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Ch 5 of 5 - What If? - Jack Frost/Pitch Black/Gwyn ap Nudd

Title: What If? (Ch 5 of 5) (8300~ words).
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jack Frost/Pitch Black, Jack Frost/Pitch Black/Gwyn ap Nudd, Jack Frost/Gwyn ap Nudd
Characters: Jack Frost, Pitch Black, Gwyn ap Nudd
Warnings/Tags (for whole fic): AU, threesome / menage, negotiation, consent, bittersweet, angst, hurt/comfort, hurt/comfort, oneshot in two chapters, temperature play, bondage (shibari), mild edging, dominance, submission, praise kink, spitroasting, anal sex, oral sex, snuggling

Summary: Jack sometimes finds his thoughts straying to Gwyn, King of the Seelie, and wonders how life is going for him, and Pitch has always been one to fantasise strongly and often about all the different ways he can bring Jack pleasure. So when Jack expresses a wish to see the King of the Seelie again, Pitch has a suggestion that will unite the three of them in ways Jack could never have foreseen.

What If? - Chapter 5 of 5 - Jack/Gwyn

In which Jack feels his way through a tricky situation or two, and actually realises that he really kind of specifically likes this ‘domming Gwyn’ thing.


RTX London is 8 months away, but I’m so excited ever since I started working on this cosplay…


WSH @ PHI 02/22/2017

Ovi to Nicky to Ovi with an Oshie finish for a beautiful 8/19/77 play 

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"Boiling toast is very easy and I am appalled that you do not know this. Even I, who set my kitchen on fire by making boiled eggs, knows how to do it, yet you don't. Disgustening. Your lack of cooking expertise horrifies me."

 Dis.. Disgustening.

  “ Roy. I’ll have you know I have a wife and daughter that i’m beyond USED to cooking for; i’ve buttered, toasted, frozen, and even lightly ROASTED bread before, but..  Boiling?

   ..-Roy boiling has water involved. What..
 What do you DO with your BREAD?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELIA ( @evakviigmoon )

Dear Delia. I just wanted to wish you all the best!! You only deserve the good things in life. You are an amazing human being and I am so glad that you started writing me (i was too shy to start and talk to anyone). I absolutely love talking with you, you make me laugh and I can always ask for your advice and you won’t judge me, instead you support me!! I hope you have the most amazing day because you deserve it. Love you. Shola