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I wonder if phil’s mum is the type of mum who jokingly favours the partner, like for example maybe she gave dan extra dessert and when phil was playfully offended she squeezed dan’s shoulders and said “ohhh he had a rough little trip, he deserves it!” and phil was like “that was a week ago!” and she said “alright you caught me it’s the dimple, how can you deny someone this cute of anything?” and pinched his cheek, and dan was like “yeah phil, how can you deny me of anything?” and phil just rolled his eyes bc he CAN’T

botw zelink + wolf link adventures
  • botw zelda: who's a good boy?
  • wolf link: ?????????
  • botw zelda: *petting wolf link lovely face* you're a good boy!
  • wolf link: !!!!!!!!! *wagging his tail in complete happiness*
  • botw link: zelda, for the last time he's a wolf not a dog!
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Name: Ginny
Age: 20
Country: Germany

Hey theeere!
Just in case someone is looking for a German penpal with the least German-sounding name, here I am.
My life is everything but boring(usually). I enjoy sharing stories about it and hearing about yours, whatever your stories are about.
Here’s a few things I like: dogs, pizza, movie nights(horror movies, anyone?), Overwatch (or videogames in general), being spontaneous and talking to strangers, a lot.
I have a serious case of wanderlust, or in other words, I love traveling and want to do it as much as possible, which is why I’m doing it a lot (while still trying to look like a responsible adult :D ) and I enjoy learning languages too! One day I want to buy a camper van and just go on a really big adventure. What’s your dream?
Oh and when I’m not out and about I usually like to practice guitar/piano or drawing.
Apart from being a bit of a weirdo(the good kind), I’ve also been told to be a good listener so if you ever struggle with anything I’m happy to hear about it!

Preferences: Nah, just be yourself. I usually want to skip all the small talk and go straight to more.. “meaningful” conversation haha, so bear with me >_<


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k bye x

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Name: Abi
Age: 16
Country: England

Hey, I’m a bi ginger from a small town in England. I love (and only watch) the shows Supernatural, Hannibal and Sherlock and I’m also a drawing fanatic. I’m the biggest nerd going (I’m in a book club). I love animals and the environment (no littering kids), I’m quite noisy but ridiculously shy at the same time - I’d rather stay in than go out. My personality type is INFP-T, so y'know, hmu.

Preferences: Preferably 14-17 year olds, no homophobes, racists, etc. I suppose people who love animals and like a good debate.

ID #21281

Name: Blessen
Age: 17 going on 18
Country: United States

Hi, i like writing, reading and watching tv shows. I’m very introverted and wouldn’t mind texting or messaging on an app. I live in the states, and the weather here can be finicky and off putting sometimes. I’m looking for a friend, or least someone I
can talk to without judgement regularly. I’m a infj and a loyalist (enneagram). I don’t have many friends and have trouble making friends.

Preferences: Any gender is ok, between 17-22 work.

Just had a super long academic conversation about voice chatting and friends found through video games/online communities, and it made me think of my blog. Even though gaming and blogging are kind of popularly known as antisocial activities, so much of what I enjoy about it is how social it really is! So I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with through fandom in fantastic beasts!! And if we haven’t talked yet, my inbox/DMs are always open ❤️

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Verity: Discord? Is that you? You look different than I remember...

After hanging his head low for what felt like an eternity, Discord finally looked up to the headstone before him.  “Verity” was all it said.  No date of birth nor death.  No profound final words.  No family buried beside her.  Just a simple slab of stone barely commemorating a pony that this accursed village all but forgot.

But Discord never forgot, no matter how hard he tried.  He would always remember Verity.  Her shining coat and perfectly coiffed mane.  Her unmatched kindness and passion.  Her desire to escape the clutches of her strict, authoritarian prison of a home.

Discord could and would have given her everything she ever wanted and more.  But he was not… himself when he knew her.  He was somepony else.  Details of the how and why were fuzzy.  She was all he could remember with perfect clarity.  He remembered everything about her.  He remembered that he loved her.

He remembered that he was the reason she was gone.

With all his power, the Spirit of Chaos could not escape this reality.  The first mare he ever loved slipped from his grasp and it was all his fault.  For eons, this fact haunted him.  He swore he could even hear her call out to him sometimes.  Just now it seemed like she was right beside him.

“No” he said aloud to seemingly no one.  “I’m not the Discord you remember.”