but please if anyone has it

hey everyone… i’m drawing a bunch of viktor nikiforov chibis in… dresses, lmao. (When i’m feeling blue i doodle boys in cute clothes : | ) If anyone has any ideas, please let me know? In the comments on this post, thanks! 

(e.g. names like qipao, seifuku, regency dresses, playboy bunny, victorian dresses, etc)

here’s a wip for your troubles

Dallon Weekes Asks
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  • Christmas Drag: favorite holiday?
  • Sickly Sweet Holidays: anyone that you wish you were with right now?
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  • Violent Things: top 3 albums?
  • Goodnight And Have A Pleasant Tomorrow: day or night?
  • Happiest Nuclear Winter: favorite season?
  • Valentine: are you in a relationship?
  • Ass Village: your dream trip?
  • White Grapes: what do you wish you had right now?
  • Hitting Yourself Over The Head With A Trashcan Lid: any funny/embarrassing stories?
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Tips for the Summer Boutique!

It’s right around the corner guys!! We’re literally 2 days away from becoming broke AF bitches when the boutique starts off. But I thought I’d drop some tips for those that want to make the best of their $

- Go through EVERYTHING first when you enter the boutique, you don’t want to find something later on and then not have enough $ because you splurged on that recolored wig or tattoo’s

- Mark down things that you like! This will help you from wanting to impulse buy when you see something you instantly like. 

- Now after marking down things that you like separate the list into things you really really REALLY want, and things you want, but would be okay without if you can’t afford it.

If anyone has any other tips they’d like to add please feel free to do so! Also reblog to save your fellow candy’s wallets

You guys, this is such a long shot, but my tortie cat, Murray, has gone missing. She’s an indoor cat and I’m afraid that she’s hiding somewhere scared. If anyone in the South Dublin area sees her, please let me know


Hey guys! I’ve decided on the suggestion of Salt to make a massive google doc directory of everyone who has open commissions right now to get all this good shit in one place and to hopefully let people discover all sorts of new artists. If you want to be included on the list (you won’t be unless you ask) please send me an ask with

 1. what kind of art you’re open for commissions towards (so like sketches or paintings ect) 

2. A link to the blog you post said art or your art tag 

3. A link to your commission info. 

Anyone who sends me this info will go on the sheet which I will later post so everyone can share and have a nice artist directory.

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Do you do hcs? If so, could you pls do an hc about transboy!Phil or transboy!dan squirts on the others face? It could be from fingering, fucking, eating out, etc, just have dan or phil squirt on the others face thanks!

honestly thank you for this, i had so much fun writing this!!! i wrote this with trans!phil and i researched this a bit, but if anyone has any problems or anything, let me know please <3 


it was getting serious between dan and phil, and phil finally felt accepted for who he was. it had been months after he came out to dan as trans, and dan had been nothing but sweet and encouraging. phil was finally in a place where his head wasn’t consumed with dysphoria and he was more comfortable than ever. so when dan said to phil that he wanted to have sex, phil said yes without a thought of being self conscious at all.

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I am LOVING your take on Mare. What a devious cutie :')

I love writing him and Nate, especially their weird little friendship. I can’t wait to bring the two of them back for something else! If anyone has any one shot ideas for them, please let me know!

Hey Guys I need some help

Sorry to be so inactive lately everyone. It’s been a really busy and kinda hellish summer but I could use some quick help if possible.

I’m in need of a little cash, and work has been a bit scarce this summer. I’d be fully willing to do commissions so if anyone is interested please let me know.

I’m so sorry I haven’t had the time for this blog lately. It hurts me so much I haven’t been able to update in so long. Things are just really hard and I could use some help.

If not, please spread this to anyone interested.

Thanks so much everyone!!! I love you all and you’re all so patient.

-Mod Shade

oh my god i literally just gave my brother’s girlfriend money to go get me pizza and then i think they just broke the fuck up. will I NEVER GET MY FUCKING PIZZA!!!??

Please like if you agree. I come in peace and am really tired of this issue regarding Charioce XVII.

And please take note that this post is NOT intended as sarcasm to make fun of or offend anyone. I sincerely apologize if it comes across as this. I’m sorry.

I do hereby swear or affirm that the following statements are true and correct:

I acknowledge that the monarch Charioce XVII has occupied Cocytus and caused the demons death and enslavement. This mistreatment further consists of gladiator fights to the death and aiding the nobles vivisection, injury and malnourishment to innocent demons and general poverty due to deliberate inaction.

I also acknowledge the destruction of the heavenly sanctuaries and theft of the artefacts as well as Charioce XVII’s provocation in response to the gods demands.

Finally, I acknowledge that while Charioce XVII’s actions have brought prosperity to humanity, it does not in any way excuse them.

I assure you that these horrible deeds are always on my mind when I think of Charioce XVII and Nina’s relationship, that he is a problematic character by the modern world’s standards and that I in no way would not condemn anyone who were to behave in this way in reality.

Thank you for reading. This is intended to assure anyone that us Charioce fans haven’t forgotten and to please let us enjoy our problematic character in peace. Let’s just see what the writers have in store for us all, okay?


Edit: Personally totally fine with if you just happen to dislike him as a character btw. I’m not trying to dictate people’s tastes or anything like that just to clarify.
trainedunprofessional replied to your post “6B has not even started and it’s already so bad and I can’t believe…”

Should we just…not watch? I see a lot of people disappointed about how they believe (probably rightfully so) season 6 will be but i don’t see anyone talking about boycotting…

Personally I haven’t watched since the end of s4, and basically no one I follow has been, either. I’m not going to tell anyone not to watch if they’re still enjoying the show (and please don’t shame or hate on people who want to watch, either) but I do urge everyone who hasn’t been watching, who actually doesn’t enjoy the show and is just thinking about coming back for “potential Sterek” to please not fall for the baiting.

If you are curious, but don’t want to help TW’s viewing numbers, at least watch streaming or wait for their scenes to be put online, because if you legitimately do want the show to end here and don’t want any spinoffs, your viewing numbers could make a difference in whether that happens.

Important Message:

Spread this everywhere, the Juliet fandom has had enough of simmsmatics bullying and has started a project to show Juliet how negative she is. They have asked for everyone to remain polite so then Juliet doesn’t claim that they are the ones truly bullying simmsmatic. If any of you have any screenshots of interactions between yourself and simmsmatic showing her bullying please send them in or tag #stopsimmsmatic. Tonight she hurt Lucy is a very bad way and now I’m stepping in. I’m not having her attack a sweet child who only wanted to help. And to anyone who’s afraid of simmsmatic, I promise you are safe with me and the rest of us. We won’t let her do anything to you. You can also stay anonymous throughout all of this. -L


guys, i need your help

i’ve only been a “”“"serious artist”“”“ for about three months now, and i just got a question asking ab commission prices

i really don’t know how i could do anything regarding actual monetary payment, but do any of you have any ideas as to what i could ask for? i have a dA and a Lioden, but i’m not sure how much i could ask w/out it being too much

if anyone has any ideas, please do not hesitate to rb this or reply to it w/ any suggestions

thank you!!

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*Lost is babysitting Sally and Jeff is annoying her* Lost: Jeffrey I swear to God if you bother her one more time I'm putting you in a shallow grave Jeff: Ohh so scary anime weeb *bothers Sally once more* Lost:... *Two weeks later* Ben: Has anyone seen Jeff? *Jeff kicks open the front door covered in dirt,bullet wounds, and scratches* Jeff: WHICH ONE OF YOU BURIED ME IN AREA 51?!?! Lost*Sips his coffee and looks at Jeff with a grin*

That’s what Jeff gets for fighting dirty.

(I’m sorry please don’t hate me)


@slime-dick has made some worrisome posts in the past few minutes and has made suicide plans. If anyone has his contact info please give it to @dave-stirred or @feferis-sanctuary or call poison control

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Let's not forget it still has no radio support so 99% of the US is not familiar with the song. His team is probably going for longevity like Niall instead of frontloaded sales like Harry

yes!! it doesn’t even impact radio until Tuesday, which is when we’ll probably see a nice boost. and yes, it definitely seems like they’re going for the slow burn and longevity like Niall and Liam seem to have with Slow Hands and Strip That Down!! 

so please anyone that is discouraged PLEASE DONT!! for the most part (in the US) it’s only fans of Louis and a little bit of the GP that knows about the song right now, radio impact will be huge on Tuesday!! just continue to stream and watch on youtube!! it all HELPS!!