but omg this is kinda hilarious

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OMG YOUR MERMAID DEX AU!! Mermaid!Dex would totally fight the witch, like he would legit get into a fist fight. Everyone would be outraged but prince!Nursey would be like "Isn't he cute when he's angry? I love him" and everyone would be confused like "???no???". I think it'd be hilarious to watch as a movie tbh lol

YESS (also featuring one of the chads as ursula)

  • will solace fanon: oh nico baby plz come with me to the infirmary bc i love u so much and you're so strong and i'm sometimes scare- oh NO please don't gLaRe aT Me i'll do whatever you want i'm the camp's literal sunshine and i'm so nice to everyone of course you're not an exception i'll bring you breakfasts and play games with you I LoVe yOu i LOVE yoU so darn much
  • will solace canon: listen up fuckface, first you try to run from camp like a coward bc you're dense and oblivious enough not to see people actually like you and then you leave me alone just with tons of work and complaining patients who the hell you think you are ur going to the infirmary right now and no buts- stop glaring it doesn't frighten me at all- and if you try escaping or any underworld-y stuff i swear to my father even though i'm not that good at archery i'll personally shoot your damn ass and drag you back by the neck

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remember when graham showed mcfassy my sister @margawart‘s cute art?

my thoughts on the signs (based on personal experience)
  • aries: really mysterious people, tough too. kinda awkward talking to them at first but super crazy after you get to know them. can get anyone they want tbh.
  • taurus: super fricking hilarious!! doesn't take much to get to know them. they're so smart its not even funny. loves animals and will text you 24/7 if they like you.
  • gemini: weirdest people ever omg. likes to go out and have fun all the time. they never run out of puns for anything. worst planners ever but you'll enjoy every moment of spending time with them. really smart ppl too. not two faced at all but y'all need to chill tf out sometimes.
  • cancer: THE CUTEST EVER. you'll fall in love with them the second you meet them. they never run out of things to talk about so conversations can go on forever. best insides jokes with them. seems innocent but is actually so dirty minded. could cuddle them for hours.
  • leo: wants to spend time with people they like all day everyday. not as self confident as you might think. always searching for a significant other to complete them. really physical and enjoys hugs a lot. funny too.
  • virgo: totally not like their 'mom' stereotype at all!! loves to party and just have fun in general. loves to travel and go on adventures. most aren't really shy as they are perceived. cute ass people who love plants. doesn't reply to their texts half the time and are really good at ending uninteresting convos. smartest people you'll ever meet. probably smokes weed.
  • libra: BEAUTY QUEENS. they can literally rock any look/any outfit. never fail to make you laugh until you legit almost pee your pants. talks alot of shit tho :/ but fun to be around anyways. if you need someone who's always gonna be there for you libra's are the people.
  • scorpio: they're the hottest people to walk the earth. some are insanely awkward and some are social butterflies. falls for people really easily and have probably dated more than 8 people. chill with the sexual stuff tho. takes a lot for them to start to trust you/open up to you but once they do they will literally tell you everything. will be there for you and comfort you when you're sad no matter what. one hell of a heartbreak.
  • sagittarius: kinda shy unlike their stereotype but doesnt take much for them to start to open up. if they like talking to you they'll never run out of things to talk about. if they aren't replying to your texts theyre probably out and about. they're the friends that are willing to go out to buy you food and drop it off at your house. super fricking hilarious too.
  • capricorn: actual moms of the zodiac. really extroverted and has a ton of friends. they have a lot on their minds and if they're comfortable with you they will vent to you like there's no tomorrow. they dont give the best advice but they'll be there for you when you need someone. really smart people but they procrastinate so much omg. willing to try anything as long as a close friend tries it with them.
  • aquarius: really great people!! able to laugh their heads off at anything (like even super stupid things). even if your joke isn't funny they'll laugh at it. the friend out of the group that listens when the overpowered one talks. has a lot of opinions they like to voice and can talk mad shit if they hate someone enough.
  • pisces: one of my fave signs. they're always so happy and can cheer up literally anyone. they get distracted easily and tend to change the subject of discussion a lot. doesn't text/call anyone for long. super duper cute and popular af??? also stellar sense of humor.

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Your Sailor Voltron group is adorable and the video was hilarious! Who designed the outfits? Is your Hunk a guy? How did you get him to be part of this? Kinda cute

Omg! Thank you! I love all these questions! 

Our group designed the outfits together - so they’re original designs by me, @catamantics, @hustleandbustlecosplay, @bernerstahp, and @geeklyfanboying. We looked at a bunch of magical girl anime designs and Voltron’s Paladin armor, sketched out ideas to combine the two, and then made them in about 3 weeks. 

Our Hunk is a guy! That’s @geeklyfanboying and he is wonderful. We got him to join just by pitching him the idea. There was literally no one else who could be Hunk in this group. He was our first and only choice because he IS Hunk. He is one of the kindest, most supportive cosplayers I’ve ever met, is a cheerleader for everyone, and radiates sunshine and goodness. He really is a Leg for the entire SoCal cosplay community. He also does a lot of genderbend cosplays too, so I kinda figured he’d be game to take that a step further. Once you start embracing the fact that cosplay doesn’t need to be gendered, it’s pretty easy to put on a skirt with your friends. 

the signs as animals

aries : bear, because silly and playful but deadly angry sometimes

taurus : worm cause ur wise kind of but u also live in ur own crap cause ur kind of a hoarder

gemini : peacock, because ur fun and ur pretty and people like looking at u 

cancer : fox, because ur sly as hell but u got feelings and ur cute

leo : lion meow

virgo : someones mean lil cat that only likes a few people


scorpio : turtle, cause ur smart and caring and kinda shy

sagittarius : sloth, your hilarious and amazing

capricorn : a hamster, because u don’t really like people that much but ur cute

aquarius : wild horse because ur mysterious af and gorgeous

pisces : cuddly lil bunny, YOUR SO CUTE


Mob Psycho 100
  • [July]
  • anime only: ugh i hate reigen he’s awful someone take mob away from this disgusting excuse of a person
  • manga reader: ok. ok. but listen. don't. don't hate.. he's a good person... just wait ok he's a good person i promise. ok. he's so important to mob ok please... just.. wait. ok please.
  • [August]
  • anime only: omg reigen is hilarious!! and actually kinda nice? also he's really hot wtf since when
  • manga reader: yeah wtf since when
  • [September SPOILERS]
  • manga reader: shocker i know. please give us your theories.
  • manga reader: i told you not to hate reigen.

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So I guess my prompt hilarious au would be josh (conscripting Hannah) trying to get Sath together. Because both Sam and Beth have very low romance stats (although Beth's romance stat is higher than Sam's, interestingly). Josh would get great glee from this.

No my thing, but you do you / I can kinda see it / Nice / Never thought of it Before but I am now! / Cool / Well… fuck you too I guess / I like it / Love it! / GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!!

Omg, Josh and Hannah set up these romantic dates and they dont realize their dates cause their clueless. “Oh it’ll be the four of us” *Josh and Hannah cancel and get up a candle lit dinner for them* and they STILL don’t get it.

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Actually jace and magnus becames roomates for a while in the books but jace couldn't leave the apartment and he didn't like untidiness so he kinda cleaned and organized magnus' stuff and he got pissed because he was used to leaving things all over the place and he couldn't find anything after jace moved in

omg if that happens in the show too it’s gonna be hilarious

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okay oh my god I'm sorry I've sent you like a million asks but I love how your writing style is either BEAUTIFUL FLOWING POETIC PAIN™ or SHGLWKSj;!/@ AAAAAAAAfsjfjhkc lmao honestly it's hilarious and I'm kinda the same way haha whoops bye

LMDGDSGHSJ literally from the way i type no one would know that i write omG>..>???? 

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O mg so I showed my mom your blog , and keep in mind we are so I showed my mum ur blog , keep in mind were really Catholic , she hates gay and stuff , but I showed her your whole entire blog and she said she liked it , omg and she said to me " Leone that Caejojo thing was cool , I don't know what it is , but I like it ." Those were NSFW drawings . The funny thing is that she got mad at me that I call you mommy , she got mad at the fact I call you mommy But not the fact there is porn. IM dead

lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOLO IM DEAD too like, holy fuck im glad she likes my stuff! But it’s hilarious hahaha!!!! better not call me mommy when she’s around, I kinda understand that some mama’s could feel jealous or something haha! Thank you for this message my dear, take care!! *hugs and lays a juicy kiss on their forehead*

it’s always sunny in philadelphia is one of those “tumblr funny” shows. like u see screenshots and ur like omg this is fuckin hilarious and then u watch the show and ur like…. wow this just kinda sucks

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I just watched the episode of Friends where Ross finds out that Rachel is in love with him and he's mad because he had gotten over her and gotten a girlfriend but he found out about Rachel's feelings and the fact that she knew about his old feelings and they had a fight at the diner and the situation was so similar to WYCH aND I STARTED CRYING AND MY SISTER JUST KINDA RUBBED MY SHOULDER AND LOOKED CONFUSED SHE JUST WENT TO BED AND SAID "You come to me if you ever need to talk ok?" IM SCREAMING



– Cass

finn never really being exposed to tons of swearing before and after awhile on base he sorta picks up on it but imagine him using words kinda wrong like

shit me!” when he misfires one time during training

or “freaking fucks-” when he’s unable to open something

and poe just can’t stop laughing but doesn’t want to say anything bc it’s the most adorable thing ever

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heeey i thought i was already following yoooou omg your blog is great !!!

thank youuuuuuuu

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Becca and Elisa are having morning sex when they when they hear a knock...Becca gets super frustrated cuz she's wanted sex all week.El is trying get up, but Bec is holding her down, "Bec it could be important", "not more important than me on you, right now" El gets a text "Don't you dare look at that" "we know you're probably enjoying your morning, but we were hoping for brunch" Elisa says being Elisa says "Yes" Bec, whines "no"

“Not more important than me on you, right now.” - OMG MY GIRL!!

Rafael and Sonny showing up at their apartment while they’re in the middle of having morning sex gives me life.

Like, they don’t mean to do it, but it is kinda hilarious that they’re the ones doing that to their kids now and not the other way around.

And Becca is whining, “El, no! You see your dads all the time!”

And Elisa’s retort is, “Yeah, but my dads are a cop and a DA! If I don’t answer, they’re gonna think that we’re in here getting murdered!”

Becca is about to reply with something along the lines of, “Oh, I’ll give you something to scream about.” when Elisa manages to allude her grasp and pick up her phone as it rings for a second time, answering with a cheery smile, “Hey, dads! You wanna have brunch with me and Becca? Sounds great! We’ll be out in a few!”

Becca just groans into Elisa’s neck.

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Omg ur thoughts on the new riverdale episode are so hilarious!!! I totally agree about Kevin he's kinda . . . Off? But I WANT to support him. Ugh. I was a little curious tho, what were you talking about when you said he was being biphobic? Cause I didn't notice it personally but honestly his character type (the flamboyant GBF character) is almost always biphobic so I definitely believe that it happened.

Hello, fellow Ravenclaw!! Thank you so much! In like Episode 2, I think, he was talking about Moose. Y’know, Moose sort of hooked up with him but not really and he was like ‘Moose isn’t even really gay I can’t be with him’ and he was just going on about how Moose might not even like guys because he had a girlfriend, Midge. So, what he’s saying is Moose cannot like both genders and stuff, which is sort of ignorant. I hope that made sense. 

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im crushing on a friend from school she has this curly red hair thats just asdfghjk like damn and she is just so cute!!!! im really awkward so whenever i talk to her i kinda just melt instead. We sit next to each other in nearly every class and we joke a lot in physics and never get our work done haha idk if she likes me back though but even if not i hope we get closer as friends then bc she's fucken hilarious and talented af :)

This is so cute omg!!!! She sounds so lovely, i really hope she likes you back :“)