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i love the idea of Max and David having that sort of relationship where Max makes fun of and bullies David constantly, but the second someone else says shit about David Max will incinerate them. Is David a twink who doesn't know jack shit about how tempting he is in his stupid outfit with the knee high socks? abso-fucking-lutely. Will Max let anyone point this out? Not at all. If anyone calls David stupid, Max fucks them up on the spot. -🌸

YES I AGREE 1000000%

Save Points

This looks like two different AUs, but it’s still @feralphoenix ‘s YCOUYO, the ultimate what-if wish fulfillment series for a poor sod like me, who happens to love fucked up characters who kill themselves, each other and other people in the actual canon.

So here:

Asriel’s Coronation ft. honor guard Chara and Asriel and Chara at their wedding.

It’s just like old times, my lovelies ! ;)

[FF] or [ao3]

Chapter 18 :  Just Like Old Times

Haymitch was proven right.

The moment their chariot rumbled out into the sun and the light breeze hit them, they left a cloud of coal dust in their wake. People cheered loud for Katniss and called her name but she remained impassible, staring straight ahead. His own gaze wandered to the giant screens and he had to make an effort not to wince at the picture they were making. Patches of skin were visible here and there. He looked particularly ridiculous, like only a forty year-old man practically naked on a chariot and covered in black dust could be. A few people called his name. Clearly, his outfit – or lack of – was warranting him some points.

“I hate this. I feel exposed. It’s humiliating.” Katniss hissed through her teeth.

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id like to think theyre buds…….

(dont think its a thing but pls dont tag as ship ty)