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First off, huge fan, you're ridiculously talented. Second off, I wanted to know if you'd heard of the lancezine? It's a fanzine to show that Lance isn't the seventh wheel in our hearts; all the proceeds go to charity. They're planning to pick fifteen writers and fifteen artists to partake and pair them up with one another. Once I thought of the possible artists (I will be applying as an author) that could be in this, I immediately thought of you, you're amazing art, and if you knew about it.

Oh I am waaay ahead of you, my friend! Thank you for thinking of me <33 I’ve been aware of the @lance-zine for a while now and basically threw myself at the application form as soon as I got home from work yesterday. Whether I get in or not I’m just super glad to see Lance getting some well-deserved love ;; He’s just *clenches fist* so good omg. 

[In other news, I’ve also applied to take part in the VLD @risquezine and the 18+ YOI zine. I would be honoured to take part in any one of these tbh, so hopefully my applications were good enough!]

[EDIT: oooh okay, someone mentioned that you might be referring to @lancezine​ which I wasn’t aware of until now. Since I’ve already applied to one Lance-centric zine I’m reluctant to apply to another (which would bring my total up to four zine applications around the same time lmao whoops), but there is a TINY TINY window of crossover between participant confirmation for Currents and applications closing for Starboy, so if I don’t make it into the first I’ll definitely apply to the second!]

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Hi! I've just read your meta masterlist written for someone who wanted to convince their friends that deancas is real. First of all - thank you, what a treat to have it all in one place. The best Matrix red pill of them all. Second of all - "the entire S8, which was basically a demented Jane Eyre AU" - could you elaborate on that? I'm mighty interested.

Hi! Thanks for that - uhm - it’s missing a lot of stuff, though. I’m sure there are better masterposts out there, and I actually looked for them, but all I could find was fanfiction stuff.

As for the Jane Eyre thing - I should say I’m a fan of the Brontë sisters, so it wasn’t supposed to be an insult or anything, but it’s hard to deny that those kind of novels (particularly Wuthering Heights) are over the top and überdramatic and there’s almost an unhealthy focus on love and falling in love and what happens if you lose that and how your life can never be complete without that one person who means everything, and if that person is your foaming-at-the-mouth insane half-brother, so be it. And the thing is, Supernatural seasons often hinge around powerful and borderline soap-operish themes (the whole ‘almost orphans desperately looking for their father while killing things’ was very Dickens, in a way - if Dickens had been high on opium and cocaine and stuff, that is), but S8 really went above and beyond. I mean, even without the big love story for the fucking ages supporting the entire narrative arc, it was full of OMG and oh no! moments

  • Sam is all alone in the world and may have found love but oh no! his brother’s back from the dead and super pissed and oh no! the woman he probably loves is actually not a widow and OMG what next?
  • Hunter Dean found himself a new best friend but oh no! he’s a vampire drawn to human blood but OMG he’s promised to abstain forever and fight his own instincts every day for eternity but oh no! what happens if he can’t?
  • There is a way to banish all demons from the Earth but oh no! it’s a magic spell that requires a human sacrifice and oh no! Sam actually wants to do that and is it guilt or depression or martyrdom or OMG is he simply that heroic??!?

- so much Gothic extravaganza, the list could go on and on. But, as I said, at the heart of it all are Dean and Cas, and what’s going on with them is so sappy and romantic even Charlotte Brontê would have edited some stuff out.

Like, I don’t even know where to start. 

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So Dangerous || Youngbin



Genre: Gang!Au. Mentions of death, blood, guns, drugs, Featureing: Pentagon

Word Count: 2.7 K

Requested: Could I request a YOUNGBIN GANG AU in which he saves the reader 😍?! Youngbin is boyfriend material as hell kyaaaaa

A/n. I had a awesome time writing this. Gang leader Youngbin I can imagine him omg hes like a perfect gang leader. I could have done better but the editing part made me cry so I didnt put in more writing like I wanted. It still okay to me Im a amateur writer after all. Hope you enjoy. ps I also out Pentagon as the other gang so I hope you noticed what I did there. 

Originally posted by sf9

He was pure danger. Someone you shouldn’t have ever gotten involved with in the first place.

You always wondered how you got caught by him. You didn’t remember much of that night, bring home a handsome stranger. One night of intoxicating dancing that lead to you sleeping with him.  Waking up to a mess a black hair with hickeys marked across your skin like petals.

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Hobama is so hilarious to me. I can't see anything alluding to it without laughing. I just had surgery so laughing is painful but I just laughed so hard and then I cried and had to explain Hobama to my mum. Thanks

Listen, Hobama is a gift from God/The National Examiner…

Four more years was great for America and all, but let’s just take a moment to think about Harry Styles who was probably heartbroken that they had to keep their love a secret for a second term.

They hid their love away for the greater good.

But with mere months left of the presidency it’s getting harder to be patient…

And Barack is getting reckless…

So what will happen to these two crazy lovebirds once Obama is no longer president? Time can only tell.




Ninjago Aesthetic: Cole Brookstone

Letters of Love (Words of Love Pt. 2)

You asked and you shall receive!! This is probably going to be a series so stay tuned for part 3!

AN: Thank you so much for the overwhelming support and compliments omg!
Warnings: more fluff. Did you really expect no fluff from me? I also didn’t have much time to edit because I have to go to work in 30 minutes!

WC: 1720

AU: Hamiltime

1 3 4 5 Masterlist

My dearest (Y/N),

Though it has only been a few days since we have met, you have never left my mind’s eye. The way that your eyes light up when we touch on your favorite books leaves me breathless. The way you smile leaves me helpless. And when we touch, I feel electricity flowing through my veins. My heart longs to see you again.

While we have exchanged numerous letters to one another, would you be so kind as to allow me to see you again? I will be in town today with my mother as we need to acquire writing materials as well as food. My wish is that we could possibly meet, even if it is in secret.

Forgive me if that is too forward and rash.

I patiently await your reply.


P. Ham.

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Those marks above Alan’s head always seemed to shadow him. No matter what he did, there would always be four others who had been marked against before, four brothers who had been that age, been that height, been there, done that. He would never exactly equal any of them, but he set his aspirations high.

The day he measured himself up against the kitchen wall and realised he was a whole inch taller than Gordon, he was satisfied. He might never match the others in height, but at least he wasn’t the shortest.

Gordon didn’t find it as satisfying, strangely.

laylaanne I’m filling that prompt, kinda, with a drabble and companion art pieces! It’s not all the boys, but I was having a connection with Alan today. 

SOMETHING GOOD CAN WORK || Minister Visit para

The feeling of being completely inadequate had followed her all night long. The Minister was visiting, and for months now, Astoria had been hiding. Hiding from the Minister, hiding from her passion, hiding from who she was supposed to be. The fear was probably the worst part, she had been scared for such a long time, but she had finally decided to do something, anything, to get back to writing. Without a quill in her fingers, she didn’t feel like herself; had hadn’t felt like she was being herself for months. The announcement that Lowell was visiting had been the final nudge that she needed: it was now or never. It was time to make a decision on what she was meant to do - keep rebelling like she had done, risking her career, and the careers of her family, or fall in line with the Minister’s commands. Or, as Lennox had suggested, pretend to fall in line. And that was what she was going to do, she was going to pretend to fall in line, go back to being an actual journalist, writing for both sides, all sides. Which included the view of the werewolves, of the rebels, of the Ministry.

Astoria was going to start writing again. Today.

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[undertale comic]Fading Away part-END
comic: http://noinaedamiiz.tumblr.com/tagged/fading-away-comic OMG!! i finally finished this comic dub!!(I want to cry QAQ) this video take me so long, about...

Granted permission from @noinaedamiiz

OMG!! i finally finished this comic dub!! this video take me so long, about 3 weeks?A month? idk XD all things were done by myself except voice( i can’t voice all character XD) from collecting pictures and voices,to video editing, althought it used so many time and very troublesome but after seeing this video i can totally forgot those hard things XD

i really need to thanks Damiiz give me this chance to make this comic dub ,i know me and my friends english is not very well and this is not the good comic dub, but thanks Damiiz and  every audiences’s support, make me to finish this comic dub, honestly at the beginning I do voice acting is because i want to practice my english, i can’t belive that becuase of it i can meet so many friends! anyway, hope you guys can keep supporting me and we’ll see you in next series! Thank you and good night (I think I speak to much XD)



So I guess this is a second part to this. This episode came out like a tiny bit of time after I did the first of these but I hadn’t gotten the chance to actually draw it until now xD

Once again, click for captions i guess?


*Edit: Now there’s a part 3 as well (i cant stop myself sorry)


If the characters of Sam and Dean were female, how would their relationship be different? Jared: I think Dean would have better hair. [x]