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“If I ever really felt depressed, I would just start putting on all my old records that I played as a kid, because the whole thing that really lifted me then still lifted me during those other times. It was good medicine for me, and it still does that for me when I put something on. Isn’t wonderful that we got all that good medicine? I think it’s got to be all part of our DNA, this mass communication through music. That’s what it is. It’s got to be, hasn’t it? Music is the one thing that has been consistently there for me. It hasn’t let me down.” - Jimmy Page


I look into those blue eyes that no amount of dramatic makeup can make truly deadly and remember how, just a year ago, I was prepared to kill him. Convinced he was trying to kill me. Now everything is reversed. I’m determined to keep him alive, knowing the cost will be my own life, but the part of me that is not so brave as I could wish is glad that it’s Peeta, not Haymitch, beside me. Our hands find each other without further discussion. Of course we will go into this as one.

Harry, Louis and homoerotism

Organised chronologically. Some have the sources, some don’t. None of the gifs, pictures or screencaptures are mine.  Don’t repost in several small parts as they are originally several small parts. If you want credit message me.

I am aware that there are things to add, I will as I find more. If you have something that isn’t here submit it, with the date, please (things I won’t add: 1. The buttplug interview. 2. Phallic shaped objects used as dicks in their own crotches unless it involves each other. 3. Anything that could be taken as ‘straight’ sex out of context, so don’t send those). Thank you.

Also, MASSIVE thanks to theirstoryofevents, areyougoodwithyoourhands and haveyouquitefinishedlouis for the help.

Brace yourselves, it’s LONG.

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You know why I love Rowena? It’s moments like these. She’s so dainty, compared to all the other characters she’s just so tiny, physically. I don’t know how tall Ruth Connell is but she can’t be much taller than I am and she’s on a show with giants like Jared and Jensen so even in those killer heels she wears she seems like just a little slip of a thing. When she’s told Crowley’s going to see her, she looks up and blinks and with her big eyes and split lip and she looks for all the world like an innocent damsel in distress.

But then she smiles. That’s when you realize she’s so much more than meets the eye. She’s powerful, and she’s smart enough to have survived hundreds of years despite the unfathomable amount of enemies she undoubtedly made along the way. She’s clearly a force to be reckoned with, and I cannot wait to see what the writers have in store for us.


Flow Visualizations

Spread across the world are a legion facilities that allow the creation of artificial oceans ( wave tanks ) which are used for experimenting with surface waves. From testing simple parts for behavior to comprehension of complex flow phenomenon in oceans and seas, wave tanks are freaking awesome!

And how they work is simple:

At one end of the tank an actuator ( those giant hands that are moving in unison ) generates waves; the other end usually has a wave-absorbing surface.

Pretty cool eh?

Sources: Edinburgh University  Jason Truscott dantheman733


Introducing Victoria - Frankenstein MD Episode 1

Victoria’s show is designed to be sort of a video lab notebook, part educational, part experimental. YouTube already has some pretty great science shows (*cough*cough*) but I’m happy to welcome Victoria to the fold. And Iggy too, I guess.

In this episode, in addition to meeting the main characters and hearing some inspiring words about the importance of failure in the scientific method, we learn a bit about cardiac electrophysiology, those nerve impulses that control our heartbeat.

External image

I find that GIF hypnotic. The human heart has its own pacemakers built in. One is known as the sinoatrial (SA) node, the other as the atrioventricular node (AV). These are the upper and lower red dots above, respectively.

Cardiac cells are interesting because they are sort of like nerves and muscle cells combined, they can do work, but they can also propagate electrical impulses (although we should be clear, they are definitely classified as muscle cells). 

Cells of the SA node sort of “leak” charge at a constant rate, which makes them fire (or send an electrical impulse) at that same constant rate. The result is a nice rhythmic heartbeat, controlled by its own cells.

When a heartbeat is initiated by a stray impulse at the bottom (ventricular) region of the heart, that’s what is known as a premature ventricular contraction, or PVC. That’s what happens to Iggy in this episode.

Single, isolated PVCs are pretty harmless, and most of us probably get them from time to time without even noticing. Leave it to Iggy to kill himself by trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.

At least Victoria was there to shock him back to life! Wonder if she’ll do that again at some point…?


Give It Away

I was off on one side of the rehearsal studio, working on lyrics, while the band was jamming as a trio. Sometimes they’d be serious intellectual craftsmen, trying to intertwine their minds and come up with specific parts, but other times they’d rock out in a very joyful manner. On one of those latter days, Flea started playing this insane bass line, and Chad cracked up and played along. I was so struck by Flea’s bass part, which covered the whole length of the instrument’s neck, that I jumped up and marched over to the mike, my notebook in tow. I always had fragments of song ideas or even specific isolated phrases in mind. I took the mike and belted out, “Give it away, give it away, give it away, give it away now.”

That line had come from a series of conversations I’d had years earlier with Nina Hagen. Nina was a wise soul, and she realized how young and inexperienced I was then, so she was always passing on gems to me, nor in a preachy way, just by seizing on opportunities. I was going through her closer one day, looking at all her crazy clothes, when I came upon a valuable exotic jacket. “This is really cool,” I said.

“Take it. You can have it,” she said.

“Whoa, I can’t take this. This is the nicest jacket you have in there,” I said.

“That’s why I gave it to you,” she explained. “It’s always important to give things away; it creates good energy. If you have a closet full of clothes, and you try to keep them all, your life will get very small. But if you have a full closet and someone sees something they like, if you give it to them, the world is a better place.”

— Anthony Kiedis, Scar Tissue


“The best part of the trip.” (Halt and Catch Fire 3x10)

Joe MacMillan, visionary and storyteller.

Imagine (Peter Pan)

Anonymous asked: Heeey! Saw you were taking in imagines, not to bother you or anything, but just a quiiick little gif imagine :3 He looks at you in your cage while your sleeping maybe… ;)

* * *
Okay so I managed to squeeze this in because it’s a gif imagine, most of the imagine requests are written but this one was the one that caught my attention. I know some other blog already used this imagine but I’ll try to make it different, but if some parts of this imagine is like the other, ALL credits go to the original blog writer.

* * *

Caged Love -

You have been stuck in Neverland for the past 3 years, and in those 3 years, you were stuck in a tiny cramped up box of a cage with your hands and ankles bound tightly by rope. A random lost boy would bring you bread and water thrice a day to serve as food for survival.

Every night after the sun would set, you would be forced to watch the lost boys have fun and dance and holler around as Pan’s beautiful music would encircle the whole camp, he would use his enchanted Pan Pipe every night, and this was your torture, for you see, the music playing would make you want to get up and dance freely and wildly until the sunrises. You, having your ankles and hands bound together tightly, would have to watch and just dream of what it would be like to taste, or even just have a little lick of freedom.

In this particular day, just before sunset, you were waiting for your bread and water to be served by a random lost boy, your stomach had been grumbling because the bread and water they serve you would never be enough to replenish your hunger, but surprisingly, Peter Pan himself had brought you the food.

“Well this is new, the actual leader does his little dogs’ work for them.” You sassed as he slipped your bread and water through the bars. He only answered you with a quick raise of an eyebrow and his sinister smirk.

‘One day I’ll slap that stupid smirk off your face…’ You thought.

Right now you were so hungry you could eat anything, even the bitter taste of their bread.

As soon as he slipped the bread through the bars you quickly grabbed it and devoured the whole thing, ignoring it’s bitter taste.

Before ten seconds were up, you had already eaten up every last bit of bread and sipped up every droplet of water that he had served.

“Well aren’t you a hungry little girl.”

“Probably because the food you give me every meal wouldn’t even be enough to fill my stomach.” You snapped.

He chuckled and waved his hand. A loaf of bread was in it’s place. You looked at the bread hungrily, trying not to get your mouth to water.

“You want some?” He asked, teasingly waving the bread in front of your cage. You swallowed thickly and nodded your head.

Surprisingly, he slipped the bread into your cage as well as a glass of water. You raised your eyebrow at him, wondering if he had poisoned it. “Don’t worry love, I didn’t poison it.” He said as if he had read your mind. “What’s the catch?” You asked. “Nothing. I just feel like being very generous right now. Now eat it before I change my mind.” He stood up and walked to the campfire. You eyed the bread and water warily, wondering whether to eat it or not. You just shrugged and dug through the loaf of bread, not even aware of Pan’s amused smirk as he watches you eat.

After a few, torturing hours of watching the lost boys dance around freely around the fire, you fell asleep in your cage, once again dreaming of what it would be like to be free, unaware that it was Pan himself controlling your dreams, letting you dream of freedom.

Pan walked up to your cage and looked at your sleeping figure, caressing your cheek once in every while.

The only reason why he had you in that cage was because he was in love with you, ever since he saw you in the sandy beaches of Neverland. Him, not being good at love at all, had ensured less chances of you leaving, thus bounding your hands and ankles together.

This had been your cycle every night, he would bring you food, add a little bit more when you’re still hungry, then watch you sleep, and control your dreams, still unaware of the feelings Pan had for you, but you were fully aware of the feelings you had for Pan.

Every night, when he was sure you were fast asleep, he would visit your cage and look at you like this: (see gif above)

* * *

Just realised that this was not the imagine anon wanted me to do :p Oh well :3


2014 recap - connor, thank you for all your videos. from rambling about parts of your life, collabs with the o2l guys & various youtubers, heartbreaking news, living on your own/accomplishments, The Thirst Project, and coming out, your videos never failed to make us happy and to accept & love you even more. there are a ton of other videos that you uploaded this year which made us laugh or cry and we always looked forward to a new video on Frantastic Mondays. those crazy, random vlogs you uploaded on your 2nd channel always made us excited & happy because you rarely post vlogs, but you always try to. we’re so proud of you and what you’ve done this year. So many accomplishments, so many videos, so much support. We love you Connor, always will! thank you so much for an amazing year & cheers to many more :)

According to a study by the University of Rochester, if you put on a blindfold or go to a place that’s completely dark (maybe your workplace has a “make-out” closet?), then wave your hands in front of your face, about half of you should see something like this gif.

No, you don’t have radioactive hands – what’s happening, the researchers say, is that a big part of what we see every day comes not from our eyes, but from what our brain expects to see based on other sensory information. Ah, so you’re just imagining those hand movements, right? Not really: For the experiment, participants were put in a completely dark room with sensors that kept track of their eye movements. It turns out that when you move your hands in the dark, your eyes move exactly the same way they would if you could actually see them. Your sense of sight may be slacking off right now, but you’re still getting signals from other parts of your body, which “create real visual perceptions in the brain.” In simpler terms, you’re fucking Daredevil.

6 Creepy Sixth Senses You’ve Always Had And Never Noticed

Eric teasing you (Part 3)

I took me very long I’m sorry, I didn’t really had inspiration but tonight it comes and well, this is the part 3 :) I know it’s short :/ But I hope you’ll like it ♥ You can also read Eric teasing you (part 1) (part 2

Resquest :  Will you write Eric teasing you part 3

Characters : (Y/N), Eric, Peter, Christina, Tris

Pairing : Eric x Reader

Warning : Teasing, violence, intimidation, swearing, Peter is a f**king jerk

Words : 865 

The gif is not mine

All of my team were celebrating in the train back to the Pit. Some of them were teasing Eric’s team, who doesn’t seemed quite happy about that, and the others were talking loudly about how good they were, even though half of them weren’t worth better the other team. But, even with all those distraction, all I could think about was Eric.

‘’That was just the begining’’

I thought back at what he told me when he kissed me in the stairs. What does he mean by ‘’just the begining?’’ What will he does next? I could fell the butterflies inside my stomach flying frantically from aprehension.

Tris brought me back to the reality when she gently tapped my shoulder. With her chin, she pointed towards a group of initiates. They were Eric’s team and they didn’t seemed very cheerful about their defeat. Peter, who was in the group, was glancing towards us with a machiavellian grin drawn on his face.

‘’I bet they are talking about us’’ Christina spit. ‘’They can’t stand the fact that we’re better than them’’

She smiled at them with a bitchy attitude and I burst to laugh. One of the initiates showed us her middle finger and it only makes us laugh even harder.

Soon, we were close to the Dauntless. When I saw the last initiates jumping, I prepared myself for the jump. I heard Peter’s laugh from behind me, which was not a good sign. I took my swing and when I was about to leap over the emptiness, up to the top of the building, something or someone pushed me. A dead scream went out of my mouth. My blood froze inside my veins as I thought I was living my last moment. I felt someone’s hand grabbing mine while I was suspended in the air. My hair swirled all over my face because of the wind, but I could clearly see the pathetic smirk of the person who had ‘’saved’’ my life.


I wanted to scream him to let me go, but I thought back and only clenched my jaw even harder.

‘’Pulled me up!’’ I shouted.

‘’I didn’t hear a ‘please’ ’’ He teased.

My breathing was going waster as I felt my hand slowly slipped from his.

‘’Peter! If you don’t pulled me up, I’ll make you fall with me!’’ I snap.

‘’You got fire, (Y/N). I like that’’

The frenetic whistle of the wind inside my ears and the feeling that my life depend on Peter’s mental health were making me crazy.

‘’I’ll fucking show you what’s fire, you idiot! I’ll burn you alive IF YOU DON’T FUCKING -’’

I stopped myself when I realised that we past the building long about and that soon, we’ll cross another line of train that was perpendicular to ours. Which that means that if Peter didn’t pulled me up, I will hit the railway line and die.


‘’And you still don’t want to be sweet with me, even if your life depends on me. You know, I don’t think I can -’’


With all of his strenght, he (finally) pulled me back to the train, but when he did it so strongly that I fall on him. Instinctively, I put my hands on either side of his head to hold me while his hands were grabbing my waist. Our faces were at less than an each from each others.

‘’I didn’t know I could make you fall so easily’’ He teased with a smirk on his face.

‘’You’re a fucking idiot, Peter’’

I tried to get up, but he rolled over me, placing all of his weigh on my body. One of his hand was still on my waist and the other one was above my head.

‘’What are you doing, get off me!’’ I shout while debating me.

Easily, he took my wrist in only one of his hands. I had trouble breathing, knowing that I was trapped under him. He approached his mouth from my ear. Feeling his burning breathe down my neck just made me wanted to throw up.

 ‘’Continue to debate you, it just makes me want to kiss you even more’’ he whispered.

His lips were about to touch mine when I heard heavy steps coming closer. Peter quickly get up just to get pushed on the ground. I slowly get up while watching Peter getting beating the shit out of him by thoses tattoos and piercings, which could only mean Eric. After he made sure that Peter was knock out, he walked toward me.

‘’Are you ok, (Y/N)?’’ He gently pressed his hands on my shoulders and examed me, making sure that I didn’t get beated.

I stared at him with my eyebrows frowned. I never knew he could be sweet, and I never thought he could be something else than a jerk.

‘’Yes, thanks’’ I mumbled.

He left my chin, his gaze anchored into mine.

‘’Next time, you’re going to jump with me’’

‘’Why did you care?’’ I softly asked, hypnotized by his blue eyes.

He simply smile at me and gently pressed his lips against mine.

hi my name is taylor and i’m completely fed up with (some of) this fandom.

here’s why (and excuse my rambling, i can’t help it):

i joined this fandom in november 2014. season 2 of the 100 had just begun, and i was so happy to be in an environment where people got along (i came from the les mis fandom, people fought… a lot), and supported each other for the most part. there were a few bad eggs, and a few big fights, but nothing that would scare off an innocent newbie like myself, so i settled in and started making gifs, writing meta posts, writing poetry and making friends with some lovely people. mind you, i shipped bellarke from the beginning, because 1x08 made me really fall in love with the two of them and i binged all of season 1 before even venturing into the fandom on tumblr. so, i knew before i even met anyone or read anything that those two were my pairing, i loved them even if they weren’t canon, and everyone seemed to acknowledge that their relationship was something special, even if they didn’t ship them romantically. things were good. tumblr, for me, was a safe, happy place that i could turn to at the end of the day and ‘hang out’ with my friends. and then 2x05 happened.

when lexa appeared and revealed herself as the commander, i thought it was fucking awesome. AWESOME. more badass female characters, HBICs that are not going to take any of your bullshit and will slit your throat without blinking. yes. i am here for that. everything was fine and dandy until the season began to progress and clarke and lexa’s relationship became more and more involved. never ONCE did i have an issue with clarke and lexa becoming involved romantically (especially not because i shipped something different), but one major issue did begin to surface. people that shipped clarke and lexa, better known to the fandom as clexa, started to take on this idea that bellarke shippers were less than they were because their ship was canon. I GET IT. I REALLY DO. your ship has become real, all the heart eyes and longing stares came to a beautiful culmination that was the clexa kiss in bodyguard of lies, IT WAS GREAT. bisexual representation!!!!! yes! hallelujah for rothenberg and shumway and all the other people that made this happen and brought this character to life. clarke griffin represents a body of people that are rarely acknowledged and that’s beautiful. CLARKE AND LEXA TOGETHER IS NOT THE ISSUE WHATSOEVER. 

(some of the) clarke and lexa shippers, however, are.

the amount of hate, condescension and pure cruelty i’ve seen from that side of the fandom in relation to bellarke shippers is absolutely ridiculous. i can completely understand and agree with the fact that some bellarke shippers are overzealous and abrasive, as that happens with every. single. fandom. in the world. but that doesn’t fucking matter. that doesn’t give anyone the right to make someone feel stupid or less than because they like something you don’t like. bellarke shippers, who make up a HUGE fraction of this fandom, are constantly being belittled and spoken to like we are all fucking children who can’t understand the ~complexity that is clexa. give me a fucking break. these people spend their time and dedicate a portion of their lives to this show and making art and gifs and other things because they love it. 

by making them feel stupid and childish for shipping that pairing, you are ruining and tainting something that they love

what happens when too many people tell you that you’re stupid? or childish? or a heternormative dumbfuck who doesn’t want to see queer representation on a network television show? people stop loving the thing they used to love because they are sick and tired of being bullied

i’m 23 fucking years old and i feel bullied on this website almost every time i log on. it is not okay for fellow fans to behave this way, it is ABSOLUTELY not okay for the writers to behave this way and inadvertently ‘squad up’ with the people that are making others in this fandom feel like shit

*****this is not referring to all clexa shippers. obviously, some of them are beautiful flowers that i love and am friends with, that can co-habitate with bellarke shippers like it’s nothing (because that’s what decent humans do tbh) and i’m sorry to them for this post. i appreciate them for being awesome and not getting sucked into the hate.*****

people shouldn’t be deleting their tumblrs because of ship wars. people shouldn’t be messaging me telling me that they are crying because of something a clexa shipper said to them on anon. this is not the way fandom should be, especially not a fandom like the 100 that was once so united and awesome and familial. it’s really fucking sad. 

i’d just like to say that if you are being bullied or spoken to in a way that you don’t appreciate, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. you are absolutely, 100% allowed to love what you love. if you can’t stand up for yourself and you just want to vent, my inbox is ALWAYS open and i am always ready to listen. you are not alone in this. 

i’ve noticed recently that whenever i make a post where i’m outward about my distaste for disrespectful fandom members, i lose followers like i’m getting paid to do it. honestly, that’s completely fine. this post will probably cause a lot of that too, but that’s not something i’m concerned about at this point. i feel like this needs to be said and i have no problem with being the one that stands up and says it.

tl;dr - i’m tired of being treated like a child. i’m tired of fucking ship wars. i’m tired of fucking posts like this. i’m tired of this fandom being split in two and the writer’s making the problem 10x worse. if the 100 isn’t something that makes you happy anymore, you do not need to feel guilty for leaving it behind. at this point, i don’t blame you at all.