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I know this seems really hard to believe but I have a picture of tronnor kissing from earlier today. No I'm not going to post it until the are out out of respect just wanted you to know that information

I mean honestly I don’t really believe you, but I don’t think you expected me to so it doesn’t really matter. They’re at a festival with lots of their viewers and it would be odd for them to make that mistake and even odder if you happened to catch it on camera.

On the off chance that you’re telling the truth though, please delete the picture or at the very least keep it to yourself, and don’t tell people you have it.

Rhythm of my Heart - Brett Talbot Imagine

Rhythm of my Heart – TW Imagine

Prompt: You go to a dance school, along with one of the most popular boys Brett. You were practicing your solo for a school competition. You and Brett were competitive against each other, but eventually your feelings towards Brett develop.

A/N: Definitely going to be a part 2 uploaded! I’m actually pretty proud of this piece, and I hope you guys like it as much as I do! Please please please send me feedback about what you think about this Imagine, your thoughts keep me writing more!

Pairing: Brett x Reader

Word Count: 1483

Originally posted by iheartswagdouble

Your POV

“Come on Y/N, you can do this!” You tried to encourage yourself, but it wasn’t helping much. You sat on the ground, having another stretch. You reached out to your foot, stretching your back and leg. You got back up and played your song on the iPhone audio speaker. ‘I Can’t Feel My Face.” From the Weeknd was playing. It was an upbeat remix of the original, which was great because you needed to work on your pop dance routine. You worked with a group that praised you as their ‘captain’, voting that you should take the solo. You danced, incorporating moves that matched with the beat. “One, two, three, four..” You swung your arms back, moving your feet front. You were proud of your choreography so far, but there was one part you wanted to include that required another person. You just couldn’t get it right, you tried to do the move by yourself, but that plan flunked. You didn’t want to change the routine, but you wanted to include that dance. You sighed, fingers ran through your hair. It was dark, but you had all access to the dance studio after 6. There was only little time until the competition that your team was competing for started. You were a proud representative of Beacon Prep Dance Academy. It was a 5 star school located in between the two schools, Beacon Hills and Devenford Prep. You were home schooled, so you were able to attend Beacon Prep more often than the others. You were the type of student that would work hard for what they deserved and wanted. You had your mind set on the prize, a scholarship to your preferred college if you won best solo or duo dance. If your whole team won, that would mean performing on ‘So You Think You Can Dance.” You were glad you were getting far in your dreams, becoming famous and attending the best performing arts college in America. You decided to dance the routine so far one last time before heading out. You were determined to make the dance right.

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Please Don’t Waste Your Precious Life...

Please don’t waste your precious life. Please don’t let the breaths you breathe be consumed by pain. Please don’t let your heart be filled with hatred of self or others. Please don’t give into the darkness that tells you that you are nothing. Please don’t let the bullies, the haters, the perpetrators, the voices in your head, the ghosts in your past – the shadows in your soul keep you stranded in a place of despair. Please don’t be weighed down by unforgiveness. Please don’t suffocate in loneliness. Please don’t believe the lie that you are in this alone. Please don’t hurt yourself. Please don’t hurt others.

Please don’t waste your precious life. Please don’t waste the pages of your book of life on toxic things and people. Don’t let your story be ruined by hate. Don’t let the chapters be filled with rage, with hurt – with bitterness. It’s not worth it. They are not worth it. You are worth more than destruction.

Please don’t waste your precious life. Please don’t hold it in and try to handle the pain and the hurt alone. Help and healing are here. They are found in community. In the love of people. They are found in music, in laughter, in books, in talking, in hugging – in living and forgiving.

Please don’t waste your precious life. Please don’t let a person, a wound, a situation determine the rest of your life. You can overcome it all. You can find freedom and peace no matter how horrible life is or has been. I believe you can create something beautiful out of the ugliest of moments.  

Please don’t waste your precious life. Hurting yourself is not the answer. Hurting someone else is not the answer. We don’t get better by wounding another. We don’t fill the holes by creating them elsewhere. The void will still be there, and you will still ache.

Please don’t waste your precious life. Please don’t let the pain speak louder than love. There is still hope. There is still help. There is still so much to do and say and see and know. If you are crashing, let us rescue you. If you are weak, let us carry you. If you are angry, let us calm the storm in your heart. If you are lonely, let us bring warmth into your life. Ask for us. Ask for help. We can’t hear you in the silence. We can’t read between the lines of your fake smile. Tell us you need us. Tell us where and how and why it hurts. Scream into the darkness and we will come, we will hold you – we will love you.

Please don’t waste your precious life. Please don’t fade away. Please don’t cave in. Please don’t pretend. If you are not okay, tell us you are not okay. Tell us what you need. If you can’t say it then write it. Draw it. Sing it. Scream it. Send us a sign that you need us, and we will respond. 

Please don’t spend another day of your life suffering alone. Please don’t give up. Please don’t leave. Please don’t let this pain manifest into violence against yourself and/or others. Please talk to someone. Please let us be there for you. 

You are worth it. Love, you are so so so worth it.

Leave the darkness behind; follow the light.

With love,


P.S. I don’t know you and I don’t know your story, but I know that life is precious and so are you. I know that pain is real and so is hope and healing. I know our stories matter. I know that no matter how dark life is, where there is light there is hope for better days. I know that words help and heal just as they break and bruise. We all have our scars, and I believe we can choose to grow from them and help others or we can choose to be broken and break others. I hope with everything inside of me that you will choose hope, choose healing, choose light, choose forgiveness, choose recovery, choose community – choose life.

May we look up at the stars and remember that light is visible in darkness. Light is what helps us to see that there is more. Light helps us heal, grow, and keep going. 

Follow the light; don’t look back.  

You are more than what you’ve been through.

Let the light in; let it lead you to brighter days.

anonymous asked:

Hey it's 4:40 am and I'm thinking of excuses not to eat tomorrow.

how about some excuses to eat:

  • food fuels your body
  • it gives you strong bones and healthy hair
  • it powers your brain
  • it keeps your body healthy and happy
  • it gives you protein and energy to get you through the day
  • food tastes good and there’s a billion things to choose from

there’s a hundred reasons as to why you should eat tomorrow. you deserve to be healthy and happy and you’re not going to be if you starve yourself. please eat, even if it’s a couple crackers or some veggies. stay strong, love. you’ll get through this. xx

tell me what time it is, and what you’re thinking about

caffeine-4ddict asked:

Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm a 21 year old college student, majoring in social work, and part of my account is giving advice to teens! Please feel free to stop by my account any time if you need anything at all! Love your blog by the way, keep being awesome :)

Kill yourself.

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Hello to all. You can call me Elise. My sincerest apologies if I’ve already greeted you, but I’ve been away about a month if not longer, and I can’t say I’m having the easiest time keeping track of everyone. Better to hit this cycle twice than never, right? Time will tell. 

May I have your name and pronouns please? And, I don’t know, perhaps an interesting fact about yourself. If you don’t think yourself to be interesting, then make something up.

“What is wrong with her’ they think
As they smile at you expectantly,
They’re actually excited to hear
What you have to say,
But nothing comes out.
The cake has been served, and everyone
Is clutching their coffee cup. The red cups,
The ones that your aunt keeps
For special occasions only. Because today
Is special. You’re back and
Your family missed you and they want
To know how’s your life now, but you can’t
Give them what they want.
You can’t seat here,
Eat your piece of cake, drink your cup of coffee
And talk to them,
Because you know you haven’t done
Even half of the things that were there
For you to grab and take advantage of
And talking would be like
Admitting to yourself that yes,
You haven’t been doing great
And please don’t look at me
I tried my best but I couldn’t let go
I was scared and everything was huge
And no one ever walked by my side.
So you shrug noncommittally, feed them
a few half-hearted words that will
keep them at bay until the next time you visit
And the conversation moves on
To less complicated and pleasant matters.
And if you will your ears enough to stop
Listening, for a moment you can even pretend
You haven’t come back at all.

However, their questions are echoing
And in the blackness that is your mind
Their doubts have become your own.
What is wrong with you and why
Can’t you snap out of it.
How can you, though, when
You barely know who you are.
Most of the time, you don’t even feel like
A person. You can’t think of yourself  
As a whole human being,
As an individual with a solid identity
And characteristics
And virtues.
You’re just a cluttered heap of things
Hurriedly scattered on the floor,
Things that don’t match,
That don’t add up.
You’ve spent time planning answers,
So that when you meet someone new
And they ask you what you like,
What you believe in,
What your dreams are,
You already know what to say
And you won’t appear as
Disassembled and hurriedly put back
Together as you really feel.

And that bareness you see
When you look inside yourself
Searching and plotting your answers,
It terrifies you.
The grounds inside of you
Appear so barren and dry,
You’re not sure anything will ever
Be able to germinate from it.
And you seek comfort everywhere you can,
Wherever your sterile hands can reach.
The reassuring weight of a thick blanket,
That cartoon you’ve been watching
Since you were five,
That recipe you’ve seen
On your favourite baking show.
And once you’re done,
The kitchen smelling of rosemary
And the kitchen tools you’ve used
Drying next to the sink,
The word ‘boring’ flashes in front
Of your eyes and it scrapes your cheek,
Because no one your age should ever
Get that excited about baking
A loaf of bread
No matter how beautiful the plait looks,
No matter how good it tastes.

You know there are no right
Answers to your family’s –and yours
Questions as to why you’ve become
So distant,
So detached.
Many are the explanations,
Each one less likely than the next, but
One single thought is nagging
At the back of your mind,
Swallowing your sleepless nights whole
And always leaving the door ajar:
Your biggest disgrace is that you’re
Not letting it get better because
You have carved out a house for yourself
In your hushed sorrow and you’re not
Planning on vacating it
Anytime soon.

—  M.B, Barren Soul 

People keep telling me stop being harsh on yourself..give yourself a break!
I don’t know what i should do or what i am doing!! Please tell me how can i give myself a break!

hate memes are fucking ridiculous

Just some friendly reminders since sometimes Tumblr astrology seems like a shitstorm of stereotype memes. Let’s spread some sign love and stop this stupid sign hate meme

Aries: you are not an angry wannabe. You are passionate about what you believe in and some people just can’t handle the heat of your fire. Don’t put yourself out to appease them. Keep that light in your eyes, and keep standing up for what you believe in. Also remember that losing doesn’t mean that you’re not good at something. Making your life into a contest will only make you doubt yourself, and you are perfect, so please don’t do that

Taurus: so what if you are stubborn and don’t like change? At least you stick up for what you believe in! And even if you do fear change, you’re smart enough to know that things have to change eventually anyways, and you are hella awesome at being prepared so things go as smoothly as possible. You don’t put material items over people; that’s just plain ridiculous. You love things, but you love people as well, and you’d always choose going out with good friends over buying a new gadget. I also want to add that if you have struggled with food in the past, please don’t think too much of it when you see posts that compare Taurus to food. You are strong and you can make it through whatever you’re going through; a weird little stereotype won’t affect that in the slightest

Gemini: ohmygod tumblr stop shitting on gems. They are gems literally and figuratively and I’m just as sick of it as they are!! There is a huge difference between being deceitful/ two-faced and having an open mind and thus changing your opinions regularly. It’s healthy for people to change their views as the world changes, and Geminis are awesome at this. Keep on keepin’ on, Gems. It also sucks because it makes Geminis feel like they’re not welcome on some astrology blogs, and that’s kind of shitty to make a group of people feel like they can’t believe in astrology because it “proves” that they’re shitty people when that’s not true in the slightest. Every sign has a chance to be shitty, and honestly if you’re stereotyping a whole sign that horribly, we all know who the real shitty person here is. Geminis are loyal as fuck to those who are loyal to them! Stay strong Gems, and hopefully this meme ends soon…

the point is: Geminis, you are not inherently two-faced. You are open-minded and try to understand multiple perspectives at once (pro of being an air sign). You are not deceitful, you just learn new information and change accordingly. Keep doing you bb

Cancer: you are not a weak cry baby. You put up with so much shit on a daily basis and you are so patient about it. When you need to cry, you cry, and that’s a lot healthier than keeping it all inside. You cry it out and then you move on, and that’s a trait that should be envied, not laughed at. You are so sweet to your friends and would do anything for them, and you often do. You go above and beyond, and anyone close to you is lucky to have you. You are not overly clingy. You just have a strong need for love and attention, and that’s by no means a bad thing. Just remember that you deserve the best, and learn how to cut toxic people from your life

Leo: you are not so conceited and wrapped up in yourself that you don’t give a fuck about others. If anything, you give too many fucks. You are so generous and loyal and friendly. You’ll be there for anyone in a jam, even if you barely know them. You always put others before yourself, and just because you care about how you look, that does not mean that you are vain

Virgo: you are not too picky; you are not a clean freak. You like things a certain way, and that’s okay. You have high standards for people and things, and that’s how you protect yourself. Just remember that sometimes people don’t understand that criticism isn’t always meant to hurt them and not everyone understands that you just want to help them grow. You see people’s flaws more than anyone, but you still love them just as much, and that’s why you want to help them, and that’s beautiful

Libra: you are not an airhead. Your brain is just so busy all the time and you have so much to say that sometimes the things you say come out wrong and people get offended. You are so smart and opinionated; the fact that you change your opinions easily because you’re indecisive doesn’t make them less valuable; it just means that you’re willing to change. You’re always changing, and people who can’t keep up call you “fake,” but they’ll never understand how quick your mind is, and you can’t stay still for too long or you go crazy. Just smile through it, and you’ll find yourself someday, I promise

Scorpio: you are not a petty, mysterious, sex-obsessed bitch like some paint you to be. You need to trust people before you tell them personal things because you value privacy. I see nothing wrong with that, and mystery is very appealing to some. And if you do like sex, what’s the big issue? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying an act that was meant to be enjoyed. You are not petty, you just get jealous easily because your mind thinks of all the things that could go wrong before the things that could go right. You are kind and loyal and your love is truly one of a kind. Also, you are not evil. You’re loyal to those who are loyal to you and you’re not afraid to show your hatred towards those who cross you. That’s not your problem; they should learn to be loyal like you

Sagittarius: you are perfectly capable of settling down. You are not going to cheat on your partner or leave them out of the blue just because you’re a Sagittarius. You are not heartless, and you’re capable of giving love and very deserving to receive it. It may take you more time to fall in love, but it’s okay, and it’s not a horrible thing that you need interesting people to keep you interested (a crazy thought, I know). You are lovely and love with all your soul when you do decide to settle down. Take your time

Capricorn: you are not boring. You are not all work and no play. You are not a humorless, emotionless rock of a human being. You are full of life and dreams and, yes, you work hard to achieve them, but you never give up on something you want, and you have so much passion, and that is so beautiful. Just because you choose to hide your emotions doesn’t mean you don’t experience them. You want to appear strong, and you do. It’s not your fault that others aren’t patient enough to get to know you. You know when to be serious and when to be humorous, and you are very tactful about it, too. I once saw a zodiac post that was “the signs as alcoholic beverages” or something like that. All the signs had fun and interesting drinks with cute descriptions, but Caps got “a plain martini” with the description of “ugh.” This made me so angry because you deserve so much more than that. You are fun and funny and awesome, and more people need to recognize that

Aquarius: you are not emotionless. There is a huge difference between detaching from your emotions and not feeling them at all. Not showing them does not mean you don’t experience them. You are human, so of course you experience emotions. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t feel like showing them off; not everything is meant to be so open anyways. Just make sure you have someone close to you that you can talk to things about, because keeping things in for too long can be painful and it just plain sucks. Also, aliens and shit like that are cool, so who cares if you like it? And sometimes fantasy is better than reality, so love what you love

Pisces: you’re not an infant-like crybaby.  That’s just plain ridiculous. You understand the full range of human emotions, and even if you do cry a lot, this isn’t a bad thing. It just means your empathetic and can understand others’ pain as well as your own. You’re also the farthest from oblivious. If anything, you’re almost too observant. Yes, you daydream a lot, but I love your imagination, and you should too. It’s a beautiful thing that too many take for granted, and you should be proud of it



Dan has a Younow show today/tomorrow based on where you live.
*takes bite of bread stick*
*continues to chew whilst talking*
No need to shove Phan to Dan & Phil anywhere on the social media.We all remember what happened in 2012 don’t we? Yes we could ask how the dinner went(if you don’t know what the Dinner is go check their twitter) but nothing else.Please.No questions like ‘Did you have steamy sex after the dinner?’ We shall simply accept whatever explanation they provide us with.Esp Dan today/tomorrow on his YouNow or whenever he does a liveshow.


We do not need 2012 back.If you are a die hard Phan shipper keep it to yourself or fangirl about it with your Phan-shipping friends but let’s not bother danisnotonfire and amazingphil about it please.We love them and we don’t mind about whatever their sexuality is.They can be whatever they want and we need to be accepting of that if we truly care about them.They are our knights in the shining armor who saved us and we should do the same for them too.We owe them this.
*shoves bread sticks into purse*

Please Respect The Boys.

Please respect the boys.

I’m sorry if this makes me seem rude but it needed to be said. It was upsetting me.

If they say they don’t want to take photos, do not, under any circumstances, take it upon yourself to secretly record them or take images of them. If they say they don’t want a photo keep your phone in your pocket and savor the moment. They have a reason for not wanting to take a photo. Respect that. 

If they have a significant other or they are on a date, do not, under any circumstances, take this as an open invitation to get involved in their personal life’s. Who they are seeing is frankly none of your business what so ever. “But I don’t want them to get hurt.” Well honey have news for you. They are all grown men and they are capable of making their own decisions which will sometimes come with the cost of getting hurt. But they will learn from their mistakes just like anyone else. “Why won’t he just tell us about her already? Its obvious somethings going on between them.” Well you see, they are not entitled to tell us about their personal life. If he wants a private relationship, leave him and his significant other alone. Also, never should you ever send or say hateful things about them. If you want him to be happy, you should know that he is happy with that person and be happy for him. We aren’t here to be apart of their personal life’s, we are here to support their music and career. Respect their personal life’s and their significant other.

If they are out in public, do not, under any circumstances, take it upon yourselves to mob them. We all want a chance to meet them and talk to them but mobbing them is not the answer. If you happen to be in a crowd where the boys are being mobbed try to get as many peoples attention as you can and try to start a line. Its safer and calmer for the boys and the smaller members of the fam. Respect their personal space.

This PSA doesn’t just go out to the 5sos fam it goes out to any and every fandom. Please respect them, they are people just like us, and being in the spotlight is not easy. 

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I'm sorry but as a man I personally would rather have a girl fake it than tell me I'm not performing sex well. If my partner complained id leave her and find someone who wasn't so selfish. Just my opinion, keep your man happy ladies.

I personally feel sorry for whoever you decide to bop around on top of. Please find solace in a blow up doll, it’s easier to convince yourself of your stellar sexual abilities if the smile is painted on. 


Here’s My Card

a business card-inspired about me page

Plain Card: one (prev/code) two (prev/code) three (prev/code)

for those who like to keep it short and sweet, a simple way to present yourself to your followers. Each card features a spot for your name and title, a “company” (your blog), and several links. Card one features a mini description.

Card and Bio: one (prev/code) two (prev/code) three (prev/code)

for those who need a little (or a lot) more space to present themselves, these business cards come with unlimited space to wax on and on about what makes you you. Seriously, unlimited. You can just keep typing, the box will grow.

enjoy! a reminder to please be safe online and do not put personal information where it doesn’t belong - I recommend using first and middle names, nicknames, or perhaps your first name and your age, rather than posting your first and last name on tumblr. 

Want this as a pop up? 

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Taylor, I’m gonna stay on Tumblr even though you’re not here. I really love that you come on here when you feel up for it, and I think we all appreciate that a whole lot. I understand that you’re probably not feeling super keen on being on Tumblr right now, but if you see this, please know we miss you and I will be here when you’re ready to come back. I’ll always support whatever you need to do to keep yourself healthy and happy. Love you.

nyyooom asked:

hello lisa! i'm jasper, and I'm 13, and I'm really into drawing but not that good at it. can you provide me with some tips please? thank you so much!!

Enjoy yourself and keep drawing your favorite things. You’ll get “good” at it later. Just draw lots and lots.

 Here’s one of my first comics, I made it when I was 11:

“Snazzy and Jazz” - A goofy donkey and a suave horse are roommates. I hid this from everyone because I drew kissing scenes (Jazz went on lots of dates)! 

Try to limit tracing, drawing from photos, and fan art - that stuff is just for fun, it isn’t so great for observational skills/creativity. I wonder what I learned by doing this tracing when I was seven yrs old?

“By Lisa Hnawalt” good job idiot

This character I made up (his name was James, Rocking Cat, and Ginger, interchangeably) is still so fun to me, even though my drawings are rough baby scribbles. He’s the one in the orange shirt:

He was loosely based on Weird Al Yankovic, he loved to play guitar, and he was suuuuper romantic.

Side bar: Why were all of my main characters dudes?  Because almost all of the funny/relatable characters in the cartoons and movies I liked were boys. :(  

So what do you do when it all fails?
When the relationship
no longer works
when you’ve built
your life around them
when you’ve signed a lease together?

You pick yourself up.
You kick yourself to keep going.
What choice do you have?


The Privilege of Writing This, Lora Mathis

-so many people cannot leave toxic relationships because their partner provides financial help or other resources. This is true not just in toxic romantic relationships, but familial relationships, friendships, work relationships….Leaving can be a privilege. Please recognize that those who stay sometimes do so to survive-