but photoshop and i are not getting along today


XMFC Modern AU pt 6

(PS: A special shout out to endingthemes​ for writing this amazing fic inspired by these silly things <333)


Completed inspirational/gift headshots of Nix, Ghatz and Rumm for @x-men-headcannons, @saberghatz, and @awesome-reading-bitch ~

Got bored during my free lab day in MGD in college/AVP so I had a few ideas and went with it and just got these done today during choir practice~ Also wanted to mess around with a few new tools I found on Art Studio since it’s becoming more like Photoshop in some ways~ I will message each of ya, your character’s headshot without my name and with it as well~ Along with better quality since my iPad quality didn’t come out that well with trying to resize it and crop each picture but I’m working on it~ 

Anyway hope ya’ll enjoy them~ I had fun doing these and doing more in the future~

IF I get my online card or whatever to help get me cash online, I will most likely take commissions over the summer since I’m almost on Summer Break~ 

Characters - @x-men-headcannons, @saberghatz, and @awesome-reading-bitch

Art - Me

anonymous asked:

how is school? ik u go to an art school ive been wondering what its like!

It’s been pretty good rn tbh! I love my figure drawing class because it’s been helping me be more understanding of anatomy and stuff !! All the teachers there are super rad as well and really care about what they do. My AP art portfolio class,, oof i feel like its just gonna get more stressful- i did 3 self portraits today along with 12 value scales with vine charcoal,, so yah,, i just wanna work digitally tbh. My digital arts class is pretty rad but Idk how to use photoshop at all, so that’s a struggle,,oof <33

Celebrating 225 followers on tumblr ( Didn´t know when that happened, but you´re all welcome!) This is a drawing study  I did today, trying to get some interesting lighing situation going on here. Overal I still need to learn to break down complexity to a minimum, but it´s so much fun along the way…however - Photoshop CC, Wacom Cintiq, 1 hour or so… cheers.