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The soldier of love and courage arrives!


[get to know me meme] 15 Movies (15/15)The Lego Movie


Of all the parts of the lantern scene, this gets to me the most. Those two lanterns represent Rapunzel and Eugene. Always tilted toward each other, spinning together in a dance their human counterparts had meant to share all day, neither one of them staying the central focus, and as the lanterns rise higher, they’re surrounded by more warmth and light as far below, in a two person boat, the two who launched them fall in love, finally ready to share the dance. And it’s warm and real and bright.

These dancing lanterns make me so emotional.


TUN TUUUUN!!!! suspense… 
HAhahaha I suck at making comics lol, thats why i need to keep practice it (a true one too).

Sorry , i couldn’t  sum it up, so I compiled some parts into gif, those blah blah blah parts were so odd (and it is clear that equations aren’t real).
No color because when I deal with large comic(and animation), I do not deal with color and less with hands.

I build my cross based on my playthrough and i realized she was so determined  or stubborn…. (i know others too- imnottheonlyone!IKNOW!)

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"So, come to New York. We’ll go to a musical."
"Talking and singing and talking and dancing, and more singing. If you wanna stop what we’re doing, just say so."
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Hi! I'm not a larrie, I should mention first off--not an anti either, I'm just a 1D fan, straight through. I allow for all possibilities, so when I see an interesting, well thought out post from a different perspective from mine about these boys, I will read it to see if there's something I'm missing, as I did with yours re: whether you think Louis and Harry are still together. I think part of why I'm not a larrie is because those two were never my faves in the band, though I love both (1/2)

(2/2) So my place in this fandom has always been from a more Niall and Zayn centric experience of shows and interviews. As I was going through the gifs you included in your post, I found myself not remembering any of them. And I was thinking that your moments weren’t any different than how the others in the band interact with each other. Some you included were just them performing next to each other. I hope this doesn’t come across as disrespectful, I guess I’m just looking for your take on that

Sorry, I thought of one more thing so (3/3), haha. I was wondering if maybe the gifs you included feel more significant because there were so few intense Larry moments in interviews or shows* (and I mean things beyond them standing next to each other or looking interested while the other is talking) in those last couple of years before Zayn left? (*Again, my focus has always been on Zayn and Niall, so that’s just my impression and memory) I hope these messages are okay. Just interested in convo!  

Hi! Thanks for your messages. I’m definitely interested in what you have to say. First, let me apologize for hardly posting any Zayn since March 2015! It just felt weird to do so, after he left.

I’ll be the first to admit I watch video (and make gifs) with a biased eye. For example, this is kind of how I watch Louis and Harry – micro-second by micro-second, micro-expression by micro-expression:

Clearly I don’t give poor Liam and Niall the same sort of attention:

your moments weren’t any different than how the others in the band interact with each other. Some you included were just them performing next to each other.

Even just performing next to one another, the body language can be telling. For me, there’s a clear difference between the following two gifs:

maybe the gifs you included feel more significant because there were so few intense Larry moments in interviews or shows

I agree that smaller moments are inflated, especially when compared with 2012, for instance. Honestly, that post could have been endless…I’ve just discovered I have over 5000 gifs from 2015 alone. But I really feel like if there was nothing hidden about Harry and Louis (past or present), their relationship would look like their bandmates’. I’d have gifs of Harry and Louis that looked like these with Liam and Niall:

And we’d also see more of this:

They all interacted with such true affection during promo season…. I just hope for each of them to be happy and fulfilled.

I feel like I didn’t address what you asked, but maybe I did?

Smolder || Part 0

Synopsis: It was just a game- a careless one infact. Careless even though your life was on the line; yet, it was just a game to him and he had no intention of winning. Though, there’s always one rule: Play fair.

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Pairing: Y/N x (Namjoon vs. Yoongi)

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2140

Mini series: Part 0 but you get to lightweight make your choice

Written by: adminDaze back in freaking march

A/N: your typical mafia/gang au w an unrelated .gif

Don’t trust others too easily. You didn’t learn that by getting told it by your parents every so often or having those around say it constantly. You learned by watching your parents betray the trust they had between each other and observed those around you get hurt from all that trust. You didn’t want to experience pain that way: through a careless mistake, but you did and you hated it because that careless mistake especially had a name. This careless mistake got you to believe he was the man you were waiting for and also got you to believe he would always be there for you. You thought you would learn to trust from him- which you did, but too quickly. What was it about this man that got you to spill out all the troubles you kept inside for years in a matter of knowing him for two weeks? Big mistake.

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⏩⏩ { ✔ }. under the cut you’ll find #80static icons with psd of margot robbie as harley quinn requested by @ofyahtzee. just to clarify i used gif icons which can be found around the tags in order to make these static icons, so a part of credit goes to whoever made those gifs and the other half goes to me for creating them into static as well as cropping and editing them. please like/reblog if this post is helpful or if you’re a rph blog !!

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