but people keep stealing these

people who repost my art and put the credit in the comment below BUT remove my watermark and/or signature…………………


why would you?? if you’re still crediting???

i’m not sure if you’re trying to steal my art or not?????

but you sure as hell make it easier for other people to do just that…

if you care for the artist and have any respect for them whatsoever, never remove their signature


    if you play ANY sort of villainous character - from a pick-pocket to a full-scale serial killer - and i follow you, please know that i’ve come into this FULL WELL what i’m signing up for. i don’t expect you to soften your character for me, i’m not going to complain when they aren’t nice to my characters, and i honestly probably love watching them do what they do. not all characters are going to be the “good guys”, or the type of villain that can be redeemed. not everyone has a tragic backstory that makes them do the things they do - some people enjoy it, others just do it because they can, and for some it’s all they know. yes, there are villains with a soft spot or two - this doesn’t mean they need to change everything. our characters become friends/lovers even though my character is a “good guy”? you keep doin’ you. keep stealing those purses, killing those people, burning those villages to the ground. 

        tl;dr - I DIDN’T FOLLOW YOU BECAUSE I WANTED SOMETHING SOFT AND EASY - you keep bein’ a villain, babe, cause you’re  just as excellent as the heroes.

As confident as I am that CC is popular enough to get a third season, my confidence was a little weakened by the fact that Jordan had to make a post about the pirating problem. That shows just how bad the pirating is getting, which makes the likelihood of season 3 a lot less…likely.

You guys like the show so badly? Then you seriously need to stop pirating it, or we will not get season 3. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but this can and will kill the show and if it does, you can’t blame anyone but yourselves.

‘But what if I watch it on Youtube when it comes out’??? Then RT is still not getting the revenue they need during the week when its out for FIRST members, which contributes to whether or not they will keep the show around. I’m sorry, but doing anything besides getting a FIRST account (or even getting the 30-day trial if you cannot afford a full one) is harming the show. Any form of pirating hurts the show. No expections.

If you care about CC, you need to stop pirating it. Period. End of story. And if you’re a FIRST member, then you should lead by example and wait a week to post your spoilers, or make good use of readmores and tags. 



I’m not caught up yet but I’m totally spoiled for the entire season so  👌

also sorry for the ugly watermarks but people keep stealing and selling my art so :(

Me: Ugh why do people keep using the word Nut

Phil: NUT 🥜 😤⁉️ I love CRUNCHY NUT👏👌🍯 Stealing cereal is my pasSION 💦👨🏻‍🍳 I always Eat Dan’s but I don’t understand ❌ Why do we share everything except CEREAL ❓👬👨‍❤️‍👨 I’ve spent the majority of 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣ with someone 😪💍

out on one of the islands there’s a tiny village. I only visited there once, as a child, these pictures are from a local who went there recently. they say if you go there don’t take anything, not even a stick or a rock. I was told a father built this place for his daughter, she had mobility issues, but she would sit among her little houses and play. it’s said bagwajiwinini play there now, and watch over the place


I’m sorry to make this annoying post, but people keep stealing and selling my art and even when I report it they have enough nerves to put it right back. 

It is making me so upset and angry. I don’t understand how one can feel good about making money off this piece where I put so many hours (and feelings) into. Congrats on your money earned from ripping off struggling handicapped freelance artist, I guess??? Hope it’s so worth it. 

So just want to ask you, if you see one of those, please, please do not buy from them. You can get my work on redbubble and society6 from me (and with the often discounts they have it’s even cheaper than that stole one). 

  Can people start getting upset that white supremacists and neo-nazis keep stealing symbols from Asatru? A religion that has nothing to do with white supremacy and is a MODERN religion still practiced today? Hell, it’s one of the most progressive religions in existence and the Icelandic branch even fought for marriage equality, separation of church and state, and even stated:

  “ We strongly oppose any attempt by individuals to use their association with the Ásatrúarfélagið of Iceland to promote attitudes, ideologies and practices rejected by the leadership of the Ásatrúarfélagið. We particularly reject the use of Ásatrú as a justification for supremacy ideology, militarism and animal sacrifice. “

  So why do people just willingly let nazis steal symbols that are a part of these Nordic country’s history and culture, just to turn them into images of fear and hate? There are still many many people that practice Asatru paganism that have absolutely NOTHING to do with these hate groups and their religion is getting taken away from them. If you would be outraged by hate groups taking Christian/Muslim/Budist/Jewish symbols and making them the face of evil, please extend your outrage to help the overlooked people of the Asatru faith.

  I know a lot of people probably don’t even know about Asatru, but please be aware that not everyone with Nordic symbols is a hate-fueled white supremacist. It pains me to see so many people be ignorant on the subject, so I’d like to just spread awareness. 

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Sorry if I sound really stupid but what's truscum?

Naw you good,we are all learning new things.

truscum/transmedicalists are trans people who exclude non binary/genderqueer/agender  people from the trans umbrella.

They also say you are only  a real trans person if you experience bodily dysphoria, and in a way that affects you badly.

So if a trans person says they don’t want bottom surgery and just hormones/chest surgery, then many truscum will say they are not really trans.
Because they are obviously not bothered enough by their  plumbing to change it.

In the last few years there have been truscum who see bottom surgery as less important, for trans men. Trans women are still held to a ‘higher’ standard.

Trans people say “Well I don’t like my chest but I could live with what I have” are also often called ‘fakers’, because  they ‘don’t suffer enough’ by looking at their body.
You are only a ‘good’ trans person if you hate your ‘before-transition-body’ and get depressed/suicidal by looking at it.

Or trans people  who don’t experience bodily dysphoria, but social one.
they are okay with their body, but if someone misgenders them, they experience dysphoria.
That also does count as ‘not real’ for truscum.
But social dysphoria can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts just as much as bodily dysphoria.

And as I have experienced it myself, if you try to live your life because your dysphoria is not bad enough(or at least you tell yourself so), then it might worsen over the years until you are truly wrecked.

So it is much harder to get help then, especially if your body has changed greatly, or has been damaged too much for an easy transition.

So truscums are truly scum(therefor the name) because they keep trans people from help before their health has gone down the drain.
And they proudly wear that name.

Instead of people transitioning before they get depression and other health problems, they believe that these people steal ressources and keep them from being healthy and happy and only ‘allow’ them help when they are in the gutters.

There is no true lack of ressources, cis people keep those ressources scarce.
and only if all trans people work together and change  the view of cis people what trans is and how it affects people, then it will be easier for everyone.

As a working class disabled person, IDEK what yall think of me for saying this, blocking traffic as a protest is a real piece of shit move that only actually hurts the most vulnerable. You’re not holding up cops and CEOs and government officials. You are holding up working people who could lose their job for being late. You are holding up single mothers who need to get home to their children or they will be charged for another hour by the childcare provider. You are holding up chronically ill people who need to get to their doctors, to the hospital, or home to take their medication. You are holding up mentally ill people, stealing the “spoons” they need to keep up with things like basic hygiene. You are holding up caretakers from getting to their dependants. You are holding up people with animal companions that need to be fed, watered, let out to use the bathroom, etc. You are holding up students who could lose class credits for lateness/absence.

Like yeah, one or two of the people you are trying to target may feel annoyed, but at what cost? Is it worth putting somebody on the street? Is it worth somebody losing their life because they couldnt get the medication/medical attention they need? Is it worth a working parent loosing irreplaceable time with their child? Being held up for an upwards of multiple hours is a lot more than a fucking inconvenience. To the working poor, the disabled, those dependant on caretakers, etc, these types of protest are acts of violence.

U/ta tips

As someone who actually fucking works at the store I’m tired of seeing all the horrible misinformation about what to do at u/ta

1. For fucks sake please stop stealing testers especially in perfume there are hidden cameras perfume and certain stores mostly high volume stealing stores and we are told to monitor perfume the most

2. Do not go on lifting one hour before closing we know this is the most hit time of day that lifters tend to shoplift there’s always a second manager watching the cameras at this time

3. Yes we always check cameras and I mean always if you beep we will check cameras and yes we will check the cameras outside to get your license plate number people who say this is a true are stupid and never have worked at the store

4. If you hit the same store over and over we do not build cases, however we will monitor you and most likely call the cops/mall cops

5. The reason why the white cubes of death exist is because people keep stealing 5 to 10 pallets of eyeshadow at a time stop doing this you’re making it harder for everyone

6. Speaking of the white cubes of death, the naked palette with these cubes on them or normally not checked just slide the pallets out of the boxes and leave the boxes alone I know this is normally not good but when the boxes or tag for the white cubes no one really checks them

7. If our managers see us on camera spotting a lifter and we on purposely let them get away our asses are in trouble so if you’re stupid enough to get caught by simple mistakes I don’t feel sorry for you

8. Do not conceal in drugstore makeup this is the place where most people do and are caught and where we find most of our empty boxes do not conceal in high end hair care either The best place to conceal is probably hair brushes or where the hair dryers are

9. When there is a big event such as sales or holidays specials there will be even more lost prevention in the store please make sure to be more careful than normal and cameras are actively monitored don’t be stupid

10. We cannot confront you only managers can we cannot touch you only police officers can we wear headsets to communicate constantly please don’t avoid us the best excuse is always I’m looking or I’m just browsing or killing time

11. In my experience, it doesn’t matter if you wear nice make up in the store or if it looks good we will always come up to you whether you were wearing make up or not just trying to dress in clothing that is not black because people are constantly come up to you and ask if you work there

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genuinely curious bc I am asking as someone who totally thinks Anakin killed padme; how did he not kill Padme? pls I want to understand

I’m not sure why but it’s a pretty common misconception that Padme was killed when Anakin Force choked her on Mustafar. Or that she at least died later from it.
But that’s literally just the lie that Palpatine told Vader to ensure his complete subservience.
Not only did Padme live beyond being force choked, she was alive and conscious enough to give birth to 2 children. I’m not sure why people forget that she literally gave birth but hey whatever.
Not to be creepy here, but in order to choke someone to death you have to continue cutting off the air supply until they are actually dead. Not just until they lose consciousness. Breathing automatically starts back up again when you lose consciousness and she only passed out as Anakin let go of her.

And to answer your inevitable next question, her larynx wasn’t crushed when he choked her. That’s purely fanon.
When the medical droids on Polis Massa examined her they said something like “physically there’s nothing wrong with her but for reasons we can’t explain we are losing her”
If Anakin had crushed her larynx, she would have been dead by the time Obi Wan got back to her after his duel with Vader.
That’s not speculation.
You die pretty quickly from a crushed larynx on account of that whole “needing air to live” thing so there’s no way her larynx damaged more than some surface bruises that would’ve healed over time.

Now that we’ve established that Anakin did not kill Padme, let’s talk about who did.


First of all, I don’t buy that bs that “Padme lost the will to live” like no offense George but that’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard for someone dying. Someone who has literally never given up in her life.
If you haven’t recently, watch Revenge of the Sith again.
The duality of Padme’s dying moments and Vader being pieced together can’t be unintentional. Considering all of Vader’s wounds, and Padme’s lack thereof, one of them (Padme) should’ve lived and one of them (Vader) should’ve died.
But who was with Vader the whole time he was being put together? Palpatine.
And you know what? Maybe this is how Darth Plagueis learned how to keep people alive.
By stealing the Life Force of another being.
And what better way to ensure the subservience of your new slave/apprentice than by removing the one person who could turn them against you?

Don’t you just love how there’s a massive problem with incarceration, but people keep breaking it down into simple solutions.

For example: If you steal, you should go to prison.

Stealing in of itself is wrong. Like the concept is pretty simple.

But would you want a person who stole food because they were hungry get 20 years in prison while a person who stole millions in liquid assets get 2 months… probation… outside of prison?