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I’ve seen some other artists post their submissions from the @miracuclasszine, so here’s mine. 

Post-Reflekta episode, Chloe chooses to try to fix things with Juleka after reflecting upon her past choices.  *high fives Chat again*

Repeat after me! 

What do we want? Chloe redemption arc!

When do we want it?  Season 2!  (…pretty please~!)  XD

i’m making this post at 11:35 pm to let y'all know that jaime and bart have in fact held hands

it’s canon

Thank you - one week left!

Back when I first read SNK in 2011, a possible anime adaptation seemed so far away… but here we are, it’s 2017 and Season 2 of the anime is upon us! Everyone, thank you for keeping this fandom alive for so long during the good and bad times. 

So, to all the veterans of the fandom: Congratulations, we’ve made it this far! To everyone coming back: Welcome back, we’re in for a hell of a ride - the SNK tumblr madness is gonna be on a whole ‘nother scale. And to all the new fans: Welcome, enjoy your stay and be sure to keep away from spoilers or catch up with the manga ASAP (; 

2017 is going to be incredible and I’m looking forward to make great new memories with you all.

And now, a message to Rivamika fans after the read more: 

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Sorry i havent been posting these past few days i have been busy with a lot of great things ! But i also managed to quickly draw some of the best boys from My Hero Academy !! Boy that new season is so much hype ! By the way even tho i drew these two they are not my favourites ! Bakugou is my number 3 and Todoroki is my number 4 ! Can you guess who are my number 1 and 2 ? I will upload them in the upcomming days ! 

I just hate how they keep showing up things that arent supposed to be in that episode like Reiner remembering that time they killed Marco or showing Ymir’s face as a child or even that time when Eren told his mom that he got bullied which was supposed to be a flashback in Ep. 12. It makes things confusing af.

“And for not posting anything for the past few weeks again, Here’s a fugged up potato Reiner and Bert.”


Our Alois keeps getting their account deleted (it’s happened 3 times in the past week), so everyone’s trying to have good humor about it. Much to Alois’ dismay. 

The picture used in the last post was actually drawn by our Aleister. This is their blog! X

headcanon 001 / miscellaneous facts

aka these are some of the smaller headcanons that i have that i personally find interesting, but not long enough to be deserving of their own posts.

  • After her encounter with Sam the dog in Season 2 she developed a deep fear of dogs, especially larger ones. She doesn’t hate them, she just can’t help but be fearful of them.
  • Before the outbreak her favorite game franchise was Portal, along with other puzzle based games.
  • Throughout Season 2, Clementine is still clearly quite affected by Lee’s death, but by the time of A New Frontier she has managed to come to peace with it. She misses him, yes, he will always be one of the most important people to her, yet now when thinking of him she’s able to smile at the happy memories she had instead of the bitter end.
  • Clementine’s choice of weapon will almost always be small and subtle rather than big and bulky, with the exception of her shotgun. 
  • Over their 16 months together, Christa taught Clementine how to defend herself, specifically teaching her to always go for the eyes, the knees, or, in the case of a male, the groin. These attacks have become somewhat of a default when without a weapon, Clem recognizing them as the easiest way to disable someone or cause extreme pain when needed.
  • Clementine feels immense guilt in relation to several deaths. Lee, because he only got bit trying to save her, Omid, because she was the one who left the gun on the counter at the pit stop, and Luke because she could have saved him but wasn’t able to. Her guilt is further built upon post-Season 2, believing that she should have been able to stop Jane from killing herself.
  • Sexuality wise I view her to be bisexual (though she doesn’t figure it out until her teenage years, what with her lack of understanding in relation to sex as a whole).
  • Post-Season 2, specifically after Jane’s suicide, Clementine develops PTSD due to the extreme nature of the past few years and all the things she’s been forced to deal with, resulting in panic attacks when reminded of specific things, as seen in Ties That Bind when she suffers a panic attack from the mention of the New Frontier having taken over Richmond.
I've Been Waiting A Long Time To Do That

This was my first fic that I wrote way back after watching season 2. 

Read on ao3

Lights were streaking across the sky to the north every thirty seconds or so. Before he knew what he was doing, Bellamy was rushing to the cabins on the edge of camp – towards Clarke’s cabin. Clarke had been saying she was exhausted these past couple of days. Meetings with the council and the grounders to solidify peace had gone on significantly longer than either side could have predicted and they were taking their toll on Clarke. But still Bellamy wanted Clarke to see the shooting lights crossing the sky.

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I will write all the Voltron things and you can’t stop me. This time it’s the beginning of my own season 3 with Lotor as space Zuko/Inigo Montoya. 


The Black Paladin

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The Prince

Soldiers jumped out of the way when they saw him storming down the hall. Good. Lotor was in no mood for any petty issues or groveling they might try to throw at him. Any other day and he would have loved to see commanders press themselves up against the wall or falling on the floor in front of him.

Today, he couldn’t give a Traq’s ass about them.

Haggar’s summons were always bad, but the commander who’d sent him the message had also told him what happened at central command. He’d told him what happened to his father.

Not dead yet, but it would be kinder if he was. The great Emperor Zarkon slept in a deep coma, one he might not wake up from. If not for Haggar’s magic, he might already be dead.

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1. FAVORITE SEASON AND WHY - I hate all seasons, why? they suck thats why.


3. FAVORITE LOTION BRAND? Don’t really have one, if it smells nice I’ll use it.



6. FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE - Sleeping Beauty.

7. ONE THING YOU WISH YOU COULD TELL SOMEONE FROM YOUR PAST? so many things come to mind. can’t really pick.

8. ONE PLACE IN THE WORLD YOU WANT TO VISIT - Disneyland on halloween

9. DOES DESSERT GO BEFORE OR AFTER THE MEAL? After the meal, it ruins the meal, then I get a headache and then a stomach ache, then I throw up. – I learned my lesson as a child. No desserts before meal.

10. FAVORITE SEA ANIMAL? I don’t have one.

11. IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING FROM YOUR PAST, WHAT WOULD IT BE? “Don’t buy that, you’re gonna lose interest in it” LMAO.

————– my questions.————–

  1. what time is it?
  2. What lyric pops up in your mind right now?
  3. If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?
  4. What’s your favorite joke?
  5. Favorite deadly plant?
  6. Favorite holiday?
  7. A Random Game Quote. 
  8. Do you wear jewelry?
  9. Who’s your favorite greek god/goddess?
  10. Is it true cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?

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MTMTE S2 - Edits

One of the big themes running through Season 2 of MTMTE is the idea of editing. It’s introduced by Rung almost immediately, early in issue 28, and then commented on even further by Megatron. It continues throughout the entire season as a major theme.

The season starts out with Megatron struggling to deal with his own past and somehow still move forward. He has spent the war editing them in order to keep moving forward, but he isn’t willing to do that any more. He says “We’re the sum of our experiences, even if we edit those experiences to suit.” Right now, he’d rather start over. This issue also introduces Terminus - Megatron’s original edit, removing Terminus from his book and from his own history.

This issue also ties this theme of “little edits” back to Chromedome, who has selective memory in the most literal sense, and who is trying to resist editing his own past further, and dealing with the results of facing it instead.

The “Slaughterhouse” storyline involves a rejected alternate draft of season 1. It shows the powerful effects a small change can have - in this case, Rung not being on board eventually resulted in the death of the entire crew. This alternate draft gets erased, mostly - with one element being incorporated into the main storyline. And Chromedome makes progress towards incorporating the past, including the bad parts of that past, rather than rejecting them and living in denial.

In issue 34, it’s Megatron’s own mind that gets edited. “An edit is a profoundly aggressive act” is a literal truth here.

Then “Elegant Chaos” - a story directly and specifically about edits. Brainstorm tries to go back and directly edit the past. By the end of this storyline, he intends to do this by murdering an unconscious and newborn Megatron in cold blood. Another moment when an edit becomes an act of aggression and literal violence. 

I think it’s worth noting that Brainstorm, in the end, decides not to edit the past. Instead, he comes to terms with what happened, and decides to move on from the present.

Issue 39 is about Tarn - so obsessively loyal to the Decepticon cause, or maybe to Megatron himself, that he absolutely cannot tolerate the idea of Megatron starting over. Tarn finds out about this change through a literal edit in an actual new edition of a book. His original edition of Towards Peace hangs on his wall in the form of actual corpses.

When the crew first visits Censere, they find a planet devoid of editing. All the deaths of the war are spelled out there, unflinchingly. Censere refuses to edit - refuses to have any impact on the world around him whatsoever. Instead, he documents everything.

Seeing this is what makes Megatron give up on editing (and escaping into) his own past. He buries the time case here. He makes the decision to try to truly incorporate the good of his own past and the good in who he used to be when moving forward.

“Speak, Memory” is another story explicitly about editing. Sunder refuses to let all the “little edits” and delusions and selective memories of the crew stand. His menace exists entirely in forcing the people around him to face up to things they’ve selectively forgotten or ignored. This story focuses on Skids - another character who has intentionally forgotten a past that’s difficult to face. This story also drags one of Rung’s “edits” into the light.

Despite Sunder being a mnemosurgeon, Megatron is able to face him without any overt fear - noteworthy, I think, and a result of his decision in the flower field.

And The Dying of the Light continues with these themes all the way to the end.

The characters are all pulled back to Censere’s planet - a place where personal edits don’t stand and the truth of the war is made plain. Skids regains the memory of his past. New information comes to light, for multiple characters, and I think to talk about this more I’ll need to give it its own post. But even when Megatron kills the DJD, he does so after stripping away their own “edits” and calling them by their real names. And then Megatron’s original edit - Terminus, the person he removed from his book and edited from his own history - returns.

And Terminus returns because Censere decided that simply recording history wasn’t enough, and decides to do a bit of his own editing of the past. But instead of erasing, he adds and restores to the present - he “fills in the blanks.”


Spotted: More crochet in Orange is the New Black: Season 3!

Photo 1: Daya’s got a pretty green ripple afghan!
Photo 2: There’s a neat crocheted bathroom bag over by Taystee!
Photo 3: Red’s still sporting her purple and white glasses strap, and I am still loving it!

In case you’ve missed the crochet in the past seasons, here are the links:
Crochet in OITNB Post #1
Crochet in OITNB Post #2
Crochet in OITNB Post #3

viviennescircle  asked:

Hey, I'm just wondering if you have any older fic recs for Captain Swan, preferably taking place on the Jolly Roger on the way to or from Neverland? Or just in general, older than season 3B or more obscure than, say, The Lost Boys? Thanks!

Hi there!

The CS fandom is full of amazingly talented writers, so we’re very fortunate that there are oh so many fics out there to chose from. 

First, it’s hard to find fics that are specifically on the Jolly Roger going to or coming from Neverland without the majority of the fic being on the island.

Though that is more due to the fact that I personally tend to read multi-chapter fics over one-shots. However, I know there are many one shots out there that cover this.

So anyone who knows/remembers any of this (because my memory is crap), please add to this post so this lovely person can find them. Thank You!

As for multi chaptered fics, well from what I’ve found, the majority of fics that I’ve read set on the Jolly Roger tend to be Enchanted Forest Emma AUs. 

But since you also asked for general fics older than 3b, I’m going to just give you a list of the many ones that I’ve read on fanfic (because I sadly/hardly reblog ones on tumblr and it can be hard to find them when I can’t remember them) (though if anyone knows where to find the ones on tumblr, please feel free to chime in) (also add AO3 ones too if you’d like).

Hopefully I covered the spectrum and you find some that you like. 

(Also, there are some darker fics in here so I listed the trigger warnings that the author’s listed, so please do read my brief descriptions carefully)

Jolly Roger Fics/AUs:

Beyond the Horizon by Alexandra Lyman: This is a Princess Emma AU where Emma volunteers herself as hostage to Captain Jones and they fall in love. Violence, but not Dark!Hook. Rated M. WiP

I See Sparks by Xelbie: An interseting Lieutenant Duckling AU where Emma and Killian are betrothed. Takes place exclusively on the ship so far. Rated T. WiP

Only for One Night by michellemtsu: Princess Emma runs away with Captain Hook to escape an arranged marriage. Rated M. WiP 

Those Lonely Nights At Sea by charliethedreamer: I count this as a Jolly Roger AU because ships are the setting mostly. Captain Swan and Captain Jones have an interesting realtionship to say the least. Rated T. WiP 

Twelve Months At Sea by xFearlesssmilex: Emma is held prisoner by Captain Hook after her village is attacked. Dark!Hook. Possible triggers: Violence, explicit language, mentions/references to rape, sex, prostitution. Rated M. WiP

Walking on Water by Ms Starlight: Princess Emma is on a diplomatic mission for her parents during war times when she is abducted by Captain Killian Jones. Rated M. WiP

White Light on a Black Sea by TaarnaT: Princess Emma is captured by Captain Hook. Dark!Hook warning. Possible triggers: violence, profanity, sex (including prostitution/dub-con/non-con. Partially based on tv show Black Sails. Rated M. WiP

Neverland Fics/AUs:

A Man Of Honor, a Woman of Courage, and a Timeless Love by ChainOfPaperclips: This is a very good AU where Killian sacrifices his memories of Emma in Neverland and he and Emma struggle with what they are to each other when they return to Storybrooke. Rated T. WiP

Dreams and Nightmares by forevershipper: Milah’s ghost with the help of Cora tries to take over Emma’s body in Neverland. Rated T. WiP

Hollow Beginnings by EmeraldRomance: This fic is from Emma’s POV and it starts in Dark Hollow and diverges from there. Hook gets severely injured in Neverland and Emma uses magic to save him, but it works a little too well. Rated M. WiP

The Fortune of Killian Jones by TheThirdStar: Neverland AU, where Hook saves them from Pan, but it has dire consequences for him and Emma goes into Hook’s head in order to save him. Rated T. WiP

Throwing the Cat Amongst the Pigeons by auzziwitch: Post-Neverland. Emma deals with her feelings for Hook. It’s been a while since I read it so I don’t remember it very well, but I know I liked it. Rated M. WiP

Under the Horizon by YouAndMeComeWhatever: In Neverland Emma ends up 300 years in the past when Hook has just lost Milah. Rated T. Complete.

Season 2 AUs:

A Thwarted Hook by samhaincat: Set in Season 2 after “Manhattan” where Emma helps Hook after he stabs Gold and takes care of him. Rated K. Complete

Shared Bodies by CSIBeauty: I would say this is set in Season 2, I think, but it is very AU. Greek Gods kind of possess the residents of Storybrooke. Rated T. WiP: I think. It’s been a while since I read it, but it’s not listed as Complete. 

Walk That Fragile Line by Carlet: Cora orders Hook to make Emma fall in love with him. Rated T. Complete

Season 3b AUs (putting these in here because they technically precede 3b and therefore don’t portray what we saw in 3b):

Down the Winding Road by FreyReh: I really like this one because it’s set in Oz. Hook sacrifices himself and Emma goes after him. Has many Oz characters that never appeared in Once, and the villain isn’t who you’d expect. Rated T. WiP

Ends of the Earth by OnceUponABookworm: Hook leaves Storybrooke but Emma seeks him out. Ends up taking place in the Enchanted Forest. I count this as a 3b AU because it’s post Neverland but it doesn’t have Pan’s curse, nor does it have the wicked witch, but Pan is still a part of it. Rated T. Complete

Fractured Moonlight by lovingcaptainswan: This is a highly angsty fic but I adore it. Hook gets left behind after Pan’s curse and it takes place in our world where Emma and Hook have difficulty dealing with personal tragedy. So if you really love angst….thinking about it: Possible Trigger: Death of a child (not shown but heavily a plot point). Rated M. WiP.

Holiday Dysfunction, Honest Intention, Love, & Other Things by ARCreader: This is set post-Neverland, but no Wicked Witch. It’s just a bunch of really great holiday-centered fics with the Charming-Swan-Jones-Mills-Gold-Cassidy family. Rated T. WiP: Though it’s been a while since an update. :(

I Almost Do by ihearttvsnark: A Pan’s curse AU which I really like. Everyone is cursed once again in Storybrooke, save for Emma and Regina. CS and OQ. Rated M. WiP

General Post-Storybrooke AUs (As in everyone goes back to the Enchanted Forest):

Home Is Where the Heart Is by Winter-Rae: After the Charmings kingdom is restored, Hook convinces Regina to take his heart and it pretty much snowballs from there. Takes a lot of interesting twists and turns and brings in other fictional universes such as Narnia and LotR. Rated M.

Other AUs:

All The Voices In My Head by QuiteTheTrueLove: A really good fic where Killian and Emma are partners in the FBI that are searching for a serial killer. Possible triggers: Violence, character deaths, graphic scenes. Rated M. WiP.

Challenge Accepted by YouSaid: I’m not big on crossovers, but this one is really good. Emma and Killian are Head Girl and Boy at Hogwarts. Lots of Smut, but as the author progressed, the plot really got me hooked. Rated M. WiP

Hamlet and the Pirates by eight 0f hearts: This is a really great CS high school AU where Killian and Emma are partners on an English project. Rated T. Complete

I’ll Ask For The Sea by stalrua: It’s both in the Enchanted Forest and Neverland, but majorly in EF. Emma ran away from the royal life and grew up in Tortuga. Hook comes into her life and she ends up having to face her past. Rated M. Complete. 

Man-Hunt by Ayyyylmao: Emma is an infamous bounty hunter in the Enchanted Forest. Hook is her newest client. However, destiny has bigger plans. Slow-burn CS. Rated T. WiP

O Mistress Mine by psychoswan: A dark Hook AU, where Killian is a ruthless king who’s land Emma enters. She becomes his mistress. Possible Triggers: Dark!Hook, rough sex, violence, language, and other things that may trigger. Rated M. WiP

Provocateur by swaggercaptain: Again a crossover that I love. Emma and Killian work for the BAU. Takes plot points from Criminal Minds, but in itself is really well done. Highly recommend. Possible triggers: Violent themes. Rated M. WiP

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play by bemusedbicycle: Oh don’t even get me started on this fic. I adore it. It’s a baseball AU, where Killian plays for the Pittsburg Pirates and Emma works in PR. Rated T. WiP

Rotten Heart by NeverlandAwaitsUs: Princess Emma is betrothed to Prince Killian, who has dark secrets. Rated M. WiP

Sit, Stay, Feel by ScapeArtist: Oh I love this AU. Emma’s a dog trainer and Killian is a client of hers. They bond over their mutual love for Killian’s dog Gale. It’s just too good for words. Rated T. Complete

Until I Met You by ChainOfPaperclips: College student Emma Nolan is in Professor Killian Jones’ poetry class. So far, nothing really has happened between them, so I guess it’s slow-burn? Rated T. WiP

And just for fun: Drabbles:

A Dozen Assorted by Scheherezade06: This fic is a series of drabbles all about CS. Rated T. 

A Modern Day Courtship by Melissa Black13: A series of drabbles concerning CS navigating dating. Rated T. 

Bits and Baubles by perpetual-estrangement: Lots of various CS one shots. Rated M. 

CS Drabble by ThePirateSwan: CS drabbles that are really good and are, well I’m fairly certain, they’re all in the show’s universe. Rated M. 

anonymous asked:

So what do you think of the show potentially going eight seasons instead of the previously-reported seven? Personally I don't think I could stand the pain of three more years of D&D's shit.

Oh god, when you phrase it like that…

This stuff coming out about 8 seasons is news to me. I just read a few articles, and what’s weird is that shit like this:

“Seven-seasons-and-out has never been the conversation,” Lombardo said. “The question is how much beyond seven are we going to do.“ (x)

sits in like, perfect contention with:

“It feels like this is the midpoint for us,” Benioff says. “If we’re going to go seven seasons, which is the plan, season 4 is right down the middle, the pivot point.” (x)

All of Benioff and Weiss’s interviews make them sound burned out and like they want to stop as soon as possible. All the HBO interviews are like, “YES ALL THE SEASONS” (not shocking…it’s a huge money-maker).

But like, the first quote is more recent, so I guess we’re getting 8 seasons. Woo.

It’s not even so much that it’s 3 more years of it, which is kind of terrible in and of itself. But it’s that the past 2 years of it will be spent beyond the books. It’s already irritating enough to go onto ASOIAF forums and see posts about “how will Brienne get to Winterfell to kill Stannis???” but we’re talking 2 full years of this shit (and this is assuming TWOW can beat out S6, which is no sure thing). This is like, an unprecedented fandom experience, and I’m  quite certain it’s not a positive one.

I’ve always thought the 7-year plan was stupid in terms of adapting Martin’s work, but like. There’s no part of me that really thinks extra time will help them. I don’t think these two idiots are capable of writing a coherent narrative. So at this point I hear “3 more years,” and I just get tired. Maybe a professional critic will wake up? Just one? That’d be nice.