but otherwise it skips even more

bad boy!michael always skipped class, even when he was dating you. you would try and persuade him to do otherwise but, as stubborn as he was he wouldn’t budge. so imagine one day you’re having a really boring day at school and you were staring out the window and discreetly texting Michael under your desk. unfortunately your teacher had caught you and had confiscated it for the rest of the day. Michael, being Michael, became extremely worried that you weren’t replying as you always had your phone so, he waited at your house for you till you got out of school. you walked up your street when you saw Michael’s car in the driveway, which was weird because nobody was home. he was sat on the porch waiting for you. once he saw you, he jumped up and came and attacked you with hugs and kisses he could. ‘I got worried about you’ ‘I thought something happened to you’ ‘why didn’t you respond’  you just smiled at him because he was just a giant softy at heart