re-evaluate WHY you’re writing.


Admins are people too!

Just please remind yourself that we as admins are normal people like you too. We have a private life and we would like to chill out and roleplay for a couple of hours before we handle admin stuff. Or the other way around.
It happened a couple of times that you concern admins personally on their character accounts with stuff that belongs to the main site.
We do our best and we like what we do but we would like to separate things a little, also to keep an overview about what’s happening. Most of you already do that. 

So please from now on send all messages regarding the main, taking up characters, major changes in characters, specific plots that need approving, even complains that need admin handling etc. to the main. You can IM us or send a general message. You’ll always get an answer, we’re here at least once a day, mostly more, but we can’t be around 24/7. And we do want to enjoy our character too and we’re doing our best to help you with your needs.

This will be added to the rules. All messages regarding the main being sent to the admins character will be most likely ignored from now on or answered with a quick, ‘Please message the main’. We’ll from now on sign our messages from the main with -R and -T, so you know who messaged you. 

I hope you understand our concern.

Please like this post if you read it.

Thank you,

-R & -T

please, please someone come and explain to me one good fucking reason for anon hate? just one. give me ONE good reason?

i’m so tired of this shit. I’m not getting anon hate, but people i know and follow are. just because it’s not happening to me, doesn’t mean i shouldn’t say something, because it’s all over this damn site and affects a lot of people.

please, go ahead, explain to me why you think insulting someone’s lifestyle or hard work is okay? what the hell do you think gives you the right?

honestly, do you people even think about how this is going to affect these people? my god, it’s not just something you can brush off and pretend it didn’t happen. then people call them out on attention seeking and shit? seriously? i’d like to see you handle it any better. 

keep your damn hate to yourself. everyone’s entitled to opinions, but no one needs to know what you think- I’d LOVE to say no one cares, and that you can do as you please. but people do care, and hurt themselves because of it.

does that not make you feel like a terrible person? do you really need to put in the effort to write and send the ask, just to result in someone hurting themselves? 

what the fuck is wrong with people.

hate me all you want for saying this, it had to be said. 

anonymous asked:

Wait lemme get this straight. Your girlfriend has s boyfriend, that isnt you. And you’re okay with that? Damn you must either be stupid... or very trusting.

Let me correct all the errors of that statement, first, it’s my boyfriend. Second, please keep your idiotic opinions on poligimy to yourself, as it only shows how Neanderthalic your ideas are. Third, i do trust my boyfriend, just like I know that he trusts me. Please remember the Golden rule when leaving opinions like this, “if you can’t say something nice, shut the fuck up and get the fuck out”

Samhain is comiiiiiinggggg and i’m one excited witch!

Samhain (pronounced ‘sow-in’) is drawing very near, and as its my favorite holiday i can’t seem to make enough posts about it. It begins at midnight on October 31st, and celebrations often go on until November 2nd. It is the witches new year! 

Some historic traditions:

Just like at Beltane, bonfires are lit in high places on Samhain, like at hilltops, and around them rituals would take place. During this community ritual, people would take flames from the bonfire and use them to relight the hearths of their homes. They did this to bind the community together. They would also use these fires for divination in their rituals. 

In Gaelic regions, during household festivities many rituals that took place were intended to divine the future of everyone there, for example apple bobbing. (If you don’t already know this, Apples are strongly associated with ancestors and the other world.) The first to bite into an apple was the next allowed to marry!

As you most likely have heard a zillion times, The veil between our world and the next is thinner on Samhain. This is true, Samhain is  a liminal time, and that means the barriers separating the world of the living and the dead and other spirits can be crossed more easily than at any other point in the year. It is said that entities called ‘Aos Si’ can slip from their world into ours, through a summoning or their own will. During Samhain it is traditional to leave libations for any aos si that have come into our realm. This is usually in the form of food & drink, like a plate of soul cakes, a small portion of a meal and a cup of wine. Due to this thin veil, it is a time for honoring those who have passed. It is widely believed spirits of loved ones will come and visit their former homes and seek hospitality from those within. Places should always be set for loved ones who have passed at the table on Samhain. I even set a place for a spirit I feel in my home. People will often hold a “dumb supper”. It is a silent meal during which you set a place for visiting spirits, and invite them to join you.

Traditional Samhain Activities 

Bobbing for Apples- The fewer tries it took to catch an apple, the sooner you’d fall in love or marry. If the apple was crisp and crunchy, the participant would have a happy marriage. If it was soft or rotten, it was bad news for your love life future.

Peeling the Apple- You peel one long strip of skin from an apple and then throw the peel over your shoulder. Whatever letter the peel resembles is said to be the first letter of your soulmates name.

Hazelnut Divination- Couples would throw hazelnuts into a fire, and if it burned it predicted a long and happy relationship, and if it cracked open it showed a rocky road ahead.

Samhain Correspondences

Colors: Red, brown, gold, yellow and orange.

Herbs: Rosemary, mullein, rue, mugwort, calendula, tobacco, apple leaf, sage, wormwood, tarragon, bay leaf, almond, hazelnut, garlic, mandrake root, yew, sandalwood, pumpkin, pennyroyal, pine needle, cedar, chrysanthemum, & hemlock.

Symbols: Lanterns, candles, acorns, bones, photos or memoirs of passed loved ones, Jack O’ Lanterns, corn dolls and corn stalks, scythes, cauldrons, spiderwebs, masks, oak leaves and mirrors.

Food & Drinks: Apples (or foods with apples baked in), potatoes, corn, nuts, turnips, pumpkins, mead, cider, mulled/spiced wine, tea.

Things to do: DIVINATIOOOON GIRLLL(scrying, tarot reading, rune casting, pendulum reading, etc.), holding a dumb supper, lighting a bonfire, looking into your past life,leaving offerings for spirits, cooking, feasting, dressing up in a costume.

Stones & Crystals: Obsidian, Onyx, petrified wood, hematite, smokey quartz, bloodstone, clear quartz, garnet, carnelian, amber, sandstone.

Animals: Black cats, owls, bats, stags, ravens, crows, spiders and black dogs.

I would like to add a note to be cautious on Samhain. If you have a black pet please keep it inside, lots of sick people will harm these animals on this night. Please be careful with spirit work as well, the veil is very thin and as you would normally with spirit work protect yourself, but x10 on samhain. Carry a gris-gris, Create your circles, Keep blessed salt around, Make sure you end conversations with the Ouija and it won’t hurt to keep a silver coin on it, like they say it keeps evil spirits from coming through.  Treat spirits, creatures and humans around you with respect. 

Blessed be, I hope everyone enjoys Samhain!! Note your favorite samhain activities and traditions, and please note any traditions passed down to you! 

take care of yourself!!

have you eaten in the last six hours?? if not, please be sure to get yourself some sort of healthy snack or meal to keep you running!! food is super important, you need it to keep doing your best. make time for it!!

are you hydrated?? if you’re anything like me, probably not. get yourself something nice and cool to drink, preferably water. you’ll feel better almost immediately. keep a cup of something near you to sip on every now and then!

how long have you been sitting still for?? i have a blood clotting disorder, so i have to be especially mindful of this too. get up and get moving! stretch a little, take a walk, dance, whatever- just wake your body up and get some energy flowing

do you have any medication you need to take?? if so, please make sure to do so!

have you slept in the last 24 hours?? i get it, you could get so much more done if you didn’t sleep butttttt chances are you’ll be so sleepy and miserable that it won’t happen. even if you just take a nap for an hour or so, you gotta rest up and recharge!

when was the last time you had a shower?? on my worst days, it can be super difficult for me to drag myself out of bed to do anything, and this includes something as simple as showering. but i promise you, it will make you feel so much nicer! give yourself a whole spa treatment or whatever if you’re feeling it- treat your body with love! you’ll feel so much fresher and nicer once you’re done

the most important thing is your health. doing your best does not mean pushing yourself to the point of a breakdown; at that point you aren’t doing your best anymore!! take care of yourselves loves, your wellbeing and happiness is important <3 

Last time I read Howl's Moving Castle I made a list of all of the things Howl calls Sophie and here they are

Outspoken old woman

Nosy old woman

Dreadfully nosy, horribly bossy, appallingly clean old woman

A terror

You overactive old thing

That one-woman force of chaos

Dear Sophie

My good Sophie

Rude as well as a bully

Sophie dear

Dear Sophie

Mrs Nose

Sophie dear

Busy old fool, unruly Sophie

Mrs Nose

Mrs Moralizer

Mrs Longnose

Mrs Snoop

That fool Sophie

What to do when you fell out with your practice

Because I sure as hell needed this post when I did.

1. Realize that it‘s okay. Accept that it happened. Forgive yourself for it.

Maybe life got in the way and you just didn‘t have the time or energy or possibility. Maybe something happened on your path that got you scared, frightened, panicked, or even disgusted so that you had to take a step back and retreat. Maybe your focus simply shifted. Maybe you got bored. Maybe everything just got overwhelming and you weren‘t able to juggle magick and the mundane at the same time. Maybe mental illness got in the way.
No matter what the reason for your fall out was, accept that it happened, forgive yourself for it. Because it‘s okay, life happens in phases, and no matter the reason, how big or how small, it‘s part of your journey and totally fine. These things happen to the best of us, so don‘t blame yourself for it. It really is okay. Pinky promise.

2. Reconnect with your god(s) and/or non-physical friends, if needed.

If you‘re a spirit companion/have spirit friends like me or are devoted to a god or certain deity/ies, your time with them/devotion to them probably fell under the brick as well. If it did, reconnect. I promise chances are they‘ll understand. As I said, life happens, and they know that too. They probably saw what you were going through. Explain what happened to them, apologize, and move on, if they allow it. Just spend more time with them again, greet them good morning and wish them good night again, invite them to join you throughout your day again. I promise, any good relationship will hold, just show that you really are sorry and put in effort to show that you care again. I’m sure they missed you as well so it’s time to make up for the time you lost!

3. Don’t overwhelm and overestimate yourself.

Chances are the longer your fall-out was, the more your “psychic muscles” lost in strength. Your intuition may be a bit more out-of-tune, you may have more trouble hearing/seeing/feeling/sensing spirits and energies. Maybe you have more trouble programing things or adding energy to objects than before. That’s okay! It’s totally fine and normal, just don’t be surprised if it happens and know that with practice you’ll be back to old strength in no time! Until then, start small and work with what you have.

4. Start small, don’t rush it, one step at a time.

Start drawing a daily or weekly card again. Start carrying crystals with you again. Start laying them out under the moon to charge again. Do small rituals like maybe doing some bath magic before you rush head-first into a huge complicated thing again! Again, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Also, you want to build a routine again to not risk falling out again.
Some ideas on what to do when building your practice up again:

  • lay crystals, items, water, anything out under the moon/sun to charge 
  • talk to plants
  • draw a daily/weekly card
  • pick a crystal to carry with you throughout the day in the morning
  • say mantras in the morning
  • infuse your tea/coffee with intent
  • send out your energetic sensers when comfortable and at home. slowly but surely
  • meditate. 5 minutes in the evening, 5 minutes in the morning. at least.
  • go for a daily walk at a certain time 
  • look through your grimoire/bos if you have one. write in it again
  • doodle little sigils in your free time
  • and many, many more

5. If needed, make a schedule.

As I said, you may want to build a routine. If those work for you, make a daily or weekly plan. Look up transits and check when you have time, then create your own magical schedule. If need be, set some reminders on your phone. Just try to be disciplined about it for a while so that you get back into your practice smoothly!

6. Reinvent your craft.

You probably changed since you last practiced, or maybe there was a reason IN your practice that caused the fall-out. If so, identify what it was. Reflect on yourself, your practice, your life. How can you make everything run together more smoothly? Maybe you want to focus more on the mundane than the spiritual, and if so that’s totally fine. Adapt your practice in a way that fits and feels good, it’s all yours so feel free to do whatever you want! Maybe you want to shift the focus IN your practice, or maybe you want to stop doing something, maybe start doing something else (instead). 

(Optional) 7. Talk to others. 

Sometimes it is so, so hard to not feel incredibly bad and like you fucked yourself or your life or your relationships up when this happens (and not just in relation to magic but other things as well). Please know that you’re not alone on this and if your own up-lifting thoughts and words are not enough, seek validation outside. I promise that’s not a selfish or vain thing to do, it’s natural and human and you deserve to be told that you’re doing just fine. Go to a trusted friend, family member, maybe blogger, anyone. If you want, you can always come to me. Talk to someone about how things are going now, talk to them about the things you just did to make yourself feel good about doing this. 

💗 No matter what, it’s all good. I promise. These things just happen and there is no reason to blame yourself - please take good care of yourself and know that you come first - magic and everything else second. 
I hope this was useful to some, I know it helped me as I’m just getting out of a fall-out, too. I hope you all have a magical day~! 💗


Aries: There are a lot of gifts you can give someone that cost little to nothing - Hope, Joy, Love, The Soul of an Innocent, Toothpicks…

Taurus: Sometimes you must not underestimate or resist the pull of fate. If it’s pulling you in front of a truck, however, that is when you start taking scissors to their bullshit strings.

Gemini: Staring directly at a light bulb is going to make your eyes blurry and shapes difficult to discern. It will do nothing, however, to erase the figure who lurks in the entrance of the hall - that’ll still be perfectly clear.

Cancer:  Please don’t eat the lipstick.

Leo: The waters that surround your castle are going to do nothing more than eat away at the supporting earth beneath it.

Virgo: Decorate yourself with feathers and make velociraptor noises at passersby.

Libra: Calm winds surround you and keep you.

Scorpio: “My darling, my dearest, you have such a long way to go before the end and so little strength with which to make it. Do not forget to reach out to the water, the moon, the heavens themselves if nothing else when you need help.”

Sagittarius: You cannot drop-kick your problems.

Capricorn: The branches of the elm tree have a story for you and only you. Mostly because you’re the only one who can read it. No idea how you do that, really. It’s a little weird.

Aquarius: Build it higher and better. Reach the heavens and bitch-slap the god who said you couldn’t.

Pisces: You are, truly, the water - Cold, clear, refreshing, and possessing the ability to drown them all, destroy their dwellings, and make all rue the day they wronged you.


ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ (we’re happy whenever you’re happy and healthy so please don’t starve yourselves or work out frantically just for us fans ;;;)