but pink is so cute

Ichihime: Daydream

Orihime felt her cheeks flare up as he walked toward her with confidence, he pulled on the dark tie around his neck and ran a hand through his vibrant orange hair. 

“K-Kurosaki-kun…” she stammered as her voice died into a whisper. 

His luscious lips formed a half smirk that made her swoon as he cornered her against the wall. His hand came up to cup her chin, and he brought her face upward. Ichigo seemed strange, she noticed as his hooded eyes stared intensely into her own.

“Inoue, you look cute today,” his whisper came out raw and full of desire, and she inhaled deeply at his comment. 

“Eh?! Thank you, K-Kurosaki-kun.” Her face was completely flustered and she could not break the eye contact between them, her hands by her sides gripped her school skirt with anxiety. 

“Hmn…Thank you for what?”  Ichigo asked with puzzlement, he raised his eyebrow and looked at her from where he was seated. 

Orihime’s eyes fluttered opened and she sat up straight on her desk, her heart was beating erratically against her chest as she realized she had daydreamed during class. When her eyes met with his own she felt her face burn in embarrassment, “N-Nothing, it’s nothing Kurosaki-kun!”

He felt his own face blush just watching her, “Do you have a fever, Inoue?”

“Um, no it’s just the weather you see! It’s really warm inside the classroom, and I just wanted to say thank you Kurosaki-kun for giving me a little shade to concentrate on my studies,” she finished feeling like a fool for spouting nonsense. 

“Oh, alright then,” he beamed brightly causing her to be transfixed and blush once more. 

They both glanced away from each other with scarlet claiming their cheeks, and Orihime mentally scolded herself for fantasying about Ichigo at school. She peeked from the corner of her eye and noticed Ichigo was working so diligently in his studies, just that this time he was as pink as a strawberry marshmallow. 

So I bought these little moustache earrings the other day. 
Of course I had to get them in Pink for my Warfstache cosplay!

I wanna wear my outfit with these in. A manly man Warstache with little pink earrings! ;o;

So like, this nerd: