but on tumblr they look so blurry why

Okay so I’m going to tell you a story about the Pond’s structure where I was working on this while looking at the two (BLURRY) references I had available, and after a while I realized that they contradicted each other. So once again THANKS DISNEY (or actually thanks @gladyscontrerasart for being my spy on the ground and clarifying the correct orientation for the arena).

On a less serious note:

“Why is all this stuff happening at once?” “Smells like sweeps week!”

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Tumblr kept making it blurry so it’s cropped to fit ;; It still looks blurry… I don’t even know why orz

A finished YCH for Freyafox on FA! I hope to do more detail pieces in the future!

You are not allowed to use these if you are not the commissioner/owner of these characteres. Please DO NOT take, reupload, use, or edit my artwork.

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tiny ministrife pixels of an OC lol, aka kid with goatskull

this is all i can do my mom has my compoter, i cant even resize it bcuz i cant download any programs that have the settings that WONT make it blurry, and nothing online has them either.

when i have my computer back ill make nice art of them with my tablet SOBS