but only if she consented

Why I like Joker x Harley in the Suicide Squad movie. *SPOILERS*

First of all I wanna preface this by saying that I don’t like the JokerxHarley ship in like anything else. I really wanted to like it, because I think they work very well as a Bonnie/Clyde style relationship, but thats just not what Joker and Harley have been about up to now, the Joker never really gives a shit about Harley, except in Suicide Squad. Why? To list a few reasons:

Lets compare the scene where Harley bleaches her skin. The joker in the comics tosses Harley into the chemical vat by force as she screams “NO!” and generally takes a while to get down to pull her out, she very well could have drowned, but then again, what does comic book Joker care? He doesn’t really care if Harley lives or dies. So to summarize, comic book Joker not only doesnt care if she consents or not, but he doesn’t give a shit about her, and of course, the more obvious, Harley herself never consents to being thrown into the vat.

Now, let’s take a look at the Suicide Squad version of this scene. Joker asks Harley if she wants to be with him. He’s practically telling her to acknowledge he’s nuts and if she actually wants to be with someone who’s nuts. He even says, “Careful, do not say this oath thoughtlessly”. He’s giving her a chance to back off. Continuing, while already miles ahead of comic joker, Harley jumps in by her own will, and Joker who turns around and begins to walk off, perhaps because he thinks he’s above jumping in with her, maybe because he even wants to think he’s above caring for her, after a sudden change of heart, as shown by his facial expressions, throws his jacket off and jumps in with her, before pulling her out to make sure she doesn’t drown and kissing her. This joker is fully well aware he’s in love with Harley, and he might’ve struggled with it at first, he might’ve tried to fight it off which might explain the torture scenes in the asylum.

Moving on, let’s discuss the club scene. The thug who comes to visit the Joker calls Harley a “bad bitch”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the Joker is pissed when he hears that, I mean look at his face. So he plays a joke on the guy. He calls Harley over to ‘give her to him’. Of course, he has no intention on giving her to him, the second he reciprocates Harley’s advances, he wouldve put a bullet between his eyes. Harley, probably in on the joke out of spending so much time with him and understanding how he works, is extra provocative, barking at him and giggling on his lap. When she says you’re cute, Joker gets up and starts walking around to perhaps get better aim, but look at his face. He’s agitated as fuck. And then, she proceeds to say “I’m all yours” and Joker’s face is nothing but hatred, in fact, he probably thinks the joke’s gone too far by now. Seeing his anger, the thug rejects Harley’s advances in an attempt to save his life, but the Joker shoots him anyway, now even more infuriated that he saw this exchange go down between him and Harley, even though he made it happen. 

Next, the animated series Joker is more agitated if anything whenever Harley finds her way back to him. But lets take a look at what Suicide Squad Joker does when his Harley goes missing. He looks himself in a room and neatly lines it with alcohol and guns and knives, probably what remind him of Harley and sits in the middle of it, just reminiscing. Also if I remember correctly theres a Harley outfit on a mannequin in the background, but don’t quote me on that. Next, when someone comes in, he’s agitated, he’s irritable, he points a gun and nearly shoots one of his goons just for entering his room. Why? He’s irritable and agitated and in a terrible mood because he’s lost someone he cares about so much, and that interruption probably broke him out of a trance or something.

Finally, while comic book Joker from what I have heard has busted Harley out of prison before, comic book Harley is much more ‘powerful’ in terms of the universe in comparison to this Harley. Suicide Squad Harley is probably one of the weaker characters, Joker has plenty of people to replace her with. That honestly doesn’t stop him though from going out of his way to find a way to deactivate her bomb implant, and hijack a helicopter, and rescue her. When she climbs up on the helicopter, he’s very obviously delighted to be reunited with her, as much as he is angry when she falls off. In fact, it doesn’t even look like he’s angry at all that he’s in a near death situation, he’s more pissed at the fact that right after his reunion with Harley, she’s snatched away from him again. And even when his helicopter crashes, he still somehow comes back to bust her out of jail, honestly, this Joker has plenty of goons that can do Harley’s job as a member of the gang, but I don’t think anyone can replace her in his heart.

Is it a traditional ideal relationship? Probably not. I mean they’re both lunatics, but its not abusive like traditional Harley and Joker, which is something I don’t ship and I genuinely feel terrible for classic Harley for being with someone like that. But as for their iterations in Suicide Squad? I will ship it thank you very much. 

Rant Over.


One of my favorite things about Pearl is how much she has grown as a character. I love how only after asking for Garnet’s consent does she fuse into Sardonyx, I think she’s realized just how serious fusion truly is. Pearl isn’t perfect, she makes mistakes, but she learns from them and that’s what really matters.

“Indeed Ava was stunningly beautiful. Her simplicity and total lack of pretence only heightened this beauty. The Studio was well known for its assembly-line treatment used to produce a chain of look-alike dolls that conformed to the MGM aesthetic model. Ava had absolutely no need to be remade. She acquiesced to much of the procedure, but put her foot down when it came to plucking out her eyebrows and replacing them with a thin pencil line. Sydney Guilaroff, MGM’s master hairstylist, who later became Ava’s friend, recalled:

"She had so much elegance and natural beauty that instinctively she resisted MGM’s elaborate makeup process, consenting only to a light coat of pancake. She applied her own lipstick and added a little mascara to her eyelashes, then powdered down. She rather liked a sheen on her face, a natural tone value, and I admired and encouraged her for that.”

- from Ava’s bio by Gilles Dagneau Beautiful, Wild, Innocent

Evangeline hands the kind templar a letter with trembling hands.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Cullen?” she asks him, her eyes wide and full of hope. If she were being honest, she would have openly begged, made him promise he would.

“I… know your sister. A little. She looks a lot like you.” he rubs the back of his neck and his blush is telling. “Do you mind if I read it? It is my duty to watch the mages, you know, and I can’t have you plotting escape…” his voice trailed off as he averted his gaze from her. She only nods her consent.

Dear Sister,

I know it has been so long, and this letter will be short as I haven’t much time to write. I want you to know that I am alive and… generally well. I have missed you with all of my heart, and part of me fears you have forgotten me by now. I don’t know what else to say. I don’t know if this letter will reach you, and I don’t know if you will ever get to respond, just know that I love you and I think about you every day. 

With love,

Episode 14:

Chanting and sarcasm, great start to any episode of a show.

Creepy whispers in Latin and flocks of crows don’t give off such good vibes however.

Okay I am 300% sure that there is definitely something up with Perry.

I know there’s a lot going on but give Carmilla a bit of a break.

I love Mattie.

J.P with the knowledge! Temporarily cutting through evil plans like butter.

Laura you really can’t volunteer her without her consent.

Plus Mattie is probably the only family she has left and seems like the only family that hasn’t treated her like complete shit.

I am no longer alive, I might actually be dead. Someone ask Laf if they can Frankenstein one more! 

5760) My mum keeps telling me she doesn't believe I am Trans. She consently misgenders me and only calls me by my birth name -even though my name is legally changed-. Even my GIC Dr corrected her and she kept doing it. Not sure i can handle much more