but our maknae has grown up so well

Boyfriend Time

Pairing: You x Choi Junhong

Genres: Fluff

Word Count: 2,172

Short Summary: After a stressful week consisting out of studying and exams, you were really happy to spend the weekend with your boyfriend and his dog. With the two of them your stress faded away and you enjoyed every single second of it.

A/N: Today is the birthday of our beloved Maknae, Junhong alias Zelo. He was so young when he debuted and now he has grown up so well. LTE Rapper, Dancer, well behaved, loves his dog,… Please send him your wishes, he deserves all the love.

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“Finally.”, you sighed, leaving the campus behind you and making your way to your car through the park of the university, which is not so filled as usual, but that was understandable. Slowly the weather was changing from warm to cold, the trees loosing their leaves and falling to the ground, changing their colors. Mentally you cursed yourself for not dressing yourself warmer today, so you pulled your sweater down a little, hiding your hands inside the sleeves. This week was just a big mess consisting out of learning and endless papers and you were more than happy, that it was finally over now. What made it even better, was the fact, that you would spend the weekend at your boyfriends place. Junhong just finished the promotions for their new album and currently had a break from the stressing idol life. 

You already reached your car, putting your bag on the passengers seat before taking place in the drivers seat and heading home. You still were in thoughts when you pulled in the parking lot of your apartment and at the exact same moment your phone rang, signaling you got a message. You just quickly glanced at it, not really expecting something important. However it was your boyfriend. 

Jagi, are you already finished with your classes? - Hongie, 17:32

Yes, I am! - You, 17:32

I know it’s really spontaneous, but do you want to come over right now? We could grab some food together. - Hongie, 17:33

Sounds good to me. Just let me finish a few tasks at home and I’m on my way. - You, 17:34

Can’t wait! Hurry up. Love you. - Hongie, 17:34

Love you too. - You, 17:35

You smiled, entering your apartment and putting your phone away. Quickly stripping of your shoes you entered your little office, placing all your heavy books on the desk. One task less on the list before going to your boyfriend. You decided you still had enough time to take a quick shower to refresh yourself. Indeed you didn’t lost that much time and this time you even made sure to pick out warm clothes. You didn’t bother on taking anything with you, since the half of your stuff was already at his apartment and so was his at yours.

The car ride to Junhong took longer than expected, since you got into the typical traffic after work. Not only that, you also had the luck, that the nice driver in front of you was basically 90 and didn’t know the difference between the gas and the brake pedal. When you finally reached your destination Junhong already excitedly opened the door.

“Finally! What was you taking so long? I’m starving.”, he cutely pouts.

“Well it was traffic and I had the luck that a grandma nearly died in her car, judging the pace she was driving.” 

At your comment Junhong just laughed. He knew how impatient you could get while driving.

“Are we just standing outside or will you let me in?” You haven’t even realized you were still standing in the hallway and Junhong immediately apologized. “I’m sorry.” He made sure before letting you in covering up his mistake with a quick kiss on your lips.

“As you know my parents are not here, so we have the whole house for ourselves, not only the first floor.” You made your way into the Choi’s living room, immediately getting greeted by Mochii. “Yah! Mochii, leave Y/N alone. That’s not how you greet guest properly.” Again you laughed at his actions, since his way of speaking with Mochii was just too cute and you couldn’t wait to spend the whole weekend with these two dorks.

Even if it was nothing big, you loved the evening Junhong and you spend. You quickly got takeout, before walking alongside the river, enjoying the view and the time soon got late. Back at Junhong’s you made yourself comfortable in bed, snuggling into Junhongs wide chest, while talking about your weeks, but that didn’t last long, since sleep overtook both of you.

You felt something hairy jumping around on top of you and immediately you were thrown out of your dreams. You put your hands to your face, trying to protect it from Mochiis tongue. Junhong groaned, reaching for Mochii and putting him down on the floor again, but the pupper had none of this. With one jump he was back on the bed, proceeding to lick around in Junhongs ear, wanting the two of you to wake up.

“Okay, okay, I got it. We will stand up, you can stop now!” As if he would understand Junhongs words, Mochii jumped out of the bet and left the two of you alone in the bedroom.

“Good morning, Jagi.”, Junhong said, leaning down a little and pressing a sweet kiss on your now uncovered face, which you gladly returned. “Morning, Hongie.” At the beginning Junhong hated that nickname, but with the time he started to love it and it just feels so right, hearing that his nickname leaves your lips. Sometimes the boys would tease him for this, but he always shut it down quickly with the argument, that he at least has a girlfriend. 

After a few demanding barks from the doorframe Junhong sighed again, pulling his arms back from you, lifting up the covers and slowly climbing out of bed. You turned around a little to stare at his shirtless back and of course he noticed your staring when he turned around. He was young, but his abs were seriously no jokes and that tattoo didn’t help at all. He just smiled, before turning around, heading to the dresser and pulling out a random shirt and throwing it on, before grabbing his pajama shorts. You watched him dressing himself with a smile on your face.

“That small guy really controls you, hm?”

“What can I say, I have a thing for cute creatures. And in a way Mochii and you are the same.”, Junhong answered.

“Excuse me, in what way are we the same?! Do I look like a dog?!”

“Nooo.”, Junhong chuckled. “You both want to cuddle all the time and you both can be really good at demanding.”

You just huffed at his comment and also got ready to leave the beloved bed, starting into the day. When you finished dressing and went downstairs, Junhong was already in the kitchen and the smell of waffles was in the air. You sneaked up behind him, sneaking your arms around his larger body. You weren’t a small person, you were average, but compared to him you felt like a minion. 

“I’m doing Waffles.”, Junhong stated, breaking the silence. 

“I noticed that.”, you said, leaning up and pressing a soft kiss on his cheek.

Breakfast was soon finished and you all got dressed for Mochiis morning walk. Junhongs goal for today was to tire him out, so you two could spend your time in peace, but somehow the things were different. When you reached home again, Mochii still was full of energy and Junhong and you were exhausted.

“That dog is incredible.”, you stated, falling down on the couch, while Mochii proceeded to kill a plushie chicken.

“You want to watch a movie or something?”, your boyfriend asked, falling down on the couch next to you, pulling you into his lap.

“Yeah, we can do that.”, you nodded your head, exactly knowing you would be pretty soon asleep in that position and you were right. Not even 10 minutes into the film you were out like a light. Junhong at first didn’t notice, until he heard soft snoring. He looked up to see Mochii still proceeding to kill his chicken, so he looked down in his lap, seeing you fast asleep. He smiled, leaning back and watching the movie until a scary part. Junhong jerked, waking you up with his sudden movement. 

“You were sleeping.”, Junhong stated.

“No, I wasn’t.”, you answered, shaking your head, but your tired eyes told a different story.

“I’m pretty sure you were.”, Junhong chuckled.

“Then how about we both sleep a little now. I had an exhausting week and you had promotion.”

“And what about the movie?”

“Fuck that movie, we can watch it another time.”

Junhong still wasn’t 100% convinced, so you took things in your own hands, pulling that giant down with you on the couch, falling asleep again in each other arms. After a while you woke up with a hungry feeling in the stomach, that you apparently shared with Mochii, that was pacing around the kitchen. Carefully you lifted Junhongs arm up, in order not to disturb his peaceful sleeping and got up, making your way over to Mochii. Mochii excitedly jumped up your leg, asking to be lifted up. In the kitchen you were looking for his dog food, filling up his bowl, before putting the squirming dog down. You watched Mochii eating, so you haven’t noticed your boyfriend sneaking up behind you and placing his head on yours. You were started by this action and jumped a little, but soon relaxed, knowing it was only him. Junhong reached forward, taking your hand in his and intertwining your fingers.

“Jagi, I’m hungry.”, he stated, Sleep still hearable in his voice.

“What do you want?”

“I really don’t care.”

Junhong took Mochii his bowl away, proceeding to wash it out, while you looked into the fridge, checking what ingredients you have and pretty soon noticed it’s basically the same as in B.A.P’s dorm. Nothing.

“How can you survive on this?”, you asked, turning your head around and pointing into the fridge.

“Ehm…I will go to the convenience store on Monday.”

“Yeah…I’ll have to look what I can make out of this for now.” In the end you settled for easy Sphagetti with tomato sauce, since this was 1. available and 2. the date wasn’t run off.

During eating you talked about what you want to do this whole weekend and Junhong told more funny storys regarding the members. “I still can’t belief Jongup ran against a door. I mean, how can’t you see a door?!” At your comment Junhong laughed, shrugging his shoulders. 

“And lately Youngjae hyung is into this game. It’s really good. He always plays it with Yongguk hyung and complains that he looses. Yongguk hyung still hasn’t told him he has the game way longer than him.”; Junhong stated with a laugh, shaking his head.

You also laughed, since it was funny for you to imagine the competitive Youngjae loosing over and over. “Is Yongguk planing on telling him any time soon?”

“No, he has too much fun.” There was a short silence between the two of you before he spoke up again. “Do you want to play?” 

“Sure. Just let us finish our food and do the dishes.”

“Deal.”, he answered and continued to eat. With his help the Dishes were pretty fas finished and you found yourself on the couch again, Junhong handing you the controller.

“Okay, listen. So with this button you kick, there you walk, there you jump and there you get your superpowers. Got it?”

“Ehm…I think so. Let’s start and we will see.”

The first few rounds started out pretty bad for you, only managing to kill Junhong once, but you got better. After 5 rounds you got more superpowers and slowly understood what to do. Rounds were following after rounds and now the winning chances were the same. Screaming and laughter filled the apartment, followed by a pouting face from the looser. 

“Just admit it. I know this game since an hour and I’m already better than you.”

“Nope never! Let’s play another round and the winner is better in the game.”

“Sounds good to me, because I know you’ll loose.”

“Wait and see.”

“…And…I told you!”, you cheered, placing the controller by your side and waving with your arms. You won the game again and Junhong fell back on the couch in defeat.

“I was not in top form today.”

“Don’t lie.”

“You know what-” Junhong didn’t finish the sentence. He got up, placing you into his lap and started tickling your sides, knowing that you were ticklish as hell.

“Yah! Stop that.”, you somehow managed to scream during laughter.

“How about no?” Your practically could hear the grin in his voice. Of course Mochii also wanted to have his fun so he sprang on the couch, jumping around on Junhong, making him loose his grip a little as result, so you could break free. Junhong placed Mochii under his arms, holding the struggling pupper to calm him down again and lied down on the couch.

“Come here.”, he said, patting the spot next to him.

Suspiciously you raised an eyebrow, expecting more tickles from him.

“I won’t tickle you again. I just want to cuddle.”

You complained at his cute, desperate whining voice, snuggling into his side, while his muscular arm pulled you even closer to him. 

BTS Reacting to You Dating Jungkook

Seokjin: He’d be really happy for you two! Seeing you and Jungkook together would be like fulfilling his mom dreams. He’d probably embarrass Jungkook every chance he got, and think you two are adorable whenever he sees you together.

“Our maknae is all grown up now!”

Namjoon: He’s probably been expecting it, honestly. He’s definitely not an idiot and has seen the way you guys look at each other. He tries to hide how happy he is for you two, but everyone can see he’s glad Jungkook has found a good boyfriend. He approves, none the less.

“It’s about time, honestly.”

Yoongi: Internally, he’s probably like ‘damn kids these days’, but honestly he might be a little concerned. He might not know you as well as the others, so he isn’t sure if you’re good enough for Jungkook. (He’s just a bit protective over him) Though, he sees how happy Jungkook has been lately, and he can’t help but be glad.

“Just treat him right, got it?”

Hoseok: Your number one supporter!!! He’s been trying to be Jungkook and your wingman the entire time. He probably yelled when you told him you guys were finally dating, and whenever he sees you guys doing anything couple related he just lets out a loud “AW”.

“Tell me all the details! Right. Now.”

Jimin: As soon as he found out he probably attacked Jungkook and tugged on his ears a little. He’s a bit jealous Jungkook has a boyfriend and he doesn’t, but he makes sure to let you two know that he’s happy for you. (But if he sees you two kissing he might puke.)

“He better treat you like a prince.”

Taehyung: He’ll probably act like it’s gross at first and then would just tease you two every time he saw you together. He’d probably love the fact you’re dating each other, though, because he likes seeing both you and him happy. Plus, he’s the biggest hopeless romantic, so he’d probably want to know all the details.

“Jungkook and y/n sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!”