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On dedicating yourself to the Goddesses of Hyrule

Dedication to a deity is a very personal and serious rite. Oaths are taken very seriously in pretty much all paths, and it’s specific to the relationship between the deity and the devotee-to-be. Such vows should be carefully worded and thought over, as they can easily become a burden rather than a joy with too many loopholes.

Vows in Hyrule seem to be taken pretty seriously as well. Link often comes across wayward spirits and cursed people on his travels, trapped because they took an oath that they have yet to fulfill, or they broke one. Based on this, death does not seem to release you from a vow in Hyrule, at least not immediately. So be careful in the wording of any vow you make.

At first, I was going to try and write out individual vows for each Goddess, but after doing a little research and asking Hylia for guidance, I realized that, at best, I can give people a jumping off point. But I can’t really write it for you, because it’s going to be different for everyone. So, below, you’ll find the jumping off pieces I wrote. These are meant to be modified, changed and expanded to fit you, your needs, and your relationship to Hyrule’s goddesses. I hope you guys like them.

Din: “I come before you, Din, Goddess of Power, to dedicate myself to you. When you lift me from my own darkness with your red arms, I will know it is you. When you guard my peace I will know it is you, and when you upheave it to expand my comfort zone I will know it is you. I pledge myself to honor and serve you, and to uphold your virtue within my capabilities.”

Nayru: “Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom, I have chosen this day to dedicate myself to you. Your wisdom knows no bounds and it is you who guides me. When there are truths to behold you reveal them, gently when they are difficult and sternly when I may ignore them. I vow to honor and serve you within my abilities and uphold your virtue.”

Farore: “Dearest Farore, Goddess of Courage, I come before you to dedicate myself to you. You give me courage and hope when I feel lost. You encourage me to step outside my comfort and to improve myself, but also remind me not to be reckless. I vow to serve you and honor you to the best of my abilities, and to uphold your virtue.”

Hylia: “Hylia, her Grace, goddess charged with guarding the Triforce, this day I come to you in dedication. You defended the Surface from Demise and his horde, and guided the Hero. So do you guide and defend me. As you helped the Hero grow and guided him to balance in the virtues of the Golden Goddesses, so you guide me as well. I vow to serve you and honor you within my capabilities, and uphold the virtues of the goddesses.”

Din, Golden Goddess of Power

“Din… With her strong flaming arms, she cultivated the land and created the red earth.”

Din is foremost the Goddess of Power. Along with the other Golden Goddesses, Nayru and Farore, Din came from a distant nebula to create the land of Hyrule. She is also associated with fire, knowledge as power, and the mountains and sands. She is associated with the Triforce of Power, which was usurped by Ganondorf. 


As reported earlier, the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has first details on Cyber Dimension Neptune, which will carry the full title of Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune,

As I expected, the game will not be the fifth main series game. It will be another spin-off.

The game will be an action RPG set in a video game world of Four Goddesses Online - The often mentioned game that Vert is addicted to. However, Vert will not be the lead, which is somewhat disappointing. 

As you can see in the newly unveiled art, the Neptunia CPUs have new fantasy-like costumes, as designed by series character designer Tsunako.

Neptune is a Holy Knight.
Noire is a Black Knight.
Blanc is a Priest.
Vert is an Enchanter.

The third piece of art shows a sketch of Blanc looking more like ROM. Odd they would include a sketch of Blanc and only Blanc. No idea what’s up with that. 

Here are some interview tidbits from executive producer Norihisa Kochiwa, character designer Tsunako, and producer Naoko Mizuno:

  • This time we’re trying to represent the characters differently to make a fantasy version of Neptunia.
  • The title has the word “Online,” but it is not an online game. The setting sees Neptune and company playing in an online game world.
  • It is the game that Vert is playing in the main Neptunia titles, but Vert is not the protagonist. The four goddesses are. Vert might have a bit of a greater importance though.
  • The four goddesses will little by little become allies, but they’ll all become allies early on, similar to the progression of previous Neptunia games.
  • Look forward to a followup report regarding additional characters set to appear. There’s no doubt that Iffy and Compa will show up as well as the CPU Candidates. Fingers crossed for Plutia and Peashy. 
  • The story begins when Neptune and company, while normally playing Four Goddesses Online, notice the presence of new characters, and then go on to fight those that are enemies.
  • Development is in the very early stages - only around 20-30 percent complete. The release window might be winter, just as I suspected.

The Dengeki article did not include an announced platform, but I would be surprised if it isn’t going to be Vita, with possibly a PC port down the road.

anonymous asked:

When you're communing with Hylia, what's it feel like?

I love this question :D

Okay, so, when I’m communing with Hylia, the first thing I feel, and which let’s me know I’m in her presence, is the sensation of a spring breeze on my face, and the fleeting image of being on top of a hill, standing beneath a large tree with rustling leaves.

She exudes calmness and peace. If I’m upset when I come to her, she wraps her wings around me and I’m enveloped in warmth. That usually then makes way for a strong sense of “alright enough of that. Now make a plan to fix the problem”. Think like when SS Zelda makes Link get up for practice, and consoles him when they realize his Loftwing is missing. Then she helps Link make a plan. Like that. Her presence is powerful like a strong updraft, like wind turbulence, like a hurricane, but also serene and expansive like a clear summer sky.

Golden Goddesses
Lend me your ear
That I may ask the blessing
Of your virtues

Grant me thine Wisdom
That I may know what is right
When confronted with tough decisions

Grant me thine Courage
That I may do what is right
Even in the face of fear

Grant me thine Power
That I am able to put
That which is good into practice.

—  A prayer to the goddesses