but otherwise it skips even more

Disclaimer: I have never taken a non-science college class. Meaning, I have no idea how to take notes for humanities or social sciences. Not saying this method won’t work for that, just that I can’t guarantee it will. Also, this method is not about achieving pretty notes, only structured practical notes.

What you’ll need:

  • Notebook. I use a notebook. Most people I know use a notebook. Why should YOU use a notebook?
    • You won’t get as many handouts (if any) as in highschool.
    • Professors won’t ask to see hw in your notebook. For all they care, your notes could be a comic about the class. As long as you pass, you do you.
    • You don’t have as many classes in a day so even if you carry around notebooks, your bag won’t be all that heavy.
    • You can divide it into three sections: class notes, seminar notes/work and lab work. All in one for your studying comfort.
    • Professors WILL reference that formula from 3 classes ago and when you have no idea wtf they’re talking about, you can just flip a few pages.
    • Seriously, no one in your class wants to hear you snap loose leaf paper out of your ring binder.
    • And let’s be honest, your notes are going to get jumbled up any other way.
    • If you’re taking a continuation class and you’ll need to revise from these notes, it’s much easier to pull out a notebook than to look through the thousands of notes from all your classes and try to figure out which are the ones you need and what is the correct order.
  • Two pens, three tops. Blue for general notes, black for sections and the other color for subsections or underlining. Go for black for general note taking if you want to (I do it too sometimes) but blue strains your eyes less.

In class:

  • Structuring notes: not every structure works for every subject and professor so you should figure out a method for each one. That said, I usually start out with a basic structure and then tweak it along the way to better suit my needs:
    1. The name of the unit should be your ‘big title’. ‘ORGANELLES’
    2. Every ‘big topic’ (very easy to identify – usually the professor will make it really clear that you’re moving on to a different topic or it’ll be on the slides) inside the unit is assigned a number. ‘3. Mitochondria’
    3. Every ’big aspect’ of that topic is a subtopic. ‘3.4. Structure’.
    4. If there are even more sub subtopics, continue with the numeration system. Otherwise proceed to use bullet points for any enumerations. If there are enumerations inside these enumerations (wow enumerception), change your symbol for each level. Instead of bullet points you can use dashes, squares, spirals, Xs…
    5. The exception for this is when the enumeration corresponds to steps in a process. In that case, I number each step and circle the number.
    6. For each level you descend, indent your text. It’ll be easier to not get lost. Skip this if you’re working with a small notebook and you’re afraid of running out of pages.
    7. Sticky notes are your best friend. Does some random piece of info the professor just decided was important enough to be mentioned not fit into your very methodic structure? No problem, add a sticky note. Cute + calls attention to it, so you won’t forget.

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I, for better or worse, completely understand Sapphire’s reasoning here.

You’re hurt, or upset, or angry, and all you’d like to do is skip all the messy making up and icky feelings, forgive and forget, and get back to the status quo. You know what the outcome will likely be, so why suffer and trudge through all the muck on the way there? It’s wasted effort, isn’t it?

But you have to allow yourself to feel and process your emotions. It’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to feel hurt, it’s okay to be upset. Expediting the process doesn’t allow you to come to terms with whatever unpleasant experience you’ve had, and half of healing is dealing with the flurry of emotions that come along with that. Otherwise, you end up even more emotionally conflicted than before.

Personally, this is how I tend to handle things, knowing that it’s the wrong solution. I want to skip the journey and get straight to brass tacks; dealing with anger and hurt doesn’t feel all too nice, and so I’d just rather not, thanks. I’m quick to forgive - outwardly, at least. Therein lies the problem, though - while you’ve already granted forgiveness superficially, you’re still holding a grudge that will only manifest later down the road. Or if you’re the perpetrator in the scenario and try to hastily apologize, you come off as uncaring and unapologetic. 

anonymous asked:

I think my thing with age gap is that, if the two people had a close relationship when one of them was a kid and the other one wasn't....I struggle with that. Just the idea of Kakshi watching her slowly grow into a woman and then one day realizing he is attracted to her after a certain point, I cannot. I'm convinced a part of him would always see her as a child to him. If it's AU where they meet as adults I don't mind though. Their hair color compliments somehow...

You know, it’s totally ok that it squicks you! It’s completely alright if you want to say “I only like KakaSaku in AUs where they meet as adults” (or in AUs where they’re the same age).

Personally, I actually like the appeal of “whoa I thought our relationship was X but now suddenly I want it to be Y” in ships, that’s a major theme in my OTPs across many fandoms. For one thing, that’s built-in drama. Person A wants the relationship to change, but Person B isn’t sure, and then Person B suddenly realizes it but Person A has gone away, Person B you must chase Person A down! EXCITEMENT. Also: external opposition? Taboo?? I MUST HIDE MY FEELINGS AND PINE SECRETLY FOR LO, MY LOVE CAN NEVER BE??? 😍😍😍

Specifically with Kakashi and Sakura, a big reason why I ship them is that while genin Sakura certainly does intend to respect and obey him and view him as an authority figure (because she’s a Good Girl), right from the get-go she doesn’t really. Inner Sakura (her true feelings) laughs at Naruto’s prank, and she’s appalled at his lateness and trolling. The entire time she’s a genin, I’m convinced that Kakashi never truly registered her potential. The most frequently cited example of this, because it really is appalling, is when Sakura mastered tree walking the first try–#1, Kakashi merely uses her accomplishment to ridicule and shame the boys, turning them against Sakura (teamwork, Kakashi??? hello???); #2, her “reward” is to sit on the bridge with Tazuna while Kakashi trains the boys without her. Nice. And during the time skip, it’s fairly obvious that Kakashi and Sakura didn’t interact–otherwise Kakashi wouldn’t have been so completely gobsmacked at her unleashing the Fifth’s strength. He wasn’t merely surprised, he was stunned.

The inference that he thought Sakura completely incapable of learning Tsunade’s techniques so fast is inescapable. He knew she was training with Tsunade, so Sakura using Tsunade’s technique shouldn’t have shocked him so much, right? Yet it did. Because he completely discounted Sakura’s ability.

That’s slow to change as well. Even though Sakura’s fight against Sasori was far more successful than Kakashi and Naruto’s against Itachi and Deidara, even though Sakura is spending every moment of her free time researching and begs him in the hospital to help find a way to improve, does Kakashi bother to come up with a training regimen for Sakura? Nope. He and Yamato train Naruto alone, and they get Asuma involved as well.

Now, to a huge extent, to me, this is just a symptom of what should have been an overarching problem in the series: short-term thinking. It is completely natural that short-term thinking would be ubiquitous in a society undergoing constant warfare and violence. But short-term thinking causes problems, and when those problems are attacked with more short-term thinking, things can turn to shit so fucking quickly. Each of Kakashi’s decisions to prioritize Naruto and Sasuke so exclusively make sense through a short-term focus. His decision to teach Sasuke the chidori to fight Gaara makes sense through a short-term focus. It’s only when you step back and look at the pattern that you realize how fucked up these decisions are.

So when does Kakashi start to realize how wrong he’s been? In my opinion, it all comes home to him during the Five Kage Conference and his fight with Sasuke–a fight that prominently features the chidori that Kakashi is responsible for choosing to teach Sasuke. Kakashi says right out in this arc that he was a bad teacher. He is correct.

It’s the Fourth War when I see him really changing his view towards Sakura, and realizing just how much this wonderful, amazing, strong kunoichi isn’t the Sakura he thought he knew. But there’s a snag. She’s still all hung up on the guy  who literally everybody treated as more important than her safety from day one! Oops!

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And we haven’t even gotten into all the things that Sakura doesn’t know about Kakashi! So yeah the stage is set for amazing things, potentially, but this is Naruto so we don’t get nice things. But who cares, really? I mean, fuck, I ship all the canon ships except SS, so just take it from me: you do not want your Naruto ship to be canon. My God! You want Kishimoto writing your OTP?! You want Studio Pierrot writing it?!?! I ship NaruHina and I’ll never be the same. Don’t do that to them. Keep them in fandom, where they’re safe from the shitstorm that is the rest of post-699 Naruto.

*coughs* I seem to have run off the rails, anon, sorry about that. Onto your last point.

I am convinced that a not insignficant portion of Sakura’s shippability is her colour scheme. You wouldn’t think pink hair and green eyes would blend so well, but for some reason it really does? She just looks good with everyone!

SF9 Reaction to their S/O filming with another guy

Inseong: He would entirely trust you, just as long as you don’t fall for the main actor. He would be a bit uneasy at first, not sure if there will be a kiss scene or not, but he will support the movie/show and would watch the behind the scenes to see how close you and the actor were. He’d be relieved to see that there’s no kiss scene, but he knows you’ll come back home into his arms.

“Oh, okay… Have fun alright? Don’t be stressed and good luck~”

Youngbin: Probably like Inseong, but a bit more protective. He’d probably visit the set once or twice to see how you’re doing. He basically trusts you, but at the same time, he doesn’t want you to fall for the main actor. He most likely will completely skip over the cuddly parts in the movie/show, but otherwise, he’s cheering you on.

“I’ll come visit you a few times okay? I love you.”

Jaeyoon: Even worse than Youngbin and Inseong? I mean, of course he trusts you, but really, he’s just worried you’ll fall for the main and leave him. He probably wouldn’t watch the drama. Probably in denial that you’re acting with another guy, honestly. 

“What? Why? Are you okay with this? Ah, I’m sorry… Just don’t forget about me.”

Dawon: Probably not as bad as Jaeyoon but he’d be a bit protective. I mean, of course he’s worried about you getting closer with the main, but he doesn’t want you to completely stress out about your acting. He would cheer you on, calling you every morning to wish you luck. Basically, he wouldn’t really be bothered but if he sees lots of skinship or any kissing in the movie/show then… Yeah.

“Have fun baby I’ll be by your side the whole time!”

Zuho: He probably tells you he’s fine with it, acts like he doesn’t care. But he lowkey hates the idea of it if it means you have to go act with another guy. He probably tries not to show it, but you seem to notice his stress over a call and ask him what’s wrong. And then he finally tells you he doesn’t like it but that he’ll support you either way. And you just tell him how much you love him and that you would never leave him.

“Oh, okay… I guess that’s fine.”

*on the inside though*

Romom Rowoon: Probably trusts you but will go up to the director and ask if he can be casted as the main? But he will be rejected. Although he is a great actor. He’s always on the set, staying by you. But then you point out that he’s not talking to the main actor, and he just says he wants to be by you. But then when there’s a hugging scene he literally calls out ‘cut’ just to stop it and then you realize he’s being a jealous dork. 

“I mean, I’m completely okay with it… As long as I’m the main.”

*probably really upset*

Taeyang: He wouldn’t be too jealous or protective but he’d be okay with it. He trusts you and so long as you give hive him at least a couple of calls while filming or a few texts, he’s okay with you filming with another guy. If there were a kiss scene he’d probably just call you, see how you felt about it. An ultimate sweetheart about it, but would lowkey wish the main actor was him.

“Yeah, I’m fine with it. I already know you’ll always be mine.”

Hwiyoung (aka my boyfriend): Lowkey jealous but doesn’t show it at first. Probably hugs you and wishes you luck but on the day you leave to film he tells you not to flirt which already shows you that he’s jealous but you continue on your way. Most likely watches your show/movie and fanboys about you and your acting and how pretty you look. Completely overlooks the main actor until there are skinship or flirting scenes.

“Don’t flirt with him off set, okay? Okay.”

Chani: Most likely will beg you not to go and does aegyo to convince you. But then he realizes its your job and you really have no choice, so he lets you. He makes it clear that you two are dating and that if sees the main actor hug you or anything off set, he’ll personally come to the set. Probably texts you or calls every morning to remind you that he loves you. FaceTimes you when you’re on your way back home and he asks you if the main actor did anything skinship-wise.

“WhY~? TT Why are you leaving me~?”

Gifs are not mine. Credits go to owners. 


I just wanted to share a technique that has really been helping me cope with being ill recently - reframe things I do for my health as choices. This helps me feel grateful instead of burdened, & also makes me feel like I have more agency in dealing with this stuff. I’m gonna give a few examples below this cut, but I do just want to note this is something to do personally - I absolutely do not condone other people minimizing your feelings this way! 

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It has been brought to my attention no small part of maeiso’s moments have been lessened in the last ep

the smiling at each other bit was so cute tho nooo

when maehara got hurt the first to actually rush at his side in the manga (lost in the anime bc everyone was seated) was

this was the positive thing I said would come out of this ep too…. it got turned to okano holding his back NO….

and how he stays with him…? cries it’s not even made obvious because of paneling, proves to show how strong even bg chara relationships can be

some time/chapters later maehara feels the pain again…

also at the end of it all after nagisa beats takaoka it kinda looks like isogais apologizing to nagisa for maehara hitting him

WHAT ARE BEST FRIENDS FOR I SUPPOSE (theyre moe please dont take away more of them lerche) 

this has been your sad reminder part of the ship’s moments got taken away or otherwise intruded by another pairing ;_;

The Secret Garden: Mary Lennox [ISFP]

Introverted Feeling (Fi): At first, Mary is established as quite self-absorbed. She never does anything unless she has some personal interest in it, she’s strongly affected by her moods, and she’s so emotionally detached from her rather neglectful parents that after their death, her only concern is whether she’s going to live with people who will treat her according to her own high-maintenance standards. She has trouble relating to other people and isn’t even very fond of herself. However, moving to Misselthwaite and devoting her energies to a project that matters to her transforms her Fi into something more positive. She’s very independent and doesn’t bother to consult authority before acting. Rules against investigating the lost garden or that mysterious noise in the corridor are totally disregarded if she has decided that the matter is worth pursuing. Although she admits to Dickon that she has “stolen” the garden, she insists that she doesn’t care: “Nobody has any right to take it from me when I care about it and they don’t.” Part of what attracts her to the garden is the thought of having her own personal, private space to do with as she likes, and she resents interference with or intrusion into her secret kingdom without her permission. Emotions are still hard for her to express (she’s uncomfortable explaining about the garden to Dickon and awkward in showing Martha appreciation, even though in both cases the sentiment is quite sincere), but she refuses to put up with behavior that she considers wrong and does not hesitate to voice her objections.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Mary has an aesthetic appreciation that manifests itself early on in her playing that she’s making gardens. Her impressions of people are strongly tied to their appearances, and the highest compliment she can pay Dickon is calling him “beautiful.” She’s extremely observant of her environment, noting every detail about the Misselthwaite gardens, and perceptive enough to tell the sound of the wind from the crying—and she trusts the evidence of her senses even when told otherwise. When she first arrives at Misselthwaite, she’s curious about it because of its novelty, and eventually seeks out her own adventures there to avoid boredom. The moor environment affects her strongly, changes her mood, and motivates her to do things. By seizing just the right opportunities, she finds both the key and the door to the garden. Not immediately grasping how to use her new skipping rope doesn’t faze her; she doesn’t want to stop trying and gradually masters it. The concrete, sensory aspect of the garden appeals to her, making her renovation work feel more like play. Despite her deep belief that the garden ought to be private, she’s eager to share her sensory experiences with Dickon and Colin.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): The mystery and general idea of the garden appeal to Mary from the beginning, and once the concept captures her imagination, she obsesses about finding the lost door since she has nothing else to do. Once she does find the garden, she can see the potential in it and starts planning to implement this vision. Not only is she an observer of the physical world, but she also has a more fanciful side. She feels a connection to the robin and is sure they can understand each other, thinks of the portraits in the manor as real people who are looking at and appraising her, and worries that Dickon may not be real, only a “wood-fairy.” The wind blowing back the ivy from the garden door to reveal the doorknob convinces her that there is magic at work; as the book progresses, she becomes more of a believer in her own concept of magic as a force in the garden. She draws apt comparisons and contrasts between the boys in her life and gives Colin an insightful explanation of how his abnormal upbringing has affected his character.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): At her worst, Mary is tyrannical, opinionated, and irritated by what she considers incompetence, sometimes expressing this through violence. The influence of her new home does motivate her to create plans and carry them out. Once the garden interests her, she wants to put it to some use and becomes determined and absorbed in this new project, taking steps to acquire the tools and seeds that she needs for her work. When she starts to like people, she organizes all five of them into a mental list. This is as far as she goes with organization, though. She likes the wild messiness of the overgrown garden and doesn’t want to make it neat like “a gardener’s garden.” And though she attempts to plan her words when asking her uncle’s permission to adopt a garden, she ultimately improvises—and her plea is more effective that way.

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Let's say you're ruling a poorly developed country and you want to improve the education system. You invest more money, hire more teachers, increase the number of hours every student must stay in class... But it backfires. Some students prefer to work to help their parents, others go to school obliged and sleep, some disturb the class talking to other classmates... And that's not even counting the teachers, who might skip their own classes or protest to obtain better salaries. You must... (1/2)

… have a grasp on the implemented policy’s consequences, otherwise it might ruin your own reputation. What’d you do? Create some incentives to motivate students and teachers better? Which kind of incentives (supposing that’s what you’d do)? (Hope there’s a new essay of yours coming!) (2/2)            

Thanks for thinking of me for this question, but I’m not really a domestic policy guy. You probably would have better luck asking someone who understands that a bit more than I do.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

  • There’s no such thing as UFOs.
  • I’ll tell you what.  I’ll just fill in the crack you’re about to make about us and intelligent life.  Just skip right to the job.
  • Are you sure?  It was quite cutting.
  • I promise to be properly offended later.
  • Where’s the fun in that?
  • UFOs do not exist.
  • Says the guy with the teleporting door.
  • Magic isn’t science.  If it were, it would be called science.
  • Up until a couple months ago, I’d never been any more then a tank of gas from my parents front porch.
  • I made my choices.  I can’t pretend otherwise.
  • You brought… someone who isn’t a Librarian to here?  Yay..
  • He’s Australian.  We don’t even know what he’s saying half the time.
  • You don’t expect me to buy that, do you?
  • I don’t know.  Maybe.
  • Ghosts are ectoplasmic entities.
  • I see enough psychadelic visions on my own, so no thank you.
  • Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Pretty sure my guess is actually way better then yours.
  • What, so we’re just screaming whenever the mood takes us?
  • What kind of files clink?
  • Also, get the hell away from her.
  • Spend time with people who don’t do something, and you start thinking you can’t.
  • How was your first kiss with a hundred and thirty year old woman?
  • mosquito tone.  It’s a high frequency tone only young people can hear.
  • Take care of it!
  • Time to get my Eliot Spencer on.
  • Sometimes, you just lose.

@quicksclver & I discussed feels.

     GRALEA HAD, VERY QUICKLY, BECOME a mess. With everyone being told to stay inside until further notice, the daemons and MTs hadn’t had much trouble in wreaking havoc. The only good thing was that no bodies were left, but the reasons for that were too awful to dwell on for long. If the daemons hadn’t eaten the people, then they had infected them to spread the Scourge even more.

There was little to see. Zegnautus Keep was deserted aside from the few MTs left, most of which seemed happy enough to stumble about and look for more humans. It would be a lie to say it didn’t make his heart skip every time one of them looked his way, but holding the arm up seemed to keep them at bay. Which was not comforting at all, really.

Ravus had made his way through the Keep, cutting down any MT that did attack him and otherwise avoiding the rest, no wish to fight them more than necessary. He wasn’t here for anything other than tracking Noctis down to pass on the sword to him, then he would leave and never return to Gralea, assuming he had a choice in the matter.

It hadn’t surprised him to see MT ‘bodies’ lying about, but the flash of blond among the otherwise neutral colours of the Keep had Ravus walking back. He didn’t bother to drop the MT he had been dragging, and he froze in the doorway. What in all hells was Prompto doing here?

Unless it was a trick. The blood looked real enough, but…


(Part 1) Sanji x Nami hints - 373

With Oda recently granting us some glorious moments of Nami and Sanji I once again wonder why this pairing isn’t more popular? Personally I think it makes a lot of sense IF Oda ever decide to make any romantic relationships within the crew. (I know he’s said there won’t be any romance, though it’s debatable, but if there is Sanji and Nami seem quite likely.)

I’ll make this into a series of posts, because there are many things to bring up as possible hints. First I want to talk about their names… and numbers.

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The Valley of the End: Chapter Ten

Summary: There is a place where two legends once fought, a valley that saw their lifeblood spilled. And in Konoha there is a monument, a stone face shaped out of the golden bluff, which honors the champion—the Second Hokage: Uchiha Madara. (AU in which the Uchiha rule Konoha. SasuSaku. NaruHina.)

Rating: Mature

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Chapter Ten

be of love (a little) more careful

than of everything

It’s been a week since she and Sasuke made love in the meadow, and Sakura doesn’t know what to do. She worries she could be pregnant, despite the great unlikelihood of this (all kunoichi are given birth control shots every three months, unless they specifically request otherwise). She fears that her mother will somehow know, just by looking at her, that she gave up her virginity. And most of all, she’s afraid that Masami will find out about her betrayal.

Sasuke won’t even look at her. When Naruto calls them together for lunch at Ichiraku, he skips their meeting without explanation, and any time Sakura tries to talk to him, he brushes her off, saying he has to be somewhere.

Perhaps this should hurt more, but mostly she finds it frustrating. Sakura knows him. Sasuke isn’t avoiding her because he regrets what they did together; he’s avoiding her because he’s afraid that if he doesn’t keep away, it will happen again.

She carries on with her life. Sakura takes missions and trains and passes messages for the rebellion, trying to think of anything besides Uchiha Sasuke and the mistake they made. Her period comes and goes, and with it any fear of pregnancy.

Sasuke stops avoiding her as spring approaches, but he still doesn’t talk about what happened between them in the meadow. She’s too tired of this game of hot-and-cold to try to guide him toward a choice. Sakura can already guess how things will go, anyway: Sasuke will resist her until he breaks, and they’ll end up trading touches in some illicit place. Then guilt will drive them apart—his guilt or hers, who knows?—and they’ll end up dancing around one another all over again.

Team 7 celebrates their sixteenth birthdays in a quick succession of small parties: Sakura’s in the spring, Sasuke’s in the summer, Naruto’s in the autumn. Sasuke even dances with her at the latter. And although they only share a brief, perfectly friendly embrace, she can feel his hands trembling on her waist, can see in his dark eyes that he’s thinking of that day in the woods. The pleasure he found when she was tangled up beneath him, half naked and completely his.

She wonders if making love to her gave Sasuke a taste for more intimate things. His future bride would be only too happy to indulge him, she imagines.

Sakura excuses herself from the party and goes outside to get some fresh air. The garden behind Naruto’s house has become a mess of weeds and untended flowers in the wake of Kushina’s death. She takes a seat against the stone wall, pulls a pale purple blossom from its unruly bush, and plucks the petals from the stem with ruthless nonchalance.

“Why are you hiding out here?” Sasuke asks. He doesn’t sit beside her on the ground—no, he’s too weak, too much a slave to his desire for her, to test himself like that when they’re alone. Instead, he stands before her, hands in his pockets.

When she’s finished stripping the first unfortunate flower, she steals another from the bush and starts the process all over again. “You’re one to talk about hiding,” Sakura says.

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Angel Singer: Not to be confused with the Antenna Singer, the Angel Singer demonstrates and even more complex sound-based behavior.  These wetta-sized creatures produce what can only be described as incredibly beautiful and harmonious ‘singing’ in wonderfully pitched tones in different variation, intertwining highly complex melodies at times.  Unfortunately, we were also able to doccument the effect of these stunning musical attributes, which are able to lull the surrounding area into a strange sense of time.  These effects vary, but are more than simple distraction, seeming to physically cause the listener to suffer distortions in time involving, speeding up, slowing sown, ‘skipping’ in brief stints, and otherwise jumping and traveling in unnatural ways.  Mercifully these effects appear to be short in duration, however they are noticeable and raise concern over more widespread effect.  As we did observe these creatures gathering in pairs or groups, we found it prudent not to observe them at a close range given the possibility of magnification.

anonymous asked:

I mean that should I only be eating when my stomach grumbles? Like say it's "snack time" and I haven't even thought about food and my stomach doesn't feel in need. So it's okay skip the snack at next dinner per se? And about eating at night, a lot of people say it's bad to eat at night because then your body packs on the pounds more.

Not only when your stomach is grumbling, that would mean you’ve very hungry! Don’t wait until you’re absolutely so hungry to eat. But otherwise yes it would be fine to skip a snack if you truly aren’t hungry, and if you’re short as well or at least 5′3 or shorter, because that’s how tall I am and what it’s based around, so it would make sense if you didn’t need all the food :)

That is a myth! If you’re listening to your body and eating when you’re hungry, and you’re not eating at 9pm even though you’re really hungry and your stomach is grumbling as you say, that’s not healthy. Restricting times when you can/can’t eat is just silly. It makes me sad that’s a common misconception in the fitness/weight loss community. Most days I eat in the evening, and I absolutely never restrict with times I can eat, and i’ve never had any ill effects. 🙂 You will not gain weight simply by eating at night! 

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Universe: Marvel - The Avengers
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 890

A/N: I really, really wanted to write a Bucky fic, but I struggled to find a plot. Then I remembered that Muse song, which I absolutely LOVE, and the lyrics in the verses sounded like something Bucky could say. Inspiration came by itself afterwards ^^ hope you’ll like it!

It was getting late, and the usual buzzing in the Avengers tower had stopped. The sky was already pitch black outside, only lightened by the stars. You and the Avengers were sitting in the lounge for a movie night. Bucky had left while the others were choosing the film, saying he needed some time alone. Steve had frowned at hearing this, but nothing more. To you, however, it had sounded strange.

“Sure about that?” you asked. “You’re more than welcome to stay with us.”

“Sure. Really.”

You shrugged. Maybe you were just wrong and he was just tired. You had been the one entitled to taking care of Bucky after Steve had found him. Before working with SHIELD, you had graduated in both psychology and criminology, so it had felt like a no-brainer to both Cap and Fury. You had done all you could to help him overcome this insecurity he felt ever since he had found out what HYDRA had done to him. It hadn’t always been easy, and it had taken time and energy. In the beginning, he would hardly talk to you. But then, Steve came along and he began opening up to you. The two of you eventually became close friends, and when he had started becoming more like the Bucky that Steve had described to you countless times, you got him to integrate to the group. He gradually regained his self-confidence and got along very well with the Avengers, especially Clint and Bruce, but he wasn’t as close to any of them as he was to you. Lately, you even felt your heart skip when you saw him wink at you the way he had taken to doing. Sometimes, he would still doubt that he actually belonged here, and you were there every time to tell him otherwise. And now, Fury had decided to send him on the field with Natasha and Steve, which was the absolute good news to you. But something was wrong with Bucky ever since the news broke. Maybe he was just a bit nervous.

When the film was finished, some of the guys debated about starting another, but you decided to go check on Bucky instead. You went to his room, took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Bucky? It’s (Y/N). May I come in?”

He opened the door and let you in.

“I just came to make sure you’re OK. You seemed a bit off today.”

“It’s nothing. I’m fine.”

“No you’re not. What’s wrong?”

He sighed. Sometimes he hated the fact you were basically a psychologist. You sat down on the bed next to him.

“Come on, James. Talk to me.” you smiled.

“Alright… It’s about tomorrow.”

“You’re nervous? That’s perfectly normal, but you have no reason to, you’ll do just fine!”

“Yeah, well… It’s not only that.”

You raised an eyebrow, confused. He remained silent for a moment, and spoke again.

“I feel like… like war is all around, and there’s no escaping it. I mean, I fought a World War, then I was brainwashed and used as a killing machine, and now, I’m engaged in another battle…”

He paused and sighed.

“I’m tired of fighting, (Y/N). But I feel it’s all I’m good at.”

“No, it’s not. Don’t say that… Life is a battle anyway, but our enemies are just a bit more impressive. And dangerous. But it has to be done. And even so, what we do doesn’t necessarily define who we are.”

“Then what am I, if not just a war machine?”

You looked into his silvery grey eyes for a moment and slipped your hand in his.

“You’re a great person. A human being with a soul and an incredibly strong heart. Out there is no place for the faint-hearted, but you survived it. You survived a World War, and what HYDRA did to you.”

He smiled shyly

“Look on the bright side of things: you have countless stories to tell! And look at us. We’re not just a team. We’re a family. You have somewhere to come home to right after a battle!”

He nodded and looked into your eyes for a long moment without a word. Then, his metal hand went carefully on your cheek as he leaned in and gently kissed your mouth. A sweet, tender kiss. 

“And someone to come home to” he whispered. “If you want to be that someone, of course.”

“I’d gladly be your reason to stay alive.”

Your free hand went through his hair and you kissed him back. He wrapped his strong arms around you and held you close, like a long-lost treasure he’d have just got back. After a while, you broke the kiss and said:

“You should go to sleep, now. You’re going to need your strength tomorrow.”

“Right… But you stay with me. Please.”

“OK, deal.”

He smiled and you lied down by his side, snuggling into his arms, resting your head on his chest.

“Hey… Would you sing for me?”

You smiled. Sometimes, after he had a nightmare, you would comfort him and sing him back to sleep. You thought for a second before you find the perfect tune. The chorus of one of your favourite songs.

“From this moment
From this moment
You will never be alone
We’re bound together
Now and forever
The loneliness has gone”

You know who's trans?

Asami Sato, from Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

She’s a mechanical genius, physical adept, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, and probably the most emotionally mature person in the series (excepting maybe Jinora, but she’ll get her own installment later). I still remember the episode when she appeared, and thinking to myself “Oh, please don’t make the trans girl evil!” And to the show’s credit, not only is Asami not evil (guess it skips a generation), but she turned into my favorite character in the series.

Physically, Asami is a little taller and a little more broad-shouldered than most of the other women on the show, but she obviously transitioned young so there aren’t going to be many physical differences. On the metaphorical side, she’s one of the few recurring non-benders in the series, marking her as an outsider. She’s also a master of machinery in a series otherwise focused on nature, spirits, and mysticism (my wife and I refer to her style as “car-bending”), further cementing that outsider status. But even as a non-bender, and someone without any spiritual awakening, Asami is balanced and in touch with her emotions, reflecting on the historic position of transgender people as mediators. She’s eager to please and desperately helpful, even when she’s hurting from her own issues, so despite being a beautiful, fabulously wealthy, brilliant, and physically unmatched woman, there’s obviously some need for love and acceptance bubbling away deep in her mind. And I think every trans girl has that “I know better than you about how the world works” mecha-tank battle with our fathers at some point.

There’s also the one photo we see of Asami as a child…

And to my money, she just looks like an adorable, long-haired child trying hard to be a boy (long hair isn’t that unusual on boys and men in the series). She even takes after her father’s broader chin and has a cute little jacket like his.

So obviously the trauma of losing her mother when she was young spurred a lot of emotional development in young Asami, and she came out to her father. Conservative but already having lost half his family, Hiroshi embraced his new daughter, but pushed her into self-defense training because–now that she was a young woman–he didn’t want Asami falling victim to the same violence that stole his wife. Being the daughter of one of the richest and most powerful families in Republic City, anyone who might have objections to little Asami’s new life obviously didn’t voice them. That said, once Hiroshi was arrested and Future Industries began to flounder, a more conservative mindset obviously had no problems pushing Asami out of the city, even if it meant dealing a deathblow to one of their largest employers.

Like most trans girls, Asami still has some identity issues to work out, based on society’s misogynistic views of women. She spent season two playing support and deferring to others’ opinions as her social position began to slip and her insecurity grew. And obviously she feels like she can’t be a real woman if she’s attracted to Korra, hence why she kept pushing herself at someone who was so obviously wrong for her until almost watching Korra die…

It’s okay, Asami. Everyone makes mistakes.

anonymous asked:

Hm.. yeah, I think you're right. Shipping Shizuo with someone else than Izaya is hard. But sometimes I can't even imagine Shizuo and Izaya been together in a stable relationship. :D And yes, I'm curious. Why do you ship Shizuo/Izaya when you think, Shizuo is straight? I always thought Shizuo would be pansexual and only cares about the inside and not about gender. x3

Here it is: why and how I ship Shizaya. (it got really long I’m so sorry…)

Well, canon-wise, I view Shizuo as straight but having absolutely no real motivation or confidence to even consider pursuing a relationship with anyone. He’d see a pretty woman and recognize that she’s attractive and move on. I think he’s prone to isolate himself and he’s so convinced that he’s a threat to other people that being with someone is a cruel thing for him to do considering he’ll never be able to lead a ‘normal’ life (as awful as that sounds). Shizuo is very considerate of other people to the point that he’d go so far as to deprive himself of something he wants. Part of his appeal is that he’s a really good guy but he has an uncontrollable temper and strength. Obviously he’s aware of this and has become so self-conscious of the fact that people tend to be afraid of him that his confidence isn’t exactly there when it comes to women. In his head there are so many guys that are better than him, more normal than him, who could offer a woman the sort of relationship she would want and deserve. If a woman were to show interest in him, I think he’d be flattered, but would do everything to convince her that her feelings were misguided and she should look elsewhere. All of that being said, I don’t think Shizuo is depressed by any means. I don’t think he wallows in loneliness or anything. He’s single and will most likely always be single. That’s just how it is, and he accepts it. Whatever. 

I still don’t think Shizuo would ever be attracted to men, even if they had a good personality. I just think he’s straight. I don’t think he’s adverse to the idea of liking men, I just don’t think it happens. 

These are just my thoughts on Shizuo Heiwajima as he is in the series. I know and accept the fact that Shizuo and Izaya as a romantic pairing is not canon (and probably never will be *sob*). I’m saying this because I’m not about to defend Shizaya as a pairing. I’m not going to offer ‘proof’ or ‘evidence’ that they were ever hinted as being in a relationship. I just don’t believe it. They hate each other, and that’s that. There is no sexual tension, no secret desires, no hidden motivations for chasing after each other. I truly believe that Izaya wants to kill Shizuo and vice versa.

The reason Shizaya held such an appeal for me from the get-go was the CHEMISTRY. I cannot stress that enough. I watched the series and every time they were together or they mentioned each other I got so excited, and out of all the tangled relationships in the series, it was the story of Shizuo and Izaya that I was most interested in. I couldn’t get enough of them. I knew that they didn’t secretly want to fuck each other, but I wanted them to, and that’s pretty much all it took for me to start shipping them hardcore. There wasn’t any deep and meaningful reason behind me shipping Shizaya. I literally just wanted to see them make-out, and I didn’t care how or when it happened.  

It wasn’t until I started writing fanfiction for them that I understood why I shipped them on a deeper level. I wasn’t okay with the stories where Shizuo and Izaya just used each other to release their sexual frustrations and then moved on to other people. I didn’t like the stories where they were simply using each other to forget about the person they were actually in love with. The more fanfiction I read, the more I understood what I wanted and why I wanted it.

Now, I’m not saying I ever thought of them as being in love. Even now, it’s still kind of weird. I feel like the phrase ‘in love’ applies to other pairings like Shinra/Celty. Being in love is like…um…something that happens between two people because they tend their relationship? There are phases or steps, and you can skip one or many, but still, most people fall in love, whether it’s in a matter of seconds or years, it’s something that grows. In my head, that never sat right for me with Shizuo and Izaya. They just were.

(this is about to get way corny ya’ll)

I think Shizuo and Izaya were always meant to be a constant in each other’s lives, whether in the canon verse or otherwise. Even though they loathe each other, they could never forget each other. Izaya could never hate anyone more than he hates Shizuo, and the same could be said for the blond. Already they were connected in a way that was unshakeable and forever and that worked wonders for my shipping heart and my imagination. It’s through each other that they are defined, if that makes any sense. They reach their full potential, show their true colors when they’re with each other. I think Izaya is the only person Shizuo doesn’t feel guilty being a ‘monster’ in front of, because Izaya isn’t any better. They’re both able to forget about all the reasons they’re unhappy with themselves when they’re with each other. The entire world and the opinions of everyday society suddenly disappear and mean nothing to either of them, their only agenda being each other and playing their little game.

I think, again, this is a huge part of their appeal as a pairing. It’s like when they’re together, no one else exists. Shizuo’s world becomes Izaya, Izaya’s world becomes Shizuo (I’m not lying when I say this is going to get cornier).

There were definitely times when it was clear that Izaya made an honest attempt to hurt Shizuo, and that Shizuo tossing a vending machine at the informant wasn’t an accident. However, the times when Izaya sought out Shizuo just to tease him, or that time when Shizuo went to seek Izaya just to kill him had me curious about how they viewed their relationship.

(Again, let me clarify that everything I’m saying here is headcanon. I am not trying to interpret canon.)

Just like Shizuo needs his daily nicotine, he also needs to release his anger. A guy that unstable obviously spends a lot of time holding himself back just so he can attempt to live somewhat normally. So he holds it in, goes through pack after pack of cigarettes, and when it gets bad and he feels like he can’t hold back any longer, he finds Izaya.

Izaya sees Shizuo the same way Shizuo sees himself. It doesn’t matter to him that he’s kind, that he tries to be normal. He isn’t, and he knows it. Izaya (obviously) doesn’t coddle him with niceties like his friends do. He’s honest, and sometimes Shizuo needs to hear that. He knows he’s a monster. He knows he’s dangerous. He agrees that it’s crazy that there are people out there that want to be close to him. He gets why Izaya hates him, and if nothing in his entire world makes any sense, Izaya was the one thing that did.

This way of thinking applies to Izaya as well. Izaya Orihara is not an honest person. He is a pretty little spider constantly spinning a giant web across Tokyo, and everyone he comes into contact with doesn’t realize they’re actually a fly. Shizuo’s issues are pretty straightforward, but Izaya is a little harder to understand. Whereas Shizuo blames himself for everything that isn’t right in his life, Izaya Orihara blames others. I think Izaya is afraid of reality, afraid of looking at himself, his life, and the consequences of his actions. (He is SO complicated, so I apologize if I sound confused because I just might be). It’s said that he was raised ‘normally’ and experienced a ‘normal’ childhood, which likely means that his issues started in his head. It’s all on him (but he doesn’t want to believe it).

While Shizuo is different from everyday people physically, Izaya is different mentally (and in a lot of ways, that’s worse). I think Izaya has issues connecting with people. There’s a quote I came across on Tumblr that sort of sums up my thoughts on him:

“Being ‘alone’ doesn’t mean that ‘no one is around you’, but rather, it means ‘you are not connected to anyone’.” –Jin/Shizen no Teki-P (Children Record commentary)

This sort of loneliness is so much worse than Shizuo’s because it isn’t by choice. Izaya, despite his efforts, cannot connect with others. Yes, he can hold a conversation, he can fake friendships, but he never feels quite involved. That’s where his obsession with observing human interaction likely stems from. Because he has such an inherent inability to belong, he purposefully pulls himself away from normal human behavior and interaction because at least then his loneliness feels like a choice (and it’s possibly the only way he knows how to cope with it). Of course his favorite form of coping is denial (a.k.a lying to himself), which he does constantly. In his adulthood, now so far removed from ‘normal’, he naturally adopts a god complex. If he can’t control his own life, he controls the lives of others.

(This part makes me sad.) I think that when Izaya first saw Shizuo, something finally clicked for him. Not in any sort of romantic way or anything, but a subconscious sense that there was someone else just like him. Different, but similar. If you’re familiar with the red string of fate, I kind of pictured it like that. Like all of a sudden Izaya felt like it was okay to be the way he was, it was okay to not be like everyone else because there was Shizuo.

I think this is the point where a lot of people have the most varying headcanons as to how and why Shizuo and Izaya began to hate each other. So now I’ll share mine (yay?). 

Shizuo, though not incredibly intelligent or anything, has a very acute sense for judging people’s character. That’s why he knew as soon as he laid eyes on Izaya that he hated him. He didn’t need to know why Izaya was the way he was, obviously he wasn’t going to ask, he just knew he didn’t like him. Later, when he gets to know Izaya a little more, he only ends up hating him even more. Because all Shizuo sees when he looks at Izaya is someone who has everything and who chooses to fuck it up because he’s a shitty person. Izaya has every opportunity to live the sort of life Shizuo would never be able to, and he chooses to throw it away, and Shizuo cannot overlook that. (He really has no idea about Izaya’s issues with connecting with others. No one knows that. Even Izaya doesn’t really admit it to himself.)

I don’t think Izaya’s hate for Shizuo was as immediate as Shizuo’s was for him. I also don’t think it’s the same sort of hate. Izaya’s is much more resentful, particularly when he realizes how easy it is for people to like Shizuo. Shizuo, who is just like him in so many ways, who’s also a monster and different, can still connect. And Shizuo pushes these people away. He chooses to be lonely, whereas Izaya can’t help it.

This is the main reason as to why they clash. Durarara relies heavily on themes, particularly different types of ‘tragic’ relationships. I do think Shizuo and Izaya are meant to be paired in the series, not romantically, but as foils for each other. They both represent loneliness, and even though they have more than they realize in common, they just can’t rationalize or express their confusion, anger, and rejection of the world and each other into anything other than hate.

What they both know (at least subconsciously) is that they need each other. The best way I can describe it is similar to how many people feel when they’re around their family compared to their friends. It’s that sense of coming home, of being able to just be free, to be yourself. Everybody needs that, to feel that sense of belonging, acceptance. Shizuo and Izaya don’t experience that anywhere except with each other. It’s like they go about their days feeling transparent, only half visible to the world because they have to hide the parts of themselves that aren’t accepted, aren’t welcomed. But then they see each other, and it’s like they’re solid, real people again. They feel noticed, and that feels good, despite the circumstances. 

And yes, Shizuo hates violence. He hates being violent, and he hates that Izaya makes him violent. But the fact of the matter is, it’s the only time he feels it’s okay to be violent. And even though he hates it, Shizuo is a temperamental, violent person and he needs to express that sometimes.

I do not support the idea that the reason Shizuo and Izaya end up together is because they have no one else, or because they bond over their loneliness. I don’t think either of them are that weak or desperate.

I’ve found a lot of fanfiction and fan art depicts the start of Shizuo and Izaya’s romantic relationship starting with Izaya pining after Shizuo. This does make the most sense. I don’t think Shizuo’s mind would ever even consider the idea of him and Izaya being anything more than enemies, but I do think Izaya has thought about it (and often). After all, in Durarara, you do have to remember that Izaya attempted to introduce himself to Shizuo as a friend. That goes to say that Izaya saw something in Shizuo and wanted something from Shizuo that wasn’t hostile. Obviously being rejected must’ve left an impression on him, but I don’t think Izaya has ever forgotten the initial urge to connect with Shizuo.

I also think that given the opportunity to be something different with Shizuo, he’d take it. He firmly believes Shizuo hates him, but he also realizes Shizuo doesn’t fully understand everything about him either. I think that in order for Shizuo and Izaya to ever happen, Izaya would have to reveal his vulnerability. Shizuo would first need to see that Izaya didn’t want to be the way he was. Given Shizuo’s forgiving nature and his ability to understand people who are suffering, I think that’s about all it would take to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Of course, it would be gradual. Neither can entirely forget how to hate so easily, but it’s a little less severe now that they’re making an effort to understand each other. And I think it would be absolutely chaotic. Like I said, I don’t think Izaya and Shizuo are the type to ‘fall in love’. They just are (are as in connected, together). Both always sort of knew, they just didn’t know how their connection would manifest itself, and neither would’ve ever imagined it to turn into something intimate until it happens and when it happens it’s not even surprising due to the sheer inevitability.

So yeah, their relationship wouldn’t be easy, but I disagree with you about it not being stable. If it’s anything, it’s solid. They can go from wanting to murder each other to fucking each other dry, but I don’t think they ever doubt that this connectionbetween them is anything other than unbreakable. 

There was recently a comment made on one of my photos here on the blog (I’ve deleted the post in question now as I want to protect this person’s anonymity), that I’ve been sitting and debating about whether or not to address… I know this comment was meant well, but it REALLY. BOTHERED. ME. 

And being the out-spoken individual I am, I’m going to try to explain why and what is pushing my thought behind it. I am not intending this to be mean or preachy… (advance apologies because I doubt I can get through this without a heaping side of sass, because that’s just me), I’m just going to verbalize what I think, talk about how the comment made me feel, and point out how it might make OTHERS feel if something like this was directed at them.  

Merely posting for awareness and my own sanity. So if you don’t mind a departure from the usual Supernaturally-focused content, read on! Otherwise, I give total permission to skip on past the rest of this post. :)

The comment made was in regards to the shade of my lipstick from a shot taken while I was done up for my Abaddon cosplay, telling me that the shade was too dark for my skin tone and suggesting, in their opinion, a more suitable option. (Apparently, this person didn’t realize that I was dressed up for a cosplay, but even so, that doesn’t matter.)

My response to this is HEY THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

First of all, I don’t agree with your assessment AT ALL. It is written NOWHERE that fair-skinned people can’t wear bright red or dark lipsticks. Lemme lay some examples of fair-skinned, stylish people on ya’ll rocking that shit:

Not to mention, the Queen of Hell herself:

Second, EVEN IF THAT WAS SOME “FASHION RULE” WHO GIVES A SHIT?! Everyone should be free to wear what they are comfortable in and what they like without having to worry about people critiquing their choices unless advice was solicited

At no point did I ask for suggestions on my appearance. 

Luckily, I’m a pretty secure person (and this still irked the shit out of me and obviously I couldn’t just let it go un-addressed…) but if such a comment was made to someone who is less secure about their appearance or themselves or their choices in style, you could have just made a really hurtful comment and/or ruined something they used to love to wear! 

There is a time and place for such comments, but this was not it. Do some shades look better on certain people? Maybe. But offering your opinions or suggestions on that when it hasn’t been solicited is usually not wanted or welcome, and your phrasing came off VERY patronizing. 

So please be aware of the impact that unsolicited critiques on appearances can have on the person receiving them. The media already constantly critiques women. It tells us what we should look like, how we should dress, what we should eat, how to do our hair… the last thing we need is to start hearing it from other women, completely unsolicited.

If I had asked for opinions or suggestions, sure. Go for it. But I didn’t. This was not a relevant comment or necessary and it annoyed the crap out of me and I felt like I had to point out some underlying issues with what happened.

Third, I love how I look in bright red lipstick, dressed as Abaddon or not.

And I’m going to keep wearing it.