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I've enjoyed all of your Ravenclaw MBTI posts. Any chance you could do one for ISFJ Ravenclaws?

  • often get mistaken for hufflepuffs
  • the biggest procrastinators but have never handed in an assignment late
  • will end up doing the entire group project by themselves
  • ‘did you know there’s 142 staircases in hogwarts?’ ‘…..why do you even know that?’
  • take ‘your house will be like your family’ to new levels
  • seriously they just love their friends so fucking much
  • hate when people start debating because a. they don’t deal well with criticism and b. debates can quickly escalate to arguments
  • would actually use those homework diaries hermione bought 
  • often get frustrated with the lack of empathy a lot of ravenclaws show
  • find it really hard to settle in in first year
  • especially muggleborns because it’s just so different and they don’t really deal well with change at the best of times lol
  • they probably don’t know that many people outside of their house because they tend to make friends with people they see on a regular basis
  • will bring down a blanket for the people who fell asleep over their essay in the common room
The Festival Struggle

A long time ago I made a forum post on Flight Rising. It was about how frustrated I was losing over and over again in the festivals. 

I remember always being bitter because I never knew what it was I did wrong. I always wanted to desperately be a part of a bigger aspect of the site.
Today I finally won, a few days after my birthday with an older submission and I I’m so thankful, although I knew there were probably a lot of entries that deserved to win that just didn’t make it.

It’s a bit stressful because I like seeing people happy and the reason I entered was because I really wanted to contribute to the site, make something everyone could get.

With this is mind, artists who are struggling I want you to remember that not getting chosen for a festival isn’t a failure or an indication that your art isn’t good enough.

I think most artists find it hard not to compare their work to a winning entry and feel as if they’re not good enough or that their art doesn’t suit the style of the site. 

Some users get a little mad sometimes because an entry they like doesn’t win too. 

But truthfully, even if you don’t win your should be proud of your work, who you are and the courage you had to enter it. Sometimes even if you do win, you still don’t know if people really are happy with it too. 

I can tell you I worry that there’s probably an entry people wanted more then mine, since what I entered is also a skin and they aren’t as popular. Or maybe it’s to saturated, or perhaps it just doesn’t suit the style people like. But it’s okay because eve if one person like’s it? I’m thankful, and I hope all of you artists who didn’t win keep on trucking. 

I didn’t think I’d ever win, I mostly gave up. Don’t let all those questions bring you down, do what you do best.

Here’s almost every I made for contests. Each entry takes 7 to 10 hours, I’m terribly slow!



Sorry, I didn’t have a plain dragon to try it on. This ridge accent was my first ever accent made for a festival!




Modeled on the dragon, just the tentacles are my accent!




After all these different accents and skins, here’s the won that finally won.

I’m not going to tell you to give up or to try harder, I’m not gonna say I even deserved to win.

But rather that what you create and how gorgeous it is isn’t defined by just the world, it’s also you, making something only you could make.

This is pretty long for something that probably wont get many notes or views. I just wanted someone to see this and stop being so hard on themselves, or on other artists. 

AoEx Casts’ Fave Steven Universe Characters! (or who I could see them casted as~) 

(Requested by @pomelo-rosa! I hope this is okay!) 

Rin Okumura - Steven Universe! 

Shiemi Moriyama - Connie Maheswaren! 

Yukio Okumura - Pearl! 

‘Bon’ Ryuji Suguro - Lars! 

Shima Renzo - Sour Cream! 

Konekomaru Miwa - Peridot!

Izumo Kamiki - Onion!

Shura Kirigakure - Amethyst! 

Mephisto Pheles - Garnet! 

Malec Fic Recs

Here are just a few of my favorite fics that I’ve saved links to and I thought I’d share some of them with you guys. These range all the way from major fluff to extreme angst so your bound to find at least one that suits you needs. I always love talking fanfic with people so if you find enjoyment from any of these recs I’d love to talk about them with you! I’m constantly shoving these down my poor friends throat because I’m desperate to talk about it so yea, message me if you want and feel free to leave your own recommendations below, I’m always in search of some juicy malec <3

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90’s 🥀

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Chu basically shot himself in the foot waiting so long to release any lore. Especially when he's forcing two characters together. I mean what do you expect to happen when you create two characters that were made to work together so well. Turning around and saying oh btw she's in love with the character who's most likely to kill her in a match. People built these ships because of the lack content chu put out. The push back only makes sense especially since the 'canon' ship is so hard to believe.

the lack of content at the beginning was literally why PM and all the other big ships manifested. There was nothing in canon to go by, so the fandom didn’t wait and paired them up on ingame synergy, looks, potential, etc. because it was a free playground. Wanting to establish something 1 year later when the mainstream ships have already manifested so strongly is gna be difficult.

The lack of content is their biggest mistake 

Narrated Ibn Mas`ud:

The Prophet (ﷺ) used to take care of us in preaching by selecting a suitable time, so that we might not get bored. (He abstained from pestering us with sermons and knowledge all the time).

Sahih al-Bukhari 68
Book of Knowledge: Book 3, Hadith 10


Narrated Anas bin Malik:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Facilitate things to people (concerning religious matters), and do not make it hard for them and give them good tidings and do not make them run away (from Islam).

Sahih al-Bukhari 69
Book of Knowledge : Book 3, Hadith 11

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How would swapfell pap be with an so who is a green soul and is similar to dory from finding nemo where they forget things or people?

Swapfell Papyrus

At first, Rus is alarmed by it. Because of your memory loss, you can get seriously hurt or people will take advantage of you, so Rus stays by your side whenever you go out. Overtime, he finds it endearing and likes to pull pranks or mess with you, but all of them are harmless and is meant to make you feel good about yourself. Like telling you a joke, then telling you the same joke five minutes later. He likes to hear your laugh. Rus keeps your memory loss condition on the down low, so the only people who knows about it are your closest friends and family who he trusts. If he does find someone messing with you because of your condition…well…it will not end well for them. It could be hard on Rus, but because you’re a green soul, you’re the best match for him, so he pulls through. 

Guys this is important!As a monbebe please spread this around!Around 9am kst we tend to have higher ratings for monsta x on mnet please just for today focus on voting for them when the time changes in korea and you are able to vote again.Maybe even some hours later (1-3hours).Even one account matters obv some have even 20 please help monsta x.Just for today try voting it’s not hard to make an account and so many people have made guides to make it easier for everyone!Keep streaming BOTH MVS and ALL PERFORMANCES (there are also guides for streaming).Seriously if you message me I will try to help you even make you an account if you want.💕

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Our Love’s 1-year anniversary!

It’s been a year since I posted the first chapter of Our Love Will Never Fade Away! I can’t quite believe it, it’s crazy how time flies!

I wanted to thank all of you guys in the Olicity fandom for giving this story a try and turning this small idea I decided to write on an impulse into this monster of a story! Honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to write those 20 chapters and over 280k words without your support. So really guys, THANK YOU for leaving kudos, comments, reaching out to me on Twitter or Tumblr and even for making posters. Your support kept me going and for that I’m forever grateful! Thank you for your time, thank you for being amazing! 

This year has been rocky for our OTP and I know most of us turned to fics when times were hard because even though fanfic writers can’t change what happens on-screen they can make people feel better. They can bring people together and in the end I think that’s what matters most. Whether we agree or not on what happens on the show, we can all turn to fics and find a little bit of ourselves in someone else words. We can share and we can learn and that’s what I love most about reading AND writing fanfictions. The Olicity fandom is full of wonderful people, most I started interacting with because I started writing, and I’m both happy and proud to be a part of it.

I wish I could give you a new chapter on this very special day but real life is being a bitch…… So sadly I won’t be able to update the story before Monday April 3rd. I’ve tried to think of another way to celebrate this anniversary and I’ve decided to give you some truths and lies about the rest of the story and some edits I made of Olicity’s future!

Everything under the cut!

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I’m going to lose some followers but I have to ask this. I thought BTS weren’t interested in the US advancement, so why are they acting/flirting purposely now with so many US artists as if they were trying to make a name in the US??? When gd, Jessie, cl, ailee, mino and rose might collab with Drake, rihanna and Taylor swift people are so quick to call them try hard and such but when it comes to BTS it’s okay/it’s natural/they are loved etc??? Can’t you be less hypocrite and more gentle with other artists that want to debut in US by themselves and without collab??? If bts were to admit that yes they are interested in US, it would be okay with me but lie and then do this things on Twitter and such it’s really…you know. AGAIN, I’M NOT HATING ON BTS BUT RATHER ON ARMY THAT HAVE DIFF KIND OF ATTITUDES TOWARDS OTHER ARTISTS WITH THE SAME GOAL AS BTS.

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As a older and cool aroace, can u gimme advice? All my friends are dating rn and im feeling kinda lonely... They try to hang with me but its like an obligation? We used to make plans abt living we all together but now they all want to get married...

I can tell you as an aroace that it is so easy to forget other people just aren’t aroace. I usually forget most of my friends either have or want significant others until they tell me they have a crush or that they actually have an SO. 

It’s super hard when your friend starts talking to you less and less and someone else more and more. My advice is two fold, you should try and remember that your friend has a right to their own version of happiness, and you do too. Losing the closeness of a friendship sucks, but I advise taking this chance to try and make some new friends. Maybe try a meetup or find a group to join like a gaming group or political group. 

I’ll tell you how I personally get the most happiness out of my own life. I live in the moment with the people I love and care about right now. If they choose to spend their time with someone else tomorrow, that doesn’t lessen the love we shared today. Tomorrow I’ll find a new friend to chill with. 

I hope that helps. 

*tries really hard not to think about the undeniable element of audience voyeurism involved in the success of any of my artistic work or me as a person in general despite knowing a portion of the people who engage with my content do so because they find it ~~fascinating in a way markedly devoid of any sort of genuine understanding or empathy* *makes a nice omelette*

Saving and Backing Up Work Guide

Things my job and college taught me about saving and backing up work:

  1. Iterative saves. ITERATIVE SAVES!!! Make a new save every work session. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Also make one once you complete an important step (save for final sketch, save for inking one character, save for inking bg, save for animating a hand, save for first pass of animation). That way in case you accidentally delete a layer or your file gets corrupted, YOU DON’T HAVE TO START OVER!! Also this is good for when clients go “oh you know what, I actually like the look of this one thing from like 4 exchanges ago, can you change it to that?” Also in case the power goes out midsave and corrupts the file. Note: Google Drive automatically does iterative saves for a lot of things (docs, images, spreadsheets, etc) which is SUPER nice
  2.  If you work at company or are freelance that sends work files, please for all that’s good in the world, MAKE A SAVE BEFORE YOU MERGE YOUR STUFF IN A DRAWING PROGRAM! Some poor sap (possibly you) a year from now is going to have to tweek something and you are going to make their life an absolute hell when they find you’ve merged everything.
  3. Save on a portable hard drive or an internal drive. Back that drive up at LEAST once a year onto a different drive or onto CDs/DvDs/Bluerays.
  4. Save on Google Drive and/or dropbox. Have it on a cloud SOMEWHERE in case you need it. Especially for school projects because you probably will forget your portable hard drive at least once the day an assignment is due.
  5. If possible, keep your Operating System (Windows and/or Linux) on a SEPARATE harddrive from where you save your work. JUST IN CASE your OS gets corrupted and you have to wipe windows. So get two drives, one for OS and your programs, another for your work and other stuff you don’t want to get accidentally wiped.
  6. I know this is stupid and most people will ignore it, but have a naming convention for files. This way it’s easier to find in case something goes wrong or you have to find a file 2years later for whatever reason. A quick and easy one, Client_Project_Descriptor_#. Example: I’m doing a color piece intended for print with a rocket for SpaceX and this is the 4th time I’ve sat to work on it, I might do something like: SpaceX_PrintColor_Rocket_4. If you want something more specific for the work session number, you could do a time date stamp like YYYYMMDDHHmm (Year, month, day, hour, minute). There’s lots of variations, but that’s the easiest one I’ve done.
  7. If you think about saving, save. If you’re working with other people, just saying “SAVE” out loud when you think about it. In school and at my job, a lot of people appreciated the reminder. This is especially appreciated if you notice something in your cube/side of the room flicker (an indicator that the power is about to turn off).
  8. LEARN THE CORRECT SHORT CUT KEYS FOR SAVING! This is handy if your computer is hooked up to a power backup. Some places ONLY have the computer towers attached to it AND NOT THE MONITORS. So using the shortcut key, is very important.
  9. Learn where programs save automatic backups and/or temp work files. If a program crashes, DO NOT IMMEDIATELY OPEN THE PROGRAM OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER IF YOU CAN. Google where the temporary files are kept, there may be a backup that way. This isn’t reliable and sometimes the file is partially corrupted, but this has saved my ass so many times with different programs
  10. Have a saving “ritual” when you’re done working. What I mean is: name properly, local save, cloud save, flattened/combine/viewable save (png, jpg, pdf, obj, fbx, ect).

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How do people fall in love? Like you meet a person and they're nice and you're having a good time and then what happens? What is love? To you anyways?

To me love is indescribable. You look at a person and everything makes sense. You want to be with them forever. Everything is just so happy and natural. For me its hard to describe now since i am no longer in love. Any other descriptions guys??

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I think the main reason why so much anti Justice League complaints ate nothing but self-parody at this point is that for one thing you don't have Devin Faraci peddling bullshit anymore which helps and I know someone else already mentioned it but I really think Suicide Squad winning bruised the egos of a lot haters in making them realise how much their rants don't matter as much anymore.

That’s an interesting point. I think Suicide Squad winning the make up oscar kind of really hammered home to a lot of people that the universe is going to keep going regardless of what They think and, for a group of people, who have been trying to call time of death on it ever since it started, I have to imagine it hurts, especially when They try so hard to make Themselves sound like noble soldiers fighting for better pop culture or the only people who can save the universe or some such shit.


These tweets were from the Calum and Nia tag on twitter, Ok so the first tweet is stupid but the rest are 👏🏽👌🏽.
Drama for 3/24/17

So basically some people created drama by being extra about the post that Arzaylea posted on her Instagram with calum. Those people said that Arzaylea was directing the caption to Nia and that basically “Nalum” broke up. Nia also posted something and deleted something which caused people to be suspicious and believe in all of this stuff. firST of all when was Nalum ever real? How can you assume two people broke up if they never even dated in the first place. Second, how is Arzaylea shading Nia? She’s dating Luke and I don’t think she gives a fck about Nia or even her and Calums non existent relationship. Third, How does Nias post relate to any of this? The proof for any Nalum drama just gets worse and worse. Times like these make me judge some people so hard.