but our maknae has grown up so well

BTS Reacting to You Dating Jungkook

Seokjin: He’d be really happy for you two! Seeing you and Jungkook together would be like fulfilling his mom dreams. He’d probably embarrass Jungkook every chance he got, and think you two are adorable whenever he sees you together.

“Our maknae is all grown up now!”

Namjoon: He’s probably been expecting it, honestly. He’s definitely not an idiot and has seen the way you guys look at each other. He tries to hide how happy he is for you two, but everyone can see he’s glad Jungkook has found a good boyfriend. He approves, none the less.

“It’s about time, honestly.”

Yoongi: Internally, he’s probably like ‘damn kids these days’, but honestly he might be a little concerned. He might not know you as well as the others, so he isn’t sure if you’re good enough for Jungkook. (He’s just a bit protective over him) Though, he sees how happy Jungkook has been lately, and he can’t help but be glad.

“Just treat him right, got it?”

Hoseok: Your number one supporter!!! He’s been trying to be Jungkook and your wingman the entire time. He probably yelled when you told him you guys were finally dating, and whenever he sees you guys doing anything couple related he just lets out a loud “AW”.

“Tell me all the details! Right. Now.”

Jimin: As soon as he found out he probably attacked Jungkook and tugged on his ears a little. He’s a bit jealous Jungkook has a boyfriend and he doesn’t, but he makes sure to let you two know that he’s happy for you. (But if he sees you two kissing he might puke.)

“He better treat you like a prince.”

Taehyung: He’ll probably act like it’s gross at first and then would just tease you two every time he saw you together. He’d probably love the fact you’re dating each other, though, because he likes seeing both you and him happy. Plus, he’s the biggest hopeless romantic, so he’d probably want to know all the details.

“Jungkook and y/n sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!”