but on the upside i really like this selfie

[march study challenge] • 04/03/17

Day 4: your desk

Here is my desk. It’s colourful and a little cluttered (in an organised way - I know where everything is and there’s a system to it!) It was raining today (surprise surprise, the weather’s been like this for a week!) and honestly the only upside is that I am finally feeling the arrival of autumn, better known as sweater weather - time to whip out the chunky knit and the Chelsea boots! Either way, today was super productive - I went to the library because it was raining (I never seem to work as well when it’s raining) and got all my biology notes done. I’m heading back tomorrow because it was actually really nice despite the weird couple next to me that only took selfies instead of studying, and also they have great spinach ricotta rolls AND cappuccinos which (let’s be real) is the number one influencing factor when choosing a study spot.

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Totally agree with you about this show "Liam in London Payne". And it's really funny that on these pictures from paps he looks really tired and kinda angry. His face really said like "I'm happy to be here and support this promo time".

Agreed Nonnie, Liam wasn’t exactly thrilled to be waltzing in front of paps just so Chernobyl could get some headlines, that’s for sure! To me, he looked like a mixture of tired, determined, and resigned. Looking back at the selfie he posted in the same outfit with the 🙃 emoji, I think he made his feelings about that day pretty clear. Did a quick google search about the meaning to double check, and found this gem:

“In the era of emoji, the upside-down face emoji does what text alone couldn’t. This is an emoji that people turn to when nothing is going their way but they’re still “smiling through the pain.” This makes sense, since the emoji itself is literally smiling. In some contexts, there’s almost a palpable undercurrent of ugh or “why me?” associated with it. This emoji is for when someone is frustrated with their circumstances, but has to muscle through it anyway. In some cases, it’s used even for an emotion that can only be described as “this is fine,” à la a certain oft-referenced comic of a dog sitting in a burning room with a smile on his face.”
Via http://www.dictionary.com/meaning/upside-down-face-emoji

If that isn’t Liam Payne right now, not sure what is. He’s making the best of his situation, and along the way he’s dropping hints that it’s not something he chose for himself. Let’s hope we are near the end of this stunt so we don’t have to see miserable Liam any more! 🙏

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Sam, you've been on the internet a long time. Do you have any tips on keeping your identity safe? I've been paranoid about being doxxed or never employed all week :(

I mean, mine are all of the low-tech variety and wouldn’t thwart someone who really wanted to get into it, because I don’t know much about modern tech – the problem with having been on the internet a long time is that what I knew ten years ago is no longer relevant. I’m actually much better at “how to protect your identity from brickspace research” because that’s what I do for a living (how to disappear from databases, how to make your real estate holdings difficult to find, etc.)  

At base, my advice is, use a different name online, don’t give out your location, and don’t post selfies; if necessary, scrap your old social media (tell your friends privately where to re-find you, but be aware that they could lead back to you if they don’t have the same privacy protocols, so make sure they know why you’re doing it) and start with new accounts, including gmail, that aren’t linked to your brickspace identity in any way. If you’re really concerned about getting doxxed, though, those things probably won’t help much if they can get your IP address and trace you that way. If you’re genuinely worried about internet privacy, start with “no real names, no selfies” and from there research anonymity and identity protection online. I wish I could help but I genuinely can’t – I don’t know enough, and honestly this area of tech is not my specialty. 

The upside is that very few people are willing to doxx without provocation – like, don’t go on 4chan or taunt nazis on stormfront and you’re probably okay. If you don’t want employers finding out shady shit you did, make sure that it’s locked behind privacy filters on facebook, that kind of thing, or don’t post about the shady shit you might get up to. It’s tough to give more specific advice without knowing why you’re so paranoid about it – is it a free-floating worry or did you do something, is it general “what if” or is someone gunning for you, etc.

But yeah I don’t have a ton of high-tech solutions for you, I’m afraid. Good luck in your quest!  

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Hi Felix, I'm sorry if this seems rude but sometimes when I see your selfies it looks like your eyes are upside down, but you have really nice eyes and you're really handsome but just at first glance it looks like that

i bet u say that to all the boys 


TONIGHT WAS AMAAAZING!! Gavin came to our SF showing of Lazer Team!

Since everyone in the theater knew that he was coming, the whole crowd was so incredibly HYPED, it was crazy. After a bunch of RT jokes, two employees led Gavin out to the front of the theater with a microphone and said hey to us. He laughed and joked that our group said “MAAARK NUTTTTTTT” the earliest. He then took a photo for twitter and a couple of videos of the whole crowd, and he was smiling a lot. He told us he would come back afterwards and we began watching the movie almost immediately. 

Everyone cheered super loudly whenever someone from RT came on screen, and when the credits started rolling, some people started leaving…? But then Gavin came back into the theater!! Everyone who left before ended up coming back in a huge group, so then we decided to get everyone to meet Gavin by each row, which was pretty great, since I was in the third row hah

Once he got to me, I asked him if he could sign my ticket (which he did upside down heh) and then my phone case. He was shocked when he saw my maze phone case and said “Whoa that’s really cool!!” so I laughed it off and thanked him before taking a selfie. Gavin was absolutely one of the sweetest people ever, and I stood off to the side to wait for Gavin to do the same for @trollfishprince. After that, we just kinda like… stayed there hah. Me, @trollfishprince, and @cutefeyrad stood off to the side for just about the whole hour  that Gavin was signing and taking pictures. Yup!! For about an hour, the three of us were casually standing a couple of feet away from Gavin, cracking a few jokes and just hanging out. I guess it all started because Gavin ended up using @cutefeyrad’s INFAMOUS SHARPIE  the whole night, which lead to them also becoming the unofficial photographer!! Trust me, if you see a picture on tumblr from the SF showing, chances are that @cutefeyrad took the photo!! We joked around with Gavin and some of the fans and it was great. I surprisingly felt super calm while standing there, probably because Gavin was super super sweet. He wouldn’t stop smiling and took a lot of funny photos and joked around with us. You could tell he was happy to be there, despite probably being tired from this past week.

I remember talking to Tessa, looking over to Gavin and suddenly he was facetiming with a little girl. The theater’s IMMEDIATE reaction was to cheer as loudly as we could for the facetiming, and when I looked back at Gavin’s phone again, BURNIE WAS THERE WITH COLTON IN THE BACKGROUND!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out a 6 year old had a crush on Gavin so Burnie had her facetime with him, which he explains in this tweet to meg:

That was pretty great, but it was absolutely amazing to meet Gavin. He made sure to talk to every single one of us one by one and I must say, it all felt genuine. There was one point where a guy asked Gavin to fill in the blank spot in his “RYAN THE _____ GUY” shirt, so then he asked if it had to be PG, then said he was gonna keep it PG, then halfway through it said “nope that’s definitely not PG anymore” and the guy turned to reveal his shirt that said “RYAN THE SHEEP FINGER FUCKER GUY” and we all fucking lost it. Ah yes, I could not love you more than I do right now Gavin.

 Eventually he had to leave, and said bye to the 20 people who were still hanging around at the end. I said “Thank you!!” and he turned around, looked over a couple people, looked at me directly with the biggest smile ever and said “Thank YOU!” before leaving with two employees. Even an employee got a picture with him in the hallway, and everyone who was left started to walk out behind Gavin, but in a really casually way (no we were not stalking him, just leaving at the same time as him I swear haha) 

So the RT NorCal group had organized a little hangout at a place a couple buildings over, and actually invited Gavin as we were walking out. He politely declined saying that he had a 4:00am flight to catch, but was extremely sweet about it. 

Once we got out of the dim hallway and into the Metreon lobby, I took a video, walked next to him, and asked for a high five. He looked up at my camera and held his hand up for a have five and I just couldn’t be happier. It was kind of an impulse decision on my part, and as something who has really bad anxiety, it’s amazing how he truly does make everyone around him feel comfortable and happy. I got so much more out of him tonight than I expected, because really, I expected to talk to him for 3 seconds and then being rushed so the next person could take a photo. But it was so much more than that. He really made us feel like each one of us mattered. It was so nice of him to take the time to meet with everyone in the theater personally. He did that for over a full hour after the movie ended, even with that early flight to catch in the morning. It really goes to show that he deeply cares about the RT community. He started off as a member of the community before getting hired, so I think he understands what it was like to be on the other side of things. I couldn’t be happier with how tonight turned out, and I wanna thank everyone at the theater for being the best group of people ever. And of course, I want to thank Gavin for taking the time to come visits us. He is absolutely one of the nicest people I have ever met and I cannot thank him enough for tonight. Truly one of the best nights ever.


Is there an upside to social media narcissism? 

Love this idea from BrainCraft (also on Tumblr). Sure, this is the era of the selfie, and our eyes often point more to social media than social meatspace. That results in a fair amount of certifiable narcissism in our digital lives (which aren’t really separable from our meatspace lives, which is really the point here).

Are there upsides to social media narcissism? Can it make us more aware of ourselves? Or is it just a digital version of shameless vanity with an Instagram filter slapped on?

I think technology is fairly inert as long as it isn’t filled with bullets. It doesn’t make people act a certain way, it’s more like it gives people outlets and opportunities to act in certain ways that they are already inclined to act, whether that’s accentuating their introversion or inflating their vanity (and all shades in between). Sure, the resulting behavior isn’t always good (and it isn’t always bad, either), but as Mike says in this Idea Channel episode, the distinction between online and offline is increasingly a false one:

And paying attention differently doesn’t mean that people are paying attention badly, it just means that … well, it’s different. Directing our attention at our social avatars or our social networks or at our own ducky faces looking back at us from our outstretched arms can be a good or a bad thing, and maybe both simultaneously.  Check out this video I did last year for more on that idea:

(Tumblr dash viewers, click through to watch the other videos)


there’ve been a couple of you asking what I look like recently and the answer is not-usually-like-this because I’ve been ill for four weeks x__x

on the upside I’m feeling better today

also I look even more androgynous than usual imho so that’s cool