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BTS - Ships as Youtubers

Masu: Part 2 of BTS as Youtubers! I took the top 5 most popular ships and turned them into youtubers~

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  • Family vlogs
  • Except instead of family it’s BTS of course
  • Sometimes instead of them filming the rest it’s the other way round
  • Jin just complains to the camera how rowdy it gets with the others
  • And Namjoon just
  • “ Stop it you love them “
  • Bringing them to Disneyland or something and forcing them to take rides
  • Poor transitions and editing in general but everyone still loves them so it’s fine
  • “ Thank you for survivin- “ “ I wanted to say that, excuse you! “


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  • Y’all know this one
  • No one can stop me muahahahahaha
  • Them helping each other make the videos
  • Jimin choosing the cheesiest background music possible??
  • “ Just now Jimin just did the most embarrassing thing in front of public “
  • You know they could just simply edit that part out but it’s entertaining so they kept it
  • Jungkook making those aesthetic vlogs and Jimin doing those narrative types of vlogs


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  • Challenge channel
  • I can’t think of anything else but I mean
  • It’s possible??
  • Hobi being very excited every time the video starts
  • And Yoongi cheating on almost every challenge they did
  • The comments will be flooded with “ OMG YOONGI HOW COULD YOU “
  • “ Oh, *** said we should do a challenge outsi- “ “ No, let’s stay inside. “
  • There will be times where Yoongi is more hyper than Jhope
  • But that comes in a blue moon


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  • Yeah this is pretty predictable
  • They’d be SO competitive
  • Everyone will be like “ Guys calm down “
  • When they’re on the same team it’s really fine and the game goes smoothly
  • Amazing cooperation 150/100
  • But when they’re on opposing teams
  • * All hell breaks loose *
  • Up till the point both of them had to stand up in a game
  • “ I love you but did you really have to push me off a frEAKING CLIFF?! “


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  • Music and dance channel
  • In addition to Yoongi’s music channel, Jimin dances to Yoongi’s songs
  • And they both make cute random vlogs together of their plans
  • Keyword ‘ cute ’
  • In a place like their practice room
  • Or like living room or something
  • They film Jimin dancing and Yoongi playing the piano in the corner
  • Yoongi filming himself when Jimin’s asleep
  • And Jimin not doing that because he’s a cute little sweetie
  • Actually no he draws on Yoongi’s face when he’s asleep

Masu: Hope you like it!!! If you have any requests, the inbox is always open! x


Youtuber AU Headcanons

(Lowkey inspired by a post by @whizzerbrowne who brought the idea to my attention and it has since dominated my brain). Let’s just get started:

(This got way too long, yikes. I had to include a read more line)

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Where Jimin loves flowers, hugs, dancing and Taehyung. And Yoongi loves music, his friends and his brother, all things dark and gets intrigued by a boy dancing, on a pole. 10/?

Thank you all soo much 💕 asks, likes and reblogs are always appreciated and I love to read what you think about this story✨ hope you like this part too!!

I found time to update only now, I’m so sorry

EDIT: I just saw how many mistakes I made in this part!!! Omg I’m sorry


IT Turned Good AU Part 5 // Comic Dub  by @shadowglambert !!

These get better with each one omg


Ninjago Aesthetic: Cole Brookstone

So Dangerous || Youngbin



Genre: Gang!Au. Mentions of death, blood, guns, drugs, Featureing: Pentagon

Word Count: 2.7 K

Requested: Could I request a YOUNGBIN GANG AU in which he saves the reader 😍?! Youngbin is boyfriend material as hell kyaaaaa

A/n. I had a awesome time writing this. Gang leader Youngbin I can imagine him omg hes like a perfect gang leader. I could have done better but the editing part made me cry so I didnt put in more writing like I wanted. It still okay to me Im a amateur writer after all. Hope you enjoy. ps I also out Pentagon as the other gang so I hope you noticed what I did there. 

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He was pure danger. Someone you shouldn’t have ever gotten involved with in the first place.

You always wondered how you got caught by him. You didn’t remember much of that night, bring home a handsome stranger. One night of intoxicating dancing that lead to you sleeping with him.  Waking up to a mess a black hair with hickeys marked across your skin like petals.

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I know this looks super simple but omg this took. The better part of the day to do. I had to build an underlying base to support the dagger. I sewed (!!!) the hat itself which took four tries bc a. I was not working off a pattern of any sort and b. it was SO HARD getting it to the right size to fit the base! And I used heat vinyl transfer for the star and had to redo it all three times bc I kept fucking up bc I didn’t know what I was doing and then I realized that I should have fucking waited to do that until. After I sewed the hat together omg.

Obviously it’s not perfect, and I have not yet figured out how I’m gonna get it to stay on my head, esp w cat ears…. but! I’m still pleased w how it came out omg. Tomorrow I’m gonna tackle the cloak!

Edit: I FINISHED!!! 

Photoshoot Part 1

Photoshoot Part 2



“The toughest most valuable lesson I ever learned was focus on the job in front of you..whatever the outcome here, you are strong enough to fight this”. 

Soon I’ll be taking a tumblr hiatus for a few months to focus on adulting..so under the cut is a truly indulgent post of me waxing lyrical on how much I heart the Wolfe..some of it is speculative because I imagine I’ll be offline throughout her “exit arc” and so I won’t get a chance to freak out and fangirl with you all in real time…  SEE BELOW  BUT ONLY IF YOU WANNA…

Oh god lord, Berenice bloody Wolfe.  I vaguely remember deciding to watch Holby City for Jemma Redgrave way back when it was announced she was going to play Bernie and I’m not one bit sorry I did. I love Bernie Wolfe, have done since day 1 and even through radio silence-gate and severe lack of screen time-gate. She’s fantastic and completely fearless in matters of work/ war/ stressful situations and all that big macho army medic stuff. But in matters of the heart Bernie Wolfe is really rather fragile, completely uncertain and rather scared to destroy the things she holds so dear. I imagine she’s lost an awful lot of relationships throughout her life to a fear, or a reluctance, to express just how deeply she feels things and how much she cares. She’s always been entirely brilliant as a surgeon and leader, shown herself to be a great team member and friend, and a source of strength for others when they’re feeling the very worst a person can feel. That good old British reserve is steeped so deep within how she approaches and reacts to every situation..she’s always a pillar of strength, but never stoic. She never wavers in the face of others expressing extreme outbursts of emotion despite that being a world away from how she expresses herself..she gives them time and whatever it is they need from her at that moment. 

We know the trauma unit is going..and I just hope that there is someone there for her, to return that favour, and I hope she feels safe enough to really allow herself the time to grieve for all the things she’s lost and all the things she’s been through..in whatever way she chooses. I’m not just talking about crying or shouting out rage in the face of Nina and Guy those fucking snAKES . I know some fans have long thought “something HAS to give, she has to break down”, but it isn’t like that for everyone. Yes loss and hurt is sometimes a roaring and screeching thing, tangible and on the surface for all to see..but sometimes for others it’s silent, never outwardly expressed but it is ever present. I just want Bernie to feel safe enough to express herself when she’s upset or angry in whichever way works best for her. Obviously this all depends if holby city have actually taken the time to treat her like a fully-realised person, a character within her own right, but let’s face it they’ve probably taken the trauma unit away from her and then provided little to no follow up.. but in the face of optimism I just deeply hope that holby city have at least written something to show those emotional complexities before she leaves (because we know Jemma is doing theatre so there’s only a matter of time). So if the trauma unit being taken away is the beginning of the end for Bernie Wolfe (pre Jemma’s play..I’m not saying she’ll never be back but as of yet..we don’t have a lot to go on).. I just hope Jemma Redgrave is given ample time to really shine, because she’s a bloody fantastic actress and she plays Bernie so beautifully. Bernie Wolfe entered holby as an already very complexed character but there is still so much untouched potential because holby city have rarely focused on her long enough since Life in the Freezer to provide us with more insight. I just hope Holby city have done her justice in her last few episodes if they are to be her last on the show because if they haven’t it’s a disservice not only to the actor but to the character who’s made a massive impact on the show within such a short space of time. If she does return and there’s to be more Bernie Wolfe in the future then I hope the show’s writing is more reminiscent of the days before Kiev, where they actually cared about their characters. S19 has not been a good year imo, for any of the characters because the writing just hasn’t been that good. 

Long like really long story short, watching Bernie Wolfe has been a riot and something I’ll relive for as long as the youtube’s exist..praise jesus for Nat’s Playlist and if I was laid out on the table, I’d want her to be the one standing over me- and I don’t just mean that in the smutty way, but in the fictional surgeon way. For me there’s no-one better than Bernie Wolfe. The BMAM/ the precious pupper/ the woman that invented legs. I more than like her. 

Sorry this all seems a tad previous, she hasn’t left yet and to be honest she might even still be on the show when I come back to tumblr LOLS, but I’m guessing she won’t be and so preemptively wanted to share some feels. I’m gutted it won’t be in real time and that I’ll miss all the bantz and gifs etc. Being part of this fandom has been SO MUCH FUN omg it’s been brilliant and for the sake of actually focusing on my job and eeek personal life for the next few months, I’m tapping out. I’ll be back and I hope you have continue to have loads of fun, I’m looking forward to seeing all the quality content when I’m back :)

oops edited to add ~ I’ve been given an amazing opportunity with my work and I’m going to Holland tomorrow for placement wheee hence my “I better bloody focus and get off my blog” decision hah! I’m tremendously excited but also shitting a brick™ ..here goes nothing,

Thanks for getting this far if you’re still reading!!

Laura X

Kept Hidden Part One

Title: Kept Hidden Part One

Pairing: Damian x Reader x Tim Drake

Words: 1097

Request: Hey! So I was wondering if you could do a Soulmate!Damian where the reader is a couple years older than him and dating Tim, amd is really kind and sweet and Damian doesn’t know why he likes them and then finds out they’re soulmates? And then maybe we see them in the future a bit together like after they’ve had/adopted their first kid? If not that’s fine, (also if u want a tumblr friend I gotchu).

Notes: Yikes, this is my first Imagine so I am nervous and sorry and omg I didn’t have anyone to edit. I hope it is what you wanted, if not I’ll redo it. I hope it’s okay that I’m doing this in two parts…the next part will be much better I promise.

Y/N= Your name

Y/C/E: Your color of eyes.

Extra Note: I made some changes, oops.


Looking back at it he supposed it was obvious this whole time, but he couldn’t find it in himself to admit it. They were suppose to be the family of the greatest detectives, so how did not one of them figure it out?

“Tt” Damian scoffed, looking away from the seemingly happy couple across the dinner table. Y/N was over, again, to have dinner with the family. Normally Damian was oddly excited about this arrangement, but ever since he saw the mark on their shoulder all he could feel around her was irritation. Or maybe that was more towards the caffeine addict he referred to as Drake.

Looking up from his potatoes he saw Tim kiss their cheek, causing Y/N to turn a dark pink at the act of affection that no one else seemed to look at. The irritation seemed to grow at the sight as  he stabbed his potatoes with his fork.

It was definitely Drake.

“Damian, are you alright?” A soft voice laced with concern sounded, causing Damian to look up once more, only to see everyone looking at him with different expressions.

Father and Grayson looked confused, while Jason and Tim looked uninterested. Y/N was the only concerned looking one, staring at him with their wide eyes, waiting for a response.

Looking at Y/N he caught himself studying them a bit more than he would others, so instead of handling the situation like any other seventeen year old would do, he pushed his plate away and stood up abruptly.

“Of course I am, I’m going to finish homework.” He announced, walking out of the dining room. He could faintly hear Dick mumbling about how it was summer, and Tim comforting the same person who had been concerned and asked a simple question, who he basically snapped at.

The same person who had an identical mark to him on their shoulder that they  covered up with makeup so they wouldn’t break their boyfriend’s heart.

“Grayson, I am not in the mood for your antics today,” Damian snapped, removing his black headphones from his ears and placing them around his neck as he turned around. To his shock, it was Y/N, Tim’s significant other,  standing where he believed his brother was.

Apparently the shock showed on his face, because they giggled and took a step towards him, hugging themselves almost shyly, as if covering up,though he didn’t seem why. They were wearing simple workout attire, nothing to be embarrassed about.

“Sorry to sneak up on you, but Tim said I could use the treadmill down here whenever, so I came down.” They informed, biting their plump lower lip as they watched Damian for a reaction. After twelve seconds of Damian just staring at them with his normal hard stare they cleared her throat. “I can leave if you-”

“No, you’re fine, I was just thinking. The treadmill is over there, don’t trip.” He said, pointing to the left before he put his headphones back in and turned around.

Y/N watched him beat a bag for a few moments before they made their way to the machine, thinking about what had just happened.

The two of them were close enough, much to Tim’s dislike, but it probably had to do with the closeness in age. While Damian was seventeen, they  were nineteen and Tim was turning twenty-one soon.

Shaking their head as if to clear their thoughts Y/N started the treadmill  and started running, blocking everything else out as they focused on their workout.

Damian wasn’t that lucky, he maybe got a few hits in before he got distracted. From what, he wasn’t to sure but he did find himself flustered when he looked to the left.

Y/N was running on the treadmill, which was normal, but the thing that wasn’t was the fact they had taken their hoodie off and was just running in a black tank top.

Now, Damian had women, and some men falling at his feet, but for whatever reason he always found himself flustered around his brothers significant other

Never his finest moment.

The tank top wasn’t what had gotten his attention, though it was a close second. Instead, it was the dark, triangle shape on the top of their bare shoulder. It wasn’t the fact that it was a tattoo that bothered him, but more so the fact that it wasn’t.

He didn’t know much about the whole soul mate mark thing, his mother hated it and his father never spoke of it, so his only source of information was Dick. From what he could recall, it was a dark brown, and your soulmate would have the same exact mark in the same place as you.

Damian looked over at his shoulder to be sure, his eyes passing over all the light scars littering his body as he caught sight of it. He had the same mark in the same place as Y/N.

Tim’s significant other.

Clearing his throat, Damian took a few steps towards Y/N in hopes to clear this up, there must be a mistake right?

“Y/N” He called , them being one of the few he called by their first name. Due to the lack of headphones, they heard him right away and paused the machine, turning around and panting a bit before answering.

Their face was flushed red while their chest was rising and falling at a quick rate, and for some reason Damian had never saw someone more attractive.

“What’s up D?” they asked, standing taller and leaning against one of the rails of the treadmill. Damian crossed his arms as he thought about his next choice of words.

“Is that your mark? The soul mate one that people talk about?” He asked, gesturing towards their shoulder curiously.

Y/N’s eyebrows creased in confusion, following his gaze to look over their right shoulder before blushing a bit and not meeting his eyes, which caused Damian’s dark brows to raise.

“Um….yeah. I normally cover it up because I don’t really…believe in that stuff that…much.” they  trailed off, their Y/C/E’s landing on his bare shoulder as well. It seemed as if they stopped breathing for a few moments, the shock being too much.

“Good, neither do I.” Damian snapped, turning on his heel and walking out of their private gym and not once looking back. For whatever reason, he felt hurt that they didn’t believe it. So instead he left Y/N, alone and confused as he went to go wallow in his room alone.


A/N: I haven’t wrote in a long time and am getting back into the swing of things, so I am a bit rusty and I am sorry.

thedoctor91011  asked:

First off, huge fan, you're ridiculously talented. Second off, I wanted to know if you'd heard of the lancezine? It's a fanzine to show that Lance isn't the seventh wheel in our hearts; all the proceeds go to charity. They're planning to pick fifteen writers and fifteen artists to partake and pair them up with one another. Once I thought of the possible artists (I will be applying as an author) that could be in this, I immediately thought of you, you're amazing art, and if you knew about it.

Oh I am waaay ahead of you, my friend! Thank you for thinking of me <33 I’ve been aware of the @lance-zine for a while now and basically threw myself at the application form as soon as I got home from work yesterday. Whether I get in or not I’m just super glad to see Lance getting some well-deserved love ;; He’s just *clenches fist* so good omg. 

[In other news, I’ve also applied to take part in the VLD @risquezine and the 18+ YOI zine. I would be honoured to take part in any one of these tbh, so hopefully my applications were good enough!]

[EDIT: oooh okay, someone mentioned that you might be referring to @lancezine​ which I wasn’t aware of until now. Since I’ve already applied to one Lance-centric zine I’m reluctant to apply to another (which would bring my total up to four zine applications around the same time lmao whoops), but there is a TINY TINY window of crossover between participant confirmation for Currents and applications closing for Starboy, so if I don’t make it into the first I’ll definitely apply to the second!]

counterwiddershins  asked:

Are Asirpa & Sugimoto still Ainu and Japanese in the Paris au? (because if not, Asirpa would make a great Indochinoise "gamine des rues"/kid journalist in the vein of Isidore Beautrelet who knows everything about argot Paris and goes on a cool Arsene-Lupin-treasure-map adventure with Sugimoto, a war correspondent/veteran from the Russo-Japanese war who comes to France to inherit his uncle Tasamasa Hayashi's art business but finds part of a treasure map hidden in ukiyo-e art)

Omg I wish this was a thing I could read aaaaaah thanks for sending this ;; Asirpa as the streetwise gamine archetype is suddenly something I really really need… This is all my interests together….

Also for some reason I’m getting Tardi vibes from this and thinking about Avril et le monde truqué like

(I spent some actual time making this edit please humour me)

iammelaniee3  asked:

Hobama is so hilarious to me. I can't see anything alluding to it without laughing. I just had surgery so laughing is painful but I just laughed so hard and then I cried and had to explain Hobama to my mum. Thanks

Listen, Hobama is a gift from God/The National Examiner…

Four more years was great for America and all, but let’s just take a moment to think about Harry Styles who was probably heartbroken that they had to keep their love a secret for a second term.

They hid their love away for the greater good.

But with mere months left of the presidency it’s getting harder to be patient…

And Barack is getting reckless…

So what will happen to these two crazy lovebirds once Obama is no longer president? Time can only tell.