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Come Back to Me (Part One)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: No, but taken from this prompt list: “Just… come back alive, okay?”
Genre: Low-key angst??
Warnings: Spiderman Homecoming spoilers
Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

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Your best friend had raved on and on about asking his crush to the dance, and when he finally did it, you were the first he told. You pretended to be excited for him, and in a small way, you genuinely were. But when you thought of Liz slow-dancing with Peter instead of you, and him kissing her at the end of the night and not you, the excitement for him was largely overshadowed by sadness, because it would never be you. He would never have feelings for you.

So when you saw Liz walk into the Homecoming dance without Peter on her arm, your eyebrows furrowed. She walked around, greeting people everywhere around her, when she made her way to your group with Ned and Michelle. 

“Hey guys!” She said excitedly and smiled, and you forced a smile back. She was a nice girl; you couldn’t deny that. She was good for Peter.

“Hey,” you said back. “Where’s Peter? I thought he’d be with you,” you tried to keep your voice casual, but Michelle caught your eye and smirked. She knew your secret. 

“Oh, he’s in the car with my dad. He should be here soon,” she smiled again, dazzling one, before excusing herself to greet more partygoers. You turned around to face your two friends, fake smile still on your face.

“You okay?” Ned asked, a sympathetic expression on his face that you didn’t see often. He knew your secret too.

(It wasn’t much of a secret to anyone but Peter.)

“I’m okay,” you gave a real smile this time, and his eyes shifted to somewhere behind you. You stiffened, knowing your best friend was here. You turned around, seeing a panicked look on his face, but you knew that you were the only one who could tell his expression. You’d known each other for years; you knew all of his in-and-outs.

He went up to Liz and tapped her on the shoulder, and as he spoke to her, you saw his expression become guilty. You couldn’t see Liz’s because her back was turned to you, but you were sure it wasn’t pleasant. You saw him mouth ‘I’m sorry’ before sprinting through the gym doors and into the hallways of the school. 

Before you knew what you were doing, you were running after him. You abandoned your shoes after crashing through the gym doors and followed him barefoot. “Peter!” You yelled and turned another corner, but he continued to sprint farther ahead of you. After yelling his name again and turning a few more corners he stopped in front of a set of lockers and turned around to look at you.

“(Y/N), go back to the dance,” he said, the panic now even more evident on his face.

“No,” you said stubbornly. “What do you think you’re doing? You’ve been looking forward to this for so long!” 

He simply shook his head before grabbing you by the shoulders and turning you around. “You need to go. Now.”

“No!” You pushed his hands away from you. He looked at you desperately. “What is going on with you?”

He turned away again and mumbled under his breath, pacing back and forth. 

“Peter,” you said his name again, softer this time, and grabbed his hand to stop his pacing. “I’m your best friend. You can tell me anything,” you say, ignoring the feeling erupting in your chest from him squeezing your hand. 

“I know, I know,” he whispered and stayed silent for a few moments, staring down at your connected hands, before sighing, pulling away from you, and turning towards the lockers again. He bent down and pulled the bottom of the lockers, and you gasped in shock when the wall of lockers lifted up to reveal a small crevice filled with multiple things. 

Peter pulled out a ball of red and blue fabric and unrolled it, then turned around to show you it. You stared at try fabric in his hands, seeing the spider on the front and the mask with goggles falling to the side. You stared at it, and stared at it, and stared at it, before it finally clicked. You had seen this suit on the news multiple times before, clad on a mystery man you had always found so brave. 

You looked up at Peter and noticed his nervous expression matching yours. “Why do you have Spiderman’s suit, Pete?” You whispered, and you knew why he had it, you knew, but you couldn’t bring yourself to comprehend it. 

“You know why, (Y/N),” he sighed and looked down at the wrinkled fabric in his hands. 

“I need to hear you say it,” your voice was still quiet, and you looked down at the suit again. 

“I’m Spiderman,” Peter finally said, and your resolve crumbled. Tears flooded your eyes and your vision became blurry, and a few tears fell down your cheeks.  You weren’t sure why you were crying. You didn’t know if it was the betrayal of him not telling you, or the fear of him getting hurt, or something else entirely. But the tears continued to fall. 

“(Y/N),” he sighed again, and pulled you into a hug. “It’s okay. Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know,” you sobbed and laughed and cried, and Peter hugged you and rubbed your back until you could compose yourself. You pulled back from him after a few minutes and wiped your face with your hands, sure you looked like a mess. “But why are you leaving now?”

He sighed for what seemed like the millionth time in the last few minutes. “You know the guy that I’ve been fighting? All the news channels have been talking about it. Or, who Spiderman has been fighting.”

You nodded. “That bird dude?” Peter laughed, a real smile on his face that made you smile too.

“Yeah, yeah, the bird dude.” He chuckled and looked down at his feet before beginning to back away. “I gotta go. He’s gonna steal from Mr. Stark’s plane, and I need to stop him.”

“But why now,” you stressed, taking steps closer to him. “It’s our Homecoming.”

“He’s Liz’s dad,” he said, not actually answering the question, and you gasped.

“Liz’s dad?” Peter nodded. “Does she know?” He shook his head, backing away again.

“I really have to go, (Y/N),” he said, and went to turn around. 

“Wait!” You grabbed his hand again, and he looked at you expectantly. “I, um,” you wanted to tell him, you needed to tell him before it was too late. But you didn’t want to burden him before he went to risk his life. So instead of telling him what you desperately wanted to, you pulled him into a hug. 

He breathed deeply, resting his chin on top of your head as you listened to his heartbeat under your ear. You pulled back the slightest bit to look him in the eyes. “Just… come back alive, okay?” 

He smiled lightly and moved his hands from your back to your hands. “I always do.” He squeezed them once and let go, grabbing the suit from where he dropped it on the floor and running away from you. You sniffed loudly as he turned a corner, disappearing from your vision, and the sound echoed through the empty hallways. 

You began to walk back to the dance, wiping at your face again and collecting your discarded shoes to make yourself presentable. And as you made your way through the school by yourself, you thought, Good luck, Spiderman.

This is my first Peter piece that I’ve written in a while, so I hope everyone liked it! Feedback is always welcome! Requests for Tom Holland and Peter Parker imagines are open, so feel free to send one in! 


Lillie-Writes Masterlist (August, 2017)

These are only things from this year! i’ve improved greatly since then, so i didn’t feel the need to add  the old things to this. it’s been requested a lot, so here it finally is! Hope you enjoy. 

Keep Calm and Read On!

~~The Marauders~~


Lost Belongings ~Plain cute, Marauders fluff (Lillie’s Favorites)

Dealing With Drunken Marauders ~ My Finest Comedy fluff, but i’m easy to please.

Valentines Day With Each Marauder ~ Cheeky fluff

The Marauders Pranking You ~ Shortie

Sirius Black:


Chocolate Won’t Help (Part Two Coming Soon) ~ Angsty (Lillie’s Favorites)

Flying Glasses ~ Fluff (Lillie’s Favorites)


Sirius Reading To You ~ Fluff

Kissing Under The Mistletoe ~ Fluff

Sirius being Fascinated With You ~ Shortie


Sirius Having A Crush On You ~Fluff, obviously

Braiding Sirius’ Hair ~ Just cute

Cuddling with Sirius ~ Fluff

if Sirius never Died, AKA none of us are over this ~ Not X Reader, but i cry. Angst, Fluff, etc

Remus Lupin:


Fire ~ Fluffy Af (Lillie’s Favorites)

LeviOsa ~ Fluff, Angst, All over the place


Wearing Remus’ Sweater ~ Fluff

Cuddling With Remus ~ Shortie


FWB ~ You know. Haha just kidding, it’s basically just fluff & lil’ bit of angst.

James Potter:


Cuddling With James Potter ~ Shortie


Gryff!Quidditch beater Reader ~ Fluff



Sorting The Avengers Into Hogwarts ~HP crossover

Valentines Day With Each Avenger ~Fluffy stuff right there.

Fighting Over Who’s The Best Couple ~Fluff

Avengers Hating you ~ ??? Not angst, not Fluff. Just exists.

Peter Parker:


Infinityly Wallflowers (Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Lillie’s Favorites)

Rebel Rebel. (Part One) (Part Two) (Lillie’s Favorites)

As The TV Played (Lillie’s favorites. I actually wrote this one in 20 minutes.)

Burned Shortcakes  ~Fluff 

This Distance Between Us ~Angst

Discovering ~Fluff

Stay The Night ~Fluff

Little Spider Boy ~Fluff

Scared Of Dancing? ~Fluff

You’re My Gift ~Fluffy Holiday


Watching movies With The Avengers ~ Actually Peter Fluff

Tony Thinking You’re Dating ~ Fluff (Lillie’s favorites)

Jealous Peter ~Fluffy with a dat bit of pouty Peter

Camping With Peter ~Fluff

Peter letting You Wear The Mask ~ Fluff

Going To Lunch With Peter ~Fluff

Tutoring Peter ~ Fluff

Comforting Peter ~Fluffy Angst

Peter Helping You Study ~Fluff

Being peter’s Gym Partner ~ Shortie

Walking In On Peter Taking off his Mask ~Shortie

Peter having A Crush On You ~ Shortie

Being peter’s First Kiss ~ Shortie

Being peter’s Homecoming Date ~Shortie

Baking With Peter ~ Shortie

Watching Terrible Movies With Peter ~ Shortie

Another Jealous Peter ~Shortie


Peter Parker Relationship ~ Fluff

Peter Parker Date ~Fluffffffy stuff

Cuddling With Peter Parker ~Such cute Fluff

Staring At You ~ So much damn Fluff

What he Looks For In A Person ~Fluff(ish)

Being Clints Kid And Dating Peter ~ Fluff(Ish)

Vacationing With Peter ~Fluff

Natasha Romanoff:


I Choose you ~Fluff


Working Out With Nat ~ Fluff?


Anniversary with Nat ~Fluffy Fluff

Coming Out To The Avengers ~ Actually Nat imagine. Fluffy

Steve Rogers:


Getting Brunch With Steve ~ Fluffy Comedy?


Peter Maximoff


Comfort ~ Fluff

Peter Getting Himself Into Trouble ~Fluff


Caught Staring At Each Other ~ Fluff Awkwardness

~~Justice League~~

Diana Prince:


Diana falling In Love With You ~ Fluffiest of Fluff (Lillie’s Favorites)

Dating Diana ~ Fluff

~~Harry Potter~~



Bugging Hermione ~ Fluff

Going To The Yule Ball Together ~ Shortie

~~Fantastic Beasts~~

Newt Scamander:


Warming Up ~Fluff


Kissing Newt Would Include ~ Fluff

It’s Over [Part 1]

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language, HELLA ANGST
A/N: Don’t kill me when you guys read this lmao. REMINDER: I don’t have a tags list!


You weren’t sure what happened between you and Peter, no matter how much you stayed up at night and thought about things you had said or done you couldn’t pinpoint a reason for the sudden distance he had put between you two.

It had been going on for about a month before you decided enough was enough, that you and him had to talk and you wouldn’t let him make up some excuse again. You would talk to him and get an explanation for why his attitude changed completely.

He used to be the most caring, sweetest, funniest boyfriend you ever had. Peter would treat you like you were the best thing that ever happened to him. You hadn’t even been dating for a month before he told you he loved you, a blushing and stuttering mess, and you had just laughed and told him you loved him too, much to his relief.

You two were so perfect together that even at fifteen, you couldn’t imagine a future without him. You had envisioned you both going to college, even getting married, growing old - it didn’t seem unusual to you, because he was it for you.

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Full (And Constantly Updated) Masterlist

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Peter Parker X Reader

More Than Chocolate


Stay Alive


          Part 1- Promises

         Part 2- Not Okay

         Part 3- Broken


Terrifies Me


Love At First Sight


         Part 1- Distance

         Part 2- Lose You

         Part 3- So Be It…

Can You Imagine?

Care To Dance?

Best Friends

Save The World

Sick Days

Better Together


Fighting For-

           Part 1- Fighting For

           Part 2- Believe In You

Late Night Calls

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Flowers- Pietro Maximoff X Reader

Call Me That- Steve Rodgers X Reader

School Dances

Part Four of the series

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Their 13 now.

It’s such an awkward stage in their lives.

It’s harder for Y/n than it is for Shawn.

Of course Shawn is her best friend, but she’s becoming worried.

Lately he’s been blowing her off to be with another girl. Normally she wouldn’t care, she has her own life too. But she hasn’t really seen him in two weeks, and the school dance is on Saturday.

When the dance was announced, they both agreed they would go together, unless someone asked Y/n. Shawn knew that he wasn’t going to ask anyone, but didn’t want to hold his best friend back if she got asked.

But now with Shawn, not talking to her, she wasn’t sure if they were still going to the dance together.

Considering he has been hanging out with another girl she wondered if he asked her.

Who’s the other girl?


The one that used to, and still does, bully Y/n.

Shawn doesn’t know that though.

She thought about telling him, but the way he speaks about her she just can’t ruin the happiness he found.

“Y/n? Honey are you okay? You haven’t eaten anything.” Her mother asks concerned about how her daughter has been acting.

“Yeah, just not really that hungry.” She lies, honestly she hates her mothers cooking. When you eat Karen’s cooking at least three times a week you forget what it’s like to eat at home.

“Can I be excused?” She asked dropping her fork. Suddenly she feels super lonely and wants to go to bed. 

“Yeah honey.” Her mother nods, she know’s something is up. She’ll call Karen soon to figure out what is going on. 

“Night.” Y/n mumbles and rushes off to her room. She has the sudden urge to cry. 

She closed her door and locked it, not wanting her mom or dad to come up and check on her. She really wanted to be alone, and if anyone were to come in she would only want Shawn. 

But he’s not there. Not anymore. 

She’s just starting to drift off to sleep, crying really does wear you out. But there’s a knock on her door and then someone trying to walk in. She hears a loud thump then a ‘ouch’. 

“Y/n? Why is your door locked? You never lock the door.” It’s Shawn. She smiles, he came. 

“Y/n? Let me in, we need to talk.” He says, he sounds happy. She makes herself get up and unlock the door. He walks through when she opens it and his smile makes her smile.

“Guess what!” He says excitedly. 

“What?” She asks, no energy.

“I asked Lauren to the dance and she said yes!” 

“Oh.” Is all she can say. He looks at her confused. It’s then that he noticed her red puffy eyes, and the amount of energy she is missing. 

“Are you okay? Were you crying?” He asks becoming concerned. 

“No, just sleeping.” She tries to lie herself out of it. She rubs her face, trying to make it look better but it’s no use.

“Y/n what happened?” He asks stepping closer, she takes a step back. 

He hurt her, she knows that. She doesn’t want to be mad at him, they have never in their 13 years of friendship been angry with each other but she can’t help but feel it. 

He promised that they would go together, that was only weeks ago. 

Did he forget about her that quickly? 

“Y/n?” He asks again.

“Just drop it Shawn, so what color are you wearing?” She changes the subject, sitting on her desk chair instead of on the bed or floor. He takes the bed, sprawling out. 

“Just black suit with black tie.” He shrugs.

“Nice, can’t wait to see.” She smiles, honestly. 

“I know it’s going to be a great night.” He smiles.

In Shawn’s head, nothing is wrong. He knows that he said that he would go with Y/n, but they agreed they would go unless the other got a date. Now he has one, but he knows that Y/n is still going and would just hang out with them. He’d even steal her for a few dances. 


It’s Saturday. 

Y/n thought she would be getting her hair and make up done, laughing with Shawn during pictures and then enjoying the dance. 

But she cancelled the appointment and is just going to help take pictures of him and Lauren. 

“Honey are you sure you don’t want to go to the dance?” Her mother asks. 

“Yeah, with Shawn going with Lauren I don’t have anyone to go with. I’ll just stay home and read.” She shrugs like it’s no big deal but honestly she really just wants to go to her room and cry again. She’s been doing that a lot lately.

“Okay, tell you what we’ll get some coffee on the ride home.” Her mom smiles at her, knowing that her daughter wasn’t telling her the truth. 

They get in the car and drive the short 10 minute drive to the Mendes residence. Y/n goes to the door before her mom does, her mom getting her camera from the trunk. She’s taking the pictures of the couple. 

“Y/N!” Aaliyah calls opening the door. Her smile dropping when she notices what Y/n is wearing.

A black shirt with grey sweats, she didn’t feel like trying. 

“Why aren’t you dressed up?” The younger Mendes asks. 

“I’m not going.” Y/n says sorely.


They walk in and make it to the back yard where Shawn and Lauren are. Karen and Manny are off to the side having their own conversation. Karen looks up and her face drops when she notices Y/n. 

“Y/n? Are you not going?” Manny asks confused, Shawn made it sound like she was going too. 

“No, I’m not feeling it.” She lied. 

“Oh.” Karen and Manny say. 

“Y/n?” Shawn asks from behind her. She takes in a deep breath and turns to him. 

“You look great.” She smiles at him. 

“Where’s your dress? I thought you were getting your hair and makeup done?” He asks confused. Lauren smirks from behind him, Karen watching her intently. She’s decided she doesn’t like Lauren. 

“I’m not going.” Y/n says softly. 

“What? You were so excited? Couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks?” Shawn steps forward grabbing his best friends hands, making her look at him. He searches her face, noticing how off she is. Lauren is shooting Y/n the dirtiest looks from behind Shawn. 

“Don’t want to go anymore.” She shrugs. “You should take pictures, or you’ll be late. By the way your dress is really pretty Lauren.” Y/n says looking over at her. She has to at least try and be nice, if Shawn likes her. 

“Wait? What is happening?” Shawn asks still confused, leaning in to her.

“Nothing Shawn.” Y/n wants him to drop it. She’s been able to hide her depressed state from everyone, mainly because Shawn hasn’t been around. 

“Come on Shawn lets take pictures.” Lauren says grabbing his arm. 

“yeah.” He mumbles, staring at Y/n intently. She smiles trying to show him she’s okay, but knows her. He knows that she’s feeling broken, and he doesn’t like it. Not one bit. 

They start taking pictures and Y/n stands in the back, closest to the house. Her eyes are burning, she want’s to cry so bad. 

She doesn’t know why, but this was hurting her more than she thought it would. It almost feels like she’s losing her best friend, and it’s killing her that it’s to Lauren. 

The tears are coming  quickly, so she rushes to the bathroom, hoping no one will notice her absence. They shouldn’t, it’s about Shawn today. 

She’s wiping her face, telling herself to stay calm and that she can cry when she gets home. A knock makes her jump. 

“Y/n?” It’s Manny’s voice. 

“Give me a sec.” She sniffles. She cleans up the tissues and wipes her face again. She opens the door and is met with Manny searching her face. 

“Honey what’s wrong?” 

“Nothing.” She tries to smile but fails.

“Y/n.” He gives her a look.

“He was supposed to take me.” She cries again. Manny takes the young girl into his arms. “He promised to take me, but it’s like he forgot I was a person.” 

“No he didn’t forget.” Manny tries to calm her. He takes her into his office so no one will she her breakdown. 

“Manny, when was the last time I was over?” She asks him. The look on his face says everything. 

Manny know’s that something is very wrong. All of the parents do. Shawn and Y/n don’t go very long being sad without the other realizing. The parents have noticed Y/n’s behavior but haven’t said anything, knowing Shawn was there with her, helping her. It’s becoming aware that Shawn isn’t there for her this time. 

“I know.” He sighs. 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be this emotional but it’s hard. He’s my best friend. I literally don’t know how to function without him. And for the past few weeks I’ve had to.” She confesses. “It’s hard.” 

“I know, I’ve been meaning to talk to him.” 

“Please don’t please,” She begs, “He’s happy with her.” 

“Isn’t that the young girl who used to bully you?”

“She still does.” Y/n mumbles to herself.

“Excuse me?” Manny leans forward, his frustration rising.

“In the bathrooms, in the halls, in class, on the bus.” 

“Does Shawn know? He must not because he would never.” Manny says standing now. “I knew something was up with her, I don’t like this Y/n.” 

“I don’t either.” She says sighing. “Can you do me a favor?”


“Can you take me home, my mom is taking pictures and it’s going to be for a while. I don’t want him to see me crying and worry, if he even notices. I just want to go home.” 

“Of course, grab your bag. I’ll meet you in the Jeep.” He smiles softly. They both get up and she hurries to the kitchen to grab her purse. She takes one small look at Shawn through the window, he seems to be looking around. She walks out of the kitchen and rushes to the Jeep.

The car ride is silent, the way she wants it to be. He drops her off no questions asked. Just a hug and a kiss on the top of her head as she gets out. She goes straight to her room. Her phone going off with messages. She sets her phone to the side and crawls into bed. 



The dance has been going on for thirty minutes. She finally checked her phone. They were all messages from Shawn wondering where she went and if she was alright. She never responded, knowing that he wouldn’t care.

She’s reading a book, wiping her tears as she hears her window open. She jumps and looks over watching Shawn crawl through.

“Shawn?” She asks standing up. 

“Y/n.” He sighs. 

“What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at the dance?”

“I was worried about you? You never responded to my messages, and you’re crying again?”

“What no?” She wipes her eyes.

“Y/n what’s wrong? It’s been killing me. You’ve been weird lately.” 

“I’ve been weird.” 


“Why aren’t you with Lauren?”

“I talked to my dad.” He says looking at his shoes.


“What does she say to you in the bathroom? In the halls? In class?” 

“Don’t worry about it.”

“No Y/n I’m gonna worry, why the hell did you bail on the dance. You were so excited.” 

“I was excited to go with you!” She snaps. He looks at her as realization hits. “You promised to go with me. You told me that you weren’t going to ask anyone and you would go with me if no one asked me. No one asked me, but you got a date. What was I supposed to do? Go and watch you dance with her?” 

“Y/n,” He says taking a step towards her.

“I’m sorry Shawn, I know I caught you off guard tonight. I’m sorry your dad told you about Lauren, I know you really liked her. But I couldn’t go and watch you dance with another girl, not when…” She trails off. 

“Not when what?” He asks, wanting to desperately know her answer.

“Nevermind.” She says turning away. 

“You know I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He says grabbing her hand. “I didn’t know that she still bullied you, I broke what ever we were off. Told her I couldn’t even think about being with a person who treats you or anyone else like that. She got mad and ran off some other guy.” He shrugs. 

“So you didn’t even dance, even though you were at a dance?” Y/n teases.

“Nope, the person I wanted to really dance with bailed.” 

“Shut up.” She pushed his shoulder. He took out his phone and played Ed Sheeran on his phone.

“Dance with me?”

“Sure.” She smiled. They both started swaying and she rested her head on his shoulder.

“Are we okay?” He asked.

“Yeah Shawn, we’re okay.”

“Are you still hurt? Mad at me?”

“No, I feel a whole lot better.” She smiled to herself. 

Hidden{6}[Peter Parker]

Pairing:fem!reader x Tom Holland’s!Peter Parker

Summary:The reader develops feelings for her childhood friend Peter Parker but is scared to admit it because she’s afraid it’s going to ruin their friendship.

A/N: The next part is gonna be lit,i promise! 

Originally posted by parkrpeters

I’m okay. I’m fine. I’m feeling great. This is gonna be the best night of my life. I’m gonna drink,i’m gonna dance and most of all,i’m gonna forget all about Peter. Yes,that’s what i’m gonna do.

“Y/N,put that down before i do it myself.” The girl turned her head to the right. MJ was angrily glaring at Y/N,her index finger pointing at the red cup in her friend’s hands. Y/N shook her head and smiled weakly. She can’t be serious.

“Relax,it’s just beer.” She brought the cup to her lips and drank a little bit more.  Homecoming was supposed to be her night.

“Yeah,the third one. Stop it.” Michelle was serious,Y/N could tell. But just for this night,she didn’t give a damn. She was sad. And she could drink all she wanted,right?

“You can’t get drunk by consuming beer,relax.”For the first time in days,she just didn’t care. She didn’t care she liked Peter. She didn’t care he had almost kissed her the other day. She didn’t care he was playing games with her. She didn’t care he was dancing with the girl of his dreams. She didn’t care about anything.

Y/N could see the smile on Peter’s lips as he wrapped his arms around Liz and started dancing with her. She was smiling too. The perfect couple,Y/N thought.

She bit her lip. It should’ve been her dancing with Peter,not Liz. She knew it was really selfish of her to think that. But she couldn’t help it.

“Of course you can! If you keep doing this to yourself,i’ll end up dragging you out of school…Plus, i know you hate beer! Are you forcing yourself? If Peter sees you-“ MJ didn’t manage to finish her sentence because Y/N started laughing. Hard. She couldn’t believe her ears. Everything just seemed to be a joke.

”You know what? I don’t give a flying fuck about Peter. He’s not my mom. And neither are you so quit telling me what to do, please. I’m fine…“

“Is it because of him?” MJ asked her after a moment of silence,her eyes on the boy on the dance floor,who had broken Y/Ns heart without knowing.


“Is it because of Peter? The reason you’re miserable,i mean.”

Y/N sighed. She was so tired of going back and forth. So sick of being sensitive. Of hiding. Of being dishonest not only to her friends,but also to her own self.

Just as she opened her mouth to reply,she saw Peter heading towards them,his hands fixing the collar of his shirt.

“I think i need some fresh air…"She nervously said to MJ as she handed her the beer. Michelle nodded.

"Okay. But you can’t keep running away from your problems forever Y/N!” Her friend was right. Sooner or later,the truth had to come out. And the night of Homecoming was the perfect chance.

Y/N couldn’t imagine herself even mouthing those three little words. She felt weak,unable to even bring herself to speak. But she would have to speak anyway because Peter was once again following her. 

The same scene. The same protagonists. The same scenario. There was a difference though. A significant one;Peter’s feelings.


PART 2  





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Title: Where I’m From (Back to the Future part 2(Reader x Peter Parker) 

Summary: The reader stays up late to try new things and finish Peter’s book reccomendation, Harry Potter.

Word Count: 1673

A/N: I love love love this series so much and hope you do, too. I really want to do a pt 3 I think, if you like? Lol! I hope you enjoy! 


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I Won’t Write About Some Stuff

Au memes 

Dating Jack Gilinsky 

Dating Nash Grier

Dating Hayes Grier

Dating Stiles Stilinski 

Dating Brian O’Connor

Dating Scott McCall

Being Zoe Sugg(Zoella)’s best friend

Having a boyfriend, and Stefan’s in love with you. 

Fourth of July with Stiles 

Fourth of July with Scott

Being Best Friends with Taylor Swift

Dating Gally, TMR

Hate at first sight/Falling for Nate Maloley {Part Two}

Dating Issac Lahey

Being a professional dancer and dating Shawn Mendes

Dating Matt Espinosa 

Dating Jack Johnson

Being apart of Omaha Squad

Dating Sam Wilkinson

Being Nash’s best friend, he takes you on tour and you fall in love with Matt

Dating Aaron Carpenter and he gets over protective/worries

Jack Johnson gets over protective because one of the boys flirts with Y/N

Getting Married to Zac Efron 

Chuck Bass having a crush on you

Dylan O’Brien getting asked about Y/N in interviews

Dating Theo Raeken

Dating Ansel Elgort

Being Best Friends with Ansel Elgort

Being Best Friends with Crstyal Reed

The Boys Tease Jack Johnson till he asks Y/N Out

Shawn Mendes picks Y/N up from school

Being Married to Bob Morley, and acting on the 100 {Part two}

Fighting with Bellamy Blake

Comforting Taylor(Swift) when she gets dissed

Being Best Friends with Holland Roden

Being apart of the Teen Wolf Cast

Being a Professional singer, and working with the Omaha Squad. Sam doesn’t like you at first, but gets jealous when he sees you with Nate. 

Being Best Friends with Twaimz

Dating Robbie Amell

Being Best Friends with Lilly Singh, iisuperwomanii

Teen Wolf Bloopers

Dating Danisnotonfire

Dating Dave Franco

Dating Zac Efron

Dating Bob Morley

Dating/Marrying Drew Van Acker

Dating Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen being over protective

Dating Ian Somerhalder

Dating Paul Weasley, and acting on TVD

Dating Tyler Posey, and acting on Teen Wolf

Dating/Marrying Daniel Sharman

Dating Artie Abrams

TVD Bloopers

Being on Wolf Watch

Being an actress on Ridiculousness with your boyfriend, Tyler Hoechilin

Dating Liam Dunbar

Being a cheerleader, and Hayes showing it off

Being Best Friends with Candice Accola 

Being an actress on H2O: Just Add Water, and dating Joseph Morgan 

The Originals panel at comic con and dating Joseph Morgan

Being best friends with Claire Holt

Being best friends with Phoebe Tonkin

Trivia games with the cast of The Originals

Being married to Joseph Morgan, and playing his love interest on TVD/TO.

Dating Calum Hood

Dating Luke Hemmings

Being Married to Joseph Morgan and acting on TVD

Being Best Friends with Chloe Grace Mortez

Being on Disney Descandants and being bestie’s with Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron 

Being Best Friends with Connor Franta

Dating Matthew Daddario

Dating Ethan Dolan

Dating JC Caylen

Being Best friends with Mahogany Lox

Being an actress on Ridiculousness with your boyfriend, Tyler Hoechilin.

Dating Tyler Posey, and being on Teen Wolf

Dating Paul Wesley, and being on TVD. 

Dating/Marrying Chad Michael Murray


Please(Damon Salvatore)

Good Morning(Joe Sugg)

Can’t Keep Doing This(Stiles Stilinski)

Say Something(Scott McCall)

Servant(Hayes Grier)

My Peter Pan(Hayes Grier)

Officier(Hayes Grier)

The Ex(Hayes Grier)

He’s a Nerd(Hayes Grier)

Bandanas(Nate Maloley and Taylor Caniff)

First(Hayes Grier)

So Sweet(Hayes Grier)

Makeover(Jack Johnson)

Rivals(Calum Hood)

Accents(Sam Wilkinson)

Happiness(Derek Hale)

Dancing With the Stars(Hayes Grier)

Twister(Omaha Squad)

His Clothes(Shawn Mendes)

I Don’t Wanna Be A Hunter(Dean Winchester/DDM) {Part Two}

Gone(Shawn Mendes)

Birthdays(Sam/Dean Winchester/BSM)

Care for a Dance?(Dylan/ O’Brien)

Our Firsts(Shawn Mendes)

The Best Friend(Thomas Sangster)

It Will Rain(Sam Winchester)

Isn’t She Lovely?(Scott McCall)

Stupid Snaps(Sam Wilkinson)

Waking Up(Shawn Mendes)

Chef(Shawn Mendes)

The First Kiss(Shawn Mendes)

His(Shawn Mendes)


It’ll Be Okay(Nash Grier)

Closing In(Shawn Mendes)

The States(Shawn Mendes)

Love Isn’t Real(Stefan Salvatore)

Height(Cameron Dallas)

Mini Golf(Shawn Mendes)

Our Little Girl(Sam Wilkinson)


Me and my BFF(Nate Maloley)

Fault(Owen Grady)

Stay(Dean Winchester)

Silent Walls(Stiles Stilinski/Pack)

Hammock(Shawn Mendes)

Not Happening(Shawn Mendes)

Hands(Shawn Mendes)

His Day(Shawn Mendes)

I Love It(Shawn Mendes)

Talking Body(Cameron Dallas)   

Of Us(Shawn Mendes)

What’s the Difference?(Cameron Dallas)

Unbalanced(Shawn Mendes)

Laughing Gas(Shawn Mendes)


All of the Stars(Shawn Mendes)

The Perfect Present(Dylan O’Brien) 

Home Alone(Theo Raeken)

I Told You So(Tyler Sequin) 

Gonna Kill Shawn(Shawn Mendes) {Part Two}

Come Back to Me(Shawn Mendes)

Neighbors(Will Poulter)

You’re Home(Will Poulter) 

Hanging with Tig(Tig Trager)

Slow Dancing(Matt Espinosa)

Remember When(Stephen James)

Daycare Tunes(Shawn Mendes)

Quadratic Formula(Ryder Lynn)

I’ll never be her(Chuck Bass)

Instead(Tony Stark)

Who is that beauty?(Pietro Maximoff)

I Am No Man(Lucifier Morningstar)

Some Werewolf(KlausxIsaac) M/M

Right Here(Dean Winchester)

Cristiano Ronaldo(Zayn Malik)

Its a Boy! (Daryl Dixon)

Screw School(Josh Diaz)

Photoshoots(Brenden Hopkins)

Don’t tell Nate!(Derek Luh)

I’m Sorry(Myles Parrish)

Life of the Party(Shawn Mendes)

Our Sister(Dylan O’Brien/Tyler Posey)

Instead(Tony Stark)

I’ll never be her(Chuck Bass)

Quadratic Formula(Ryder Lynn)

Text Imagines

Stealing Stiles’ sweater

Needing Damon to kill a spider for you

Dean Winchester texts Y/N after a bad hunt, that leaves her in a coma

Shawn Mendes asking you out

Fan fiction 

I’m Not a Banshee//Teen Wolf(Currently on hold)

{Prologue} {Chapter One} {Chapter Two} {Chapter Three} {Chapter Four} {Chapter Five} {Chapter Six} {Chapter Seven}

Growing Hatred//Shawn Mendes

{Chapter One} {Chapter Two} {Chapter Three}


Full Drabble List

“Why have you been avoiding me?” Derek Hale #32

“I don’t love you…” Nate Maloley #1

“Stop, we’re in public…” Calum Hood #2

“I want you to go…” Sam Wilkinson #18

“Are you afraid of me?” Nate Maloley #39

“Are you afraid of me?” Hayes Grier #39 {Part two}

“Stop, we’re in public…” Grayson Dolan #2

“I’m pregnant…” Sam Wilkinson #8

“You’re mine…” Derek Hale #37

“I need to study…” Grayson Dolan #22

“Be Strong…” Nash Grier #9

“I miss you…” Ashton Irwin #30

“Please, tell me this isn’t what it looks like…” Sam Wilkinson #24

“Wait, are you jealous?” Nash Grier #13

“Stop looking at me like that..” Cameron Dallas #21

“I believed you…” Jack Gilinsky #38

“How do I look?” Omaha Squad #40

“Wait, are you jealous?” Aaron Carpenter #13

“Wait, are you jealous?” Hayes Grier #13

“Are you afraid of me?” Sam Wilkinson #39

“Stop, we’re in public…” Sam Wilkinson #2

“Do you really see me like that?” Nate Maloley #27

“You really think I’d do something like that?” Nate Maloley #25

“I’m pregnant.” Ashton Irwin #8

“Are you afraid of me?” John “Swazi” Swift #39

“How do I look?” Jack Johnson #40

“I need to study…” Stiles Stilinksi #22

“I hate that I love you…” Matt Espinosa #6

“Are you afraid of me?” Nash Grier #39

20, 29, and 36 Hayes Griers {Part two}

“I need to study…” Matt Espinosa #22

“Stop, we’re in public…” Matt Espinosa #2

“I’m pregnant.” Matt Espinosa #8

“Do you mind?” Michael Clifford #3

“I hate that I love you…” Luke Hemmings #6

“It killed me to see you with him…” Nate Maloley #17

“You’re an asshole.” Sam Wilkinson #26

“Why have you been avoiding me?” Jack Johnson #32

“Stop, we’re in public…” Jack Gilinsky #2

“Stop looking at me like that…” Nash Grier #21

“Do you really see me like that?” Nash Grier #27

“Why can’t you see that I’m in love with you?!” John “Swazz” Swift #29

“Wait, are you jealous?” Shawn Mendes #13

“I need you…” Aaron Carpenter #12

8, 20, and 38 Jack Johnson

“No one can love you like I can…” Nash Grier #36

“I need you..” Stiles Stilinksi #12

“Stop, we’re in public…” Nash Grier #2

“Am I in trouble?” Matt Espinosa #5

“You couldn’t have just tried? For me?” Sam Wilkinson #7

“Are you cheating on me?” Cameron Dallas #23

“Will you marry me?” Cameron Dallas #20

“Will you marry me?” John “Swazz” Swift #20

“You said you loved me…” John “Swazz” Swift #35

17, 23, 24, and 33 Hayes Grier

“You’re beautiful…” Nash Grier #28

“Get the hell away from me…” Shawn Mendes #33

“Are you afraid of me?” Matt Espinosa #39

“Are you afraid of me?” Cameron Dallas #39

“Stop, we’re in public…” Halsey #2

“I’m pregnant.” Nash Grier #8

“Stop looking at me like that…” Liam Dunbar #21

2, 21, and 40 Lydia Martin (F/F)

“Stop, we’re in public…” Hayes Grier #2

“Please stay…” Stiles Stilinski #19

“Stop, we’re in public…” Brett Talbot #2

“Stop, we’re in public…” Shawn Mendes #2

29 and 36 Shawn Mendes

“It meant nothing, I swear…” Theo Raeken #4

“You think I’d really do something like that?” Sam Wilkinson #25

“I need you…” Liam Dunbar #12

“You’re mine…” Theo Raeken #37

“I hate that I love you….” Shawn Mendes #6

“Stop looking at me like that…” Sam Wilkinson #21

“It never happened…” Shawn Mendes #11

9, 21, and 29 Shawn Mendes 

“Fight it…” Theo Raeken #14

2 and 22 Liam Dunbar 

15, 12, and 36 Shawn Mendes 

35 and 38 Chuck Bass

9, 36, and 39 Shawn Mendes

“You’re beautiful…” Matt Espinosa #28

“Stop, we’re in public…” Tyler Posey #2

“Wait, are you jealous?” Theo James #13

35 and 38 Theo Raeken

“Take the Pain Away.” Castiel #48

5 and 21 Liam Dunbar

“I will never stop loving you.” Stephen James #45

“Please Stay…” Blair Waldorf #19 F/F

give me a relationship between mj and liz.

give me mj, who’s only observing peter because she knows she doesn’t have a chance but wants to make sure whoever ends up with liz deserves her.

give me liz, who only goes along with supposedly having a crush on spiderman to try and distract herself from the sophomore girl in decathlon.

give me mj who stays behind after decathlon practice to help liz pack up, and it has everything to do with the way liz’s eyes soften while they watch her stacking chairs.

give me liz who invites mj to her party on impulse, because oh my god she just wants to spend more time with her.

give me mj, trying her best not to think too hard about what she’s going to wear. it’s cool. liz is cool.

give me liz, floating by the door of her party and ignoring her guests, waiting for mj to walk in. when she does, liz gets so flustered that she says the first thing that comes to mind. “do you want toast?”

give me mj’s furrowed brows and the curled edges of her lips as she accepts the breakfast food and follows liz into the kitchen. trying her best not to stare too much at liz’s shoulderblades, glowy skin shining under the low party lights.

give me liz’s attempt to keep cool while she’s alone in her kitchen with mj sitting on her counter, her legs slightly parted. give me liz struggling to open a glass jar and mj saying “looks like you’re in a jam.”

give me mj’s wistful look when liz gets dragged away by her senior friends, and the way her expression hardens when peter walks in.

give me liz who’s distractedly searching for glimpses of mj all night.

give me mj, watching lightly over liz and peter when they walk into homecoming, trying her best not to wish it was her arm around liz’s waist. give me mj who grabs neds arm and has them dance with liz as soon as peter ups and runs.

give me liz smiling lightly at mj all night, pretending that she’s not sad peter left her alone until she really believes it.

give me an unspoken agreement, liz’s arms around mj’s neck and mj’s hands on liz’s waist, a sunset of red and yellow fabric melting together as they sway to a slow song.

give me intense eyes, euphoria and laughter. give me liz’s head leaning into mj’s shoulder, their arms wrapping around eachother.

give me mj on the phone with liz all night her father is arrested, not really talking about much, not what happened and not a hollow cheer up. they exist together, and it’s enough.

give me liz, who has been planning all year to ask mj to takeover as decathlon captain so she can see the adorable surprise on her face. the pain when she realizes she won’t get to.

give me mj who comes over to liz’s house the day she moves, and in potentially her most sincere moment, stands with liz in her front yard and lightly kisses her goodbye while her mom is inside.

give me a relationship between liz and mj.

emmiewhemmiepuddinpie  asked:

What are your thoughts on Peter and the Starcatcher, or really all Peter Pan things? I can't find myself to get into them because it just seems TOO MUCH.

I am a giant “Peter Pan” nerd, I’m afraid. I was a big fan of the Disney movie when I was a kid – and then I fell in literal love with Jeremy Sumpter’s Peter. Then I read the original novel, which lead to the original play that predated it. Somewhere in there I saw about 6 stage adaptations and a couple more movies and miniseries and a TV series and some more books. So…I have lots of Peter Pan opinions. Especially about those hipster-y “Never grow up! Kid at heart! Young forever!” people who are all over my Facebook feed (looking at YOU chick from college with the subpar cosplay).

Here’s my main thing: Peter Pan is a lot more complicated and a lot darker than most people and media want to think about. I get it. They want the nostalgia and lack of adult responsibilities, not a lesson in mortality and maturity. But, come on…the latter is so much more interesting.

Peter’s not nice. He’s a kid, and children are rarely nice. Especially when they have not been properly socialized. They’re selfish and impulsive and they don’t understand consequences – particularly consequences that have to do with other people’s feelings and well-being.

The best adaptations acknowledge this. It isn’t just that Peter’s youthful; he’s childish. But a weird kind of childishness where he’s had to survive on his own and fight and take care of himself, more like a child of the streets than a nymph.

So for that reason I like “Peter and the Starcatcher”. It shows why Peter pulls away so hard from growing up – an abusive past, nothing but horrible adults in his life, and too little time to be a carefree kid. So it makes sense when he accepts without too much protest he’s going to stay a kid alone on the island. It does all this without so much of the happy-shiny “Let’s fly and laugh at danger” many of the shows have. Plus it’s really fun and clever. I like its heart, and I love that it’s all swash-buckling and adventure-y and dangerous.

I low-key hate this version. I call it the “Mary Martin Peter Pan”. It’s the one that community theatres put on too often and that they made the live TV musical out of. It takes away any seriousness the story might have in favor of just being fun and pretty. Plus, it has Peter as a girl’s part which it HATE. Why do we always have grown women playing this young boy? Why? It’s awkward and awful. It must stop.

STOP. Though a few of these songs are catchy. I can’t deny that.

I loooooooove the Stiles and Drewe “Peter Pan”, though. It’s probably my favorite stage adaptation. This one never made it to America/Broadway for some reason. But it did rather well in England and Copenhagen, where it premiered. One of the best parts about it is that Peter is written for a guy. It’s a high tenor part which makes sense since, you know, small-framed men who dance and sing high tenor are rather abundant in the musical theatre world. It also features a more vicious Peter, with a gang of Lost Boys who are a little unsettling. And Wendy is way more developed – she gives Peter as good she gets, pretty sassy and not taking so much of his nonsense. Overall, it just hews closer to the original Barrie stories while adding GREAT music. 10/10 – buy the soundtrack now.

Another interesting, lesser-known adaptation is “Darling”. It’s a musical by Ryan Scott Oliver, and it’s much more freely adapted. It’s set in the streets of Boston in the 1920s.

I like that it’s so different than all the other versions out there. Plus, the music is jazzy and soulful and so much fun. Everyone is darker with a sad past. And then this young woman is finding a strange new world every bit as exotic to her as Neverland.


Updated: 06/27/2017

Tom Holland:

Distracted By Her Beauty

Surprise Guest

Flirting At Comic Con

She’s Basically All He Talks About

Matching Tattoos

Thanks To Tessa

Getting The Most Candy

If You Can Beat Me

Not Quite What I Expected

Stronger Than You

//Two part fic//
Part one: Turning Flips

Part two: I Won’t Fall

Cuddle All Day

Not In Front aid Of Your Dad

Don’t Want To Sleep Alone

I’ll Show You Around

She’s Sick And I Have To Go

Cuddling With A Cutie

Swearing Like A Sailor

Winning More Than Oscars

He Just Has RBF

Lost At Comic Con

I Miss Everything About Her

All About Her


All For Nothing

Sing Me To Sleep

If You Had Died

I’’ll Always Pick You

Award Show Kisses

Done Flirting

Must You Draw On Your Hands?

The Nanny Series:

The Nanny

Falling For The Nanny

Nanny Bear

Don’t Anger The Nanny

Little Waiter Boy

Party Nanny

Jealous Of The Nanny’s Friend

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

So Please Don’t Leave Me

Secret Tattoo

//Two part fic//
Part one: Spider-Man Onesie

Part two: Spider-Man Onesie: Alternative

//Two part fic//

Part one:Cat-Girl

Part two: You Were My Cat?


Halloween Everyday

Wonderful Witch

Ghostly Encounters

Don’t Scare Me While I’m Watching AHS

Silent Treatment

I Caught You Cutie

He’s Not That Great

Don’t Laugh But…

Come Back Home

Spilled Coffee

Dating Peter Parker Would Include:

It’s For The Best series:
It’s For The Best

Broken Up Over A Break Up

//Two part fic//

Part one: Singing And Dancing To My Milkshake ft. Peter Parker

Part two: Singing And Dancing To Lip Gloss ft. Peter Parker

The Hello Kitty Pants Series:

The Hello Kitty Pants

Guardian Angel

He Saved Me

Late Night Visitor

I Really Like You. A Lot.

The Date

The Holland Twins

You Look Like A Turtle!

Once Upon A Time


Henry Mills

She’s Not An Elf!

Love And Fish Scales

From A Different Book

Accidentally Summoned


Peter Pan

Not Alone Anymore

Grant Gustin

Celebrity Crush

Barry Allen

You Weren’t Supposed To Hear That

The Dolan Twins

Being The Dolan Twin’s Best Friend Would Include:

Dating Ethan Dolan Would Include:

Dating Grayson Dolan Would Include:

Battle of the BF

Battle of the BF au. Paring: tom holland x reader.

Warning: fluff and the usual. Ps reader is somewhat famous and is good at singing + dancing.

Summary: you and your best friend challenge tom and Harrison as to who is the better pair.

Part 1:

You just got back from (Y/B/F)’s place, completely tired about from the amount of laughing and your phone was about to die.

You know you were going to regret staying up this late, since in the morning you have your first ever tv interview. See, you had recently been making a name for yourself. Starting to be recognised for your works: you played Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera when you were just 16, the off-broadway version of course. You had just finished up playing Veronica Sawyer from The Heathers musical. You loved how much the performances had to give and could never stop dancing or humming to any beat that played through your head.

Thankfully you had a full nights rest, never waking up once. Unfortunately you slept in rather late and (Y/b/f/n) was hounding on your door.

“I swear to god (y/n) your going to be the death of me.” She said, trying to pull the covers off you.

“Five more minutes.” You say. This goes back and forth, and before you know it you are pushed into a cold shower with your pjs still on.

“Oh stop screaming, do you have any idea who else is going to be there-”

“(Y/b/f/n)! I still have another bloody hour until I need to leave!- wait who?” You ask, finally calming down enough so you can close off the shower.

When she doesn’t respond you immediately ask again.

“Who else is going to be there?”

“That new spider-guy. You know the one who you were crushing on ever since you saw Civil War-”

“No way. You’re lying” You say, slowly starting to panic.

She was right though, you matter how much you kept telling yourself that celebrity crushes were bad you just couldn’t seem to deny that you found him attractive.

But there was nothing wrong with finding someone attractive. Right? Doesn’t mean anything, just that they are really good looking. Which of course Tom was, extremely good looking with his soft curls in his hair and his smile-

“Yeah well turns out the show today is like a special feature or something, young rising stars of the 21st century; and today it’s s the two of you” she said.

Holy shit. Knowing this new information made all of your preparation for this interview escape your mind. You just couldn’t understand, he was already so much more famous with you how could they have placed you two on at the same time?

It took the rest of the hour to finally get you ready, you fussed over the littlest things and decided that everything in your wardrobe was hideous.

“I can’t do this, maybe I should just cancel-”

“No freaking way (y/n) (y/l/n)! Look at how good I did your hair, okay I know that it may seem like a silly little crush but I am not the only one that is shipping you two together. Turns out some of your fans quite like the idea of the two of you.”

By this point you’ve stopped listening, you figured that this must have been just some kind of trick to get you out of bed.

On the car ride to the studio, you couldn’t t help but place your headphones on. Music seemed to be the only thing that could calm you down.

You hummed happily to the beat as you signed yourself in and made your way to the room backstage. Meanwhile (y/b/f) was trying to snoop around to catch the spider-boy, let’s just say she shipped you guys hard.

Fast forward and you were half way through your interview, you were smiling and answering every question they asked you about your sky rocketing career.

They asked basic questions about all your performances, your family and (y/b/f).

You thought you had it all under control, everything worked out fine and there was no reason for you to be nervous over silly things your best friend said that ended up not being true. Or so you thought.

“Now (y/n), we are wondering if you have read the recent comments about you and a certain British hero”. The interviewer asks.

You shake your head slightly, “I’m sorry, what?”

“It’s all over the internet, people can’t seem to get enough of the two of you.”

You just sit there in silence. Your mouth slightly open, unsure of what to say next.

“You must be mistaken for someone else. I have no clue as to what-”; then it hit you.

(Y/b/f) wasn’t t lying.

“Oh! Oh god no; I mean I’m flattered but I’ve never met him in my life” You laugh slightly.

“So if you were to meet him, would you give it a chance?”; You stare dumbfounding at the interviewer.

“Well-I… um… you see…”; you were lost for words. This couldn’t t be happening, not on live television. “Shit, I mean sure I would…. he’s handsome.”

The interviewer smiles. “Fantastic, because he’s right backstage.”

Oh sugar honey ice tea.


p>Hey guys this is my first fanfic, I’m m not sure if I should continue or if it’s s any good. If I get some likes then Il definitely consider it cause then that means it wasn’t t bad. Hhaha thanks for reading. Feel free to message me or anything.

Tenerife Sea - Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by dailyspiderman

Words: 1288
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: tad bit of swearing, evils people’s
Requested by anon
can you make something cute about peter parker based on “tenerife sea” by ed sheeran? thank you!:)
Author’s Note: this is a song fic from the song above ^^^ you can listen to it here! Thank you all for 1600 followers, too!


Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me

"Wow, you look amazing.” Peter smiled at you, when you walked out of your house.

You blushes and looked down at your hands. “Thanks, Peter.”

Your parents took photos of Peter and you, it was prom. Going all out, everyone was excited.

And before long, you and Peter were in the car, on your way back to school for the dance.

Peter had a feeling in his gut that didn’t sit with him right. He felt something was going to wrong. Either he was going to spill something on you, or if someone was going to come attack the place, he didn’t know. But he stuffed his suit in an extra bag just in case.

When you two arrived at the school, Peter was beyond excited that he was actually going to prom. You and Peter had been friends for a while, and you both decided that going together would be fun. You guys always love hanging out, this was just an excuse to dance together.

You met up with a few of your friends and Peter said hello to some people he knew. But for the most part, you were planning on just hanging out together.

Thanks to high school health class, you made sure you didn’t drink from the punch. Someone probably spiked it.

You and Peter went to dance, and you could tell that something was off about Peter. “What, are you upset that you’re here and not zooming around the city?” You smirked.

Of course you knew about Peter’s special ways. You’re his best friend of, how long? (Too long.)

“Oh, no no, I’m just, I’ve got a bad feeling that something is going to go wrong.” Peter sighed.

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Two Terrans

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Guardians of the Galaxy - Peter Quill/Star-Lord

Rating: PG

Original Idea: I went and sat Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with my mom a while ago and I didn’t expect to come back with a small crush on Peter, but here we are.

Notes: (Masterlist)(About Me) - (This takes place long before the movies and may be continued.) Peter Quill’s first girlfriend was a Terran lost amongst the stars who ended up in the ranks of the Ravagers…


Peter woke up with a smile as familiar noises roused him from sleep. A voice and music from out in the main part of the Milano. “Ooga chaka—ooga ooga—ooga chaka—ooga ooga…” He sat up and peered out the door.

She was dancing in her pajamas—which consisted of loose shorts and one of his shirts. Her long thick hair was messy but glossy in the light.

Yondu would kill him if he knew that she was all the way out here with him. He wouldn’t take lightly to one of his best pilots going missing for a couple days with the somewhat wayward Peter Quill. Not that Peter cared—and neither did she. She and Peter were the only people not afraid to stand up to Yondu.

“I can’t stop this feeling… deep inside of me… boy you just don’t realize… what you do to me!” she sang, peering into his quarters playfully. She beckoned him out. Chuckling, he climbed out of bed and joined her in his own pajamas—a pair of shorts.

She took his hands, whipping her long hair off her shoulder, and began to dance with him.

“You know,” she began quietly. “I haven’t heard this song since before I left Earth.”

“Really?” he teased.

She nodded. “Yup. But it’s nice to hear again,” she replied, resting her head against his chest and holding him around his back.

“Well, I’m glad I could have it with me so that you could hear it again.” He kissed the top of her head, feeling how soft her hair was under his lips. She smiled, looked up, and tilted onto her tiptoes for a proper kiss, which he gladly gave her.

A warning started going off in the cockpit.

“Son of a—” she hissed, letting go of him and rushing over to the pilot’s seat. She jumped over the arm rest control panel and sat down. Peter went to the copilot’s seat and sat down. Normally he would have protested to someone else flying the Milano, but she had a gift for flying any craft. And between the two of them, she was clearly the better pilot.

A quick case of the situation revealed a proximity alert—something was hurtling toward them.

“Rogue meteor,” she commented. “Not as serious as I thought it was going to be.” Activating the engine, she piloted the Milano a couple hundred miles out of the way and parked it again. “I thought it was going to be Yondu hunting us down.” She winked at him and hopped out of the chair, taking his hand and dragging him back to dancing. He laughed.

“That would have been bad,” he agreed. “But you don’t seem to be afraid of Yondu.”

She shrugged as she spun herself under his arm. “I’m not. But I don’t want him to hurt you.” She spun in and rested her back against his torso.

Peter held her to him, his chin on the crown of her head. They swayed back and forth. Hooked on a Feeling had ended sometime when she’d been flying out of the path of a meteor. The song that followed was a little more relaxed.

It was peaceful. For that moment, everything was almost perfect. The two of them were in their early twenties with very few cares in the galaxy. They were both Ravagers on Yondu’s crew and good at what they did. They shared a love for music and a playful, teasing, sarcastic side. They had a lot in common. Up until that point, Peter had been a bit of a player, but he found he really harbored genuine feelings for her. He felt good holding her to him. She was smaller than him and fit perfectly against him.

When Come and Get Your Love came on, they had a little bit of a dance-off in their pajamas while munching on some breakfast. She liked flipping her hair around since she had so much of it and he liked watching her do it since it was just fun. Peter won the dance-off and they dissolved into laughter on the floor.

The call that came through destroyed the feeling. Yondu Udanta

Neither of them answered it.

“Hey… can I ask you something?” Peter asked curiously.

She rolled onto her side to look at him, propping her head up onto her elbow. “You just did. But, if you want, you can ask one more thing,” she teased, poking him in the ribs—right in his tickle spot. He twitched away and swatted at her playfully.

“Will you… be my girlfriend?” Peter rolled onto his side to look at her at the same level.

She smiled and leaned forward. “I thought I already was,” she murmured, glancing at his mouth and giving him a kiss.

“What are the odds that the only two Terrans that have escaped Earth ended up together?”

“Not very high. But I’m glad we did.”

“Me too,” he agreed.

Eleven months later…


Peter whirled to see her, holding her gut with both hands. Her face went pale and she fell backward. He shot the creature that shot her and ran to her aid, falling onto his knees beside her.

“No. No, no, no, no, no!” Peter protested, holding her around the shoulders and pressing his free hand against her wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. “You can’t do this to me. You can’t leave me! You promised me that we’d stay together. You can’t. I can’t lose someone else that I love!”

A weak smile pulled up her face. “You’ve never told me that you love me before,” she rasped.

“I do. I love you. I have since we met.”

“I punched you in the face because you touched my flight console.”

“Yeah. And I thought that was so hot,” he informed her.

She chuckled weakly and lifted a blood-covered hand up to his face. “I thought you were an annoying captain’s pet who had no business on my ship,” she told him.

“Well, that I was,” he relented.

“Peter, I love you too. But we both knew that being in a relationship together was risky. This job is dangerous. And dying is an occupational hazard of being a Ravager. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Because this dangerous job led me to you. Led me to dancing in pajamas and singing songs I hadn’t heard since I was a young child. Under your rugged exterior you have a heart of gold. Promise me you’ll never lose that. Promise me,” she pressed, her hand falling off his face and leaving a streak of blood on his skin. He took her fallen hand and kissed the backs of her fingers before reapplying pressure to her wound.

“I promise.”

“It was never going to last.”

“I didn’t want to believe that.”

“Neither did I. You make me happy, Peter.”

“You make me happy too. We should have run away, like we talked about so many times. Then this wouldn’t have happened.”

“No. There’s something great in store for you and you need to be where you are. I can feel it.”

“Not without you. Please. Don’t leave me.”

“I have to. But you’ll be okay. You’re a strong man. I love you Peter.”

He pushed his fingers into her hair. “I love you too.”

Dancing on Glass (Part 1)

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Song inspiration: Dancing on Glass by St. Lucia

Tom Holland x Reader

Y/N=Your name
Y/BF/N=Your best friends name ______________________________________________________________

“Y/N, you have to come with! You never leave the dorm unless you are going to class or getting something to eat. We don’t even have to stay that long.”

“Oh, my god! I already told you, I have a huge exam coming up and I really need to study! Plus, I’m not even in the mood,” you said as you rolled your eyes at your roommate.

“You’re kidding me, right? I’m almost positive you were the one that said we needed the full college experience? One party isn’t going to kill you!”

“If I go will you shut up about it?”  

“Yes! Ok, hurry and get dressed and fix your hair, it seriously looks like you haven’t even got out of bed all day.”

You glare at Y/BF/N as you reluctantly sat up from the couch.  

Being social was never one of your strong suits. You only had a few close friends, Y/BF/N being one of them.  You and Y/BF/N were polar-opposites, but somehow you got along perfectly. Your friendship was one that couldn’t be broken, you had been friends for too long.  

You pulled your hair back into a high pony tail and opted for your favorite pair of high waisted jeans, a grey tank top, and white sneakers. Although it was nothing quite as daring as Y/BF/N ‘s outfit, it was something relatively different from your usual attire of leggings and an oversized t-shirt.  


“I guess, I mean I still don’t get why we have to go… but whatever,” you replied.

You and Y/BF/N walked out of your dorm and walked down the stairs to the lobby, where you met up with a few other friends. After chatting for a few minutes, the group all piled into a small SUV and left for the party. Music was playing and the windows were down, allowing the cool breeze to enter the car.  

Maybe, tonight wasn’t going to be so bad.  

After the short, fifteen-minute car ride, you finally made it to the party. It was no surprise that is was in a huge brick house off campus, I mean would Y/BF/N would pick just any party to go to, it had to be the biggest one of the year.  

The group ran up to the front doors and were greeted by more of their friends, while you and Y/BF/N followed slowly behind.

“I’m only staying for an hour at most! I’m not kidding,” you quickly stated as you walked up the stairs to the entry way of the house.  

You opened the doors and you were bombarded by blaring music, almost too loud to even hear your thoughts. Y/BF/N made her way to the kitchen, where she met up with her other friends she had met earlier in her math class. You walked around the corner to the living room and made your way to the backyard.

There were strips of lights hanging above your head and dozens of empty plastic cups at your feet.  

After making your way around the groups of people dancing and chatting, you find an empty corner to stand in, and hope that no one will notice.  

Okay, I’m definitely regretting this now. Y/BF/N abandoned me for her other friends and I’m stuck here all by myself. You’re off to a great start Y/N!   

Your thoughts are all over the place as you observe the chaos happening around you and you decide to pull out your phone and texted Y/BF/N.

Y/N: where are you? im stuck outside all by myself and I want to leave!!
Y/BF/N: its been like ten minutes Y/N!  
Y/N: okay?
Y/BF/N: just a little bit longer and then we can leave

Ugh! You walk back into the kitchen and grab a drink. You’re going to be here for a while, might as well make the most of it.


Are you still doing peter pan imagines? if you are, could you do one with a plot line sort of like this? you are taken to neverland. pan falls for you, and you fall for him. Wendy comes into neverland, and starts to take up peter’s time. Peter notices you have been acting weird, and makes a big to-do about you. after the the big to do (like he has something planned for you) and asks you out? Something like that? Thanks!! :)

Requested by: @swiftiewxanderland 


Hello to all you lovely people. My name’s Kat and I very recently joined this little group. This is my first piece to be posted. I hope you like it - I did my best! xx


You’d never been happy back home. All your parents ever did was fight, and they were too preoccupied with getting their revenge on each other for God knows what, that you were left to fend for yourself. Being swept away to Neverland was the best thing that ever happened to you. You finally felt like you belonged somewhere, that someone actually cared for you. The Lost Boys were kind to you, they quickly accepted you as one of their own despite the obvious differences.
Their leader, Peter Pan, was very different from the one you’d read about when you were little. He was indeed dressed in all green, and he could fly, but the similarities ended there. In the fairytale Peter Pan was sweet, and the hero of the story, and Tinker Bell was his best friend. In reality he was referred to as Pan rather than Peter, he was wicked and charming, and Tinker Bell feared him so much she lived on her own somewhere on the other side of the island. He was tough on his boys, he made them work hard for just about anything, but he acted slightly different towards you. He’d give you an extra glance, a smirk every now and then, and the best parts of your day was dancing around the fire, because his eyes would be glued on you – and though you’d never admit it out loud, you loved the attention.
Then Wendy arrived. You’d loved Wendy in the fairytales, but just as with everything else reality and fairytale didn’t get along very well. She started taking up Pan’s time, and suddenly the glances and smirks disappeared, and when he was playing he was placing at Wendy instead of you. It didn’t take long before a large lump of jealousy formed in your gut.
Now you sat on the ground at the edge of the camp, tearing up the grass by your feet.
“What’s with the frown, love?” his recognisable voice asked you. You looked up at him. He looked as confident and majestic as always. You simply arch your eyebrows at him, and he crouches down before you.
“Talk,” he orders, but you snort as you glance back down on the green grass as you rip out its roots.
“Why don’t you just go back to your precious little Darling?” you sneered.
His laugh surprised you, and you glare at him. As the laughter dies down, his playful smirk forming. You sigh in annoyance - must he find everything entertaining?
“I believe someone’s jealous,” he mused, lifting his chin up ever so slightly.
“That’s ridiculous,” you said as you shook your head.
“Of course,” he smirked, but nevertheless he got up and left. Despite your best intentions you stole a glance at him as he walked away. You tried to keep your face as neutral as possible, but as your glance shifted to Wendy sitting on a rock not too far away from the fire, you felt all your hatred radiate from you. Wendy’s lips parted as he gasped in shock, before quickly looking away.

“Y/N,” Pan called out, and you turned around on the spot to find him walking towards you.
“What?” you asked impatiently, making him grin.
“Care to take a stroll?” he asked, offering you his arm. You gave it a sceptical look. “There’s something special I’d like to show you.”
“Sure,” you shrugged and started walking, feeling his amused stare in the back of your head. “Keep up, Pan,” you called out, only to be forced to halt as he appeared in front of you. You groan, “never mind.”
His smug face might’ve been annoying as hell, which you were happy to admit, but it was also extremely attractive, something you were not admitting - ever.
The walk was silent. You noticed how he kept looking at you. What you wouldn’t have done for a mirror right about then. You’ve could’ve had a bloody branch in your hair for all you knew. Quickly you tried to check your hair, but trying to keep it as natural as possible to keep Pan from getting another one of his ego boosts. He was well beyond the clouds already.
As you reach a cliff, you watch as he simply walks over the edge and into the air. You look towards the large island existing of nothing more than a stone carved into a skull. Pan offered you his hand again, and having plummeted to your death the last time you tried flying you accepted it without hesitation.
It didn’t take long before you finally felt something solid underneath your feet again, and you released a breath you hadn’t even realised you were holding in.
“What are we doing here?” you asked as you looked around, but the large hour glass in front of you was hard to miss. “What is this?”
“This,” he said as he opened his arms and gestured to the hour glass, “shows you how much time I have left.”
“Left on the island, or…” You didn’t date say it out loud, a sudden splurge of panic wrapping around you.
Pan arched an eyebrow, telling you that ‘or’ was the correct guess.
“I haven’t shown anyone this place before,” he continued, slowly pacing around. “I guess you can say this is me at my most vulnerable.”
You knew what that meant, and you straightened your back ever so slightly. Pan never made himself vulnerable, not to anyone. Ever.
“Can I help?” you offered immediately, “I’ll do anything.”
“Oh, do talk dirty to me, love,” Pan smirked, causing blood to rush to your face. You knew your anatomy worked just fine as his smirk grew. “You know I’ll help you. I will always help you. But,” you hesitate a little before closing your eyes to finish your sentence, “why me?”
You take a deep breath before you open your eyes, a strangled noise escaping you as his face is mere inches from yours. “Because you’ve got fire, love,” he whispered seductively, his eyes boring into yours, “and I like fire.”
You couldn’t help yourself, and you glanced down at his lips. They were so close, so alluring. As you met his gaze again, he got that same smug expression on his face. It was just as annoying, but even more alluring than before. Your breath had become irregular and rather loud. Even Pan’s breath seemed to have escaped his control for the moment.
“Be my Queen,” he proposed, and despite every cell in your body screaming at you to take his offer, the only thing you seemed able to reply was “we have no Kings in Neverland. Just you.”
His serious demeanour cracked as he broke into an amused laugh, and in that moment you knew; you’d sold your should to the devil, and you’d never been happier.

You lied. - Pan x reader

Request :

Hi there could you plz do an imagine with pan+reader+Wendy where pan cheats reader with Wendy so they broke up and then reader start to flert with an other lost boy and pan is jealous and want her back so they end up together again?

Warnings : None really

Peter and I had been together for a while now (I honestly can’t tell you how long, I mean, there’s no time on Neverland). Ever since that ditz Wendy came to Neverland, claiming to be lost might I add, Peter’s been distant. We all knew Wendy wasn’t lost. Only desperate.

All of the lost boys have agreed that she was way too clingy, but of course, Peter disagreed and kept her with us. Wendy wasn’t rude or anything like that. She was simply… sweet and unaware. Unaware of Peter and I’s relationship. I’ve hinted at it but she never picked up what I put down.

“Hey, Peter.” I smiled at him as he walked up to me. “Hello, darling.” He sat next to me. “How was hunting?” I asked. He simply sighed. “We didn’t get much. Only small things. Puny, might I say.” Peter rested his forearms on his knees and picked up his flute. “Well, that’s too bad.” I frowned a bit, glancing at the lost boys. “Yeah.” He sighed. I watched his face, looking for any expression, when he paled just a bit. “Peter, are you alright?” I asked. He only shook his head. “Someone’s on the island, I have to go and see who.” He stood. I nodded, though he was facing away, and watched him walk off.

I looked away when he had passed enough branches and bushes that made it hard to see. However, as I looked away, I saw Wendy following after Peter. “What is she doing?” I asked myself, standing from where I was sitting.  I followed Wendy quietly as she followed Peter. “Finally, I thought we’d never escape her.” I heard. Wendy had stopped walking. “I don’t know about all of this. I mean, she’ll find out soon enough.” “I think we should tell her.” “Tell her what? That her boyfriend had been cheating on her with the new arrival.” “Peter, you need to know your own feelings. Can you imagine a life without her?” “Well, I don’t know, I mean, maybe.” “And how about me.” “That’s harder.” “So, you have feelings for me. That proves that we need to tell her.”

“No, don’t bother.” I stepped out from where I was and stepped towards them. “Y/N-” “No, Peter. You’re cheating on me. Do you honestly think there’s an excuse for that?” I asked, starting to pace slightly. “Look, Y/N, I didn’t-” “Wendy, would you please. Stop. Talking.” I glared at her. “Y'know what?” I laughed dryly. “You two can continue here and I’ll just go back to camp. Let’s just act like this never happened. ‘Kay?” I held a fake smile and then turned, walking briskly back down the path I came. “Wow. Who would’ve thought?” I asked myself, laughing at my stupidity. “Who would’ve thought what?” I jumped. “Oh my- Felix!” I hit the blonde boy’s arm. “Well, go on, tell me.” He pushed. I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Peter and Wendy.” I stated. “Wait, what?” Felix asked. “Together. Secret meetings. No Y/N.” I looked down. Felix set an arm over my shoulders awkwardly.

“But, I have a plan.” I said, glancing up at the tall blonde. He smirked. “Am I part of it?” He asked. I nodded and smirked back. “You are the plan.” I told him.

“Alright, go.” I whispered, spotting Peter walking towards the ring of dancing lost boys. He looked around. “So, Felix…” I trailed off, leaning towards him and fluttering my eyelashes. “Are you the best archer?” I giggled a bit. God I hope that giggle sounded normal. “One of the best.” Felix put on a fake smug smirk. I giggled again. “How about you teach me sometime?” I smiled sweetly, setting my hand on his bicep. “I could teach you now.” He suggested, picking his bow up from beside him. I was bout to reply when someone did for me. “I don’t think that’s a wise idea.”

I turned to see Peter glaring at the both of us. “Pan.” Felix greeted. Peter sneered at him. “Yeah yeah, get lost.” I almost laughed. Pun intended, I thought. Felix stood and walked away slowly. “Flirting with my best lost boy? Really?” Peter asked. “Cheating with the new arrival? Really?” I mocked, glaring at him. “Look, Y/N, I thought I liked her. I thought that she was the one and our relationship-” “Didn’t matter?” I cut him off.

“No, I thought that our relationship wasn’t right- no that sounds bad. I mean…” He sighed, not continuing. “I didn’t really think things were going well between us. I have never been around girls for too long, you know that. I don’t really know what to expect or what to actually do.” He had sat down next to me by then, staring down at his lap and moving his hands every few words to gesture distress. “Peter…” I sighed. “No, no, it’s fine. I understand if you’d rather be with Felix, or…or even go home.” Peter sighed. “Peter. It was all a plan.” I told him. He looked at me confused.

“What do you mean?” He asked. I smiled a bit. “Thought I’d get back at you for cheating.” I said. He set a hand on his chest and let out a relieved breath. “So, you and Felix aren’t…?” He trailed off. I shook my head, my smile widening. “Never.” I said. “Well, on that note, Y/N,” He paused an turned to me, taking my hand in his. “Would you forgive me?” He asked. “For?” I asked, shocking him. He composed himself though. “For cheating on you with Wendy.” He stated, looking down a bit. “And?” I asked. “And hurting your feelings.” He said. “And?” I asked once more. He looked up, confused. “And for… telling Felix to get lost?” He asked me. I smiled and instead of him kissing my hand, I kissed his. “You’re forgiven.” I whispered, looking him in the eyes.

He sighed. “Thank god. Now tell me, what do girls like?” He sat up straight and leaned towards me, waiting for an answer. I laughed. “You’ll find out soon Peter. Go say sorry to your lost boy.” I hit his shoulder lightly. “Now.” I commanded. He pouted a bit but stood anyways, going to say sorry. “God, these boys are gonna kill me.”

I really hope this was good enough and thanks for being the first request! :)

Scott- I Just Might Have To Take You Up On That

Request- hey!! can you do an angst imagine where the reader lost her family in the deadpool, but never talked to the pack. she slowly spirals out of control until she attacks someone and Scott stops her. she breaks down and he holds her. he and the pack take care of her until they confess their love. thanks <3

A/N- Wow, my week has been crazy. Sorry it took me so long to get this written out and sorry if it’s not what you wanted. 

“Are you sure I’m allowed to be here?” Liam asked as he watched the sea of people shift and sway around him.
“Definitely not,” Stiles told him, eyeing the tray of drinks passing him by in the crowd. “For the record, I voted against bringing you.”
Scott sighed from behind them as he moved through the crowded club. Sinema has just opened up downtown and since it had only been a few weeks after the end of the deadpool and everything with Peter, the Alpha had decided that the pack needed to celebrate their victory. And now that Liam was a part of the pack, Scott figured it would be unfair not to invite his young beta.
“Come on, Stiles,” Scott told his best friend. “He’ll be fine.”
Stiles narrowed his eyes and stared at Liam, who was now gaping at one of the barely dressed waitresses passing by in the crowd. “Yeah, sure. He’ll be fine.”
“He will,” Scott insisted. “Where are the girls?”
“Well, Malia stopped to dance back there,” Stiles began, gesturing over his shoulder with his thumb. “Kira went to find the bathroom, and Lydia’s over by the bar, probably giving three different guys a run for their money.”
“Bitter much?” Liam asked him.
“Shut up,” Stiles complained. “Don’t make me regret getting you that fake I.D.”
Liam huffed and peered around the room, taking a moment to eye the sheer number of people in the club. The music was loud and infectious and it didn’t help that he still couldn’t entirely control his heightened senses. He could smell things he couldn’t even name and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know what they were. He was beginning to think that going clubbing might not have been all it was cracked up to be, when he suddenly caught a whiff of something surprisingly familiar.
Liam inhaled deeply, but the thick, acrid scent seemed to be hitting him right in the face to begin with. Anger and bitterness were two emotions he knew well and maybe that was why he couldn’t help but feel concerned. Whoever it was radiating from seemed to be a ticking time bomb, someone just waiting to snap.
“Scott,” Liam said, stopping in the middle of the crowd.
“Jesus, Liam!” Stiles cried as he slammed into the back of him. “What’s wrong now?”
“Do you smell that?” he asked Scott, ignoring the other boy.
Scotts brow furrowed and he inhaled deeply. When he realized what Liam was talking about, he looked at the younger boy. “Woah.”
“What?” Stiles demanded. “What is it?”
“Someone’s angry,” Scott told him. “Really angry.”
“And?” Stiles asked. “That’s our problem why?”
“Because I’m pretty sure they’re not human,” Scott stated as he studied the scent.
“Please tell me it’s not another angry werewolf,” Stiles begged. “Scott, I wanted to have fun tonight.”
“It’s not a werewolf,” Scott stated. “It’s something else. I’ve actually never smelled anything like it.”
“Can you at least tell me who it is so I know who to run from?”
Scott peered around the room, carefully trying to narrow down where the scent was coming from. He looked back toward the bar, but it was only a crowd of people and Lydia, smiling slyly at a tall guy with black hair. His gaze swept over the dancing crowd, but when he looked into the corner of the room and saw a collection of  red, plush couches, he realized the person wasn’t on the floor at all.
There was a girl sitting on one of the couches, looking fairly out of place among the other laughing, drunk people. Everyone else may have been dancing or drinking, but you were just sitting there, staring at the crowd. Upon first glance, Scott hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, but when he stared at you for more than few seconds, he realized that you weren’t a normal teenage girl.
There was a wave of energy radiating from you, not to be seen, but something to be felt by someone with heightened senses like Scott’s. There was something powerful about you, and Scott knew that that much power combined with that much anger meant danger.
“Do either of you know that girl?” Scott asked Stiles and Liam.
“No,” Liam said as he peered around the room. “But I might know someone who does.”
He nodded over to the corner of the room, where a tall, curly-hair guy was leaning against the wall, a drink in his hand. Liam would have recognized Brett from a mile away, mostly because he had gotten so used to avoiding him at Devenford Prep. He liked to think that after nearly being assassinated several times, Brett was a better person. With that being said, he still didn’t like running into him, but he knew this time it might be unavoidable.
“Come on,” Liam said, gesturing for Scott and Stiles to follow him.
They moved through the crowd, sliding along the back wall, which wasn’t as tightly packed. It wasn’t long until they were able to make their way to Brett and his eyes met Liam’s. Brett frowned and turned away from the guy he had been talking to. Liam shot him a pleading look, and Brett rolled his eyes and nodded the other guy off.
“What is it?” Brett asked Liam.
“Do you know that girl?” he asked, gesturing to you on the couch.
Brett followed Liam’s gaze and frowned. “That’s Y/n. Don’t bother her, Liam. I don’t care about your little crush.”
“Wh-no, I don’t!” Liam cried. “That’s not-”
“That’s not what we’re here for,” Scott stated. “She’s not human. And angry too. Like ‘cause a scene in a crowded club’ angry.”
Brett crossed his arms over his chest. “Losing your whole family will do that to you.”
“She was on the deadpool,” Stiles realized.
Brett gave one firm nod. “Her whole family was. They were witches and her mom sent her out to try and help my pack when that psycho with the virus tried to wipe us all out. When she went back to her house, every single one of them had a stake through their heart. She was the strongest one of her family. Now she’s the last.”
Scott felt his chest tighten, his breath catching in his throat. He remembered hearing about the murders, but since it had happened so close to the deadpool being over, he hadn’t thought to check to see if anyone had survived. It might him feel a little guilty, knowing that there was another supernatural creature in Beacon Hills he was supposed to have been protecting.
“I didn’t know,” Scott said softly. “I had no idea.”
“Look,” Brett said. “Y/n is angry. She’s lost her whole family and she hasn’t taken it the best. She’s staying with me and Satomi and we’re trying to teach her control, but she’s so bitter. I feel bad for anyone who tries to mess with her, because she could kill them without lifting a finger.”
“We have to do something then,” Scott said.
“Like I said, Satomi is trying,” Brett continued. “But she needs time to heal. I bring her here with me sometimes to get her out of the house. Believe it or not, she was a lot worse than this a couple weeks ago. She’s getting better, but I don’t want you guys to mess with her, okay? She doesn’t even know you.”
“Can I at least talk to her?” Scott asked. “If she needs something, maybe I can help.”
“I wouldn’t,” Brett told him honestly. “But I’ll pass your name along, okay?”
“Okay,” Scott said softly. “Thanks.”
Brett nodded as Scott and Stiles turned away, Liam following closely behind.
“So are you gonna talk to her?” Liam asked Scott.
“No,” he said with a shake of his head. “I trust Brett. We can keep an eye on her tonight, just to make sure she doesn’t do anything, but he’s right. We don’t know how she’s going to react to some stranger trying to question her.”
“Yeah,” Stiles agreed. “Now that we know that’s not our problem, how about we do what we came here to do?”
“Which was?” Scott asked him.
“Get drunk.”

Scott leaned against one of the back walls of Sinema, watching with a smile on his face as Stiles bobbed awkwardly to the music. His best friend was a little drunk and that much was evident in the way he swayed back and forth as he tried to grab the attention of a girl with red hair. Scott couldn’t help but smile at the scene, but as his gaze moved on to the other side of the room, he couldn’t pull his eyes away from you. You were still sitting there on the couch, staring morbidly out at the dancing crowd as you balanced your chin on your hand. Scott knew it would have been wiser to leave well enough alone, but as he focused his senses, he couldn’t ignore the overwhelming sadness that surrounded you. You weren’t just angry, he realized. You were hurting.
He tilted his head as he looked at you and he figured that he didn’t care what Brett had said. He began to head through the crowd and walk toward you, just as you turned your head and caught sight of him. Your dark, hollow eyes met Scott’s brown ones, and for a second he froze. You eyed him for a few seconds, but then your gaze moved on and soon you were rising from the couch.
Scott watched as you quickly glided along the back wall, heading toward the exit. He tried to quicken his pace, but moving through the crowd was like trying to tug himself loose from flypaper. By the time he made it to the front door of the club, you had disappeared.
Scott sighed and looked back into the crowd, catching sight of each pack member. Most of them were either dancing or talking to one another, and even though Scott knew he should just go back to his friends, he slipped out into the warm night.

You walked along the sidewalk leading from the club, listening to the slow thud of the music that was beginning to fade away. You ducked your head down low and stuck your hands into the pockets of your shorts, wanting nothing more than to be alone. Alone, you thought with a scoff. That was all you seemed to be these days.
Even though Satomi had taken you in like one of her own, you couldn’t help but feel out of place in the home of a werewolf. You missed your family terribly, and you still felt that if you hadn’t left them, if you had just ignored your mother, maybe you could have died with them. You hadn’t wanted to leave that day, but you did anyway with the assurance that they would be fine without you. You never dreamed that you would come home to find their bodies, staring you right in the face with cold, dead eyes.
That much pain was bound to bring on some anger and while Satomi was trying to teach you to keep it in control, you weren’t sure you cared enough to. You didn’t understand why she was trying so hard, why she felt so obligated to be there to help you. If it was up to you, you would have preferred to be left alone, but you had nowhere else to go.
You knew Brett would eventually realize you were gone and freak when he couldn’t find you, but that wouldn’t be for a while. You told yourself you could always go back, and even though you might have gotten into trouble with Satomi, you continued to walk. It couldn’t have been five minutes before you heard several pairs of footsteps behind you.
You had just turned the corner onto a dimly lit street when you felt a figure brush up against you. “Hey, Pretty Girl.”
You jumped and stumbled back, looking up at a tall shadow of a figure, leaning toward you in the darkness. “You look lonely.”
“Stay the hell away from me,” you spat, eyeing the man with narrowed eyes.
You turned to walk away, but in doing so you just bumped into another dark figure. “Where you goin’, Sweetheart?”
He moved toward you and you shoved him away, only to have him snatch your wrists in an ironclad grip. Instead of the fear you should have felt, anger was the only sensation tearing through you at the moment. You shoved against the man, but you quickly felt the other one brushing up against you.
“Now what’s a pretty girl like you doing out here all alone?” he asked.
“Look,” you told him as you tried to jerk away. “I’m giving you three seconds to let go of me and run, unless you want to end up as a pile of bones and skin.”
The first man simply laughed, dark and rough as it rumbled through his chest and against your back. “Sweetheart, you’re alone.”
You felt your fingers curl into fists and for the first time in weeks, you smiled. “You have no idea.”
You closed your eyes and concentrated, remembering something your mother had once taught you. You focused on the hottest thing you could think of, a flame so scalding that you felt your skin begin to tingle. In about three seconds, you heard a painful yelp as the men let go of you, jerking away as if they had been burned.
“What the hell?” one cried.
You whirled around as they stumbled back, suddenly facing both of them. You reached up with one hand, and as if he was being lifted off the ground by invisible fingers, the man who had first spoken to you began to rise into the air. You felt an eerie chill begin to spread through your body, and wind began to whip around you. Your hair fluttered away from your face as you picked the man up with nothing but your own power.
“Wait!” he cried. “Wait, what are you doing?! Stop, please, just stop!”
“I told you to stop,” you snarled, slamming him into the rough surface of the brick building next to you.
“I’m sorry,” he sobbed as you pinned him to the wall. “I’m sorry, please, just put me down!”
You glared at him, taking a step forward with your eyes blazing like fire. If he and his friend had happened upon some other perfectly innocent girl, you were sure he would have done a lot worse. Why shouldn’t I kill them? you thought. Why shouldn’t I cause them as much pain as they were trying to cause me?
You shot a look over at the man’s friend, who was cowering on the ground in fear. The moment you looked his way, he bolted up from the sidewalk and ran away with a scream. You watched him go for a few seconds, and then you finally turned back to your victim.
“Looks like you didn’t choose very good friends,” you told him venomously.
“Please,” the man whispered.
His eyes were dark and desperate, and when you looked closed your could see his lip was trembling. You didn’t have senses like a werewolf, but you swore you could feel the fear rolling off of this guy in waves. Maybe a few weeks ago you would have let him go, but that was before you realized just how violent human beings could be. Maybe this man was no supernatural being, but he was certainly a monster.
You gritted your teeth as memories of your family started to flow through your head. You couldn’t forget their eyes, cold and unforgiving as they stared at you from the blood-stained floor. You couldn’t forget your own scream, realizing that you were really, truly alone. You would always remember the day your life became intertwined with bitterness and pain and you knew that man had probably caused it in someone else’s.
As you gritted your teeth and picked his body up from the wall, that was the only thought on your mind. He screamed and begged as you lifted him, intending to throw him against the brick in rage. You were breathing heavily as he cried, but that wasn’t going to dissuade you from your goal. You were positive that nothing would and it wasn’t until the voice from behind you shouted out that you froze.
You looked over your shoulder, expecting to see Brett standing there, but it wasn’t Satomi’s beta at all. There was a tall, dark-haired boy standing on the sidewalk with his arms outstretched in desperation. You could see that his jaw was slightly crooked, although that could have just been the shadows on the street. You had recognized him as the boy who had been staring at you in Sinema, but you hadn’t thought much about him. Now it was clear that you should have.
Scott hadn’t planned on going out and looking for you past the main street, but when he heard the screams, he began to run in your direction. He never imagined that he’d walk right into you hovering some guy over the ground.
“Don’t hurt him,” he begged. “This isn’t you, Y/n.”
“You don’t know me,” you practically snarled. “I don’t even know your name.”
“I’m Scott,” he told you. “Scott McCall. I’m an alpha-”
“I know what you are,” you spat. “My dad talked about you all the time. ‘Great new alpha in Beacon Hills. He’s going to do great things, Y/n. Maybe he’ll even come to you for help one day.’ Great things, huh? Well where the hell were you when my family had stakes driven through their hearts? Huh?”
“Don’t,” you ordered as bitter tears filled your eyes. “Don’t act like you know me. Don’t act like you know what I’m going through.”
“Maybe I don’t know you,” Scott offered. “But I know what you’re going through. I’ve lost people too. It hurts, Y/n, but your family wouldn’t want you to kill somebody.”
“How the hell do you know?”
“Because they must have been good people if they sent you to help Brett,” he reasoned. “Killers don’t do that. And I don’t know what this guy has done, but I guarantee you that your parents wouldn’t want you to kill him.”
“Those assassins killed them,” you rambled angrily. “My family wasn’t hurting anyone and someone just killed them like they were nothing! I was supposed to be there. I was supposed to help them!”
“You were helping someone else,” Scott reminded you. “Someone who needed you more.”
“How?” you demanded, tears now streaming down your face. “How the hell could they need me more than my family? How the hell could I just leave them like that?”
“You were trying to help,” Scott stated. “That’s what they would have wanted. Not this, Y/n. They never would have wanted this.”
You closed your eyes, trying to block out Scott’s voice, but there was no way you could unhear his words. You were filled with such bitterness and rage, but you deep down, you knew he was right. Maybe that was why, despite your desire to slam the creep into the wall, you simply lowered him down and let him fall onto a heap on the concrete.
With a panicked cry, he quickly scrambled to his feet and took off down the road. You watched him go with dark eyes, and after you were sure he was gone, you broke down into a wave of sobs. Your knees buckled, hitting the rough sidewalk as you let yourself fall. You brought your hands up to your face, and you expected Scott to walk away now that he knew you wouldn’t kill anyone. But to your surprise, you felt one of his warm hands fall onto your shoulder.
You looked up at him through wide eyes, now vacant of the anger and bitterness they had been full of moments ago. Your breath was short and choppy as you turned to him, and without saying anything, he cautiously leaned forward and brought you into his arms. Scott ran a hand down your back as you sobbed into his shirt, and maybe he didn’t know you quite yet, but he was determined to make sure that you would be okay. He had seen what loss could do to people, himself included, and he was determined to make sure it didn’t break you.
You clung to him in the dark, shaking softly as you cried into his shirt. You knew you would feel embarrassed about it later, but at the moment you didn’t care. You didn’t know how long you sat there with him until a voice called out “Scott?”
You picked your head up from his chest, and you watched as a short girl with strawberry blonde hair wobbled down the street, practically dragging a boy a whole head taller than her. One of his arms was slung around her shoulder, but his other side was supported by a shorter boy with brown hair.
“You know,” you heard the shorter one say. “When he told me he was taking me to a club, this is not how I imagined the night would end.”
“Come on guys,” the tall boy slurred. “Everyone’s having good times. Aren’t you Lydia?”
“Oh I’m living the dream,” she told him with a sigh.
Scott stood up, holding out his hand to pull you up with him. He frowned as he watched Liam and Lydia pull Stiles over to him. “Uh, is he alright?”
“No,” the middle boy insisted. “I was having fun and they ruined it.”
“He almost got punched in the face and now Kira and Malia are trying to apologize to all the people he pissed off,” Liam explained. “Is, uh, everything okay out here?”
You noticed the way the shorter boy was eyeing you, and you narrowed your eyes at him. He quickly looked away and Scott nodded. “We’re good. Y/n, these are some of my pack members. This is Lydia, and Liam, and Stiles is in the middle there. Guys, this is Y/n. She’s a witch.”
“You look sad,” Stiles slurred at you. “Don’t be sad. Be drunk.”
“Uh, thanks for the tip,” you told him, tilting your head and shooting a look at Scott.
“Don’t listen to him,” Scott told you.
Lydia stepped forward, looking you up and down once. For a moment, you were sure she was judging you, but after a few seconds she simply smiled. “Your shirt is so cute. Thank god I’ve finally found someone on the same level as me. Kira and Malia know nothing about fashion. Scott, please tell me she’s a new addition.”
“Uh,” Scott said, looking over at you. “She’s welcome if she wants to be.”
You blinked in shock, looking up at the alpha in astonishment. He had just watched you nearly kill someone, yet he was offering you a place in his pack.
“I…are you sure?” you asked him.
Scott smiled warmly at you. “Of course.”
You looked over at Lydia, who was smiling at you encouragingly. Liam looked a little afraid of you, but he seemed to trust Scott. Stiles just flashed you a goofy smile, although you were pretty sure that had more to do with the alcohol than anything else. Either way, as you looked at Scott and his pack, you felt accepted.
You didn’t exactly understand why they were so open and welcoming, because if the tables were turned, you might not have been. But Scott had stopped you from making a terrible mistake that night and you knew you could trust him. After all, maybe you had lost your family, but you might be able to find solace in another one.
You turned to Scott, the hint of a smile on your face. “I just might have to take you up on that.”

Dirty Dancing - (Peter Parker x Reader)

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REQUEST: Can you make an imagine where peter is looking for a place to study and (name) is a dancer and the music is way too loud.


WARNINGS: tbh just fluff. Maybe I’ll make a more “dirty version” in the form of a short sequel ;)

A/N: Hiatus is officially over

He, giving me that good shit, that make me not quit.”,

(Y/N) blasted the Ariana Grande song in the dance room at Stark’s tower. She sang along, confident that her singing voice wouldn’t travel in the dance room Tony made for her.

The room was hotter than it was 2 hours ago, central A/C on and everything. She was sweating, and the only thing she had on was a sports bra that fit her breasts perfectly, and sweatpants.

Suddenly, she heard a pounding on the door. She stopped her dancing and ran over to open the door, not bothering to stop the music.

“(Y/N), I-”, Peter’s words were stuck in his mouth as soon as he saw (Y/N)’s radiant figure. How could she be so beautiful?, he thought.

“I… Can you the lower the music a bit? I’m next door and the soundproof walls are kinda faulty…”, Peter shouted over the loud music.

“Sure!”, (Y/N) shouted back as she slammed the door in his face and went back to her dance practice.

She was now on the floor, exhausted, and started stretching her legs, getting ready for the next anticipated song on her phone’s playlist.

As she closed her eyes and stretched her legs, the music came to an abrupt stop. Peter used his webbing to snatch her phone off the speaker, where it used to be connected to an auxiliary cord.

“Peter, what the hell!”, (Y/N) said, her ears ringing.

“It was cool at first when you played your ballet music, but dance music is not helping me in Geometry!”, he explained.

(Y/N) sighed.

“You’re just mad I found another dance partner.”, (Y/N) said teasingly, referring to Peter previously filling in for her friend to help her with practice.

There was a silence in the air as she waited for his chuckle.

“Yeah, and what if I am?”, Peter said, staring at (Y/N)’s phone in his hand.

(Y/N) bit her lip, and looked down, not knowing how to respond to his slight confession.

“Hey, Peter?”, she said.

“Yeah?”, he said as he stopped fidgeting with her phone.

“Have you ever seen Dirty Dancing?”, she asked.

“What?”, he said, confused.

(Y/N) took his hand and dragged him to the center of the dance room.

“Relax! You study too hard! And you’re already in your sweats!”, she said.

“(Y/N), no, we’re not doing anymore dancing!”, he said.

“Relax insect, I just want you to do the lift part with me. Do you think Spider-man can do it?”, she said, whispering the last part in his ear as she positioned him in the room. Shivers went down his spine just from her touch.

(Y/N) began backing away from him, to get the best momentum before she ran into his arms.

“Spiderman definitely can, but you know, under the given circumstances, this could end really badly, considering we haven’t practiced in a while and–”, Peter rambled on nervously.

“I’m gonna do it Peter, please don’t fuck this up!”, (Y/N) smiled in excitement and humor before she ran into the young superhero, or temporary Johnny Castle.

“(Y/N), no no no no no no!” Peter yelled as he panicked.

(Y/N) closed her eyes and felt Peter’s hands easily carry her up in the air as she floated. He held her up in the air by her waist, but the lift is really about teamwork, and (Y/N) couldn’t keep herself balanced for more than 5 seconds…

“Ah, Peter, I’m gonna fall!”, she squealed as she felt herself now falling.

Luckily, Peter broke most of her fall in an attempt to catch her.

She laid on top of him, and he groaned in pain, her doing the same. Soon, they recovered and started laughing on the floor together, not moving from the position.

“That was painfully fun, (Y/N).”, Peter said with a twinkle in his stare. He smiled and stared into (Y/N)’s eyes.

(Y/N) inhaled some confidence and leaned in to place a kiss on Peter’s neck, to see how he would react.

When she leaned back, he stared at her for only a moment, before his eyes darted to her lips and he leaned in to kiss her. He wrapped his hand around her head and they continued to kiss with euphoria.