To all of you out there that it’s dealing with this… please know that you’re allowed to be sad and feel horrible. But please, please don’t do anything stupid. 

If you need someone to talk to, we are here for you. 

We are all feeling so fucking bad now, but please, don’t do anything stupid. Our ask is open and if you need a place to rant or cry, we are here. 

the signs as hong jisoo (joshua) things/moments

aries: “aWwwwwwWWwwW WhY aM i sOOooO ruSsTY????”

taurus: the chocolate song 

gemini: gentleman joshua/joshuas voICE (it’s the most soothing and most gentle voice i’ve ever heard in my life tbh)

cancer: “you’re creating a GAP between our relationship….”

leo: his love for all races

virgo: joshua in snapbacks/when he has his hair up (he should do these things more often)

libra: learning english with hoshi and joshua

scorpio: him attemping to promote sobriety

sagittarius: taking off his tie (+  minghao) 

capricorn: “how do you aegyo…?????!?!” (feat. hansol)

aquarius: his inner love for exo 

pisces: his cute little mistake 

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Hello, lovely followers. I have a huge favor to ask. My puppy (okay, he’s 9 years old but he is ALWAYS my puppy!) desperately needs a gastropexy done to keep his stomach from flipping again. We were barely able to save his life the first time it happened and the only way to ensure it doesn’t happen again is to have this procedure done. It costs between $2,900-$3,500, and has to be paid in full up-front. I can’t afford this, but I also cannot bear to watch my sweet pup suffer through another bout of torsion, especially since he probably wouldn’t survive it the second time around (it was only a mad-man vet with a God complex and an unwillingness to give up that saved him the first time). I am trying to raise money to help offset some of the fees associated with this procedure, and would greatly appreciate if you could donate a few dollars. Every little bit counts, and even a dollar here and there will add up and help.

Even if you cannot afford to donate (trust me, I feel your pain) please share the link. I know I don’t have that many followers, but if each of you shared the link even once and helped spread the word, maybe it will reach enough people that I can afford to get this life-saving procedure done.

I cannot promise anything in return, except to fill up my dash with pictures of my adorable puppy as he recovers from his surgery. I’m sure he’ll be all sleepy and wobbly, so I can post some videos of him drooling himself to sleep to make people smile as a gesture of gratitude.

My angel has been with me through good and bad, he has let me cry on his furry little shoulder, he has comforted me when I’ve been depressed, he has made me laugh with unrestrained joy, he has been a constant in my life for nearly a decade and even though I know his time will come long before mine, he still has several good years left in him, and I want to do everything I can to make sure he gets to live them out with as much comfort and love as he possibly can. He helped me recover when I was sick, now it’s my turn to return the favor.

anonymous asked:

Ok just with all respect I DO think its for attention because come on everyone have a hard life not only gays, Tyler Oakley took 5 seconds to say it and end of story while others make a 15 minutes video, you don't see me doing an "I'm straight" video. They want people to treat them normly then don't make a video that makes homosexuality or whatever they are look different because they're the same, just doing the video that long for attention and nothing more.

Fuck you.

I tried to be mature about this but no, fuck you. FUCK YOU.

Being straight is the norm. BEING STRAIGHT IS THE NORM. 

B E I N G   S T R A I G H T   I S    N O R M A L

“You don’t see me doing an ‘i’m straight’ video”

Maybe that’s because you’ve never been made fun of for being straight. Maybe that’s because you’ve never been told you can’t get married because you’re striahgt. Maybe that’s cause you’ve never lost your friends for being straight. Maybe that’s because you’ve never been made fun of for being straight. Maybe that’s because your parents didn’t kick you out for being straight. Maybe that’s because you’ve never had to go to therapy for being straight. Maybe that’s cause you’ve never been beaten up for being straight. 

Maybe that’s because being straight isn’t FUCKING HARD.

Can you imagine spending your whole life pretending to be someone else? Denying who you are? Then imagine, finally getting the sourage to admit it to yourself and learning to love yourself. Then imagine having the confidence to be open about it so other people know it’s okay.