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Friendly reminder that Artemis Fowl literally donated a hugeass amount of his money to his already richass all-boys school–anonymously–with the deal that his whole year will go on a field trip all the way to friggin Germany just so he can sneak away from the whole group to rob the most secured bank in the world undetected by his parents. 

Artemis’ passion for crime knows no boundaries. 

In regards to the new Overwatch character

Keep in mind that Efi Oladele is an 11 year old child. Although I am very ecstatic to have her as a part of the team, knowing how nasty the Overwatch fandom gets at times, I just would like to clarify that Efi is a CHILD. I don’t wanna see any “Age is just a number” posts, shipping her with much older characters, or making NSFW drawings of her, so please keep in mind that Efi is an 11 year old child @ overwatchfandom

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Jaspearl seductive kiss? >:D

8. Seductive kiss 

What’s more romantic then licking your crush in front of your NOT Diamond as a testament of rebellion?

I used >>this template<<. I’m posting the last prompts I finished over the past week. Please don’t send more for the time being.

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tokyo ghoul re chapter 53 

chapter 99

chapter 104

chapter 130

y’all: its comedic relief :)))

a concept: a single but happy jessica day learning from the mistakes she made in her past relationship, not searching for another love interest. as she grows from these mistakes and also from being alone, so does nick. they realise that they’ve never stopped loving each other at the same time because in this universe, they have perfect timing. they get married and have babies. all is right in the world. the end. 


A quick comic to put some thoughts out there, please remember that there’s people behind your teammates and opponents!

Edit!!: someone pointednout that ovetwatch isn’t a MOBA and shit ur,,,, right (although it is some kind of a mixture of a MOBA and a FPS but more FPS than anything). That being said the point of the comic is still the same and it works regardless of the genre and game
I just want someone who will hold my hand, listen to me whine and complain about how boring I think I am, eat Chinese food with me at 2am, kiss a little, and help me finish Greys Anatomy on Netflix
—  Please (11-24-16)