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this is the third time i’ve done this: 1//2   and i’m very happy with my improvement - i’ll probably do a comparison post soon

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anonymous asked:

when you draw faces do you use shapes? for instance for eyes, noses? how would you draw them?

omg okay lol i took way too long to answer this, sorry anon. sO the simple answer is, kind of? but I don’t like, actually draw the shapes first. I just draw with them in mind.

because I cant do anything simply, I wanted to show how i actually go about sketching faces bc idk about you but I like visuals? This style is way more specific to how I draw traditionally, but the concept is pretty much how I approach faces in general. bare in mind, I’m not making like a complete breakdown of step by step How to Draw The Features of the Face, bc there are plenty of great resources already out there. This is just how I draw faces myself.

  1. I always start with the typical circle and symmetry lines, keeping the circle just about the size of like, the forward part of the skull. Keep it loose and light.
  2. Depending how you curve the symmetry lines, it can really help you maintain perspective.
  3. I also usually put like, circles where the actual eyeballs would be for placeholders and to later help with knowing how large the eyes need to be and how to shape the lids.
  4. And I just sort of start adding in features one at a time, practically always starting with the nose cause it’s the center of the face. 
  5. Eyebrows help define where the brow bone goes (can change later depending on the expression you want)

aaaaaand yeah idk what else to say? I guess the long answer to your question is, I think being able to break complex features down into simple shapes in your head is really useful, makes drawing things wayyy easier, and is really the main way I go about drawing almost anything.

When I’m drawing traditionally I’ll usually lightly sketch in some guides, but I mostly just sort of go right into it, just keeping those shapes and actual anatomy in mind.

oh and one last thing, I highly recommend watching this video by Sinix Design on how to draw like a painter. It is so helpful and was super influential in changing how I sketched ever since I watched it years ago. (honestly watch all of his videos, I’ve learned so much from him, he’s fantastic)

sorry for rambling, I just really wanted to show you how I do it instead of just saying bc I feel like it’s way more helpful? at least I hope it is haha


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Giving them a blowjob

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Kinks (extended)

You were a revealing dress (Zico)

When you slap another girl

Accidentally hitting Zico’s dick

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Dirty mind ranking

Catching Sungjae + Minhyuk masturbating


Ilhoon + blowjobs

In my arms (Peniel fluff)

Catching them jerking off


Grabbing their butt in public

Cheating on them

Where they would travel with you

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When you have a sexual scene with another member

Buying tampons with you

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YoonMin nsfw tag


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Rough or gentle sex

Holding their newborn for the first time

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You perform in a musical

You graduate with honors

Going after you after an argument

You get sick because you study too much

Locking yourself in the bathroom after an argument

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Sex locations

Giving head

Mark + Service smut (sub!mark)

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My present (Bobby fluff)

You never get jealous

You win a competition (B.I & Bobby)

Boyfriend Donghyuk

Who likes big boobs the most?


You only eat chocolate

You think you’re too skinny

They’re your first

Reading your diary

Oral sex

Catching you masturbating

Stress (B.I smut)

When you’re insecure about giving a blowjob

You have a sexual scene with another member

Accidentally touching your boobs

You wear a revealing dress (B.I)

Ideal type


You kiss them during an argument

Dirty mind ranking

You slap another girl (Jinhwan, B.I, Yunhyeong)

Catching iKon jerking off

They fail during your first time

Being honest about their first time

Touching them under the table (B.I, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk)

Hogwarts houses

mtl kinky

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Yunchan nsfw tag

Junhwan nsfw tag

Donghyeong nsfw tag

Yunbin nsfw tag

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Teasing them during a blowjob

First kiss


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Monsta X

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BF!I.M (short ver.)


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Baby Boy (boyxboy dom!Taeyong smut)


Nu’est kinks


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Royal Pirates



Where they would kiss you

Who would like big boobs the most?

They have a crush on a member’s sister

Accidentally touching your boobs

Time (S.Coups fluff)

Reaction to you tripping in public


Happy Anniversary? (Jonghyun fluff)

Desperation (Taemin smut)

Sex with SHINee

Super Junior

For you (Heechul fluff)

Giving Heechul head

Heechul in bed

Girl group crush

As fathers

Favorite positions

Teen Top

Nothing yet

Topp Dogg

Fairy lights (Hansol fluff)


Reaction to a surprise kiss

Boobs or butt


Meeting your parents


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What to watch (Ravi fluff)


Sing for you (Seungyoon fluff)

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mtl kinky

Dry humping with Mino

BF!Mino (short ver.)



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Crayon Pop

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Red shell (LE fluff)

Mommy kink

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You wear nothing but a coat

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Ideal date


Fun in the snow (Moonbyul fluff)



Mamamoo confessing

Coed groups

Akdong Musician

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Male soloists


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Hash Swan

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Seo Chulgu

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Simon D

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The Quiett

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Zion T

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Female soloists


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Nothing yet


Nothing yet


Making out

Jolly V

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Choi Tae Joon

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BF!Jisoo (short ver.)

Jung Yoojin

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Lee Hyunwoo

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Lee Jaejoon

Nothing yet

Lee Wongeun

BF!Wongeun (short ver.)

Seo In Guk

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Seo Yeji

Nothing yet

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Enjoy the ride assholes

I live on the 13th floor, and there’s this family that lives on the floor above me, really unpleasant people. Father’s a fat priest (this is an orthodox christian country, priests are decked out. BMWs or Mercedes cars, tinted glass, typically lots of cash…), no idea what the mum does, but she’s a very unpleasant person to meet, won’t even respond to a neighbourly hello, just keeps a scowl on her face 24/7. They have several children, all boys, the oldest being around 16, they all seem to be raised according to their parents’ assholeness. I can’t speak for the two little twins though, since they don’t really know what they’re doing is aiding their parents’ ultimate goal of being the biggest dick possible.

I was finishing up an assignment and was running just a little bit late for school. I go out, call the elevator which says it’s on the 14th floor, one floor above that is. It doesn’t move. I take my earbuds out and hear little children’s voices- immediately I realize the situation. The mum’s not yet out of the flat, but she’s sent her two little kids out in advance to call the lift up and keep it there, god forbid she wait a second upon exiting her apartment! You may think I was jumping to a conclusion, but all the noises pointed to it and this wouldn’t be the first time it happened.

This aggression will not stand.

Now, a thought crossed my mind that I should walk up the stairs, toss the kids aside, say “Sorry, running late!” enter the lift, close the door and leave. I was even prepared to argue with the missus if I were to come across her too. I don’t shy away from conflict.

But no.

They’ve pushed my buttons for far too long. It’s time I push some buttons myself.

Alright, you goddamn bloody walrus, is that how it’s gonna be? You apparently don’t mind making people wait when they’re already late, you can do some waiting of your own, you scowling, hag.

Despite risking being even more late, I took the stairs down. However I made sure I pressed the elevator button on every single floor on the way down, make them wait approximately 15 seconds on every single floor when the manatee manages to get out of the flat eventually.

Annoy Me - Carl Gallagher x Reader

Requested by @pale-and-empty

Warnings: cussing (this happens a lot), sexual tension if you squint maybe idk, annoying people, violence
Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Description: The reader and Carl annoy each other too much and her/his anger brings them together
A/N: wow that description and omg lemme just say this took way too long okay and i really don’t how i feel about this ( ALSO this gif took me ages to find and it still doesn’t work I’m sorry)

“Stop it,” You roll your eyes as Carl pushes you again. He’d been doing it for a few minutes to rile you up, but you knew better. Two could play at that game. You were just as annoying as he was. 

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dedicated to and inspired by a request from Koleen (dauntlester) <3 ily lots and lots xx
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