but only if she consented

Another pet peeve regarding anti-Catholicism: people who claim that Mary was raped even though Scripture couldn’t have been more blatantly obvious in demonstrating her consent. (I’m not even going to get into how the Incarnation of Christ didn’t even involve physical intercourse to begin with)

Just…no. This is the first sign someone has never read the Bible in their life. It’s written in plain text right there exactly how it went down. God sent an angel to tell Mary her purpose in God’s plan, and when she asked “By how shall this be done, for I know not man?” (meaning she wanted to know how she would conceive a son since she was both a virgin and didn’t want to cheat on her husband) the angel explained it to her that the Holy Spirit will overshadow her and allow her to conceive a son in her womb. Then, and only then, did she say yes, and Jesus wasn’t conceived a moment sooner than that.So to review: she was told what was wanted of her, she was explained how it would happen, and was asked for informed consent before she emphatically gave it and only then did anything further occur. Her decision was, even by modern standards, completely respected in the matter.

teach your girl to say no, to spit no like fire, to never apologize for it. her spine: NO. her fists: NO. her teeth all NO together.

but first and more importantly, teach your boy to see no, hear no, understand no before it’s spelled out for him. have him take “no” easily, not as an excuse to keep trying.

have him feel “no” like a change in the air so that he can infer it without so much as a word. don’t settle for no as just as the dictionary definition, show him no in body language, in “i’d rather not,” in “yes, but i’m drunk.”

teach him that “no” is not “convince me,” teach him to accept it gently, without violence, without feeling that he’s having something “denied” to him. “no” is not “take it from my fingers.” no is a shrug, is “i’m not sure,” no is a look, a scared smile, a terrified giggle. No is in the pocket of her clothes, no matter what they look like.

have him assume “no,” not “yes, unless otherwise stated.” girls are not swings on the playground, he cannot be upset when they don’t “share” themselves with him. there is no sharing, she is not an object. of a girl he sees on the street who doesn’t give him her number or react well to what he calls her: teach him she is not taking from him what is due, she is not denying him, she has never and will never belong to him. she will be his only after explicit and repeated consent and only by that alone. 

do me a favor

teach him no.

The Grass is Always Green (TG Quickie)

               Eric finished off Madison with a massive shot of cum that made her squeal.

               “Holy shit!” Madison squealed. “It’s so fucking good!”

As far as Madison was aware, Eric was a perfect boyfriend, but Eric hadn’t just had his fun with Madison. No, Eric had many, many girlfriends, all he could perfectly coordinate so he was never forced to reveal his horrid secret. However, tonight he didn’t take everything into consideration and low and behold his other girlfriend Sharla walked in on the two making love. Sharla screamed in anger, hit Eric, and ran off; Madison followed suit as she hit Eric as well running off naked down the apartment hallway.

“All well, there’s more where that came from,” Eric chuckled, not realizing the mess he was about to create.

Not too long after many of Eric’s girlfriends found out about his scheme, and Eric’s empire of lovers quickly fell apart leaving him alone, or at least just for now. Many of Eric’s girlfriends knew that if they didn’t do something to stop Eric he would just begin his charade again with other girls, so they devised a plan to take care of Eric once and for all.

The group of girls marched up to Eric’s apartment one week later, and snuck inside using the spare keys Eric had given all of them. They hid inside Eric’s apartment for a few hours until he finally got home. He walked in around midnight obviously drunk as he wobbled for his bed. The girls all hopped out at once grabbing Eric and holding him up against the wall. Eric panicked, and began to yell but Madison took a piece of duct tape and wrapped it around his mouth, so he was unable to make a single peep. She gave him a devious smile. Eric eyes widened in fear.

The girls stripped him all his clothes revealing his erect member.

“Disgusting piece of shit,” Sharla said, taking out a needle filled with a strange clear liquid.

That liquid as Eric would come to find out was a highly toxic hormone alteration drug that cause all his male hormones to shift to female. One needle wouldn’t be able to do too much damage, but that wouldn’t be an issue as each girl had their own needle along with other hormonal alteration drugs and pills. All the girls charged at Eric pinning him with the needles. Eric’s body began to twist and contort, as he violently shook about. Madison ripped off the duct and forced Eric to cough down some pills, and medicine as Eric’s body began to shrink. The girls all laughed leaving Eric to suffer alone in his apartment as his hormones rapidly began to change.

A few hours later the landowner made his way upstairs to Eric’s apartment to see what the commotion was about. He gave a few hard knocks on the door, but when no one answered he used a spare to get into the apartment. The landowner looked around the apartment, he walked over into Eric’s bedroom but found no one there, only a pile of empty needles and pill canisters. The landowner startled by this stepped back to make a dash for the front door, that’s when he heard a slam come from the other side.

The landowner ran around to find a young petite teenager girl, only wearing green panties standing there. She looked like she wanted to say something, like she was holding in some huge secret that she wanted to blurt out. However, instead of speaking all she did was brush aside her long hair to reveal her small breasts. The landowner who was in his in his later 30s didn’t know what to make of this. He did however notice the girl was emitting a strange green glow. The longer he seemed to stare at the girl the more he grew to have thoughts of sex. This was by no means the man thinking this himself as that strange green light was caused by the combination of all the medications and shots used on Eric. He had become a young teenage girl who had lost control of her body, and that green light was radioactive and would cause any male who looked at it for too long to become infatuated with Eric and want to fuck her. Eric sadly could only consent to this sex as she herself had lost control of her body, and become incredibly horny in the process.

In the end, you could say Eric got what she wanted. She always wanted sex and attention, and now she had that for the rest of her life.

Red Velvet Reaction to: Proposing to You

@joohyunsoojung: can u please do how red velvet would propose to you please?? love your writing heaps!

a/n: thank you so, so much! I’m sorry for the long wait but I hope you enjoy! >.<

Irene: This old fashioned gal wanted to stick to tradition. She’ll ask for your parents blessing and only with their consent, will she plan the proposal. You arrive home to a home cooked meal, candles burning and the lights dimmed. After dinner, she brings out two glasses of very expensive champagne. As you tilt the glass back, something … metallic … touches your lips.

From the glass, you fish out a ring.

“Oh my gosh,” you gasp, understanding what was about to happen.

Smiling, Joohyun gets up and down on one knee. She’s so small that she has to peer at you over the table, her cheeks flushed.

“Well?” she asks. “Would you do me the honour of being mine, forever?”

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Wendy: Proposes on stage, at the end of a concert. She wants to share this moment with the fans, who she feels deserve to know about her love and who she hopes will support her. The girls all know her plan and watch excitedly as Wendy speaks to the crowd in English: “Although this is the end of the concert, there is one thing that I want to say. You all know about (Y/N), right?”

The crowd yells back.

“Well, they’re here tonight and I have something very important to ask them. (Y/N), can you come on stage, please?” The crowd, even those who don’t speak English, understand what’s about to happen. Their screams are deafening but heartwarming, yelling words of support in various languages. The feeling of love was suffocating and you were in tears the second Seungwan dropped to one knee.

“(Y/N), will you marry me?”

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Seulgi: She plans the moment thoroughly, for months on end. She wants it to be perfect. Seulgi wants to propose in front of your family, at Christmas time (if you celebrate it) with the snow falling outside. She’s completely calm until D-Day, when you’re unwrapping your present and find a black box.

“A ring? It’s beautiful!”

The nerves hit her and she feels so aware of your family staring at her as she tells you; “It’s not just a ring. It’s an engagement ring - I mean, it is if you accept. But I haven’t asked a question yet so …” She stumbles on her words, annoyed that she’s forgotten the speech she had all planned out. “Do you want to marry me?” she concludes.

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Joy: For once, she’ll be calm externally. Inside, she’s screaming but on the outside, she’s reserved and cool. She won’t do the traditional knee drop but she’ll book a romantic dinner, hoping to set the mood. After dessert, she’ll slide the black box across the table, nervously fixing her hair. It feels as if the entire restaurant is watching but she knows that’s just in her head.

“Will you …?” She chokes, unable to finish but you understand. Now, she just has to anxiously await your response.

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Yeri: Needed her unnies help, for sure. She was so nervous and anxious, unsure of how to propose and afraid of a possible rejection. Having them help her and support her as she proposes, feels reassuring. She wouldn’t get down on one knee, simply standing instead and nervously pulling the black box from her pocket, fumbling to open it.

“Will you marry me?” Her voice is strong but the way her hands tremble betray her true emotions. This was the most nerve wracking moment of her life.

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Will I die if I give Morrowstar a hug? (Would she even give me consent?)

 I… can only hope you wouldn’t die, anon. Morrowstar thrives from affection and attention, she would definitely consent for hug. 

This is more morrowstar giving rather than receiving hug but im gonna toss it back out there for ya anyways 

Why I like Joker x Harley in the Suicide Squad movie. *SPOILERS*

First of all I wanna preface this by saying that I don’t like the JokerxHarley ship in like anything else. I really wanted to like it, because I think they work very well as a Bonnie/Clyde style relationship, but thats just not what Joker and Harley have been about up to now, the Joker never really gives a shit about Harley, except in Suicide Squad. Why? To list a few reasons:

Lets compare the scene where Harley bleaches her skin. The joker in the comics tosses Harley into the chemical vat by force as she screams “NO!” and generally takes a while to get down to pull her out, she very well could have drowned, but then again, what does comic book Joker care? He doesn’t really care if Harley lives or dies. So to summarize, comic book Joker not only doesnt care if she consents or not, but he doesn’t give a shit about her, and of course, the more obvious, Harley herself never consents to being thrown into the vat.

Now, let’s take a look at the Suicide Squad version of this scene. Joker asks Harley if she wants to be with him. He’s practically telling her to acknowledge he’s nuts and if she actually wants to be with someone who’s nuts. He even says, “Careful, do not say this oath thoughtlessly”. He’s giving her a chance to back off. Continuing, while already miles ahead of comic joker, Harley jumps in by her own will, and Joker who turns around and begins to walk off, perhaps because he thinks he’s above jumping in with her, maybe because he even wants to think he’s above caring for her, after a sudden change of heart, as shown by his facial expressions, throws his jacket off and jumps in with her, before pulling her out to make sure she doesn’t drown and kissing her. This joker is fully well aware he’s in love with Harley, and he might’ve struggled with it at first, he might’ve tried to fight it off which might explain the torture scenes in the asylum.

Moving on, let’s discuss the club scene. The thug who comes to visit the Joker calls Harley a “bad bitch”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the Joker is pissed when he hears that, I mean look at his face. So he plays a joke on the guy. He calls Harley over to ‘give her to him’. Of course, he has no intention on giving her to him, the second he reciprocates Harley’s advances, he wouldve put a bullet between his eyes. Harley, probably in on the joke out of spending so much time with him and understanding how he works, is extra provocative, barking at him and giggling on his lap. When she says you’re cute, Joker gets up and starts walking around to perhaps get better aim, but look at his face. He’s agitated as fuck. And then, she proceeds to say “I’m all yours” and Joker’s face is nothing but hatred, in fact, he probably thinks the joke’s gone too far by now. Seeing his anger, the thug rejects Harley’s advances in an attempt to save his life, but the Joker shoots him anyway, now even more infuriated that he saw this exchange go down between him and Harley, even though he made it happen. 

Next, the animated series Joker is more agitated if anything whenever Harley finds her way back to him. But lets take a look at what Suicide Squad Joker does when his Harley goes missing. He looks himself in a room and neatly lines it with alcohol and guns and knives, probably what remind him of Harley and sits in the middle of it, just reminiscing. Also if I remember correctly theres a Harley outfit on a mannequin in the background, but don’t quote me on that. Next, when someone comes in, he’s agitated, he’s irritable, he points a gun and nearly shoots one of his goons just for entering his room. Why? He’s irritable and agitated and in a terrible mood because he’s lost someone he cares about so much, and that interruption probably broke him out of a trance or something.

Finally, while comic book Joker from what I have heard has busted Harley out of prison before, comic book Harley is much more ‘powerful’ in terms of the universe in comparison to this Harley. Suicide Squad Harley is probably one of the weaker characters, Joker has plenty of people to replace her with. That honestly doesn’t stop him though from going out of his way to find a way to deactivate her bomb implant, and hijack a helicopter, and rescue her. When she climbs up on the helicopter, he’s very obviously delighted to be reunited with her, as much as he is angry when she falls off. In fact, it doesn’t even look like he’s angry at all that he’s in a near death situation, he’s more pissed at the fact that right after his reunion with Harley, she’s snatched away from him again. And even when his helicopter crashes, he still somehow comes back to bust her out of jail, honestly, this Joker has plenty of goons that can do Harley’s job as a member of the gang, but I don’t think anyone can replace her in his heart.

Is it a traditional ideal relationship? Probably not. I mean they’re both lunatics, but its not abusive like traditional Harley and Joker, which is something I don’t ship and I genuinely feel terrible for classic Harley for being with someone like that. But as for their iterations in Suicide Squad? I will ship it thank you very much. 

Rant Over.

So you know when you’re listening to a song and the writing inspiration just hits? Has anyone else heard Marry Me by Emilie Autumn and thought of batb possibilities? 

If not here we go ~

I’m thinking Plumette is the daughter of a nobel who had too many daughters and not enough money, so he agrees to marry her off to a wealthy business partner, who is about three times her age and she’s only in her teens without her consent at all. She’s forced through the wedding and packed off to his stately home in the middle of no where in the country side, just her, him and his tiny number of staff. He only wanted the marriage to get an heir out of her and abuses her, he’s a horrible old man with a nasty cruel side. The only person who cares about her is the young Footman who is also in his teens (Our babu Lumiere) He hates his master for how he is and how he treats Plumette but can’t stand up to him in fear of loosing his job and her being hurt more. 

Slowly the pair of them grow very close and fall in love, deciding to eventually run away together and she leaves behind her life of wealth and fine dresses to escape with him, finally both managing to get jobs together half way across the country at Adam’s palace. 

(I’ll write this into an actual thing when I’m not so tired and covered in glitter this will just remind me to get it done)

schizophrenicdyke replied to your post “I will literally fight anyone who tries to exclude bisexual women from…”

that’s much more clear than your op, but now I’m wondering if you’re saying all lesbians who have been involved with men are bisexual? esp w/ your comment about sappho being bi

Only if that’s a label that she consents to.

I mean… That’s literally the crux of what I’m trying to get across. If a woman wants to communicate an interest in men by calling herself ‘bisexual’ then that’s great but if she doesn’t want to express an interest in men and instead wants to just communicate that she’s attracted to other women then people need to back off and not police her ability to call herself ‘lesbian.’

There’s a whole truck-load of reasons why any Sapphic woman would want to not communicate sexual interest in men. Literally every lesbian should understand how important this is so it really angers me when I see bisexual women being told they’re not allowed to express their sexual orientation without also centering men. That’s literally what I mean when I talk about bi women identifying as lesbian.

Women should not be required to center or include men in the way they express their attraction to other women. Period.

… and that includes women who in other contexts identify as bisexual. The fact that they choose to not include their attraction to men at any given time is freaking valid and important and why in god’s name would you go out of your way to try and take that away from someone?!

Wrap it

Luke Hemmings


Could you do an imagine where you’re like 16 so quite a bit younger than Luke and Liz walks in on you having sex and then is like Luke can I speak to you and she’s like I’m not sure you should be doing stuff like that with her she’s so young and yeah. I know you’re busy but if you find time 😊

Luke’s POV

She felt so good. Almost too good, my princess writhing underneath me, her moans muffled by my mouth. My sweaty forehead pressed to hers, my matted hairs against her knotty ones, her perfect teeth gently biting my shoulder that sent pleasant tingles throughout my body.

She was close, I could feel that and I only wanted to push her right through it. She clenched slightly around me, making me groan quietly as she breathed heavily in my ear, her nails raking down my back.

“L-huke.” She gasped into my ear as I pulled her closer to me, her back arching into me as I urged her on.

“Come on, beautiful.” She whimpered as she finally hit the edge, pressing her face into my chest to quieten herself. A few more thrusts and I hit mine too, my nose in her hair as I felt the condom fill.

We were so lost in our euphoria that we stayed like that, until a loud bang sounded our ears, causing us to whip up like rabbits in headlights whilst we were still stuck in our warm embrace.

There was a small squeak from outside as I groaned.

“That was your mum wasn’t it.” She scrunched her nose up in embarrassment as there was a slight knock at the door. I sighed, getting up to pull on my clothes as it went on.

“Uh, sorry, can I please talk to Luke?” I raised an eyebrow at her question, like we really wanted to talk to her this soon after she saw us both naked and very, very compromised.

I watched Y/N throw her head back, gripping the covers to her chest as she burrowed underneath them.

“Have fun.” She giggled as I throw her bra at her, making her squeal a little with my smile.

I hesitated as I reached for the door handle, bracing myself as I had to look into my mom’s eyes when she knew exactly what I was doing. I took a deep breath, opening it and sliding out into the hallway where my mother clutched a pile of laundry, looking anywhere but me.

She wordlessly handed the pile to me; still looking elsewhere as I took it and she finally met her eyes with me.

“Right, uh, now, Luke.” She coughed a little, a slight blush grazing her cheeks. “I know I raised you well enough to be, uh, safe. But I don’t think that you and Y/N, well she,”

“Mom.” I frowned, cutting off her stuttering.

“She’s only sixteen, Luke. She’s too young.” She lowered her voice so I could only hear her.

“She’s legal. And she consents.” I argued as my mum in took her breath sharply.

“I know that. And I know that you two obviously like each other, uh quite a bit.”

“I love her.” I corrected as she rolled her eyes.

“Okay, you love her. But there are other things you two could be doing, perhaps more productive than anti-producing?” I choked on a laugh, watching a smile roll out on her face.

“Mom, I’m going back on tour in a week. You’re expecting us to go on nature walks or something?” She hit my arm as I tried to stop laughing, but I couldn’t and I only shook my head.

Luke. Look I’m just saying that if you two get older, you’re gonna regret not doing other stuff together!”

“Mom, do you think we’re animals or something? Of course we do other stuff. Did you think all those stupid documentaries that you hate watching with me just disappeared? No, I make her watch them! We’ve been out all day!” I pshhed her as her small smile returned.

“She’s still too young for me.”

“I should think so, mother. You have dad and you have like 30 years on her.” She hit my arm again, laughing loudly.

“You know what I mean!” I nodded, still chuckling.

“I know mom, but it’s not your decision. Safety first!” I grabbed the pile of laundry from where I had put it on the floor, heading for my bedroom just as she smiled devilishly. I jimmied the door open as she shouted loudly.

“Luke, just remember. Wrap it before you tap it!” Laughing loudly when I choked on my smile, tripping in embarrassment. I heard her cackle as she went back downstairs.

I hope this was ok :)

You can request any type of writing here!


anonymous asked:

I had to stop reading The Wr/ath and the Da/wn when Shazi's servant/friend (Despina?) said Shazi must be special because Khalid had never slept with any of his wives before, aka Shazi is "special" for being the only wife Khalid raped. Shazi didn't give Khalid enthusiastic consent, she just accepted that she had to have sex with Khalid to keep up her cover, but like? No one seems to be talking about this book creating romance btwn a rapist and his victim????

i definitely found that aspect of the book to be really problematic and gross, i don’t think their relationship is something to aspire to at all. i mean it is important to remember that in that situation (royalty forcing people into marriage) is something that has happened and so it was realistic in that way. the story that it was based on also had that aspect in it. 

Tilda Swinton, as Orlando, reading in library in the 1992 film based on Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando: A Biography.

Queen Elizabeth I, on her deathbed, promises an androgynous young nobleman named Orlando a large tract of land and a castle built on it along with a generous monetary gift which she will only bequeath to him if he consents to her command, “Do not fade. Do not wither. Do not grow old.”

“…the only hope for rock'n'roll, aside from everybody playing nothing but shrieking atonal noise through arbitor distorters, is women. Balls are what ruined both rock and politics in the first place, and I demand the world be turned over to the female sex immediately. Only hope. Valerie Solanas was so much greater a prophet than Warhol that I can only pray she might consent to lead the group I’m forming. The absolute best rock'n'roll anywhere today is being played by women: the other night I saw God in the form of the Au Pairs, the Slits are stupendous, the Raincoats are better than London Calling or anything by Elvis Costello, Chrissie Hynde doesn’t count, Joan Jett deserves her place in the sun if not reparations, Lydia Lunch is the Female Role Model for the ‘80s besides being one of the greatest guitarists in the world … the list is endless. (Patti, come home!)”

- Lester Bangs, “Better Than the Beatles (and DNA Too!)”
The Village Voice, Jan 28-Feb 3, 1981.

Even if she hadn’t stood her ground and refused Biba, this would always have happened. Right from the start, Biba’s plan had always involved injecting Mumei with the blue blood serum once they reached Kongoukaku. The only difference lies in whether she consented to it or not (and that’s probably going to be a crucial difference in the end…)

1. Mumei had orders to meet with Biba again at Kongoukaku.

2. In ep. 10, right before Mumei enters the room, Biba’s scientists/doctors are having a discussion where one says “Are we really going to continue our plan without Soue-sama?” (the one who fell with Kurusu) and the reply is “We have no other choice.” Their plan is clearly to create another artificial fused colony.

3. The conversation between Horobi and Mumei in ep. 9 where Horobi, who already knows what her fate is to be, cautions Mumei to avoid overconfidence, telling her that those who underestimate their enemies don’t last long in this world, and that “death comes swiftly and unexpectedly”. Mumei’s reply is where it gets interesting:

That’s…a statement made with the knowledge that she will willingly die for Biba once they reach Kongoukaku, isn’t it?

Horobi also has a line earlier in this episode where she says to Biba “You decided to use me first because Mumei has returned, didn’t you?”. That implies that until Mumei was reunited with him, Biba’s plan had been to ‘save’ Horobi and only inject her once they reached Kongoukaku, because he needs at least one kabaneri for his planned revenge to work.

4. In ep. 10 we can see that Biba still has kabane aboard his train. He’s been collecting blood so that he can use them to cause chaos in Kongoukaku the same way he did at Iwato station.

I think Biba is making a big mistake to try the same tactic twice.

He shouldn’t have used Horobi when he did - she was the one who knew of his plans in full, and she understood the decision she was making and accepted the consequences. Her loyalty to Biba was absolute, and the strength of that loyalty is the only reason he’s still alive. But that’s not going to be the case with Mumei now, is it?

I really do think that Mumei is going to kill Biba.

Horobi’s conversation with Mumei can even be seen as foreshadowing. Biba will underestimate his enemies, and die for it.

(okay I gotta write the rest of my predictions soon)

Reading about false rape cases reminds me of back in 2010, the girl that told me she planned to scream rape after a guy broke up with her.  Telling me “I’ll ruin his military career, and that’ll show him!”

The whole time I’m thinking….what’s this prove?  I was glad to hear she didn’t go through with it, the only reason she didn’t was enough people knew she consented to sex with him.

I’ve been mad at people, but not that mad.

“Indeed Ava was stunningly beautiful. Her simplicity and total lack of pretence only heightened this beauty. The Studio was well known for its assembly-line treatment used to produce a chain of look-alike dolls that conformed to the MGM aesthetic model. Ava had absolutely no need to be remade. She acquiesced to much of the procedure, but put her foot down when it came to plucking out her eyebrows and replacing them with a thin pencil line. Sydney Guilaroff, MGM’s master hairstylist, who later became Ava’s friend, recalled:

"She had so much elegance and natural beauty that instinctively she resisted MGM’s elaborate makeup process, consenting only to a light coat of pancake. She applied her own lipstick and added a little mascara to her eyelashes, then powdered down. She rather liked a sheen on her face, a natural tone value, and I admired and encouraged her for that.”

- from Ava’s bio by Gilles Dagneau Beautiful, Wild, Innocent


One of my favorite things about Pearl is how much she has grown as a character. I love how only after asking for Garnet’s consent does she fuse into Sardonyx, I think she’s realized just how serious fusion truly is. Pearl isn’t perfect, she makes mistakes, but she learns from them and that’s what really matters.

Agents of SHIELD: Sexual Violence and the Double Standard Within the Fandom

Grant Ward: “You’re right Skye, you woke up a weakness inside me. And for the first time in a while I wanted something for myself. Maybe I’ll just take what I want, wake up something inside you.”

I know this quotes has been debated through and through over the past few months, but I wanted to give my two cents on it and try to bring a different perspective into it. 

First of all, I think the most important thing that needs to be discussed is the fact that this was NOT a rape threat. When Ward said “take something I want,” he didn’t mean sex, he could have sex with anyone he so wished to (example: May). He wanted Skye specifically because she “woke up a weakness inside him”. That weakness that Ward was referring to was the act of caring, of falling in love with someone. He didn’t want Skye for sexual reasons, he wanted Skye as a whole because he fell in love with her. 

But I think that so many people are ignoring the vast importance of this quote, and it’s importance doesn’t lie in the second sentence, but in the first when Ward said that “for the first time in a while I wanted something for myself”. 

Ever since Ward was fifteen years old, all the things he did, he did them for Garrett, not for himself. All the people he killed, he killed them for Garrett, not for himself (example: Victoria Hand). I’m not saying that Ward needs to be outright excused for the lives he took, but it’s important for people to understand that he didn’t do it for himself, he did it for Garrett because Garrett constantly made Ward feel like he was in debt to him and essentially made him into a weapon of sorts. Ward became an extension of Garrett. 

Falling in love with Skye and actually wanting to purse her is momentous because for once in his life, for once in so many years, Ward wanted something for himself, and that is so important because right then he was starting to break his attachment to Garrett and no one seemed to notice this. 

This also brings me to another point that addresses the terrible double standard the fandom once again perpetuated. 

I remember when “The Beginning of the End” came out, the episode from which the infamous quote was taken, that there was a lot of backlash about the fact that so many people believed that Ward threatened to rape Skye, even though he clearly didn’t, as I explained above.

However, I don’t remember seeing any such sort of a backlash against the episode “Yes Men” which is blatantly filled with misandry and where a character was actually raped on screen. 

Grant Ward was under Lorelei’s spell and therefore could not consent to the sexual activities that he partook in with her. Despite this blatant fact that is canon, few to no people were outraged as they were over Ward’s “rape threat,” which frankly, is sickening and terribly discriminatory. 

Rape is rape no matter who commits it, and it was obvious in the episode mentioned above that men can in fact be raped if they do not give consent. Ward only had sex with her because she wanted to have sex with him and he was under her spell. 

While I commend people for being protective of Skye, it’s important not to take quotes out of context, and it’s also important to acknowledge other form of sexual violence that aren’t the conventional type where the man is the perpetrator and the woman is the victim. Double standards are harmful to all parties. 

some thoughts on personal experiences, character discussion, and lapis. this is a rant, it’s long and not pretty and gets personal. it’s kiiiind of all over the place. sorry in advance, this is a vent post that i might delete later.

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