but other than that i really like it ~



((my friend found this other amazing dub of this comic! i hadn’t known about it… it’s very good!

reminder that anyone is more than welcome to dub my stuff, but i’d really like to know about it, and of course be credited for the original art! ><))



Now that I am able to breathe again, let me just say that this was so unexpected that I have already blown through 2 of my New Years resolutions. I really don’t swear much, but I will throw it out there when I get really impassioned about something (or dealing with idiots), and I have used the “f” word more in the last 3 hours than I have since Christmas. My other was to give up sugar, but I broke out the vodka and made a nice cosmo to toast this amazing evening!

I don’t know , and don’t care why all of this is happening, but I am just giddy. Seeing Sam and Cait together like this has been fabulous, and I am just over the moon. Sam looks better than we have seen him in months, and his look (love the leather jacket!), hair, and the sheer joy on his face makes me swoon! And Cait…OMG!! Ya’ll know that I think she is the bomb, but when she decides to sex it up….look out. KA-BOOM is an understatement, and just watch Sam if you don’t believe it.

As for the others there tonight, I am CONVINCED that they are supportive of these two, and nothing more. So, they get no more flack or print space from me.

If people watched these two gorgeous people walk this red carpet and still think there is nothing between them…they are fucking idiots….period!!

So, I am off to bask in all of this SamCaitness, and try to figure out how to get my ass to look like that. Until then, I am having another drink, and a cookie!

Love you all sweet shipsters, and raise your glass. It has been a monumental day!!❤❤❤

Jeremy: [lance]’ll find that one person that above all you kind of fall in love with a little bit and realize that it’s nice to have that one person than kind of just going all over the place. Not spoiling too much, but yeah. He’ll mature in all ways.

Jeremy: [Lance] and Keith are like frenemies. So just more of their bromance, you know. That’d be awesome. If any time we can put the two of them together, they’re just funny because they, like, hate each other but also really like each other as friends and teammates. So I’m saying more of that, because that’d be cool.


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because I have really horrible anxiety, i tend to get super sensitive about things. i can’t handle negativity or people being petty, rude, or mean. i don’t like it as do other people i know. this is a general announcement but try to think before you speak. sometimes people including myself tend to take things more seriously than they should and it’s not their fault. just be kind, there’s no need to be an asshole about things. you never know the things or what someone else might be experiencing or living with.

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I'm feeling a bit creepy and intrusive right now but if you watch robert carlyle interview (it's on youtube) at 2.26 you can see on the left Cait getting her jacket back from T and chatting with him while she waits for Sam. I think the body language difference is very telling

I know, I’ve seen it. I just didn’t really want to discuss it for obvious reasons. The way they behave around each other is nothing like the way Sam and Cait behave. I didn’t see anything that said they were anything more than platonic friends. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject. I ship Sam and Cait and they’re the ones I’m interested in. No one else :) 


I don’t know what to say other than I really like this moment here. Here, Rick acknowledges that what he’s doing here could be seen as a bit of hypocritical, that he’s replaced alternate versions of himself before. But he also just knows that this situation is different. 

And it is. Rick’s switched universes before and replaced other Ricks without others knowing, sure. But as we’ve seen with in “Rick Potion #9″, he only replaces Ricks that just died around that time. Meanwhile Doofus Jerry is living the life of a man who misses his wife and kids dearly right now. The man whose life he’s living is now suffering because he couldn’t let go of a chance at overcoming more challenges.

Sometimes it kinda feels like people are in denial about the fact that other Afterdeath ship children can exist besides Goth.


I’ve actually been intending to create an Afterdeath ship child named Dean for a few months now, and I finally got around to designing him.

Why Dean?

… don’t ask.

Anyway, he’s like a huge freakin edgelord teenager, but he really cares about the people close to him and he’s actually a lot smarter than he looks.

Also, there’s supposed to be a Gaster Blaster design on the back of his coat.

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Did you see Jensen said Destiel don't exist? On a scale of one to ten how pissed are you at your wonderboy right now?

I have been staring at this for like 15 minutes not sure if I should even bother with an answer. I am gonna comment on this once and only once.

Destiel doesn’t exist. Neither does Dean and Cas really. They are fictional. Destiel is not canon. It will never be canon. 

Yes I ship them BUT I also love the friendship and I have loved the friendship for longer than the ship. 

I would appriciate you would not call anyone names on my blog. I don’t care if it is Jensen, Misha, Jared, Danneel, other fans. It is not welcome. 

On the pissed scale. I am no pissed. I am dissappointed. Not in Jensen. In this fandom and the way some people find it appropriate to behave at cons, on tumblr and in general. 

I am dissappointed in the lack of respect I have seen towards the actors, their families and each other as of late. This has always been a problem but it flares up every so often and lately it has me wondering if it is time to take a break from the fandom. 

The hate and malious is getting too much. Please behave, treat our boys and their families with respect. Please think before you lay your life stories or force your ships onto them at cons. Please think before you communicate with other fans on social media.

We can love the show for different reasons and we can respect each other still. At the very least we can not send each other hate or put the actors down for how they view their characters. 

Also Dean belongs to Jensen more than us. Maybe listen to him a little once in a while instead of jumping to name calling the second he says something you don’t like. 


ok i love yuri on ice and i enjoy killing stalking but???? they quite literally have NOTHING in common other than having lgbt+ characters and it’s really gross to lump them together just because of that??? it’s okay to enjoy them both but you should enjoy them separately??

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Tweeted 15 minutes ago, says Harry is in LA. The bag does look like Harry's bag. But the hair looks quite short! So idk tbh. twitter*com/i_need_styles94/status/823225931179429888

The bag looks familiar, but other than that I really can’t tell who that is. We’ll see if we get something else.

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The idea of Haggar losing her ability to shapeshift as she advanced in magic sounds really cool, but what if the Alteans have the ability to do magic AND shapeshift and as they grow stronger in one, they grow weaker in the other? Like, Altean children are taught magic and how to shapeshift, but as Haggar grew closer to Zarkon, she realized magic was a better ally than shapeshifting so she worked more on that and lost the ability to shapeshift. A small rabbit trail of your headcanon, sorry.

tell me more please, i am all about this!! however (i only watched the season finale once so i may be wrong) it looked like allura was rather surprised she could somewhat control the magic?? it may be a part of altean culture that hasn’t been explored or an ability that was thought to be lost/was discovered while allura was in the cyropod. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but i totally love this headcanon!!

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Hey what expansion pack would you say is your favorite? I think I'd like to try one soon

hi! I don’t know if I have a favourite actually… I like little things about all of them but I don’t overall love one more than the others. I really like the careers in gtw but they can get repetitive, windenburg is beautiful but also pretty much all I liked about get together, and apartments were alright. it just comes down to what you’re into for your game I guess! 


I made a ridiculous AMV featuring none other than the new star of the paranormal world: REIGEN ARATAKA!

“Taste like chicken” Because it is - from Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen located in Magic Kingdom.

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Keith crumbling under the pressure of taking on the role of leader. Just breaking down sobbing because he's so stressed out and the rest of the team is in shock and feel bad because they didn't realize how much pressure they were putting on Keith.

ahhh poor boy. i think the mere task of having to take shiro’s place alone would (will?) weigh on him more than anything. i think he’s the kind of guy to put more pressure on himself than to let others pressure him, but i do like the thought of allura really getting on him out of grief/lingering bitterness. i don’t think he would cry for himself – i can see him taking out his frustration and angst in angry outbursts and long training sessions, and maybe breaking down crying when the training bot overwhelms him because he’s not thinking clearly and he can’t contain his grief about shiro any longer. 

I love when people who aren’t anarchists or even leftists at all reblog my shit and try to teach me about what anarchism really is. Like how they think we have no moral compasses and no common goals other than chaos and hurting people. 

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So we all know War has tiny fangs. Can we get headcanons about the other three's teeth?

Death: I’m thinking like, really prominent vampire fangs, but all of his teeth seem to sharpen to a slight point.

Strife: Similar to War, small fangs, but a little blunter than his brother’s because Strife tends to grind his teeth a lot.

Fury: I hope she has little tusks, like two teeth that protrude from the bottom jaw slightly. Only visible when she opens her mouth.