but one of the cutest ever

boyfriend!hwang minhyun
  • knitted sweaters
  • him teasing you
  • and having the cutest laughter ever
  • towering over you
  • mh: “you can’t reach the highest shelf?”
  • pouts
  • tells seonho that it’s tiring to receive so much love from him
  • but loves you exactly how seonho loves him
  • baking together
  • the cupcakes end up burnt
  • the both of you are still happy because the dorm hasn’t caught on fire
  • minhyun tries to the best of his ability to decorate you a cupcake with your name and adds hearts all over
  • the cupcake ends up looking like a catastrophe but it’s too adorable you melt
  • then minhyun freaks out because he is such a clean freak and you accidentally dripped icing everywhere
  • glares at you “you are lucky i love you!!!!!”
  • 12 am chicken dates at your house and ren tags along
  • [good luck for your interview today!!!! fighting :*]
  • and he sends you a voice mail of him singing to cheer you on
  • you smile so widely and the day starts off right
  • you surprise him at the dorm with his favorite food (beef stew)
  • he hugs you so tightly and doesn’t let you go
  • “minhyun the food is getting cold11!!!!!!”
  • is actually a great listener and very mature when it comes to you confiding in him
  • other than that he acts like a giant puppy 24/7
  • but doesn’t want to admit
  • “i’m cold, hug meeeeeeeeeeee”
  • rubs his hands together then proceeds to hold your hand to keep your hands warm
  • sings in the shower and you are in awe because he sounds perfect
  • forces you to watch Transformers with him
  • you tease him by calling him optimushwang lulululul
  • “yah!!!”
  • keeps saying how cute his niece is and spams your phone with her pictures
  • [mh: let’s have a cute kid together next time, y/n~~~]
  • [who said i was marrying you :p hehe]
  • [mh: fine!!!!11 hmph don’t talk to me anymore]
  • selfies with snow filters
  • the both of you end up spending the whole day playing with snow filters like how???????
  • funny english pronunciation that cracks you up but it’s ok he’s just a cutie pie
  • “wHy arE yoU….”
  • mh in korean: “wait what’s laughing in english???????”
  • the both of you end up laughing so much your cheek bones ache
  • his smile is blinding
  • the type to spam your phone with his selfies when you are sleeping
  • also take pictures of you sleeping because too cute!!!11!!!!! his adorable bb
  • you are always happy when you are with him
  • “you are the best boyfriend ever minhyun" n_n
  • and you 100% mean what you say because he loves you whole heartedly
  • the both of you are just smol happy precious beans so arguments rarely occur but when it does,,,,,,,,
  • he is passive aggressive in arguments
  • threads his fingers in his hair in frustration
  • mh: “look that’s not what i am saying”
  • mh: “you know what”
  • mh: “let’s give each other some space”
  • minhyun ends up tossing and turning in bed because he made you cry
  • [mh @3am: i’m sorry y/n… my heart hurts when i see you cry]
  • sniffles  [you @3.01am BECAUSE HOW COULD YOU FALL ASLEEP: i’m sorry too. let’s not quarrel ever again T_T]
  • the next day minhyun comes over with a cute soft toy he won at the claw machine on the way to your house as an apology gift
  • you hug it to sleep every night
  • and minhyun hugs you
  • overall, you really really reaaaaaally love minhyun
  • and he loves you a lot too


my first ever scenario posted here (・´з`・) feel free to request for any kind of AUs!!! i’ll write for the produce 101 boys top 20 because i know them better n_n

take care and thank you for reading!


i’m crying this is so cute

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hi! can you rec me some got7 accs??? thanks!!!

i have so many recs for you (all of my mutuals are lovely), pls take note that theyre the softest and cutest stans ever hfdkgdf

jb - @co-kai-ne @bumgee @leaderbum @okjb @2jaekisses (my pretty maraaam) @ungiis (my loveee) @gotchicken & ofc my fave (she doesnt swerve at all, I SWEAR) @the-porcelain-doll-xo

mark - @marksseunie @jinyoungsbum (she’s a confused fam) @hoodiejungkook (she swerved but still) @pinkhoodiemark (the cutest of em all) @holyfuckmark (my queen bee tbh) @tuanmarkers @tuanpumpkins @sidepartmark 

jackson - @vernonymous (sackson is a must ship) @twang-puppies @artificialskyway (one of my swerving mates) @jacksonsflip @defwang 

jinyoung - @the-princejinyoung (she has this jy radar which is 101% functioning) @jypnior @umma-jy @jingogi @memento-moree 

youngjae - @otteryj (my cute youngcole!) @sugarplumjae @cyjsgirl @ethereal-youngjae

bambam - @bambama1 (read this & you’ll know why i rec her) @bamsbutt @bamslegs @got7doubleb (whispers she writes great fics too) @bamg7bam

yugyeom - @kimyugy (!!!) @mintyugbam (mi luv yumi!) @yugalicious @got7sarrival @glittergyeom @thehouseofkpop @yugy

also if you want you can join these awesome networks: @got7maknaelinenet @got7snet @got7hyungnet @got7jinyoungnet @thekpopnet !!! (just check if apps are open) ^^ thanks for the ask bud!!

Things I've learnt from being a Monbebe

Monsta X leader and oldest member
Dancing king
Basically a big teddy bear
Cool af tho
Basically the dad of the group

Cute extra af maknae
Rap God
Spits literal fire
Low rap voice but high af aegyo voice
This kid needs to give me a break I’m dyin over here
Has the best fucking aegyo I’ve ever seen

Hot af
Part of Dance Line
Can be extra af and make you die
Can be cute af and make you die
Has the cutest laugh face ever
One of MX’s visuals
Also needs to give me a break coz he’s killing me

Always pulls derp faces
Also Rap god
Endless energy supply
Always jumping around

Basically the mum of the group
Amazing voice
Cute af
Changes hair colour a lot
One of the few to actually pull off pink hair

Basically the Jhope of the group
Literal sunshine
Also endless energy
Reminds me of a puppy

Often looks salty af
Basically a meme lord
Endless derp
model af tho
Reminds me a lot of Jun from Seventeen

I am being straight up serious right now! Listen up...

The guys told us, that the last Hei Briskeby video was not the last. So it would be really mean, if they don’t make one more Video. 

They also said that they would love to have Even back in their video, so it would also be really mean if he doesn’t return for their last video.

So here’s an idea… And don’t tell me that this wouldn’t be the most amazing thing. They should make a Best Bud Vs. Boyfriend Challenge!! Who knows the most about Even? Mikael or Isak? Which of course would mean Isak would be in the video as well. 

This could be the cutest thing ever… Can you imagine how frowny Isak would be, if Mikael knew something he didn’t, and how cocky he would be when it’s reversed. I would love to see the 3 of them (and the rest of the guys of course) have a good time together. 

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Have you noticed? That all bird boys are totally adorable? I have never in my life seen a bird boy that wasn't one of the cutest things I've ever seen, and that art you just posted is no exception.

thank u this is a bird boy appreciation blog i love bird boys and will give them all a Kiss


My little twin stars onesie arrived in just 2 days! It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I’ve been looking at it for monthsss and Daddy surprised me and got it! It’s from big tots on ebay. Definitely worth it, I promise!~

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my crush is the cutest girl ever, she does art and is so cute shes such an aesthetic bih and she said i was really pretty the first time we met and i didnt even know her name and i was so !! like thank u??? shes an actualy angel and she so sweet and she asked abt me to one of my friends and said i was cute and i wont see her till like two weeks:/

she sounds like an angel ???? OH MY LORD ???? im glad u met her ??? aaaah i hope this ends well :-)

Hot topic has the cutest swimsuits EVER ?!? They have like lil sailor moon themed ones that look like the uniforms and theyre so cute but im NOT comfortable in anything but a one piece lmaoo i always feel like there’s going to be an..accident

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YOOO I'M BACK I READ BOYS WHO TALK SHIT YOOOoo man taekook was the most purest cutest thing ever n I'm loving the realisation of gay??? Who needs girls?? BE TRUE TO YOUR HEART AND GIVE LOVE TO CHIMCHIM pls i need more uncooked pasta to soggy noodle fics i love u


I only have one more fic that is similar to those (an absolute fave so I remember it lols) it’s

Cocoa Puffs by madigraye [yoonmin, Not Rated,  39k]

Another long-ish read but totally worth it!

go check out our #fave tag to see if u like any of the ones there!!

- Admin Ange

So I’m not sure what’s more stressful; moving or trying to move with my dog. Even though she’s a few years old, she acts like a complete puppy. Whenever change happens in the house, she get’s really excited and makes it her mission to get in my way. She’ll try and hop in every single open box and then chew at the closed ones. I don’t know why she does this but I mean, she still is the cutest little shit I’ve ever seen and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. But we made it and she’s a lot calmer so I have no complaints. I’m Emilia by the way! 

gay ask game for gays only

1. describe your idea of a perfect date

2. whats your “type”

3. do you want kids?

4. if you do, will you adopt or use some other form of child birth?

5. describe the cutest date you’ve ever been on

6. describe your experience having sex for the first time (were you nervous? or was it easy peasy?)

7. are you a morning time gay or night time gay?

8. opinion on nap dates?

9. opinion on brown eyes?

10. dog gay or cat gay?

11. would you ever date someone who owned rodents or reptiles?

12. whats a turn off you look for before you start officially dating someone

13. what is a misconception you had about lgb people before you realized you were one?

14. what is a piece of advice you would give to your younger self

15. (if attracted to more than one gender) do you have different “types” for different genders?

16. who is an ex you regret?

17. night club gay or cafe gay?

18. who is one person you would “go straight” for

19. video game gay, book gay, or movie gay?

20. favourite gay ship (canon or not)

21. favourite gay youtuber

22. have you ever unknowingly asked out a straight person?

23. have you ever been in love?

24. have you ever been heartbroken?

25. how do you determine if you want to be them or be with someone

26. favourite lgb musician/band

27. what is a piece of advice you have for young / baby gays

28. are you out? if so how did you come out

29. what is the most uncomfortable / strange coming out experience you have 

30. what is a piece of advice for people who may not be in a safe place to express their sexuality

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