but please keep it to yourself

Sorry i’ve been so inactive with my ask box, i’ve genuinely been in a really bad place for the past few weeks (barely knowing how to cope). I’ve been on tumblr, blogging, though. 

Can’t even describe how much i wish i had died already because these thoughts and emotions are just so fucking strong. I hope you guys have been doing ok though because you deserve the best. If not -if you’re struggling a bunch yourself- please keep fighting. I know it’s a bitch, but maybe one day it’ll make sense and be worth it? Being a complete hypocrite in saying this, but yeah.. it’s been so hard to keep pushing forward, and i’ve almost given up so many times. I feel like i genuinely just am not strong enough to get through this particularly difficult period and it might be where my story ends… 

Sorry for the negativity, i used to always express myself on this blog and i know i haven’t done so in a while (i usually reserve it for my ranting blog). Hope that’ ok….. Anyway…. How are you?

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I'm 16 and I'm so afraid to have interest in girls at school and I keep telling myself I'm gonna wait until college so I'm not under a microscope and surrounded by ppl who know me, my friends, and my family and can judge me while knowing who I personally am and ugh I wish I wasn't bi a good amt of the time

please try not to be too hard in yourself. the way you feel is totally understandable and if keeping your interest restricted you feel you need right now that’s okay… just know that there will eventually be a time where everything works and you can embrace yourself fully

I know that some of you are really struggling with life and yourself, but sadly I can’t always be there for every single one of you as much as I’d want, because I’m also struggling. That’s why always tag the posts that are positive, motivate me or just make me feel better about myself with #<3 {maybe you already noticed it?} and I hope I can still help you in that way, even if it’s a tiny bit.

Please remember that you deserve love and happiness and please keep fighting for it💖 You are an amazing person and so worth it 💕✨  {even if you don’t see it yet}

Link to my “happy” tag.

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I know it's really silly, but I'm the relapse anon from a while ago. And it just makes me really happy whenever I get close to relapsing that ice bear is proud of me despite how weak I am. ๐Ÿ˜ขIt makes me so happy.

I’m sorry if I’m late replying to this, I haven’t been on much lately! I’m glad that it makes you feel better, but please don’t call yourself weak! You’re still pulling through right now, and that’s something that requires alot of strength! Sometimes, when things are rough, staying alive and trying to keep going is the strongest thing you can do. You’re very strong! For being able to make it as far as you have! Ice Bear Is still, and will continue to be, proud of you.

To anybody battling mental illness
What you’re experiencing right now is never ever going to define you! Please don’t forget how strong you are. Never give up, hold onto that hope! Pain ends, so keep fighting and stay positive. Make sure you surround yourself with lots of love and support. Take care of your mind and body, you are so worthy of a life full of happiness xx


Frances McDormand on Aging

“I know that I haven’t done press or publicity in 10 years; I made a conscious choice not to. I was starting to not like the job of acting because it also involved not just the promotion of what I’d done, but myself. And I wasn’t interested in that part, also it was just getting too close to my personal life. I couldn’t live the way I wanted to live. And a friend of mine said: ‘Women need you. Younger women need you. They need your image and they need your voice and it’s a very selfish thing you’re doing.’ And that was about five years ago, so it took me about five years to really listen to her. But I think, I believe that’s true.”


kim minseok personally demonstrating “one step back”

cant we just agree that every band member is equally important to the band


Happy to announce that Clexa: The Game is officially underway and progressing wonderfully!

The choice-based RPG so many of you have asked for is finally on the workbench.

You can try the current (6/1/2016) demo out for yourself here!

Simply download, click the icon, extract the files to your desktop, open the resulting folder, and click ‘Game’. (Avast may try to stop the process, but the file is safe.)

Keep in mind that we have only just begun, and many things will inevitably change by the time our final product is released.

Current main dev.: @resinswhy

If you are interested in lending a hand in this project, and/or have any questions or concerns, please message me directly!

Donโ€™t burn yourself
to keep others warm
Donโ€™t give in
to raging storms
Donโ€™t let their hold
choke your heart
Donโ€™t allow them to keep you
from a new start
Donโ€™t hurt yourself
just to keep them from harm
Please, my dear, donโ€™t burn yourself
to keep them warm
—  e.g.csave yourself first  
how to have a better semester ๐Ÿ“š

- use a planner and find a system that works for you
- try to do your homework the day it’s given
- keep up to date with your assignments
- take some time for yourself to avoid burnout
- make time to exercise and be active
- be organized! it makes all the difference
- find something on campus you enjoy doing (sports, clubs, arts, SGA) and join
- use your study periods to get assignments done, that way you’ll have time to revise later
- take care of yourself, please
- stay away from toxic people, drama, and situations
- find a study group you enjoy
- actually study in your study group
- make some new friends
- when in doubt ask your professors or classmates for help
- if your school offers free tutoring sessions take advantage of them