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“Tell me more.” - La Coccinelle, a past Miraculous holder for Inktober day 30. 

I really like her design; I love her hair! I referenced the photo in Season 2′s episode 4 episode and Feri Gonzalez’s illustration. Really loving Season 2 so far, it feels like the animation is a lot smother or clearer.

psttt i love you guys + hope you’re doing well :+) 💛

nell411  asked:

I don't remember which blog you posted about this on, but on one of your blogs you mentioned a theory that it was actually Jeremiah that encouraged Kara to hide her powers and act normal not Eliza. Having just finished season 1 again, seeing the references to the past and what I remember of season 2, since I've only rewatched the first 2 episodes so far, I can totally see how that would make sense and if you ever post the details of that theory I would read the shit out it.

I think I mentioned it here at some point? Maybe. I have talked about it with @ultranos​ and with @motorcyclegirlfriends​ a couple of times.

It’s not really a *theory* in that I think it is the One True Way to read the family dynamics, it’s just … an interpretation of canon that nobody’s really considered that is both interesting and frighteningly easy to spin into a plausible headcanon.

The starting point is Alex.

Namely, it’s the fact that Alex is not a reliable narrator when it comes to any member of her immediate family.

She admits repeatedly in S1 that her own insecurities and jealousy toward Kara colored her perception of their relationship for years. She spent the better part of a decade inaccurately reading her relationship with Eliza, again because her insecurities clouded her judgment.

So, if Alex wasn’t seeing Kara or Eliza clearly for all those years, why should we expect her assessment of Jeremiah to be accurate, either?

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I’ve seen some other artists post their submissions from the @miracuclasszine, so here’s mine. 

Post-Reflekta episode, Chloe chooses to try to fix things with Juleka after reflecting upon her past choices.  *high fives Chat again*

Repeat after me! 

What do we want? Chloe redemption arc!

When do we want it?  Season 2!  (…pretty please~!)  XD

i’m making this post at 11:35 pm to let y'all know that jaime and bart have in fact held hands

it’s canon

Billy Hargrove Imagine Requested- No One Deserves To Be Lonely


Here is the Billy Hargrove x Reader imagine requested by @thebowtieisnomore . It is loosely based on the song “I Was All Over Her” by Salvia Palth.  I really hope you enjoy this!  

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Mild language (It’s like one word lol)

With your Walkman blasting “Runaway” by Bon Jovi in your ears, you slowly walked up the stairs leading to Hawkins High.  Your peers walked past you as if you weren’t there as you unlocked your locker.  Bobbing your head to your music, you threw your bag inside and slammed the tiny door shut. You readjusted your headphones before making your way to your first period.  As you walked through the door, your teacher, Mr. Goldsmith, strategically pulled your headphones from your head.  You gave him an angry look, “Really Mr. Goldsmith?  Class doesn’t start for another five minutes.”  He gave you a smile, “I’m aware of the time Miss Y/L/N, but you should already know that my classroom is a no headphone zone.  Now, put it away and go take a seat.”  You rolled your eyes before walking to your seat in the back of the room.  As you wrapped your headphones around your Walkman, you heard a fit of giggles come from two seats in front of you.  You lifted your gaze to become eye to eye with none other than Billy Hargrove.  He was leaning on some random girl’s desk playing with a strand of her curly hair.  You let out a scoff as you looked back to your Walkman and continued to wrap your headphones.  When you slid it into your jacket pocket, a shadow cast down on you.  Your lips fell into a tight line as you looked up to find Billy standing over you.  He smirked, “Good morning beautiful.”  You gave him a forced smile, “Good morning Billy.  What can I do for you?”  He took a seat at the desk directly in front of yours, “You automatically assume I want something?  I can’t just come up to you and have a normal conversation?”  A small laugh fell from your lips, “Billy, normal conversation doesn’t even exist in your mind.”  He rolled his eyes, “Wouldn’t you know.  Anyway, you gonna be at the Halloween party everyone is talking about?”  You propped your head on your hand, “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.  Why does it matter to you?”  His cocky smirk played on his lips again, “Well, beautiful, the party simply wouldn’t be complete without a dame like you there.”  You let out a scoff, “Don’t even start with this bull shit.  That melodramatic charm may work on all these other girls, but it doesn’t work on me.”  The bell rang with a loud shrill before Billy could retort.  He smirked again before turning to face the front.  As Mr. Goldsmith began his lecture on proper citations, a small piece of paper slid onto your desk.  You looked up to see Billy giving you a devious smile. With an annoyed sigh, you unfolded the paper and read, “I’ll see you at the party babe ;)”.  Your eyes looked back to Billy who sent you a wink before turning forward again.  Your stomach did a somersault that you quickly pushed down.  Staring at his blonde curls, your mind wandered off thinking about the party and, more specifically, seeing Billy there. 

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Season 2 will end next week... but do you think there will be a season 3? I have a feeling Koogi will just wrap it all up next week, because of the situation right now in the series just seems to be perfect to end it all. Koogi did say it would be 3-4 season long, but her health has become worse these past months.... so I just don't know. I hope not, but I just have this feeling. What do you think? Btw I love your post

Yeah you’re right. It’s good enough to end it all here. Although I think there will be a season 3. Hopefully. The hiatus might just be longer so Koogi can rest and get better. They specified ‘the final chapter of season 2′. They could just say KS finale! There’s also lots of things we still don’t know about Sangwoo and his past. About his mother. They never found the body. There was something on the ceiling in his room. There’s a suspicious clock in the kitchen always showing 2:03. I even wonder why he’s so obsessed with that song ‘killing me softly’. And so many other questions. Unless we’re getting all of our answers next week, I don’t see why KS would end.
And thank you <3

Thank you - one week left!

Back when I first read SNK in 2011, a possible anime adaptation seemed so far away… but here we are, it’s 2017 and Season 2 of the anime is upon us! Everyone, thank you for keeping this fandom alive for so long during the good and bad times. 

So, to all the veterans of the fandom: Congratulations, we’ve made it this far! To everyone coming back: Welcome back, we’re in for a hell of a ride - the SNK tumblr madness is gonna be on a whole ‘nother scale. And to all the new fans: Welcome, enjoy your stay and be sure to keep away from spoilers or catch up with the manga ASAP (; 

2017 is going to be incredible and I’m looking forward to make great new memories with you all.

And now, a message to Rivamika fans after the read more: 

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Our Alois keeps getting their account deleted (it’s happened 3 times in the past week), so everyone’s trying to have good humor about it. Much to Alois’ dismay. 

The picture used in the last post was actually drawn by our Aleister. This is their blog! X


Sorry i havent been posting these past few days i have been busy with a lot of great things ! But i also managed to quickly draw some of the best boys from My Hero Academy !! Boy that new season is so much hype ! By the way even tho i drew these two they are not my favourites ! Bakugou is my number 3 and Todoroki is my number 4 ! Can you guess who are my number 1 and 2 ? I will upload them in the upcomming days ! 

I just hate how they keep showing up things that arent supposed to be in that episode like Reiner remembering that time they killed Marco or showing Ymir’s face as a child or even that time when Eren told his mom that he got bullied which was supposed to be a flashback in Ep. 12. It makes things confusing af.

“And for not posting anything for the past few weeks again, Here’s a fugged up potato Reiner and Bert.”