but paper bags are fun

So last night we stayed in a very fancy hotel. After a few minutes of getting settled, we noticed a very small sign next to the array of minibar tidbits saying that the items were on a sensor, and if any were moved, we’d automatically be billed. Thanks to Anxiety, I immediately believed I had moved something, since I recalled making fun of the tasteful little paper bag of Twix, like they were trying to conceal that they were just generic Twix, and I wasn’t sure if I’d picked it up to illustrate my point. Naturally, as soon as this possibility occurred to me, it consumed me and wiped out any memory of the actual event and left it all as a vague blur until I was convinced I was a Twix Criminal. 

Got the bill this morning and we were not charged for Twix, so it’s all cool. If they billed me I was gonna make sure I ate them all in front of the front desk.

tl;dr It might take interrogators an hour to convince innocent people they’re guilty of a crime, but it took under 30 seconds for me to convince myself I’d touched some laser-protected Twix

When people keep asking you what’s under your paper bag

This was so much fun to make!The moment I saw a video of the meme,I just had to.It was an opportunity I had to take.

(If ever the YouTube video doesn’t work,I put one that’s above,just in case)

Jellybean's Misfortune.

Jughead x Reader

Requested- anonymous asked:
Can you write something where jellybean is staying with jughead and he calls you at like 11 pm just as you’re getting to bed. And you pick up being really playful and THEN HES LIKE NO ITS AN EMERGENCY AND YOU GET THERE AND YOUVE NEVER SEEN THE JONES SO TERRIFIED AND IT ENDS UP THAT JELLYBEAN GOT HER FIRST PERIOD. Omg

Summary: Jellybean had been moody all afternoon and just before you got into bed Jughead phoned you because she got her period and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. 

Words: 1625

Warnings: None, I think.

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

I had got back from Pop’s with Jug and JB as jellybean likes to call herself now. Jug and I looked after Jellybean because his dad was always working now so we usually ended up spending most of the afternoon together. Jellybean loved it though but she still couldn’t comprehend that we were dating, sometimes she’d have a nap and wake up running into the living room yelling “Oh my word! It wasn’t a dream.” When she saw us cuddled up on the couch.

We took Jellybean to Pop’s today because we got back from school later than usual, Jellybean wouldn’t complain though, she loved to get a large fries and dip them into her chocolate milkshake usually she’d have so much she wouldn’t even have a burger. Tonight though she was grumpy, she sat opposite us in the booth like usual but she sat right in the corner giving us grumpy glances whenever we laughed or fooled around. She excluded herself from the conversations, she ordered a burger, she ate in silence and she got a soda. Jug and I both looked at each other to make sure we were both seeing the same thing. This was not Forsythia P. Jones, and this definitely wasn’t Jellybean.

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record store blues; josh dun imagine

The bell above the glass door jingled when you walked into the record store. A song with a familiar catchy melody and prominent beat echoed through the store whilst you admired the decor.

The store was dimly lit other than the white fairy lights hanging off the walls, running along the shelves that held various albums and records. There were also a few neon signs that outlined the shapes of guitars, treble clefs and base clefs. The choice of decor was very hipster and Tumblr like, it leaving a sort of sweet taste in your mouth.

You walked over to the vinyls that were collecting dust in the corner and begin to flick through them, hoping to find another sad album to engulf yourself in.

Today had been a dismal day. The day had been cold and the weather had been disgusting, it didn’t give you a good vibe to say the least. The rain continuously poured down from the dark clouds above the city, making you feel even more miserable. Thunderstorms always occurred in the city of Columbus, Ohio and when they did, you couldn’t help but to feel down. However, when these grim days closed in on you, you took out your umbrella and went to your happy place. The record store.

You began to hum to the familiar song playing in the background and started tapping your foot. Before you knew it, the music took over and you closed your eyes, you were singing the lyrics. Oddly enough, the song that was playing suited the weather outside.

“Just a young gun with a quick fuse. I was uptight, wanna let loose. I was dreaming of bigger things, and wanna leave my own life behind.” You pulled your long dirty blonde hair out of your eyes and tucked it behind your ears, still grooving to the music.

“You’re a really good singer.“ 

Your eyes snapped open when you were pulled out of your trance by a voice, nearly jumping out of your skin as you spun around to where it came from.

A guy was leaned against the wall behind you, the fairy lights on the wall above him illuminated the yellow fringe poking out of the gap on his black backwards cap. He wore a black sweater with the sleeves rolled up his forearms, revealing a brightly coloured tattoo on his right arm.

"Wow. Uhm thanks? Yep, okay-” You stammered awkwardly scratching the back of your neck. Nobody had ever complimented your voice before and you weren’t quite sure how to tackle the situation. 

The corner of his lip tugged upwards creating an innocent smirk which made your legs go weak, he then pushed himself off the wall and walked over to you. He dug through the cluster of records in the display in front of you and pulled one out.

“I think you’ll like this,” his hand grazes yours as he hands you a pink record reading Paramore: After Laughter. You were wide eyed at how easily he could pin point your music taste.

“Funny that, I really like Paramore. I’ve been a big fan since I was a teenager,” you chuckle shaking your head in disbelief over how much of an open book you are.

“It’s the best part of my job. Showing people new music or reconnecting with an artist. Music is just a really big part of my life and it’s really fulfilling sharing it with people.” For some reason his cheeks flushed red and he looked down at the ground sheepishly.

Something about this guy made your sorrow subside with a flash. He was still a stranger to you, but nobody could get you to smile this easily on a bad day. You’d usually link the record store with a sad feeling just because you only came on dreary days, however this boy was turning that feeling around.

There was a short silence between the both of you, but the music in the background helped fill it.

“What?” You ask raising an eyebrow. His sudden mood change puzzled you. Only a couple of minutes before this employee was courageous and fearless, now he was shy and quiet.

You watched him fumble with the branded lanyard around his neck. You tried to read the name tag that was on it, however he began to tap nervously it which blocked you from reading it.

“Do you mind if I show you one of my favourite artists?” He raised his head and looked at you with doe eyes. His sweet and shy puppy dog eyes made your heart pound and helped you answer.

“Sure, I’m always open for new music,” the boy turned around and began walking to the shelves on the other side of the store. You followed him whilst holding onto the vinyl tightly in your hand. He started rummaging through the pile of CD’s, narrowing his eyes in concentration. 

You smiled to yourself as you took in his features. You felt your heart rate pick up when he pulled his bottom lip under his teeth, his jaw tensing slightly.

“Here we go,” he gives you the small black album with traces of red to your free hand. You flip the album to the front.

Twenty One Pilots: Blurryface

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard some of their stuff before,” you looked up at him and he had a sheepish smile on his face. “I like them,” you add after flipping over the album again, scanning over some of the song titles.

“Yeah, I like them too,” the boy’s grin basically brought you to your knees. His eyes crinkled at the sides and his brown eyes squinted. 

“My name’s Josh my the way,” he bit his lip again.

“Josh. That really suits you,” you nodded your head in approval, a smile crawled onto your lips.

“That’s why my mum called me that!” Josh raised his hands and chuckled.

 There’s that confidence.

“I come here a lot. But I haven’t see you working here before?” You questioned as you both walked to the front desk and he scanned your items.

“I just came off tou-” Josh paused and cleared his throat, leaving you feel perplexed and curious of what he was going to say.

“I just came back from doing some road tripping with my friend Tyler, and now I’m home,” he rephrased his sentence and forced a smile once he put the albums into the paper bag.

“That sounds like fun! Well, I better go because I’ve got some songs to listen to,” you raise the paper bag and giggle.

“Let me know what you think of the band I showed you. Enjoy!” Josh chuckled.

You bid Josh a farewell, then took out your umbrella and ventured back into the storm to your apartment.

You couldn’t get Josh’s contagious smile out of your mind. Something was different about this boy. Maybe it was the fact that his hair was a crazy colour and intrigued you, or maybe it was how easily he could read you. Whatever it was, you wanted to know him. 

So you did.

You continued to go to the record store even on sunny days. You seemed to have replaced the once gloomy feeling you linked with the store, and replaced it with a happy feeling because of Josh. 

That boy really meant the world to you, nobody could lift your spirits like he did. Little did you know, he felt the same way.

WARNING - Smut - my first ever smut! Quite proud! OH and let me know what you think! :) x

Sam x Reader smut

“Ok he’s all yours ” Dean says as you drops him on the chair in their twin room

“What? Where the hell do you think you’re going?” You say jumping from your seat on Dean’s bed

Dean grabs your room key that you left by the laptop. 

“I’m sleeping in your room, in peace” he answered tossing your keys in the air, you move to grab them but miss.

“Like hell you are!” You say moving to snatch the keys

“I dealt with him last time it’s your turn” he says lifting the keys well out of your reach.

“He’s your brother!” You argue 

“You’re the one who lov….” you leap forward slapping your hand over Dean’s mouth. 

You turn to see if Sam had heard, but he was too, busy laughing at his shoe. You breath a sigh of relief. 

You turn glaring at Dean whose smirking at you. 

“You’re the one who got him drunk!“ 

Dean let out a sigh “well there’s only one way to decide this" 
You roll your eyes before raising your hand ready for rock, paper, scissors. Which Dean wins.

“Ha!” Dean shouts, grabbing his bag. “Have fun!” You continue to glare as he shuts the door.

Damn him, he knew how you felt about Sam! He picked up on it about 3 months ago and has let you live it down since…and now he pulls this little stunt. 

The problem wasn’t helping Sam, no you’d help him in a heartbeat.  It was that when Sam got drunk, he got friendly….very friendly.  Yes Sam Winchester was an affectionate drunk. That meant hugs, touches and kisses. 

Being pulled to sit on his lap to be cuddled wasn’t all bad, it was the way he stroked your hair or the way he nuzzled you ear as he spoke that broke you. You had dreamed that Sam would do that sober so many times it hurt, but no he barley even looks at you when he hasn’t been drinking. 

Dean is usually you hero when Sam is like this, knowing how uncomfortable it makes you….so why has he left you here now? 

You sigh, well staring at the door isn’t going to help anyone. You turn to look at the object of your affection to see him still trying to remove his shoe giggling. 

You crack a smile 

“Come on Sammy, let’s get you to bed” you state in a  matter of fact tone of voice as you help him remove his shoe, Sam just snorts at you, face neutral.

You’re bossy!” You look at him open mouthed completely shocked.  "And short” he added laughing once again

You shake your head at him, rubbing your fingers in circles against your head to try and numb the headache that will surely follow. 

“Well Sammy, everyone is short compared to you” you say removing his other shoe, before holding your hands out to him to help him stand.

He smiles up at you taking your hands before pulling you towards him onto his lap, locking his arms around you, Sitting across his lap, every breath he exhaled tickled your neck .

*remind me to kill Dean tomorrow* you thought as he pulled you impossibly closer, sniffing your hair. You froze, that’s new….you heard him mumble something long the lines of “smell nice” before he began kissing your neck. 

You did everything you could to move away, but every time you tried to shift his arms clamped around you. Holding back a moan that was building in your throat your eyes fluttered shut, getting completely lost in the moment. 
It was when you felt a bulge grow against your hip that your eyes snapped open and you came to your senses.

“Ok that’s enough of that!” You say more to yourself than to Sam. You tear his arms from around you, which was harder than it sounded…even totally drunk Sam was a stupidly strong guy.

Your turned to see Sam sulking, you rolled your eyes still trying to shake the feeling of his lips on your skin. 

“Oh no, puppy eyes are not going to work here Sam Winchester. Up, changed, bed! In that order mister!”

He looked down before raising his arms for your to pull him up, and you almost fell for it, stopping just before reaching him when you saw him sulking face had turned to a smirk. 

You laughed, shaking your head “come on Sammy it’s getting late, bed!” Dropping his arms he pushed of the arm chair, stumbling to stand. 

 He steadied himself, before beginning an argument with his jacket. Sighing in defeat,  he looks at you pitifully. “Stuck” he mumbled with puppy eyes

You giggle shaking your head as you move to help him. You reach for the top of his jacket sliding over his shoulders and down his arms.  You look at him as you do and are shocked by what you see. 

There’s no humour in his eyes, his face completely serious as he stares down into your eyes. You have to look away as butterflies fill your stomach.  You throw his discarded jacket on the chair. 

“Can you manage now?” you ask looking at his face but not meeting his eyes. His head shakes, you swallow a lump in your throat as you close your eyes to try and ground yourself and keep repeating in your head

*he’s drunk, this means nothing* 

He pulls at his plaid shirt and whispers sadly “buttons” you nod before opening your eyes.  You try to focus on the buttons not Sam as you hands start to tremble. Taking a deep breath you begin to undo the shirt, knowing he is watching your every move. Each button revealing more skin and muscle beneath. You’d seen him shirtless before, Sam wasn’t shy of his body and with a body like his why should he be?  But this is different,  you knew this would lead to many a frustrating dream.

As you finish you try to not stare at his perfect abs, as your hands itching to touch them. You look up  and move to take off the shirt. You see Sam swallow heavily causing toy to frown slightly, Sam wasn’t usually so bashful when drunk. You shake off the odd feeling, returning to the task. 

Goosebumps appear on your arms as your hands slide against the soft skin of his arms, you try to memorise even inch of skin, every hard muscle as you know this will most likely be the only time you ever get to touch him like this. 

The shirt thrown with the forgotten jacket, you ask if he wants a tshirt to sleep in. He shakes his head and you can’t be disappointed by his decision. You move to grab your bag to retrieve you night clothes, as he removes his pants unaided. He jumps onto the bed looking at you, opening his arms in an invitation to join him. 

“No Sammy, go to sleep” you say laughing, looking at him lying there. In nothing but his boxers inviting you to join him.

*I must be fucking crazy to turn that down* you shake the thoughts from your head. 

Sam frowns and says “cuddle” his arms still wide. You decided to go easy on him as he looks cute. 

“Your a big guy Sammy, and your not getting both of us in that little bed” he throws his arms down sighing dramatically. “I’ll be right there” you say pointing at the other bed. He nods though he’s still unhappy.

“I’ll be back in a minute” you say jumping into the bathroom closing the door behind you and lean hard against it. 

You breathe heavily as you try to calm yourself.  The man you are in love with is lying almost naked drunk as anything in the next room. Not even 5 minutes ago he was kissing your neck and you can’t deal with it.

You splash water on your face trying to calm yourself just enough to face him again.

You think you hear a noise, but after listening a moment you decide it was your imagination.  You change into you night clothes,  regretting the choice of boy shorts and a tank top now that you’re sharing a room with Sam.  You hear a noise again

“Sam?” You ask to the door but get no reply, you rush to finish dressing as you hear it again. You throw the door open, discarded clothes forgotten as you dash back into the room. 

You see Sam lying on the bed innocently under the covers….on the bed that now appears to be double the size….you sigh closing your eyes.  He’d pulled your bed to his….

“Sam….” you begin but were cut off

“More room!” He said so brightly you can’t help but smile at him. *oh the hell with it* you think, a hug won’t kill you. 

You climb onto the bed on your side and lie down. But you aren’t there long as Sam’s arm grips your waist and effortlessly pulls you to him. You hands land on his chest. You feel the muscle flutter beneath your hands. 

 Your have to swallow a lump in your throat as you close your eyes,  unable to look at him. Feeling movement you dare to open your eyes. Only for your vision to be filled with those gorgeous hazel pools.

Sam moved in nuzzling his nose against yours, before moving to kiss your cheek so gently you weren’t sure if it happened until he did it again and again, moving lower each time until he once again reached your neck. 

You breathing became shallow as his hand ran down the length of your back, over your ass giving it a squeeze that made you whimper, down the back of your thigh to your knee where he pulled your leg over his hip. He ground his hips into you, rubbing his hard bulge against your core. Causing you to gasp and pull away.

“Sam no, you’re drunk. This isn’t right” you say trying to untangle yourself from him. 

“ ’m not drunk” you breathed out kissing up your jaw.

“Sam yes you are…” you say pushing against his chest half heartedly. You wanted this , wanted him, but not while he was drunk it’s not fair on either of you. 

He sighs deeply, grabs you chin lightly, looking you dead in the eye. “Y/n do I sound drunk to you?“ 

You frown, for two reasons. Firstly at the completely coherent sentence that just left his mouth, after you’d had nothing but one words and giggles for the last hour. And secondly,  if he wasn’t drunk what the hell?

“I can smell booze on your breath Sam”  he shakes his head raising his index finger.

“One beer, I know I’m a lightweight compared to you and Dean  but it does take more than one beer to get me drunk” your frown doesn’t ease, you sit up on your knees, new information running around your head,

“Then what the hell Sam?!” You say getting a little mad that he’d played you like this. He sat up to join you

“The only time I get to be near you like this is when I’m drunk, and I don’t get to remember most of it. I’m really like you Y/n, I just wanted….“ 

"You didn’t think to just tell me you liked me? What made you think I’d let anything happen while you were drunk? Is that how little you think of me?” You ask quietly

Sam raised his hands to your face “No! God Y/n no! I never meant to let things go this far but feeling your hands on me, the look in your eye…I couldn’t believe you were looking at me like that and I didn’t want to stop.” He lowered his head and drops his hands fro your face. 

You raised your hand to stroke his hair. “I like you too, alot” you smile at him as he raises his head to smile at you. “Just never pull a stunt like that again!”

“I promise, I will never listen to my brother again!” He said stroking your cheek. 

“DEAN?!” You almost shout. Of course it was Dean’s idiotic idea, who else? The overwhelming need to go and punch the eldest Winchester took over as you started to move towards the end of the beds. 

Sam’s arms wrapped around you pulling you back, so your were sitting  on Sam’s thighs with his knees bent under him. “Where are you going?” He asked deeply from behind you into your ear, still holding onto your upper arms. 

“To punch your brother in the jaw” you say breathing heavily against his chest. 

“I’d rather you stay here” he said his voice deep and husky as he let go of your arms wrapping one around you to gently stroking the soft skin of your thigh, the other around your stomach pulling you back onto his hard on, causing you both to let out a moan. 

“Sam….” you say breathlessly

“I’ll stop if you want me to” he whispers, you shake you head grinding onto him again, making him let out  small growl.

“Don’t stop…” you beg quietly, 

Sam slips his hand from your thigh back to your stomach, finger teasing at the edge of your short making your whimper. Your feel him smile again your neck as he slips his hand in a caresses you through the thin material of your panties. You throw your head back, he begins kissing your neck sending all senses into over drive.

“Sam please….” you beg, you can’t take the teasing. You’d been wait for this for so long, you didn’t want to wait anymore. 

He nips your neck as he slips his finger past the lace of your panties. His fingers slipped between your silky folds, making you moan his name. 

He breathed against your neck, “so wet for me Y/N” he bit down on your neck before sucking at the tender flesh leaving his mark on you, branding you as his. As if you weren’t already. 

His fingers moving against your clit, he pulls you back higher up his legs so him fingers can angle into you.

He slipped his fingers into you making you scream, you’d never been more glad you couldn’t get adjoining rooms than you were right now. 

“Oh God, Sam,” you breathed. Your hips jerked in response to his hand pushing you over the edge as his thumb rubbed over your clit, his name falling from your lips as you came. 

He span you around claiming you mouth with his in a deep, passionate, needy kiss. You ground against his hard on sending waves of ecstasy through you both. 

“Fuck Y/n” he said breaking the kiss, grabbing your hips urging you to move again. You complied,  grinding against him again , before sliding your hand into his boxers and taking his impressive length in your hand. 

Gently stroking your thumb over the head, he threw his head back making you smile. Sam Winchester, hunter extraordinaire was putty in your hands.  

Leaning forward kissing his neck as you moved your hand over his shaft in a steady rhythm making him squirm, biting the skin of neck in the junction of his collar bone, marking him as yours was the final straw for Sam. Growling loudly as he removed you arm from him, rolling you on the mattress pinning you beneath him as he took you lips in his once again 

“Too many clothes ” he pants against you lips as he pulls back and rips off you tank top, shots and panties until you lie perfectly naked beneath him.

He drinks you in, the word “beautiful” leaves him lips before  immediately dropping his head and taking your breast in his mouth. He sucked hard, your back arching in response. Unable to take any more you plead with him. 

“Sam please, I need you” he look in your eyes before kissing you again. Pulling back only to remove his boxers.  He lifts you legs around his hips as he positions himself at your entrance, looking back at you, giving you a chance to change you mind. 

Tightening your legs around him, you nodded “Please”. He thrusts forward burying himself inside of you. 

Every ounce of air rushes from your body as you grown in bliss, he fills every inch of you perfectly. He starts moving, growning himself. Slowly you rocked against each other, echoes of bliss filling the room. 

“Y/n God your so tight” Sam slams into you faster bringing you closer to the edge

“Oh God, Sam!” You scream out losing yourself in a whirlpool of pure ecstasy. 

Sam groans your name as your muscles clenched around him. He shuddered, his own orgasm over taking him. He collapses on top of you, catching himself on his forearms save squashing you. 

His head nestled on your shoulder, his nose nudging your neck as he begins kissing it again. You giggle, before he looks at you predatory look in his eye as he claims your mouth.  

“You up for round two?” He smirks, you gasp as he shifts his hips

“Oh God yes!” You moan as he shifts again “We may never leave this bed” you warn

“And I’m really ok with that ” he answers flipping you over so your on top. 

“God I love you Sam Winchester” you smile

“He smiles up at you and says "I love you too” before pulling your down to take your lips once more.  

You could get used to this.

Male MC: Mystic Messenger; Causal Route: Prologue

 This is the regular MM story but with a male MC!! Whoohoo let the romance commence! 

List | Mobile List | Next Hour {7am and 8am}

Zack  shoved his hands in his pockets as he waited for the new app to download. He stared at the screen as he sat in the warm coffee shop sipping an iced coffee as the world outside him turned into a dull grey. Autumn was coming—his favorite time of year— and the outside world was becoming a dark place, well in the sense that the sun was covered. The download completed. “RFA Chatroom” is what it was called. He didn’t know how exactly he found it but it intrigued him nonetheless.

“YO YOU GUYS! HERE’S THE TING! YA!!!” is what the description said. No ratings, no reviews, around six downloads. It was dangerous to download weird apps but his virus and malware protector on his phone said it was clean. Things had been rather lonely ever since Zack moved to this country. He wasn’t exactly a friendly happy-go-lucky kind of man so making new friends was rather hard. The biggest thing contributing to his loneliness was his unhappiness. He hadn’t felt someone need him. Parts of him were wondering why he was even here.

So maybe just faking happiness in some random chatroom would be good for him. He opened the app feeling a bit panicked as the app loaded. Setting up his account he named himself Akane. Yeah why not screw it. He’d fake happiness and pretend to be someone else.  For a moment his screen fritz but then…

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dxrfluug  asked:


“Don’t be stupid. You won’t be any fun if you’re dead.”

Tongue lulling out the side of her mouth, Demencia flashes her teeth, sadistic grin stretched wide across her features and there’s an almost playful glint in her mismatched eyes.

He’s playing with fire again, even if she’s been here for a shorter amount of time than him, she knows Black Hat’s temper with even the smallest of things.

If Flug kept going the way he was… Well, he might run out of usefulness.


Let’s Christmas! 🎄☃️

Inspired by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure:
19. “I thought you said you knew how to wrap presents!”

“Well I never said I knew how to wrap them well!”

Request from @murmelche.

Words: 560
Warnings: none

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Fan Video Project to celebrate Asuma Kousuke’s & Suga Kenta’s Birthday! (‘∀’●)♡

Hi Guys!

So before this, I made a Haikyuu Stage Play Fan Letter Project and a Fan Video project for Kousuke’s first fanmeeting event and both of them turned out very successful thanks to your excitement and cooperation!! <3

Our beloved Kousuke & Kenta are gonna have their birthday soon on October and I’m thinking to do another project for them too!! Kousuke will turn 21 and Kenta will turn 22 this year! Who wants to wish them a happy birthday? OuO

Keep reading if you’re interested in being a part of this project! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

And please help me reblog this post to spread the word!!! OuO

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Bloopers that would totally happen

Ya, this is in the actor AU, cause I’m trash. This scenes are based off what happens in all the routes. I feel like the show would be like the game, the routes being each season. Basically it shows who Hana would be with each season, and the last season is the “true” season, and the hidden routes are mashed up into one season. The show is basically like the game. It is angsty, funny, heartfelt, and romantic.

Anyway, here are some bloopers that would happen based on what happens in every route:

- PBG/Austin is spinning Hana around after she asked her out to the flower festival. They both suddenly fall onto the floor. Everyone on set is laughing and PBG/Austin is blushing really hard. Hana giggles.

- Satch bursts into laughter everytime he’s flirting with Hana in Jirard’s route/season. 

- Shane over reacts when he is choking in his route/season. He lies on the floor, playing dead and twitching. Hana can’t help but laugh, despite trying to stay in character.

- Mimi is being bitchy, but then she messes up a word and everyone chuckles

- Kakusu randomly popping into scenes she’s not supposed to be in, acting like her robot self

- Hana tries to keep a straight face when she’s rapping in the hidden route/season. Luke is not helping at all.

- PBG/Austin and Hana bumping their noses when they try to kiss each other. It hurts but they’re both laughing.

- Jirard falling to the floor when Hana tries to kiss him

- Nick and Josh made Paul where the dress Hana wore in Jared’s route/season

- Jared waks around the set, humming while he’s wearing his paper bag, and then hits a wall

- Just a lot of laughter and fun

Early Relationships // Obi Wan Headcons

Anon said: Aw I love what u write in “headcanons style”! They’re shorter than classic imagines but the details u put in them are fantastic. More Obi-Wan pls? Maybe abt the beginning of the relationship with him. I imagine him a bit bashful & super cute?? :D Thx

-the beginning of the relationship was like teaching a child to tie his shoes. it was obi wan’s first one and hopefully last. he was clueless when it came to relationships.

-he was very scared to kiss you. it was like you were glass and any contact made with you would cause you to break into a thousand pieces.

-he loved to send you flowers. every day when you came back from training, he would have flowers sent to your room with little love notes

-you would cuddle constantly. in the morning when you woke up or at night before you went to bed

-you both were very committed to each other. you were determined to keep this a secret from the council, yet make sure that your communications skills weren’t faulty. if there was a problem, we both talked through it.

-he gave you compliments. all. day. long. you could be wearing a paper bag and he always thought you looked beautiful

-missions were so much fun with him. you had alone time to yourselves to talk, kiss, and kick some ass.

-Anakin thought it was hysterical that you two were a couple. when the three of you were on a mission, he’d ask questions he knew would embarrass obi wan. “hey (Y/N), is obi wan good in bed?” yet you always fired back. “very. he does this thing with his fingers that feel SO GO-” “OKAY I GET IT”