but ouch my heart

i loved you
through the lies
through the broken promises
through the fights
through MY mental illness
through YOUR mental illness
through fucking everything
i still do
but you
you couldnt love me enough to stay
—  this isnt pretty
They tell me to move on. They say you never really cared, but they didn’t see the ways your eyes would light up while in conversation with me and the way you would hold me, gently, and the way you would kiss my forehead, when you thought I was sleeping. Sure, maybe you didn’t quite comprehend just how infatuated with you I was, but you still cared. Maybe that’s why I’m so hung up on you, maybe it’s because just for a second I was confident that you were it for me, that I was done playing these games of do they like me or not, that this, with you, was my forever. And yes, clearly I was wrong, but that’s kind of a hard fact to face, to come to terms with. Maybe that’s why I’m still holding out hope that you will come to terms with the mistake you made in letting me go, that you will actually see it as a mistake and come back and say, “It was you, it just scared the hell out of me and even though it still does, I’m willing to give it a shot.” The chances are slim, but there’s still that sliver of hope, and I will hold on to that for as long as I need to keep my sanity.

“She thought about all the clone troopers she had ever served with. They had been so quick to accept her…They respected her. They listened to her. They taught her everything they knew. And when she made mistakes,…they forgave her, and they stood beside her again when it was time to return to battle.”
- AHSOKA, by @ekjohnston

Rex: @rexin_around
Here’s a special Order 66/ Siege of Mandalore shot for Tano Tuesday 💙