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Apparently I’m not doing enough art this summer so here’s some art. In fact, it’s my first digital painting I’ve made since I got my tablet. Wish I would have done this sooner, it was fun. The video for it will be on Youtube later this week. Hope you guys enjoy the art…



I’m really curious, so I’m wondering if there is someone who knows it..

Who was the last person to be chosen as TVXQ member?


· Xiah Junsu
· Uknow Yunho
· Hero Jaejoong
· Max Changmin
· Micky Yoochun

It’s like this^^;

There’s no last person that was chosen.
It was done together;;
But Micky-gun was from overseas,
so it’s like he’s the last;

This is the story of how the five met each other.

The meeting of people is really mysterious.
Sometimes, one meeting can show the power of changing destiny.
That, is a part of someone’s own life – it’s not about being able to know the future, but about “that” coming closer suddenly.
Receiving the life given by God, from the moment you were born in this world and took your first step,
Until that moment your heart beats its last beat and you taking your last breath,
While recalling your encounters with people, you’re moving one step ahead.

TVXQ - the birth of a group that carries the meaning of “Rising Gods of the East,”
On the meeting of these five, I think that there was a big change in their own fate and the people related to them.
Undoubtedly, their meeting shined brightly to the extent that even God was shaken.

Jan. 26, 1986, Jaejoong was born as the youngest of nine siblings;
On the same year of 1986 in February, Yunho was born as the oldest of the “Jung”;
Yoochun who was born on June 4, 1986 in Korea, but lived in America because of his father’s work;
Junsu who was born as the youngest of twins on January 1, 1987;
And on February 18, 1988 with a two-year age difference with Jaejoong and Yunho, Changmin was born.
Becoming colleagues who will be soaring high towards one goal as the same group in the future
You can’t think that such exists in this world,
But each life of these men is starting now.

Their first meeting was when they were trainees of the same company.
Anong the members, Junsu was the very first one to become a trainee.
Junsu auditioned formally in the Starlight Casting System and was scouted after his abilities were acknowledged.
He became a trainee on October 3, 1999.
During that time, there were a lot of female trainees, so Junsu received dance and singing lessons with female idol trainees.

And in December 2000, Yunho entered the company after ranking first in the dance category of “1st SM Best Competition.”

My meeting with Junsu was in January 2001, around one month after I entered the company. There was a test every week to check your development in dancing or singing, so it was that time. 」 (Yunho)

As there were no male trainees, they first saw each other at that place
Junsu and Yunho talked and became on familiar terms with each other.

I was really glad when I met Yunho. I remember being so amazed because he was very good at dancing. From the time we first met each other, we (always) played together.」 (Junsu)

From that time, Yunho frequently went to Junsu’s house, and they started becoming like family to each other.
And in September 2001, Jaejoong entered the company as a trainee after being selected as first in the best style category of “2nd SM Best Competition.”

I met Yunho and Junsu for the first time when I entered the company. It was around December 2001. I was surprised because my impression of Junsu was that he was very innocent and someone who sang really well. Yunho’s dancing was very impressive too and he was charismatic. Because I went to Seoul alone, because I was very nervous,
When I met them, I was very happy that I ended up on being in good terms with them.
」 (Jaejoong)

Starting that time, even when outside the company, the three of them ended up being together most of the time,
Jaejoong used honorifics with the charismatic Yunho for a year because he thought that he was a year older than him,
And thought that he was of the same age as Junsu.

Yunho’s charisma was really, really amazing. Jaejoong had thought that he was the same age as me, so I talked to Yunho in honorifics and to Jaejoong in informal language. (laughs) But after about a year, I learned that Jaejoong and Yunho have the same age, so I started talking to Jaejoong in honorifics, too. (Laughs) 」 (Junsu)

Their stories like this, good relationship, and respecting each other – we can know that a good relationship was being built.

And, the next to join the company was Changmin.
In 2002 at the “3rd SM Best Competition,” he won as the strongest for being chosen as first in both grand prize and best singing category.

Jaejoong was the first person I met when I joined the company. Because Jaejoong’s charisma was very strong, I had the impression that he was unapproachable. When we brushed against each other on the stairs of the company, before anything else, Jaejoong spoke kindly to me. Also, Junsu is still the same now. I felt comfortable because he greeted me lively with a bright expression. Same with Yunho, as his impression was imposing, I became nervous a little bit.」 (Changmin)

Despite the first impressions of Changmin when he saw Jaejoong with Yunho and Junsu,
he was considered young among the trainees and was like the “angel.”
While divided into different groups, they spent their trainee days like that.
Junsu was in a three-membered group with two of the Super Junior members;
Yunho and Jaejoong were in the same three-membered group together with one member of Super Junior;
And Changmin repeatedly had intensive lessons as a solo (singer).

With the groups formed already, they constantly talked about debuting and when that time came,
Junsu, Yunho, Jaejoong, and Changmin were all called to a salon on the same day.
Since they all had lessons with their each group,
Because they didn’t even think that they would debut in the same group,
When they saw each other again in the salon,
They couldn’t imagine how they ended up being there together.
And at that place, it was not just the four of them because another trainee was called to come out. It was Yoochun.

Yoochun who was awarded with the 2001 American Grand Prize and went back to Korea from America
It was April 2003 when he just joined the company.

Because I just came back from America, I didn’t really have any friends. When I was alone at the park in the dorm’s neighborhood, Yunho talked to me and Jaejoong introduced himself, foo. As I felt the strong charisma of these two people, I remember being filled with anxiety as I said “I’ll work hard and do well here…?” in one breath.」 (Yoochun)

And July 29, 2003. On this very day, it was the fated day when the five would see each other for the first time.
Since a project called “ TVXQ” was going to start, Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu, Changmin, and Yoochun were gathered for the first time.
That’s right. To Yoochun, it was a sudden event that took place in just three months of entering the company. 

I clearly remember all the members on that day. For me, I met Yoochun for the first time at that salon.」 (Junsu)

I was called to the salon. I heard that there will be a new project, but because it was not the members whom I always had practiced with, I didn’t really know if what happened.」 (Jaejoong)

The five of them were called the “Dream team” starting on that day. They ended up having dance, singing, and acting lessons with each other every day, so they started living in the company dorm together.

From 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., we had lessons every single day for about 10 hours. The five of us had come together and because the time left until our debut was very short,
Because we wanted to have the skill of being attuned to one another, and not being embarrassed of standing in front of people,
Even when we all go home, we continue having our own practices until the middle of the night.
」 (Yunho)

Day by day, the unity of the five had solidified.
These five strongly wanted to be the big scale group that didn’t exist that time.
Those five, it was winter of 2003 when they formally heard that they’re going to debut.
And on December 2, 2003, they were told that their name would be “동방신기 (TVXQ).”

Now, I really love our name, but honestly, when I first heard that our name would be “동방신기 (TVXQ),” I was a bit embarrassed.
I love its meaning of “Rising Gods of the East,” but those coined words were not familiar to my ears, so it sounded weird until I got used to it.
I remember being embarrassed of that. (laughs)
」 (Changmin)


© Source: Tohoshinki Artist book, 높이날자님’s JP-KR translation on Bestiz / http://archive.is/h9pI7

© English translation: @paulisteu / aiwomotto.egloos.com


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GOT7 Scandal (read BEFORE you judge)

I could have never said it better than this wow. It’s a combination of ignorance, peer pressure, and innocent decisions that ended up bad ones. Read before you judge, people, don’t start pointing fingers right out the gate.

“I don’t know where to start. I just found out about the situation about an hour ago, and I’ve been monitoring tweets and comments on articles and forums since then. I think I’ve got the basic gist of what’s happened, but feel free to correct me if I’ve missed something.

First off, I’d like to say that I am from Arcadia (but please don’t doxx me). I recognized several people from the pictures and videos, and I know what kind of people they are. I know what circle Mark came from before he was scouted. A small portion of people from Arcadia are ABGs and white-washed, and they could honestly care less about K-Pop and Korean culture. In these past few years especially, more and more underage people have been getting turnt and faded all of the time, and they’ll rave and go to kick-backs starting from freshman year of high school. It’s the sad reality. The N-word is tossed around like it’s nothing, especially because there is virtually no African-American presence in Arcadia. Most of Arcadia is made up of Asian-Americans and elderly Caucasians. We live in a bubble of sorts and most of us have had a very different high school experience from the typical American.

Most students from Arcadia High School don’t engage in this type of behavior, at least not until they enter college, but we’re definitely getting to the point where we are like a typical American high school now, just with a huge emphasis on academia. And I’ll say it outright: people from Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley care a lot about their popularity, social media presence, and “likes.” So I’m not surprised that Mark’s friends took this grand opportunity to make their presence known to IGOT7s, knowing that their follower counts would instantly skyrocket. Joey and Jessica’s Instagrams are testament to that. As an Arcadian and a friend of Joey’s, I’m ashamed of their actions. They should’ve kept this private party to themselves, but of course they wouldn’t pass up such a goldmine for like-farming.

And apparently, their behavior during the concert was atrocious as well. They do not have experience with K-Pop concerts. For them, concerts are equivalent to raves and music festicals like Hard Summer, Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, etc. It’s normal to go these festivals while drunk and/or drugged, and to go completely wild in the audience. Not to mention, wearing minimal clothing is normal as well. So I’m honestly not surprised that they were apparently drunk and acting crazily, because to them, it’s what a normal music festival is like.

With Yugyeom’s situation, it’s tough to judge. Because yes, he was technically drinking as a minor in the United States. But in Korea, he is legal. And he might not have known about the alcohol age limit in America. (Not to mention, there were other underage drinkers at the party). Of course, he should have been informed, but let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt and say he didn’t know. There was likely a lot of peer pressure from Mark’s friends, being that it was a typical college party scene, and they probably told him to relax and take a couple of shots. As a foreigner who likely wanted to fit in with the “cool kids,” he probably took the shots. It’s funny to see your friends drunk, so the girls who SnapChatted him likely wanted to showcase this, forgetting that because Yugyeom is a K-Pop celebrity, things like this are going to heavily impact his and GOT7’s image negatively.

As for Bambam, I’m quite dismayed, but I can understand why he said it. Like I said earlier, Arcadia has a very small percentage of African-Americans living here. We do not know the trials and tribulations that the African-American community has undergone throughout centuries, because of the N-word and other derogatory terms. In pop culture, these racial slurs trend and so, because people want to be “edgy and cool,” they adopt these terms into their vocabulary. I’m almost postive that Mark’s friends were casually using the N-word to address each other and Bambam likely picked it up to fit in. In an environment like that, it’s very easy to be pressured into doing and saying small things like that. But that doesn’t excuse him for saying it whatsoever. As a celebrity with large followings in countries all over the world, it’s important to be aware of other cultures and the sensitive topics that should not be broached. The N-word is one of them. And considering that there have already been several controversies surrounding the N-word within K-Pop, most of these idols should be aware that this word should be immediately black-listed from their vocabulary. He could have used any other word in the English dictionary to address Mark while they were taking pictures, but he chose that one and I am extremely disappointed that he did. I can’t imagine how African-American IGOT7s and Bambam-stans must be feeling, to have this racial slur tossed around by someone they look up to and admire.

I’m not going to talk about Mark’s tattoo, because that’s really nothing in comparison to everything else that happened. And the whole Junior and Jessica thing is kind of unnecessary. I’m really glad Youngjae decided to stay at the hotel, because he also could’ve been easily influenced to drink as a minor in the United States, while being legal in Korea. And I’m extremely glad that JB and Jackson didn’t get caught up in anything either. Not to mention, Jackson’s probably having a hard time already with the whole support-China political issue happening. And no, I’m not going to get into that, because honestly, I am just so emotionally drained right now and that issue is a world of its own. I don’t even think I could write a well-informed post on that, because I don’t personally know the issues felt by those directly affected by this situation. And as a Chinese-American, I know Mainlanders get hated on for a lot of things and they do deserve it a lot of the times. I’m just going to respect the idols for whatever they decide to do, whether they speak up or not, because there might be a lot of things happening behind the scenes that the public is unaware of.

These past three hours have been crazy, with reading all of the articles, comments, and tweets about the Chinese politics and the GOT7 scandals. It’s just really sad that GOT7 has scandals now and that they happened in my city, because of the actions of my peers. I am honestly so done with K-Pop’s 2016.

(i might remove this post later because i really dont wanted to be doxxed, but we’ll see. so if you want this post to stay, please dont try and find out who i am. thank you.)”


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