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Just so you know some words in your tags are getting autocorrected....It says Bond ended up getting sniffed breathless :D

Q has a sniffing kink, okay? Why can’t he have his kink? Bond doesn’t mind, he LIKES being sniffed by Q. He works hard and we don’t need to shame him for what he loves. And now that he’s finally found someone who revels in his kink, he’s not going to stop no matter how many people shame him for it.  Do you even realise how good James Bond smells? Do you? Gunpowder and lavender from that damn expensive soap he likes. And gin, just a hint of gin and the cigarettes he swears he doesn’t smoke.  Q could smell him for hours, gripping him by his lapels and just smelling him.  Until he’s heady with it, hard as a fucking rock and Bond loves it. He loves the way Q rubs his face all over Bond’s body. And eventually, Q has to taste, doesn’t he? Licking Bond all over, rutting against him as he sucks on his neck, and just behind his ear. Until Bond is panting, balls so tight and that’s all it takes sometimes.  Both of them coming and uncoordinated until they’re coated in cum and that, well that, just means Bond smells even better, their scents mingled together and Q groans and starts all over again. They could be in bed for hours, Q never quite satisfied.  Bond isn’t going to complain about that, now is he? So, see, sniffing kinks, Bond is very much in favor of them and has no time for your shaming, thank you very much. He’s too busy being fucked to oblivion by Q. 

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Hunk and Lance getting together and none of the Paladins even fucking realizing they're dating now bc they've always been so close and cuddly and affectionate. they all just assume that's how they are. eventually they start seeing how far they can take it in front of people before they catch on bc they're not gonna hide the fact that they're together now. (1/2)

But like can we hold hands before they realize? or use actual, legitimate pet names? kiss cheeks? KISS KISS?? and everyone just being totally oblivious until they FINALLY realize and feel so dumb bc OBV these two cuties are in hardcore love with each other. They’re too pure (2/2)

they probably thought they were alone when one of the others saw them making out and their reaction was just “Oh, this makes much more sense! Continue what you were doing” and walking away

Have you ever been to a comic convention and thought “well, this okay, I guess, but it would be so much better if we were in the middle of the ocean..?”  Well guess what?  In January, we’re doing it on a cruise ship! 
The lovely people at Fan2Sea have put together a great trip, taking us from Tampa, to Key West, to Conzumel and back, and the whole time the ship is going to be decked out like a comic convention, with panels and programs from a damn impressive list of guests, including a huge chunk of the Deadpool crew. 
It’s going to be an awesome time, hope you can make it!
Check out all the details at the Fan2Sea site. 
twitter.com/Fan2SeaCruise Facebook.com/Fan2Sea

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What do you love most about gaius/maribelle?

THEIR BACKSTORY. people can say it was shoehorned and crap all they want, but the truth is, both characters grew in these supports and we’re given a glimpse into ylissean society, how it functions. 

there’s also the fact that im a huge sucker for noble/outlaw tropes. and the fact that gaius canonically thinks he’s not good enough for maribelle, it’s just… so sweet, we see a side to him he doesn’t show often, and he puts aside his sarcasm for a bit to show a more human and humble side. and maribelle learns not to judge all commoners or criminals by their cover.

there’s also the fact their personalities would go really well together, since, imo, gaius needs someone who’s not afraid to dish out what he dishes out, and maribelle has the wit to combat any of his stupid remarks easily!

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why is it a problem that full episodes aren't being leaked? like yeah, sure, if it was a two-parter i'd understand. but we finally have a normal schedule now, and people are upset we're not getting leaks? i'm confused

I’m just a slut for leaks (meaning the 1,5 min preview and images). I like knowing a bit about what each episode is gonna be about, and I love theorizing what the images mean.

And I like having the full episodes early, cause, well, I can’t watch them live on american TV anyway. And if I do watch it live when it airs on TV, it’s 1AM in the middle of the night for me. So, no, I very much prefer leaked full eps. The regular schedule doesn’t really apply to me.

We all have our reasons :) If you’re one of the lucky ones who can watch the episode live on TV at 7pm on thursdays, then good for you.

AESTHETIC MEME ! —— List your muse’s aesthetic. Anyone can do this. List your muse’s aesthetic from tastes, smells, outfits & sceneries. Add as many subjects as you like, it can help with people tagging you in aesthetically pleasing things towards your muse!

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sweets, any kind, all kinds, a taste she so rarely is able to savor || a dry cool taste like white wine, sake that runs as smooth as water –a festival is in full swing || hearty ramen, shared ( mostly unwillingly ) with a childhood friend and other ‘guests’ || an unexplainable taste on her tongue right after a spellcard duel, a taste she can never quite name, perhaps it is the lingering magic in the air || plain tastes, rice crackers and bland snack foods, simple things made at home and shared with others


night air, clear and crisp, but mutated by the scent of magic itself || delicious aroma of cooked meats, perfuming busy night air from open food stalls || a very light, cherry like fragrance from countless tiny drifting pink petals twirling in the wind || fresh mountain air, clean and pure, unaffected by human hands || multiple light aromas mixing in the wind, the scent of a grand field full of countless different flowers || inviting scents of tea as she relaxes and enjoys her day || a dark scent like lingering smoke, a trail to follow –a youkai that needs to be dealt with at the end of it || the smell of dust after rain


a sea of endless pink, hundreds of blossoms swaying with the wind, the most beautiful in the land || a mountainous valley, a sight of pure splendor and beauty || tall trees in a dark dangerous magical forest, a warm cluttered home of a dear friend hidden within it || a old shinto shrine within a forest on a mountain side, falling apart, abandoned, yet somehow lively and joyful on the other side of an unseen boundary || a shimmering almost silver, a transparent fabric between reality and fantasy, the barrier she protects || a full moon over a forest of eternal bamboo || those aren’t fireworks in the sky, but a display of beauty and power in a duel unlike any other || golden eyes and a warm smile, what trouble brings she this time? || a gap full of a thousand eyes, a women with an uncanny smile sitting atop it || an oni sitting on her porch drinking sake, will she ever really leave? || fairies dancing and playing endlessly around a large tree || ’you can see all of gensokyo from up here’ || lightly drizzling rain || a warm sunny day || a sky full of endless stars


Red-white dress flowing around her, a notorious exterminator in such distinctive shades || a red bow keeping warm brown tresses in their place, never removed || a yellow ribbon tied around her neck || a frilly red and white polka dot swimsuit she never gets to use || red bows, red skirts, white blouses, white lace and frill; those colors are you; red and white, forever red and white


The song of countless birds in the sky and trees, day or night it matters not || a peaceful quiet but for the sound of the wind and leaves || a chorus of joyus voices gathered around an open fire, the light clinking of glasses and the shuffling of dancing feet || the melodious song that drifts forth from a ghostly ensemble || the sound of defiant voices, remarks exchanged before a duel begins || the swishing of air as she grazes the bullets of a magnificent display of power || the sound of sweeping on a path, a steady as a metronome || the babbling of a cool brook, the splashing of water as one jumps in to cool off


a path that leads to home || seasons changing always, winter to spring to summer, she sits here watching all of it || a small cat that has come to say hello || ‘The Shrine Maiden of Paradise’ a title which others see before they see the real you || alone yet not lonely || detached from everything, a girl who drifts above reality itself || and she floats as if gravity was some unfortunate accident only she managed to avoid || a cocky smile, witty words, sassy banter, everyone in this place is like this || a dragon soaring through boundaries, with it comes destruction but also life || a butterfly with delicate yet boldly patterned wings || ‘the moon shines forever tonight’ || what a secretive girl, does anyone know the thoughts you keep? || predictable in her unpredictability || a song which represents only her || ’no one comes here, not humans, not gods. Youkai? Oh, they come here everyday’


Chapter one: Fallen Angel

B: How was your summer vacation?

J: Don’t even ask, this summer was the worst of all my summers. We went back to USA because my parents wanted to spent the summer in our house in Paradise Island. I hate that place, there’s only like 20 people in there, there’s no internet, no tv.

B: Sounds like your personal hell.

J: It’s is my personal hell but I can’t do nothing, my brother love that place so I just went even when I didn’t want to go. What about you?

B: Same as always, I just stay here dating many girls of which I don’t even remember their names right now. I don’t know why I keep accepting dates when I don’t even care about they.

J: Because you’re an asshole and you have a reputation in the school. All the girls talk a lot about you, you know they love bad boys, specially beta girls, and you, my friend, look exactly like a bad boy from a shoujo manga.

(Oh yes, that guy right beside me is my best friend and my neighbor, Jason. He have a twin brother –Jexel- and one aunt of his same age, Scarlett –I don’t know how that happen but who cares- )

B: Why people read that? All girls need to find someone who cares about them and not just date a boy because how he looks.

J: Look who’s talking mister “all girls here are ugly as fuck”

B: Shut up, let’s go to class room.

J: We should make plans for winter break. You have something in mind?

B: Not yet, but I think you family will make another dinner, right?

J: Oh, that’s for sure, so you will find another invitation from Scarlett in your locker again.

B: Your aunt is annoying.

J: I know, at least she is part of that small group of girls who don’t want to flirt with you.

B: Thank gods for that.

J: yeah, I don’t want a shoujo boy as uncle, thank you.

B: You’re an Idiot.

J: I love you too.

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@harnaamkaur and I are tired of your shitty gender roles. We shot this series for @theparallelmag to challenge what people are “allowed to do.” She has a beard due to a medical condition. She loves it and kills it! As for me, I just want to wear a skirt sometimes cuz I think it can look dope! The fact we socially relegate these fashion and styling attributes to certain genders just seems so frivolous and dangerous when you consider how aggressive people get when their confronted with these things that don’t fit into their understanding of how the world works. At the end of the day, just be yourself and love yourself and don’t judge others who are living that way. Think outside the parameters that we are lead to believe are absolute and see the world as it is! Much love to all of you!
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the hardest part is that we can’t just “wait for next season.” we lost the WC in 2011 but we had the olympics that next year. this one hurts because it’s 3 years. there’ll be retirements, injuries, roster changes, people falling out of form, fans losing interest, trying to keep together a league that’s struggling, lost momentum on the fight for fair pay… until 2019 when we can finally show something on the world stage again. idk man it just sucks??? I am so gutted for the girls because they of all people knew how much was riding on this.

they should be proud tho. what they’ve done for this sport and especially for women in this sport is incredible and i know they will continue to do that. idk im not gonna try to be fake positive because i don’t even know how to feel…just empty and numb i guess. but i do love them and i am so so proud of them. sorry for the dramatics, it’s just when you’ve invested so much of your livelihood into a team…they’ve done so much for me i really couldn’t put it into words how much they mean to me

I think these last two episodes today for Steven Universe really cemented why I love this show so much. 

Even characters like Jasper who could have easily been set up to fall strictly into an antagonist roll and nothing more has motivations for everything she’s doing that, while currently in the wrong from what we’ve seen and know right now, can be understood. I LOVE what they’re doing with her and every character she’s interacted with so far. She’s far more complex then I think people gave her credit for like dang son. I just love how many times moral grey areas keep consistently coming up with all of the characters and pushing them to their breaking points (no pun intended). That’s GOOD stuff right there mmm yes that dynamic character development.

But I am deeply concerned about Rose also with that HUGE bit of information about Pink Diamond from Jasper though like HOLY SHIT. WHAT DID YOU DO ROSE AND WHY.  This new bit of info makes me love her character even more because she is so much farther from perfect then I think anyone thought once we started getting more information about the Gem War over time. Greg’s quote about “there’s no such thing as a good war” is really starting to hit home with everything surrounding Rose. Her motivations I’m sure will also be just as complex once we finally understand exactly what Rose was to Pink Diamond and why she did what she did and how that started everything with the rebellion.

One last thought though about Rose. I don’t know if this has been discussed in depth since I don’t check tags super often. Is anyone else concerned that we’ve seen and have confirmation of other gems of the same type existing, but have only ever seen and heard about ONE Rose Quartz? Is Rose possibly a specially made gem for Pink Diamond and the only one in existence or are there other Rose Quartz gems we just don’t know about at all?

PS- Smokey Quartz was RAD. 10/10 Steven and Amethyst emotional character moments hell yes. 

What I Love About Hoseok Project

*Major Update: By respect for Yoongi and to not look like we want to steal his shining time, we will postpone the project to more quiet times.Please don’t feel sad about it, I’m as disappointed as you are but I also don’t want people to say bad stuff about Hobi, we know how this fandom can be so let’s choose safety over our excitation to let Hobi knows he’s loved and appreciated.We will choose another date as soon as we can and let you know about it! In the meantime, what you can do is speak about it to everyone around you : we now have more time to spread the information and more participants!!!

Hello there everyone!!! I am here to tell you all about a wonderful project @j–hot and many other people have contributed to!!!. If you read the information above it should have everything that the project is about. If you want to be updated about the project just message at @j–hot and she will be more than happy to add you to the group chat. Also if you have any more questions just @ me or j–hot and we will be more than happy to answer them!!! I

I had originally tagged all the people who were interested in this project, but then lots of more people became interested in the project. (which is amazing) so if you would please reblog this and share this to as many social medias platforms as possible that would be amazing!!!!

I hope by Thursday we will have lots of people participate in this event!!!! Everyone have a great day!!!!

*The Time is 10:30PM KST (Korean Standard Time) 


Ladies in Season 6:  Carol Peletier

I wish it didn’t have to end, not this way. It was never my intention to hurt you, but it’s how it has to be. We have so much here, people, food, medicine, walls, everything we need to live. But what we have other people want, too, and that will never change. If we survive this threat and it’s not over, another one will be back to take its place, to take what we have. I love you all here. I do. And I’d have to kill for you. And I can’t. I won’t. Rick sent me away and I wasn’t ever gonna come back, but everything happened and I wound up staying. But I can’t anymore. I can’t love anyone because I can’t kill for anyone. So I’m going, like I always should have. Don’t come after me, please.


 This will have to be my favorite photo, I love it so much its literally everything. It was super fun to do this photo as well. So i was waiting in line and a lot of people looked and me and was like what in the world. I had their body guard look at me and just laugh smile, and he said this is gonna be an interesting photo. I get up to see them and they both smiled at me cause the recognized who I was! One of the helpers asked Jensen if it was okay if i could these props especially with the tail and he said heck yes we can, this looks fun. And he asked me we get to wear those cat ears to right, and i said yes and he smiled at me. Both of their faces just lit up and it made me so happy. Jensen looked at me again and said oh i saw you earlier and I am like yes you did and i like giggled. Then misha was like where are my cat ears, I want them too. So he put the cat ears on then Misha said before we posed for the picture “ This is the craziest thing we have ever done and giggles and then jensen said nope, i think this is pretty cool. So as we were posing for the picture they kept swaying there tails back and forth acting like little kids they are, i am pretty sure that they wanted to keep they tail and ears. After the picture, i both gave them a hug and jensen said take care and we love you and Misha hugged me and just smiled and winked at me. I honestly didn’t think anything could beat last year because it was just amazing in every single possible way but this year did beat it and the experiences I had with them, was just amazing and I cant believe it happened and Jared will always have a piece of me with him and it feels great.

How to roommate

So since school is starting up again and some people are going to be dealing with roommates, I thought I’d give you some advice so you don’t make the same mistakes I did 20 roommates ago. 

1) DEFINE YOUR BOUNDARIES EARLY. Sit down with your roomies before the first week together is up and have The Talk. This conversation is a “What are everyone’s living habits and how can we best coexist” type talk. (When you do it early, before you know each other’s habits, no one feels attacked.) If one person loves staying up late but you have an 8:00 class, suggest quiet time after 11. If you’re messy but your roomie is a neat freak, allocate specific spaces that are allowed to be messy (like your room & bathroom) and places that need to be clean (like the kitchen). If you’re an introvert, let them know that you’ll be bowing out of some social gatherings and that it’s not because you hate them but because you need some quiet time. Be willing to tone down some habits to help your roommates maintain their mental health.

2) During your Boundaries talk, SET UP AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE PEOPLE FEEL FREE TO COMMUNICATE, CRITICIZE AND ASK FOR HELP. This will be extremely important down the line when you need to tell your roomie she’s taking too long in the shower.

3) LABEL YOUR FOOD. Or have a cupboard in the kitchen specifically for you. Otherwise things get real hangry real fast.

4) DO THINGS TOGETHER. It’s so easy to feel alone at college even if you live in an apartment full of people your age. Find something in common (even if that something in common is simply Pizza) and do it together a couple times a month. Roommates can be a great source of support and entertainment.

Good luck rooming, everyone! And don’t forget, if one form of communication doesn’t work, you can always try another. Roommates are not intimidating, they’re just people doing their best to brave school, like you and me.


Axl: I can’t help it. I either stand there bored or I run back and forth. And I kinda get into dancing. I didn’t even know that I like what I do. I just, I looked down at my feet and go “what am I doing now?” but I feel like if I stand there, then people think “oh this is boring” so I gotta do something and I just try to do whatever happens. It’s a lot of fun. I thought about taking dance lessons and stuff but then I was worried about getting too stale, being too much like organized and everything. I like the spontaneity of just whatever happens, keeps it real raw and fresh. If it got too ballet’ed out, I couldn’t handle that.


Calling all Creampuffs

So i would really love to make a thank you video for the cast and crew. People can make short videos and send in fanart and such and then I shall edit it all together. People can say their favourite things about Carmilla, what they’re thankful for etc and then we can show it to the cast. I have a lot of time on my hands and I really want to do this. If people are interested then please reblog this and spread the word and get in touch with me if you think it’s a good idea.

Kylux reading club?

I think I am not then only writer out there dying for a comment, and I like to read.

So what about you send me fics (links to ao3) that you’d love to have someone reading them, and I will read them and leave a comment - with one condition, that you would in turn read one of mine and comment on that?

What if we made a reading club? With more participants, there will be better chance of everyone getting at least something - people can be squicked or triggered, not everyone will read anything, I for example won’t read Mcd - but otherwise I am known to read way outside my writing comfort zone.

Would anyone want to do that? I have no experience with group chats, honestly don’t even know how this works on Tumblr. I can’t use Skype on phone and someone would have to explain to me other platforms.

If there’s anyone interested, of course.

Tell Me Your Tumblr Favorites

So, here’s the thing, I don’t really follow a lot of people.  I have my favorites… and you know who you are by my stalking…but I’m in the mood for some new blood.  If you have someone you think I should check out, I’d love if you let me know.  

I do have a few guidelines though… just to make sure we’re on the same page. 

No hard core porn–What can I say? I just like my porn pretty.  And a bit mean… but that’s another story.  

Legal– I shouldn’t have to say this, but it’s tumblr so I do. 

If you love someone, let me know.  Cause it’s Friday and I’m feeling adventurous. 

Thank you!

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2k celebration

Okay so cause we’re nearly at 2k I want to get all you guys involved in something i’ve wanted to do for a long while




okay hear me out.


i want to get as many ghostbusters fans as possible in a lip sync video as a way of positive feedback and love to leslie, paul, melissa, katie, kate and kristen. To show them how many people they have made so happy and how many lives they have made so much brighter.



 * What song will we be lip syncing?

 — Walk the Moons ‘Ghostbusters’ * USE THIS LINK *

 You can film this lip sync ANYWHERE 

 * You can cosplay, show off your GB merch… you can do anything (except no explicit images or signs; so no swearing or anything not PG ;)

 * You need to film at least a minute of the song (however depending on popularity I may assign you a line you’ll lip sync)

 * There isn’t really any set deadline as of yet (depending on popularity) it’d be nice if i could get this done by the 22nd August (Kristens birthday) but that seems kinda unrealistic (bc editing takes a loooong time)



 * This video will be uploaded on youtube, so you have to be okay with yourself being on youtube. 

* send me your video through messages

* As of right now there isnt a set deadline (again it depends on popularity)


i think thats it. if this gets enough attention and participants i do have a little add on idea that will only come into play if i cant add everyone into the main videos (however, i dont think this will be a problem)


So yeah if you have any questions just drop them into my ask box


also it would be much appreciated if you reblogged this ❤️




 Just have fun, thats all this is about, so let your inner Ghostbuster out and dance like nobodys watching!