but once it got into the adventure

Word Count: 1726
Author’s Note: Happy Birthday, Jim! This wasn’t to the point I wanted it at, but I’ve got to get to work, so I had to cut the planned smut and the planned ending…

The first time you saw Jim Kirk, you knew your life would never be the same. There was something about him, even while you were both cadets. He made your world seem bigger. More dangerous. And infinitely more exciting. There was something about the way he looked at the universe with the promise of adventure that made you want to be near him. You were disappointed when he was caught fixing the Kobayashi Maru, and surprised when you saw he’d somehow made it onto the Enterprise. Once the dust settled from the Narada incident, the emergency crew assignments had been reviewed, and you were surprised to find that you were reassigned to the Enterprise, under Jim Kirk as your captain.

It was on the Enterprise that you really got to know Jim. He’d always been this larger-than-life character on campus, the focus of your unrequited crush, which left you filling in the blanks when you didn’t know the answers about him. He was at once better and worse, depending on what rumour was floating around about him. You were innately fond of him, no matter how many notches he scratched into his headboard. But it was a crush, and it was fleeting, and in those moments when you were honest with yourself, you would admit that the idea of Jim Kirk was a heady drug, but the reality would likely be a letdown.

Once you were serving together, you were pleasantly surprised to discover he was nothing like the man you’d imagined. Instead of a thoughtless lothario, he was overwhelming discrete in his romances. So discrete, in fact, that most people didn’t realize he still had any. He was smarter than you could have imagined, challenging the intellect of Commander Spock regularly enough that the Vulcan seemed perpetually frustrated. Unbelievably, he managed to know each member of the crew, and at least have some sort of background information on them so that each conversation he had built on the trust he already had gained. He took that trust, and in turn, returned it, giving him a loyal crew that would go beyond reasonable expectations for one another and for the ship. It was as though he was born to lead.

That wasn’t to say he wasn’t without failings, and you’d definitely seen those too. His successes made him prone to arrogance, and he liked to needle Spock just a little more than necessary. He was sometimes too headstrong. And his disregard for the Prime Directive was frustratingly obtuse. But the positives about Jim Kirk far outweighed the negatives, and you felt your youthful crush fading away into something more like an admiration, trust, and deep comfort. Simply put, you loved him. It remained unanswered whether your feelings were returned.

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~ pokemon go adventures of today ~

  • in case you didn’t hear… evolution item update lol. t’was my 7th day so i got my sun stone and i’ll be evolving Bellossum later, yay!!
  • added Yanma and Shuckle to my pokedex. (Shuckle is toocute omg)
  • hit up Cyndaquil nest once more before nest changes, caught several
  • water pokemon event!! at first I was like “I don’t really need any?” but then again they’re not overly common in my area so it’s nice to see them!
  • i also just ran, in the windy bitter cold, for a Lanturn at a nearby pokestop which rudely despawned before i got there. (in hindsight, probably pointless because now i’m seeing Chincou’s a lot lmao)
  • since i’m only 50 Magikarp candies shy, I’ll probably finally have my Gyarados by event’s end! yay! :D

My brother shared another great DnD story with me. 

So the adventurers had picked up a girl who’d caught cold, and as she was coughing some guy on the street offered her candy. Naturally, as they had been well trained by their parents, they refused. The guy apologized and clarified. “My name is Nicola Ricola,” he explained, “and these are my newly invented cough drops.” 

Since he’s just starting his business, he needs money, so he asks the adventuring team to help him raid an ancient city jampacked with treasure. Once, a long time ago, a king demanded he be buried in a huge pyramid + enormous city complex. He got a bunch of slaves to start building, but died partway through construction. They kept working, but the force of his greed was so great that even when they died they got up and kept working. So there’s this ancient city being constantly expanded and repaired by an army of dead. And of course it’s jampacked with loot.

So they raid the place, and as they’re headed out Nicola mentions in an aside that he’s glad that curse wasn’t true. They pressure him, but he just says something is supposed to happen to anyone who steals the treasure, but they’re fine. 

A while later, he contacts them again asking for protection duty. Something has been killing off other members of the expedition. They take shelter in a room and then hear something banging down the hallway toward them. The door flies open, and the king’s sarcophagus pounds into the room. It deflects all their attacks with its evil magic, until Nicola flings a cough drop at it. Then it turns and bounces away again, never to be seen again. Because nothing stops a coffin like Ricola.

I just have to make my peace with the fact that my brother is a better DM than I will ever be.

  • <p> <b>cartoon network:</b> wow, we just love all our shows! we love them so much... THAT WE CAN'T WAIT FOR PEOPLE TO SEE THEM!!<p/><b>first two episodes of five-part regular show series finale:</b> no cartoon network WHAT ARE YOU DOI-<p/><b>cartoon network:</b> love regular show? can't wait for the finale?? WATCH IT NOW ON THE CARTOON NETWORK APP!!!!<p/><b>regular show:</b> aw geez, those episodes were kind of a big deal, not to mention very spoilery, why would you do that<p/><b>steven universe:</b> lmao, for once another show was the one that got leaked<p/><b>cartoon network:</b> who doesn't love steven universe?? all the great mysteries! in fact, a SURPRISING amount of those mysteries are revealed in the next<p/><b>steven universe:</b> oH GOD NO<p/><b>cartoon network:</b> STEVENBOMB!!!!! THAT'S RIGHT, WATCH THE E NT I R E STEVENBOMB, VERY POSSIBLY THE MOST SPOILERY ONE YET, RIGHT NOW ON THE CARTOON NETWORK APP!!!!<p/><b>steven universe:</b> we shoulda frickin known<p/><b>adventure time islands:</b> *cowering in the corner*<p/></p>

I finally got enough done on this MAP part to have some WIPs to show. ;u; It’s for this Gravity Falls aesthetic MAP, where you have to animate/draw something pertaining to the feelings you get from a particular background from the show. The bg for my part reminded me of the fun, silly adventures the Pines family had, so I came up with something similar that could have happened off screen. Also, I wanted an excuse to include a dragon.

Hopefully the dragon will look much better once proper motion blurs and camera movements are added. I really don’t want to have to redo it again OTL

Sex Bingo

So I’m still playing my slutty Half-Orc Grag, who is currently playing Sex-Bingo with all the races. She’s got all the normal races with about half ticked off in one column, and a second column for bonus races (angels, demons and anything shaggable she encounters, i.e. the Sorcerer’s magic house). There’s this one awful creepy old dude who’s a recurring NPC and even my Half-Orc won’t shag him. She once punched him in the nose and he’s been basically in love with her ever since - Oh he’s called Hershal. I was absent for one session and they went on an adventure without me. On my return…

Grag: So what happened?

*Party looks at each other*

Tiefling Fighter: Remember Hershal?

Grag: Ugh, yeah, I remember him.

Tiefling Fighter: Turns out …he’s an Angel.

Grag: What? But he’s all gross and old and -

Tiefling Fighter: Yeah no, he transformed and it turns out he’s amazingly attractive and brave and strong and stuff…

Grag: *Looking at sex bingo* I DIDN’T HAVE AN ANGEL. I COULD’VE HAD AN ANGEL! Wait, this isn’t over, where is he?

*Party looks at each other again*

Dragonborn Cleric: He charged into a one way portal to the Abyss and sealed it behind him.

We did eventually get to the Abyss ourselves and found Hershal. Turns out time moves differently in there and he’s now back to being old, gross and smelly again. Grag was too depressed to even comment.


AU where Talia and Aoife are a pair of rag tag adventurers that take on all the extremely risky and dangerous quests that no one dare accept

» w/ @paissa-brat

Context: we’re currently playing the curse of strahd campaign after bullshitting our way through a few other ones and somehow accruing a goblin army.

“You know pocket sand? I’ve got pocket potions.” - our “useless” cleric

“Adventuring while pregnant: shenanigans.” - Tiefling bard

“Did strahd come?” “Not yet.” - Ismark, and like half our party

“I guess you can say he just snuck right in.” - about our rogue

“I sold you once.” “That’s why you got stabbed.” - our hobgoblin fighter to our bugbear paladin

“Squirt squirt Boom.” - our gnome rogue, who’d made a squirt gun a few months earlier.

“They’re like wandering Italians, what can’t they do with garlic?” - our rogue, speaking with the Vashtani

“I roll to seduce the campfire.” - hobgoblin fighter, who flirts with everyone

“Walls don’t give a fuck.”

“As long as your husband dies, I don’t care.” - rogue, speaking to the bard

“This time your sword draws you. It’s actually a rather nice picture.” - our (only) human barbarian, speaking to the bugbear

(OOC) “We should probably kill your child with fire.”

“You don’t want a bit of goblin in ya?” - our fighter

“I speak to worm. You speak to bird. What bird say.” - our paladin