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My Messy Artist

Jughead x Reader


Requested: Anonymous-  Can you do an imagine where jughead is fond of a art student?? And he’s kinda shy about it?

A/N: okay so I’m thinking of posting twice a week now because I liked posting on Wednesday idk, what do you guys think?

Words: 3027

Warnings: N/A 

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I sat alone in the art class swirling one of my paint brushes in a clean glass of water trying to think of something to paint for my last portfolio piece. I had to come back after school to paint and draw for my portfolio because it was considered an outside project by the school because I was only a sophmore so most days I stayed after school and spent my afternoons painting and drawing.

Usually I start right away but today I had run out of ideas so I sat in front of my easel mixing paint colors and stirring the water in my glass, trying to think of something to paint. I suddenly jumped at the sound of the door slamming open, “Geez,” I said before turning in my seat to see who had caused the huge commotion, “Want to pick up the door there buddy?” I chuckled as the boy stood there looking quite sheepish.

“Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be in here.” He chuckled nervously, “Do you know if I can find tape in here?” He said quickly before I could answer his first sentence.

“Depends, you’re not going to use it for anything kinky are you?” I smirked and hopped off my seat in search for tape.

“Oh with who?” He smirked and followed behind me, “You and I are the only ones here, everyone has left.” He said watching me pull boxes off the shelves and rummage through them.

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We Each Write a Letter

Decided to post the fic I wrote for the ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenged hosted by @mlficwritersanon. I had so much fun with this challenge and I hope you all enjoy!

Rating: T
Themes: Fluff, Friendship, slight romance 
Ships: Love Square all but Ladrien cuz I was reaching word limit but that will be adding a second chapter to add the Ladrien I had planned.
Word Count: 4048

Chat Noir had an idea.

“Bugaboo, when do you think you will be okay with telling me who you are under that mask?”

“When Hawkmoth is gone and there is no more danger in knowing who we are.”

“What if whoever gave us our Miraculous takes them back before we get the chance to tell each other?”

“We’ll find a way.”

Chat Noir knew he shouldn’t push the subject. Ladybug had the right idea with keeping their identities a secret from one another. There were too many risk, too much danger at the moment. But he could not stop himself from wanting to know.

“How about this? We each write a letter,” Chat said.

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Mr. CEO; 2

Pairing: Reader x Taeyong
Genre: Angst
Summary: How can someone’s life go back to the it was if they couldn’t remember the past two years. Series 2 of the Coldhearted Series

[Important Sneak Peak] // All Parts/// Coldhearted

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nathanprescottz  asked:

Kevaaron and a spin the bottle kiss? :")

god bless you, my beautiful darling Natalie

“Organic lab is tomorrow. Did I do my pre-lab?”

“Yes. You did it last night.” Kevin responded, eyes glued to the book in his hands.

“I did it on a Saturday? That doesn’t sound like me. Are you sure?” Aaron asked his brow furrowed.

“Just check your notebook idiot.” Andrew snapped from the couch.

That was probably the smartest move, so Aaron opened his bag and pulled out the ridiculously overpriced lab journal he’d been forced to buy.

“Wow. Look at me go, doing my home work early and shit.” Aaron huffed amusedly.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Aaron didn’t even wait for someone else to open the door, no one would. Matt was waiting on the other side with a bright smile on his face.

“Hey! We’re gonna get trashed. You guys in?” the sway in Matt’s stance said he had already started.

“Yeah I’m in.” Neil didn’t even hesitate before getting off the couch and heading out the door.

“Hell yeah! I’ll grab my speaker!” Nicky cheered as he darted into the bedroom.

Andrew silently got up and followed Neil out the door.

“That just leaves you two. Kevin? Aaron? You guys coming?” Matt asked his head cocked and a dimple prominent on his cheek.

“I have lab tomorrow man. I can’t stay long” Aaron said as he grabbed his wallet.

“Tomorrow’s labor day. No class.” Kevin stated as he too reached for his wallet.

“Why didn’t you fucking say that when I asked about my pre-lab?” Aaron accused as he whirled around to glare at Kevin.

“You still need to have your homework done on time, Aaron” Was Kevin’s faux wise response.

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Beautiful Liar by Kiev

A/n: Sorry this has taken a bit to write. I was going to make it a one shot but part one got super long so I’ve split it into two parts. And I swear part two will be up tomorrow or Thursday. Anon if it is not up by then I will make you a personal edit. 

S.Coups (SeungCheol) x Reader 

Part ½ (Smut/ Slight Angst/ Fluffy) 

You’ve just joined the ranks as a background dancer at Pledis. You’ve know Hannie since they debuted and he’s pushed you to audition. Being a friend to Seventeen is hard work. You can’t focus on just one person at a time. But there is one that captures most of your attention.

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You sit on a log with two other Lost Boys, cheering on the fight. Almost every night, the boys challenge each other to a fight. Most of the times they use weapons, and tonight, Felix and another boy stand in a wide circle drawn in the sand. You feel sorry for the other boy. Felix is undefeated, and you have a feeling his winning streak isn’t gonna break tonight. Some boys chant for Felix, others, including yourself, chant for Tommy.
“Ready, boys?” Asks a voice from above. Pan sits on a tree branch, overlooking the small arena. The two boys nod. “First one to step out of the circle loses.” Pan looks down at you and smiles “Fight!” Felix and Tommy circle each other, and Felix throws the first punch. Your heart pounds as you watch the two boys fight each other. Soon enough, Felix pushes Tommy so hard he falls outside of the circle.
“Felix remains undefeated!” Pan yells, and everyone cheers. “Who do you challenge for tomorrow night?” Felix looks around and some boys look away. His eyes come to rest on you.
“What about you, Newbie?” The boys have been calling you that ever since you arrived in Neverland. All the boys turn to look at you. Even Peter doesn’t seem so amused now.
“I won’t back down from a challenge.” You say with a smile, fighting the urge to say no.
“What’s your weapon of choice, then?”
“Long sword.” It’s the only weapon you’re not terrible at.
“It’s settled then. See you tomorrow night, Newbie.” He smirks and walks off. Peter is immediately at your side.
“You didn’t have to say yes.”
“Well I couldn’t just back out, the boys would never let it down.” You sigh.
“You should get some rest. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow.”
“We do?”
“Of course. Be sure to wake up bright and early to start training.” He smirks and turns to walk. “Good night, Newbie.”

“Rise and shine, love.” Peter’s too-preppy voice makes you groan. “You’ve got a long day ahead of you.” When you open your eyes, you notice it’s still dark out.
“Peter the sun hasn’t even risen.” You roll over in bed and close your eyes.
“I won’t be having any of that.” He says, and without warning, picks you up. Before you can protest, you’re in the forest.
“Now, let’s start training.” Pan says with a grin.
“Why bother? There’s no way I’m beating Felix. There’s a reason why he’s undefeated.”
“That’s because he’s the only one who’s been trained by yours truly.” He hands you a sword. He teaches you the basics on sword fighting, and you’re surprised at how patient he is. He picks up your sword every time you drop it and never seems annoyed.
“Try to make me drop my sword.” He says. You try your best, but somehow you end up pinned to the ground, under Peter.
“You’ll have to try harder, love.” He whispers with a smirk. He helps you up “We should head to camp, it’s almost time.”

You and Felix stand in the center of the circle waiting for Peter to start the fight. You both draw your swords and clink them together
“Don’t worry” He says “this won’t last very long, Newbie.”
“We’ll see about that.” Is all you can say before Pan signals the start of the fight. His blade clanks onto yours so hard that it forces you back. You manage to duck aside every time you get close to the edge of the circle. Some Lost Boys cheer for Felix, and you’re surprised on how many cheer for you. You’ve lasted longer than you thought you would, and Felix seems unprepared for it. His moves before sloppier and he gets slower. With adrenaline pumping through you mixed with the cheers of the Lost Boys, you’re able to knock Felix’s sword from his hand. All the boys become silent as you raise your sword to Felix’s throat. You walk forward, forcing him to walk back.
“Don’t worry, dear. I’ll keep the undefeated title nice and safe.” You say, pushing him outside of the circle. The cheers start again, everyone chanting for you. Pan comes down and holds your hand up for everyone to see.
“We have a new champion!” He says “Give it up for Newbie!”

I’ve been trying really hard to use my queue more often because I usually make most of my art in bulk on my days off and it helps stagger them out over a few days and just generally makes it more bearable lol. The problem is I have no impulse control and I get so freaking excited and want to upload AS SOON AS I FINISH THEM (I know I’m a giant child) but I know I can’t so I just suffer. Sorry this is completely random but I’m just sitting here staring at my queue trying desperately not to just give in and post the art. On the bright side I’ll have more art for you guys tomorrow and Friday!

tldr: I am a huge freaking nerd with horrible impulse control who gets way too excited about drawing murder cats. Also new art coming tomorrow!

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2seok/25 👀👀👀 - TJ

Words: ~3K words

Pairings: Seokjin/Hoseok (2Seok)

Prompt: #25: “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

Notes: Mentions of sex, it’s nothing explicit, but there are references to it. Also, I’m sorry. This made me really, really sad, and this isn’t even a drabble anymore. :(

“You’re crazy,” are the first words that Seokjin greets Hoseok with on a bright early Thursday morning. The younger boy grins back at him, lips stretching into a wide smile, as the cool autumn breeze rustles his hair along with the orange and red leaves on the ground. Seokjin stops a few steps away from Hoseok, staring at the other boy for several seconds, taking in his appearance and face.

There’s a bright smile on Hoseok’s face, face lit up with happiness, and his caramel brown hair is neatly brushed through, bangs falling across his forehead. Hoseok’s suited up in a black tux, completely with a bowtie, and Seokjin pauses as he stares, wanting to capture the image of him in his mind forever.

Hoseok gestures for him to come forward with a wave of a hand, and it hurts Seokjin how youthful the boy looks this morning, “Like I have heard that one before. Now, come on, time is precious.”

Despite shaking his head in disbelief, Seokjin still lets Hoseok slips his fingers between his own, grasping the elder’s hand tightly. He allows himself to be led forward by the younger, brightly grinning boy, and if anything Hoseok’s smile is at the very least contagious. It’s a short walk from where the meet over to the wedding chapel, barely even ten minutes long, but the wedding is even shorter. The entire process takes them less than 10 minutes and 2 loaned witnesses, and then they’re married, marriage license, and marriage certificate all tucked safely into a small folder.

Seokjin’s surprised when the officiator simply asks for their signature on the certificate, doesn’t bother saying anything even remotely close to “you may now kiss the groom”. It doesn’t faze Hoseok, however, who decides to take matters into his own hands once Seokjin’s finished signing.

There’s a tug on the elder’s arm, before he’s being turned to his left, and then Hoseok’s leaning up on his tiptoes, arms slung around the elder’s neck as he presses a soft kiss to Seokjin’s full lips. It takes the older man by surprise, but Seokjin still manages to wrap an arm around Hoseok’s waist, before pulling away.

The younger boy gives him a small laugh followed by a dazzling smile, before they thank their witnesses, take a commemorative selfie together holding up their marriage certificate, and then stride out of the chapel, hand-in-hand.

“You’re still crazy,” Seokjin informs Hoseok once they’re sitting in the back of a cab, heading back to Hoseok’s apartment. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

Hoseok gives the older man a soft smile, long fingers playing with Seokjin’s crooked ones, and doesn’t say much else. Seokjin notices, however, the way Hoseok’s hand stop moving, before the younger adjusts it so his thumb rests against the elder’s steadily beating pulse while he rubs circles into the back of Seokjin’s hand with his index finger.

100 days

The counter appears at the same time as it does for everyone else – hundred days before they’re to meet their end. The numbers are carved in the center of the back of the person’s hand, and count down the days and the hours. The colour of the digits is different each day, no two days ever the same shade, and the day of their wedding, Seokjin’s hands are painted in a soft pink. It’s fitting colour, he thinks, as they climb out of their taxi, Hoseok taking the liberty to pay the cab driver before he slots his hand into Seokjin’s and walks into the building.

Seokjin’s counter appeared nearly two weeks before their impromptu wedding, and the appearance of it had shot down every single dream and ambition the elder ever had it. There’s not a lot one can do in a hundred days, he’d told Hoseok six days later, head in his hands. The younger had stayed with him the entire night, comforting him, and when the sun came out the next day, so did Hoseok’s crazy ideas.

“A hundred days is a long time,” Hoseok had said over morning coffee, grinning far too brightly at a man who was set to die in 93 days. “I’ll prove it to you. A hundred days is a long time. Let’s make a list and write down in it everything, every single thing that you want to do in life.”

91 days

Seokjin’s not sure why Hoseok decides to cross off marriage first, but he’s stopped trying to make sense of people’s action a long time ago. He goes along with it, because when you have so few days left, there’s not exactly a lot left for you to loose. They spend the day of their wedding holed up in Hoseok’s apartment, eating each meal from their favourite takeout places around time, drinking expensive wine, and playing a whole lot of video games.

It’s a good day, Seokjin concludes, until his gaze falls onto his hand, the pink ‘90’ glaring back at him. Hoseok slips into the bed after him, freshly showered and smelling like the older man’s jasmine body wash. Grabbing his phone from the side table, he opens up his notes, and shows Seokjin the list.

“We crossed off four things, today.”

Seokjin nods, scooting down and resting his head against Hoseok’s shoulder, looking up at the glaringly bright screen, “We did. What are the plans for tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow we have a dance workshop and a gourmet crepes restaurant to taste,” Hoseok’s voice is soft as he puts away his phone and turns off his lamp.

“I can’t believe you’re willing to waste your life like this for me,” Seokjin confesses in the quiet room. “We went and got married today, Seok-ah. We’re married. I’m wearing a ring on my finger and so are you.”

Hoseok smiles, pressing himself against Seokjin’s chest, “You’re my world, hyung. You’re my best friend, and if you ask, there really isn’t a whole lot I wouldn’t do for you. I’m glad that you’re my first husband, and not someone else, okay? I’ll never regret it. Now go to sleep, we wake up early tomorrow.”

Seokjin lets himself smile into the younger boy’s hair, wrapping his arms tight around Hoseok, before whispering, “Is sleeping in late also on my list?”

Hoseok laughs, pulling back, “No, but I can add it.”

“Please do.”

84 days

“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Hoseok mutters, gripping onto the railing tightly as he peers down at the ground below him 62-meters in the air.

Seokjin laughs, gripping Hoseok’s hand as he looks down at well, and is surprised by his own lack of fear at the prospect of a bungee jump. Impending death had a way of doing that to people he supposes, because he already knows that this isn’t how he’s going to meet his demise, “I thought you’d do anything for me.”

“Almost anything,” Hoseok clarifies, holding up a finger. “This is one of the things I won’t do for you.”

Pressing a kiss against the younger’s cheek, Seokjin drags him away from the railing, “Come on, husband dearest, you jump off first.”

“I hate you,” Hoseok mutters but he shakily makes his way up to the edge, and lets the instructor attach the harness to his back.

77 days

“Remember how you told me I was crazy for wanting to marry you?” Hoseok asks, sitting on the concrete ground across from Seokjin who’s grinning wildly, lapping at his ice cream cone. Seokjin nods, letting out a laugh when Hoseok continues, “I think you were right.”

“Don’t worry Hoseok-ah,” Seokjin stretches forward and offers the ice cream cone to him. “I think we’re both crazy here.”

Hoseok eyes the treat, licking around it with his tongue, before handing it back to Seokjin, “Well, yeah, but at least you have an excuse for all of this. What’s mine?”

Seokjin’s laughter echoes throughout the small, cramped jail cell they’re sitting in, and he shrugs continuing to happily munch on his cone.

They’re let out after a few hours, and when Seokjin stretches and gives Hoseok a blindingly bright smile in return, the younger boy can’t help but think that the trip to the lock up was definitely worth it.

65 days

Hoseok pants heavily, chest rising up and down and back arching, “I…I c-can’t believe you – o-oh right there! – put this – ah! – on the list!”

“Why not?” Seokjin asks, innocently glancing up at the writhing boy, from between Hoseok’s legs. “I might as well enjoy the worldly pleasures while I can, right?”

God,” Hoseok moans, when Seokjin’s fingers go back to thrusting in and out of him. “Why didn’t we do this one sooner?”

“Dunno,” Seokjin shrugs, looking completely unaffected as he gently maneuvers Hoseok further up the bed. He leans down, breath ghosting against the younger’s thigh, before he starts to prod his entrance with his tongue. “But I’ve always wanted to eat someone out.”

Their cries and moans echoes throughout Seokjin’s silent apartment that entire night, and only after they’ve watched the sunrise huddled together in the balcony with a blanket around them does Hoseok give Seokjin a long, deep kiss before pulling him back to the bed to sleep.

51 days

“A one-night stand?” Hoseok asks as he’s pulling on tight black leather pants, Seokjin watching him with a small smile. “You want to add that to the list?”

Seokjin nods his head, pulling his legs up, “I’ve never randomly hooked up with anyone in the 24 years of my life, Hoseok. Can you believe that?”

“Why don’t you go and add infidelity to the list, too, then?” Hoseok pouts, pull off his tee, and replacing it with a black tank top. He lays it with a long-sleeved, grey mesh shirt and turns back to Seokjin, “But really, are you serious about the hook up?”

Seokjin dances with more strangers that night than he has in his entire life. But he can’t help the way his heart leaps in his throat when Hoseok appears from behind him, giving the guy he’s dancing with a dirty look.

“That’s my husband you’re trying to grope,” Hoseok informs the younger boy, scowling at him until he bows his head in apology and shifts away from them. Seokjin lets himself be pulled against Hoseok easily, laughing into the younger’s easy.

“Don’t you think you’re taking this marriage thing a little too seriously?” Seokjin teases.

Hoseok ignores him, “So, I was thinking that Namjoon guy if you really do insist on going home with someone else tonight.”

“Oh,” Seokjin nods his head appreciatively. “I liked him. He was hot.”

Hoseok frowns, but doesn’t protest, “Well, if it’s him, you have my permission.”

Seokjin laughs and gives Hoseok a mouthy kiss, “Thanks! Apart from tonight, I promise to stay faithful to you every day of our married life.”

A small smile flickers across the younger’s face, before he pats Seokjin’s butt and pushes him in Namjoon’s direction, “Yeah, yeah. Go get him tiger, but try not to enjoy yourself too much.”

Seokjin throws him a flying kiss, “I’ll see you in the morning, Seok-ah!”

46 days

Seokjin’s eyes widen when Hoseok returns home an hour after he mysteriously left at 9 a.m. without telling him a single word. He eyes the barely 1-year old kid, the younger boy is holding, and asked worriedly, “Please don’t tell me you kidnapped somebody’s kid, because I told you I wanted a child. Please, Hoseok, please say that isn’t true.”

Hoseok’s laughter attracts the attention of the kid in his arms, the little boy’s gaze drifting from his rabbit plush to Hoseok’s face. Seokjin watches Hoseok coo at the kid when he tries to grab Hoseok’s protruding cheeks, seemingly amazed.

“I didn’t kidnap anyone’s kid, hyung,” Hoseok explains, hauling a large bag after him. “This is the son of an aunt of a friend who needed a babysitter all day today. She couldn’t find anyone willing to work such long hours, so I offered, thinking it’d be the perfect opportunity for you to pretend you have one for a day.”

Seokjin reaches forward for the little boy in Hoseok’s hold, the kid extending him arms out for Seokjin very easily. They spend the entire day playing and showering the kid with affection, changing his diapers or feeding him. Seokjin holds the child close during the day, singing him to sleep in a soft voice as Hoseok watches, and then does the same at night until the baby’s mother comes to pick him up, thanking them profusely.

“You’d have been great with kids,” Hoseok whispers against Seokjin’s skin that night and the elder ignores the tightening in his chest at the sorrowful tone of the younger’s voice.

37 days

“Ta-dah!” Hoseok removes his blindfold, turning to beam at Seokjin. “A candlelight dinner that someone else cooked for you!”

“This is amazing,” Seokjin breathes out, admire the set up and all his favourite foods laid out on the table. “Did someone help you?”

Hoseok nods, “Jimin did help with preparations here and there, but I cooked everything by myself.”

“You’re…you’re an angel in disguise, Seok-ah,” Seokjin pulls Hoseok close to him, hugging him tightly. “I love you so much. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Hoseok says quietly in his ear. “I’ve also prepared a rose petal bath for you for before you go to sleep.”

Seokjin kisses the younger boy gratefully, “Thank you. This means the world. How much more stuff is there on the list? I’m not even keeping track anymore.”

“Just a few more things here and there,” Hoseok squeezes Seokjin’s hand reassuringly. “Now, let’s go eat.”

20 days

Seokjin lets out a fascinated breath of air, gazing out at Seoul bathed in lights during the night. He feels Hoseok’s hand slip into his own, “It’s pretty, isn’t it?”

Nodding eagerly, Seokjin turns to grin at Hoseok, “Very pretty. Thank you.”

Hoseok lightly bumps the side of his head against Seokjin’s before pressing a hand against the clear glass windows, “You’re welcome.”

They stand side by side, absorbing the night time view of Seoul and surrounding areas from the N Seoul Tower, until Seokjin tugs Hoseok closer, and joins their lips. The digits on his hand are a bright red today, and he whispers, “Let’s go buy padlocks and attach them to the fence later?”

Hoseok nods his head and grins, “Sure thing.”

13 days

Hoseok glares at Taehyung and Jimin who’re sitting in the booth seats across from him and Seokjin, both of them occasionally peeking and giving the elder sad glances. He aims a kick for Taehyung’s shin, making the younger boy yelp and jump in his seat.

Seokjin looks surprised at the noise, but Taehyung laughs it off as a cramp, eyes drifting towards Hoseok who mouths at him to stop. He nods his head in understanding after a few seconds, and then exchanges a quiet glance with Jimin. Hoseok’s pleased when both of them suddenly grin widely, and after making their selection for dinner, lean forward and engage Seokjin in conversation that lasts for hours.

They talk about anything and everything, telling Seokjin every little tidbit of what has been happening in their lives to asking them about their own adventures. Hoseok smiles to himself at how happy the younger two keep the elder that entire day, and the grin only widens when Seokjin slowly squeezes his hand under the table.

“I think,” Seokjin says that night against Hoseok’s hair. “I think I’ll be okay, Hoseok. I think that at the end, it’ll all be okay.”

Hoseok presses closer and lets the elder’s scent invade his nostrils, whispering, “I hope so.”

4 hours

Seokjin sits with Hoseok between his thighs, both of their legs stretched as they stare at a show they’re both only half watching. Leaning forward to rest his chin against the younger’s shoulder, Seokjin breathes out shakily, “I guess this is almost it.”

Hoseok turns around to meet Seokjin’s gaze and then presses their lips together without any hesitance. Seokjin responds softly, not returning the younger’s fervor but opting to keep the kiss slow, soft and sweet. Resting his forehead against Seokjin’s, Hoseok breathes out quietly, “Let’s make love, hyung.”

They fall together in bed in a tangle of limbs, and Seokjin lets Hoseok puts his hands everywhere he wants, tracing Seokjin’s body with nimble fingers and then following after with soft lips. Every touch makes Seokjin shiver in pleasure, and then soon enough they’re both falling apart together, wrapped up in a tight embrace. Hoseok’s eyes fill with tears at the end and he wants nothing more than to envelop himself around Seokjin and never let go.

Nevertheless, he still moves off the bed, and pulls Seokjin into the shower, cleaning him off and slapping Seokjin’s hand away when the elder tries to interfere. They lie down into a freshly made bed after, and when Hoseok opens his mouth to speak, Seokjin silences him with a kiss.

“I don’t want you to see me go ungracefully. I want to leave peacefully and quietly,” Seokjin requests.

Hoseok swallows, wanting to cherish every minute left, but then nods his head at the request. Pulling the elder close into his chest, he strokes Seokjin’s hair rhythmically, “Sleep, hyung. I’ll be right here. Sleep.”

-4 days

Seokjin leaves on the coldest night of the year, and is cremated three days later. Four days after Seokjin’s death, Hoseok wakes up in the morning to find a bright blue ‘100’ scrawled across the back of his right hand.

Fall on Your Knees
Rated Explicit

My submission for the Great Rumbelle Blowoff. I took it in a Macelle direction because I always need more priest!kink ;-)


“If the tithes stay at this rate, the electricity might get turned off by next month,” Belle frowned down at the calculator. She looked up at Father Joseph MacAvoy, who sat across the desk from her. “Winters here can be unforgiving… Is it sacrilege to break down pews for kindling?”

Joseph smiled wanly at her attempted levity. “Oh, if it’s a matter of survival, I think it’s acceptable. But I’d rather not resort to that… Another bake sale, perhaps?

She blanched slightly. “After the way that last one went?”

Joseph looked away, afraid she’d read his expression in an unintended way. Truth be told, he only vaguely remembered the day of the previous disastrous bake sale. He’d had a few too many nips from his flask. But he vividly remembered the blue and white checkered dress Belle had worn to ward off the unexpected heat wave. She’d only just started her community service hours with him and it was the first time he’d seen her in a skirt.

He’d been very grateful that the alcohol and the unseasonable heat numbed his bodily response to her shapely legs. Otherwise, he could only imagine the town’s reaction to seeing their local priest at a table surrounded by sweets for children and sporting a raging erection. He was already not well liked among his would-be flock. 

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o’solo #1: take it too far

because this isn’t long enough to count for shit, but i wanted to share it anyway.

oh baby, oh baby, oh we both know the truth:
if it were the real me & you,
this wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

They split a six pack of Kelley’s favorite beer from home, a potent 8 percenter that makes her feel like her whole body is floating by midway through the second bottle (it’s been long camp and a long time since beer, okay, so maybe her tolerance is down and she didn’t exactly eat dinner).

They’re sprawled on Hope’s bed watching whatever’s on Starz that week and at some point Hope had stretched her arm along the pillows behind Kelley’s head and at some point Kelley had swallowed, slowly, and moved a scant two inches closer so that her cheek brushed Hope’s shoulder. She had held her breath and stayed perfectly still, waiting for Hope to edge away, for Hope to reject her. She doesn’t.

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anonymous asked:

Are you still accepting Bellarke smut prompts?? If yes, could you please please write a part 3 of the exhibitionist drabbles??? You know something about what happens when they're finally not in front of the computer?? :)

(wow i’m very pleased with the responses to these fics!) 
also, this is the final installment of this series
part one, part two

Bellamy’s bed was huge, at least twice the size of her own. They could each lay spread-eagle on the mattress and maintain their personal space with ease. It was quite fortunate, really, because it allowed for them to do what Clarke wanted, what she had whispered salaciously in his ear as he drove them to his house at breakneck speed.

Before that, of course, she had explained everything. Watching him, making the connection at the bar, growing to care for him, being utterly terrified of him finding out the truth and thinking she was crazy. He had just laughed when she was finished, all of her doubts melting away when he grabbed her hand over the console and brought it to his lips. 

Once that initial awkwardness wore off, a new feeling settled in: Lust.

It was only fitting, Clarke thought, to end this how it all started. 

Watching each other.

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August 7, 2016- Hey everyone! Sorry for the inactivity… I had band camp for the past couple of weeks and I’m thoroughly exhausted! School starts tomorrow *sigh* so I thought I’d post this! :) 

I found these markers- they’re called Crayola SuperTips and they make a great (and cheaper!) alternative to the zebra mildliners. Link here. As you can see, they come in a 50 pack for only about $11. They come in a variety of bright colors, and bleeding is minimal. I use them to underline and add notes off to the side (not sure how well they fare as highlighters though cause the darker colors might smudge or cover the writing.) Anyway, have a fantastic rest of your summer!! <3


     What an emotionally taxing day…. between all of the festivities and Mayu’s farewell party ( if it can even be called that; it was just their inner circle, along with Mochida’s younger sister and Yui-sensei, after all ), Seiko can’t help but admit that she’s pretty beat. At the very least, tomorrow was an off day and she’d have some time to recoop from all of it—- having to sit through class after such a busy day was a great way to ensure a sleepy Shinohara dozing the day away.

     Ah well.

     A small giggle resounds in the back of Seiko’s throat as she practically skips over to Naomi and cozies up to her friend’s side, bright smile still spread cheek to cheek.

     “Naomiiiii—!!” Unsurprisingly, Seiko finds herself shamelessly clinging to the other girl’s arm as she sways in place. “Wanna walk home together? I don’t have to make any stops on the way today so we’re headed the same way anyways. Fufu…. unless you had plans to sneak off with someone else….”


[TRANS by ch0sshi]

- why are you all sleeping so early. don’t you have tomorrow off? what are you doing on a ‘hot friday’

- I haven’t seen About Time/I’m acting miserable listening to music, Noel-I Miss You/my eyebrows are in my bag, what are you going to do about it

- I’ve seen Frozen/the brightness isn’t at 9; it’s natural light you dummy^^/nobody’s next to me right now/eyebrow tattoos, yeah right/Prince doesn’t dislike me, but I like him like crazy. one-sided love/I don’t watch You Who Came From the Stars

- do you like Prince or Ginger???????/Let It Go’s boring. I’ll let you hear my song soon/it’s not 'gingeo’, but Ginger (gingeo=long)/I usually sleep before or after Taeng-si/are you still talking about height. who are you

- I’m not sleeping stupidㅎ/because I’m busy, Ginger’s gone home/I don’t want to do spoilers/Ginger’s birthday is the same as Sooyoung’s/is it because I’ve been eating thoughts instead of food lately/Ginger’s head isn’t big

- you’re more curious about Ginger than me. have you switched/crossed over????

- I was reading questions, but all of them disappeared to the top because [the comments] are plastered with ‘taeng-si’. taeng-si

- don’t you think taeng-si is quite appropriate???? it’s the perfect time to fall asleep after enjoying the night. it’s very fitting

- why is that? am i not allowed to make typos on my own during these scarlet hours of dawn (idk if that makes sense..?lol) aren’t you all having fun??

- babies, hurry up and go to sleep.yeah right, i know you all are on break/i’ve been taking a break from drawing because of comeback preparations lately.if i say that, i might seem like a real artist/i love bubble tea/i’ll say goodnight when i go to sleep^^

- that’s right, taeyeon unnie is a crazy person/i haven’t tried gopchang before/i like iced, sweet coffee/i like the color purple/i also like blue/i’m not good at any winter sports. it’s too cold/

- if you’re sleepy, hurry up and go to sleep^^ you can regret it when in the morning^^^^ (think she might have meant 'don’t want to regret it’? idk)

- missing it like crazy today for the first time in a while. bye. and i listened to new, unreleased songs consecutively. i think they’re songs that constantly make you really stare into space. i’m happy, i just like it….

- it’s been a while since i’ve played the sims, so all of them are resting like crazyㅜ i’m taking a break for a moment (assuming from the game?)/i’ve been wanting bobbed hair again lately/it’s 4 now. i’m going to wake you all up in a few hours, so wake up thenㅎ goodnight. Taengudnight

- good morning!!!! the weather in Seoul is really cloudy today. where’s mr. sun?

  • i move out tomorrow ?!?!? thank god
  • but im spending all day today at WORK trying to get that $$$ because i literally cannot afford to take today off to pack
  • on the bright side, today is my last day of work
  • and then im gonna stay up all night packing and then tomorrow we’re driving half of the trip & then friday we are doing the 2nd half and moving me in!!!! 
  • ive barely started packing 
  • im going to rent a uhaul 
  • i just paid my credit card bill and started to throw up
  • i still haven’t set up to have the lights and water and power turned on friday when i move in so hopefully we won’t be moving in in the hot dark ?? 
  • im very stressed and excited but mostly stressed 
  • someone come hold my hand 

whiskeymitch-archive  asked:

Okay so official prompt: when haymitch comes out of the rehab unit he ends up rooming with Effie because no one else will and D13 rules require people to share so as not to waste unnecessary living quarters. So naturally they end up in the same bed because she's sulking or whatever and in usual hayffie fashion it gets heated. And loud. And they have to struggle to fit/stay on one of those tiny beds. And then in the morning they have to face people knowing the walls aren't soundproof. :')

It doesn’t actually have spoilers because it’s more of behind the scenes of what happens in MJ but to be safe, avoid if you haven’t seen the movie.

Some Nights

If he knew her well, which he would like to think he did, then this was a conversation he wasn’t looking forward to having. Haymitch stopped in front of the unassuming door, checked the number against the paper he was given, took a deep breath and knocked on it. He waited and when there was no answer, he took the liberty of sliding it open and inviting himself in.

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Zutara Week Day 1: Happenstance

Words:  1737

Rating: T

A/N:  Back in 2013 I decided to do Zutara tropes for Zutara week.  This year its AUs mostly off of those AU posts.  This one is getting lost in Disneyland together.

Katara tapped her foot and scanned the crowd, yet again, in hopes of finding her idiot brother and friends.  Sokka and Suki hadn’t wanted to climb Tarzan’s Tree House while Toph complained about being hunger and trotted off with Aang to go find food.  All of this would be fine if they all kept to their buddy system…and didn’t leave her.  She’d asked Sokka to stay in the Adventureland souvenir store and he’d only been to happy to play with the fake swords and whips (Suki right along with him).

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Day 12

Tomorrow is my first post op appointment with Dr. Crane! I’m super stoked to see him so I can pick his brain and lessen my anxiety about a couple of things.

For starters, when I hold my farts in, in fear that it’s poop (the laxatives make everything liquid), there’s like this weird suction coming from the catheter. The most painful part of the recovery right now is from the vaginectomy. I thought it would be my arm, then it was the catheter, and now this. It makes total sense tho because that entire area got pretty much butchered. I was sown up and the lips became my ball sack. If that’s not a lot of cutting, idk wtf is. On the bright side tho, pain = sensation, so there’s good news in all of this.

Tomorrow my mom leaves, and my friends start coming! She took a month off of work to take care of me, but I wanted to let her off the hook, so her and her boyfriend are heading to Tahoe for a week! So tomorrow Mr. James Danger arrives all the way from Michigan! Super stoked to meet this guy, and super grateful he’s coming to help out.

I still have blood in the catheter bag, but again, it’s normal for the first 6 weeks. I realize the more active I am, the redder the urine.

Lastly, KD, the moderator for the Brownstein and Crane phalloplasty group, has seriously become one of my good friends over night. He’s there for me during my anxiety attacks, and visited me in the hospital when we had only spoken once. It’s guys like him that deserve awards for helping our community. He offers to take care of guys who need it, and will pay a visit when someone’s lonely. He’s amazing, and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I posted pictures of my arm and the different stages of dressings, however I did not show the arm itself. Not because I’m ashamed, but because I don’t wanna gross you all out. So if it’s something your interested in seeing, message me, and I’ll post it. Or if your not okay with seeing it, message me with the tags you would like me to use so that it does not pop up on your dash board. The more pictures and information out there the better, in my opinion.