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hello do you think even ever played “i’ve got your nose” with isak and gently pinched his nose and then placed the tip of his thumb between his two fingers and waved it in front of isak’s face and said “ha! i’ve got your nose” and isak rolled his eyes but still smiled (a little smile, his lips slightly pinched because he tried to hold it back) and then asked “oh no. what am i going to do now? i can’t live without a nose” in a false dramatic tone and even replied “hmmm. i think i can fix this” and he reached for isak’s nose, pinching it gently again and proudly said “your nose is back” and then isak chuckled  “phew, thank you” and even gave isak a small peck on the tip of his nose and said “you’re welcome” 

Okay so I know I’m on hiatus but I need to take a moment to tell you a story about the glorious muppet that is @imhereforbvcky

So two week ago I was having a particularly rough day. And things haven’t been too great since, But today, as I’m leaving to go to a meeting at work a delivery guy comes to the door and hands me a parcel. I’m trying to remember what in the world I’d ordered until I open the package and find this

Mee you little shit

At this point I am grinning like an idiot before I see this

She wasn’t kidding. Evans AND Stan exposure. God bless. And then there was this

I hate/love her at this point because these are perfect but I mean it’s not even my birthday, holy shit!

I went to that meeting then (barely got there in time btw and was literally giggling the entire drive damn it) but I just got back and yo this book is fucking amazing

Awww a cute teddy bear? Nope. Not at all. Ima send this to that hot guy on campus lmao

It’s perfectly suited for a Brit! God, Mee, you know me too well. But wait…

IS THAT A LEMUR?? I feel like you deserve this page. But literally like 2 pages later there is

… Pretty sure that’s a sloth… Maybe don’t get this book for yourself

Okay but seriously, I give you a lot of shit, I annoy the fuck out of you but this is hands down the nicest thing anyone has done for me. Just because I felt down. You’re a fucking gem, Mee.

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(Ice hockey. Canada, It all links together)

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The anon who said you only like Sangwoo because he's hot is just.. Jfc. I've heard that to my face before and I cringed a LOT. I personally like him because he's actually a horror killer with depth and it's interesting to see that! Though his character design is a nice highlight of this, that's my reason for liking Sangwoo. I understand your perils about that anon, my friend.

It’s honestly just a bit mind-boggling to me how some people believe that an interest in a character is garnered because of their appearance. In my personal opinion, I couldn’t care any less than I already do about what a character looks like. As long as they have substance to them, I like them. And, like you said, Sangwoo’s character is interesting / likable because his character has depth! I don’t understand how people can’t believe that this is also a reason why some people like him, but it is what it is I guess.

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Do you have any favourite ships from SU?

not really?? i never thought of a favorite, because as the story progresses, so does the character’s relationships and I end up shipping everyone with someone else (i.e I shipped Peridot and Jasper, then Peridot and Pearl, then Peridot and Amethyst, and then Peridot with Lapis)

But if  I had to choose a fav, it would probably be StevenxConnie

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i am Shook i managed to keep this muse for an Entire Year wtf i honestly believed when i made my first blog that i would grow tired of izzy in a matter of weeks, i thought i would lose interest & move on but here i am !! 365 long days later, still trying to figure out tags & pretending i have no drafts 🤔🤔 n e yway !! if i follow you, you follow me, we’ve written together in the past, i luv u !! thanks for supporting my career 😘

now for the mushy, disgusting, gross !! part ; i owe a great part of my daily happiness to the following blogs, these are people i adore with my entire being & have made a tumblr a fun, happy, safe place for me & i just couldn’t be more thankful for them & their amazing portrayals !!

❣️  @goodncss  ❣️ @explcsive / @poshcliche / @worstwar  ❣️ @halfhell  ❣️  @forgedleader / @seraferi  ❣️ @serafeli ( are u even on ur other blogs anymore ? 🤔 )  ❣️ @rcbelborn / @eireniic  ❣️ @lovetouched@dawnbrought / @oncetragic  ❣️ @bloodthirstygod / @kalofhouseel  ❣️ @boyfluent / @icedcrown ( & all your blogs honestly wtf )  ❣️ @lockwoodspecial ❣️ @capablehands ❣️ @cluefound   ❣️ @assetrelocation / @hartiless / @notheroics  ❣️  @womenendure / @spelmans / @diangelic ( u have 2 many blogs i cry )  ❣️  @stillhvman  ❣️  @futurecrest  ❣️  @rougescion  ❣️ @shelazarus  ❣️  @tithonuscurse  ❣️ @strigc  ❣️  @climbwards  ❣️  @specterae  ❣️ @glossophobias ( i ain’t even gonna try to tag all ur blogs )  ❣️ @civicproud  ❣️ @ragwulf  ❣️


My name is Nick. I am 19 and from Canada, looking for some cool-cats to be long-distance friends. I’ve posted here before and have spoken to some awesome people but recently I have fallen out of touch with most of them. 

I am currently a first-year university student studying criminology although what I’ll be doing in the future is very much up in the air (LOOL). So if you wanna talk about the struggles of post-secondary schooling, I’m your guy. 

My interests are kind of all over. I love movies and television (if you have watched some of the nominees for the oscars this year HMU so we can discuss). Some shows I am currently watching or enjoy watching on a regular are Suits, Community, Riverdale, Shameless (US), How To Get Away With Murder, a lot of crime shows, and probably a lot more I’m forgetting. I also like photography and artsy type things. I’m also a big Harry Potter geek (Gryffindor rules). 

I’m pretty bad at these but really I’ll talk about anything as long as you can actually try and hold a conversation with me we’ll be okay! I don’t care about gender, race, sexuality, etc. Respect me and I’ll respect you. Ideally, I would like pen pals who are 17+ (even better if youre closer to my age). 

You can contact me through: 

  • Tumblr ->  fck-u-u-fcking-fck.tumblr.com
  • Email -> nickjames.swinton@hotmail.com
  • Message me for iMessage 
  • If you want any other kind of messaging system, just ask me through one of those. 

I hope to meet some more great people :D 

Hello! I have done this before and honestly it was probably my fault for trying to meet new people when I didn’t have the time to. I was too busy the first time I did this. I’m not busy anymore so I wanna try this one more time!

My name is Julia and I’m from the United States. I’m 16 years old.

Some of my interests:
-I like to read! I have a stack of books in my room I need to read. (Some of my favorite are the Percy Jackson books, Mortal Instruments, and books by Scott Westerfield)
-I watch Netflix a lot. (Shameless US, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation, Red Vs Blue, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
-YouTube is another. (Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth, Funhaus, Markiplier)
-I play two video games mostly when I have time. They are Overwatch and Minecraft.
-Love music. I’m in band at my school (Marching and concert) and I listen to different types of music.
-I also like Pokemon, Memes, Marvel, art, Greek mythology, and I have always oddly loved Australia.

I’ll have deep conversations with people, talk about interests, you can rant to me, we can send memes to each other, or we can just talk about random things. (Sending memes is what I do a lot, so you might get some anyways.)

I don’t care about your gender. Just don’t be rude, racist, homophobic. Just be a decent human being. (Thanks in advance) I would prefer that you be 15-18 though!

This is how you contact me if you want!
Tumblr: daydreamingthroughlife01
Kik: helloiamjulia
Snapchat: juliacaesar27

If you want the fastest responses from me I would suggest Snapchat or Kik! Can’t wait to meet some new people.

hello my friend

Okay so I’ve done this before and I made some great friends so why not do it again? My name is Jenny and I’m 17. I’m looking for a friend that wants to exchange little packages and letters. I love writing, drawing and putting together little gifts. I also enjoy learning languages and love to hear more about other cultures. I myself speak German (because I am German), English, a little bit of French and a little bit more of Spanish. I’m also trying to learn Tagalog so if anyone wants to help me, please write! Here’s some more information about me:

My favourite shows are Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Game of Thrones, Gilmore Gilrs and way more. I like Marvel and Disney, as well as Harry Potter and older movies. As I mentioned, I enjoy writing and drawing and also reading. When it comes to music, I listen to anything, really. Some of my favourite artists include Panic! At The Disco, Ed Sheeran, Bastille, BTS, The Chainsmokers, EXO, just to name a few. 

I would like to have a pen pal who is between 16 - 19 years old and keeps in touch. No homophobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist, ignorant people please. You can reach me via Tumblr: musicdarkerthanmysoul. Hope to hear from you soon!