but on the other hand he is asdfghjkl

DATING MARK OR basically boyfriend!mark

im even ready for this asdfghjkl;

  • bro mark would be so freaking perfect as boyfriend 
  • like he would be so into calling each other “babe” because it’s so freaking cute NOT TO MENTION HE WOULD GIVE YOU THAT CUTE ASS SMILE LIKE THE ONE ABOVE
  • lots of hand holding especially around the other members
  • normal conversations in English that somehow drift into Korean and you guys are just speaking a mixture of both  
  • lots and lots and lots of KISSES
  • cute goodmorning/goodnight calls because he prefers listening to your voice before he goes to sleep and right before he wakes up 
  • random ugly snaps in the middle of the day, whether he’s on tour, at practice JUST WHENEVER OKAY  
  • back hugs
  • back hugs 
  • did i say back hugs 
  • *calms down* dEEP BREATHS 
  • datessssss 
  • i feel like you and mark would have lots of dates
  • but like not the types where you always go out and do something 
  • more of the stay at home and watch a movie and make cookies type
  • but of course there would be the casual ones like taking coco for a walk WITH POOR EOMMA YOUNGJAE CALLING EVERY SECOND WONDERING WHERE THEY KIDNAPPED HIS POOR BABY 
  • and there would be the dates where Jackson would tag along mostly because you could never say no to him simply because he was annoying as fuckkk
  • there would also those dates where we have jinyoung spamming mark because that’s his man and you have no right just “taking him and seducing him” 
  • but back to being serious and to what all you lil hoes have been waiting for  S I N 
  • so basically sex with mark would be special
  • you guys would have restless nights of love making 
  • meaningful love bites trailing down your chest and thighs 
  • sweet whispers of i love you’s 
  • lots and lots of ass grabbing 
  • lets be S E R I O U S mark tuan is an ass person 
  • but he would love each and every single inch of your body
  • but of course mark tuan isn’t anything but vanilla in bed 
  • 95% of the time you guys aren’t whispering sweet nothings into each others ears you’re moaning curse words out loud keeping up you’re neighbors for the 3rd night in a row
  • which one of the main reasons you don’t sleep over at the dorms half of the time
  • heavy breathing and tiny lil whimpers coming out of his mouth simply because YOU WORK HIM SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!
  • long line of curse words leaving each others mouths with moans coming right after each one of them 
  • finishing each other still feeling as euphoric as you did in the moment
  • mark picking up his t shirt and putting in on you and laying you back down taking you into his embrace 
  • staring at each other in silence as he strokes your hair feeling lucky as ever because you’re his girl and he’s yours while feeling content over the fact that his family may be thousands of miles away but he has never felt so at home laying down next you in each others embrace 
  • thinking about the future but not to far into it because all he knows is that he wants you by his side forever and that’s all he is asking for
  • being perfect in each others eyes

                                                                      ~ Erica


Neither Here Nor There

(if i were at Elsewhere i figure this would be me; i may write more short tales in the future but everyone elses are so good and it’s nearly midnight here and this was a slapdash doodle cus i only just found this blog and asdfghjkl!!!)

There are always staple sights at every University. 

The pigeons (mostly crows here though, with their jerking head and obnoxiously goading caws) and the squirrels…..if the truce holds. That one guy with an acoustic guitar pretending to be so deep, and people nevermentioning how he is always there yet subtly changed; he always manages to catch one or two with his song and eyes. The complaining or giggling drunken girls tottering home in their heels guided by solemn friends, one hand in theirs, their stiletto spikes in the other like a weapon. The girl sat under a tree reading…..

This is about she. 

The one by The Tree. 

Student, fae, human, walking contradiction: sociable yet shy. Exhausted yet eager. Loving and loyal yet secretive and cynical. Intelligent but not wise. Teacher’s pet who loved to bend rules but rarely break. Confident and polite yet shy and nervous. Not beautiful, but striking. Neither tall nor short, it is she who dares go to where her Mother and Father first met. 

Not that it was on Campus. 

Both were drunk, but even sobered they warmed to each other and had……well, changelings were one thing, but what could be spawned out of such pairings could be the next Hero of the century or the next Caliban. She read. Devoured books; each word chosen, perhaps even purposefully carelessly, for purpose. Each phrase each style each writer, all weaving emotion and life in simple black and white on paper. She adored them. 

However, the library, or the parts she was fond of, disliked her taste, so as always she sought small sanctuaries elsewhere: under The Tree, on stairs, or wherever she could find a small haven of calm.

English: drank tea religiously in a sort of ceremony. Offering her sweet treats would have her on your good side; though she ate voraciously and rarely exercised she dd not gain much weight at all. She stood and sat slightly apart from everyone. She picked up the stragglers, the strays, those who struggled….more often than not this had only hurt her, like trying to free a thrashing beast from a trap. They would be gone, and she would be left bloodied and alone. Yet she still could not walk past such things…even after watching some fool purposefully putting their leg in the bear trap in the first place! Because of this, any betrayal and you would never see her again. It was like gaining the trust of a wild animal….but once caught, was as friendly and foolish and clumsy as a puppy, yet still dressed in eccentric elegance. Being childish and then being the responsible “mom” friend….contradiction, contradiction, contradiction.

Depressed, anxious, but never a true stamp of bipolar or other such state was made. Those at Elsewhere did not bother… 

Autumn was her favourite. Too hot or two cold was insufferable, but wet and windy was her norm. Some murmured dryad, sylph, and other terms. If only it was so simple….her mother with such fire in her soul, and her father such languid manner that hid such strength. Even she did not know which of them was not human. But the Gentry…….some recognised her as one of their own and then as drew closer were repelled, sensed something was wrong and amiss. The machinations of the Court came easily to her yet she knew it’s dangers…..here, she sought human friends, and to perhaps dare to experience life a little. Good books and plenty of tea and sweet pastries…..but what this place would make of her, she did not know.


Johnlock in ‘The Final Problem’

I know we didn’t get the cannon Johnlock confirmation that we needed and deserved (*cries*), but we still got plenty of subtext. In case you need cheering up, here are (most of) the Johnlock moments from the episode:

  • John helping Sherlock terrify Mycroft with the crazy clown
  • Sherlock getting really, really defensive when Mycroft asks John to leave:
    • “This is family.” “That’s why he stays!”
    • I think this is when Mycroft realizes just how much John means to Sherlock.
    • John’s little smile when Sherlock says that <3
  • When the patience grenade landed, one of the first things Sherlock thought of was John.
    • “Is a phone call possible? John has a daughter. He may wish to say goodbye.”
  • John just lost his wife and has a baby, and he still leaves everything behind to accompany Sherlock on his mission.
  • When Eurus attacked Sherlock, John heard his screams of agony and it galvanised him into action. He literally fended off two orderlies who were trained to deal with mentally unstable patients.
  • Sherlock didn’t even think about asking John to kill the Governor.
    • Despite the fact that John is a soldier.
  • When Sherlock had to say “I love you” to Molly, you could see the pain on his face and hear it in his voice.
    • Partly because he didn’t mean it and hated breaking her this way.
    • Also because the man he loves is standing right behind him.
    • Also, apparently this scene was edited in at the last minute, because nobody except Moffat and Gatiss liked the scene it replaced. Martin Freeman said something about filming a very emotional scene for this episode; but John didn’t really have any emotional scenes? Was the one before this possibly a Johnlock scene?!
    • Also, BEHOLD JOHN’S ACTUAL EXPRESSION IN THIS SCENE. Can you see the tears shining in his eyes? LOOK CAREFULLY.
  • After Sherlock smashed the coffin and went to pieces, John was right there to comfort him.
    • Even though John had almost gone to pieces himself because of what happened to the Governor.
    • Maybe I’m reading into this, but they held hands for a few moments longer than necessary, and is John…smiling?
  • AND MY FAVOURITE SCENE: When Sherlock had to choose who to kill: John or Mycroft, and Mycroft starts insulting John to get Sherlock riled up. Honestly, I loved Mycroft so much in this episode.
    • Sherlock says, “He’s trying to make it easy for me to kill him.“ It’s obvious that neither Sherlock nor Mycroft even considered killing John. Although Sherlock didn’t end up killing Mycroft, he almost did, whereas the thought of killing John was just…unthinkable. Out of the question.
    • Mycroft knew how much John meant to Sherlock, and he couldn’t watch his brother kill the man he loves. (Throwback to A Study In Pink, when Mycroft shipped Johnlock from Day 1)
  • OHMYGOD, throughout this episode, John and Sherlock have been asking each other “Are you okay?” in the smollest, softest voices.
  • The pure AGONY on Sherlock’s face when he realizes that John’s in danger and he can’t reach him.
  • When Sherlock finds out about Victor, he cries.
    • I don’t think he cries about the murder of a long-forgotten childhood friend.
    • He cries because he realizes that Eurus is going to take John away in the exact same way.
  • He hugs his psychotic sister, even though he must HATE her right now, having learnt the truth about Victor, and knowing what she’s about to do to John.
    • Partly because he feels sorry for her, maybe?
    • Mostly because it brings him one step closer to saving John.
  • “It is what it is.” THIS MOMENT. ICONIC.
    • John remembers the hug, he remembers what Sherlock said to him.
    • He acknowledges the fact that The Hug was a MOMENT.
  • MARY’S CD THO. “PS, I know you two. If I’m gone, I know what you could become.”
    • She’s almost directly saying that they’re gay for each other and now that she’s out of the way, THEY NEED TO ACCEPT IT??
    • Look at the meaningful way Sherlock looks at John when she says that <3
  • OHMYGOD. Sherlock’s finally allowed to play with Rosie. THEY’RE GOING TO RAISE HER TOGETHER ASDFGHJKL. Can we put a ring on it now?
  • Honestly, them holding hands when they run out is the only confirmation we would’ve needed.

This episode was such a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I really don’t think that Eurus is just going to stay put now; Sherlock said he would take her home and then went back on his word. Playing duets together doesn’t really mean much. I have a feeling we’ll see more of her in the new season - if there is one :(


Hoop hop diggity dog

170513 EXO CUP Japan fanmeeting Day2

Wow I love fanmeets

*HACK* Oh my…doesn’t that sound romantic? ;-; awww I love hand holds from meh otp (I don’t think CB holds hands as much as other otps, I mean they got them hi fives doe) especially when their hands go so well together.

BUT ALAS. No fancam ;-; I cri

Aww look at dem ^^ all three..orange heads (?) just happily eating (they look like hamsters) and dang look at how fast Chanyeol’s stuffing his mouth

Wowowowow- woah. Did channel just do what I think he did? 

WHY YEs my children he did. He fed Baekhyun like the last Japan fan meeting, how sweet. What I really liked about this moment was the fact that Baekhyun already ate one but Chanyeol still decided to feed him for no reason other to just feed him. What a caring boyfriend~

Close up ASDFGHJKL How adorable

Vernon As A Father

Originally posted by thehouseofkpop

“could you do vernon as a father please”

I feel a little weird with writing about Vernon being a father, but maybe it’s just because he’s two years older than me and I still feel like that’s a little young seeing that I’m 17 and he’s 19 (American age), but idk. If it makes you guys happy I will try my best! It might be a little awkward, but I hope you enjoy and feel free to request more boys! xx

  • Alright
  • To be blunt here, I really don’t know all that much about Vernon
  • Maybe it’s because I’m that 1% of the fandom that’s not really attracted to him??
  • Don’t get me wrong he’s freaking hot
  • But it might also be because he’s off limits to me according to one of my friends iDK
  • Honestly I see him more as a best friend material to me rather than boyfriend material
  • But I’m going to try my best to make this seem not awkward but that probably won’t happen so bare with me
  • I feel like Vernon would be the type to want and wait until Marriage before starting a family
  • Like he wouldn’t want to take things too far at first and would much rather just kind of want to take in his relationship while he could
  • But once he got married and was settled down for a year or two he would be all for the thought of having a baby
  • Vernon would be the type to feel really nervous about becoming a father
  • Mainly because he wouldn’t want to do anything that could ruin the way his child would think about him
  • He’d be most nervous about dropping the child or yelling at it or something like that
  • But with a little reassurance I’m pretty sure he’d feel 50% better about starting a family
  • So when the topic came up at dinner one day he nearly chocked on his food before asking you to repeat yourself
  • When you did he knew that his ears weren’t lying to him and he’d nervously scratch his neck and respond to you
  • “uh yeah…kids kind of scare me so…”
  • When you would ask what was so bad about children he would just kind of rant to you about all of his fears about becoming a father
  • You understood him though because you were just about as scared to become a mother but tons of people start families and most of them end out just fine
  • You told him that he might not be the perfect father but if he tries his best he could turn out to be just fine for his future child
  • “okay [y/n], let’s have a baby”
  • aND BAM
  • After a rough night in the bedroom ;)))
  • You felt that you for sure were going to get pregnant from that
  • And it wasn’t just because Vernon took it a little rougher than expected
  • not that you would complain (what am i saying i am currently writing this in church pls help me)
  • A couple weeks later you began getting some of the symptoms and you were kind of excited
  • I mean, it’s not like you were potentially carrying a little fetus inside of you phhhttt
  • But you didn’t want to freak Vernon out so you set up an appointment for yourself
  • You were nervous through the entire thing
  • (shot game: take a shot every time I mention the word nervous)
  • After the ultrasound the doctor looked at you with a smile and pointed at the screen a picture of a little tiny fetus cell
  • “congrats mrs chwe, you’re preggers”
  • You were really happy but really scared at the same time because even though Vernon was okay with the thought of having a baby you still didn’t really know how her would react
  • So you decided to wait a bit and tell him in this really cliche way
  • You waited about a month or so before putting your plan into order
  • One day after Vernon came home from practice you decided to make him this really nice meal
  • But somewhere inside it you hid a tiny pacifier
  • You were impatiently starring at Vernon the entire time during the dinner
  • Kind of creeping him out a bit but he just shook it off
  • And then he saw it
  • He pulled the object out with his chopsticks and just kind of looked at you weird
  • “are you trying to poison me”
  • And that’s when you just kind of gave him a look like brUH
  • Vernon just kind of sat there really confused while trying to process why there was this object in his food until you literally had to spell it out for him
  • “dude i’m pregnant”
  • “wait…what”
  • It would take a couple minutes before he would finally smile and walk over to where you sat before picking you up and spinning around
  • He honestly would feel so happy despite feeling so nervous before about becoming a father
  • But something he couldn’t resist is the excitement of having a little boy or girl to look after with his wife
  • Vernon would be so careful with you from the second he found out about your future baby
  • Like he would be that gentleman
  • He would be the man to always hold doors for you and hold your hand as you walked up the stairs
  • He would even put his jacket over the puddles so you wouldn’t slip and fall
  • He’d be so sweet and walk with his arms tightly around your waist to support your back even though you didn’t have a bump yet
  • And asdfghjkl daddy vernon makes me feel so fluffy
  • For your 4 month checkup Vernon would be so happy to finally find out the gender of your child\
  • Secretly it’s been killing both of you on the inside
  • You both didn’t want to state your opinions on the gender to each other out loud because this wasn’t something you wanted to fight over
  • But the boys on the other hand would constantly pester Vernon with their thoughts saying that he was going to have a mini man who will have amazing rap skill just like his daddy
  • But Vernon would internally curse them out because he really wanted a little girl to spoil someday
  • But that’s not something that he would say out loud
  • But here you are now laying on a chair with your shirt lifted up slightly as the doctor rubbed gel over your stomach causing you to giggle at the ticklish contact
  • Vernon would just kind of stand back in awe at how adorable you looked as you giggled
  • Once the picture was displayed upon the screen the entire room became silent as the doctor tried to figure out what gender the baby was going to be
  • The doctor turned to the two of you with a smile and pointed at the picture of your baby
  • “Congrats you guys, it looks like you’re going to have a little girl someday”
  • And Vernon literally shouted in a loud New York accent “yES!!”
  • You and the doctor both looked at him in shock of his reaction causing him to sheepishly look away and rub the back of his neck with a small “sorry”
  • You only rolled your eyes and motioned for him to come to you so you could kiss him
  • Which he happily obliged to
  • Omg Vernon would go so hard while shopping for his little girl
  • Picking out the cutest “my daddy is the best!!111!!” onesies and “my dad is a stud” bibs
  • You would smack him at his choice but just roll your eyes in enjoyment because your husband was so corny and you loved it
  • Telling the boys about the gender would be something
  • Like Vernon would stride into practice one day with some much pride and confidently hand the ultrasound to the boys like
  • “yeah, that’s right bitches, I’m having a daughter”
  • And they would just kind of stare at him in shock before telling him to fuck off for being too cocky
  • And Vernon would just kind of be like “wut”
  • But the boys would be happy anyways because that meant that they had a little girl to help spoil
  • The entire nursery would be pink
  • This baby would be so spoiled to the point where her mobile would a chandelier and her crib would be a canopy
  • But she was going to be Vernon’s little princess someday so she had to have the nicest things
  • The first time you would feel the baby kick would be late at night
  • It kind of shocked you because you were confused as to why your stomach was being punched from the inside
  • And once you realized it your face would just
  • :O
  • And you would immediately smack Vernon until he woke up just so that way he could feel your belly too
  • But Vernon was like still half asleep so when he placed his hand on your stomach he was like half paying attention
  • And then he felt it
  • bOI
  • It was like something sparked inside of him and suddenly he became really wide eyed and wide away at this point
  • And he would just rub your belly and start talking to your little girl about anything and everything
  • You fell asleep to the soft sound of Vernon trying his best to sing your little girl to sleep to get her to stop kicking you
  • Mood swings would be hell for Vernon because he never knew what to say around you
  • Like one minute you would be bawling your eyes out at a kitten commercial and he would try to comfort you but only get flipped off at in the end
  • And when you tried to rip his clothes off one particular night when you felt horny
  • He tired his to flirt back only to get smacked in the end and scolded by you for having him say “such crude things”
  • The poor boy would feel so confused on what he was supposed to do
  • But luckily the mood swings were one of the better symptoms of your pregnancy
  • Because let’s just say that Vernon could not deal with making ice cream with pickles and kimchi every night
  • That was just a no no
  • Your cravings honestly weren’t that often though
  • And you really did have to hand it to him in the end because he was being such a trooper for you
  • Vernon was so nervous when it would come to your final days until the due date
  • He was even more nervous when he found out that the baby was going to be late
  • It was like 2 weeks after the due date and both of you were growing a little bit worried so you guys went into the doctor
  • The doctor gave you another ultrasound and frowned slightly
  • “Babies usually shouldn’t be this late, but by the looks of it there is a possibility that your daughter could be sick”
  • The doctor told you that they would need to give you a c section before anything could happen
  • The last thing you needed was to get sick as well
  • Vernon was as pale as a ghost by this point
  • There was basically a 50/50 chance he could lose his baby or his wife
  • Or even both
  • The doctor told him that he would need to get dressed in scrubs if he chose to be there for the surgery
  • Vernon gulped and nodded before following a nurse out to go get changed
  • Meanwhile the doctor took you to an operating room to get you set up
  • When Vernon arrived he strutted straight to you trying to look sexy to lighten the mood but failed when he tripped on a wire
  • You laughed and squeezed his hand as the doctors put you on anesthesia
  • He wouldn’t let go until you were fast asleep
  • Actually the doctors had to pull him away because he refused to let go
  • Vernon stood behind the tool table and out of the way next to a nurse who was keeping track of your heart rate
  • She gave him reassurance saying that it was rare when a girl would die from a c section
  • But that didn’t really help any because there was still a chance that he would lose you
  • Good thing that the c section was a success
  • The baby didn’t cry due to the fact that it seemed to be dead at first
  • The doctor called Vernon over so he could help out
  • He told Vernon to take off his scrub shirt so he could place the child against her father’s chest to try and heat her up so she would stay alive
  • Vernon did as he was told and held his daughter tightly to his chest praying that she would stay alive as the other doctors fixed up his wife
  • A couple hours later you woke up in a different hospital room while the lights turned off and soft humming could be heard in the room
  • Vernon sat in the corner still shirtless as he rubbed the back of your daughter who was hugged tightly to him
  • When you asked him what he was doing he looked up at you with a wide smile and explained everything the doctor had told him
  • It turns out that your daughter had cold intolerance which made her severely sensitive to chilly and cold air
  • Apparently it had to do something with the lack of body fat in your child’s body
  • She was pretty skinny after all
  • But you didn’t mind though because it only made her special
  • The doctors had given you strict directions on how to deal with your daughter’s condition
  • You and Vernon actually managed the newborn pretty well
  • And despite her being cold most of the time to the point where it hurt her physically,
  • She was actually a pretty quiet baby
  • She rarely cried and wasn’t as needy as the doctors made her seem
  • Vernon loved that about her
  • In fact he loved everything about her
  • He was nervous about being a father at first but he knew that this was really worth it
  • One of his favorite activities was rocking his little girl to sleep every night
  • And then making sure that she was wrapped up all comfy cozy in her princess crib
  • She really didn’t know how lucky she had it to be Vernon’s daughter
  • Like any girl would give just to be tucked in every night by the man
  • Plus she was even more spoiled by her uncles
  • The first time she was introduced to the boys Vernon almost had to shield her body away from them in fear that they would crush her
  • The boys were a lot more gentle than he expected and his daughter seemed to warm up to them pretty easily
  • One person in particular she seemed really comfortable with was Joshua
  • She seemed to cuddle up to his chest and fall right asleep
  • Vernon had to admit he was jealous
  • But she looked so cute and warm all snuggled up to his fellow American liner
  • Ever since then his daughter always was really close to Joshua
  • She even requested for him to show up to all of her birthday parties as she grew older
  • Joshua was kind of like a best friend or an older brother to the little girl rather than an uncle
  • Not that he really minded though
  • He was just really happy that he was able to spend time with Vernon’s daughter
  • Your daughter grew up becoming really attached to Joshua and much rather than going to you or Vernon with you her problems she would go to Joshua
  • Vernon was kind of hurt that she chose Joshua over her own father
  • But you tried your best to help him understand that it’s easier for a girl to go to a trusted friend rather than her own parents and that she would warm up to them eventually
  • But sadly even through her teenage years she didn’t really warm up to her father
  • It wasn’t until her first heartbreak caused by a dick who cheated on her when she went running to her daddy instead of Joshua
  • Which actually shocked both you and your husband
  • But neither of you complained because she just really needed the comfort of her father at the moment
  • And Vernon swore to that day that his daughter would never have her heart broken by a boy ever again
  • Despite your daughter being a looker
  • She got picked on a lot at school because of her condition
  • She wasn’t allowed to go outside and play in the snow with her classmates during breaks
  • She wasn’t allowed to go ice skating with her friends
  • And it eventually got to the point where she fell into a sort of depression and wouldn’t talk to anyone
  • She coped with it pretty well though and took advice from both your and Vernon to find something that would distract her from her problems for a while
  • And she found a passion that matched her father’s in rapping
  • She looked up to many artists like Dreke, Iggy Azalea, and other famous rappers
  • One of her friends had secretly recorded her rapping and uploaded it online
  • She became an overnight sensation
  • You were quite shocked when you woke up to watch the news and saw your daughter’s video on the news
  • When you asked her about it she said she didn’t know someone had recorded her
  • But she didn’t really mind though
  • She began getting calls and messages from people all over asking if she would want a record deal
  • Which she gladly accepted to sign a deal with Capital Records in LA
  • Although it meant moving out of Korea and away from her family
  • She was happy that her parents were so supportive over her decision
  • Vernon even offered to go with her if she wanted
  • But she refused and told him that she really wanted him to stay in Korea to be with his own group
  • Vernon understood though
  • He just really wanted to spend time with his daughter
  • Both you and Vernon became really proud of your daughter
  • She became a huge inspiration to people everywhere
  • She was considered one of the most successful rappers in America
  • Vernon even got his manager to allow his daughter to be the opening act for Seventeen on tour
  • Your daughter never really fell in love
  • She didn’t want to get her heart broken like the way that she did all those years back
  • It’s not like she minded though because she was already too busy to be involved with that kind of commitment
  • So she didn’t end up getting married
  • But you weren’t really too upset over that
  • It’s what mad your daughter happy
  • And if that made her happy than the two of you were happy
  • And that’s all that you ever really wanted since the beginning

|| S.Coups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || DK || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino ||

kaylaseoul88  asked:

How would MONSTA X react to you holding their hand for the first time?

This is so cute! Here it is~


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There will be TOO much smiling from this guy when you’ve decided to finally hold his hand after two months of being together. Words cannot describe how special he felt at that moment when your hands were intertwined with each other.

Originally posted by kihyonie


*acts like he just won the lotto*

 When you held his hand for the first time, it showed how you are ready to be more intimate with each other and that you’re comfortable with him.

“It’s great that we’re finally more comfortable with each other. I love you, Y/N.”

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He’d be startled at first, feeling something warm wrap around his hand. He would pull back a bit before realising it was you, before apologising to you 100x and letting you hold his hand again.

“I’m sorry, Jagi! I didn’t think it was you!”

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*Y/N you’re so cute! asdfghjkl.”

He would go on overdrive when your hand is in his. His hands were’t as large as the members, but they were big enough for yours to fit in them. I don’t think Kihyun would stop holding your hands after that.

Originally posted by hyungvon


*happy and smug mode activated*

Hyungwon feels really happy that you held his hand for the first time, but would tease you a little, hoping that you won’t feel nervous about it.

“Oh, so we’re holding hands now? Are we gonna kiss after, then?”

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*happy little bun*

Jooheon is the type to feel REALLY happy whenever they feel loved, whether be it physical contact or verbal affection. So when your hands are intertwined with his, he’d spin you around in excitement and would place a peck on your forehead after.

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Like the caption says, he’d be hit with the feels. You’ve only started dating recently, so to have you hold his hand for the first time, he felt like it was unreal.

“Omg is she actually holding my hand? Omg…”

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So guys i went to the 24k concert tonight and omg shit happened XD

So i made this fansign for Hui (He’s my bias). I was pretty close to the front so when he was in front of me at the beginning of the concert he pointer at my sign and after that pointed at his own heart (i died).

So like halfway through the show cory started pointing out all the fansigns. Taking some from the crowd and handing them back. When suddenly Hui walk towards me from the complete opposite side of the stage, and reaches for my sign.

The other signs were all handed back. Hui did not give mine back. He held onto it for a good while before carefully handing it to the staff who put it aside.

My friend who was standing in front of him got him holding it on video and like asdfghjkl I’m still not okay wtf.

Thace is so…. tall! Compared to Coran omg this gives me SO MUCH LIFE! Can you imagine Coran and Thace fighting side by side and Thace using his own body to shield him? Coran can hold himself in a battle, he’s experienced and a good fighter, but sometimes he get into tough spots and Thace IS THERE

Coran being the big spoon… smol big spoon… He’s like a jet pack omg I live and breathe for this?? I love it asdfghjkl;

Also IMAGINE THEIR HANDS! Imagine them placing their palms against each other’s hands to compare hand sizes and Coran doesn’t have a small hand compared to other alteans but compared to Thace he’s so smol. It’s great.

Thace leaning down to kiss him CORAN ON HIS TIPTOES ASDFGHJKL;

I would just like to thank CHANBAEK FOR KILLING ME-

Today , or yesterday whatever, my friends, we were not only graced with the presence of all these amazing kpop groups but also the presence of Chanbaek during the MAMA awards. Last year was cute and I loved da stares and stuff but this I don’t know man it really got to me. I was yelling “THIS IS NOT OK” at my computer so I can only assume that this was in fact, not ok

MAMA AWARDS 2016 (161202) 

Let’s start of with this picture where I really have no idea what’s happening but I see Chanyeol holding a cup near Baekhyun and Baekhyun making a very derpy face and I love it. I’m assuming that Chanyeol was handing Baek a cup and Baek made a face at the wrong time XD

Ummmm height difference much? WHY SO YOU LOOK SO SMOL BAEK WHY WHY WHY I LOVE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE IT’S SO CUTE ASDFGHJKL they look so good together ;-;

Ok, I like the way Baekhyun looks at Chanyeol so cutely while he’s hovering in the back like Chen so Chanyeol can have space as he presents his speech. And I know it’s polite to look at your friend while they’re speaking but Baekhun’s literally leaning forward to get a better look at Chanyeol’s face as he speaks, like come on, that’s kinda unnecessary. He could be like the rest of the members and look to the front while smiling and occasionally glancing over, but no he isn’t satisfied by that, he has to get a good look at Chanyeol to be satisfied. That’s adorable ;-; 

Ok so let me just say one thing, Chanyeol today was so so so so touchy like I don’t know why but Chanyeol was always by Baekhyun and kept touching him and I’m like “*flailing* Bu-buh buh whu?” 


I get that you want to tell Baek something but seriously? All you needed to do was a simple tap on the shoulder to get his attention JUST A SIMPLE TAP BUT NO YOU HAD TO GO EXTRA AND GRAB HIS FOREARM JUST TO PULL AWAY ANYWAY AND LOOK AT BAEKHYUN’S SMILE THO Chanyeol’s just extra touchy ain’t he? Also, I love how Lay is just so used to it like “bruh I’m not even gonna try offering to switch seats anymore”

First we have a frivolous Baekhyun dancing when Taemin shows up and so we have a sweet Baekhyun greeting his senior

Then Chanyeol comes up and grabs Baekhyun’s arm gently as if saying “You’re staying close to me” Throughout some pictures you’ll see that Chanyeol likes to stand behind Baekhyun instead of beside, like right here he looks as if he’s discreetly pulling Baek in front of him. He wants to stand protectively behind Baekhyun XD

Ma sweet couple sticking close together ;-; I love it

Chanyeol’s always just right behind him, it’s like he doesn’t want to let Baek out of his sight XD (is it ok for me to call this protective? I mean he seems so clingy to Baekhyun tonight) like if you see a video of this exact moment in a more wide view you’ll see that there was a huge space between Baekhyun and another person, and Chanyeol could’ve slipped right in there and not be blocked by Baekhyun right? Nope he chooses to stay behind BaekHyun :’) 

Gentleman Yeol ;-; “go on ahead my dear I’ll be right behind you” It’s just like how he was at the Melon awards~

I honestly think this was the highlight of the night XD people were dying over this


So cute ;-;


Ahhhh awards this year are such a blessing for us CB shippers XD

This entire year was a blessing for CB shippers! Heck can you believe it’s already December? But who knows maybe CB will give us the ultimate christmas gift~ Revealing that they love each other XD 

Boyfriend! Sejun

in honour of my beautiful ultimate bias, sejun’s birthday

  • birthday dates
  • goes to a nice top restaurant
  • “thanks for being here with me on my birthday”
  • asdfghjkl pecks you and cuddles you
  • wants to pay but you wanna treat him cos it’s his birthday
  • cheers you up
  • bc have u seen him ??
  • doesn’t matter if you’re sad or happy he’ll still cheer u up
  • holds your hand
  • pda but not too much
  • “she’s mine”
  • claims you
  • “don’t ever leave me”
  • 100% man
  • whatta man
  • actually 50% baby
  • protects you
  • gets jealous when you get too close to other guys
  • e a s i l y  j e a l o u s
  • esp when you’re with the other members
  • “y/n! stop playing with subin and come play with me”
  • you constantly want to play hang out with the other members but he doesn’t let you
  • unless hes there with you too ofc
  • really playful relationship
  • cooking with sejun!
  • more like eating with sejun
  • puts cream on your nose
  • giggling and talking
  • childish talks
  • bc hes highkey a child even though hes 21 today
  • whines like a child
  • a total cutie pie though

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Trapped - JIMIN smut

you sit on the chair you always sit on in history class, as always. It’s past a week after your first day of school but you havent make any friends yet. You feel kinda lonely but you tried to shrug it off. You might cry in the middle of the class if you just keep on thinking that you’ll die without any friends here. 

“You’re late Mr. Park.” said the teacher to the guy who always sits next to you. He did nothing but gave the teacher a glare. You gotta admit it, he’s hot. Though if you compare him to other guys he could be considered as the short one. Despite the fact that he’s short, he’s still intimidating. He chose the empty seat beside you, again. There are lots of empty spaces, why in the world youd sit here? 

“There are LOTS of empty spaces, why in the world did you sit here?” he whispered to you once he sat on the chair. His hot breath blows on your neck, shit he’s so fucking hot. you thought. “Yah! answer me!” he said in an angry tone. “W-well.. I’ve been sitting here for the past few days..?” he glared at my answer.

“Well then, you. should. move.” he said, staring right into your soul. “uh…” you cant think of anything else, you didnt even listen to what he just said. You could tell that he just had P.E. oh god.. you saw him sweating like hell, but it makes him look even hotter. his hair, wet because of his sweat. even your pussy is getting wetter just by looking at him.

Little did you know he noticed that you we’re looking at him lustfully. “Meet me in the boys’ toilet in 5,” he whispered in your ears sexily with a little smirk. He excused himself to the toilet. You were bargaining with yourself wether or not you should go to the toilet with him. he’s probably gonna beat you up. no! but what if he wants… UGH NO! He’s definitely gonna beat me up oh God i cant.. i shouldnt..

“Mrs. (y/l/n)? are you alright?” your teacher suddenly caught your weird expression. “Uh.. I’m.. all-left?” the class laughed at your stupidity. “I think i need to go to the toilet, may I?” you didnt think any further and just went out to the toilet. 

“You.. came..” he stopped with both hands you when you were about to get into the girls toilet. you had no idea how he got there, but there he is. “Didn’t I say to meet me in the boys’ toilet instead of the girls’?” he asked, staring right into your soul again. His face was so close to yours that you could feel his hot breath towards you. “But.. if you want to..” he traced your neck, your hands, your thighs… parts that weren’t covered by your uniform. “Jimin.. people will see us…” you said. “Oh really?” he leaned in closer kissing your neck while holding your waist tightly with both hands. “uhm.. jimin-ah.. stop..” you tried to stop him but the only thing that came out of your mouth is moan.

he keeps on holding your waist tightly while pushing you to move to an empty room. It was a small meeting room, just perfect with the cover on the window on the door so anyone outside cant see whats inside. Luckily, the door has lock on it so he immediately locked it. He let you sit on the couch comfortably. “uh.. what are you doing..?” you said while looking at his throbbing bulge through his uniform pants. “You like what you see? Just wait.. i’m sure you’ll love it even more..” he took of his t-shirt, revealing his perfect abs. Your eyes shocked by his beautiful toned abs. “Uh… i dont think this is getting any better..?” you said in a confused tone. “Sshh yes it is babe.. just sit there and relax..” he said, leaning in to you. He kissed your lips sloppily, you had no choice but to kiss him back. He traced your thighs and move his hand upwards. He slid his hand into your panties. “Hmmm… guess who’s wet..” he said, breaking the kiss. He made you lay down on the couch and start to unbutton your shirt slowly while his other hand is working on its job down there. 

He thrust his two fingers in and out of your pussy and his thumb circling your clit. Your breathing starts to get heavier. Your moan starts to get louder. but as he notice that, he covers your mouth with his one free hand. “I know you love it babe.. but you gotta keep it down,” he said with a wink. God he’s so damn sexy asdfghjkl. you thought.

After done playing with your pussy with his hand, he felt like you need more of him. He took out his hand, leaving you in disappointment. “Dont worry baby i’ll give you more..” he took of his pants so you can see his hard throbbing cock standing right there. Then he slid down your skirt, and take your panties off with his teeth. Youre getting wetter just by a second. He spreads your legs with his muscly arms then guide his cock into your pussy slowly. “AHH JIM-” he immediately covers your mouth. “Ssshh dont be too loud! we’re still at school,” he said slowing his pace. “Oh God youre so tight.. aahh~ (y/n)!!” He keeps his pace slow, teasing you a little. One of his hands reaches your pussy again, playing with your clit. 

He then quicken his pace, sweat drops to his face. He looks even wetter than before now. so fucking hot oh my God. Yours and his bodies are covered with sweat. you thought. “Faster, Jimin. Faster~” you moaned. He obeyed your words and thrust faster than before. “Oh damnn Jimin.. ngghh i.. i’m..” by a second you cum on his dick. “OH shit i didnt use condom!” he said while taking out his dick slowly. He then cum right after he take it out. 

“Lick it clean! Quick!” he said to you, offering his wild dick. You lick him clean, obeying his words. “Youre so tasty Jimin..” you said leaning to his face. “I know,” he said winking at you, then he kissed you softly. He noticed the cum running down your thighs, he licked it clean right away.

knock knock

“Is anyone here?” it was a man’s voice from the outside of the room. “can’t you just barge in?” “but sir, it’ll break the door.” 

“oh shit. it’s the principal.” you whispered to Jimin who’s also panicking. “Quick wear your clothes!” you both reach for each other’s clothes and acted like you were trapped in the room. “DUDE! the key! hide the key!” he whispered to you.


the security then barging in breaking the door and found you two, looking sweaty and tired. “What are you guys doing here?” he asked. “We we’re trapped!” you said. “We asked for help too much that we’re tired and all sweaty.” said jimin. “Yah! Yah! just go back to your classes now.” said the security. Luckily, the principle just stood there and glared at both of you.

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Kanji proposes to Naoto through a plushie of her favorite hard boiled detective.


so this is what an OTP feels like…

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DID SOMEONE ASK FOR HEITH HEADCANONS WITH GALRA!KEITH? Okay so no matter what happens, if Keith is feeling stressed or wants to cuddle it's always Hunk, he gives the best scratches and is the warmest and he just falls asleep or is in heaven

Me again! And I imagine that everyone is really out of it after the reveal of Keith and his fuzzy eared ancestry, so Keith is worried that his friends (yes keith you do have friends that care but you look too cute with the ears) don’t like him (1)

(2) so Keith will find somewhere to be alone and beat something up or curl himself away. Hunk always finds him. Always, sometimes he just sits with him, sometimes there are hugs, sometimes Hunk will tell him about how bad he felt in his own

(3) skin when he started to get bullied for being fat. And it got bad, Hunk constantly worrying about what he ate/eating in public/worrying about what the other kids thought. Hunk telling him he can’t imagine what Keith is going through rn but

(4 last one?) But he can understand feeling out of his own skin. Lots of cuddles ensue, with Hunk carding his nimbly hands through Keith’s fur, and Keith giving Hunk a bazillion tiny face kisses or licks. “I like your body Hunk” “I like yours keith”

This is amazing and so good??? Hunk is always so very supportive and gives the best hugs. He makes Keith feel comfortable and loved. Hunk also helps the others get used to Keith as he is now - same as always but purple and furry ❤❤❤

Thank you so much for this asdfghjkl;

Ok. picture this. Kou family dinners (probably after the emporer died).

  • Gyokuen casually tries groping Kouen under the table all evening.
  • Unfortunately, one time, she misses by extending her arm too far, and accidentally gropes Kouha instead.
  • Kouha tenses up and kicks person across from him.
  • Judar, the one sitting across the table from him, glares and begins launching choice veggies extra  across the table, hitting Kouha square in the nose.
  • Not playing fair, Judar continues to assault Kouha with the vegetables, now infusing them with ice magic and air magic to freeze then shoot them across.
  • A stray magically flash-frozen carrot hits Koumei in the eye. Koumei had previously been strategizing with Kouen and was severely caught off guard when he realized he was smack in the middle of a food fight. 
  • Gyokuen continues to try and grope Kouen. Kouen stops her, slightly crushing her hands under the table.
  • Kouen, who had been talking to Koumei while ignoring his mother’s unwelcome advances, excuses himself to go to the bathroom. He locks himself in there for half an hour, reading a scroll he had smuggled in with him, while everyone calms down.
  • Hakuei acts like there isn’t a small scale food war starting between Judar and Kouha and makes conversation with Hakuryuu, beside her.
  • Kougyoku is fussing over her brother’s and Judar’s food fight, trying to stop them from launching peas at each other, while also trying not to get hit.
  • Hakuryuu is wishing he wasn’t there, but makes conversation with Hakuei to pass the time.
  • Koumei, after being nearly blinded by a carrot Kouha threw, glares icily at his brother and elbows Judar in the stomach really bad while stomping his foot under the table.
  • Gyokuen, after the loss of Kouen, starts downing the wine in large amounts, becoming even more handsy, and accidentally groping both Koumei and Judar at different points. Koumei suffers the groping in silence, but suddenly has a lot more respect towards Kouen. Judar, on the other hand, flips out, and angrily growls, “Pimples, keep your pervy hands to yourself”. Judar knows it’s Gyokuen, but pins the blame on Koumei either way. Koumei sputters, vehemently denying it in front of his siblings.
  • The other sisters chat amongst themselves, mostly agreeing to “fall ill” next time there was a family gathering.
  • Feeling a safe amount of time has passed, Kouen comes back in and takes in the sight of the room: Food strewn everywhere, Koumei angry and blushing, Judar glaring at no one in particular, Kougyoku nervously chatting with Hakuryuu (while making many nervous glances at under the table), the attendants sending each other nervous glances from across the room, Hakuei oblivious to the events that had apparently unfolded in his absence, and, most importantly, Gyokuen passed out drunk at the head with one hand still under the table (probably somewhere around Koumei’s thigh). Deciding it’s probably better he doesn’t know, Kouen shuts the door and asks an attendant to bring his plate to his room.

Thank you to  asdfghjkl-pudding for a large part of this.

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Sousuke + soulmate AU?

i got you, bro *crying*

Everyone had a soulmate. Everyone had that one or maybe more specific person(s) that they were destined to be with. Something decided from birth, and quite possibly beyond. You know who it is when you turn eighteen, just the right age to be an adult, and the right age to make a decision-like a second turn of puberty, at least one that didn’t come with annoying changes. 

Sousuke Yamazaki, now eighteen, exhales, and pauses to massage his shoulder. He remembers a time where high school and swimming was all he had to worry about, but now with university close by, those days were but a distant memory. He doesn’t know why he still insists on rehabilitating his shoulder. It’s been months, with no progress being made. 

He wonders idly what his best friend was up to, no doubt in Australia constantly getting to hit the pool and just swim. He misses it, and quite frankly, he’s jealous of Rin. Sousuke’s therapists had him on intense watch from swimming. Under their eyes, he’d been unwilling to rebel. 

“Yamazaki-san.” Someone calls his name, and he looks beyond the rehabilitation center where his usual therapist, a stout ex-coach of a national basketball team, is being followed by another unknown person. “We have a change in plans.” 

“Oh, yeah?” Sousuke relinquishes his grip on the dumbbell used for therapy, and approaches them with his hands in his pocket. His eyes assess the new person, watching as the grip on their clipboard tightens. 

“This is ___-san, your new physical therapist as of today.” His now ex-therapist says, gesturing for the two of them to introduce themselves. 

He makes the first move, extending his healthy arm, “Sousuke Yamazaki.” Something about their name reminded him of something, but he isn’t sure what. 

For a moment, the person in front of him is baffled, their eyes expressing no sign of processing what he’d said, until they abruptly push their sleeve away from their arm and look down at a name imprinted in their flesh. “U-Um…” 

A shiver of shock runs down his spine, and he carefully looks down at his own hand, calloused all the way down to his wrist from his nonstop therapy, and spots the clear imprint of a name that had just been uttered. 

The coach, quite clearly understanding what was happening excuses himself, leaving the two young people staring at each other in unadulterated surprise. When Sousuke realizes something was lifting itself off his shoulders, this tedious search for a soulmate, the smile is hard to fight away. His gaze flickers down to his awaiting hand, When they finally touch, the current running across his back is even stronger than the first. “Hey.” He says, and offers up a more genuine smile. 

This is ma fav award

161119 MMA2016 (melon awards)


Just a random gif of ma beautiful babys walking lalalala


LOOK AT THIS. Smol Baekhyun was lagging behind and you know what that’s completely normal, and we have Chanyeol just walking side by side along Lay, totally normal even I don’t expect a moment out of this (other than my wishing that they would walk together) BUT HOLED UP MA WISH WAS GRANTED. Look at how sweet Chanyeol is ;-; I mean he didn’t have to wait for Baekhyun but he did, he did and put his hand behind Baekhyun’s back and gently led him right next to him BOYFRIEND MATERIAL MUCH??? I MEAN HE LEFT LAY (another friend) ALONE JUST TO BE NEAR BAEKHYUN! COME ON YA’LL, THERE’S SOMETHING MORE TO THAT ACTION THEN SOME MAY THINK

Then we go on with my children walking side by side (where they belong)

I love this gif so much XD Baekhyun goes down (the way he’s supposed to go) while Chanyeol keeps on going (this dork) and then he finally realizes that he’s lost his boyfriend again going the wrong way

Um, ok I think that Baekhyun is being the cutest thing in the world but come on it’s not like it’s the most hilarious thing in the world. Yes, yes, Kai and Xiumin are smiling too but look at Chanyeol, he’s acting like a potato pug just fell down a slide while wiggling it’s pudgy body. Do you know what this boy reminds me of? When you overexaggerate your actions when your crush makes a joke. Y'all know you’ve done that. It’s cute doe.


Sitting side by side~ with the sweetest smileeeeeeeee~ how aesthetic~


The second iconic moment of the award day~

So if you already didn’t know, Exo had won the best artist of the year, I presume, and Baekhyun got emotional so he started crying while saying his speech, and during this Chanyeol (who was next to him) starts massaging his shoulder, comforting him. And I know friends comfort each other all the time but this just makes me so so so happy, like Chanyeol was the first one to comfort Baekhyun and one of the only ones (Chen started patting Baek after)

He looks so fond, so soft and gentle as he looks Baekhyun. It reminds me of that look he gave Baekhyun during the MAMA awards last year while they were sitting down ughhhh. This look is completely different from the one he had comforting Baekkhyun last year (I believe) but I like this look more, I can’t explain it but this look has much more feeling to it. 

We had bodyguard Chanyeol appear until Chen wrapped his arm around Baekhyun XD I love you Chen but come on, Chanyeol was there first ><

I’m not sure if this was after the crying Baek or another time, either way it doesn’t matter I love it, it’s adorable. Chanyeol just being near Baekhyun, talking, and putting his arm around him will always kill me


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Are there any gifs of Jungkook doing skinships to Taehyung? :) I love your blog❤️

As i mentioned before…we are missing a lot of VKook moments through fancameras.. A LOT.. and that includes skinship of both sides among other things! ..i don’t know when that reality will change but there has been improvement about that so i keep my hopes up!!xD 

..I usually put together lots of moments in each post,even when the quality of the video is bad,so take a tour on the 1rst tag,although it’s a mix of anything they do! ..but i still haven’t fill up this tag of my gifs on everything they have done,cause others post too and i reblog VKook gifs too,so for everything,you would have to go to the 2nd tag cause beside pics/gifs/videos,there are also mentions of their moments that we haven’t even seen in pics yet!

1. http://darkfrinda.tumblr.com/tagged/mygifs

2. http://darkfrinda.tumblr.com/tagged/vkook

To sum it up though…what kind of KookV skinship you want to see?!

He pretty much has touch ..every part of him!

..somehow i end up posting 40 gifs..for more though,check the tags above!xD

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