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some parts i animated for a promotional video i did for my school’s study abroad program

except i changed the words to a tokyo ghoul theme for tumblr lmao these ARE NOT the actual words i sent to my supervisor OMG

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Do you believe that Hyde and Misono talking passionaly about Shakespear and other literature stuff? And Tetsu and Licht looking at them and thinking how adorable it is :D (well Tetsu more than Licht)

I never thought of that before xD!! I actually had the vague idea that they wouldn’t really get along, but now that you mention it, I bet they’d be super geeky together talking about literature :pp

Like, Hyde is super dork and goofy, but I can picture him speaking all this fancy words when he gets really into the literature discussion, and only Misono can keep his pace. And they both enjoy that so much x)


Tetsu loves seeing Misono all impassioned~ Licht, well… I guess he’s impressed but wouldn’t really find it adorable x’D Yet, anyway ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  (??)

“Sing” was the kind of movie I watched not expecting anything and then ruined me by the end of the film. I never expected to love it this much since I only vaguely know the plot to be a singing contest. But good god, it wasn’t. You get to know each characters, become attach to them and come to love them all. So by the time the contest happened, I was kinda worried cause I wasn’t sure who I wanted to win, because each of them deserve to win and I was so fricking heartbroken but I know I’d be okay with whoever will win. I kept changing “Oh! I want him to win” “But oh dang man, so does she!” OTL Gods, man. It was so funny and so touching, I cried heaps of times. Special mention to my boy, Johnny (he’s the gorilla boy), I’m so proud of you. *wipes tears* I think we could all agree he had the sweetest voice. 

[PD101 S2] Bedtime stories <3 (1/?)

hi guys, after finishing the back hug series… yes I only wrote about exactly 9 trainees lol but it’s impossible for me to do more than that for one scenario… because by the 6th person, I was running out of ideas otl. And for some of the pd101 contestants… I had a hard time of knowing their character so their part is a bit bland. tbh for the woojin scenario i had so much that i wanted to add… but i realised it would be like a 24chapter fanfic if i actually went through with it lol. so here’s the snippet of my non-existant woojin fanfic. he’s my fav btw if you haven’t guessed cx haha

{ i’ll be doing 2 boys per post coz they’re kinda long }

PARK WOOJIN: Woojin was silently reading a book when you enter your shared bedroom. He was casually lying down with one arm pillowing his head and the other stabilising the book on his thigh. You unconsciously tiptoe towards the bed, trying to be as quiet as you can.

Suddenly noticing your figure, Woojin blinks at your action and tilts his head. “what are you doing?”

“Huh?” You questioned back- but then registered what he was referring to. “Oh! I’m just trying not to disturb you”

For a split second, he showed a perplexed expression before returning back to normal. “You know…” he started, while patting down the space next to him. “You’re never a bother to me” he uttered, as you sat down beside him.

With a sickly sweet smile on your face, you only thought of playing around with him after a whole day of not meeting each other. 

“So… even if I do this?” You flung his book onto the floor and settled yourself on his lap. “I’m still not a bother?” You queered while placing both palms on your cheeks to recreate the ‘flower’ gesture.

Speechless, Woojin stares back and forth from you and his lap in bewilderment.

Liking his response, you pressed on with your advances even further.

“How about this?” You challenged while pinning him onto the bed. 

By this stage, Woojin’s face matched a scarlet red shade. “Uhm, babe…” he breathes out heavily while covering his face.

“Yes Woojinnie?” 

“I don’t think you should start something you won’t like later on…” he states, gaze fixated on you.

Smiling brightly, you cupped his face and gave him a light peck. “Maybe if you rapped ‘sexy baby, oh my lady’ to me while doing it I won’t mind so much” you lied. you wouldn’t mind it at all.

“Is this… a challenge?” he hummed with a noticeably lower voice.

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LAI GUANLIN: “Baaabeeeee, I’m hungry~” Guanlin whines as he tossed around the bed. 

You sighed while shaking your head. “You just had dinner and before that you went out with Seonho to get some ‘snacks’… and let’s not start with what you ate during breakfast and lunch”

Stopping in his track, Guanlin suddenly sat up and looked at you. “True… but do you know that a growing boy needs food?”

Face-palming, you sighed into your hand. “Guanlin- everyone needs food hun”

“But I mean, a growing boy needs more than ‘everyone’ right? Am I right?” He inches closer towards you. 

You stared at him blankly, trying to hold your composure and not give in. He’s not in his right mind right now, you thought. It’s two in the morning! It can’t be good to give him some food right now!

“Come on babe! We’ll watch a movie and pop some popcorn too!” He cheered.

“Guanlin you and I have work tomorrow-”

“At one right? We got plenty on time to spend!” He grinned while showing you two thumbs up.

“Fine.. but if I get fired for getting to work late, you’ll have to take responsibility” You exaggerated, while choosing a movie to watch.

Giving you a cheeky look, Guanlin replied. “We’ll I guess I’ll just have to marry you”

Not expecting that kind of ‘taking responsibility’, you whipped your head towards him in awe. “…Is that a proposal?” your voice trembled slightly.

“What? No, of course not!” He strongly denied, while taking a seat next to you. 

Seeing your noticeably glum reaction, he reached out for your hand and held it on his lap. “The real one is coming soon” 

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the jihoon one is coming soon

fatal attraction.

Summary: After a night of drinking, the chatelaine finds herself in the company of Akechi Mitsuhide and learns the meaning of fatal attraction.

Author’s Note: My first fanfic to this site! Usually I tend to publish on AO3, and I’ll get this imported on there at one point or another. I headcanon that MC’ll be able to match Mitsuhide’s alcohol tolerance in his route (this fic is strongly headcanon-based, seeing as we don’t have his route at all). ;) Hope you enjoy, and if you do, be sure to hit that like or reblog button for more content!

Pairings: Akechi Mitsuhide/MC

Genre: Romance, friendship

Rating: T for mild sexual content and alcohol use

Word Count: 2,400+

Read Time: 5+ minutes

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Riddler is well aware that Query and Echo value each other more than him. It’s been like this since the beginning. He meet them at gunpoint, after all. 

Kindred souls. When a group of people are connected, with a bond from the soul so strongly, that the souls become one. Query and Echo will always be his henchgirls, he has the brains and they have the muscles but Riddler respects them.

In their origin story he names their get away boat after them

he opens up to them and isn’t afraid to truly say how he feels and they roll with it even tho a lot of his henchmen kind of ignore him. They seem to be the only people in his crew that he bothers asking riddles to as well. It’s important to know that they split the money equality each time

Which is pretty rare for henchmen, as they usually get a smaller cut than the boss. Not even Riddler’s other henchmen don’t get that kind of deal.

Riddler’s also very quick to forgive their transgressions against him. In Riddle of the Jinxed Sphinx, Query and Echo (written as Quiz at the time) betrayed Riddler and was hinted that they were ready to kill him for 50k. However Riddler’s anger was directed more towards Jilly than his girls.

Even after being placed in Arkham and having a chance to think it over, he believes Query and Echo were right for not wanting him to send the riddle but he just can’t help who he is.

It’s never explored in the comics but Riddler seems to truly enjoy his time with them and Query and Echo seem to mainly be interested in henching for him. Only taking odd jobs when Riddler’s stuck in Arkham. So i feel it’s fair to say that Riddler has a major soft spot for the girls. Not enough that he’d risk his life for them, but more than happy to ignore their flaws if it means keeping their company.

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Oh god Keith being kidnapped was terrifying. How about a fluffy prompt for this wonderful AU? This seems like a family to take in wounded animals like squirrels and birds and then let them go again. Any stories like that in your arsenal? (Also you are amazing for humoring us for so long with these prompts!)

It was terrifying. OTL I’m glad that’s over and Keith’s safe. You know for sure Shiro mended his shoulder. <3 And OMG I know! HAHAHHA This Family AU has been going on for a year now. I’m happy there are some who stuck around and new ones!! :’) I can’t thank the people enough who keeps sending prompts, I’m sorry I only get to answer once a day, I’ll answer the previous ones soon that I haven’t yet. OTL

[The Voltron Family] Keith was going to pick up little Hunk from his friend’s house because he had a play date. He arrived at the Waitsman Residence and he knocked on the front door.

Mrs. Waitsman: *opens* Oh, Keith. You’re here. Come in, come in.
Keith: Thanks, Margaret. *looks around* Is my little boy ready?
Mrs. Waitsman: He’s at the backyard with Gabriel. 
Jesse: *goes down the stairs* Mom, there’s a red Ferrari parked outside— *spots Keith* You own that car don’t you? You look like you drive a Ferrari.
Keith: *smiles* I do. Gift from my husband actually.
Jesse: *grins* Awesome! Can I check it out? 
Keith: Sure, knock yourself out.
Jesse: Thank you!  *goes out of the door already*  This is so cool.
Mrs. Waitsman: I apologize for my eldest son
Keith: It’s fine. Boys will be boys. *shakes head*

Keith followed Margaret to the backyard and Hunk and Gabriel were sat under the tree huddled over something. 

Mrs. Waitsman: Hunk, sweetheart. Your Daddy’s here to pick you up!
Hunk: *turns around* Daddy Keith!
Gabriel: Hi, Mr. Keith!
Keith: Hi, Gabbie. *smiles* *walks over to Hunk* Hey, baby. You ready to go? Or do you still want to play a bit?
Hunk: *shakes head* No, it’s fine. 
Keith: What’s that you got there?
Gabriel: It’s a bird. He’s hurt.
Keith: *squats down* What happened to him?
Hunk: He fell down the tree branch.
Gabriel: Hunk and I ran over and he couldn’t fly anymore. I think his wings are broken. *points at the bird on Hunk’s hands*
Keith: Oh no, that’s terrible. *examines the bird* It’s definitely broken.
Hunk: Daddy Keith, can you fix him? *pouts*
Keith: I could try, sweetheart. *caresses Hunk’s hand* Let’s bring him home.
Hunk and Gabriel: Thank you! *hugs Keith*
Gabriel: *turns to Hunk* Let me know if he’s ok, okay? Send pictures! My Mommy has a Facebook so maybe add her. Or or or you could text my Mommy the pictures. *turns to Keith* Will you do it, Mr. Keith? I need to know he’s going to be ok!
Keith: *stands up* I will, Gabbie. Don’t worry. *squeezes Gabriel’s hand*

Keith and Hunk drove back home with Hunk holding onto the bird like his own life depended on it. The bird was wrapped in a towel like a baby. As soon as they got home, Keith and Hunk went to kitchen and tried fixing the bird. Keith washed its wings first and put on a splint on its wing. Little Hunk tried his best to help as much as he could but most of the time he was clinging to Keith, his cheek nuzzled on Keith’s arm. When Keith was done…

Keith: Okay, I think he’s okay now. But he needs to rest for a couple of more days before he could go back to flying.
Hunk: *leaves to get an empty fruit basket* *brings towels and places it in the basket* Maybe I can put him here. So he’s going to sleep comfy.
Keith: *smiles* Great idea, baby. *places the bird carefully* 
Hunk: *smiles fondly at the bird* I’m going to be your Daddy for a while. I’m going to feed you and give you water to drink. *turns to Keith* Can you take pictures now, Daddy Keith? Gabbie said he wanted pictures.
Keith: Alright. *fishes out his phone and takes a pic*
Shiro: *enters the kitchen* *sees what they’re doing* Oooh, what’s this?
Hunk: *finger on his lips* Shhhsh! Daddy Shiro, he’s sleeping!
Shiro: *hands up in defense* *whispers* I’m sorry. What happened?

When Hunk left the kitchen, Keith explained everything and Shiro couldn’t help but coo. Hunk took care of the bird for a week, he kept talking to it and even let it join when Keith’s telling him a bedtime story. He grew to love the bird and Keith got worried. The day the bird was finally okay to fly again, Hunk and Keith were outside the backyard, ready to let the bird go.

Hunk: *whispers* I’ll miss you a lot, birdie. *bird nuzzles Hunk’s fingers* *laughs* Go now. Your real Mommy and Daddy must’ve missed you.
Keith: *endeared by his son* *squeezes his hand*

When the bird finally flew and was out of sight…

Keith: *squats down* *kisses Hunk* I’m very proud of you, baby.
Hunk: *sniffs* *rubs his eyes* I’m gonna miss him. *hugs Keith*
Keith: *hugs back* I’m sure you will, sweetheart. And so will he.


YEEA I’m FINNALY open for commissions~~  (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

→ I can draw any character or OCs, in any type of clothing.

→ I will send you sketches before I start lining and coloring so you can change anything if you want.

→ For the comics, you can either send me a script with ALL THE LINES and actions, OR you can describe exactly how you want every single panel.


I can draw nsfw or nsfw-ish stuff or even whole comics (as long as I’m minimally confortable with it.) Here some examples: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) 
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )  (You can also check my nsfw blog for more examples)

→ VERY detailed stuff (like armor or objects) can affect the prices a little.

→ I’m okay with blood but I can’t draw gore.

→  The comics’ prices can increase OR decrease depening on the type of coloring (only lineart, flat colors, full shading; you can also ask me to color only the hair, for example). Here some examples: X X X X 

→ I can’t draw backgrounds, SORRY oTL. Depending on what it is, I can try, but yeah, I’m not good with them (this also aplies to comics)
The simple textured bgs are free, of course.

→ I can make VERY SIMPLE gifs too, NOT ANIMATION, I’m not on that level yet. (like this one ). Price will be the drawing’s base price plus a little more depending on the work.

IMPORTANT: Please always give me a lot of details !! I wanna give you the BEST work possible, so I need to know  exactly what you want! The more detail you give, the better~~ :^)  

Please e-mail me if you are interested~ ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧

You can also talk to me on tumblr chat or asks if you have any questions~~ (even if you are not sure about the commission)
Don’t be shy, I don’t bite ~~ (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Thank you~~



Art collabs are fun! Do you like art collabs? I like art collabs!

All of this is a joint effort between me, @askphantomgoro, @askdetectivekurusu and @askmodelyusuke, and I’m honestly still screaming because it all looks fucking amazing?? Like, holy shit??

We each sketched our muses, and then used them as a roulette for lineart, colouring, and shading! (I’m the only one who sketches on paper OTL)

I know these aren’t asks, but hopefully you all enjoy them!

B.A.P Yongguk AU ‘The Righteous and the Wicked’

A/N: By all rights this should be fleshed out a bit more but it was getting so long and I didn’t want to commit to another multi-chapter fic when I have so many other things I want to write. OTL Please let me know if you like it guys. ^^ WARNING: Some violence.    

It was a mistake going up. 

Never go up when being chased. Because when you run out of room there’s nowhere else to go. It wasn’t the first time that night you’d done something stupid. What was supposed to be a simple slip inside an empty building had turned into a mad dash for your life.

Running up your seventh flight of stairs your legs and lungs were on fire. The only place left to go was the roof. Using your shoulder you slammed through the door and entered the open space. Clearly somebody had designed it as a gothic garden of sorts. A refuge in the midst of the sprawling city. Large potted plants and ivy decorated the dark stone square as well as a handful of gargoyles posted on the ledges.

Eyes searching for something to barricade the door, you found nothing. In desperation you peeked over the side of the building. There were no balconies, no other roofs within jumping distance and a fall from this height would undoubtedly kill you.

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Your tags on your last post intrigued me. What's your analysis of yoonjin's relationship?

Going under a cut because I already know this is going to be a monster post……. of word vomit.

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they could literally just be chillin and i’d still get all warm and cozy inside

and even when yoongi often ignores jimin

meanie hyung




and does things to jimin like

and despite all those endless affection teasing he does

he does subtly takes jimin rather fondly 

and that their fluffiness 

actually goes way back since predebut ©


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( bias list? pffft, more like a lame appreciation post! wow, so um, i never really thought i’d reach this far with say’ri?? i remember back in october of last year, i decided merely on a whim to play an obscure character in the fire emblem franchise… especially since i felt like i couldn’t do any other muse justice at the time and the fact i’ve been wanting to be a part of the fandom back while i had been an observer as an oc whom some of you might know by the url of unladylikc. 

true, now that i’ve been in it, i do recognize the fact that it is less than perfect, realistically speaking? but all the same, however, it will always hold a precious place in my heart for it is the first fandom i’ve ever really joined and where i met some of the most talented writers that i had the fortune of writing with. anyways, i had always been such an insecure little bean, that more often than not, i would question if i truly belonged here.

by now of course, i kinda know my doubts are unfounded and i want to thank everyone for sticking with me through thick and thin. like i have oftentimes been saying, say’ri is a difficult muse to play, yet you all put up with that, despite my initial portrayal being a shaky one. well, before i start delving into a long winded speech, i think i’m just going to get on with addressing/mentioning cool folks beneath the cut… though do keep in mind i’m just going off by memory here for this list, so forgive me if i forget anyone. )

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how do you motivate yourself to write because i've been in the longest writers block and i feel like trash.

oh my god dude lemme tell you that i am the worst procrastinator for writing

i’ve started implementing a designated writing time every day, right before i go to bed. i lay in bed and churn out a few pages ‘cause its the time that works best for me and usually the only time i have free OTL it doesnt matter how much i get done, just so long as i get SOME done ya know?

sometimes, when im really behind schedule, i just make myself write. like, throw away everything that could distract me and make sure my sister or someone is there to force me back to my notebook if i wander away. its gonna be shit and its gonna feel awful but sometimes you have to power through writer’s block. ALL of chapter nine was written with writer’s block cause it just wouldn’t go away but i had to get that damn chapter done so i had no choice. its brutal but sometimes its necessary. 

for me it’s less about motivation and more about schedule. if i’m feeling particularly inspired that day i will sit down and write outside of my allocated writing time but usually i just make myself do it even if im feeling blocked. its just gotta happen.

good luck friend! listen to some music and kick that writer’s block to the curb!


Did some quick doodles of my Little MermAdrien AU in my stream today (thanks to everyone who dropped by!! <3). I was trying to go for a Disney-ish style, but… 0_0 oh well lol

I have a bunch more sketches for this one, so if people like it maybe I’ll do the rest. Also, the tag for this is Little MermAdrien (if you’re interested).

I saw a lot of questions about the AU in the chat, so lemme clarify a few things below the cut. I realize other people have mermaid AUs (hell, even I did the Adrien version of Part of Your World ages ago). This is just my version.

Info below the cut:

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