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imagine vampire yoongi.

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  • just when you thought he couldn’t get any grumpier, min yoongi is cursed to walk the earth for all eternity.
  • yikes.
  • so done with the world’s shit by now, honestly he stopped caring a long, long, looooong time ago and if anyone expects him to give a flying fuck about a hashtag or the panda’s dying they can think again.
  • political scandal? “is that a new band?”
  • global warming? “good, it’s kinda drafty here.”
  • the sun will one day grow to encompass the earth? “great, i’ll be waiting.”
  • whenever he gets bored or impatient with everything he’ll just go to ground and hibernate. 
  • by which i mean he will literally dig himself a hole and go to sleep in the earth for anything from a week to a century (ok that was one time.)
  • and he’s cold all. the. time. like, yeah i know he’s technically dead but he actually feels the cold all the time, because he lowkey starves himself.
  • so he’s always very bundled up, and doesn’t really notice the temperature shift from inside/outside or winter/summer.
  • and yoongi is old, okay, he doesn’t need much blood to keep him going. 
  • he’s got a short list of donors he can have a few sips from during the week, and that way nobody has to die because of him.
  • because ugh slaughter is such a pain to clean up.
  • so, not only is he technically dead, but he looks kinda malnourished, a little sick, and like he hasn’t slept. ever. 
  • and yet he’s very pretty, flawless, stoic, and distractingly magnetic.
  • because he’s so old however, he’s not weak, just lethargic af.
  • there’s just one thing he cares about. wanna take a wild guess?
  • music.
  • the only reason he hasn’t sunk to the bottom of the ocean, flung himself into a volcano, or walked into the sunset by now.
  • and when you don’t need to eat, sleep, or pee, you get through a lot of music so yoongi has pretty much heard it all.
  • these days he just kinda hibernates and wanders around while he’s waiting for new releases.
  • and you work in a record shop. wow isn’t that a nice coinkydink.
  • his usual place shuts down and he has to find a new shop that’ll let him sit around and listen to music in the evenings. 
  • and your place of work is exactly one such place.
  • he comes in late, depending on the season, just when the sun has gone down, during the last few hours of your work day.  
  • he doesn’t say anything, just sits and listens until you have to lock up.
  • and you just assume he works all day and this is the only time he has to go browse, although you notice eventually that he rarely buys anything, but you decide to leave him alone because he looks like he’s had one hell of a day.
  • anyway it’s nice not to be alone in the shop at the end of the day when it gets dark and all.
  • you tried to offer him coffee once, because you got some for yourself and he always looks like he just got in from a snowstorm. but he just shook his head no.
  • and at first he would stop by the shop once a month or every two weeks.
  • but one night, when you play something over the speakers that he hasn’t heard in decades, he suddenly feels???? nostalgic ????
  • and with wide eyes he asks you the name of the artist and you trip all over yourself and your words trying to tell him because you don’t think you’ve ever heard him speak and wow is that what his voice sounds like
  • and after that he starts coming every night to rediscover all the old stuff he hasn’t listened to in ages, because somehow in all his grump he had completely forgotten he could do that???? 
  • and he’s lowkey very grateful that he rediscovered his love of music through you, so whenever you try to make polite conversation with him after that he doesn’t just grunt or shake his head, he gives you actual answers, and you start learning more about him.
  • you let him stay after closing time, just a little while until you have to go, making small talk whenever he’s not absorbed in the music.
  • that way you learn so, sO much about music, everything from little technical details to great historical context, and you don’t understand how one man can have such a large range of knowledge.
  • and then you start playing whichever album he chooses over the speakers so that you can both listen and talk about the music together.
  • and stay around longer so he can finish whichever album he’s listening to that evening.
  • and he begins to walk you home because that way you can continue your conversations, and also it’s late and dark and he knows exactly what kind of monsters lurk in these shadows.
  • and by that time you’re already head over heels for him, but he’s very careful about keeping his distance, so you just assume he’s not attracted to you and that’s fine as long as he keeps keeping you company.
  • yoongi has probably mentioned he’s a vampire.
  • like at least twice he’s proclaimed to be dead and you just assumed you didn’t get the joke.
  • but the real joke is he’s dead, he doesn’t care who knows, and it’s not like anyone will believe him anyway.
  • “you’re too thin, when was the last time you ate something, yoongi?”
  • “a couple centuries probably, what year is it again?”
  • and
  • “you’re so pale, yoongi, you should get more sun.”
  • “i’m already dead, a little sun isn’t gonna help.”
  • or
  • “you look tired, yoongi, do you get enough sleep?”
  • “i took a ten year nap before this, don’t worry.”
  • or
  • “hey, yoongi, how are you today?”
  • “dead. could be worse, i guess.”
  • lmao rip.
  • and then, you go and get a dang paper cut.
  • before you can so much as bring it to your lips yoongi is already at your side, pressing a tissue (where did that even come from?) to the cut so firmly it cuts off circulation to the entire finger anyway.
  • and he’s so,,,,, close. 
  • you’ve never seen him so close, and all you can do is stare at him like an idiot and wonder how many people have specks of red in their eyes, because you’ve never seen that on anyone before.
  • and he doesn’t even breathe. he can’t.
  • and that’s when you realise “yoongi, you’re so cold!”
  • “i’m dead. i told you, i’m a vampire.”
  • and you’re like hha,,, hah,,,ha? w-what? 
  • so he takes your other hand, and holds it to the side of his neck and he’s completely cold and there’s no pulse.
  • and now the cat is out of the bag so he may as well lean in and sniff you because life’s too short amirite.
  • “you smell……….. incredible.”
  • that’s when you see his lil fangs.
  • and at first you’re freaking out because hol ?? ?y STHIT???
  • but then you realise, this is yoongi, who’s walked you home for months now, he’s had every opportunity to drain you dry and he hasn’t and you’re desperately in love with him.
  • so you just kinda,,,,, chill.
  • and yoongi looks surprised, expecting you to kick and scream, and asks why your heart rate suddenly slowed again and you tell him it’s because you trust him.
  • so, he asks “but what if i bit you?”
  • and you say “you wouldn’t.”
  • “then,,,,,,,, what if i kissed you?”
  • your heart damn near beats right out of your chest.
  • and in response he gives you the smuggest grin, fangs and all.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

yo yo sophie, what are series that you're binge watching right now? I'm not a serie person, I'm more a movie person but today people love to talk about series more than movies. so please I need a recommendation, thx!

Okay, I’ll try to restrain myself cause I have a problem 😂  my personal blog ain’t called “tvshowfreak” for nothing - I’ll give you my all time favs very limited edition

Still ongoing shows

Orange is the new Black (5 seasons so far) - Must watch and get involved with every character on a personal level! - this show is a masterpierce!!

The Walking Dead (7 seasons so far) - don’t let yourself be stopped by the “gory” side of the show, the characters are fucking everything!

Fear The Walking Dead (3 seasons so far) - spin off to The Walking Dead, all you need to know is Alycia Debnam-Carey.

Shameless - US (7 seasons so far) - Brilliant acting, fucking hilarious and dramatic at the same time

Game of Thrones (6 seasons so far, 7th coming out next month) - just watch it.

Gilmore Girls (8 seasons so far) - I can’t believe this show is back in this category but there it is! Fucking hilarious, genius writing (except for the new season I won’t lie), I’ll recommend that show until the day I die.

Orphan Black (5 seasons, the last one started airing last week) - you won’t regret getting into this crazy show, mainly because of the pure talent that is Tatiana Maslany and also hot french lesbians and crazy science girlfriends.

Stranger Things (1 season so far) - incredible show, it’s Stand By Me meets IT - if you haven’t seen those movies go watch them too 😂

Grey’s Anatomy (13 seasons so far) - good luck.

Wentworth (5 seasons so far) - women in prison, only a lot more dramatic that oitnb, but with characters just as amazing, also lesbians 😋

👇 Those two aren’t together👇  #ballieandfridgetforever

This is US (1 season so far) - really really great show 

13 Reasons Why (1 season so far) - all you need to know is Katherine Langford 😍😍😍  #langbellorises

Finished or brutally canceled shows 😭

Sense8 (2 seasons) - I fucking hate that this masterpiece is now in this category 😭😭💔   just watch it, it’s amazing 

Skins UK (6 seasons + 3 movies) - that tv show made me feel better in very dark times - brilliant acting, not always so brilliant storyline but we forgive them.

The L Word (6 seasons) - lesbians, lesbians and lesbians, amazing.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (7 seasons) - hot slayer, demons, the scooby gang, witch girlfriends, what more could you possibly need…

Parks and Recreation (7 seasons) - just fucking hilarious, after it you’ll only want to vote for Leslie Knope for president.

Friends (10 seasons) - my bet is you heard about that one, maybe watched it already, you should go watch it again 😊

The Office (9 seasons) - hilarious, I love it so much 

How I Met Your Mother (9 seasons) - you do find out how he met her eventually 😂  Great show

The O.C (4 seasons) - gotta put it in there, one of the very first shows I watched religiously (it ruined a summer vacation with my family when I was 12 😂 )

One Tree Hill (9 seasons) - another one of my very first tv shows, my attraction to Peyton Sawyer should’ve been a huge red flag to my sexuality back then 😂

Glee (6 seasons) - I hesitated to put it in here because it became fucking bullshit after season 3 #fuckyouryanmurphy, but I was indeed a huge fan of the first 3 seasons #faberryforever so here it is 

Obviously there’s a LOT more tv shows that I’ve watched, like a 100 more, so if you want more suggestions get back to me 😊  Enjoy!

Happy Spring Equinox! 🌷

Today is the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, a time for new beginnings and the celebration of spring.

I’ve been busy travelling today, but I’m still finding time to practice my craft by:

🌷Taking a honey bath and meditating

🌷Offering apples on my outdoor altar

🌷Planting some flowers! (This one will have to wait until daylight)

🌷Reading Tarot with a focus on the new and exciting things coming for my friends and I

🌷Making a list of things I’d like to start growing for myself - health, happiness, and creativity are all on the list!

🌷Saying ‘so long!’ to Winter until next year.

Today is a good day to tidy up and start new projects. What are you guys up to today?

New episode of the 100 comes out
  • Me: Man, I can't wait to see them survive. They'll all be happy when this is over.
  • The 100: *Harper, Monty, Jasper stay to die* *Jasper and Harper day goodbye to Bellamy while making references to season 1* *Raven says goodbye to Murphy while also making references to season 1* *Bellarke deprived from the episode* *Roan, Octavia and Luna fight to the death until only one survives*
  • Me:
  • Me: Why have I not learned?
I See Stars in Your Eyes (Must be Painful)

This is for the amazing @ackerchou who has graced us with Season 2 Voltron Actor!AU headcannons and I LOVED THEM ALL. I’m writing dancing Lance and kiddie Coran and Allura next. Watch me. Pls check them out because I wanna write a fic for all of them. And because she is awesome and made me feel better on a day I felt bad. There’s aren’t many spoilers for season 2 in this fic but just in case it is tagged. I hope you enjoy it!


              Keith was slightly ashamed to admit that he hadn’t watched the original Voltron before trying out for a part in the new series. In fact, he sort of, kinda, had never even heard of Voltron before until his first day on set as a Galra stunt double. That is until there was a surprise visit from the original cast from the 80’s Voltron series.

              Keith was only slightly mortified that he was the only one who didn’t know who they were.

              Especially since he had thought that Akira was an older stunt double and he had nearly flipped Akira on his shoulder when the man surprised him.

              Even after all this, Lance still wouldn’t stop laughing.

              And of course he had a video of Keith nearly flipping over the original leader of Voltron who was at least twice Keith’s age (but damn did he still look good) and very well known in the world of Voltron. The video even had Keith apologizing over and over to an amused Akira, while everyone stood around staring.

              Keith would remember this next time Lance wanted something.

              Currently he was hanging back in the background while the old cast of Voltron took a tour of the new set to see how far Voltron had come. There was awe and admiration thrown left and right from both the cast of the 80s and the cast of the 2010s. It was a strange sight to see the different cast members who played the paladins together, each very different in their own way and yet so perfect for each character they played.

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March 1, 2017

“Happy Birthday, Jen,” you whispered against his neck as he slowly stirred in the dark bedroom of your Vancouver apartment. You kissed his lips slowly as he rolled over on his back, allowing you to slid on top of him, his morning erection pressing at your bare core, already attentive and needy. 

“Hmmmmm,” Jensen moaned against your lips. “A beautiful young woman on top of me. That’s an awesome birthday present to wake up to,” he yawned, wrapping his arms around your waist and holding you close to him. 

“Oh it gets better, sweetheart,” you teased as you kissed down your husband’s neck, moving over his bare chest and down the grooves of his abdomen, your nails scrapping his skin lightly until you settled over his erection. 

“God I love this day,” he growled as his eyes meeting yours before he let his head fall back against the pillow, the feel of your tongue sending him into a whole new world of pleasure. 

Suddenly you were thrown back almost ten years, to the birthday that started this little birthday tradition. 

March 1, 2008

“Hey Y/F/N!” Jensen yelled as he crossed the dark room toward you with two drinks in his hand. You had just joined the Supernatural family this season, and it had been a wild one. It was season three and there had been a writer’s strike, so there wasn’t as much time spent filming which left a little more time for play. 

Like celebrating Jensen’s birthday, one of the stars of the show. You had become fast friends with him and his co-star Jared. Jensen was nine years older than you, Jared four and a half, but you were so much like them, being from the south, that you fit right in and three of you became nearly inseparable. The chemistry between the three of you had been incredible from the start. 

You chuckled at him. It was his 30th birthday, and he was already well on his way to being completely and totally sloshed. 

“Hey Jen,” you smiled. “Not exactly taking it easy are we?” you laughed, watching him sway a little as he handed you one of the drinks in his hand. 

“It’s my birthday woman!” he replied, a little loudly. “And I’m fucking thirty,” he emphasized that last word like it was some magic rite of passage that explained everything. 

“Oh thirty!” you said with an eye roll. “That some magic number Ackles?” you asked. 

“As a matter of fact, it is sweetheart,” Jensen answered, taking a drink from his glass. “But you’ve got a long time before you figure that out, youngin’” he teased. “Like what, nine years?” he scoffed. 

You rolled your eyes dramatically. 

“Just because I’m only 21 doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have a good time, asshole,” you said with a wink. “You’re working on not getting the present that I got you,” you added with an evil smile. 

You caught his attention at that, and he set his drink down, leaning in closer to you, his chin on his hand as his eye lit up brightly. 

“Are you finally going to give me that kiss I’ve been begging for?” he teased with a smile. 

“Jensen Ross Ackles, I’m a lady,” you said, feigning shock by placing a hand over your heart. “I would never,” you laughed.

His eyes widened playfully as he watched you carefully. 

“But wouldn’t you? It is my birthday after all,” he retorted. 

You laughed in earnest. 

“Who gives a fuck if it’s your birthday, Ackles? My birthday was two months ago and what did I get?” you asked. “Oh yea,” you laughed, “You and Jared took me out and got me wasted and then you spent the evening holding my head up out of a toilet,” you reminded him. 

He smiled and laughed as he covered his face, embarrassed. 

“That’s an awesome gift, dude,” you said with an eye roll. “I would have preferred a kiss.” 

He watched you carefully. 

“Well, Y/N, that wasn’t exactly how I had planned that night to go. Who knew you were such a lightweight,” he teased, stepping closer to you. “Guess you learned your lesson, huh?” he said as he placed a tentative hand on your hip, pulling you closer to him. 

“Yeah,” you whispered, barely loud enough for him to hear you. 

“Well, then I guess your birthday present is long overdue. Even if it is my birthday. I’ll make an exception this time,” he said, his lips lowering to yours. 

Your breath caught in your throat as he stopped, his lips hovering over yours. 

“I mean, if you want the present,” he teased, his nose bumping yours softly. 

You grabbed a fistful of his t-shirt and pulled his lips to yours. They crashed together, sparks flying the minute the two of you connected. Jensen wrapped his arms around your waist, drawing you closer to him, his tongue sliding along your bottom lip, begging entrance. 

He slid in your mouth with ease, his tongue fighting yours for dominance. He won easily, and you moaned quietly into his mouth as your free hand reached around to play with the short hairs at the back of his head. 

Finally the two of you pulled away, breathless, both of your chests heaving. 

“That a better present?” he asked, a smiled spreading across his face, reaching his eyes and causing them to crinkle slightly. 

“Hell yeah,” you whispered as you un-clutched his shirt, smoothing it out across his chest, his muscles rippling in response to your touch. 

 He leaned close, whispering in your ear. “So what did you get me?” 

You looked him in the eye, threaded your hand with his, and led him away from the crowd, back to a private room.  

“Something you’re never gonna forget,” you smiled wildly, leading him away. 

“Holy shit,” he murmured, following you, watching your hips sway tantalizingly. “Best birthday, ever,” he growled once you were alone, and you pulled him close, kissing him fiercely. 

“You’ll never forget turning 30, Jen,” you whispered against his lips as your fingers reached for his jeans. “I can promise you that,” you added as you slid down in front of him, your hands pushing down is pants and briefs, showing him just how much you wanted him and giving him the best birthday present a man could ask for. 

Submitted by both @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and @chaos-and-the-calm67 I’ve been waiting for the best moment to write this one… It seems now is the time. Hope you girls like it.




And that brings us to Part Two of the season finale.  By the end of it, I’m pretty sure you will already be starting to count down the days until season 5.  At least, I know I will be.  Now, before I start, there’s not too much I can divulge about this second part without giving too much away, but like always, I will do my best to give you something to hold you over until you can watch it yourselves.  So here’s what you can expect from Part Two of this season finale.

The Nine-Nine must do everything in their power to help Jake and Rosa when things go south for them, and they are framed for a crime they didn’t commit.  Two months after said crime was committed, they are now preparing to go to trial and are looking for any way to get out of this situation and back to their normal lives.

During the chaos of all of this, Charles is freaking out and letting the stress get to him.  But when he finds out he may be able to help the case with a hacker connection he has, he immediately gets to work, with Terry in tow.

There are moments where certain members of the squad feel this is a lost cause, while others try to ignore what this could mean for their future if things go badly, but one thing’s for sure: the Nine-Nine always has each other’s backs.  

This episode has twists and turns throughout with plenty of humor and sweet moments thrown in.  Here are a few things to look forward to in “Crime & Punishment”:

  • The meat-fork
  • Charles’ new hair
  • Sir-dance-a-lot
  • A “romantic” trip to Pennsylvania
  • A twist you won’t see coming

Don’t miss the all-new, one-hour season finale episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Tuesday, May 23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

As always, feel free to send any questions you have my way, and I will answer, as long as they aren’t too spoilery!

fireheart-namjoon’s writing

✿ - summary of story || ☆ - personal favourite

Drabble - 1000 words or less || Scenario - 1000 words or more


Trick or True  || Winter Faerie au! ||

fluff, angst
✿ When you first meet, he is known as Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook is shy, kind and full of imagination. He is your classmate, your friend and your first kiss. Now, as you stare at the man sat atop the glass throne in the centre of the palace, you see nothing of the boy you once knew. Instead you see a stranger, a member of the Unseelie Court; the Crown Prince of Winter.

∟ The View || ☆ 

 When a supposed bath for one leads to something a little more fun.


Six Feet Under || 

→ angst 
✿ In the beginning it was simple; in the end it was not.


∟ Coming Soon


∟ your touch is like fire || 

✿ It is the way your touch sets his entire body ablaze that has you both escaping to a spare room only an hour after the party has begun.


∟ Coming soon


∟ Coming Soon


Helping Hand || 

smut, romance
✿ You wake up from a dream with an ache between your legs and Taehyung is more than willing to lend a helping hand.

All Hands on Deck || 

smut, romance
Somewhat of a sequel to Helping Hand
✿ You go all day with a budding heat between your legs and return home with the idea of taking care of it yourself however, when Taehyung arrives home a few days early from a business trip, you decide to let him join- but only after you make him watch. 


Light ||

angst, fluff 
✿ “I love you,” he whispers, filling the void between you with words of love and pulling you back from the clouded part of your brain that has walls seeping with pained words and doubts.


∟ Snapshots ||  

→ angst, fluff, smut, romance
→  individual one-shots with no real timeline
✿ A quick look into different moments from your many years spent with Taehyung.

01 (m) || 02 ||


The Dress || 

→ smut 
✿  With the way he watches you, eyes hooded and bottom lip caught between his teeth, you know there is no way you’ll make it out of this house untouched.

∟ Something Great || hockey player!au ||

→ fluff 
✿ In the beginning the idea of taking your brother to hockey practice is nothing but troublesome. However, when you meet Kim Namjoon, the assistant coach for your brother’s hockey team, your views begin to change. 

∟ Traditions || 

fluff, romance
✿ Some traditions last a lifetime. (aka: your entire relationship is filled with the most ridiculous apology cakes)

∟ Company ||  mafia/hitman leader au! || 

smut, mentions of violence, weaponry 
✿ Sometimes all you want is a bit of company.

Love On The Brain || mob au! || on-going

 smut, angst, romance, friends to lovers, slow burn
✿ The Kim’s were a household your own family spoke of constantly but never in fond terms. They were deceitful, cunning and liars to the grave. Yet, when you meet Kim Namjoon, you find all these accusations to be anything but true. Still, if it pleased your family, you would keep your distance-and you tried. It was meant to be a one time deal, a quick fix for instant relief but as the weeks turn to months, you find yourself unable to stay away.


∟ Coming Soon


∟ Coming soon


∟ Sweet Talker ||

smut, romance
✿  A few late night texts leads do something a little more fun


∟ Birthday Gift || 

smut, romance
✿  Hoseok receives his birthday present from you


∟ Escapades || college au!

→  smut, romance
✿ basically a compilation of scenarios where the reader and Hoseok fool around/have sex in semi public places


∟ Better in Time || 

→ angst 
✿ You call him to a small cafe in hopes of understanding exactly what led to the undoing of your relationship

∟ Tell Me, How Do You Like It? || 

→ smut
✿ All Yoongi wants is for you to tell him exactly how you like it. He is more than willing to deliver

∟ Lost in Paradise || Summer Faerie au! || 

fluff, angst, smut
✿ The Summer Court is an eternal place of warmth and beauty. Deep within this court, past the grass and hills, lies a small cave full of flowers and fresh water. It is this cave, this paradise, which brings you and Yoongi together


∟ drops of the ocean || mermaid au!

→ fluff 
✿ Yoongi emits a sound of relief at the first touch of the ocean water against bare skin-at the first touch of home-and then he’s stepping forward, gliding through the waves with ease until he’s submerged waist deep


∟ Coming soon


∟ Cave Me In || 

romance, smut
✿ In the final hours before Jin leaves for tour, you decide to make love one last time

A Change in Season ||

fluff, angst
✿  Because with the turn of a new season comes change.


∟ Young Love || 

→ angst
✿ young love, young love it changes in a day || or it only takes ten seconds for Kim Seokjin to break your heart 

∟ Sunday Mornings || 

romance, smut
  ✿ The reasons you love Sunday Mornings


∟ Coming soon

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anonymous asked:

Soo I think it's only apt that I ask you now.... Do have any otabek/Yuri fic to recommend? The dirtier the better. No wait, who said that?! (๑• . •๑)

YOU BET YOUR SWEET BISCUITS I DO. (** indicates a personal favorite)

Half a Chance by ratherunnecessary (aka @justanxietyasks) ********

Yuri has never cared about anything as much as he cares about skating. Until, one day, that changes.

Or, Viktor falls in love with Yuuri, Yuuri falls in love with Viktor, Yuri falls in love Yuuri, Otabek falls in love with Yuri, and somehow everything turns out okay.

in flesh and bone by csoru **

After recovering from an injury that cut his previous season short, Yuri makes a comeback with a new coach, a new country of residence, and a relationship upgrade. Still: perfection takes effort.

But I’m Not There Yet by sarahyyy

“Are you not going to read the article?” she asks, flopping onto his bed. “Look who ranked second, just after Phichit Chulanont.”

Otabek reluctantly scrolls down, and oh.

#2 - Yuri Plisetsky

In the embedded Instagram photo just under that subheading, a very grumpy Yuri is cuddling a very grumpy-looking cat. The caption reads: I found the cat version of me at the shelter today. #iknowisaidnomorecats #canyoublameme

(Or, the AU where Otabek and Yuri don’t becomes friends in Barcelona, and there are years of pining.)

Gravity by Fahye **

His Grace the Archduke Yuri Plisetsky wins the Ballistic Grand Tournament in his debut year, at the age of fifteen.

Things go downhill from there.

a slow invasion of the heart by radialarch (aka @radialarch) **

  Yuri Plisetsky does not seduce so much as launch a full-on assault.

i walk my days on a wire by idrilka

“Asia sucked without you,” Yuri admits eventually after a moment, as he falls backwards onto the bed, his t-shirt riding up. It must be still hot in Saint Petersburg, if the forecast is to be believed, but Yuri has the hood up, obscuring his face at this angle. “But we all went back to the hot spring run by Katsuki’s family after the Fukuoka show, so I guess it wasn’t that bad.”

A story of a relationship, told in photographs and Skype calls.

and all he has given me he takes back by verity (aka @ladyofthelog) **

That’s the point of the instructions: Yuri doesn’t have to obey any of them.

hood & glove by Fahye 

“I don’t mess with the fae,” Otabek says.

“I’m not asking you to mess with them,” JJ flat-out lies.

every time I try, every time I win by thissupposedcrime **

At least no one’s brought up couples costumes. Yuri isn’t sure how Otabek would react to a live recording of him leaping over a table to fight a reporter, a symbolic stand in for the death of Yuri’s sanity and Victor’s cutesy legacy. He guesses not well, and that is enough to hold his tongue.

Or, Otabek is naturally romantic, Yuri is naturally clueless, and somehow they work it out.

A Beginner’s Guide To The Dangers Of Making Out With Your Fellow Athletes At Parties by ineptshieldmaid

None of this has anything to do with Otabek, except that Yuri didn’t get Otabek’s number, and so he can’t bitch to him about the whole situation. He makes do with bitching to Mila, who at least agrees that Viktor is impossible to deal with right now.

Otabek keeps liking Yuri’s selfies, but that’s it, that’s the complete and total sum of his communication with Yuri for an entire two weeks. Yuri is not mad about it because there’s nothing to be mad about. They are friends and this, it turns out, is what friends do. Like each other’s selfies and make out at international sporting events. He’s pretty sure Mila’s got at least three friends that fit exactly those parameters.

Grinkov by waldorph **

The 2022 Olympics were Yurio’s to lose.

You are poetry
In the way your smile makes stories come to life
And your eyes dance like flickering sunlight across the ocean floor
You are poetry-
Beautiful, strong, yet sometimes very confusing
You are soft, and elegant
But also hard and unpredictable
You are poetry,
Your freckles hang across your cheekbones
Like the way stars hang across the galaxy,
One look at you and all I can think is words,
You are poetry in the way
One single touch creates a whirlwind of butterflies in my stomach,
The way your laugh makes my heart melt
As if it were a snowman on a hot august day,
You make me want to dance
Like I did as a kid when the autumn leaves began to change and fall
Marking a new season,
You are never ending poetry,
Not just a chapter in a book
But a book itself,
One that will never end,
Not until we do.
Never until we do.

Speculation for 409 (mostly based on Marie’s interview):

I’m pretty sure that 408 is serving as the MidSeason finale for us, so I think that 409 is going to open with a bang.

It seems pretty obvious that the big fight Marie mentioned in the episode will work as a conclave of sorts (probably over who gets spots in the crypt Jaha just discovered).

As 409 seems to be Aaron’s episode, I also think we’ll have a Bellarke reunion as well, and I can’t wait to see that! As much as it’s grieved us to see them separated for 2 episodes, the longer the separation, the better the reunion, it’s also pertinent that Bellarke is reunited soon because there are only 5 more episodes left in the Season and 10 days until the new nuclear apocalypse.

I also think one of our pair may be injured. Again, back in November (so around the time they would have been filming 409 and 410) there were some BTS pictures posted and they included the following shots:

All of these shots appear to be in Arkadia, and it looks like someone is hurt and someone (or several someones) is camped out next to them. I was thinking we might have already seen the scene that’s depicted in these pictures, but we haven’t. Marie said that Bellamy steps up for Octanakin in a big way in this episode and originally, I thought he would give her support in the battle. She also said that we’d see a moment between the Blakes that (some) people were hoping for. So that makes me think:

What if Bellamy is injured in Polis stepping up for Octanakin-like he sees a shot coming and so he steps in the way of it (as the Nightblood transfusion was a success, Clarke’s blood would be black-not red as shown on the gauze in the picture above) and they bring him back to Arkadia for treatment. 

This could accomplish two goals: healing the rift between the Blakes, as seeing her brother potentially mortally wounded could help Octanakin grasp that there really isn’t a lot of time left and reinforce the idea of there not being a lot of time left for both Bellamy and Clarke, which could prompt (potentially romantic) conversations and confessions and maybe Clarke refuses to leave his side (see bedding)

Of course, that bloody gauze could also be from anyone else being wounded, so we’ll see how far that goes!
It appears that 409 will also mark the last episode to have scenes appear in the big trailer that was released in January!!!!!

As always feel free to add on!

To my recent unpleasant surprise, allergies aren’t something you’re stuck with your entire life. They are for some people, and my heart goes out to them. I don’t know why we don’t have annual telethons raising money to help lifelong seasonal allergy sufferers pay their Claritin and tissue bills. My mom’s side of the family is where this new nemesis of mine comes from. They didn’t feel the torment of allergies until well into their 20s. I followed a similar path.

Twenty-eight is when things started to go awry. Scratching one small eye itch could trigger an itch that could go on for days and stop just before I took a back-scratcher to my corneas. Things have ramped up since. One sneeze within 10 minutes of waking up is my body’s way of telling me I should sprinkle some blueberries and Benadryl on my morning oatmeal and call it a day. I don’t know what it’s like to breathe through my nose without fear that if I inhale too vigorously I’ll set off a chain reaction of sneezes lasting hours that very well could blow my brain out the back of my skull.

There’s such a wide variety of allergy pills and nasal sprays that finding the one that works best for me is nearly impossible. Once swallowed, some pills will take one look at your genetic makeup and go full diva as they refuse to work with that clown show of body. 

Puberty Sucks But Second Puberty Is Just The God-Awful Worst

Dangan Ronpa April Fools Day Headcannons

(I have no idea if April Fools Day is actually a thing in Japan, but whatevs! Also it’s not April 1st here yet, but I’m already seeing pranks going around so I figure it’s fair game to put it up now. In order of who I thought of first.)

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • Spends the week leading up to the day telling everyone in the school that April Fools Day pranks will not be tolerated, especially those of a physical nature that cause damage or pain!
  • Becomes the main target for most of the nasty pranks as a results, tries to put on a brave face and says he’s glad it’s him and not one of his friends, but he still spends the day getting gradually more and more hurt and upset by the pranks directed at him.
  • Keeps having to change his uniform because they’re getting stained. Eventually all ten get damaged and he spends part of the evening doing laundry in his underwear and a towel just so he has something to wear.

Sayaka Maizono

  • Before the day even starts there’s fake screen shots of a new album from her band going around, talk of amazing sounding press appearances, basically fake news that her fans are getting really excited for
  • She doesn’t do any pranks herself, just spends the day apologetically denying all the fake rumours to her fans, and gets upset that she has to make them upset that she isn’t able/planning to do any of those things they were all really excited about.

Leon Kuwata

  • Starts the day thinking all the crazy pranks and fake online news that only gullible dumbasses would fall for are hilarious… until he sees how genuinely upset Sayaka is, at which point he goes online and start angrily lambasting everyone sharing the fake news about her band.
  • Still thinks physical pranks are funny though, and sets up several of the classic ones- buckets of water/jello/soft balls perched on doors, thumbtacks on chairs, some tripwires areas with softer flooring, etc. This is much to the annoyance of…

Mondo Oowada

  • Doesn’t really care about the day. He thinks people making their friends look stupid is bullshit, but realises it’s just tradition and they don’t mean anything by it. He’s spent the last week making it clear that anyone dumb enough to make him look like a fool is getting a beat down in return though, so no one tries anything that might hit him.
  • Ends up spending the day getting increasingly angry at how Kiyotaka is being treated, which ends up with him slamming Leon into a wall when one of his buckets of jello just happens to ruin Kiyotaka’s final clean uniform. It takes a combined effort from Kiyotaka, Chihiro and Makoto to stop him from punching Leon.

Aoi Asahina

  • Likes the idea of silly pranks, but wouldn’t dream of actually hurting anyone. Most of her pranks are food based, such as switching the sugar with salt, and offering people gross foods disguised as candy (caramel onions, chocolate-coated boiled sprouts, Mayonnaise filled donuts)
  • Feels bad for tricking them regardless, and offers them real candy/donuts to make up for it once they’ve fallen for it.

Sakura Oogami

  • Doesn’t really get involved in the day. It’s not something she’s familiar with, and it seems foolish to her.
  • No one dares target her either, aside from Asahina, so she doesn’t suffer at all. Even when Asahina targets her, she doesn’t realise it’s a prank and just tries to give her cooking tips until Hina confesses that it was supposed to be a joke.

Hifumi Yamada

  • Gets stupendously excited about the news of a new season of Demon Angel * Pretty Pudgy Princess, until he discovers that it’s fake and is crushed. But then he decides to get in on the fun and writes a post declaring that from this day on he’s quitting fan art and only drawing photo-realistic pictures of snakes. Spends the rest of the day bathing in the outcry from his disappointed fans before admitting that he made it up for April Fools.
  • Because of this, he spends most of the day at the computer and doesn’t get hit by many pranks, except for the ones set up by…

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • Knows not to trust anything online today, unless there are multiple sources for it. Doesn’t get hit by many pranks in real life, because A) No ones that much of an asshole to target tiny little Fujisaki and B) They figure Mondo would kill them if they did.
  • Plays a few computer based pranks: Troll-face stickers stuck on the underside of the mice in the computer labs (So they don’t work), sets the home page on every browser to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, gets Alter-Ego to imitate various people and insist that they’ve been trapped in the computer. Stupid stuff that even Kiyotaka manages to laugh at.

Celestia Ludenberg

  • She thinks the whole thing is petty, but she’s bet several of the tougher students that she can scare the life out of them at some point during the day, so she sets up various jump-scare type pranks, with help from coerced victims  volunteers. Stuff like cardboard cutouts of insects placed inside lamp shades, creepy manequins floating around in quiet classrooms, students in scary costumes jumping out unexpectedly. 
  • She wins all her bets, and spends the day making sure she doesn’t go anywhere/try anything she hasn’t just watched someone else go/try first, making her immune to most other pranks.

Makoto Naegi

  • Tries to do a few of the sillier classic pranks, but his bad luck means he ends up victim of the prank he was just attempting to play. 
  • Examples: Tries to swap salt and sugar, but fails to notice Hina’s already done it, so it’s just himself with salt in his morning coffee. Goes to set up a bucket of plastic balls over the homeroom classroom door and gets hit by Leon’s first bucket of water instead.
  • In the end he just gives up and decides to help…

Kyoko Kirigiri

  • She’s not interested in pulling pranks (Except the odd bit of teasing aimed at Makoto), and she manages to spot most of them before they hit her, especially as she’s being extra cautious today.
  • She’s still a detective though, and spends most of the day with Makoto collecting evidence to determine who set up most of them, which she then passes to Kiyotaka at the end of the day.

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • Decides he’s going to prank everyone by just spouting nonsense instead of giving real predictions. Ironically his nonsense is 100% accurate, and he spends the next few weeks trying to replicate the effect, but without any luck.
  • Previously tried to predict what pranks were going to get played on him, so he dodges a few things, but still gets hit by a ton of stuff. (He’s also the only person other than Makoto with salt in his morning drink)

Byakuya Togami 

  • Doesn’t set up any pranks, obviously he’s far too refined for that petty nonsense! He has approved a few false news articles about ‘upcoming’ physically impossible/ridiculous Togami brand products, because apparently that sort of thing results in good viral marketing (he’s consulted Fujisaki on this though, and vetoed a coupld of ideas on the programmer’s advice)
  • Does get hit by a few of the practical jokes as well, but the jokes of them once Kirigiri gives him evidence he needs to send them the dry-cleaning bill for his fancy suits… Assuming they’ve not already had the life scared out of them by…

Toko Fukawa/Genocider Syo

  • Toko tries to spend the day hiding in her room, but gets dragged out by Kiyotaka who insists she still has to go to class and that his warnings will have prevented any wronging today.
  • About ten minutes after that she’s hit with a burst of black pepper from some pranks, making her sneeze and spend several hours as Genocider, whose idea of a good April Fools Day prank is to jump out at people screaming “You’re so fucking cute I’m gonna kill ya!” and then, once they’ve wet themselves, burst out laughing and tell them not to worry, they’re too ugly for her to kill.

Mukuro Ikusaba

  • At Junko’s suggestion, dresses up as and acts like her sister. The pair pretend Junko’s been cloned until everyone’s seen through it and Junko gets bored of the prank.
  • Spends the rest of the day being incredibly cautious not to get hit by pranks, because she doesn’t dare ruin the clothes or wig Junko lent her. Her soldier training makes her successful at this.

Junko Enoshima

  • Once she’s done pretending to be a clone, starts pulling off really crazy pranks, like breaking into the boys lockers while they’re in gym and replacing their trousers with skirts, hacking the school announcent system and having Monokuma do a broadcast, fills the headmaster’s office with balloons and finally spends the evening finding people who have fallen asleep and painting their faces with crazy makeup, then taking pictures.
  • Despite the craziness of her pranks, she’s the only one Kyoko can’t find any evidence against, so she gets off scot-free.
Almost 2 || Dan Howell

A/N: I was kinda in a hurry when I wrote this. for a while I thought i wouldn’t manage to update today. but here I am.

Word Count: 1.1K

POV: Reader + Dan


Originally posted by irrevocablys

I guess the worst love stories are the ones that end with an almost. We almost dated, we almost made it, he almost loved me. I did love him. Now he is just the guy I once used to talk to.

It took a while until saying his name didn’t hurt anymore. It took a while until ‘Dan’ could leave my lips without feeling like I had been stabbed in my chest.

I spent months wishing that he would change his mind, I wanted more than an almost. I wasted all of those wishes.

Instead season changed. On an early autumn day, I packed my bags and put my most important belongings into countless boxes. I left my beloved hometown behind to start a new chapter: Uni.

Only two months after me and Dan stopped talking, right after that one unlucky night, I left. I moved out of my apartment that was so close to Dan’s. We didn’t take the same bus anymore and when Phil invited his friends over I wasn’t there.

It wasn’t because of Dan, I did it for me. I still stayed in contact with Phil though after all, he was my best friend. We talked a lot on skype and on the phone, but we barely got to see each other.

So as soon as I had a few weeks off university I decided to come back for a little visit.

I arrived by train and had to take about 5 different underground trains before I finally got onto a familiar bus. It was the one me and Dan always rode whenever we wanted to see Phil. Line 25. After nearly a year, I didn’t look for a tall guy with brown hair anymore anywhere I went.

But to my surprise, he did look for me.

Dan’s POV

Sometimes people leave and although you never see them again, they never truly leave your mind. Every time I got on the bus that me and Y/N used to take I couldn’t help but look for her.

She’d been gone for more than a year now and it was a totally irrational thing for me to do. But I searched for the colour of her eyes and that smile of hers. I imagined her getting on my bus and taking a seat next to me, just like she did before I told her that I didn’t feel the same.

I was on my way to Phil’s flat. Line 25. It was a warm spring evening and the sun hadn’t set yet. She was on my mind again, she was the one that got away. I was once again scanning unknown faces of strangers who quickly hopped onto the bus.

But then it happened. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest as I spotted her. She was carrying a large bag and her hair looked a little bit shorter than I remembered. I had forgotten how to breath. With my mouth hung open I stared at the girl, trying to figure out if it was actually Y/N. Could that be possible? Was she back in town again?

I was nervous, I was sad, I was excited, I was so many things at the same time.

Although I told her that I wasn’t into her she was still on my mind a year after. Go figure.

I felt like shouting her name on top of my voice but I didn’t. She was scanning the bus for an empty seat. She looked a little bit exhausted and quickly sat down a few rows in front of me with her huge bag on her lap.

Y/N hadn’t noticed me yet. I was torn between wanting to talk to her and being afraid to do so.

It just felt good to see her again, although I just got to see the back of her head for most of the ride.  

When my stop neared, she was the one that pressed the stop button. She got up and eventually we walked out of the same door. Our feet hit the pavement at the exact same time. Normally the fresh air would help me think more clearly but there was just a huge mess where my brain should’ve been.

Suddenly standing next to her all I could do, was stutter out a simple and basic ‘hello’.

Y/N finally raised her head and her eyes met mine. She looked surprised at first but then she smiled.

“Oh my god, hey Dan!” she then exclaimed and gave me a quick little hug.

I was a little bit overwhelmed. It was absurd to be so close to her again. I was still mad at myself, so why wasn’t she mad at me?

“Are you on your way to Phil’s?” I asked her as we just started walking to his flat automatically.

“Yes, surprise visit. Sorry, I didn’t know that you two had plans.” She explained and apologized.

“No problem at all.” I told her and the truth was that I wanted her to be there.

“So how’s life?” She asked me, still smiling and god she looked beautiful.

It takes about 5 minutes to get to Phil’s apartment from the bus station. During those 5 minutes we just talked about our lives and about the things that changed since she left. She talked about her life at university and about all of the people she met and how great everything is.

A year ago, I would have half-heartedly listened but now every word that left her mouth seemed to be important to me. I would have listened to her waffle for hours about anything really.

And as she continued talking I realised that she was completely over me. Seeing me didn’t hurt her. She was happy, we were like old friends now. I wasn’t the guy who broke her heart anymore, I was Dan the guy she once liked.

I guess she didn’t feel the same anymore, now that I did. I wished I could have already loved her a year ago, when she loved me.

Maybe if the timing were right we could have made it.

I stopped in the middle of my tracks while she continued walking to Phil’s flat that was right in front of us. She didn’t even notice that I wasn’t walking next to her anymore.

I felt empty just like she had felt a year ago. We had completely switched places.

And although I did fall for her the story still ends with an almost.

And almost is never enough.

some grantaire headcanons

-he can take a shower, do his hair, get dressed, and brush his teeth in like 12 minutes and all of les amis are astonished
-he has a big brown scruffy dog named chewie bc star wars is life
-favorite shows are rupaul’s drag race and the bachelor, he is unashamed
-90% of his sweaters/hoodies were stolen from enjolras. his argument is ‘he has quality fabric softener’
-loudly and proudly stans 80s/90s boybands (new kids on the block, nsync, backstreet boys, etc.)
-he and enjolras made a sex tape that no one but courf knew about until enjolras accidentally played it instead of a presentation at a meeting
-he and jehan watched all ten seasons of friends in four and a half days and cried during the last episode
-somehow remembers everyone’s birthdays
-wrote ‘i love dick’ on jehan’s forehead while he was sleeping and the next day he showed up to a meeting with it still there
-has a 90’s grunge rock playlist that he listens to 24/7
-favorite characters on grey’s anatomy are always the characters that die. literally every single time
-says 'fight me’ too much
-likes to lay in the grass on clear spring days under some trees and draw the leaves and branches
-hates the beach
-also hates anything and everything involving summer. the sun gives him headaches, everyone is out of school and it’s busy everywhere, it doesn’t snow, and he hates sweating

one of the best things about the blarke fam is literally whenever anything concerning blarke happens (pics, cons, promos, etc.), we all freak the fuck out saying that blarke is rising or isn’t happening this season, and then a couple days go by and we’re all like “no for sure blarke’s gonna fuck this season and their relationship is solid” until the next piece of new info comes out for us to overreact about

doraingray  asked:

jimon + kissing in the rain?? (i'm a sap i know)

this is definitely a little more angsty than i thought was gonna happen so i’m sorry!!! feel free to like resend me another prompt or something if this isn’t exactly what you imagined <3 

also wow only three more days until 2b…how many prompts can i fill before the new season fucks me over? 

The rain is relentless, beating against Jace’s shoulders and soaking him to the bone. His thin shirt offers no protection, clinging to his skin, cold and clammy, and he impatiently pushes his hair out of his face as he looks around wildly, trying to find a flash of anything in the pouring rain outside the entrance to the Seelie Glade. 

“Simon!” He calls again, anger seeping into his voice, because fuck, here they are again, back to square one, running away from each other, terrified at the fragile thing between them. From the moment Jace met his gaze, brown eyes worried and hostile next to Clary, he’s known that Simon is something, and it’s so easy to push and pull at him instead of facing down what it really means - 

But he’s here now, right? Blindly stumbling through the heavy rain, teeth clenched tight against the shivers wracking his body, his mind focused with a single-minded intensity on finding Simon, on making this  - making it worth that tenuous something that’s been building up. 

Simon!” He yells again, and he’s desperate now, turning in circles, looking for a flash of brown hair anywhere along the trees, boots slipping in the mud as he spins. “Fuck, where are you? Is it that repulsive to think that we could - “

“You’re really one to talk.” Simon appears suddenly, as quickly as if he’s been there the whole time, the distortion in the raindrops falling the only indication that he used his vampire speed to get here. Jace’s breath catches in his throat, his heart suddenly pounding faster, and it’s stupid but he can still remember the way Simon had looked, his voice raw and anguished as he’d confessed to the Seelie Queen that he would save Jace from the spell. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jace asks, swallowing hard, his courage from the past few minutes leaving him in one sudden rush, voices in his head clamoring with all the reasons that this is a monumentally bad idea. 

Emotions cloud judgment, Simon,” Simon mocks, his voice low and angry, his gaze sharp as he glares at Jace, “You don’t know anything about this world, Simon, or my personal favorite - you’ll never understand anything - “

“Hey, no - that’s not - you know that’s not what I meant.” Jace says quietly, softly stunned, because those are - those are the things he says to himself to convinces himself that he doesn’t deserve good things. It’s the echo of the world Valentine drilled into him, and it’s been - it’s all the people around him who drowned that out through sheer force of will, loving Jace hard enough to make him feel like there’s something bigger out there in the world. People like Maryse, people like Izzy and Alec and Max, people like Clary, and people like - 

And Simon, who smiles like it’s going out of fashion, makes it easier to breathe sometimes by just being himself, genuine and honest and everything that makes life bright. 

“It’s what you think.” Simon says, just as quietly, bitterly. “I accepted a long time ago I had no chance with you, Jace.” 

“You don’t know that.” Jace says tightly, crossing his arms and feeling his heart begin to shatter just a little bit. 

“I know it.” Simon looks at something far away, his eyes fixed unseeing on the trees behind him. “I’m a lot of things, but I’m not going to be the person whose heart you break. I’m not Clary, and I’m in love with you, but - but you’re -”

Quick to anger, and quicker to hurt, the Seelie Queen had whispered when Jace had been caught in the throes of an errant spell from one of her Knights, I cannot help someone who collects darkness around them like a cloak to wear proudly. I cannot help a liar, unless someone tells the truth for him.

I will do anything, Simon had said then before Alec or Izzy could say it, and it had shocked everyone into silence, the only sounds left the pained gasps coming from Jace, writhing under the spell’s grasp, his eyes fixed on a trembling Simon. I will do anything, I love him. I love him. 

Now, staring at Simon shaking apart in front of him, stumbling back, Jace reaches a hand out and tries to reach Simon, tries to fix this before it breaks, tries to be the man Simon seems to see in him. 

“I’m in love with you.” He murmurs quietly, and Simon shakes his head harder, turning away from him and stumbling a few steps away, audibly heaving ragged breaths. 

“You’re not.” Simon says, misery laced through his words. “You can’t be.” 

“Don’t lie to yourself.” Jace says, and his voice is stronger this time, determined. “Don’t break my heart.” 

Simon makes a wounded noise, a sound of anger and desperation, and he whirls around faster than Jace’s eyes can track, crossing the distance between them and crashing his lips into Jace’s. His arms come up to clutch at Jace’s back, nails digging in sharp enough to hurt, pinpoints of pain against the chill of the rain. His mouth is slick and open under Jace’s, lips insistent and rough, a slight hint of fangs peeking out. Water cascades around them, raindrops trickling into the heated space between them, kissed away as Jace grasps Simon’s hips and tries to pull him as close as physically possible. 

It’s cold and miserably wet, but Jace feels like he’s just climbed a mountain, adrenaline pulsing hotly through his veins as Simon expertly licks his way into Jace’s mouth and groans deliriously under him. His chest feels to big to contain the rapid beating of his heart, swelling with hope and fear and hurt. He doesn’t want to let go of this moment, of the way Simon’s wet, bedraggled curls brush against his forehead, how Simon tucks Jace’s sopping wet hair behind his ear with gentle, questing fingers, the way Simon’s body pushes in closer, closer, closer. 

“I’m so scared.” Simon pulls away long enough to say into the space between them, the words quiet and lost in the tattoo of raindrops against the ground. Jace bites his lip and watches Simon’s eyes, tries to pinpoint the exact shade of darkened brown that’s staring back at him. 

“So am I.” He says hoarsely, and Simon doesn’t say anything back, doesn’t have to. Standing under the rain, watching raindrops slip across Simon’s face and pool in the hollow of his collarbone, he thinks that they both know this is something they can’t let go of, can’t be selfless enough to give up. 

“We should get out of the rain.” Simon says instead, tracing a thumb down the wet slope of Jace’s cheekbone, and Jace smiles faintly. 

“We should.” He agrees, and instead kisses Simon again, the rain beating in time with his heart. 


Pairing: Jared Kleinman x reader

Words: 1019

Warnings: None?

Requested by anonymous: Hey hey hey I have a request, Jared x Reader where Jared keeps trying to talk to people to discuss some shit politics or something your choice, and reader is the only one willing to talk to him?

A/N: Jared’s a dweeb who plays video games until like 4 am and talks a lot and i love him ((kinda based off this kid who sits next to me on the bus he’s pretty cool besides the time he slapped me in the face & choked me for stealing his hat with full intentions of giving it back rip)) also I only included games I’ve played I was gonna include like,, Overwatch bc Jared would totally play it but idk much about it,,

As you rested your head on your hand listening to the teacher in front of you drone on and on, your mind began to wander. After a few short minutes, you had already tuned the teacher out, merely staring ahead.

“Who’s your favorite character in Walking Dead, dude?” You heard Jared Kleinman’s voice in a hushed whisper to the kid next to him.

They didn’t respond, simply rolling their eyes at the boy.

“Clementine’s my favorite, but I think that’s universal within everyone who plays it, since she’s the only character that’s been there since season one. You grow attached, y’know?”

“Shut up, Kleinman.” They hiss, trying to focus on the lesson.

He doesn’t.

You listen idly to the seemingly endless chatter of Jared Kleinman, until the bell rung and you rushed out of class. Just before you left, you heard the teacher announce there would be a new seating arrangement tomorrow.


You arrived to class the next day, bracing yourself for whoever you had to sit next to. As you entered the classroom, you silently hoped you’d be sat next to your friend. However, glancing at the projection screen where the seats were displayed, your face fell.

You had to sit next to Jared Kleinman.

“Of course.” You muttered, greeting your friend when they pushed open the classroom door.

“Hey, Y/N.” They glanced at the seating arrangement, then they looked back at you. “Good luck with Kleinman.” And with that, they took their seat across the room from you.

Once in your seat, you fished your supplies from your bag and waited for the bell to ring.

Jared walked in just as the bell rang, quickly finding his spot next to you.

“Hi.” He greeted immediately. “I’m Jared.”

“I know.” You responded quietly, writing the homework down in your planner.

“You do?” He was slightly taken aback.

“You’re not quiet.”

He let out a laugh, causing a few students to look your way. “Yeah, I talk a lot.”

You couldn’t help but laugh as well, not noticing how his cheeks were tinted pink when you did.

Finally, the teacher announced for the class to work silently until the bell rang. The kids however, took that chance to talk to their friends.

“So…” Jared’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts as you tried to concentrate on the worksheet.

As you looked up at him, you already knew what he was going to say.

“Do you like video games?”

There it is.

With a slight nod, you giggled at how his face immediately lit up.

“What’s your favorite?” He asked excitedly, a smile on his face.

“I’m not sure. I really enjoyed playing Oxenfree and Firewatch, and Resident Evil 7 was really good.” You whispered back, keeping an eye on the teacher so you wouldn’t get in trouble.

“Oh, yeah! But the ending in Firewatch was totally rushed.” He commented, not nearly as quiet as you.

“Oh yeah for sure. But the rest of the game was really good!” You couldn’t keep the smile on your face, surprising yourself with how much you enjoyed his presence.

“The art style is really pretty in that game, too.” He observed, a wide smile on his face as well.

“Yeah, I love the art style!” You forgot to whisper, getting a look from the teacher.

“Y/N and Jared, it’s silent work time for a reason.” The teacher scolded, glaring the two of you down.

You and Jared apologized, holding back laughter as you exchanged looks.

Afterwards, you quickly scrawled your phone number on a piece of paper before ripping it off the page and sliding it over to Jared.


We should hang out sometime, text me

Going back to your work, you didn’t catch Jared’s face reddening as he read over the paper, quickly shoving it into his pocket.

On your way home, your phone buzzed.

From: Unknown Number

Yo it’s Jared

With a smile, you added him to your contacts and sent a reply.


To: Jared Kleinman🎮

Yo !!

Shoving your phone in your pocket, you swiftly finished your walk home. When you did, your phone buzzed again.

From: Jared Kleinman🎮

Wanna come over or something? We could play video games and shit


To: Jared Kleinman🎮

Totally! I’ll need your address though, dude


From: Jared Kleinman🎮



To: Jared Kleinman🎮

Cool, be there in 10


To: Jared Kleinman🎮

I’m bringing my laptop so we can play shit on the computer too


From: Jared Kleinman🎮

Nice see you in a bit


To: Jared Kleinman🎮

See ya, nerd

You grabbed your laptop, heading out the door. Jared lived a few blocks away from you, so you decided to walk.

With a few knocks on the door, he quickly opened it and brought you upstairs to his room.

“Welcome.” He smiled, shutting the door behind him. “What do you wanna play?”

Spotting Mario Kart on his shelf, you smirked. “I bet I could kick your ass in Mario Kart.”

“No fucking way, dude, you’re going down.” He ran over to the game, inserting it into the console.


“It’s ok Jared, not everyone is good at video games.” You smirked, leaning back in your seat.

“Shut the fuck up. Rematch.”

You ended up spending the night, playing video games until the two of you passed out.


            ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ ❝ Marco Islø Imagine❞  ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Cause he’s the cuddliest viking ≧◡≦

⇏ ⇏ Imagine ⇏ ⇏ 

       Marco has broken his phone while out filming the next season of Vikings. Of course reason being he and Alex were horsing around and Marco’s phone was the causality of said tomfoolery. 


It won’t be another week and a half until he comes back home to see you and obviously get a new phone. Leaving you two without any real form of contact for the next eleven days.

·•● Alex to the RESCUE! ●•·

◖With elven days to go Alex takes it upon himself to ‘Mockumentary’ Marco for the week and a half with his own phone so you don’t miss out on one moment of your sweet Marco’s life!◗

This of course being a bad idea. Because it’s Alex ಠ_ಠ

“You don’t think this is a bad idea?” Marco shifted uncomfortable in his shoes while Alex expounded on his idea to the security guard.

“No way! Y/N will think its funny!” Over zealous about the entire thing Alex pestered the security guard nearly all day to do this stunt, “Now c’mon, sell it! Make it look like you’re getting arrested!!”

Skeptical it still didn’t take much coaxing from Alex to get Marco to oblige. Snickering from the other male as he posed to take a snapshot of himself ‘witnessing’ his friend get arrested on set. 

“Look terrified Y/N will laugh harder!” Alex cackled, trying to hold it together and not break the stern look of horror he channeled.

“Did you get it?” Marco asked, face smushed into the hood of the black SUV.

“I did! I did I’m sending it now!” snickering to himself Alex dodged from Marco’s prying eyes when his friend came over.

“What did she say?? Show me!” Attempting to take the phone Marco loomed over Alex with intent to steal the phone.

“Oh my god she bought it!” Alex busts up laughing.

“What?!” Marco shrieks, eyes wide as dinner plates.

Palming his face Alex does his best to control his fits while shoving the phone to his friend, “She really thinks you got arrested!!!”

“What?! Why would you say that!?” Apalled by the text sent with the photos Marco snatches the phone away in a panic, “Why do I let you talk me into this crap?!” 

◈◈◈ Hopefully it wasn’t too crappy. Cuz lets be honest Alex looks like he talks Marco into shit ◈◈◈

¬_¬   That’ll be all   ¬_¬