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10 Days - Part 13 - AU Series

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,598

I don’t own any of the gifs or pictures seen here. Credit goes to those they belong to.

10 years before.

“Really? You don’t like flowers!? All girls love flowers.” Dean affirmed unconvinced.

“Not really… I like dandelions though…” Y/N replied shrugging.

“C’mon, those aren’t even real flowers!”

“They’re way better than other flowers… You know when you give a flower to someone you’re promising something?” She continued.

“What do you promise with dandelions?” He asked frowning.

“I won’t tell you, but you can guess…”

“What do I get if I guess right?” He asked taking her hand in his.

“Me…” She smiled sweetly.

When this happened, Y/N let Dean in her little secret, her love for that beautiful flower.

Now, most people don’t consider dandelions as flowers, while some other see them as a bother, especially gardeners. Yeah, gardeners have usually zero patient with them because they have the ability to spread their pollen and take over an entire area and, once they do that, they’re pretty difficult to remove, because they tend to come back.

This was one of the reasons why Y/N loved them so much, because they would never go away, and if they did, they would come back; that’s a powerful thing, isn’t it?

That’s why some people see dandelions as magical and make wishes over them; that’s not what Y/N would do with them though…

She liked to look at them and she could do that for hours, especially after she found out their special meaning.

A dandelion given to a loved one is a promise of happiness and total faithfulness.

Basically, that flower meant exactly the two things she wanted more in her life. That’s why she didn’t like any other flower; how can a rose or a sunflower be compared to a dandelion?

In Y/N’s opinion, that just wasn’t possible.

Now. Day 10.

After a sleepless night, spent crying over the past and the fear of the future, Y/N reached the church with Amelia. She was so busy thinking, that time flew without being noticed.

She was in her dress and couldn’t manage to calm down; she was nervous and tense and anxious but, maybe, those feelings were normal before getting married, right? Her life was about to change for good, so her current situation was to be expected, right?

Well, that’s what Amelia had told her and she was desperately trying to convince herself of that.

She kept pacing around the room and her mind was filled with memories of Dean and they just wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard she was trying. And if she managed to distract herself for a second, it was of no use because those memories would come back, more strongly than before.

Was it right to marry Mark? She cared for him, sure, but did she truly loved him?

She knew the answer to that and it wasn’t a good one.

Her heart was so filled with her love for Dean, that there wasn’t space for anyone else. It was like with the dandelions; there was no comparison between a dandelion and another flower, and there was no comparison between Dean and any other man, no matter how wonderful that other man was, not matter if Dean had hurt her and Mark hadn’t.

No comparison.

There was an hour left before the wedding and she was going crazy. 10 years of pretending to hate Dean, 10 years suffocating her feelings and now she was on the verge of breaking down.

She had done great at first, resisting to all his attempts for so long, but after their last discussion, everything had resurfaced; everything.

It was like her brain had finally surrendered to the will of her heart and she was so unused to it, that she just didn’t know what to do.

Was it okay to give power to her heart again?

Was it okay to trust Dean again?

She was on a cliff and about to fall down in the unknown future that her heart wanted… the only thing keeping her was a sentence, the same sentence, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’

Those words, made of stone, were keeping her from falling, strongly.

What was she supposed to do? Sign with her heart or move back against it? She didn’t know if she wanted to stay on that cliff and be safe with Mark, or fall down into the unknown with Dean.

Luckily some help came from outside.

“Hey Y/N, I almost forgot… Dean said that this is for you.” Amelia stated, handing her a small green box, interrupting her flow of thoughts.

“Is he here?” Y/N asked immediately. She wanted for him to be there, there was no denying that.

“No, he just left this and said you need to open it as soon as you can.” She answered, a little surprised by that turn of events. She just couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on… “Y/N, is there something I should know?”

“No, of course not.” She replied, taking the box in her hands and holding it strongly, as if that little object was her safety. It probably was. “Can you give me five minutes?” She then asked calmly, keeping all her anxiety inside, and her friend obliged.

She set the box on the small table in front of her and took a deep breath; then, with trembling hands, she opened it.

The lid fell from her hand the second she looked inside that box, and she cried, without managing to stop.

Dean had surprised her, yet again.

A dandelion was there, in front of her, and she took it in her hand, with so much delicacy… afraid of ruining it.

It was like her heart had grabbed a hammer and had smashed that sentence made of stone in her head, setting her free. Free to jump or free to stay. That’s when she noticed a little note inside the box, with Dean’s handwriting on it.


Apparently there was one left, back at the field.

I know what this means. This is a promise.

I’ll keep it, I swear.

I’m still waiting for you…


There was only one thing left at that point, jump down that cliff.

She did and, even if it was scary, her heart was finally okay and her mind was free of those memories, free to think again. This is how love is supposed to feel.

It was a good thing that she had always a few escape plans ready in her mind; it was like she had been training all along for that moment and she did good. Nobody saw her getting out of the church, with just her phone, her keys and the little box; the most important things for her in that moment. A way to talk to him, a way to reach him, and a promise he had made.

She got in her car and the first thing she did was call him. She had run away from the church but her heart wasn’t beating furiously in her chest; her heart was calm, with a steady beat. Everything was good.

The phone rang twice and, the moment it stopped, she started immediately. “Dean?”

But Dean didn’t reply; a woman did.

Y/N could swear that in that moment she was praying for that to be just a regular woman, that maybe had slept with him. But the feeling of fear getting stronger inside of her, proved that it wasn’t; she was right.

“Mam, this is nurse Willis from the ER… Mr. Dean Winchester was in an accident and he’s being taken care of in this moment.”

Y/N didn’t know what to say; she didn’t know what to think. She had jumped from that cliff but now was all alone; Dean wasn’t there with her. “Is he okay?” She asked, feeling her world collapsing around her.

“I don’t have that information at the moment… Are you a relative?”

Y/N wasn’t an optimistic person so her mind went into a dark place, where it shouldn’t have. Of course the nurse wasn’t going to say how he was over the phone… they don’t do that when someone is dead; they can’t risk something bad to happen to the recipient of the news. With her head filled of these ideas, she hung up her phone and started the car, angry at herself for making him wait for her for that long.

She wasn’t okay anymore… She couldn’t lose him… He had kept bugging her for more than 10 years; who knew what her life looked like without him in it? She couldn’t even begin to think about it.

She arrived at the hospital safe, without knowing how, since her eyes were so filled with tears that all she could see was blurred. She got inside the ER and everyone noticed it; it wasn’t ordinary to see a woman in a wedding dress walking through those doors, but she couldn’t care less; she was too busy praying for Dean to be okay…

She spotted a nurse and quickly reached her; her nametag said ‘Nurse Willis’. “Hi, we talked over the phone… how is Dean?” She asked immediately with a broken voice, wishing for that to be just a bad dream, wishing to wake up.

The nurse looked at her with a surprised expression, probably wondering if Dean was the groom… but then she regained a professional appearance. “Why don’t you sit down, while I ask for some update?” She offered, noticing how pale Y/N looked. But she wasn’t going to faint; her brain wouldn’t have let that happened before knowing how Dean was. She just nodded and sat down, not wanting for the nurse to waste time with her.

Five minutes passed but they felt like five hours. Every second was so long… and it just wouldn’t go away…

What if she was too late? What if she would have never seen him again?

From all the pain that she had experienced, including the one of her heartbreak, this was the worst; she was terrified in that moment and apparently her mind and her brain had made an alliance in that occasion, increasing her fear.

When Dean walked into the ER, a minute later, he just couldn’t believe his own eyes. There was a woman seated not far from him, in a white wedding dress, with her hands covering her face. Could that be her?


Not even a second later she was hugging him so strongly that he couldn’t move, while tears were leaving her eyes in a quick stream. She had a quiet crying but he could feel her trembling, he could feel tears falling on his shirt, so he hugged her back, just as strong and, when he did, her heart got so filled with relief that she broke down, in a mess of sobs and sniffles. It felt so good to have his arms around her; it felt so good to know that he was okay.

She wasn’t alone in the void under that cliff anymore. They were falling together and it was the best feeling in the world.

Dean kissed her on her head, repeatedly, hoping, like never before, to finally have her back.

She broke the hug and wiped her tears away and then she smiled at him.

That smile was like a rainbow after a storm and Dean’s heart started to recompose itself, piece after piece.

“Are you okay?” She asked, trying to figure it out what had happened to him.

“Yeah, just a broken wrist…” He replied, showing his arm. He was smiling too and he thought he was never going to stop. “How did you know I was here? I didn’t tell anyone…” He then questioned, confuse.

“I called you but the nurse answered and I got worried, so…”

“You called me?” He asked to clarify, interrupting her. There was only one reason she would have called him on her wedding day, right?

“Yeah…” She smiled again, forgetting all the worries of the last 20 minutes. “I wanted to take you up on that promise…” She admitted sweetly.

“Really?” He asked full of hope, with wet eyes, not believing to finally have her back after 10 years.

“Yes… but if you want to cry, we should go outside because people are looking at us strangely…” She whispered, looking around.

The only thing Dean heard was ‘Yes’. His brain had stopped at that. God, could he have ever felt more happy than in that moment? He surely doubted that. He smiled widely and then, surprising her again, he kissed her, in the middle of her talk.

She was starting to like surprises again.

They were smiling into that kiss, incapable not to show their happiness, until people started clapping, bringing them back to reality. “I think we should go…” She mouthed, making him chuckle.

She hated all that attention on her, while Dean was pretty confident so, while they were exiting the hospital, when someone would yell “Congratulation!” or “Well done!”, he would nod at them with a smirk on his face. ‘Well done, indeed.’ He was thinking, walking with her hand in his.

She was his.

His plan had worked at the end… He had done it, not in for days, like anticipated, but he couldn’t care less.

Day 348.

Y/N wasn’t nervous at all the day she married Dean.

She was calm and relaxed and she felt nothing but love in her heart; so much love at seeing him waiting for her, down the aisle, with an expression on his face that was just pure happiness, pure bliss.

Seeing her walking towards him was one of the dreams he had been too afraid to hope for, one year back. She was a vision and she was about to become his wife, and no one else’s.

Many things change in a year.

They got married outside, in a garden, and it didn’t matter what florists thought about it, dandelions were their flowers that day.

Dandelions were happiness and faithfulness and they were a promise.

Roses couldn’t be compared to that.

Day 910.

“So, how long do we wait?” Dean asked, sitting on the floor of the bathroom in front of Y/N.

“2 minutes…” She replied, setting her pregnancy test next to her, and taking a deep breath.

Having a baby was their biggest dream and Y/N would sometimes cry just at the idea… She wanted for Dean to be a dad and she knew he was going to be great at it… She wanted a family.

He took her hand in his, a little gesture he was never tired of doing, and kissed it, noticing then a bruise on the back of it. “Hey, where did you get this?” He questioned, a little worried.

She sighed. “I slammed my hand on the countertop this morning…”

He shook his head and smiled, planting a kiss on the bruise. “It’s probably karma… for that candy you stole when you were five.” He stated convinced.

“You remember that?” She asked surprised, putting the thought of the pregnancy away for a minute.

“Of course I remember.” He said matter-of-factly. “It was the first thing you ever said to me…”

She frowned. “I’m pretty sure I wasn’t talking to you…” She replied pensive.

“Yeah, you were… You just didn’t know it yet.” He shrugged, smirking.

She smiled and then kissed him for a long moment, failing to notice for 27 seconds the little pink sign that had appeared on the test.

Dean was going to be a dad.

Day 1145.

“Dean?” Y/N called him, shaking his arm.

“Mm” He murmured, rubbing his eyes. “Hungry or horny?” He asked with close eyelids, being used to all her mood’s changes during the pregnancy. It was only normal for her to wake him up in the middle of the night.

“I don’t want to alarm you or anything… but I’m in labor.” She replied calmly, not wanting to worry him.

He got out of bed immediately. “You feeling okay?” He asked with wide eyes.

“Yeah… but I just counted 4 contractions in the last hour so we should go…”

“The last hour? Why didn’t you wake me up?” He questioned, quickly putting some clothes on.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be unbearable in a while so I wanted for you to rest before that…” She answered shrugging. “Are you ready to be a dad?” She then asked smiling.

He kissed her softly, gently rubbing his hand on her belly. “I can’t wait to meet her.” He replied with a big smile.

A few hours later. Day 1146.

“C’mon Y/N, one more push!” The obstetrician asked, for the hundredth time.

Man, she sounded like a broken record! Y/N was too tired to even listen to her…

She was covered in sweat and exhausted. “I need a break…” She sighed, but then another contraction came and she had to push again. Damn contractions! They won’t give you the time to catch a breath! “You can enjoy this baby, because is the only one you gonna have!” She angrily said to Dean, panting from her efforts.

“Anything you want…” He replied nodding, not feeling his hand anymore for how strongly she was squeezing it. He didn’t mind at all, it was nothing in comparison to what his wife was experiencing.

“I won’t have sex with you ever again!” Y/N stated loudly, after a terrible contraction. God, she felt like they were tearing her apart!

But then she heard crying and she forgot all that pain; she forgot everything, focusing on that beautiful sound and on Dean’s hand in hers.

“I’m so proud of you.” He stated, kissing her forehead, filled with a thousand emotions: excitement, love, fear, proudness…

“Who wants to hold her first?” One of the nurses asked, wrapping the baby in a small blanket.

“You go first.” Y/N immediately said to her husband. “Go on…” She continued smiling, noticing his surprised expression.

The nurse though, not giving him any time to act, put the baby in his arms. His heart doubled his dimension, because unable to contain all the love that he was feeling. “Hi…” He greeted his daughter sweetly, while happy tears were leaving his eyes.

Y/N couldn’t help but to cry; her husband holding her daughter, looking so happy, was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. That’s when she decided that one wasn’t going to be her only baby and she wasn’t…

They had two more, creating that family that she had wanted, since the moment she had met her niece.

Y/N and Dean spent many, many years together… they bought the dandelion field and built a house there, next to the large tree, making that place perfect, spotless and happy again.

For full disclosure though, I think their life together started way before Day 1…

10 years and 5 months before Day 1.

“Man, this is karma! I shouldn’t have stolen that candy when I was five…” Y/N stated, when a few books fell down from her locker.

“You stole a candy when you were five?” Dean asked, closing his adjacent locker and looking at her, knowing for certain he had never seen her before.

“Did I just said that out loud?” She asked frowning, grabbing her books from the floor. “I usually keep my thoughts to myself, sorry…”

“Was it a good candy?” Dean inquired of her and she noticed how green his eyes were. They were beautiful.

“Actually yeah… really good.” She nodded, pensive.

“Then screw karma…” He shrugged, smirking.

“You know what, you kinda have a point.” She admitted, looking at the all thing with different eyes.

“You’re new, aren’t you?” Dean asked, not able to keep his thoughts to himself. “I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen you before.”

“Yeah, I just moved here for my senior year…” She answered. “Actually, can you point me to the history class? People keep sending me in the wrong place… Or maybe it’s just my bad sense of direction…” She continued shrugging.

“I’ll walk you there… I got history too.” He replied, wanting to know more about her.

“Thank you.” She said smiling and his heart accelerated a bit, preparing itself to realize for the first time what love was.

Since that very day, in front of their adjacent lockers, their life together started and it was a very long one.

They had 19,710 days together to be exact.

Y/N was the first one to go, dying in her sleep; it was a good way to die at her age but she left Dean behind.

He lived for 4 months before reaching her and every morning, in those 119 days he spent alone, he would wake up, pick a dandelion from the field in front of his house and he would bring it to her. He would sit in front of her grave and talk for hours about their past, since there was no future anymore.

Those were by far the worst days of his life because, after a lifetime together, he wasn’t able to see her and her smile anymore.

When he died, he was buried next to her. Their children made sure of that.

To tell you the truth the gardener that works in that cemetery is still pretty pissed because, no matter how much he tried, he never managed to remove the dandelions that were circling their graves.

A few times he succeeded in his intent but eventually they would come back.

At the end he just gave up, deciding there was something beautiful about those flowers.

And there was.

Those flowers were a promise of faithfulness and happiness…

A promise Dean had kept.

The end.

What about Mark?

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sorry if this is annoying, but since you seem to be good at identifying where x-men stuff comes from... i've seen the series of gifs with michael/james (dressed in their XMFC costumes - i think erik is in a black turtleneck?) playing around and apparently trying to hit/slap the other person's hands? it looks like some sort of behind-the-scenes clip, and i was wondering if you knew where it came from. sorry so vague - hope you at least know what scene i mean from my crappy description :X

Ah yeah! The play-boxing gifs? Those are from the First Class blu-ray extras, which aren’t really up online that I’ve seen :/ It’s a short little part in a making of/behind the scenes extra.

You can see that scene at the beginning of this cherik fanvideo!

With GG’s comeback right around the corner i thought it would be a good idea to make an SNSD network!

Reasons to join

  • Meet and befriend new people who love SNSD + Jessica
  • Flexible rules (no mbf all members, no linking network to blog)
  • Everyone and anyone can join the network at any time
  • The network will reblog your work (gifs, edits, graphics, fanart, covers, etc.) for others to see
  • Be able to take part in other future and upcoming events (i.e., giveaways, contests, Secret Santa)
  • a group chat (optional for those to join)

How to join?

have fun!

Sudden Love Fili x (dwarf) reader

I do NOT own the gifs above

Request by Anon:  Hi! I love your work! <3 I was also wondering if you could write a fili x reader where the reader doesn’t like fili at first (and fili doesn’t like her either), but as they get to know e/o they begin to love each other

Pairing: Fili x dwarf reader

Words: 1218

WARNING: lots of cussing, but it gets fluffy at the end :) I’m also considering making a part 2.

Keep reading

angeline2911 asked:

Don't tell me you love Luhan ... finally somebody! That Deer is making me crazy! Kai is cutie too! Actually everybody from Exo is cutie! Really excited for part 5, new reactions,... and stuff. ^^

Of course I do! who doesn’t?? I’ll fight those who doesn’t love him , he always makes me crazy too, it’s ridiculous , I get all like “Luhan, get out, I have to stay faithful, you’re distracting me” 

They are cutie pies, I actually look at so many other kpop groups and even those who some members are younger than EXO members, EXO still look like babies , it’s great ahahah 

Aw thanks, I’m so frustrated because I’m having so many ideas today but I can’t take my time to write them because I have tests tomorrow and I have to study, but like, I already made half of part 5 in my mind ahah

/gif is not mine - credit to who owns it/

The mirror in the UK back to being total arseholes re Zayn.  What was the point of that article the other day with the Liam and Zayn gif at the end?

Tales of another party with women invited.  No mention of the fact that actually his family are in LA now because well facts tend to be largely ignored round those parts. Oh and the Mail implying he’s all sad without Perrie.

The comments on both articles seem to imply that people also think the articles are full of shit.

Rather than linking them, please read this instead it’s amazing:


tomunio89 replied to your post “ok but i’m legit afraid to make any gifs of nat from aou because there…”

let them be bitter. others opinion shouldn’t spoil fun for those who enjoyed the movie. if they hate this movie so much they should stay away from it and it’s tags

yeah i really hope they don’t, i’m trying to highlight the parts where natasha really felt like natasha still, you know?

umakoo replied to your post “ok but i’m legit afraid to make any gifs of nat from aou because there…”

i accidentally reblogged this when i meant to reply :S but there were lots of us who enjoyed nat in aou and you should make all the gifs you want. if someone is too salty to enjoy them they can just ignore them.

whoops!  i saw that reblog but your words are appreciated in any form <3 it’s my hope that they’ll ignore them ngl, negativity in spaces that were meant for positivity just draaag me dooooown

fancykraken replied to your post “ok but i’m legit afraid to make any gifs of nat from aou because there…”

I will enjoy! :D


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the other ships are so lucky tbh even if they arent endgame at least they had long relationships, storylines and lots of scenes

yup like someone once had the nerve to tell me emison has a lot of scenes and i was like ??????? BITCH WHERE?! i could make a million different gif sets using the other couple’s scenes but then there’s emison with one scene every blue moon and part of those scenes are nearly impossible to color because they’re so dark. it’s painful

Looking for Blog Members!

Hi!!!! Teamarrowblog is looking for members! I have many differnt blogs and little time so my blog needs it first members! If you love the show and want to be part of a fan blog that creates gif sets and reblogs arrow related stuff daily send me your application!

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Otherwise, if you ignore those things, you’ll be deleted as member right away.

In conclusion, if your application is accepted, we’ll get back to you within a week. Thank you!

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Can we talk about that hoshi/minghao moment for a sec?? Like I saw no gifs yet and I feel like i'm the only one spazzing over it?!

NO YOU’RE NOT they had a freaking moment there with the sharp movements and the skinship and the facing each other


but seriously, that’s my fave part of this version

I need more of those two together

seungkwan’s my bias but performance unit’s my squad

jaqofspades asked:

Sorry to hear you've had a thief thieving your intellectual property. (Trust me, they know NOTHING about copyright. As it pertains to you in Argentina, the United States, the EU, OR Australia. Cough.) Don't doubt that anyone who writes, gifs, draws, or otherwise creates is growling right along with you - even if the person in question is a foolish child, it's basic online behaviour that she obviously needed to learn. Or, you know: THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.

Thanks for the support, I truly appreciate it! For some reason, people don’t take gif-making as seriously as writing or drawing or other forms of creativity, but it takes as much time and effort as any of those things. Credit where credit’s due, they have apologized and apparently they weren’t aware of tumblr etiquette, so I’m happy we could end the conversation on a good note instead of what we did last night, which was so awful and I hate myself a little bit for taking part in it. 

When Mark opens his eyes again, he stares at the drip from the IV attached to him. Part of him wants to panic because he doesn’t know what’s in it. A quick look back down to his arm and leg, and the fuzziness that clouds behind his eyes, slowly reassures him that it’s nothing bad. 

Morphine, he thinks slowly as the word comes to mind finally. Or what was the other one.. Oxy-something.. no, that’s too strong. Naproxen? It helps clear his mind to thing of those big words. He remembers the crime doctor explaining them and using them before.

The handcuff clangs dully against the metal of the bed and he frowns. Really? Where is he going to go and how the hell is he going to get there? It’s not a good feeling, being trapped like that. 

At least he’s not in a jail cell like this. 

On some other side of the room he can see that he has a roommate. Fuzzy recollections of talking from last night pop into his head. Had Wally been there? He remembers his name being said. The curtain is drawn between them though, so the Wizard is left to wonder who’s on the other side of it.

At least it helps clear away the clouds in his mind from the drugs, to have something to think about. Now if only he had something to read. And some way to hold the book..

Looking for Blog Members!

Hi!!!! chicagofire-chicagopd is looking for members! If you love the show and want to be part of a fan blog that creates gif sets and reblogs Chicago related stuff daily send me your application!

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Otherwise, if you ignore those things, you’ll be deleted as member right away.

In conclusion, if your application is accepted, we’ll get back to you within a week. Thank you!

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how do u make gifs ?

Haha, this is such a broad question anon, pls. I use Photoshop CS6, but there’s so many ways. Honestly, search tumblr gif tutorials to find which method works best with your workflow bc mine is terribly cumbersome and unconventional.

Edit: Maybe I can help with a more specific question. Sharpen settings? Typical frame rate? It’s really click and see what works once you learn the basics idk.

anonymous asked:

i really dislike it when one person joins a rp and gets one day active next day they ask if they could switch to someone else because their fc they applied for have not many gifs and the other next day after the switch they leave because it isn't the right rp for them

This sounds like a very specific situation since I don’t think I’ve ever, personally, seen these things all happen in a row? However, while it is frustrating to have someone leave the group for those reasons, changing FCs shouldn’t really be a problem. Like, so long as they are cooperative with the admin and don’t change until they get the okay, I can see where people with limited resources might change their FCs so I suppose that part I don’t see. But yes, leaving a group after two days (or going inactive after the first day) is just exceedingly pointless, like, why did you join in the first place? My rule is and will always be give any group you join at LEAST a week before leaving.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any Russian female FCs that could play a 22 year old?

Olesya Rulin is the only one I can think of who’s Russian (she’s currently 29 but the vast majority of her gifs are of her playing teenage/college-aged characters). Unfortunately all the other Russian FC’s I’m familiar with are either male or outside the age range.

However, if you’d like alternatives, there are a few FC’s you could use whose countries of ethnic origin were part of the Soviet Union, so it would be perfectly feasible to have them play a third- or fourth-generation Russian citizen of different Eastern European ancestry. For those alternatives, I’d suggest Taissa Farmiga (Ukrainian), Kay Panabaker (part Lithuanian) or Lea Michele (part Turkish).

“Japan’s gone into chaos because of this…but I know that you, the Hope of Tomorrow…can rebuild it.”

With those parting words from the Star Scene agent that employed Hotaru Hitoya, the mastermind in charge of the replica of The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of Mankind, released the Survivors of theArchive and they began to use their Hope to fight the Despair.

However, no one had heard from the other Hope’s Peak class that had gone missing…and despite everyone’s best efforts, they couldn’t find them.

Unbeknownst to them, the Archive wasn’t the only place hosting a mutual killing…

Archive of Despair 2 (AoD2) is a sequel to Archive of Despair, a Dangan Ronpa OC RP. You don’t need to have participated in AoD1 to apply to the sequel.