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Pinkberry HCs

• Brooke is super super tech savvy. She was bored one preteen summer and checked out a book about coding at the library and picked up on it super fast and now she can hack into most basic-to-moderate mainframes/technology (the only person who knows abt it is chloe bc she’s seen all brooke’s computer monitors set up in her room) 

• growing up, Chloe’s mom was big on having her know how to defend herself and enrolled her in karate classes. She took classes until she was 15 and got her brown belt & now takes kickboxing 

• whenever they have sleepovers at Chloe’s house they sleep in her bed together because it’s a queen size and she doesn’t see the point in having one of them sleep on the floor. They tried to squeeze into Brooke’s twin a few times but gave up bc its just too uncomfortable

• slight continuation: whenever she sleeps at Brooke’s house, Chloe insists that she sleeps on the floor too because she doesn’t feel it’s fair to have one on the floor and one on the bed

• they made a pact that Chloe’ll pay for gas if Brooke pays for their tri-weekly yogurt  dates  sessions

• Brooke definitely listens to Taylor swift but like. Her older albums. Conversely, Chloe only listens to her more recent ones

• Chloe has a tendency to drift off into daydreams and Brooke finds it annoying sometimes because she’s more grounded in reality and can’t relate™

• Chloe writes exclusively in glitter gel pens. You know the ones

• Chloe takes French classes while Brooke takes Spanish and they often do each other’s homework with hilarious results

• when Brooke was younger she tried to write poetry and one day she digs up an old notebook to laugh at with Chloe but it turns out she finds it really interesting. Chloe winds up writing her own slam poetry and performs during poem night at the coffee store on the corner (she’s working up the courage to ask Brooke to come but most of them are about her so)

• Brooke loves astronomy. She’s had a telescope since she was 9 and can see the Big Dipper from her front porch & stargazing with chloe is her dream date

• best of all: they are Happy and Girlfriends in Love amen


Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra 

Standing at the top of a hill in a forested area near the centre of Volterra, Italy, stands this decaying psychiatric hospital. Once housing over 6,000 patients, this building now contains only empty beds, abandoned wheelchairs, and graffiti. It was once dubbed “the place of no return” because it was said that once you were sent to Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra, you never returned home.

It was rife with physical and mental abuse and was infamous for its use of electroshock therapy as well as the grim practice of inducement of comas with insulin. Patients were often sedated, isolated from others and frequently chained to their beds. Patients would also be forced to spend prolonged periods of times in freezing cold baths. Letters and gifts from the patient’s family members on the outside were confiscated so that the patients had a true sense of isolation.

It was eventually closed down in 1978 after the practices used within the walls were deemed as cruel.

Once Upon a Time ----- Starters
  • "Love is hope. It fuels our dreams."
  • "It will leave an emptiness inside. A void you will never be able to fulfill."
  • "Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing."
  • "Love is weakness."
  • "You must trust me because if you don't, there are other ways."
  • "There's always people in this world who want you to give up. Don't make their jobs any easier."
  • "I guess if true love was easy, we'd all have it."
  • "Did I forget to shave?"
  • "Generally speaking, if you think something you want to do is wrong, it is."
  • "What is strong enough to drown out your own conscience?"
  • "I'm not bossy, I'm the queen."
  • "Giving in to one's dark side never accomplishes anything."
  • "No matter what you do. I will always find you."
  • "You want a side of bacon with that whiskey?"
  • "If he's playing a game, you can win."
  • "Love's the worst. I wish there was a magic cure."
  • "It's dangerous to confuse vengeance with justice."
  • "As long as you live in the past, you'll never find your future."
  • "I'm done reading about heroes. I want to be one."
  • "You have all sorts of sore places I can make you hurt."
  • "Maybe we met for a reason. Maybe something good happened from us being together."
  • "Wouldn't be the first flying monkey I've dated."
  • "I, for one, would like to be able to eat this week."
  • "By the way, have you been taking kick boxing and not telling me about it?"
  • "It's only going to leave a giant hole in your heart."
  • "Just because it seems too good to be true doesn't mean it is."
  • "Not a day will go by that I won't go by that I won't think of you."
  • "You always brought out the best in me and right now I need that."
  • "Can't help but feel personally violated about that part."
  • "No matter what you think, no matter what anyone tells you, I do love you."
  • "So brave. So gallant. So pointless."
  • "I've lived a life of selfishness, cowardice, and dishonesty."
  • "I think it's time to haul her ass out of bed and get her to move past this."
  • "One thing I excel at is surviving."
  • "Helping you is my life."
  • "You need to be alive. You need to be awake so you can spend all your days knowing that I have taken everything that was suppose to be yours."
  • "I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you."

ambivalentcats  asked:

Okay okay but get this: Vitiligo!Lance who is super insecure about his spots and doesn't let anybody see (Hunk knows bc childhood friends) and one day something happens and his foundation washes off and he's so mortified because he's already useless he doesn't need to be a freak too

My grandma has vitiligo 

Okay but, I see this, and I raise you a Lance who is really insecure because he used to get bullied for it. Like he was raised in Cuba until he was 12 and they moved too the states (Somewhere in California is my head canon, but anywhere works) and when he was 15 they moved back to Cuba, so he is used to being teased for being two skin tones. Lets just say, he starts putting on the makeup at a young age. 

And he learns how to make the foundation around the same time he learns how to make nail polish, so he never really can run out, he just makes more. 

The only one who knows about his Vitiligo is Hunk, the best friend, and when Keith accidentally washes it off (He had a wet cloth, cleaning, he tripped, and his hand caught on Lance’s face) he immediately goes to Lance’s room and gets his foundation, cause Hunk knows Lance hates it. But Keith’s just like, “Whoa Lance, you have vatiligo? Its kinda.. pretty.” 

Of course Lance flips, because he really really hates it. And he’s like “people with vitiigo can’t be pretty!!” Something my Grandma went through when she was young And Keith is just like, “Winnie Harlow.  I wish I could show you a picture, but she’s extremely pretty, and just like you, she has vitiligo. Its nothing too be ashamed of Lance.” 

Lance doesn’t listen, but he does start to let his guard down around Keith now that he knows, and shows it doesn’t bother him that much. Like he always takes off makeup before bed, and he used to only cuddle with Hunk when it was time too sleep cause of this, but now he’ll sometimes talk to Keith without the makeup if its past bed time for the team.

Good Goodbye

After days and days of crying because of what happened, I need to write this now just to make clear how much of an influence Chester Bennington had on people’s lifes, especially on mine: I am a survivor of two suicide attempts that both almost killed me. I remember being in the hospital on the ICU, at the lowest point where a human can ever be, listening to Linkin Park because it was the only thing in that moment which gave me strength. When nobody was at my hospital bed, Chester was there. Maybe not physically but still a lot more here for me than someone beside me. Nothing and nobody on this planet speaks my mind as much as he does or … did. Linkin Park was there for me when my illness began, was there when my illness reached its highest point, is still here now that I’m trying to recover and will be there forever. It breaks my heart to know that he saved my life so many times while I didn’t even have the chance to save his, but maybe some people just don’t want to be saved or can’t because the pain won’t go away no matter what you do, I’m at this point myself. But all in all, I really do hope you found the peace you were always looking for, Chester. I’m so glad to be alive because of you. And I guess it’s a good goodbye ‘cause you aren’t suffering anymore and you left us your whole battle symphony, as you would’ve called it I think. You will never be forgotten and forever be loved. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. “Who cares if one more light goes out in a sky of a million stars, well I do.” RIP❤️

among the reeds, among the rushes

Summary: “I’m just saying,” says Gina, camped on Amy’s couch and painting her nails for the tenth time that week. “Jimmy-boy doesn’t know who he’s up against. Your nerd-smarts, my dazzling good looks, Rosa’s crowbar collection, and also my not-nerd smarts? Dumb-dumb won’t know what hits him.” She sniffs. 

Amy copes, and waits, and holds the hands of her friends.

i dug bits and pieces of this out of an ancient fic that i started writing far before season four aired, a fic which would now be supremely non canon, but when chopped to bits with a carving knife and reassembled with duct tape actually works. it’s still a bit non-canon, bc in canon it’s implied that amy just stays in her own apartment, and, also, that jake’s stuff stays in his apartment, but oh, well. its previous title was “untitled girl gang fic” and honestly …. that’s what it’s mostly about. lady friendships. i know i haven’t written for b99 in AGES so im a bit rusty but hopefully u will enjoy!! finally, dedicated to @elsaclack bc she is too good to me and i lov her

About a week after Jimmy Figgis calls Jake in the bar, Rosa and Gina help Amy move all of her things out of her apartment and into a new one; just a little bit bigger, just a little roomier, a place to start afresh and to put the label of theirs onto – as well as she can, with the other half of that plural being miles and miles away.

It’s not part of the plan, initially. Which is a bit of a ridiculous thing to say, because that makes it sound as though any of this is according to some plan, some list, some organized trajectory that Amy can refer to in times of doubt.

Everything, quite frankly, is in chaos. So Amy moves.

She’s never been particularly good at dealing with the cold. The warm May sun is beating down on the steaming pavement outside, right after an early-morning rain shower, and it’s terribly unfair that she’s stuck in this building, fingertips and toes tingling from the blast of the over-compensating air conditioning. This is one of the many things she’s come to blame on Jimmy Figgis in the past seven days. She has a list; everything from missing boyfriend to burnt toast.

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Cuddles (Hyungwon) (f)

Originally posted by minhyuk1

Request:  Hi, uhm I love your imagines and I think that they are super duper cute! I was wondering, if possible, you could make a sleepy Hyungwon oneshot. One where he finally has time off and all he wants to do is stay in bed with (y/n) but they have stuff to do so they drag him around, but they go back home and end up cuddling. (Thanks~)

Sorry it took so long and if its too short 

Hope you like it~~~

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29 - Kai Parker

[Can you do an imagine where the reader and Kai are in love with each other but they both don’t know that. And then the reader is almost dead and Kai is crying and tells her that he loves her. And the reader tells him that too. She will survive because a spell. Thank you 💗]


“Y/N!” I scream, my hand flying backwards. “Ow.”

I look back and laugh. “Kai?”

He rubs his cheek that I slapped by mistake. “Hello to you too.”

“In my defence you scared me.” I say, spinning around in my chair. I was playing Sims until Kai appeared. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“Well there’s nothing to do and you’re fun to annoy.”

I give him a fake smile. “I’m touched.”

Kai smiles and lays down on my bed. I shrug, spinning around to my screen. Usually Kai just randomly shows up, its because I’m only friend.

I don’t mind, Kai’s my best friend, we’ve known each for years. You see I’m a vampire and my brother, Stefan, and I stayed in Portland for a while and I met Kai.

The two of us just clicked straightaway and I was so upset when he got put in a prison world. My humanity went off and I killed a lot of people. It wasn’t a good time for me.

But Kai is back and now we’re practically joined by the hip, he’s my idiotic friend. Sure, he’s killed a lot of people, including his family, and is a vampire witch werewolf thing.

He’s still my friend.


“That’s my name.” I say, turning around. Kai rolls his eyes.

“I’m bored.”

“I’m Y/N.”

He frowns. “Don’t do that, you know I hate it.”

I stick my tongue out at him with a smile. “Well do you want to go to the woods?”

The woods is where Kai and I officially met, I was burying a body from a woman I drank from and he caught me. I was actually going to kill Kai, I was in a bad mood that day, but he talked his way out of it.

“And do what?”

“I don’t know whatever, sing, dance, scream.” I shrug. Kai hums.

“Ok, let’s go.”


“Remember the time we nearly slept together?” Kai asks me, I cringe and he laughs as I hide my face with my hands.

I move my hands and look at him. “Never remind me. Thank god, Damon came in.”

Kai smiles, nudging my arm. “Y/N, I can’t be that bad.”

“Kai, its just that…” I trail off and look away from him to the sky.

We’ve been in the woods for hours, laying down on the ground and staring at the sky. “I’m what Y/N?” Kai asks, raising a brow.

“You.” I say and he gasps. I laugh. “Not in that way but its just we’ve been friends for like ever and it’d be awkward if we did that.”

“But we kissed once.”

“You tricked me.”

Kai told me he hasn’t kissed anyone and I felt bad so I kissed him, but it turns out he lied. Kai smiles and I roll my eyes. “That was pretty smart.”

I shrug. “Kind of.”


“Am interrupting something?” I look over and sigh, seeing Julian there. “Y/N, what a pleasant surprise.”

“Hey.” I wave, I don’t like this guy. No one does.

“And Malachai Parker.”

“Kai.” He corrects. “But hi.”

“What are you two doing here?”

“Nothing much, what about you?”

“I was actually looking for you.” Julian says. “You see your brothers killed Lily.”

I shrug. I never really saw Lily as my mother, she left before I was older enough to realise. “And…”

“Well I think that this is only fair.”

“What-” My question is answered when I feel something stabbed my chest.

“Y/N!” I hear Kai exclaim as I gasp, seeing it’s a stake of wood.

Julian laughs. “My Lily dies so you die.”

I gasp, black spots forming in my vision. I hear Kai curse and a neck snap. “Y/N.” Kai says, picking me up in my arms.

He pulls out the wood and I cry out, seeing my hand getting grey. “K-Kai.” I splutter.

“No, no, no.” Kai says, sounding broken. “Y/N, Y/N, no.”

“I-I-its o-ok.” I struggle to say, forcing a small smile.

Kai has tears in his eyes and down his cheeks. “No, Y/N. You can’t die.”

I reach for his hand. “Ok, yo-you’ll be ok.”

He shakes his head. “I won’t.” Kai says, his face red from the tears. “Y/N.”

I smile, nodding and my eye lids drop. “Y/N, please no!” Kai cries. “Y/N, don’t go. I love you.”

I hate that I can’t speak because my mind slips away. Kai continues to ramble on more things.

As soon as my mind completely switches off, I gasp and open my eyes. The pain and wood has gone and I look at Kai.

He smiles. “How-” Kai interrupts me with a kiss. I kiss him back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Never did on me again.” Kai says. I hum and peck his lips.

“Never but how did you do that?”

“A spell, I didn’t want to lose you Y/N.”

I smile, hugging him. “I love you.”

“What?” I laugh and look at Kai’s shocked face. “What did you say?”

“I love you.” I repeat. “I never realised until I heard you say it.”

Kai smiles. “I love you too, Y/N.” He replies, kissing me once more.


[End of imagine, hope you enjoyed it and no more parts. Requests are open]

Trollhunters: Under Sunlight, 1

Jim Lake isn’t sure what to do when he rescues a troll from being turned to stone in his own backyard, and is introduced to an entire world underneath his feet. He certainly didn’t expect to find a family.

It was the biggest fear of every troll, daylight. Such a simple, beautiful thing, but only from a distance seen – never touched. An excruciating, painful death, said to last a thousand years in a few instances.

No one was quite sure what power made trolls so vulnerable to the thing that gave the Earth life. Perhaps because they were creatures of the underground, the stone and the rock, so they could never step above in the light. Some particularly dismal factions believed that trolls did something horrendous in the past, giving the gods cause to kill them with something so warm and pure, forcing them into the darkness where they belonged.  Others said that daylight itself was a curse, too hot and too bright, and that trolls were blessed to be given a sense for the gems and the stones of the celebrated earth, their eyes attuned to every nuance of shadow, their ears hearing the heartbeat of the world itself.

Whatever the reason was, trolls could not touch the sunlight without it turning their living stone still and cold, until they calcified into lifeless rock. So beautiful, but so deadly.

And so incredibly inconvenient, thought the troll attempting to dodge death in a small Californian suburb.

The main problem with daylight was that it snuck up on you. You didn’t realize that it was getting brighter – too bright – until the sun was upon you, and then it was too late.

The troll jumped a fence and slid down the wood, taking a moment to catch his breath in the shadowy reprieve. He didn’t have much time. In a few minutes, if he couldn’t find a safe route, he would probably die. But in order to get to safety, he would have to pass through the neighborhood and the tiny town beyond, in full view of the denizens there, thus exposing himself and his people.

He was exposed whatever he did, unfortunately. At some point a human would look out their window to see a statue of a four-armed creature having mysteriously appeared in their backyard. By now it was just a matter of deciding if getting caught alive was worth possibly making it to safety. One errant ray, one streak of sunlight through the buildings, and he was dead anyway.

The wood on his back had warmed considerably during his musing, and he quickly dashed away from it, hiding in the shadow of a tree, but a bit of sun caught one of his elbows and he cried out, slamming against the tree trunk as he jerked away.  

His elbow sparkled blue for a moment, but the damage was already fading, if a little sore. It was a sobering reminder of what was at stake.

He was too afraid to cry and too despaired to rage at the unfairness of it. He’d only stayed out too late raiding the humans’ public library! His price for the stolen books, it seemed, was going to be very steep indeed.

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Help (Harry)

Requested?: Yes, Thank You
Warnings?: Smut
Pairing: Harry and Reader



I recently received a text from my boyfriend, Harry, saying that he has broken his wrist. I’m not surprised that he did, if I’m being honest. I mean the kid jumps off his roof for fun.

That is precisely how he broke it. He was filming a video, where he was jumping off his roof into cardboard boxes. If you ask me, that has broken bones written all over it. Harry doesn’t care though, its like he has no fear. I tell him all the time that he is going to get hurt, or possibly kill himself, but he wont listen.

This entire week, I have been back home in America, to visit family. Also to finish closing out the sell on my old place, since I’m now going to be living with Harry in London.

The entire time I’m gone, all I’ve gotten are these needy texts from him. I try to ignore them, knowing that he’s just trying to get me all bothered so I will come home sooner, but it will not work. No matter how needy and risqué the texts get.

Finally though, the plane I am in, touches down in London, England.

Picking my bag up from baggage claim, I set out to find my boyfriend. Who had better not forgot about me again, like he did last time.

Just as I start to think that he has forgotten, I see him coming towards me. A blue cast on his arm, causing me to stifle a laugh.

“Oh, don’t laugh at me.” He says, finally making it over to me

“Hard not to. Especially when you’ve got a cast from doing something I told you would put you in one.”

“Shut up and come here.” He says, pulling me into a hug

I smile and hug him back, taking in his scent. Something that I grew to love and miss over the last week.

“Let’s get you home. I’m sure that you’re tired from your flight.” He says, grabbing my hand with his good one.

I offered to drive, that way he’s not driving with only one.

The entire way home, Harry had been very touchy. Keeping his hand on my thigh, moving it up and down. Pulling my hand up to his mouth, kissing the back of it, before placing his back on my thigh.

Finally we arrive at the flat, that we now share together, along with the two Cal’s. I take notice that they are not here, leaving just Harry and myself.

“Babe.” Harry says, wrapping his arms around my waist “You never answered any of my texts that I sent you.”

“I answered them.” I say, unwrapping his arms and then walking into the bedroom.

“Not all of them.” He says following me “Not the ones I really wanted you too.”

“Harry,” I say, turning to face him “Half the time I couldn’t answer those. I was with family.”

“But I really needed you Y/N. Since I broke my wrist I could barely do anything.”

“That’s not my fault.” I say, pulling out a fresh set of clothing “I keep telling you not to jump off your roof. That something is going to happen to you one day.”

“I know, but I couldn’t even wank, while you were gone.” He whines

“Again, not my fault.” I say, heading for the en suite. “I’m going to take a shower. No you’re not joining me. I’ll be out shortly.”

He whines, like a little kid when I tell him that he cant join me. Going over to his desk chair, he sits down and slouches in it, almost like he’s pouting.

“Maybe once I’m out. I can help you out a little.” I say, winking at him, before stepping into the bathroom.

Stepping out of the shower, I definitely felt more relaxed. I’ve always hated long flights.

Now its time to go see, if my boyfriend still wants some help.

I walk out of the bathroom, and look around, expecting Harry to still be in the room.

“Harry?” I call out, when I see he’s not in the room

I get no response. Instead I am pushed up against the wall, with a pair of lips against mine.

“Y/N, please help me.” He whispers, almost whining

“Okay, I will. But only because you are being so needy.”

I then take his hand and lead him over to the bed. Pushing him down on the bed, I crawl on top of him. Connecting our lips again. This time in a more needy and passionate way.

Slowly I make my way down. Pulling his shirt off and discarding it somewhere on the floor. I plant small kisses from his collarbones all the way down to the top of his sweatpants he has on.

I look up at him, only to see his eyes are locked on me, watching my every move.

I pull down his sweatpants, along with his boxers, revealing his hardened member. I hear him let out a soft hiss, as the cold air touches him. I can almost hear the need in his breathing. You can tell its been almost a week, since he’s had any pleasure.

I then gently take him into my hands, moving them at a slow pace.

“Y/N, please.” He stutters out. “Please no teasing.”

I look up at him and nod. Now wrapping my lips around just the tip, circling it with my tongue. This causes him to let out a quite erotic moan. Which only spurs me on.

“S-Stop.” HE stutters out, after a while, using his one good hand, to pull me away

I remove myself from him, making a small pop in the process

“Did I do something wrong?” I ask, sitting up

He shakes his head “No, but you know the drill. I will not cum before you.”

“But Harry. There’s no way you can hold yourself up.”

“That’s why you are going to be on top this time.”

My eyes widen. That is something that we have never done before. Mostly because he is my first, so I didn’t know what I was doing.

“Harry, I don’t…” I trail off

“You’ll be fine. I’ll help you the best I can.”

I slowly take off all my clothing, as he grabs a condom, from the bedside table. I take it from him and roll it onto him, seeing he was having trouble.

I then position myself overtop of him. I place on hand on his chest, for support. Using the other one to guide him into me, as I slowly sink down. We both let out a loud moan at this feeling. It being something completely new, but it felt amazing.

Soon I found a steady pace, with the help from Harry and his one good hand. He’s trying to keep himself from jerking his hips upwards too hard, making sure that I am fine.

The both of us are now letting out breathy moans as we are both close to our release. I start to chant out his name, as his uses his good hand to rub figure eights on my clit.

Once both of us have reached our climax. I climb off of him, cuddling next to him on the bed.

“Please do not ever go away for that long again. Especially when I cant do anything for myself.” He says, wrapping his arms around me.

“I promise.” I say, closing my eyes.

Soon the both of us are asleep. Happy to be back in each other’s arms. Well that and from being tired from the night’s activities.

Random HC #28 (Continuation of #4 - #27)


Robbie doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel about this statement now. Whether he should be scared or shocked or whatever.
The only thing he knows at this moment is that he has never seen Sportacus like this. For the first time since he knows him, he doesn’t look like a hero anymore. He looks more like a terrified child now. And in a way, he reminds Robbie a little of himself, when he once again climbed up somewhere without thinking about his fear of heights… Only that Sportacus now can’t call a hero for help, like Robbie always knows he can, because he can’t possibly save and calm himself now, can he!? So… It’s up to the villain now, to take his job, isn’t it?… But that’s ridiculous! He’s a mental wreck, himself! How could HE possibly be of any help for the hero!?…
“…Sportacus…” he swallows hard and carefully shifts closer again, so their arms are touching, but nothing more “…Whatever you’re thinking now… You could’ve never killed me! You SAVED me! You reanimated me!” A few tears run down the hero’s cheeks, but he turns his head to look at Robbie again, his voice close to a sob “No, you don’t understand, Robbie… I-I… If it wouldn’t have been for me, these memories might would’ve never started to try to break free again! And the fact that I’m an elf… I MUSTN’T HAVE KISSED YOU!!!” with a sudden jerk, Sportacus jumps up from the bed, nearly tumbles over to the next wall and slams his fists into it. Robbie winces at the sudden movement and then again at the loud noise, when the strong hands collide with the metal like wall of the airship. He’s sure that there is going to be a distortion left. And he, once again knows that he should probably feel lightly scared now, after all, nobody in this town has ever seen the hero getting violent before, not even with things. He usually doesn’t even get angry… But Robbie doesn’t feel scared. He’s not even that shocked or surprised to witness this outburst. He’s just worried that Sportacus might hurt himself accidentally…or drown in self-reproaches, like he knows it from himself… “…Why…”
“By kissing you, I built one of the strongest, emotional bonds, there is! If Nine really manipulated your memory, then he had to build a certain emotional bond with you, as well before, otherwise, this method doesn’t work…” Sportacus leans his forehead against the white wall in front of him, his voice is strained and forced low “…Nine is an elf… I’m an elf, as well… It’s not like I…manipulate you when I kiss you, but…when we share such a deep kiss, then we get…connected in a way that is…completely different than the method of mind-manipulation, but works on a similar emotional basis. And by creating such a second bond with…an elf, the first one could’ve gotten shattered or broken completely…”
“…But… Isn’t that…good? I mean…you wanted me to focus to remember what REALLY happened…” asks Robbie now slightly puzzled and shifts on the bed to sit on its edge now. “Yes. But then you would’ve recovered your memory slowly, piece by piece, by your OWN power. You… You can imagine this like a…wall, Nine created around what REALLY happened, to plant in new, but false and manipulated memories on the ‘good’ side of it, which you can reach easily, like each other normal memory. But the original one is blocked and hidden from you… The moment, we kissed, I could’ve broken that wall down completely within one second. Then your original memories would’ve crashed down on you with such force, you… Anything could’ve happened to you. Your mind could’ve snapped…and you also could’ve…died…” Sportacus starts to shake even worse now “…Your headache…and your exhaustion…very likely became this bad now because…the wall started to crumble…but it still tries to keep your original memories inside… There’s…a fight going on in your head right now… Sooner or later, the wall is going to fall now, I fear… And then…fake and real memories are going to mix up and there’ll be chaos for some time… And…if you’re lucky…everything will turn out good and you’ll get your original memories back and know what really happened again…”
“…Well… Then everything is okay, isn’t it?! I’ll get my memory back and everything will be fine! Why are you so upset?” Robbie tries to sound cheerfully. Everything the hero has just explained sounded just as logical as absurd to him. He doesn’t really know what to make of it. But right now, he doesn’t really care, either. All he wants is for Sportacus to return to the bed, embrace and warm him again and make him feel less alone and vulnerable. But to get what he wants, he now has to calm the hero’s concern at first… So, although he doesn’t feel up to it, at all, he now carefully pushes his trembling body up and seconds later, is standing on wobbly legs in front of the bed.
“…Something like this…hasn’t happened before, I guess… We were told that this is more theoretical than actually proven… You could as well…” Sportacus sobs and slams his fists once more against the wall “That’s all my fault!!!”
“That’s nonsense!” slowly, carefully, Robbie starts approaching the other, who is still standing with his back to him, thereby, he manages to ignore his with weakness shaking body, just as the slight dizziness and nausea, coming up at this strain “…Sportacus… If everything you just said is actually the case… Then it’s, if at all, Nine’s fault!…”
“But I should’ve been more careful! I shouldn’t have blindly followed my instinct and kissed you without thinking about the consequences before!”
“…Well… I liked the kiss…” the villain has nearly reached the hero now and a small smile plays on his lips “…It was the best feeling…I’ve ever experienced. And…even if it would’ve killed me… I’d say, it was totally worth it!”
“Don’t say things like that…”'sniffs Sportacus lowly. “But it’s true! I…” Robbie holds in his move to touch Sportacus’ shoulder and whispers weakly “…I thought…especially you would understand… I called you, because I wasn’t even sure whether love in general existed… And then I… Then you kissed me… It felt amazing. I… I rarely ever felt such a positive emotion! And…although it sounds completely stupid… At this moment, I realized that no dangerous scheme, I ever tried was even worth the effort. But feeling loved by you…is worth to die… Sportacus, please… Don’t blame yourself for giving me the feeling that it’s worth to live on, even if it would’ve been for only this short moment! Please…”
Sportacus takes shallow breaths in and still presses his fists into the wall, while he listens to Robbie’s low, weak voice. More tears force their way into his eyes and he desperately tries to fight this strong, new feeling of anger at himself and hate towards Nine. He can’t tell whether he maybe ‘just’ wanted to help Robbie with some sort of trauma by manipulating his memory. But even if that’s the case, he KNEW that trying this on a kid that’s already fourteen years old, is extremely dangerous! And then he even told the elders that Robbie was 'a threat’ and therefore they sent Ten - Sportacus - to catch him and take him to Iceland for punishment! That doesn’t even make sense, if he ACTUALLY just wanted to help Robbie when he was a child, does it!?
Sportacus isn’t sure whether he’d have been able to snap out of this carousel of hate and anger, if it wasn’t for Robbie’s hand, suddenly resting on one of his fists “…Sportacus…” Blinking slowly, he opens his shut squeezed eyes again and raises his gaze to look at Robbie, standing leaned against the wall, the blanket still around his shoulders, sweat on his forehead, shaking like a leaf, on his lips a faint, unsure smile. He looks incredibly worn out, but at the same time unspeakably beautiful at this moment, Sportacus can’t help this impression. “…You shouldn’t have stood up. You’re too weakened to walk around,” the hero’s voice is raspy, but his hand, Robbie’s is resting on, relaxes and turns around to grab the villain’s, reflexively “…You need to lay back down…”
“Only if you come along,” Robbie’s smile is still uncertain, but he squeezes Sportacus’ hand thankfully and murmurs “…I…need you to feel safe, Sportaflop… No matter what mistake you believe, you’ve made, I can only thank you for it. I can only thank you for anything you’ve ever done for me, not just since yesterday but during all these years… You even accepted the sacrifice of leaving your birthplace for good, so I can be safe. I really don’t know what more you’re expecting of yourself…” he takes a shaking step away from the wall, to reach out and grab the hero’s other hand now, as well “Please, stop bl-” at this moment, his knees buckle and give way. “Robbie!” Sportacus quickly catches him, pulling him flush against his own body, holding the villain upright with one arm wrapped around his waist and the other around the small of his back, his voice thick with fear “Robbie, are you all right?!?”
“…Now, I am…” murmurs the other, his chin still rested on the hero’s shoulder, the weak smile audible, and he wraps his arms around the hero’s neck “…Can you take me back to your bed now, please, Sportacare?…” The hero needs a moment to recover from the shock and react, but then he finally feels the anger vanishing again, chased off by the warm feeling of love and the instinct to care for Robbie and he smiles lightly. Then he carefully lifts the villain up and Robbie instinctively wraps his legs around the smaller man’s waist, so he can carry him over to the bed now. They’re both aware that this probably looks strange now. Not only because of their size difference, but because this way, it looks a little like Sportacus is carrying his girlfriend to the bed…and probably not because of medical reasons…
But for them, in this specific moment, it’s more in the meaning of carrying a child back to its bed, after it had a nightmare. Robbie feels safe again like this and Sportacus…feels in control of his feelings again, because he senses that he has to take care of Robbie now, no matter whether he made a mistake before or not… Because…nobody else will…
Very gently, he eases the villain down on the bed and into the pillows again, looking down on him for a moment, while still standing next to it. Robbie returns the gaze for a few seconds mutely, but then he asks lowly “What?”
“Nothing. I just… Thank you.”
“Huh? Why would…”
“Because you’re amazing! Because you just managed to drag me out of such dark thoughts and emotions, I never had before and really didn’t know how to deal with them. Because…you’re not scared of me now…although one of my kind did this to you…” Sportacus grabs one of the villain’s quite cold hands and repeats even firmer now “Because you’re amazing!”
“…You’re not to blame for what your precursor did!…” Robbie blushes violently, but can’t help a smile “And stop sweet talking me, Sportaflop…”
“I don’t. I’m serious!” Sportacus smirks “…And I like it when you blush… You’re so pale at the moment, otherwise…”
“Well, you don’t look like your usual healthy self, either, Sporty…” Robbie gently tugs at his hand, a soft smile on his lips “You barely got a few hours of sleep, did you?! No wonder that you got angry…”
“I got angry because Nine endangered you and I…”
“Yes, yes, yes!” Robbie waves his free hand in a dismissing gesture and tugs at his hand again, this time a little bit stronger “No more guilty conscience now. Come on, rest yourself for once…”
“I’m on my way. But first… Tell me how you’re feeling? Better than before?”
“Yes, a little… But I… I still feel cold…and dizzy…” admits Robbie after a short hesitation and shrugs weakly. “You need to eat and drink something. I’ll prepare some tea and sandwiches again, okay? Wait here and DON’T get up again!” the hero gives him a playful, warning smile and squeezes his hand once more, before letting go of it. Robbie pouts but nods “Yeah, okay. But only if you eat something, as well!”
“I will,” promises Sportacus and turns to head for the table to prepare breakfast for the two of them. Robbie watches him from the bed and feels himself relax. Physically, he still feels quite bad but the knowledge that Sportacus loves and cares about him, helps a lot to ease his pain and sickness… “…Sportacus…”
“Yes, Robbie?”
“…Will we…find out whether your assumption is right, somehow?…” his voice breaks a little. Sportacus hears this and looks up from his work, giving him a small smile “I will do everything I can to help you, Robbie. I swear. You really don’t have to be afraid. I won’t leave you alone for one minute until we can be sure, you are out of danger because of your memories.”
“Okay… But…” Robbie furrows his brows “…Uhm… You said…kissing could endanger me now, as well… Does that mean…”
Sportacus is about to laugh, but once he understands what this means, himself, all he manages is a sad smile “…Yeah… Let’s…better…pause this, until we fixed this problem… Okay? We can still…cuddle, if you like… But we should…delay…further intimacy…”
“Ugh… If I ever meet Nine again…I’m gonna punch him on the nose for complicating my first love experience like this!…” groans Robbie lowly and crosses his arms in front of his chest. Sportacus looks at him…and can’t help himself anymore after a few seconds. He laughs softly “Oh, Robbie…”
And Robbie smiles, satisfied with his work. He hates seeing Sportacus sad. So he’d do anything to just make him smile again. And it worked. This may be the first plan of him that actually did… But seriously, there could’ve been no better moment than right now, right?!…


I have escaped the land of spiders and death and have almost recovered from crippling lack of sleep. Almost. 

More importantly, I’m planning to do an extra long day of Liveblogging to celebrate the start of Tsubasa Month on May 1st, which is only a few days away. 

Of course, because Timezones exist purely to spite me, it won’t technically be May for everyone. BUT, YOU KNOW. WHEN HAS LOGIC EVER STOPPED ME BEFORE?

Here is a rough guide to when I plan to start:

Don’t panic if that’s a strange time for you. I should be doing it for quite a while, and you won’t miss anything if you’re out living your life.  

I’ll also answer the messages still waiting for me before then, but not right now. Now I’m just going back to bed. 


hxrryspotter  asked:


as promised, here it is! not very long, but its something

  • alright so katelyn and aaron have kids not too long after graduation. like before they’re 30 basically
  • and obv they alive alone now and only get together with all the foxes on special occasions
  • they never go to neil and andrew’s apartment because no one deserves that. and no one complains about it either because it’s not like any of them are dying to see each other
  • anyway. let’s say its christmas time and everyone got together the day before christmas eve (they alternate each year between the foxes and katelyn’s family)
  • there are no three little minyards
  • katelyn is putting the youngest to bed and aaron has gone out to buy something last minute
  • the other two minyards are playing with matt & dan’s kids and at some point the second oldest baby minyard stumbles her way to andrew, who’s sitting on the couch with a glass of scotch in front of him
  • and andrew is watching the kid get closer and closer and he probably knows what the kid is thinking but he doesn’t move. just stays put
  • and the lil baby clings to andrew’s leg and tries to climb into his lap but doesn’t quite manage. neil is watching this unfold, so grateful he doesn’t share the same features as someone else
  • the poor child starts whimpering and neil looks at andrew like oh shit what now whats wrong
  • and andrew looks at neil like dont you know how children work
  • from the other side of the room renee is calling the kid’s name because it doesn’t look like andrew has any intention of being a decent human being
  • the little girl is still cryign dada and not understanding why her dad is being so mean
  • but finally andrew stops being a monster for a sec and picks his niece up and she snuggles into him and neil’s face is just ??? because his not-boyfriend is being so soft he could cry
  • anyway. andrew lets the tiny kid rest her head on his chest and he rhythmically pats a hand on her back and pretty soon she’s fallen asleep
  • the oldest baby minyard knows it’s not their dad who has his baby sister asleep on him but he doesn’t care much tbh, not until aaron gets back
  • then he runs to his dad and aaron kneels down to pick up his son who says “daddy, andy fell asleep on uncle andrew she thought he was you”
  • and this has happened before. the younger two often confused aaron and andrew so aaron just sort of smiles because he’s used to it happening now
  • but also because although andrew still doesn’t like katelyn at all, he loves aaron’s kids in his own way and maybe not everyone sees it but aaron does and he’s happy
Bat Boys and their s/o’s with pets


-he’d have a golden retriever

-the golden son needs the golden pet

-he basically is a golden retriever himself and you can’t convince me otherwise

-he comes home from work and the dog is automatically jumping on him trying to get him to play

-even when he comes in through the window bleeding and half dead

-the dog getting so excited that it wakes you up so you can take care of Dick

-Dick feels bad sometimes because they live in an apartment so the dog doesn’t have a lot of room to run around

-but the dog doesn’t seem to mind because when Dick is really in the mood to play he moves the furniture so they have a lot of room

-“Babe, what the hell?” you come home groceries in hand and dick is just on the floor spread out like a starfish with the dog lying next to him pulling apart a toy so stuffing is everywhere

-“I’ll clean it up.” he just waves you off and smiles

-the dog sees you so now it has to play with you too

-while you’re playing Dick pulls you down onto him and you two are just cuddling on the floor and the dog trying to get between you

-having the dog there makes Dick feel like you’re safer when he’s away

-but the dog is so sweet it would lick any intruders


-he’d either have a German Shepard or take a stray home

-probably a stray

-you hear him having trouble getting through the window so you go to look and he’s just standing there in full red hood gear all dirty and covered in gunpowder holding this big dog in his arms

-it would totally be a big dog

-i can not see Jason with a little lap dog

-“can we keep him?”

-“Jay-” you’re about to say no because of the smell but this cute thing is giving you puppy dog eyes and you know Jason is doing the same thing under the hood

-“Fine, but you’re giving him a bath. Now.”

-its so skiddish at first but warms up to you and Jay so quick

-it takes everyone else forever to be able to pet it

-the dog is protective of you two

-one time when you and Jay were walking him a guy slapped your ass and before Jason could turn around and yell at the guy the dog is already growling and showing its teeth

-the guys about to start laughing at it but it starts barking

-Jason is just standing there with his arm around you, smirking. Thinking if he should let go of the leash or not

-sometimes if the guys really being an asshole he’ll let it go

-the dog chases him down the street before Jason calls him back with one word

-the dog sleeps in the bed with you until Jason comes home

-when he comes through the window the dog just lifts its head up and they both have this silent moment

-he comes up to it and pets its head before it gets up to move either to the foot of the bed or to its own bead on the floor

-he thinks of it as them switching shifts of who protects you

-because Jason knows that dog will tear someone apart if they hurt you

-just like he would


-Tim has a cat

-a dog would try to pry him away from his work too much

-but a cat would just sit on his lap while he’s at the computer working

-he thinks everything is fine until the cat knocks over his coffee and spills it on him

-he gets annoyed but just can’t stay mad at it because it’s rubbing up against him and being cute

-when you really want him to come to bed you’ll put the cat on his head

-the cat doesn’t really care

-one time when you were trying to stitch Tim up the cat wanted to help so it started to lick at the wound but that only hurt Tim more

-so now when you patch him up Tim holds onto and pets the cat

-its a nice way to help him unwind

Older! Damian:


-They all almost instantly fell in love with you

-Especially Titus and Alfred

-Damian couldn’t be happier

-like with Jason he feels like they will protect you when he’s not there

-and hes damn right

-Goliath was a little hesitant about you at first but after being reassured by Damian he warmed up to you quick

-Good lord help the person who tries to hurt you

-If you and Damian live together you have to deal with Titus and Alfred trying to climb into bed with you

-And Damian encouraging it

-“Beloved, they’re fine. Just go back to sleep.”

-“Damian, its 3 am. Im covered in drool, cat scratches and fur is everywhere!”

-“Pennyworth will clean it up tomorrow. Oh, no not you Alfred, the other one.” He just says while petting the cat.

-You end up just giving up

I really like the idea of Jason and his s/o having a pet

I think i might write a thing


I wrote the thing

Okay, I've done Astrid + kids posts, now it's Hiccup's turn

Hiccup hogs the kids when they’re babies. He was never a fan of babies in the past, but his kids are too cute to resist.

He changes diapers because he doesn’t believe it’s only a woman’s job to deal with the nasty stuff.

He loves putting the kids to bed. It gives Astrid a break and also gives him time to hang out with his munchkins.

Hiccup cries when Ingrid says “I love you” for the first time at age 3.

Hiccup takes the kids on flights.

And there’s always fights over who goes flying first.

Hiccup also is the one to take his kids to pick out their dragons.

Hiccup doesn’t bathe with the kids like Astrid does, but on nights they don’t ask to have a bath with Mama, he bathes them.

He also helps with potty training.

Hiccup sits between Stoick and Ingrid when they fight.

Although he has a soft spot for his little girl, he knows he has to be fair.

The kids think it’s funny to take Hiccup’s leg while he’s napping. He doesn’t see the humor.

He’s gotten lots of bruises from trying to stand up and falling when this happens.

Hiccup cooks with his kids.

Hiccup is responsible for giving the boys “the talk.” Surprisingly, it goes really well.

The boys come to Hiccup for girl advice. They tried asking Uncle Snotlout once, but it didn’t go very well.

Hiccup tries to be strict, but he gives into his kids more easily than he wants to.

my dcbb is PLANNED!! hopefully i’ll start writing next time i wake up. hell knows when that’ll be, though, because it’s almost 1pm and i’m only just going to bed now.

for the first time ever, i planned a fic primarily using pinterest. yesterday i grabbed a bunch of images that vaguely fit the 6 highly disconnected ideas i had, moved my favourite 30 pictures around until they made a coherent story, then today i spent 6 hours turning those 30 (and an extra 20 to fill in the gaps) into a ~mood board~ (i.e. a collage)

and i really really love the story idea that came out of it. definitely feels a wee bit different to usual. more shiny and sparkly, undoubtedly. the visual impact of what i made feels like it brought “life” to a story already, and usually my writing doesn’t feel like anything until it’s written, so that’s cool

i can’t share the whole mood board ‘cause it’s spoilery (and it’d make a good thing for a patreon reward in 6 months), but here’s a teaser of the least-spoilery bits

i also made one section of it my new desktop background because mmm visually satisfying inspiring thing

i think i might start doing this more