but one day


“Let’s swim together. If it’s not with you, if Haru is not there then it’s no good.” 

“It’s meaningless without you.”

Schutz für Boyband-Fans - Safe Spaces for Boyband fans
by Yasmin Polat

Die Mitglieder von “Rainbow Direction” sind ein Zusammenschluss von LGBTI-One-Direction Fans. Sie setzen sich mit mittlerweile mehr als 20.000 Mitgliedern vor allem für mehr Sichtbarkeit von queer, lesbisch und transgender Fans der Boygroup One Direction ein. Gründungsmitglied Li Roock ist es wichtig, die Heteronormativität in der Pop-Kultur zu durchbrechen. “Boyband-Fans sollen vor allem weiblich und hetero sein”, sagt sie. “Das ist jedoch natürlich nicht nur der Fall. Darauf wollen wir aufmerksam machen und denjenigen Schutz bieten.”

Angst wegen gestern?

“München ist schon ein bisschen im Hinterkopf aber wir wussten schon dass wir laufen als Orlando war. Wir lassen uns unsere Freiheit aber nicht nehmen”, sagt die 28-Jährige.


The members of Rainbow Direction are a community of LGBTI One Direction fans. With more than 20.000 members they are promoting more visibility especially for queer, lesbian and transgender fans of the boygroup One Direction. Founding member Li Roock emphasizes that it is important to break down the heteronormativity in pop culture. “Boyband fans are supposed to be female and heterosexual” they say. “Though that isn’t completely the case. We want to bring attention to that and offer support to them [LGBTI Fans].”

Fear because of what happened yesterday [in Munich]?

“Of course Munich is on our mind but we already knew we were going to walk when Orlando happened. We won’t let anyone take our freedom” say the 28 year old.

Setlock Recap, 7.27.16

DOODLE DAY #1!!! okay! WOW! got carried away! but i was just having so much fun!!! XDDD HAHAHAH!!! @kittylittlefoxmlxth submitted prompt for Hux/Mitaka/Bala-tik/Poe!!! sorry though~ Poe got the shaft… it was already too much!! HAHAHAH!!! but this was so fun! XD

i kind of imagined a situation in which Bala-tik had been hounding the First Order to acknowledge the Guavian Death Gang in some way, and Hux finally took it upon himself to humour the idiot and hear him out (cuz he has a thing for scruffy bad-boys XD lol!) So Hux plans a meeting and he and Mitaka and Bala-tik are talking in some office somewhere. Bala-tik has all these demands about how the FO should respect their gangs dominion over certain areas and what not, and Hux (though he has no intentions what-so-ever to actually do anything) plays the game of “negotiation” with him (cuz he’s a fucking jerk <3) and this carries on for hours and hours! Poor Mitaka thinks this is all completely serious and is doing his best to keep record, while Hux counters everything that Bala-tik says with the most placid, fake, BS answers; however, Bala-tik has no idea that it’s all just a game to Hux and he refuses to give in no matter how long the conversation goes on for (because he’s a motherfucking gangster and he doesn’t back down from anybody!!!) Eventually, more than an entire sleep cycle passes and it ends with this scene! and Hux is WAY too pleased with himself, because nobody out negotiates Armitage Hux! <3

(BONUS: Kylo walks in and is like “WTF!!!! (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) “ pulls Hux into his arms and force-flips the entire couch XD lol lol lol!)

(O wO) well! hope you all enjoy this first one! now on to piece number 2!! XD it’s gonna be SUPER random! LOL! LOL! LOL! <3

my part of the exchange; for @claireroseheart for the yuumikayuu gift exchange ( @mikayuugiftexchange )!

i ended up going with the starbucks au (”mika works at Starbucks and yuu comes in so often that mika knows his daily order and write encouraging notes on his cup”) out of the three hehe uwu

i hope you like it!!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

the one that i love.

“And I lost my head, but I found the one that I love under the sun.”Whisper In The Dark by Mumford and Sons.

Simon had always felt like a force that was beyond nature. I always thought it was his magic; so much more powerful than what any mage had ever possessed. 

But now his magic was gone and Simon felt different. Simon felt real. He felt like something, someone, I could touch. 

I loved touching him. His shoulders were hard. His cheeks were soft. His mouth was warm. His hands were mine. 

Simon also smelled different, his brimstone scent gone. Now he smelled like Simon. Just Simon. Cinnamon goodness and Simon.

Even though Simon felt and smelled different, he was still more powerful than he deserved to be. 

As he held himself up above me, pinning me into place I realized he was still a force beyond nature. The way he could make my heart hammer in my chest, the way his presence warmed my cold body, the way he made me feel like I had completely lost my mind; no one should have that much power. 

He didn’t need magic to feel like a force beyond nature, to me he would always be exactly that. It was yet another thing that I adored about Simon Snow.

I loved him and that love was an ever growing thing. My love for him grew the way time grew. My love Simon was like the seconds growing into minutes, minutes growing into hours, hours growing into day and so on and on and on. There was no stopping in this process, there was no turning back. Just the way you couldn’t stop or turn back time. 

I knew I would lose myself in it one day, but I just hoped Simon could keep up. Though, I knew he couldn’t. I figured that as long as he loved me half as much as I loved him I could be satisfied. 

I understood that we all loved differently, and I understood, that when Simon held me and kissed me, that his way of loving was beautiful. It was something I would always hold dear.

Hi everyone, it’s @simonandtyrannus birthday today. This is my present to you my pal :) Happy birthday! (I hope you enjoy the present. It’s short but full of Emotion™ idk I just hope you have a lovely day)

Everyone go wish them a very happy birthday, okay?