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Hi, I've just finished reading Persuasion for the first time, and wondered on your opinion of Lady Russell? I feel she has way to much influence over Anne, thoughts?

I think this is the most hotly contested question about Persuasion in modern perspectives, as well as people wanting to shake Anne in the end where she declares that she doesn’t think she did wrong by listening to Lady R. And (unpopular opinion, perhaps,) I think Anne is right. I trust her and where she’s coming from.

It’s easy enough to say from a modern reader’s perspective that Anne should have stuck by Wentworth and thumbed her nose at all the world for his sake, but that’s just not who she is, or was, at nineteen.

Compared to other Austen heroines in age, then, she would have been only older than Catherine Morland, Marianne Dashwood, and Fanny Price–and of those girls, she is the only one who lacks a mother. (Fanny’s isn’t exactly deeply involved in her life, but then Fanny is always forced to rely more on herself than the advice of those around her because those around her are terrible.)

Lady Russell is not a bad woman, and is not so much a snob that she would see Anne unhappy and alone forever. She is definitely set in place as a mother-figure to Anne, and does her best to give the best possible advice she can for the circumstances.

Consider that Anne and Wentworth’s initial romance was rather rapid, and that she was a very sheltered girl who likely hadn’t entirely processed her grief over her mother’s death and being sent away to a school where she was extremely unhappy. Like, Anne’s adolescence was extremely dark and isolating. She would have only returned home to her family in the last year or two, and Lady Russell’s fear is that Anne will too easily grow attached to anybody who shows her the least bit of kindness and regard. And given that Wentworth at the time has little money, a high risk of being killed in the course of his career, (and from what Lady R can tell, a rather impulsive character, which lends itself well to bravery but less so to staying alive and supporting a wife and family,) and knowing Sir Walter has a poor opinion of the match, what can Lady Russell imagine might be worse than that Anne (and Anne’s children, if she should have any,) might be made dependent upon Sir Walter if she should be widowed, or her husband injured and unable to provide a stable life (as we see has happened to the Harvilles.) Sir Walter’s whining remonstrances would be never-ending about the degradation Anne had brought upon herself and her family by such a connection, and home life at Kellynch would no doubt be worse than ever, and poor Anne sunk even more deeply into a level of grief from which she might never recover.

This, naturally, terrifies Lady Russell. Money and rank may mean little to Anne and Wentworth, but they mean a great deal to the people Anne would have to deal with if Wentworth is unable to provide properly for her.

For a vulnerable girl of nineteen, and a match so swift and reckless, Lady Russell would not be doing her duty as a mature woman with an eye on potential consequences if she didn’t say something to Anne. Anne loved Wentworth, yes–but Marianne loved Willoughby, too. Older women–women who have loved and lost–might understand better that it often does not do to place all one’s faith in a first romance…particularly when it’s a whirlwind.

Is Lady Russell ultimately correct? No, because we know Wentworth will do well in his career and that the love between him and Anne is steadfast. But hindsight and all that jazz. (“It was, perhaps, one of those cases in which advice is good or bad only as the event decides.”) Which is why Anne insists she didn’t do wrongly to listen to Lady Russell. She knew where Lady Russell was coming from. She knew Lady Russell wasn’t being malicious, and that Lady Russell was her nearest and dearest friend–likely dearer to her than any of her living family. She trusted Lady Russell, and she wasn’t wrong to trust her. The moral of the story isn’t “ignore anything you hear from concerned friends who have your best interests in mind”. People are flawed, and so is their advice. Lady Russell is wise about many things, but it just so happened that she wasn’t wise about Anne and Wentworth in this specific case–and none of them could have known that. Lady Russell expected that Anne would mix more in society, meet more people, and perhaps find happiness with another worthy person. (We must acknowledge that the world is not filled with men incapable of rising to the standard of Captain Wentworth.) This would have been the natural way of things, but, for one reason or another–all of them beyond Lady Russell’s control–this never happened. If Anne could have been happy with Charles Musgrove, Lady Russell would have been pleased to at least have Anne settled nearby, and with a ‘safe’ match to a good man, but it is noted that her influence can’t create enough affection where it does not exist. Anne is open to being cautioned, but not encouraged.

And though there’s a rush to condemn Anne and Lady Russell, consider how their conduct is tempered in Wentworth’s own declaration: “But I too have been thinking over the past, and a question has suggested itself, whether there may not have been one person more my enemy even than that lady? My own self.” Two years after the broken engagement, when he had enough money to offer a more stable living, and Anne had had time to consider that perhaps she’d been unwise to yield to Lady Russell’s advice in entirely giving up the engagement, he could have written to her and she would have renewed their engagement. Lady Russell’s advice and Anne’s acting on it caused them both a great deal of pain for two years, but Wentworth’s stubborn fit of pique prolongs it for six more years and possibly forever, until their paths cross again. The power of renewal is all his–Anne cannot reach out to him, even when she wishes she could.

In Persuasion, I think Anne does her best with what she has–which is so very little. Lady Russell’s advice fails her, but not Lady Russell herself, and it’s very much up to fate and chance unspooling over the course of years which prove Lady Russell’s cautions to have been in the wrong. While in Anne and Wentworth’s case we ultimately know that they’re meant to be together…perhaps the timing was just not right for them, before. They both had some growing up to do. There could be no guarantees. Wentworth resents that Anne is persuaded by Lady Russell’s advice, rather than his own–and while we can understand his feelings, consider if a teen girl’s mother today was like “…look, I know you’re in love for the first time, but honestly you can’t tell if these things are going to last, and I’m just not convinced he’s the best person for you, you’re so young and there’s so much more of life to see…” and then on the other side of it you’ve got the Boyfriend saying “what does your mother know? We’re in love, we should just be together and damn the consequences!”

Perhaps I’m getting unromantic in my dotage, but I feel that teen girls might do better to listen to their concerned mothers rather than their boyfriends.

Of course these folks exist in a book and all this stuff is water under the bridge before we even begin to know them, so we have the luxury of judging their past behaviour at our leisure rather than having to live through it, and live with it.

I’ve always thought that I was the unlucky one—to only discover Heechul’s existence right after the Mr Simple promotion, when he was due for enlistment—but looking back, I really think I couldn’t have been luckier. Other than rumours of band splitting up and our bias dating someone (a girl, not the bandmate that we’re shipping him with), I suppose the next thing that Kpop fans dread would be our bias’s enlistment. I must say that I have it really easy. All these while, it didn’t really feel like he was that far away. Even when he terminated his Twitter account at some point, even when he forgot the password to his Weibo account… there is always his little secretary Zhoumi to help him relay messages and upload selcas on his behalf.

This brings me to the point about how you can count on Heechul to say the right things at the right time. True, there may have been times when he overstepped his bounds, but most of the times, I know I can always count on his ingenuity to set things right. During the height of the Only-13 fiasco, he wrote an entry on Cyworld dedicating it to Zhoumi, “I don’t know how everyone looks at him, but to me, he’s not just an SJM member, but also a cute dongsaeng whom I really love… Regardless of what anyone says, he’s the seasoning who became my hands and legs when I was unable to move.” Heechul’s aloofness is just a façade, he just doesn’t believe in trying to please everyone. However, if you prove yourself worthy enough, there’s a chance of getting closer to him and finding out for yourself that he’s one of the warmest, most open-minded and accepting individual you can ever find.

Many years back, Kyuhyun playfully accused him of spending too much time with everyone but Super Junior members. Of course, it’s easy to understand why such a larger-than-life personality like Heechul has everyone—from legendary actor Choi Minsoo to Jang Keun Suk—gravitating towards him. When he’s in the dorm, he prefers to just play games in his room and not come out until dinner is served. All these just don’t paint a pretty picture of Heechul as the hyung who mothers after everyone, do they? Well, maybe that role isn’t his to play in the first place. Like an esoteric superhero, he always seems to come to someone’s rescue when things are not going right. Honestly, the jokes about Kyuhyun getting off Radio Star once he comes back are starting to get stale. Although Kyuhyun did a good job at handling those jabs and tried not to let them affect him, I’d think that it’s only normal if he started feeling a little insecure. When asked to comment on this issue, Heechul reaffirmed that Kyuhyun was doing a fantastic job, and that he might not even be as good as Kyuhyun even if he went back. Over a drinking session, Kyuhyun asked if he would go back as a guest, and Heechul explained that he wanted to avoid going back to the show altogether because he did not want to compete with a fellow member whom he looked upon as a younger brother. Heechul is never one to look back at past successes, and it’s only right because this is Kyuhyun’s time to shine.

Nonchalance seems to be quintessentially Heechul, but that’s only true because he’s not the type who sweats the small stuffs. He has always stood up for what he believed in, even if it means being the lone soldier, and that’s one of the many traits which I admire most about him. When Hangeng is no longer active in Super Junior, it was almost as if that name was erased from the face of the world. No one ever spoke about Hangeng again, but Heechul did. Understandably so, because Hangeng was the person whom Heechul once said “understood him better than a Korean next door would”. The differences in nationality and first language have never been obstacles in Heechul and Hangeng’s friendship, which is built on similar interests and cemented by drinking soju together without talking, enjoying each other’s company in silence. Whenever Heechul reminisces, he wouldn’t stop short of mentioning Hangeng’s name. Taboo is a missing word from his dictionary and friendship triumphs.

A testament to the statement I made above, Jaejoong and Junsu—two names you probably won’t ever hear the other SM artistes talking about again—have been mentioned by Heechul recently, like nothing ever happened. And while we’re on the subject of DBSK, how he stood up for Yunho after the poisoning incident should be well-documented by now. At that moment, he lost control and asked the culprit who poisoned Yunho’s drink to do the same to him, putting his life on the frontline just so he can catch her himself. Swearing might not be a big deal for most, but it is quite something for a member from a relatively squeaky clean boyband to go all berserk and call someone “garbage” and scold “fuck” on his blog. I’m not saying that I agree with his actions, and I understand that there will be detractors who think that he’s being reckless. However, there’s one thing that’s as clear as day—Heechul’s loyalty as a friend is hard to come by.

More than just the bestest friend anyone can find, Heechul is also a wonderful son and brother. One of the things which makes me the happiest is to see him talk about his family, because that’s when I can catch a glimpse of that rare tenderness in his eyes. It’s quite common to see him responding to flatteries in his usual, snarky way, because he’s heard them so many times before, told to him by different people. However, when he was recounting the incident when his mom told him to cut his hair because it looked really ugly, he looked like a spoilt little child who had his favourite toy broken. When he finally had his long overdue haircut and his mom texted him again to give compliments, his face lit up and his smile lingered as his eyes remain fixed on the phone. I sit and stare at the magical moment and it feels like the mechanisms of my heart just gave way. He’s the strong-willed, annoying brother who would quarrel with Heejin over daily, mundane things like who gets the remote control because he doesn’t share the same love for Sech Kies (a 90s boyband). Once, Heejin looked distraught and was crying when watching the TV, he thought that she was being an emotional fangirl as usual and tried to tease her. When he finally understood the situation—that Sech Kies was disbanding and that was their last performance—he sat quietly beside her to keep her company. That’s a side of Heechul which I don’t see often, and that’s why moments like these are precious to me.

Heechul is an extraordinary character who plays every role in his life so well. He’s one in a million… of millions, and it warms my heart every time I come across comments (and tags) which say the nicest things about him that I fail to put to words.

My dearest Heechul, I feel really proud to be one of your many petals who make up the full bloom that you are. Thank you for being so quirky and the laughter you brought me. I was at the one of the lowest points of my life before I knew you, and I’m not even sure how this works, but just by looking at you, I realise that happiness is infectious and you have since been injecting me with constant rapture. Thank you, too, for being my teacher in life and your unconventional life lessons. You’re never one to mince words and have a clear stand on what you think an idol/fan relationship should be. Don’t worry, I will not wait for you to marry me but I sure hope to find someone like you in my life. Last but not least, I say thank you again because I think I’m really, really lucky to have known you (as a fan) so I thank you for your existence.

It’s your special day today so, Happy Birthday, baby. You are the best one of the best ones, so I wish nothing but the best for you.

when they tip nicely
  • Cashier: I should've never taken this shift. Working this late is fucking me up.
  • Cook: You get used to it.
  • Cashier: Do y'all even get customers this late, or is it early? I can't even tell at this point.
  • Cook: Sometimes.
  • Cashier: What kind of person even eats fast food at this time of night?
  • Cook: Mostly travelers, junkies, and such.
  • Cashier: Makes sense.
  • Disheveled dude: *presses face against the restaurant window*
  • Cashier: Eugh!
  • Cook: What's the matter?
  • Cashier: There's some gross dude outside. Oh no, he's coming in.
  • Disheveled dude: *runs into the restaurant carrying a suitcase*
  • Cashier: Hello, can I help you?
  • Disheveled dude: Yeah, yeah, let me get a burger. Large drink. Yeah, that's it.
  • Cashier: This is a Mexican restaurant, sir. We don't have burgers.
  • Disheveled dude: Just get me anything with a lot of meat.
  • Cashier: We need a triple stuffed burrito!
  • Cook: Got ya!
  • Cashier: Okay, that'll be $7.99.
  • Disheveled dude: *slams a wad of cash on the counter*
  • Cashier: This is like... thousands of dollars!
  • Disheveled dude: Keep the change.
  • Cashier: I, uhm... are you sure?
  • Disheveled dude: I just want my food. Make it fast, please. Thank you.
  • Cashier: *stuffing cash into their pockets* Got ya, dude. Hey, make it quick! This guy wants his burrito!
  • *the cook quickly finishes the burrito*
  • Disheveled dude: *aggressively devours his food, sometimes nervously looking over his shoulder*
  • Cashier: He's like one of those professional eaters. That's impressive.
  • Cook: It's disgusting. That burrito has like 1500 calories.
  • Cashier: I'll call anyone who hands me three months worth of checks for a single burrito impressive.
  • Cook: Yeah, about that... could I get some of that cash.
  • Cashier: I mean, a bit. He told me to keep the change.
  • Cook: Technically it's the restaurants money, so you shouldn't be taking any of it.
  • Cashier: Yeah.
  • Cook: Plus, I cooked the burrito.
  • Cashier: Alright, how about $500?
  • Cook: Only $500? Come on, man. You've got at least $10,000 there. Let's split it.
  • Disheveled dude: *hops the counter*
  • Cashier: *backs away*
  • Cook: Whoa, dude, you can't be back here.
  • Disheveled dude: I need to leave through the back. You guys, closing soon?
  • Cook: I don't know what you're on, dude, but the back is for employee's only.
  • Disheveled dude: *opens suitcase and tosses wads of cash at the cashier and cook* Extra tip gives me VIP status.
  • Cook: Uhm... sure thing.
  • Disheveled dude: Anyway, I don't know if you guys are closing soon, but it's in your best interest for both of you to leave. I've probably given you enough money to relax for a year so it doesn't matter if you get fired. Just listen to me. Fucking leave and definitely do not look back. *runs out the back door*
  • Cashier: This is so much fucking money. Was that guy a drug dealer?
  • Cook: Probably, now that I think about it, yeah.
  • Cashier: Holy fuck! Is it safe for use to have this money.
  • Cook: I don't don't know.
  • Cashier: I could buy my own house with this, holy fuck! *stuff money down shirt* I don't know about you, but I'm out of here.
  • Cook: What!? You know we really can't leave with all this money, right?
  • Cashier: We can, and I am.
  • Cook: This could be drug money, or money from a bank heist. If we're caught with this stuff we could go to prison, or be killed.
  • Cashier: You didn't seem worried about it when you were hounding me for money just a few minutes ago.
  • Cook: That was then, and this is now. Nobody just gives money out like that unless there's something seriously wrong. It's dangerous for us to keep it.
  • Cashier: My life is going nowhere fast, man. I've got nothing to lose.
  • Cook: Well, I've got family at home. I'm calling the police.
  • Cashier: You do you, man. I'm out of here. *runs off*
  • Cook: *dials the 911, but gets a busy signal* What?
  • Cashier: *yells*
  • Cook: What's wrong!? *runs to the cashier*
  • Cashier: *sitting on the ground, money dropped everywhere* Look. Outside, there's nothing. Like, literally nothing. It's just an empty void.
  • Cook: I... it has to be some sort of trick of the light. I'm going out there.
  • Cashier: You shouldn't.
  • Cook: I bet it's nothing. I'll show you. I'll be right back. *disappears entirely into the void*
  • Cashier: Hey! Hey! Are you out there!?
  • *a pale hand appears out of the darkness and gently beckons for the cashier*
  • Cashier: *slams door shut* NOPE!
  • Cashier: *runs to the front counter*
  • Cashier: *is greeted by an all encompassing wall of blackness*
  • Wall: *encroaches on the cashier*
  • Cashier: *attempts to run away, but gray arms emerge from the darkness and wrap themselves around them*
  • Cook: *decapitated head rolls out of the wall of darkness, its eyes spinning in opposite directions* Told you that was bad money, dude.
  • Cashier: *screams as they're pulled into the darkness*
  • *elsewhere*
  • Driver: *parked on the side of the road smoking*
  • Disheveled guy: *taps on car window*
  • Driver: *slightly rolls down the window* Can I fucking help you?
  • Disheveled guy: I need a ride.
  • Driver: Let me think about that. Hmm, FUCK NO!
  • Disheveled guy: *points gun at driver* Then I'll drive myself. Get out.
  • Driver: *obeys orders* Alright, don't shoot.
  • Disheveled guy: *tosses wad of cash at driver* That should cover the cost of a new car. I suggest you catch a bus and get out of here as soon as possible. *speeds off*
  • Driver: *looks at the fraction of a fortune that was just tossed at him* This is way too much money for a bus.

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Give me a 'Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again.' This one's a challenge - I've been through that myself, and I'd like to see how the two compare... do your best, Ava. Congratulations on the 500.

This one’s on you. I hope you like angst and tears.

Salt in the wound.

Raven had used the saying many times before. She’d never thought much of it; just a casual way of indicating that something awful was unfortunately made worse.

For example, Robin discovering Starfire had been kidnapped was the wound; Red X being the one behind it would have been the salt. It had been serious, but nothing the team couldn’t handle, and nothing Starfire couldn’t get out of on her own.

However, when Raven was the one bearing the injury, somehow the statement took on a whole new meaning.

The tiny, royal blue, velveteen box situated before her, that was her salt.

Fascinating how something so small was capable of so much damage.

[this got long, so the rest is under the cut!]

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A Group Effort

Anon: I would love to see my boy Lance with a headcold!! Make him suffer :’)

Anon: i’d like to see Lance with a headcold! and i dont care more than that. just as long as i can see my boy with a snuffly nose.

A/N: This is my first cold-based fic! I’m much more used to fever- and stomach-based things, so here we go with expanding horizons! Pray for me and spelling out sneezes. This had a lot of Lance and Keith still hating each other, it almost hurt my heart to write after all the Klance stuff.

It’s silent in space. It is a vacuum, there’s no medium for sound to travel through. Even while in their lions, practicing maneuvering through fodder the castleship threw at them, the paladins remained silent and focused.
It didn’t last long.
“Alright. That’s it. I’m done. I’m going back to the castle.”
The other four paladins sounded off in Keith’s ear.
“Wait, why?”
“I don’t understand.”
“What’s happening?”
“What is it, Keith?”
“I am done listening to Lance sneeze into the intercom.”

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I don’t usually post personal stories in such rapid succession, but it’s April Fools Day, which means it’s the thirtieth anniversary of the day my mother found out she was pregnant.

For those of you playing at home, my birthday is in mid-April.

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Hey Lottie!! How are you doing sweetie?! I've never sent a prompt before I'm kind of nervous /o/ but I've been having a really rough few days since I've been pretty ill and I was wondering if you could write some sick!Kylux for me?? Maybe Hux having feverish dreams and Kylo just helping out? If you want to 💕💕

Of course, darling! I hope you feel better soon!

Even after the nights where he’s drank more than his body weight in brandy, Hux has never felt so rotten.

Wearing only his underwear, he sits upright in bed, duvet and sheets confiscated from his shivering body by Kylo ‘medic’s orders’ Ren. Funny, Hux had thought; he’s sure Kylo has never followed an order in his life.

Hux swallows hard, leaning his head back against the headboard of his bed, closing his eyes, body riddled with exhaustion. It’s a fever, the medics had told him, contracted from a recent planetiside mission. Young Armitage had suffered with fevers when he was a boy, sickly and weak with a poor immune system. Seemingly, older Armitage is no better.

“Here,” Kylo says, coming back into the room with some iced tea. “You need to drink.”

Hux grumbles something in another language before taking the cup in his shaking hands, having to hold it in his two palms, struggling to summon the strength to grip.

“I can make you some food if you want,” Kylo says, sitting down on the side of the bed, being cautious not to get too close as to share his body heat.

“I’m not hungry,” Hux says, swallowing the tea with a heavy gulp. “How long before I can have more medication?”

“Two hours,” Kylo says, and Hux groans in protest. “It’d be best if you could sleep until then.”

“I can’t sleep. Everything hurts.”

“Is that how your body feels or are you giving me a philosophical take on life?” Kylo says, smiling to himself, but Hux doesn’t find it amusing. “Sorry. Just try and nap, Hux, alright? Sleep is the body’s way of recovering naturally.”

Hux wants to protest but is much too weak to do anything but slide down the bed until he’s lying flat, eyes already drifting closed. Kylo rubs his forearm gently, standing off the bed, turning their air conditioning up a notch.

“Sleep, Hux,” Kylo whispers. “My fighter. You’re safe.”

If he were well, Hux would have made a snide comment about the mighty Kylo Ren turning soft at his expense, but Hux merely drifts off into a heavy sleep, and becomes lost in his mind.

He feels as though he’s only been asleep for a few moments before he bolts awake, finding himself in exactly the same position he’d been in when he’d fallen asleep. Sitting up slowly as not to aggravate his headache, Hux rubs his tired eyes, admitting to himself that he feels slightly better, a little lighter of ache.

“Ren?” He calls out, supposing he should let his partner know that he’s awake.

But to Hux’s dismay, there’s no reply. Surely, Hux thinks, Kylo wouldn’t have left him alone even for a moment whilst he was sleeping. The darling Knight has been fussing like a mother hen all week over Hux and his fever, yet abandons him when he’s in his most vulnerable state.

Hux looks to the chronometer on the bedside table, but finds it reads 00:00, a whole nine hours ahead of the time it was when he fell asleep.

Gingerly, on shaking knees, Hux gets out of bed and trudges through to the main chamber, finding it empty, no sign of Kylo anywhere. Before Hux can call for him again, his skin prickles as though being touched by a ghost hand, its invisible fingers gliding up his forearm and sending his body into shivers.

Something is wrong.

“Ren?” Hux shouts. His mind is suddenly overcome with a familiar presence, though its agonised aura only fuels Hux’s panic.

‘The bridge,’ comes Kylo’s pained voice in his mind. ‘Hurry, Hux. Need you. Dying…’

“No, Ren!” Hux says aloud, legs weakening when Kylo’s voice leaves him.

What could have possibly happened in the mere hours that Hux has been unconscious? Grabbing his greatcoat from where it hangs on his closet door, Hux pulls it on, wanting to cover the fact that he’s only in his underwear. He storms out of his quarters, ignoring his own fever, concentrating on Kylo’s fading presence.

The bridge. He has to get to the bridge. Hux knows the halls of the Finalizer like the back of his hand; every nook and every route is embedded deep in his mind. He could find the bridge in his sleep—

But he isn’t asleep, is he?

Regardless of how hard he tries, Hux finds himself running in circles. Every corridor has melded together, creating an unfathomable maze where the prize at the centre is unreachable, at that prize is Kylo.

I need you, Hux. Why won’t you help me? I’ve given my life to you and you’re letting me die.’

Kylo’s voice echoes not only in Hux’s mind this time but across the empty corridors of his ship, taunting Hux like a mouse in a labyrinth.

“Ren, no! Hold on, I’m trying, I won’t let go—”

Kylo’s begs and screams for Hux to save him suddenly fill the silence and Hux runs, trying to find his way to his dying lover but only comes across dead ends and the same halls. Hyperventilation soon consumes him, and Hux falls to his knees, cluching his head as he feels the darkness coming for him.

“No, no, Ren, please, I need you, don’t leave me—”

Hux curls in on himself, trembling, feeling his soul shatter from the most intense failure of his life.

Hux? Hux, I’m here!’

Kylo’s voice is different this time; there’s no pain, only panic mixed with a tenderness that never fails to soothe his turbulent mind.

Suddenly, everything around Hux fades to black, and he opens his eyes, expecting to find himself still huddled in a lonely corridor, but instead, finds himself lying in his bed, Kylo looming over him with wide and worried eyes.

Ren? You’re here,” Hux gasps, chest heaving.

“Stars, Hux,” Kylo exclaims, brushing his hand through Hux’s hair. “You were screaming for me, telling me to hold on.”

“No—You were gone, I couldn’t get to you,” Hux huffs, exhausted and confused, looking around the room, seeing the chronometer blinking 18:32 at him. “I…woke up and you were gone.”

“Hux, I haven’t left your side,” Kylo says softly. “You were dreaming, sweetheart. You’re alright. I’m alright.”

“Oh, Ren,” Hux says, hugging Kylo tightly, crying into his shoulder, fearing that letting go would mean something awful.

sproelium  asked:

Hello, hope you're ok. So I've working a lot with the elements, and I wanted to know how can we know which element we belong to the most? Plus, I need energy and motivation. I am manico-depressive. And during my downs moment, I just need some strength and bravery to stay out of my bed until it's bed time. Will you help me please? Thanks. 🕊

Hello. Thanks for writing to me! I myself have struggled with mental illness, so I might have an idea of difficult it can be, particularly the downswings! I’m not in your head, though, and I do realize that it’s a very individual thing, and your experience may be different than mine. In any case, I hope you’ve found people, including professionals, willing to help you through this. It can be extraordinarily difficult to get actual treatment for these things sometimes, because there’s so much stigma and also just a lack of people who understand.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t give medical advice. As someone who is both a witch and a survivor of mental illness, though, I will say that magic can be a helpful coping mechanism when combined with normal treatment, and the elements are great topic to focus on in magical practice. I’ve come to find that magick gives my life an extra layer of structure and stability and a sense of connection, which is helpful for some people. 

You mention a desire for strength and bravery. I’d wager you’re pretty brave already to be studying magick to begin with, but I realize it’s difficult to feel your own bravery sometimes. Now, many magicians and witches would probably tell you that if you’re interested in bravery and strength, you should work with fire exclusively, but I disagree. In my view, all the elements have qualities of strength and bravery. It’s a different kind of bravery with each, though, and a different kind of strength. 

Anyways, in my view, nobody is going to be entirely governed by one element or belong to just one. Nevertheless, concepts like personal elements exist for a reason, and at any given time, you can probably feel the forces of the all the elements at work within you. Yes, it is quite common for a person to have an elemental type (though it may change at various points in their life).  I would argue that there’s probably two elemental characteristics a person might try to discover about themselves at certain times - the element they currently inhabit, and the one they wish to move into or bring into their life more often.

Some believe a person’s astrological sun sign is a clue to their dominant element - for example, they might see someone born a Virgo as predisposed to Earth traits because Virgo is an Earth sign. Others take it further and will examine a person’s entire natal chart and the way the planets, etc. interact within it for signs of an element dominating. This approach has never really resonated with me, personally but it can be a good starting point for some folks.

The best method for determining your own elemental affinity is, in my opinion, simple self-examination and introspection. This can take many forms, but should probably begin just by studying all the elements and their relationship to the structure of the universe. I don’t recommend focusing on one in particular to start with,  but instead just reading, researching, and (perhaps most importantly) working with all of them as much as possible. The idea is to get a feel for the forces they embody and how they interact with your psyche right now, both as concepts and as actual physical matter. 

By “as concepts,” I mean developing connections not (just) with the physical things representing each element, but with the plethora of mental associations that exist for each, as well. This means that, to connect with (for example), water, I would recommend not simply interacting with water or ritual tools but doing research into the nature of emotion, which is strongly associated with water in the Western Magical Tradition. Similarly, connecting with air would involve more than burning incense (though doing that can be awesome, as well) - air is associated with intellect and swiftness, so exploring your intellectual side is helpful in understanding it.

This is not as well-known as it used to be, but some ancient peoples thought of the elements themselves as combinations of fundamental universal principles. In the image above, I discuss this. They tended to see each element as active or passive as well as categorizing them into mutable and fixed. 

I struggle a bit with certain elements (earth, mostly) and it does help sometimes to think of things this way. In terms of finding your element, you might ask yourself if you’re more active or passive. You might then explore whether you’re prone to change (mutable) or more consistent (fixed). You could then look into the elements associated with those categories in turn.

One thing that I found helpful over the years - scrying the elements. Most people think of scrying as fortunetelling, but the same technique can be used to explore a concept like an element.  As I described in the image above, I do believe each element as a medium has advantages in terms of particular scrying topics, but it is equally possible to just scry on the subject of the element’s place in your own life. I would recommend doing this with the element itself as a medium, if possible, but I realize not everyone can do that.

One technique for doing this would be to frame each scrying session as spirit communication and call on the spirits traditionally believed to rule over each element. You may have heard of entities called undines, sylphs, gnomes and salamanders - though they sound a bit fanciful, those are just terms for any spirit borne of a particular element. Undines are water-creatures, gnomes are associated with earth, sylphs are airy, and salamanders are fiery. All are often called “elementals.”

I’ve personally sought the four elemental kings, who are said to supervise these creatures, but there are other entities traditionally associated with each element, as well. I recommend this site for more information about them, but Wikipedia actually has a good overview, too. If you’re not much for scrying to communicate with specific spirits, you might try (as I said) just asking to receive knowledge regarding how a particular element is manifesting in your current life.

One thing worth remembering: even in the system of the ancients, the elements were far from the whole story in terms of how they described reality. In the diagram below, which resembles on seen in Robert Allen Bartlett’s book, Real Alchemy (credit where credit is due!), you can see how alchemists in particular developed the notion of elements in combination creating three essential forces: mercury, salt, and sulphur. These are concepts, not actual physical chemicals, though. You may actually find that one of these describes you better, thus implying you’d have dual elemental association at this point in time. I’ve met people who identified, for example, with mercury more than anything else.

I realize that if you’re experiencing anything like downswings (I’ve had ‘em before), this whole process can be difficult, though, but I don’t think it’s something to stress over. It might be helpful to just enjoy the elements in and of themselves for a while, if you can. I know that when I was depressed, I’d do things like burn candles, incense, or making tea, all exercises that could be magical if you see them right, but I didn’t force myself to think too much about deeper aspects of it again until I started getting better. No one knows you better than you, though, so I’d suggest experimenting to figure out what helps you feel better when these things happen. For me, it was just simple exercises that I didn’t put much thought into until later, but you’re a completely different person and might respond better to something else. I really wish you the best and hope things get better for you. 

General Guide To Common Korean Words Used In Fics 

Korean is used frequently in k-pop or k-drama fanfics. And while they do capture aspects of Korean culture that you can’t convey otherwise, I found there are common misconceptions about certain words or variations thereof. 

So I decided to make a small compilation of such terms to clarify what situations they are used in best! I hope you find it useful~

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How Snape should have acted to make Snape haters like him (let's just ignore the inconsistencies, shall we?)
  • Snape on the train in his first year: I want to be in Gryffindor! I definitely don't want to be sorted into the house my mum was sorted into, and that I've only heard good things about in my childhood!
  • Snape after being sorted into Slytherin: Hm, these other eleven-year-olds that were sorted into Slytherin will probably turn out to be horrible people! I shall not befriend them.
  • Snape in his fourth or fifth year: Okay, Lily, so we've been drifting apart for years because you were sorted into the same house as my bullies, but now you want me to ask one of my friends, one who still regularly hangs out with me, to stop bully a Gryffindor? And you also want me to stop hanging out with him, as well as all my other friends in Slytherin? Of course I will! That's a completely reasonable request!
  • Snape in his fifth year: I'm sixteen years old, I'm terribly insecure, I was just sexually harassed, but of course I keep a cool head and thank Lily cordially for rescuing me in front of half the school. Thank you, Lily.
  • Snape at some point in his later Hogwarts years: Thank you, James, for saving my life! Oh, and of course I don't blame Sirius for this. I'm sure it was just a big mistake on his part, sending me down to a bloodthirsty werewolf. Yeah, of course giving him a detention is punishment enough, it was only a mistake, I understand that.
  • Snape throughout his school years: Four people bully me at every given opportunity for no real reason? Of course I won't get back at them when I can! Honestly, what do you take me for? No, no, no. I'll just take the bullying silently for seven years, as a good boy.
  • Snape after graduating: Hm, what should I do now? Join the handsome, charismatic Slytherin that all my friends are going to join, and whom I've heard good things about for the last seven years? And who also promises me power, influence and resources beyond my imagination? Or should I join Dumbledore, a Gryffindor who basically only recruits Gryffindors and the odd Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, and who a couple of years back threatened me with expulsion if I told anyone that one of his Gryffindors had tried to kill me? And who also thinks that people like my father and Lily's sister should be treated with respect? Well, obviously I should join Dumbledore! That's really obvious.
  • Snape when overhearing the prophecy: Ok, so I have no idea what this really means, but if I tell Voldemort then maybe he'll give me a better position! Lol, jk, of course I won't do the logical thing and tell him.
  • Snape when hearing that the prophecy is about Lily's baby: My lord, please don't kill Lily! Also, don't kill her husband or child, because ... you know ... it would be awful of me to only ask for the survival of the one in that family I care about.
  • Snape when asking Dumbledore to protect Lily: I'm frightened and desperate, because the only person who I ever really cared about is on Voldemort's death list, but I will make sure to explicitly ask you to save the whole Potter family. It would, again, be awful of me to only ask for the survival of the one I care about, even though I'm so frightened right now I don't even know what I'm saying.
  • Snape when Lily dies: I am an introvert who has a very hard time emotionally bonding with people, but when I do, those bonds are stronger than anything else. The only person I've ever emotionally bonded with is Lily, but as she is now dead, I will completely let her go, because that is definitely something I am capable of. I will keep putting my life on the line for the side of the light, not because I want to honour Lily's momory and protect her son, but because it's simply the right thing to do.
  • Snape when starting to teach: Half my classroom is filled with the children of Death Eaters and Voldemort supporters, and the other half is filled with Gryffindors. I shall, of course, treat all of them fairly! That makes perfect sense!
  • Snape when Harry arrives: Hello, Harry. You look exactly like your father, who used to bully me resentlessly, except that your eyes are hauntingly similar to your mother's. She was the only person I ever cared about, and she died because I overheard a prophecy about you. Also, you're in the house that has handed me one awful thing in life after another. Oh, and you're the arch enemy of the man I'm supposedly loyal to. Come here, and give me a hug!
  • Snape to Neville: I'm teaching a subject in which a single mistake could be fatal, and you haven't managed to brew one potion correctly yet without Miss Granger's help. It's sheer luck that you haven't blown us all up by now. Of course, little Gryffindor, am I going to guide you gently to become better at Potions. I mean, it's obviously my teaching methods that decide whether you can follow the simplest instruction or not. It's not, oh I don't know, the fact that you lack anything and everything reminiscent of talent in this subject. Of course not.
  • Snape in Harry's third year: Lupin! The werewolf who used to ignore that I was bullied throughout school by his friends, who is risking every student in this school by working here, and who's clearly helping Sirius, the man who bullied me and once tried to kill me, before he actually went and killed 13 people. What, you think I'm going to bring you two in? No, of course not! I'll help you out, despite that I'm convinced one of you is a mass murderer, and the other one is willing to help said mass murderer.
  • Snape in the beginning of Harry's sixth year: Nope. I will not take the Unbreakable Vow. Yes, I know this means that one of Voldemort's most trusted Death Eaters will lose all faith in me, and will tell her Master so, but nonetheless, I will not take the Unbreakable Vow.
  • Snape in the end of Harry's sixth year: Okay, Dumbledore, I know that I promised to kill you, I know I've taken an Unbreakable Vow to do so, and I know that if I don't kill you, I will die from breaking the Unbreakable Vow, and you will also die a painful death very, very soon. But of course I won't kill you, that would be awful. Instead I will take out as many Death Eaters as possible, before the Unbreakable Vow takes my life.

Fleur snuggled further into her pillow, she did not want to wake up. Her muscle felt sore but she was content for some reason. She heard some shuffling in her room. She kept her eyes closed but listened intently. When she heard it again in one swift motion she sat up, grabbed her wand from the nightstand where she always left it and pointed it in the direction of the noise.

She was taken aback when she saw that the culprit was none other than Hermione Granger who was staring back at her.

She saw the girl’s gaze dropped to her chest and jaw clench before turning to put on her heels. She looked down to see her bare body but did nothing to cover it.

She glanced at Hermione who had her dress on but her hair was a mess. She could only ponder what Hermione was doing in her room.

It all came flooding back.

The ball. Hermione leaving the ball crying. She had ran after her. A conversation, a kiss and invitation to Fleur’s room. And now the morning after.

She watched as Hermione shook her head and continue to look for her belongings. “This cannot happen again.”

“Excuse me?” Fleur frowned in confusion.

“This was a mistake.” Hermione stated harshly. Her gaze was anywhere but at Fleur.

“That’s not what you said last night when I-”

“I know,” Hermione cut her off, “I was there and I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I thought-”

“Whatever you thought was wrong.” Hermione snapped as she grabbed her wand. With a scowl on her face, she walked out of the room.

Fleur exhaled deeply when the door slammed shut. She probably shouldn’t have rushed into things and now Hermione was upset. The girl was stubborn, a quality Fleur admired, but so was Fleur.


The sight of curly brown hair caught Fleur’s attention. With a quick goodbye to her friends she dashed across the school grounds trailing behind the girl.

“Hermione!” She called out.

The girl stopped and turned around but upon seeing who it was, she shot a seething look in Fleur’s direction and continued waking away in a faster pace.

Fleur frowned but refused to be deterred. Picking up her pace she caught up up to the girl. “Hermione!”

The younger witch stopped with a stomp of her foot and if the anger want directed at her, fleur would have found the action amusing.

Arms crossed accompanied with a glare Hermione snapped, “What Fleur?”

“You’ve been avoiding.” Fleur started calmly, she was not going to be scared off.

“And you haven’t gotten the hint.”

“I was hoping we could talk.”

“No Fleur, I just want to forget everything.” The anger was gone from Hermione’s fight but her resolve had not deterred.

“Hermione please.” Fleur begged.

“No.” With a shake of her head, Hermione walked away.

Fleur stayed in the same spot, letting the cold envelope her body. She watched until Hermione figured disappeared into the castle.

“I’m not going to give up.”


Adjusting her dress, Fleur stood from the Ravenclaw table. Her friends flamed at her curiously as she made her way over to the Gryffindor table. She had given Hermione a few days to process the events and a few for herself to come up with a plan but now it was time to face reality.

“Hello Hermione.” She greeted with a smile.

Hermione scowled while refusing to acknowledge Fleur. She continued eating her food as I’d nothing happened. Harry looked curiously at both girls while Ron stared at fleur, mouth hanging open.

“Hi Fleur.” Harry smiled politely.

“Hello Monsieur Potter, Monsieur Weasley.” Fleur greeted Hermione’s friend, distaste covered her face when the latter turned red and sputtered something unintelligible.

She returned her gaze back to Hermione. “I was wondering if we could speak Hermione.”

“I’m kind of busy.” She muttered still refusing to look at Fleur.

Fleur’s patience was done. Her lips drew into a thin line. They would talk even if the outcome was not what she desired. “Okay then I guess we’ll talk here in front of your friends.”

Hermione paled and stood up abruptly. “Let’s go.”

She grabbed her bag and headed out of the great hall without waiting for Fleur.

Fleur muttered a farewell to the confused boys and rushed after the Hermione.

They had barely made it out of the castle when Hermione spun on her heels to face Fleur. I look of annoyance marred her features.

“What do you want?” Hermione’s tone was icy but Fleur was not one to be intimidated. She loved a challenge.

“To talk.” She said simply.

“Fine, then talk let’s get this over with.” Hermione huffed.

“Was it really that bad?” Fleur asked.

Hermione closed her eyes briefly and exhaled deeply. “No but it shouldn’t have happened. I’m only fifteen, I have priorities, my education being one of them.”

“I apologize for my persistence. But I do not regret our night together. If you wish to forget it, I will not mention it. All I ask is that you let me be your friend.”

“Friend?” Hermione’s face scrunched in confusion.

“Oui.” Fleur affirmed with a gentle smile.

“Why would you want to be my friend?” Hermione asked, not used to people wanting to befriend her.

Fleur smiled, happy with the direction the conversation was taking. “You are intriguing, intelligent, passionate among other things. What’s not to like about a beautiful girl like you.”

“I-” The girl looked dumbfounded.

“Is it because I’m a veela?” Fleur played the part and looked offended.

“No!” Hermione was quick to object. “Of course not, I’m a muggleborn witch. I know what it’s like to be judge because of your blood.”

“Then why would you deny someone friendship, have I offended you somehow?” Fleur pretended to look sad.

She had to hold back a smile when she saw Hermione’s resistance was crumbling.

“No Fleur.” Hermione sighed in defeat. “I guess we can be friends.”

“Fantastic! Then as friends I invite you to hang out with me this hogsmeade trip.” Fleur blurted out, her happiness sincere.

“What?” Hermione stuttered caught off guard.

“It’s what friends do non?” Fleur was quick to defend her invitation.

“Yes but-”

Fleur’s smile was full blast as she cut off the girl. “I’ll meet you at the front gate by 11. We can walk there together.”

Hermione began to protest, “Wait I-”

Fleur cut her off once more making sure the girl had no opportunity to refuse the offer. “Great see you then!”

She gave a shocked Hermione a quick hug, catching the blush the crept up the girl’s neck. She went back into the great hall grinning all the way. Surely but slowly she would win the girl’s heart and if not at least she would give it her best.

etoiles (chapter one)

chapter title: Cinderella
words: 7.5k
story summary: By day, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste are the newest rising stars at the Paris Opera Ballet, dealing with the pressures of life as professional dancers and the blossoming feelings they have for each other. But by night, they become Ladybug and Chat Noir, the dynamic dancing duo who must fight to save the people of Paris from the illusions of the maestro of emotions, Hawk Moth.

AO3 | FF

a/n: It’s here!!!! My ballet AU, two months in the making, is finally here! I’m so excited to finally be sharing this with all of you, it’s been a long time coming and there’s a long road ahead, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Shout out to all the folks who inspired me to write this, created beautiful art, spread the word, kept me excited, motivated me and listened to me rant! I hope it lives up to your expectations! ♥ @gabzilla-z @syrva @min-xie @sarahcada @miraculer  @metawohoo @brettanomycroft @starrycove @matchaball @clairelutra @buglad @korrawr 

Les petits rats, they called the ballet students affectionately—the little rats of the Paris Opera Ballet School, for the rapid pitter-patter of their feet on the rehearsal dance floor. Days started early for the little rats, waking up at 6:45 am and continuing, nonstop, until 9pm, when it was lights out.

It was a strict and disciplined lifestyle, fiercely competitive and only kind to those rare few who possessed both natural talent and mental perseverance in spades.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng was one such dancer.

By the age of six, it was clear to everyone in her family that she was destined to be a ballerina, and when she was accepted to the Paris Opera Ballet School at the age of eight, everyone was elated.

For the past nine years, she had worked harder than everyone else in her cohort combined, landing soloist roles in each of the annual showcases, working through every injury and sore muscle with a combination of sheer will and grit. It was her dream to become an Etoile at the Paris Opera Ballet, and she was convinced that with enough hard work, someday, she would get there. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey dude I've been following your blog for a while and you got some really cool animations. I myself am trying to learn how to animate but I don't know where to start. So my question to you is where do I start to learn how to animate? Like are there any books I should read or tutorials you would recommend. Thanks for your time man I really apreciate it.

First off, thanks for the compliment and thanks for following me!

I don’t really think there’s any one way, but…

As far as books go, I’d say Preston Blair’s Advanced Animation is probably the best place to start. The name’s pretty misleading- It atcually starts form the very basics. It’s where I started when I started getting more serious about animation, and I’d say it has probably been my biggest help. Learning good construction skills has helped me tremendously with my animation and art. You may have a lot of awesome ideas in your mind, but that won’t help much if you can’t translate them to paper (or tablet, or whatever you may use).  Learn about construction, how lines and features wrap around forms, clear and distinct poses, perspective, etc. Don’t trace the examples, but make your own copies of them step by step and compare them to the images given. Your copies don’t have to be perfect- what’s most important is that you’re learning how and why something looks the way it does.

When I first started copying I made the mistake of trying to make my drawings look exactly the same as in the book, causing frequent frustation. I’d spend forever on one drawing, not really absorbing and understanding what the goal was. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be careless about it… You do want them to look close. Just make sure to go step by step, checking your progress along the way. You’ll get better the farther you go.

You might have taken a look at those pages and thought “Well, that’s interesting and all, but I don’t exactly plan on drawing these old ‘40s Disney-style characters any time soon…”

That’s totally understandable and perfect because the next step is to use the tools you learned from copying those drawings and apply them to your own drawings. After all, what’s the point in copying and learning all those principles if you aren’t going to use 'em? I’d also recommend some life drawing every once in a while. Draw people and objects and learn what things actually do look like and not just what you think they look like. Once again, apply these principles to your own drawings.

Like I said before, though, there’s no one way. That’s just the way I happened to learn. Some people can pull off amazing drawings and animation without a bit of construction!

As for learning actual animation… Watch and study the best! Take influence from both classic and modern animation. I love watching old Warner Brothers cartoons- especially those by Bob Clampett, Tex Avery, and Chuck Jones- and seeing how skillfully they move their characters. I also love anime, too. There are TONS of talented Japanese animators with unique styles and techniques. I have so many favorites I can’t even list them all, but SakugaBooru (occasional 18+ content there so beware) has a huge selection of awesome animation gifs and webms from just about everybody. Whenever you get a chance, browse around the site. Watch and analyze different animators’ works and study the underlying principles. Learn to recognize what’s great and what isn’t. Go frame by frame and see how things move, then try it out for yourself. If possible, check out rough animation too. Preston Blair also goes a little bit into animation (walk cycles, squash and stretch, etc.) later on in his book. I’ve also heard a lot of people recommend The Animator’s Survival Kit, but I haven’t really taken a look at it.

So, yeah, this is a big post coming from somebody who hasn’t had any type of formal training. Please don’t take my advice as the end-all be-all (…is that right?) Everything I’ve learned about animation so far has come from the internet, and I’m still just scratching the surface. There are still tons of things that I need learn and get better at (walk cycles still scare the heck out of me), but I’m going for it. Just look around and explore, both here on Tumblr and the rest of the internet. There’s quite a bit of treasure out there.

Some random tips and stuff:

-When animating, start with the basic forms first. Animating something that has a lot of details can be tricky and I find it easy to lose myself. Starting with the simple parts helps a bunch.

-This is probably just me, but I seem to have some sort of issue when it comes to erasing parts of a drawing. I tend to just draw over it, and over time that gets messy. Soo…. er, don’t be afraid to erase.

-If you’re making a project that’s a bit longer or more complicated than the usual gif or something, have a plan. Srsly. Storyboards help. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Miscellaneous recommendations:

-John K Stuff. Say what you will about him, but he gives solid drawing advice. Tons of information here that has also been a huge help in my learning. Also has some great animation lessons. I’d recommend it for those 16+, though.

-Animation Resources. They have the whole Preston Blair book uploaded.

I hope that wasn’t too long. If you or anybody else has any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

anonymous asked:

I just replayed dragon age and got so obsessed so PLEASE TELL ME YOUR PREDICTIONS FOR DRAGON AGE 4 AND thank you I love you and your art work is some of the best I've seen on tumblr

Hi hi Anon! Awe thanks for the compliment!! Though, I hope you realise what you’ve unleashed by asking this, hahahaha

My ‘dream’ is that we will get to play the Inquisitor again, and the story line will be a continuation of their events. See, there’s a rumour going around that Hawke from DA2 was initially penned with the idea of being a ‘carry-over’ protagonist; similar to how Mass Effect has Shepard. However, since DA2 received a bit of shade after release, it’s said that they decided Hawke wasn’t beloved enough to be a new Shepard and might risk the sales of future DA releases. So, with that in mind, some people have suggested that the Inquisitor could carry that torch instead. Single-handedly. The missing arm would in fact act more like a weapons slot, making for unique crafting and battle tactics. I know it’s hopeful, but I truly enjoyed the Inquisitor and would look forward to more interactions with them and their bestest companions.

I have another crack pot theory that the next game will have an event that will take us through history and perhaps bear witness to the most influential moments in Thedas. Something that will blow our mind (FF7 Nibelheim style). I theorise that Andraste and the Chantry are actually a false faced religion, and we might see the truth of that. See, Maferath is often cast in to shadow as a terrible husband for betraying Andraste and ultimately conspiring against her. But what if Andraste was actually possessed? Maferath and Hessarian were actually the heroes of the era? And when Hessarian swung the fatal blow against Andraste… whatever was inside of her (Old God? Forgotten One?) ghosted in to him. This is why he did a 180 and carried on her work after her death. So in the end, it may have been a terrible tragedy. Queue romantic pangs of torture.

Oh… and the companion the Inquisitor left in the Fade? I think we’ll be seeing them again. And perhaps they will be the guide that leads our protagonist to memories such as the one above.

My bet is that the next game will occur in the more ‘northern’ areas of the map – Tevinter, Rivain, and perhaps Par Vollen. The idea of going ‘north’ might lead to some interesting reveals. We have yet to cross paths with the Kossith and the Fex, so there’s an exciting chance such an encounter might happen. They are both very old races and information of them is sparse. They might possess some knowledge or enlightenment, or perhaps just attempt to get involved in the conflict rather than stay idle.

Of course, given the events of Inquisition + Trespasser, I suspect that the revelations made after Solas’ reveal will be a key element in the conflicts our next protagonist will face. While the initial conflict may appear to be ‘pro-rebellion’ or 'anti-rebellion’ with a bit of Tevinter politics to taste… I think a greater catalyst will thrust the story in a different direction. Something to do with the Wardens or the Fex, perhaps… and something absolutely catastrophic looms on the horizon. It’s so terrible, this catastrophic thing, that you may actually be tempted to agree with Solas and destroy everything (choosing the lesser evil). Rise of an Old God? All the Old Gods? At once? You may have to help the world powers make a choice. 'Reset’ the world by taking down the Veil and hoping for the best, or putting in your all and overcoming whatever it is.

Of course there’s also my theory that the Old Gods are actually sleeping dragons meant as seals to keep the Pantheon (or worse) tucked away. So we’ll see if that has any merit. If they’re destroyed/killed, the big bad is set loose either way, yeah?

Sorry for the wall of text! I like discussing theory. The most fun part, of course, is when you finally get to play the game and see how close or far off you actually were. I’d be interested to hear other people’s theories, too!

mr-tinkle  asked:

Reaction fic. All those killed in the killing game watch the rest of it in that lil theater, and react to it lol You can get some closure with it lol

A/N I’ve been waiting for DR3 to end just so I could do this prompt, I tried to put in everyone, if I missed out anyone do tell me!

Afterlife Theater - homage to eveyone who died

“It’s over already?”

Meanwhile, in a world separate from the living, those who passed on early watched as the world continued moving without them.

“BORING!!” Junko shouted and threw popcorn at the screen. “Laaame! Boo! Total cop-out of an ending!” She shot harsh criticism one after another mixed in with crude remarks. “Plot? What plot? This didn’t make sense at all!”

“Junko, we’re not supposed to be noisy. There are others watching too.” Mukuro whispered in embarrassment.

“Huh?! Like I give a fuck!” She yelled back even louder just to mock her. “Besides, anything I say is way better than this bullshit on screen!”

“Shut up you ugly woman.” Yasuke reprimanded her sharply, his eyes were focused and never left the screen. “Don’t make me knock you out again.”

“Kyaaah! Public humiliation! How kinky of you!” Junko squealed in delight.

“Could you say that again, big sis? Oh, and put in some more fanservice while you’re at it.” Yuuto commented as he eagerly stuffed another piece of bread in his mouth.

“Inappropriate behavior is unsuited for the theatrical environment. I request that you cease this at once.” Ishimaru scolded the noisy bunch.

“Yeah, man. Keep it down will ya?!” Mondo shouted at them.

“Well she does have good reason to be outraged.” Celes quietly commented with a neutral expression. “This just seems too happy of an ending given what we’ve all had to go through.”

“Dude, you know what would have made this better?” Leon asked no one in particular and so he also answered his own question with a longing sigh. “If we were all alive and with them too.”

A heavy silence fell on them inside the theater.

“Well… It can’t be helped.” Sayaka was the first to speak up. “There’s no way we could cross over. We’re dead after all.”

“A deus ex machina? That’s an even worse ending! I refuse such low quality plot!” Yamada voiced out his protest.

“But just because we’re dead doesn’t mean there’s no reason for us to rejoice for them.” Sakura’s calm and reassuring voice echoed throughout the theater and it had the soothing effect of dissolving the tension.

“That’s right! Even if I’m stuck here, I’m so happy that I won’t be seeing my sis for a while.” Yuta declared with a huge grin on his face. For someone who was dead, he looked very much alive.

“Seeing them alive makes me feel happy more than jealous.” Chihiro smiled as well. “I’m so glad that we got a happy ending.”

“Happy ending my face!” Ruruka objected from the back seat. “Do you know how much suffering I had to go through? And these guys get to live but not me?? Talk about favoritism!” She cried out exasperatedly.

“Ruruka, please calm down.” Seiko anxiously tried to pacify her friend. “I know you’re still upset but it’s already over.”

“It’s useless. She’s been ranting about it all this time. Just let her talk it out.” Izayoi said as he then nonchalantly ate another macaroon.

“You’re not the only one who suffered you know.” Bandai let out a long sigh. “I didn’t even last one hour after the game started.”

“…Sorry about that.” Sakakura promptly apologized. “I didn’t know it at that time but still, that got you killed. Sorry…”

“It’s okay. I’m not as mad anymore.” He then smiled knowingly. “Not when I know why you’re always so grouchy and frustrated.”

“W-What’s that–”

“Juzo~” Chisa slung an arm over his shoulders. “Look, it’s Kyosuke on the screen. Aren’t you glad that he’s alive?” She smiled and then her face softened as she offered her most sincere gratitude. “Thank you. If it weren’t for you, he would’ve been here with us.”

“Tch. You don’t need to thank me. You would have done the same thing if our roles were switched.” He looked away for a moment and then when his eyes met hers, there was an unspoken understanding between them. “Wasn’t it you who said that you could die for him?”

“I did, didn’t I?” She softly said and then almost jumped from her seat as she pouted at him. “Ah, but you beat me to it! No fair!”

“Well I wasn’t about to let him die on my watch.” He chuckled and then scoffed. “And had he died there then I would have punched the old man here.”

“My, someone’s full of energy now isn’t he? Ahaha!” Tengan laughed heartily.

“If you’re going to have some fun then count me in.” Great Gozu bellowed from his seat, ready for some action.

“Everyone’s getting along just fine~” Gekkogahara remarked through Monomi.

“Not a bad ending, don’t you think?” Kizakura commented as he drank his liquor.

“It’s the best we could have ever hoped for in the midst of all this despair.” Jin seconded as he too downed his drink.

And beside Chisa sat Nanami who had been watching here the longest. “Everyone did their best and so a miracle was created out of everyone’s hopes.” She smiled softly as the scene showed her friends with bright and hopeful smiles. “I think I can wait a little while longer until we can play a game together again.”

And with that, the curtains of this theater closes while the screen continues to play. A world without them continues to move. But even so, they still hope for those on the other side. This wasn’t the end, at least not for those still alive. There’s still the future. A future that they could shape as they want it to.

And for those who have passed early on, they will be here in this theater, eagerly watching this new future take shape.

anonymous asked:

I know this is cliche but I needed a love triangle to develop my plot. I've already decided who ends up with who but I don't know how to make the triangle itself more interesting until the twist at the end. Any tips?

Hi! Here’s some advice I found on writing love triangles in general:




Love triangles are risky ground. They’ve been done a lot, and sometimes just seem really unnecessary. Take The Hunger Games for example. Potential spoiler Honestly, the love triangle between Gale, Katniss, and Peeta wasn’t even well written. We all knew who Katniss would end up with, and there was that totally “tie up the loose ends” kind of thing going on with how Gale’s story ended. I would’ve liked it much better if Gale had simply remained a close friend of Katniss. Spoilers over My point in bringing this up is that I want you to ask yourself “Do I really need a love triangle?”.

I feel like a lot of books these days (or at least YA ones) are lacking in the friendship department. There’s so much focus on romance that friendships are kicked to the curb. Does it have to be the traditional love triangle, or can one of the characters just be really close friends with the MC? What if they’re both people who love the MC platonically but have different views on what’s best for the MC?

Okay, so if this hasn’t stopped the love triangle train*, then here’s some things you can do to make it less cliche/ more interesting/ just be better in general:

1. Avoid the typical two guys going after one girl. Really, anything other than that would make it less cliche.

2. Don’t have the MC end up with #2 or #3 of the triangle. Maybe #2 and #3 fall in love, or everyone realizes they’re better off alone.

3. Don’t make who the MC ends up with obvious (if you go that route). This is a given.

4. Develop the MC’s relationship with #2 and #3 equally.

5. Please don’t make one the “dark and broody, but also an arrogant jerk” stereotype. It makes you hate the MC for even considering this person.

5 ½. No bad boy vs boy next door/ best friend. I’m begging you.

6. Make your readers question who they would prefer out of #2 and #3 without making them have identical personalities.

7. Have #2 and #3 both make mistakes and screw up.

8. Instead of #2 and #3 constantly protecting/saving the MC, have the MC help them.

9. Have #2 and #3 become friends instead of entertaining jealously and bitterness between each other. This is interesting because while they both want the MC, they don’t want to hurt each other either.

10. If either other 2/3 of the love triangle is possesive/controlling of the MC, I instantly hate them.

11. Insta love is a huge no no.

12. I’ve been treating the MC as the one being persued by #2 and #3, but what if you told the story from the POV of #2 or #3? That’s a rare take on love triangles.

13. #2 and #3 should have their own lives and struggles outside of their relationship with the MC.

*It may sound like I hate love triangles, but I don’t. I just think they’re really hard to pull off and energy focused on them could be spent on better parts of a story.

I answered a recent ask about a love story and included some information about romantic subplots that I think could be helpful to you. If you look up “romantic subplot” into my blog’s search engine, it should be the only post.

I hope that helped :)

Jungkook Wings Album ‘Thanks To...’

Scan credit to verni1230 on twitter ~

(Please take out with credits to jeonheart@tumblr if you use! Apologies for any mistakes or spelling errors I made! Feel free to correct me if there are any)

Jungkook Thanks To…

Our family that is one-of-a-kind under the sky

My mom, dad, and older brother

Even if I normally act indifferent, please understand that I’m not like that inside, haha.

I’ll call a lot and send you lots of pictures. Even if I don’t listen to you (?) I’m still your son.

Thank you for always being my strength. I love you.

Jeon Hasa-nim [his brother]… Well, you can suffer, haha.

I’m joking. You’ll probably be leaving the military soon. Before you do, come out and think about what you’ll do [afterwards]. I’d like to have a meal with you soon.

[Continued under cut]

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amigoingbananas  asked:

HELLO! Can you pretty please write something about an SLBP lord (you can choose who) with this prompt "And you've given me the best gift that I've ever known. You give me purpose everyday" Thank you~

Jess~~ I know I told you I had this one in mind for Masamune, but.. buutttt… I can’t help myself. I’m sorry >.< I hope you’d like it still though~ *contains spoilers from Mitsunari’s route*

“You have to go.”

I could hear the weakness in her straining voice. When did it ever, when did it start – that my soul had been hearing a voice other than Hideyoshi’s?Nagahama was in disarray, most of us retainers have been rushing back and forth, taking our orders, and defending the stronghold. Men were frantic, their cries reaching my ears, but their words indistinct, or so I think, because the only words that mattered to me were hers.

“Where the hell is Lord Mitsunari?! We’re going to the front!”

I looked over my shoulder, my eyebrows coming together above my nose. Dammit. Wait. Despite the urgency, I couldn’t force myself to move, and I gripped on the door frame in frustration. I had sworn to myself, to serve my lord until I die; and I have always been prepared to do so, to the point that those around me found it ridiculous.

But you see, Hideyoshi saved me. He pulled me out of the darkness that was eating my heart since the day I found what I was, and that my mother and I were cast aside for it. But now…

Her breathing, labored in between fits of cough, shook me out of my thoughts, and I rushed over to her side.

“Lord… Mitsunari…”

I took her hand in mine, surprised at the unusual coldness of her touch. Where did her warmth go? She had been sick in bed for days, the doctor said she was having signs of pneumonia, but there was nothing to worry about. I knew that. I read about it in books, but I cannot help think of it going worse. I wanted to send her off to Kyoto, but the sudden outbreak of this battle didn’t allow me the liberty to run off, and bother Hideyoshi more than I needed to.

“Don’t talk, just rest.” I said, my tone half-angry and half-concerned, that she laughed.

“I’ll be fine.” Even in pain, she smiled, sustaining the light in her eyes. “Lord Hideyoshi needs you, so go. I’ll be here waiting for you, so you better come back.”

I said nothing in reply, but squeezed her hand, an affirmation of an unspoken promise.

“Milord! We can’t hold them off much longer!”

I smelled blood in the air as the retainer rattled on the door, and it had me weigh the severity of our situation. I slowly let go of her hand as I chuckled. For quite some time back then, I laughed at stupid men wasting their time on love – those who have written poems of affection, adorning her with words fitting of a goddess. It was laughable, as I have believed that there was no love greater than that of service. But look at yourself now, Mitsunari.

I couldn’t tell her I was afraid to lose her.

When my mother died, I had almost abandoned all hope for my humanity. It was like I was thrown back into the darkest of my days, my reason for living taken away, and I would have been better off dead myself. But she…

She held my hand, and believed I would find something I can live for. “We’ll look for it together, Lord Mitsunari.”

Together…huh? Little did she know, I found the reason that day… and it was her.


We were victorious, thanks to Hideyoshi’s leadership, and as much as I hate to admit it, we had help from Oda’s little puppy.

The aftermath was quite a scene, I had a few cuts myself, all that reduced to mere mosquito bites after I spotted her by the gates, her face, bright, in contrast to how ashen she was days before. I felt washed with both relief and exhaustion that I fell into her arms.

That night I woke up feeling better, but I snap as I saw her awake right next to me.

“You could’ve saved me the trouble if you got better before I left, woman.” I said, not entirely meaning to, but that was how my words usually went. She laughed, her voice sounding like music to my ears. Good she’s quite herself again.

“And you came back, so I’m just happy.”

I smirk at her honesty. I made room for her on my bedding as she told me how the day went by me while I was knocked out cold. That night we slept soundly, knowing that there are hopes that become reality, and my heart confessing that she has given me the best gift that I’ve ever known, and that she gives me purpose every day.

First of all, I wanna thank satan for making it possible for me reach this number. This took a while for me to post because I was too lazy and too busy to get around it. I’m nearing 700 now. Second of all, I wanna question why everyone chose to follow such a shit blog like this. Though I am mostly thankful to everyone that did. Thank you for tolerating me on your dashes even though my presence has been scarce and I rarely get to reply back to any of you. Getting to RP someone like Nyx has certainly been a fun and emotional experience for me. He’s given my RPing hobby a second chance on a lease of life. And I wanna thank everyone who’s given me a chance to RP with them too. You are all lovely.

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Euphoria (fluff)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I was trying to update “Jeffrey’s Hill” but I was listening to “Beautiful” by Baekhyun and “Beautiful” by EXO and then my imagination ran wild … and this came to mind. I’ll be updating “Jeffrey’s Hill” soon though! This is just a cute little one shot because I’m ultimate Suho trash. 

MEMBER/GROUP: Kim Junmyeon/Suho 

GENRE: FLUFF. IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIEEE!! (If you got that reference just know you’re amazing and imagine me handing you pizza. I LOBE YOU!) 

DISCLAIMER: The GIF below is not mine. Credits go to the person who made it! Thank you! 

Your name: submit What is this?


You couldn’t process it. A whole year without him. Without his cute smile, tight hugs, caring whispers and gentle cuddles. A whole year without his silly Dad jokes that never failed you crack you up. A whole year without waking up next to him and giggling at the sleepy smile he always wore. 

A whole year without Junmyeon, and you’d survived. 

At first, the days seemed to roll by tantalizingly slow. You’d stare at the clock, hoping time would take pity on you and fast forward to the moment you’d reunite. Several days, you had to remind yourself he was gone, and that it would be a while before he returned. It was hard being in denial. 

Then you just grew really angry. How could SM do that to you? You knew they wouldn’t approve of your relationship, but you didn’t think they’d go as far as separating you two for a whole year. Why were they so cruel? It was his life, shouldn’t he have a say in the matter? You’d spend several nights typing up angry emails to the managers, only to end up deleting them later on. You couldn’t bring yourself to lash out at them, despite the anger you felt. The last thing you wanted was to go against a company with an intimidating amount of power. 

Once you realised you couldn’t bring Junmyeon back sooner, you felt an indescribable sadness. He wasn’t allowed you to contact you, so you couldn’t even bask in the comfort of his cute, cheesy texts. He was completely cut off; and you were forced to accept it. Some nights you’d struggle to fall asleep, thinking of everything you wanted that you couldn’t have: his back hugs, soft hums, gentle voice singing you to sleep, the feeling of his fingers woven through the gaps between yours and the glimmer in his eyes when you told him you loved him. 

You just missed him. So much. 

You had also tried contacting the other members to see if you could speak to him somehow, but they never answered. SM had gotten to them too. You’d eventually lost count of the days and nights you’d spent in tears, wondering what you’d done wrong. Was it wrong to fall in love? 

Finally, after months of denying it, being angry about it, shedding tears over it, you’d had enough. If Junmyeon could cope, you had to do the same. Your life couldn’t end with this silly year gap. You reached out to friends. You hung out at coffee shops, quiet streets, rain scented parks. You spent more time finishing all the drafts you possibly could, and had even piqued the interest of a publisher. You had then proceeded to work on a novel, and that was what sped up time. 

Days went by and you didn’t notice, too engrossed in perfecting characters, fixing plot holes and correcting spelling errors. To add a bit of humorous irony, your publication date was set a week before he got back. But you didn’t notice, you had to make sure everything was right. Nothing could ruin this. This was your first novel, and it meant a lot to you. 

Nothing could take that feeling of euphoria away. It saved you when you found out Junmyeon’s return would be delayed. It saved you when you found out the company had attempted to set him up with another idol. It saved you when you read the headlines, confirming the new couple. It saved you from getting your hopes up when they called it off, and it saved you when you realised he had changed his number. 

Little did you know, Junmyeon was fighting day and night to return to you. 

“Wow, ‘Breathe’, a novel by Y/N, has sold over a million copies, and is currently a dominating best seller! The story revolves around sixteen year old Brea Farren, who sees the ghost of her deceased best friend, and has to live with the imaginary phantom’s torment until she finally learns to let go. The book has received a huge amount of love and support from the teenage demographic, who claim to have easily related to the character’s feeling of being lost and confused. It is now famous in schools all over the world, and is changing many lives and helping many deal with grief.” 

The interviewer, Pauline White, grinned at the camera. “We have the mastermind behind the book here today, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Y/N!” 

The audience cheered as you entered, taking a seat opposite Pauline. “Good morning!” She grinned. “How are you feeling today, Y/N?” 

“Great!” You smiled at the cameras, genuinely feeling your heart lift. “I’m still in shock over the recent news, it’s unbelievable!”

Pauline laughed. “How so? Your writing style is beautiful, it made me cry! I think over the course of their lives, everyone goes through some kind of loss. What was the inspiration behind the book? Did you lose someone the way Brea did?” 

“No, I think my character’s suffering was an exaggeration of mine, really,” you responded. “I did lose someone, but not to death.” 

“Ooh, are you perhaps referring to Kim Junmyeon?” 

You simply grinned in response. “I didn’t even realise I was using the story as a closure to my suffering, it was just a sudden realisation once I started reading all the comments. People were telling me they’d grown to accept losses that weren’t close to death, and that despite everything I’d put my character through, her perseverance and strength inspired them.” 

“Is Brea Farren another version of you?” 

You laughed and shook your head. “No! Never, I could never survive what Brea did. She’s a strong one, for sure.” 

“Towards the end of the book, Brea reunites with a friendlier version of her best friend. Is this an indication of your reunion with your special someone?” Pauline winked at you, and you giggled. “No, there hasn’t been a reunion in my life yet, the ending was more plot beneficial.” 

“Yet? There’s no reunion yet?” 

“Wow, that’s all you could focus on?” 

“You two were the cutest couple ever! I can’t help the excitement, Y/N! A writer and a singer, it’s beautiful.”

“Thank you, Pauline.” You gave her a warm smile. “That’s really sweet of you.” 

Unbeknownst to you, Junmyeon sat in his room, watching you intently. He’d just gotten back, and he had been advised to get some rest, but the second he’d heard you’d be on T.V, all thoughts of sleep were out the window. He hadn’t seen you in a year. 

When he saw you walk out, his heart leaped. You looked stunning, your hair was longer and it was tied back. You were dressed casually, but you pulled it off so well. You wore a cute beige jumper over a black, collared shirt, paired with ripped, white jeans. He smiled at the sight of your favourite Converse, knowing you’d opt for those. 

Once he heard you go on and on about your book and the writing process, it felt like falling in love all over again. He couldn’t watch you smile and laugh and blush without grinning like a madman. He couldn’t hear you giggle without laughing at how adorable you were. He’d missed you, so damn much. Everything about you. Everything he didn’t have while he was away. 

Making up his mind, Junmyeon shut the T.V and grabbed his coat, snatching his car keys as he exited the dorms, being extremely cautious so as to avoid being caught. Once he was safe in his car, he drove to your place. When it came to you, he couldn’t wait. 



Standing in front of your apartment had never been this awkward. Junmyeon stared at your keypad, wondering if you’d changed your password. It had previously been the date of your anniversary, but he knew it would have been painful to have kept that. 

Seeing no other starting point, he punched in the numbers, smile growing heavy once the buzzer sounded, signalling a wrong input. He thought it over. What meant a lot to you? 

It couldn’t be…

He punched in the numbers and winced when the buzzer sounded again. It wasn’t your birthday either. What could you have possibly changed it to? Junmyeon took a moment to think it over, going through all the possible dates that could hold a certain amount of significance to you. 

Finally, he landed on the date your book had been published and quickly punched in the numbers, wanting to avoid being seen. When the door unlocked, he grinned and stepped inside, shutting the door behind him. 

He shivered, realising you hadn’t turned on the heat. As if he’d never left, Junmyeon made his way to the living room, spotting the heat controls immediately. He set it to the right temperature and collapsed onto your sofa, sighing as the plush material sunk with his weight, yet forming a perfect mould to his body. Nothing had changed, apart from furniture and the paint. You still had photos of your parents around the house, next to photos of you with him. 

This put him at peace, knowing you hadn’t given up. With all the crap his company had put you through, Junmyeon knew he was lucky to have fallen in love with someone so resilient. Now that he was back, and neither of you had moved on, he knew his company would have to accept it. They’d been certain one of you would give up and move on, giving them the victory. 

As he fought to stay awake, he smiled at the thought of being victorious, finally standing on top of his company, a little rebellion against everything they had said and done to him. 

Sleep came a lot easier when he was surrounded by you. 

He woke up to soft humming. 

Junmyeon rose, turning to face your smiling face as he yawned. His head had been on your lap. The two of you stared, neither making a move, just drinking in the sight of each other. You noticed the change of hair colour. He noticed your change of clothing style. 

You noticed how tired he looked. He noticed the happy gleam in your eyes, feeling his heart thud louder as he took in the soft smile you wore, breathing in your familiar scent. You had never been one for strong perfume. You preferred the mild scented ones, and he loved it on you. 

“Did you sleep well?” 

He didn’t respond. Instead, he stood up and gestured for you to do the same. Confused, you stood up and watched as his eyes scanned your body and then met yours again. “I just wanted to make sure you’re in good shape.” Your heart fluttered, and your smile widened. After a whole year of being away, he was still concerned about your well-being. You weren’t sure how you were keeping your composure. 

“You shouldn’t be telling me that, jagi,” you stepped closer to him, cupping his cheek. God, you’d missed this so much. Holding him like this. Watching as his eyes fluttered shut at your touch, hearing his breathing relax as he blew out gently. “Look at you. You look exhausted. You need more sleep.” 

His eyes were open again, and he gave you that look. The one you’d defined as a silent “I love you”, the one he often gave you before he kissed you. “I’ll sleep later, I just want to hold you for now.” 

Slowly, he leaned forward, lips inches away from yours. You shut your eyes, feeling the teasing, ticklish touch of his eyelashes as he placed his mouth atop yours. 

Instantly, you melted. 

Memories flooded your mind as Junmyeon kissed you gently, hand cupping your cheek while his free arm wound around your waist, bringing you closer to him. You were sure he could hear your heart beating frantically, but you didn’t care. You were completely lost in him, in the way he held you, in the way he kissed you, and the warmth you had been deprived of for a whole year. 

Jagi,” you frowned. “Please wear a scarf, you’re going to catch a cold if you walk out like that.” 

Junmyeon spun around and gave you a cute smile, obediently wrapping a scarf around his neck and bringing it up to his nose. You smiled in content, pushing yourself up on your toes as you kissed the tip of his nose, giggling when he quickly dodged more kisses and nuzzled your neck. 

That tickles!” 

“I know it does, it’s why I did it.” 

“Okay, that’s it. Whoever wins this round makes dinner tonight.” As if he never had plans, Junmyeon unwrapped the scarf and let it fall to the floor as he counted down, watching in amusement as you made no move to run until he finished. 

“Wrong move, Y/N.” 

You squealed as he lifted you bridal style to the sofas, placing you down gently. And yet, his fingers were merciless as he attacked your sides, watching as you squirmed and laughed hysterically, desperately trying to gain the upper hand. 

“Stop! Stop!” 

He didn’t oblige, forcing you to roll off the couch and fall to the floor. Not wasting anytime, you brought yourself to your feet and tackled Junmyeon to the sofa with all the strength you could muster, laughing at his horrified expression. You didn’t tickle him. Instead, you leaned down, slowly bringing your lips closer to his, softly whispering, “I win.” before you kissed him. 

You remembered how that felt. It felt like falling, but there was no rush. The wind seemed to carry you gently, and the euphoria was intense. It was the exact same feeling, watching Junmyeon’s flushed cheeks and slightly swollen lips as he stepped back and whispered, “I missed you. So, so much.” 

Normally, you weren’t so brave, but his year long absence had boosted your courage. 

“Really?” You shot him a cheeky smile. “Prove it.” 

He laughed. “Gladly.” 

And then his lips were on yours again.