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The Omega Timeline by @dokudoki

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“Fell” by @formsans96

“Turquoise” by @demi-gray

Guy (who got the nickname “Elvis” during the stream) by @tanaysmith11

LanternDay Sans by me


Seems like LanternDay Sans is hiding something.

(4 pages left and we’ll see the twitchy child again! Whee!)

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Imagine Gabe sitting on the sofa whilst Sam is researching with Dean, & instead of letting his boyfriend concentrate, the archangel keeps sending flirty, sexy thoughts to him. & the best part is, Dean doesn't know what's happening. Only that his brother is getting increasingly uncomfortable in the seat next to him, a blush creeping up his neck. Sam tries to remain calm, until he can't take it anymore, grabs the archangel around the waist & marches off to his room. They don't emerge for hours.

This idea, anon, was too great for me not to write. I love it. Thank you so much for sending me this. i love you. 

Witches. Why did it always have to be witches. 

Sam groaned as he turned the next page in the tome; he was supposed to be researching one particular witch that had been giving him and Dean some trouble for some time. But apparently, witches who had been alive in Ancient Greece had learned to cover their tracks over time. 

He turned the next page and was instantly assaulted with terrible, gory images of various spells that a witch could cast to simultaneously torture and kill a human in the most torturous and terrible ways. Sam winced a little in disgust: but then suddenly felt something gently rubbing against his thigh in a comforting manner. A knee. 

Glancing to the side, he smiled a little when he saw that Gabriel had silently appeared by his side at the table and was currently flipping through one of the tomes that Sam had stacked up in a tall tower of books. Looking at the other side of the table, Sam almost giggled aloud at the exaggerated eye-roll that Dean was directing at them. He didn’t approve of Sam’s relationship with Gabriel; he called it poisonous, but he acquiesced in Sam’s decision, saying that while he disliked it, he saw that his little brother was happier with Gabriel in his life than without.

Turning the next page, Sam let out another groan of disgust at the sight that assaulted him. The Men of Letters hadn’t been joking when they’d categorised this book as ‘disgustingly accurate’. 

But then, just as Sam was about to turn the page and continue reading, an image flashed in front of his eyes. He gasped briefly as his mind tried to catch up with what was being telepathically sent to his brain. Dean looked up with worry. 

“Alright?” His tone was gruff, but there was an underlying tone of worry in it. Sam cleared his throat uncomfortably as his sight cleared. He was very aware about how tense his stomach was becoming and how much more smug Gabriel was starting to look by the minute. 

“Yeah, fine,” he murmured and bent his neck to stare back down at the gory images. Dean harrumphed and unhappily turned his gaze back down at his own tome. 

A blush started to spread across Sam’s cheeks when a second… particularly vivid image danced across his sight. Gabriel and him - in the shower - hearts racing - lips passionately raking over- the image danced away as quickly as it had come and Sam cleared his throat again; the blush deepened. Gabriel was giggling with glee as he watched his boyfriend become increasingly more flustered. 

Sam ducked his head even deeper so that his chin was nearly touching his chest. That way, his long hair would hide his blushing cheeks and his unfocused eyes. He attempted to remain calm - but then a third image appeared before his mind’s eye. A low groan escaped Sam’s lips and his breathing quickened. 

“Fuck,” he whispered lowly. He could almost feel Gabriel smile in his mind and then a whisper echoed in his brain: “I intend to.”

“Ok,” said Dean as he slammed his book shut, effectively cutting through all pornographic thoughts crossing Sam’s mind. “What the hell is going on? You haven’t turned that page in ages, and you’re blushing harder than Cas when we have-” 

“T, M, I!” Gabriel chirped up, eyebrows drawn in a frown. “I don’t need to know what you do with my little brother.” Sam put a placating hand on Gabriel’s shoulder; he could feel the tense energy coursing through that small vessel and while he felt oddly attracted to it, he couldn’t help but feel concerned for Dean, should that energy ever be unleashed on him. 

“’S’ok,” he said with an earnest expression. Dean frowned again and just as he was about to grab another tome from Sam’s stack, a fourth image flashed in front of his sight. 

“That’s it!” Sam exclaimed, the moment his weakening knees regained some strength. Grabbing Gabriel by his waist, he slung him over his shoulder and proceeded to escape to his room; Gabriel giggled the entire way. 


I want his blanket, it looks cozy~

Also for anyone who’s curious, they made strawberry pancakes, Fi made hers with chocolate chips, and yes, she has a “flour” crown…

The next update will be the last one of part one! woo!

Exciting :3

Are you excited? I’m excited, it means I can actually start doing plot things~
Hee hee~ 

Part 1 - Beginnings
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How is the df comic coming along?

Good actually! Finished 30 pages, I`m working on the next ten as we speak and 20 more are sketched! I think I still need around 30 more to finish the whole thing, so yay, could still take a while, but I`m trying!

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so my space sciences class is voting on ideas for a field trip next month and me and my best friend wrote our 4 page presentation on taking a day trip to NASA (we're only about 4 or 5 hours away so we'd probably win the contest and get to go) but I forgot to remove the joking paragraph where I said we were going so I could be flung into the sun for the sweet release of death and for science and I accidentally sent it to my elderly teacher and about half of the PTA. oops. wish me luck. -Terrance

Dude that is literally the best thing. If I were your teacher I would give that an immediate A++

Hey everyone, so I always see amazing posts on racial, feminist, LGBT, political, and philosophical discourses but never reblog them because I know some people want to escape from that stuff for a bit. But I feel bad that none of these incredibly important issues which I care deeply about are anywhere on my blog. I read so many amazing articles and watch great documentaries and online lectures on various things which I’d love to share with anyone who is interested (not that I’m an authority on these things, I just thought it would be a good thing to compile). So over the next few weeks I’m going to start making a page on my blog which will have links to all these things, so if you’re interested, check back in on my blog home page soon once I’ve compiled stuff (which should hopefully grow over time).


Hey, just want to apologise for the lack of fics. I’ve been working on a big Ninja Ship Party project that’s currently over 23 pages and should hopefully be done by next weekend. It’s based on these headcanons. The fic will only go up to the 69///69 video, and doesn’t include any of the cover videos either since they don’t really fit in with the story. I’m really proud of it so far and hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out. 

why is writing on the backside of a notebook page so much shittier than the front like my whole body seizes up when i switch to the backside my handwriting gets 5 times worse and my soul exits my body but MAN when i reach the next fresh page i come a little

i just,,,,turned to the next page of my dash and some confetti rained down upon me and im like what just happened? what are we celebrating? am i havin a stroke?